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					            A parishioner writes:
                                    SUNDAY REFLECTION                                                         ST ANSELM’S CHURCH
              Speaking through Jeremiah the prophet, God promised the coming of                                  9 Tooting Bec Road, London SW17 8BS Telephone: 020 8672 2179
    shepherds who will shepherd the people so that they need no longer fear or tremble.
    More so a king will arise who will do what is just and right in the land. In the gospel
    Jesus is seen as the fulfilment of this prophecy, the teacher of those who were like                  16th Sunday of the Year 19th July 2009
    sheep – sheep without a shepherd. The image of the shepherd presents a problem for                    Page 41
    some people who resent being compared to sheep; those docile animals that follow
    the shepherd on instinct. But in the bible the image of the shepherd is not docility of
                                                                                                          Parish Team:
    the sheep but on the care that the shepherd provides.                                                 Fr William Hebborn,
              The shepherds of Israel were being castigated by Jeremiah because they did                  Fr Oliver Antao & Thelma Lewis
    not care for the people; Jesus on the other hand felt for the people and eventually gave              Parish Sisters:
                                                                                                          The Little Company of Mary
    his life for them. Psalm 23 is a great tribute to God as shepherd who watches over us                 Mass Times: Saturday evening 6.15 pm,
    so that there is nothing we shall want. Jesus is to us in the words of Jeremiah’s                     Sunday 8.30, 10.00, 11.15 am & 6.15 pm.
    prophecy – The Lord our justice and it is he who is our peace: he is our justice and                  Mass times during the week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
                                                                                                          & Friday 8.00 am & 6.15 pm.
    our peace through the cross and his blood so there is nothing sheepish about Jesus the                Wednesday & Saturday 10.00 am & 6.15 pm. (No 8.00 am.)
    shepherd or about his followers the apostles who carry the church to this day. God has                Holydays: 8.00, 10.00 am & 6.15 pm & 8.00 pm
    appointed all of us to care for his people we are the shepherds of today. The church is               Confessions: Saturday 11.30 – 12.30 pm & 7.00 pm

    a sheepfold whose door is Christ, she is the flock of which God foretold the he would
                                                                                                                                                      WEEKDAY READINGS
    shepherd although guided by human shepherds the sheep nevertheless are ceaselessly
    led and nourished by Christ himself the Good Shepherd who gave his life for the                         Monday:        Ex 14:5-18; Cant.Ex 15: 1-6; Mt 12:38-42
    sheep.                                                                                                  Tuesday:       Ex 14:21-15; Ex 15: 8-10.12; Mt 12: 46-50
                                                                                                            Wednesday:     Song 3:1-4 (or Cor 5: 14-17); Ps 62; Mt 20:1-2.11-18
                                                                                                            Thursday:      Gal 2: 19-20; Ps 33; Jn 15:1-8
                                                                                                            Friday:        Ex 20:1-17; Ps 18; Mt 13:18-23
                                                                                                            Saturday:      2 Cor 4:7-15; Ps 125; Mt 20:20-28
                                      MASSES FOR THE WEEK                                                   Sunday:        2 Kings 4: 42-44; Ps 144; Eph 4:1-6; Jn 6:1-15

Sunday           8.30 am    Pro Pop                   Thursday       8.00 am    George Jhugroo RIP
                10.00 am    Claire Murphy RIP                        6.15 pm    Teresa McCafferty RIP      PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND OF THE PARISH
                11.30 am    Andrew Jhugroo RIP        Friday         8.00 am    Steven Hoanet RIP           Saturday:  Acts 9:31-42; Ps 115; Jn 6:60-69
                                                                                                                        all our housebound parishioners, including those in the six nursing
                                                                                                           We pray for Acts 2:14.36-41; Ps 22; 1 Pt 2:20-25; Jn 10:1-10
                 6.15 pm    Josephine Cummins Int                    3.00 pm    Holy Souls (Hospital)      homes and Springfield Hospital. Recently ill: Rev. Deacon Michael Choppen,
Monday           8.00 am    Sheila Cross Int.                        6.15 pm    Holy Souls in Purgatory    Rebecca Hebborn, Bryony Medor, Helen Bellman, Chris Day, Eddie McQuaid,
                 6.15 pm    A Saverimuttu RIP &       Saturday      10.00 am    Monsignor L White Int
                            A Tilekeratne RIP                        6.15 pm    Jackie Smith RIP
                                                                                                           Thomas Rainbow, Grace Saverimuttu, Godfried Sunny Anedume, Marie
Tuesday          8.00 am    Foundation Mass           Sunday         8.30 am    Pro Pop                    Sangeeleemootoo, Clement Yagapen, Soledad Sanglay and Nora O’Connor.
                 6.15 pm    Josephine Burns Int                     10.00 am    Jack Konsein RIP
Wednesday       10.00 am    Holy Souls                              11.15 am    Marie Murtagh RIP          TODAY’S READINGS
                 6.15 pm    John Martyn Int                          6.15 pm    Jerome, Agnes              First Reading Jeremiah 23: 1-6
                                                                                & Christy Lobo RIP         Jeremiah rails against the leaders of Israel and prophesies that the Lord will bring
                                                                                                           new shepherds for his flock and a new king from David’s line.
     OFFERTORY COLLECTION                                                                                  Second Reading Ephesians 2:13-18
     Last week’s collection was £1689.00. Thank you.                                                       Jesus is the peace between us. He killed hostility and brought news of peace. All
     SECOND COLLECTION next week: Day for Life                                                             those who believe in him have one way, through the Spirit, to come to God.
                                                                                                           Gospel Mark 6: 30-34
                                                                                                           Jesus and his exhausted apostles try to get to a lonely place to rest, but a large crowd
                                                                                                           meets them there. Jesus takes pity on them and teaches them.
PARISH MEETINGS DURING THE WEEK                                                           MASS OF HEALING AND ANOINTING Saturday 25th July
Monday:    Union of Catholic Mothers 2nd and 4th Monday [Mother Teresa]                   In the school hall (Louisville Road entrance) at 3pm. ‘The first gift of grace of this
           at 2.00 pm in lower hall.                                                      sacrament is one of strengthening, peace and courage to overcome the difficulties that
           Legion of Mary at 7.00 pm.                                                     go with the condition of serious illness or the frailty of old age’. We hope as many of
Tuesday:   Intercessory Prayer Group 7.30 – 8.30pm in lower new hall.                     you as possible will take advantage of the opportunity to receive the Sacrament.
           St Vincent de Paul at 7.00 pm (2nd & 4th Monday of month).                     Refreshments will be provided.
Wednesday: Exposition and Benediction after 10.00 am Mass.                                CAN YOU HELP Drivers are needed to transport the housebound to and from the
           Friendship Club 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm.                                             Mass of healing. Are you able to assist? It would be most helpful. Please contact
           Life in Spirit Prayer Group 8.00 – 9.00 pm in the old hall (Termtime)          Thelma at the priest’s house. Thank you.
Thursday:  St Philomena Prayer Group held after 6.15pm Mass in our Lady’s
           chapel 7.00pm – 8.00pm.                                                        WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Louis and Mary Furlong will celebrate their 55th
                                                                                          anniversary this Monday (20 July). Please join them with your prayer and joy.
KNIGHTS OF ST COLOMBA Today, during the 11.15am Mass there will be an
Initiation Ceremony for new members of the order. Refreshments will be available          BAPTISMS Congratulations to Faye Marie Spencer who will be baptised today.
after Mass in the upper new hall – all welcome.
                                                                                          ST ANSELM’S PARISH CENTENARY BALL ‘MOONLIGHT & MUSIC’
MASS OF THANKSGIVING DVD ORDERS                                                           As part of our ongoing celebrations this year, we invite you to join us at The Parish
Should you wish to order a copy of the Thanksgiving Mass & Celebration, order forms       Centenary Ball on Saturday 17th October at the White Eagle Polish Club. Take a
will be available tonight and also from the parish office. Each copy will cost £10.00     sentimental journey with us – you are promised an evening of extravaganza of fruitful
                                                                                          frivolity and delirious dancing in the company of your fellow parishioners and their
FINANCE MEETING Tuesday 28th July 8pm                                                     guests. Dine in the sumptuous surroundings of the white Eagle Polish Club with toe
                                                                                          tapping music by ‘Calibre’. Relive the ‘Decades of Dance’ from the ‘Quickstep’ to the
HOUSE GROUP Beechcroft Rd on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.                                          ‘Twist’ via the ‘Charleston’ and beyond! Can you remember the ‘Mashed Potato’?
                                                                                          We can promise a few surprises as well as a wonderful assortment of Spot Prizes and
APF “RED BOX COLLECTION” We shall be collecting the money from Red Box                    the ubiquitous raffle! Ticket application forms available from the parish office
holders after today’s Masses. Letters will be sent out to all Red Box holders this week   Tues/Wed/Fri.
with more details. This money helps to fund missionary work around the world. If
you are interested in finding out more about this charity or would like your own          NEW CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL IN WANDSWORTH
collection box, please contact Alison Hosking on 020 8767 1734.                           Wandsworth Council has agreed to the opening of a new Catholic Secondary School,
                                                                                          St John Bosco School, to be situated in Battersea (on the site of the present Salesian
ST ANSELM’S SHOP Items of a religious nature spanning the Centenary will be on            College). Pupils joining John Paul II School or Salesian College in 2009 and 2010 will
sale – do pop in following Mass and be pleasantly surprised. Rota for next weekend:       be guaranteed a place in the new school when it opens in September 2011.
Sunday 19th July: Annie R, Paul M and Fatima. The shop will then be closed
from Sunday 26th July for stocktaking and reopen on Sunday 6th September.                 THANK YOU! Many thanks to everyone that contributed and participated in the
                                                                                          Centenary Mass and celebration last Saturday evening. I particularly wish to express
PILGRIMAGE TO CANTERBURY                                                                  my thanks to those who organised and co-ordinated the festivities with such minute
In our Centenary Year and on the 900th Anniversary of St Anselm we are planning a         care and considerable aplomb. The Church was beautifully decorated, the musicians
pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral on Wednesday 30th September where there will be        and choir splendid, the servers exemplary and the congregation reverent. I would
a guided tour and we will celebrate Mass. We invite parishioners to join us on this       further wish to thank those who worked with much diligence and dedication in the
pilgrimage. Please contact the parish office 020 8672 2179 Tues/Wed/Fri to book a         creation of the mosaic. My thanks to Fr. Gary and Fr. Oliver and the entire parish team
place of £15 per person. Further details to follow shortly.                               for all their support.