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					Term Paper Electronic Copy

        Dr. R-K Smith
          Jan, 2008
              Best Method
• Open up your term paper in the word
  processing program you used to create it.
• Highlight the entire document including
  title, your name, text, and references.
• Use the copy function from the edit menu to
  copy it
• Open up your e-mail program and create an
  e-mail to
• Use the paste function from the edit menu
  to paste your paper into the body of the e-
• Send it to me
             Second Best
• Use this method only if you created your
  term paper in Microsoft Word (Full version)
• Attach the single file (title, paper and
  references) to an e-mail to
• Send it to me.
             Lesser Choices

• If you used a word processing program
  other than the full version of Microsoft
  Word, save your entire paper (title, paper,
  and references) as a single .RTF file.
• Attach the .rtf file to an e-mail to
• Send it to me
              Other Choices
• Bring your paper as a single file (title,
  paper, and references) to class on a floppy
  disk, cd, or flash drive.
• I will download the file if possible directly
  to my computer
              Bottom Line
• To receive credit for an electronic copy of
  your paper, I must be able to download it to
  my computer and open the complete paper
  (title, your name, paper and references) in
  my Microsoft Word program. No PDF
  files, and no digital pictures of your paper
  will be accepted
       Electronic Copy Points
• A successful electronic copy will be worth
  20 points as a quiz grade.

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