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 Village of Round Lake Beach                                                               July-August 2009
                                                                                           Vol. 13 No. 4

Fireworks, music and more part of Fourth
                         Celebrate the Fourth of July at Hook Lake
  Free Harry             with music, family fun, food and fireworks.
Potter Movies            6:00- 9:00 pm – Family Fun with inflatable moonwalks and
 & Children’s
Concerts, see            jumpers, and other great games.
    page 4.              6:00-7:00 pm – The Band, Round Lake Area Park District
                         Community Band will perform some of your patriotic favorites.
                         7:30-9:30 pm – Incognitos, great music from the 50s, 60s,
                         70s, 80s, 90s and more performing on the Outdoor Stage at
   Round Lake            the Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic Center.
   Scholarship           9:00 pm – Fireworks celebrating the 4th of July.
                         If there is changing weather, listen to WRLR 98.3 FM for event updates.
                         The event is hosted by the Round Lake Area Park District, (847) 546-8558.
 Bethany Krapohl
 Grayslake North HS
Jose Sebastian Vega      New Lakefront Park dedicated
   Round Lake HS
  Matt Peterson
      Grant HS

  Park District
 receives grant
The Round Lake Area
Park District received
an OSLAD grant from
the Illinois Depart-
ment of Natural
Resources to acquire

the land behind the             he second phase of the Lakefront Park was dedicated on June 6. Those that
Village Hall. The land          attended were able to see how much this new park is already being enjoyed
will be developed into          by all ages. All residents are encouraged to walk through this beautiful park
athletic fields in the   along the water and enjoy the new interpretative path. Lifeguards are on duty
coming year.             during posted times at the Beach and pavilions are available for rent. Contact the
                         Village at (847) 546-2351 for details.
From the Mayor                                                 Thanks to Beach Fest
Involved residents benefit                                     sponsors
the community                                                  Super Pawn Loan and Jewelry

       ound Lake Beach is     Lake
       very fortunate to      Beach,                           Gold
       have residents that    please                           Dave’s Transmission
want to be involved and       send me                          Devery Engineering, Inc.
make a difference in their    an e-mail
community. The                with a
following residents have
offered their time to serve   and a list Richard H. Hill       Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush, DiCianni
on committees for Round       of areas     Mayor               & Krafthefer P.C.
Lake Beach and were           you are                          Bronze
appointed in May.             interested in serving to
                                                               Consumers Credit Union
For the Planning and          net.
                                                               Metro Self Storage
Zoning Board, Steve                                            Scotty’s Hot Dogs
Vaughn, Charles Husk
and Linette Benes were        From the Round Lake Beach Police Department
The Planning and Zoning
board reviews changes to
                              Inaugural Shop with Cop program

our zoning and variances              ound Lake Beach        Lake Beach Police.             who have chosen Law
for buildings, etc.                   Police announced       However, the Police need       Enforcement as a career.
                                      their inaugural        YOUR help and ask that
For the Round Lake            Shop with a Cop Program                                       The Security Guards will
                                                             you open your wallet with
Management Commis-            which benefits                                                be in easy-to-identify polo
                                                                       any donation
sion, Vivien Protine and      Village children                                              shirts and will be ready to
                                                                       possible. YOUR
Michael Basica were           who will                                                      give directions, aid, or
                                                                       name will
appointed. The Round          otherwise not                                                 advice if needed. They are
                                                                       appear on the
Lake Management               have a happy                                                  equipped with police
Commission is a group         Christmas. RLB                                                radios to call a police unit
                                                                       response and
comprised of representa-      Police Officers                                               or ambulance if needed
                                                                       YOU can be
tives from Round Lake         will be                                                       and will work seven days
                                                                       proud that your
Beach and Round Lake          escorting up to 40                                            per week.
                                                             donation will benefit
Park. They work to keep       children to the Round          needy children in Round        Also, the Round Lake
the lake clean and safe.      Lake Beach Wal-Mart for        Lake Beach.                    Management Commission
If you are interested in      a $100 shopping spree.                                        has asked the Round Lake
                                                             For more information or
serving on any Boards or      Officers will make sure                                       Beach Police Department to
                                                             to donate, please call Chief
Committees for Round          children purchase                                             patrol the lake again. Each
                                                             Larsson at (847) 546-2127.
                              necessary items (coats,                                       weekend at different times
     Seasonal                 boots, etc.) In addition,      Lakefront                      you will see the Round Lake
    Reminders                 every child will be required   Security                       Management Commission
                              to purchase at least one toy                                  boat on the water manned
                                                             Once again the Lakefront       by a police officer, whose
  4 Garbage cans              for themselves.                Beach Park is open to the      job is to educate and
    must be stored in         Wal-Mart has been an           public and visitors will see
    rear of property
                                                                                            promote safety through
                              ardent supporter of Shop       Security Guards patrolling     inspections and
  4 Homes with grass          with a Cop for over 10         the park until it closes at    enforcement.
    over 8” high will         years and is excited to        dusk. These part-time
    be ticketed.              participate with Round         guards are college students

 From the Department                                     Recycle electronics
 of Public Works
                                                                he Village of Round Lake Beach, in conjunction
                                                                with the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County
                                                                (SWALCO), will be providing an opportunity to
 Mosquito abatement begins                               dispose and recycle old and unused residential
                                                         electronics equipment. Collections will be held from

        he Village’s mosquito control program began      8:00 am to 3:00 pm on
        in late May with inspection and treatment of
        breeding sites-retention ponds, drainage                              August 20
 ditches, wetlands or low areas that tend to hold                            October 15
 water-and inspections will continue through early
 September. Almost 100 acres will be treated by                             December 17
 hand, backpack and helicopter within the Village
                                                         The drop off site is the Public Works facility, 911 Lotus
 this summer to reduce nuisance mosquito
                                                         Drive. Information regarding these collections is
 populations and prevent the spread of West Nile
                                                         available on the SWALCO web sit at:
 Virus. In addition, street side catch basins will be
 treated in June and July by technicians on bicycles     Tommy Grimaldi celebrates 40 years
 to help reduce mosquito breeding in the

 underground water system.                                                         n March Tommy Grimaldi
                                                                                   celebrated his 40th year as a
 Four adult mosquito control treatments will be
                                                                                   Village of Round Lake Beach
 performed during the season to kill adult
                                                                               employee. He is truly one man who
 mosquitoes “on the wing”. Adult mosquito control
                                                                               has done and seen it all in public
 is performed based on adult mosquito surveillance
                                                                               works. In 1969 Tommy was hired as
 in the area and are not prescheduled. If you would
                                                                               the laborer in a three man public
 like to be notified prior to spraying, please contact
                                                                               works department. He has operated
 the “Mosquito Hotline” at (800) 942-2555 and
                                                         all the Village wells, patched or paved all the Village
 asked to be placed on the Prior Notification List for
                                                         streets, dug almost every ditch and knows every
 the Village.
                                                         underground pipe in town. When no one else had the
 Meter inspection before moving                          courage, Tommy climbed the water tower to change the
                                                         light bulb on top. In 1972 the department grew and
 Before an occupancy permit can be scheduled, a          Tommy was promoted to Foreman, a position he held
 final water meter inspection has to be done by the      until 2007. Today, Tommy is the Superintendent of
 Public Works Department. This should be done            Operations in charge of Streets, Drainage and Forestry.
 three weeks prior to moving.
                                                         For 40 years Tommy says he has had one goal, “To
 If you have any questions please call Public Works      make Round Lake Beach a better place to live.”
 at (847) 546-8752 from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm,
 Monday thru Friday.                                     Congratulations Tommy on 40 years of exceeding your
Summer street repairs underway

      he Village of Round Lake Beach has begun repairs
                                                                       Phone numbers
      on a number of streets this summer. Repairs are
      expected to be completed by the end of the year.   Police, fire emergency                             911
Construction includes curbs, gutters, sidewalks, new     Village Hall                            (847) 546-2351
storm sewers and replacement of water mains. Streets
                                                         Police non-emergency                    (847) 270-9111
involved include :
                                                         Police Records                          (847) 546-2127
  n West End from Clarendon to Wildwood                  Public Works                            (847) 546-8752
  n Wildwood from East End to West End                   J.U.L.I.E. (before you dig)                        811
                                                         Waste Management                        (800) 796-9696
  n Shorewood from Hainesville to East End               SWALCO                       
  n Round Lake from West End to park entrance            Email                   

From the Center
2007 Civic Center Way, Round Lake Beach
                                                                                          Village Officials

Summer Concert Series                                     Planning a                              Mayor
                                                                                                  Richard H. Hill
     oin the fun on Friday mornings at 11:00 am
     for free children’s concerts at the Cultural &       shower or
     Civic Center off Hook Drive or the Round Lake
Beach Lakefront Park off Lakeshore Drive. In case of      other large                             Clerk
inclement weather the concerts will be moved into           event?                                Margie Cleveland
the Banquet Room of the Cultural & Civic Center.
July 10   Chris Fascione @ Lakefront                     The Round Lake Beach
          Juggler & storyteller!                         Cultural & Civic Center               Trustees
                                                         has the right space for                 Jerry Mattingly
July 17   Jeanie B @ the Center
                                                              your event!                        (senior trustee)
          Tunes for all ages!
                                                        The Banquet Room can
July 24   Ken Schultz @ the Center
          Flying Fool Juggling Act!                     accommodate up to 350
                                                         guests.The Gathering                    Larry Mount
July 31   Neil Whitman @ Lakefront                      Lobby with the fireplace
          Teller of Tales & songs!                      and historic cabinet is a
August 7 Kathleen Gibson @ the Center                    comfortable space for
         Award winning storyteller                          smaller events.                      Sue Butler
         & music!                                         Call (847) 201-9032.
August 14 Diamana Diya @ the Center
          West African Hand Drum                          Round Lake
          Ensemble!                                       Management                             Judy Armstrong
Free Harry Potter Film Festival
continues @ the Center – July 3 & 10                    invites you to these
                                                         events on or about                      Sylvia Valadez
                                                              our Lake

       veryone’s favorite movies
       will be coming to the                           Venetian Night: July 4
       Center this summer,                             Decorate your boat or come
 leading up to the new Harry                           out and enjoy the parade on               Tom Smith
 Potter Film opening in July at                        the Lake @ 8:00 pm.
 the Regal Cinemas. See the five                       Learn about the Lake in
 movies outside or inside                              RLB: July 18
 depending on the weather.                             An on-the-water guided tour
 Activities at 8:00 pm; movie at       Exclusive
 dark.                                 Sponsor         of the Lake @ 8:00 am                 The Staff
                                                       Fishing Should Be Fun
 Get your free tickets at the                                                           Village Administrator
                                                       – Kids Derby: July 25
 Center or the Great Lakes Credit Union in                                              David Kilbane
                                                       Fishing gear available,
 Round Lake Beach. For information about the           training, contests, boat rides   Police Chief
 events below, call (847) 201-9032:                    @ 8:00 am and lunch later.       Douglas Larsson
    n The Coloring Contest                             For more information go to       Finance Director
    n The Art Contest                                  the Village website or call      Patrice Sutton Burger
                                                       Vivien Protine at (847)
    n The Look Alike Contest                           366-1116                         Public Works Director
                                                                                        Keith Neitzke