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                  Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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                                                                             September 19-26 , 2009

                                                                             November 18-21 , 2009
                       Key Bank                                              Dusselldorf, Germany

                                                                             September 21-28 , 2009
                                                                             Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


 A committee of the National Bureau for Economic Research, the accepted official voice of recessionary trends in the United States, is noting leading
 indicators are suggesting that the U.S. economy is again on the rise. Several requirements within the Conference Board’s report that economists say need to
 be fulfilled before a contraction is officially considered over were checked off the list in June. Click here for full story.


 Eurozone prices were lower in June than a year earlier, Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office confirmed on Wednesday. This decrease was led by lower oil and
 petrol prices and it is not seen as a long term delationary trend. Across the eurozone, prices were 0.1 per cent lower in June than a year earlier, with the
 fastest drop in prices recorded in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg, confirming an earlier “flash estimate” from Eurostat. Click here for
 full story.


 An agreement likely to be signed in New Delhi could take a major step forward in opening the Indian market to U.S. defense exports. As India moves to
 modernize its current Russian technology, prime U.S. contractors and manufacturers are preparing to bid for sales of fighter jets and work within the
 nuclear industry. Suppliers to these contractors should take note. Click here for full story.


 China’s economy is on track to hit the government’s growth target of 8 per cent this year following increased government spending and a surge in bank
 lending in the second quarter.
 The economy expanded at an annual rate of 7.9 per cent in the three months to the end of June, the National Bureau of Statistics announced on Thursday,
 with investment, industrial production and retail sales all contributing to higher output. Raw materials exporters such as Brazil and Australia are seeing
 increased exports to China. Click here for full story.


 South Korea and the European Union concluded negotiations on a free-trade deal that may take effect as early as the first half of next year, the Asian nation
 said, putting pressure on the U.S. to ratify a similar accord. South Korea and the 27-nation EU have wrapped up 26 months of talks and a preliminary
 signing will take place in September after a legal review, South Korean Deputy Trade Minister Lee Hye Min told reporters today in Seoul. Final approval will
 come in January or February, allowing the accord to take effect “some time” in the first half of 2010.
 The partners “are choosing to open our markets rather than protecting them during a time of global economic downtown,” he said. “That speaks volumes to
 other nations who may be leaning toward protectionism.” Click here for full story.

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 Of all the trends we followed before the crisis, globalization seemed the most secure. Today, however, big and important question marks hang over some
 aspects of
 global economic integration. In short, the world economy became fundamentally more interconnected and interdependent. The big question now is: Will
 the pendulum swing back? Click here for full story.


 India served notice yesterday that it remains opposed to legally binding targets to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, digging in its heels against the United
 States as the Obama administration begins marshaling support for a new global agreement on climate change.
 In a closed-door meeting with Clinton after she marveled at the building’s high-technology features, India’s environment minister, Jairam Ramesh, said,
 “There is simply no case for the pressure that we, who have among the lowest emissions per capita, face to actually reduce emissions. Click here for full


 Overshadowed by a sparkling economic report card for the second quarter, the leap in China’s official currency reserves last week is yet one more reason to
 bank on a transformative surge in the country’s investments abroad. China has long been scouring the globe for energy and commodities to feed its
 thrumming economy. What is new is the leadership’s determination to increase outbound foreign direct investment, or O.F.D.I., as it weans the economy off
 low-value, export-oriented manufacturing. Click here for full story.


 Financial crisis-stricken Iceland formally applied for European Union membership on Friday, a day after lawmakers narrowly backed a government plan to
 take the island nation into the economic and political bloc. A copy of the application was submitted to the Swedish government, which currently holds the
 EU's rotating presidency, Iceland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs confirmed in a statement. Click here for full story.


 Mexico registered its third straight monthly trade surplus in May as exports proved somewhat more resilient than imports amid the country's deepest
 recession since 1995. The National Statistics Institute, or Inegi, said Tuesday the country chalked up a $680 million surplus, following a $210 million
 surplus the previous month and a $12.4 million deficit in May 2008.
 The median forecast in a Dow Jones Newswires survey of 15 economists was for a trade surplus of $100 million in May. Imports fell as well, underlining
 decreased market demand as well. Click here for full story.


 Spain and Germany, in addition to Denmark, are considered European leaders in both on- and offshore wind projects. Join MITC at Wind Power Expo
 2009 in Spain, one of the largest renewable energy trade shows in Western Europe.

 The mission then moves to Bremen, Germany, another center of EU wind power manufacturing and investment. Companies that specialize in project
 management, design, installation, and component manufacturers will have excellent opportunities for networking and customized One-on-One Business
 Appointments based upon their specific mission objectives.

 For more information, please contact Wade Merritt, MITC Vice President, at 207-541-7400 or

 MEDICA 2009 – Dusseldorf, Germany
 Nov. 18-21, 2009

 MEDICA is the world’s largest medical trade fair, covering the entire spectrum of exhibits for medical equipment and services. Over 140,000 visitors are
 expected this year, from all over the world. Last year, nearly 500 US companies exhibited at MEDICA. Where else can you get this level of exposure and
 have companies from over 60 countries visiting one location just to find medical products and services?!?

 The Best of New England Booth (BNE) has a prime location at MEDICA and offers a substantial savings over normal exhibition space! At the end of a key
 thoroughfare within the US Pavilion, with three open sides, our access to traffic is envied by many! Registration includes many benefits, including
 permission market research, access to shared meeting space, booth staffing by trade center staff, and more.

 The states of NH, CT, ME, RI and VT have exhibit space in the US Pavilion for companies of those states. Participation is on a first come basis, so don’t
 delay! Still unsure if MEDICA is right for you? Give Bryan Bozsik a call at 541-7400 or email at and he will help you decide. The
 registration deadline is June 30th – don’t delay!

 VIETNAMWOOD 2009 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
 Sep. 21-28, 2009

 Exhibit at one of the largest woodworking trade shows in Asia with MITC and gain access to Vietnam’s woodworking & furniture industry. Registration
 includes pre-show market research provided by the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) staff and post-show assistance by the Trade Center staff,
 including logistics, tariff, market access information so you can get your sales to your new customers.

 Booth Participation Fee: US$1500 for MITC Members; $2000 for Non-Members Pricing includes MITC booth participation and registration and the
 opportunity to provide quality generic samples for the MITC booth. The participation fee does not include air fare, hotel accommodation, meals, travel or                                                                 7/22/2009
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 other costs.

 Reimbursement grants are available for Softwood Export Companies. If you are in the softwood products export industry, your company is entitled to
 participate in MITC’s Softwood Export reimbursement grant through the SEC of up to $3200 per person for air fare, hotel accommodations and travel to
 the show. This reimbursement plan is available on a first-come/first-served basis for pre-approved accounts. No more than 2 grants are available per

 For more information please contact Zeynep Turk at (207) 541-7474 or

 Tripoli, Libya and Algiers, Algeria
 November 4–8, 2009

 Libya and Algeria have fast-growing and increasingly market driven economies. With strong oil and gas exports bringing in foreign capital reserves, these
 countries are buying U.S. products and services at an increasing rate. With a business culture where deals are made on the strength of personal contacts,
 this trade mission will help U.S. companies make connections in both Libya and Algeria. Participants will benefit from one-on-one business matchmaking
 appointments with prospective agents, distributors, and end-users; meetings with government officials where appropriate; updates on major projects;
 Embassy briefings on doing business in the region, and networking events. The participation fee is $5,850 for a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)
 and $6,900 for large firms. Interpreters are included in the fee. For more information, contact our project officer at
 Deadline is Aug. 1, 2009.

 Vietnam Business Forum from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

 All of your Vietnam business information is located at this portal. With links to recent news articles, industry highlights, statistics, and business directories,
 this website is a good overview of business in Vietnam. While the website does contain a directory of many production, import and export companies,
 appropriate care should be taken in all business arrangements derived through any trade portal. Contact MITC with any questions

 Bureau of Industry and Security EAR Compliance Webinar

 Learn about the Bureau of Industry and Security’s program to measure Export Administration Regulations Compliance using AES data, where it will
 identify the most common reporting problems of items under BIS licenses, license exceptions or “no license require” designations, and give instructions on
 how the common errors can be prevented. The webinar will give good examples of AES data and determine whether elements such as training, audition,
 cradle to grave and record keeping are effective.
 Learn more:

 Market Opportunities in Turkey

 In this webinar, you will learn about business opportunities for U.S. companies in Turkey. The webinar will overview the country's business climate, recent
 economic developments and sectors that are best positioned to withstand the current global economic crisis.
 Learn more:

 Upgrading China's Farm Equipment: How Does U.S. Ag Machinery Fit in?
 August 25, 2009 / 6:00 pm ET

 Join a webinar on the modernization of China's Farm Equipment from the convenience of your desk! This internet briefing will focus on the Northeast
 region of China and provide an excellent overview of current and projected demand for US agriculture machinery based on current crop production, recent
 policy shifts, and incentives for mechanization. All you need is a phone and internet connection!
 Information & Registration

     *** As a reminder, MITC membership includes unlimited trade assistance. We look forward to answering your questions and
  providing you with market research and statistics. For more information, please contact Trade Assistance Manager Bryan Bozsik at
                                         or 541-7418. ***

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