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					                                     The Church of the Most Holy Trinity
                                               July 12, 2009
                                    Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

    My Dear Friends in Christ,

           I cannot express to you the joy that I feel when I see the mingling of various cul-
    tures and ethnic groups represented in the church. We seem to be a small “snapshot” of
    the universal Church in the gathering of many races and many traditions who come to
    worship together as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Many parishioners have commented
    on the beauty of how well-integrated the church is and has been, and I am certain it is
    pleasing to the Lord as well. I am so thankful for the different ushers and acolytes, lec-
    tors and altar servers who come from various backgrounds and ethnic origin.
           At a recent wedding rehearsal, we were practicing the recessional train with the
    groomsmen and the bridesmaids. At one point, a white gentleman put out his arm to es-
    cort an African-American bridesmaid. It only dawned on me later that twenty years ago
    that would have been unheard of, and forty years ago would have been criminal. We still
    have a long way to go in race relations, and in erasing racism in any form, but it is good
    to see progress even on the smallest level of the parish.
           You will notice that we are trying to incorporate more of our “Lift Every Voice and
    Sing” hymnal, as it is a rich treasure of dignified Gospel music. I hope you will join in
    and sing to the God who hears us in many languages and sees us only in one color: the
    color of love.

     Asking you to pray for the Souls you may meet someday in Purgatory,

     Fr. Tim Donahue

                              Pray For Our Sick and Shut-in Parishioners
               Joey Wilson                          Sarah Craig                          Mary Young
               Pearce Cregan                        Laura Jaime                          Lorene Green
               George Kemp                          Rhonda Gabor                         Nucia Reimers
               Stella Arevalo                       Willie Stanley                       Brian Parks
               Amanda Barnes                        Adrian Ramp                          James Livingston
               Ruby Evans                           Kimberly Terry                       Yvonne Cail
               Thomas Almeter                       Tanina Cregan                         Emily Collier
               Louise McMahon                       Edith Kelsey                          Robert Hernandez
               Chad Norris                          Patrick Chance                       Darvin Hagen
               Joyce Culpepper                      Herman Mitchell                       Raymond Carmondy
                                                    Bessie Dunston

The names we list in the bulletin are those who are acutely ill, that is, those in the hospital or confined to their home. Please call
the office at 706-722-4944 to add or delete a name. For prayer line call Ellen Mongan: 706-855-8668 or e-mail Mary-Garner
Merz: mgmerz@knology.net. If you are hospitalized, homebound or in a care facility or if you know of other parishioners
who are in a similar situation, please contact Sister Bernadette at 706-722-4944 ext. 306 or William Harper at ext. 305.
Please leave a message if we are not in our offices.
               July 12th - July 19th                                            July 12th             -     July 19th
      July 12 Am 7:12-15, Ps 85:9-14, Eph 1:3-14, Mk 6:7-                Sat.   Vigil 5:00pm       Missa Pro Populo
               13                                                        Sun.         8:00am       Missa Pro Populo
      July 13 Ex 1:8-14, 22, Ps 124:1b-8, Mt 10:34-11:1                             10:00am        Missa Pro Populo
      July 14 Ex 2:1-15a, Ps 69:3, 14, 30-34, Mt 11:20-24                           12:30pm        Missa Pro Populo
      July 15 Ex 3:1-6, 9-12, Ex 3:1-6, 9-12, Ps 103:1b-4, 6             Mon.       12:15pm        Dolores Torres †
              -7, Mt 11:25-27                                            Tues.       12:15pm       Wilbert Harper †
      July 16 Ex 3:13-20. Ps 105:1 and 5, 8-9, 24-27, Mt                 Wed.       12:15pm        Peter Krafinski †
              11:28-30                                                   Thurs.     12:15pm        Maggie H. Dixon †
      July 17 Ex 11:10-12:14, Ps 116:12-13, 15 and 16bc,                 Fri.        12:15 pm      William Conlon †
              17-18, Mt 12:1-8                                           Sat.        10:00am       Kirsten Swindell †
      July 18 Ex 12:37-42, Ps 136:1 and 23-24, 10-12, 13-                              5:00pm      Missa Pro Populo
              15, Mt 12:14-21                                            Sun.          8:00am      Missa Pro Populo
      July 19 Jer 23:1-6, Ps 23:1-3, 3-6, Eph 2:13-18, Mk                           10:00am        Missa Pro Populo
              6:30-34                                                               12:30pm        Missa Pro Populo

                                        Events For This Week
               Sunday, July 12th                 Mass Times: 8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:30pm                                 C
                                                 Catechism                                                    6:00pm    SPH
               Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Key:           Monday, July 13th                        (Adoration & Rosary 8-9am) Mass: 12:15 pm                       C
                                                        Girl Scouts Project (Pillows for Cancer Patients)     10:00am   SPH
PC =Parish     St. Henry
               Tuesday, July 14th                       (Adoration & Rosary 8-9am) Mass: 12:15 pm                       C
CR = Con-                                                                                                     8:00pm    SFHconf
ference        Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha                AA
SPH = St.                                               (Adoration & Rosary 8-9am) Anointing Mass: 12:15                C
Patrick Hall
               Wednesday, July 15th
SFH = St.      St. Bonaventure                          MHT at Soup Kitchen preparing & serving lunch
Francis Hall
N = Nursery    Thursday, July 16th                      NO morning Adoration Mass: 12:15 pm                             C
C = Church                                              Adoration after 12:15 Mass until 4:30pm
MS = Music
               Our Lady of Carmel                       Scripture Study                                        7:00pm   SFH
PC3rd/2nd =    Friday, July 17th                        (Adoration & Rosary 8-9am) Mass: 12:15 pm                       C
                                                        Wedd. Reh.                                            5:00pm
Parish Cen-                                                                                                   6:00pm
ter                                                     Wedd. Reh.
                                                        AA                                                    8:00pm    SFHconf
2nd or 3rd
IC= Im-        Saturday, July 18th                      Mass Times: 10:00 am Vigil 5:00 pm                              C
                                                        Wedding Information Session                           11:00am   C
maculate       St. Camillus de Lellis
                                                        Wedding                                               1:00pm    C
Conception     Blessed Virgin Mary                                                                            7:00pm    C

               Sunday, July 19th                 Mass Times: 8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:30 pm                                C
                                                                                                              5         SFHconf
               Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time ACF
                                                 Catechism                                                    6:00pm    SPH
              Pray for Our Military
Please pray for our parishioners who are in the military,
especially for the following parishioners stationed in Iraq                Hymns for Today’s Liturgy
and other areas of the Middle East.
           Capt. Schuyler M. Hannan-Iraq
                                                                             Fifteenth Sunday in
             EO2 Michael Thorne-Iraq                                           Ordinary Time
             SSG Robert Hinde - Iraq                                 Processional:#520     All Creatures of our God
             Capt. Kevin Toth - Iraq                                                       and King Lasst Uns Erfreue
          USMC Steven Ciechan - Afghanistan
           SSGT James M. Lawson - Qatar                              Psalm:#908 Lord, let us see your kindness,
   If you know of other parishioners stationed in the                           and grant us your salvation.
 Middle East, please call the office at 706-722-4944 so
        that we can offer our intentions for them.                   Communion Hymn:#510           I Want To Walk As A
                                                                                                   Child Of The Light.
                     Condolences                                                                       Houston
To the family and friends of Donna Smith. Donna entered
into eternal rest on June 28th. She was laid to rest on July         Recessional Hymn:#521         From All That Dwell
2nd.                                                                                               Below The Skies
To Helen and John Jenkins, their family and friends. Their                                            Duke Street
son-in-law, Bruce C. Harris, husband of Hope Jenkins
Harris, passed away suddenly June 30th in Panama City,
FL. He was laid to rest near his home in Tampa, FL.
                                                                                Summer Music Notes
To Joseph (Joe) Conway, his family and friends. His wife,       10:00 a.m. Mass Choir: Summer is a great time to come sing
Pat, entered into eternal rest peacefully on July 1st. Her      with the 10:00 a.m. choir, since rehearsals are held 9:00 a.m.
final resting place will be in Wisconsin.                       before the 10:00 a.m. Mass. If you are interested in singing
May they rest in peace.                                         with us during the summer, please contact Dr. Nancy Sutton,
                                                                706-722-4944, or better yet, simply show up in the Choir Suite
                Bicentennial Brick                              on the second floor of St. Francis Hall a few minutes before
If you haven’t gotten your commemorative brick…..please         9:00 a.m. so we can set you up with a music folder and a robe.
place your order today!                                         Come sing! Cantate Domino!
Did you realize for as little as .60 cents a day (less than a
coke) you can buy a Bicentennial Brick?                         12:30 p.m. Mass Women’s Choir:             Rehearsals continue
We have many activities planned for 2010 and brick sales        during the summer as usual on Sundays beginning at 11:20 a.m.
will help offset the expenses.                                  – 12:20 p.m. before the 12:30 Mass. The Choir Suite is on the
We are the oldest Catholic Church in the state of Georgia       second floor of St. Francis Hall. Calling ladies of all ages to
celebrating 200 years and you can become a part of the          come sing in this choir! Jubilate Deo!
Church of the Most Holy Trinity’s rich history in the mak-
ing!                                                                                 Planned Giving
Go to the website and order a brick today at:                   Charitable Remainder Trusts allow you to make a gift to your
www.themostholytrinity.org. Please ~ buy your brick             church while retaining income from the gifted asset during your
today!                                                          lifetime (and that of your spouse). If your trust is funded with
                                                                appreciated property, capitol gains taxes may be avoided. There
                 Mother's Day Out                               may also be a significant current income tax deduction at the
                 Fall Registration                              time the trust is created.
 We are now accepting registration for our Fall Mother's
 Day Out Progam to begin August 17th. Spaces available                   Council of Catholic Women of the
  for children who are walking through the age of four.                  Church of the Most Holy Trinity
   Classes meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from              The council is seeking to have 100% participation of women of
   9:30am - 1:30pm. For more information, call Cheryl           our church signed up for the council before our Bicentennial
                Weinand at 706-228-4887.                        celebration in 2010. Every lady in our parish is eligible and en-
                                                                couraged to become active members of this great and historic
 Remember the Church of the Most Holy Trinity and               group. The purpose of the council is to help support our pastor,
  Immaculate Conception Academy in your bequest.                our parish school and our seminarians. The dues are as follows:
                                                                $5 for ladies 65 and older, $10 for patrons and $15 for voting
“In hoc signo vinces. = In this sign you will con-              members. Your dues can be mailed to the church office at P.O.
quer.” (Words Constantine heard in a vision from                Box 2446, 30901 or drop an envelope in the collection basket.
Christ)                                                         Please mark the envelope CCW DUES.
 Happy Birthday Father Donahue.                                                        Banns of Marriage
Father will celebrate his birthday on                                  The following couples will soon be married here at
                                                                       MHT! May God bless them in their new vocation as
         Friday, July 17th.                                            they strive to live out the challenging plan of Jesus for
We hope that your birthday is grand.                                   Holy Marriage.

                Immaculate Conception                                  Brian Ditullio and Allison Crook     Charleston, SC
                                                                       Danny Swift and Tasha Maslowski      Grovetown, GA
              Is Still Registering Students                            Dale Bowles and Katrina Kelly        Augusta, GA
     If you are tired of the problems associated with the public       Joseph Firmin and Saray Elizabeth del Prado de la
schools, (low test scores, bomb threats, discipline problems, etc.)    Cruz                                Monterey, Mexico
now is the time to make a change. IC fosters a Catholic Christian
environment where students can grow both academically and               Mandatory Wedding Information Session
spiritually. Furthermore, IC accepts students of all races and reli-   The next wedding information session is scheduled for
gious denominations.                                                   Saturday, July 18th at 11:00 a.m. at the Church. At-
    Please call 706-722-9964 if you are interested in the best         tendance is required prior to arranging plans for your
education possible for your child for one of the lowest tuition        wedding. At this session, diocesan and church regula-
rates in the CSRA!                                                     tions will be discussed. If you have questions, call Lisa
                                                                       Count, Wedding Coordinator and Director, at 803-278-
                  Sisters In Christ                                    3226.
All are invited to our July 21, 2009 meeting for Sisters In Christ.
Tamsen Delong will speak on, "The View From Above." Join us            A Mandatory Marriage Preparation Re-
for lunch in the private room at El Valle Mexican Restaurant           treat - The next Engaged Couples weekend will be
at 3830 Washington Road. Meeting begins at 11:30 a.m., come            at St. Joseph Catholic Church, August 21st and
and bring a friend. No reservations needed. For more informa-          22nd. This certification is required to be married in the
tion call Ellen Mongan 706-855-8668.                                   Catholic Church. Advance registration is required to
                                                                       attend. Please remember that this certification is manda-
      RETROUVAILLE (“RE-TRO-VI”)                                       tory. For more information or registration, call the office
                                                                       at 706-798-1920.
Couples slowly and quietly drift apart, or are being torn apart by             Worldwide Marriage Encounter
terrible words and actions. Are you frustrated, hurt, angry? Does      Lent is a time for growth. Come and join us for a week-
talking about it only make it worse?                                   end designed to strengthen the love between you and
This program offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your            your spouse, and your spirituality. For more information
spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage. Reach for the      or to register for one of the 2009 weekends: July 17th-
Retrouvaille lifeline.                                                 19th in Jacksonville, or October 9th-11th in Savannah,
Our next Retrouvaille Weekend will be September 11-13, 2009            call 800-923-WWME (9963) or register on line at
in an Augusta Hotel.                                                   www.geocities.com/jaxmeweb.
For additional information or to register call (800) 470-2230. If
calling from outside the Savannah Diocese call (706) 863-1465.                  A Celebration Next Year - You’re
More info at www.retrouvaille.org.                                             invited to our 200th Birthday Party
Space limited. Register early.
                                                                                         weekend events;
                    Pray for our Priests.                                      June 18 - 20, 2010. We’re excited!

     Ten Reasons to Make Your Offertory Gift Through Faith Direct
  1. No more checks to write or envelopes to find
  2. 52 Weeks of predictable income for your parish
  3. Greater security than cash or checks
  4. No cost for you to participate
  5. Online control of your offertory giving – including special collections
  6. Reduction of envelope and postage expense for Most Holy Trinity
  7. Less work for our parish office staff to post contribution records
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  9. Earn credit card points for your offertory gifts
  10. Fr. Donahue does!
  Join the parishioners who use Faith Direct for their parish giving. Visit www.faithdirect.net, our parish code is GA149,
  or call 866.507.8757 (toll-free) for more information.
                                                  Pro-Life News
uttered this profound truth with joy and conviction at a rest stop in middle Georgia after losing all his possessions to
Katrina. During these days of “hope and change” we may tend in many ways to be skeptical. “Many, if not most, people
today doubt that there is any truth upon which all individuals can agree…thinking that morals are relative to a culture or
even to an individual.”
       As we try to sort out the barrage of information, plans and promises that mount up each day, it becomes ever more
apparent that we have only One Source of Truth we can depend on: JESUS, who speaks to us through His Church.
       A case in point is the recent endorsement of the entire homosexual agenda by our president at the first “LBGT
Pride Month reception” at the White House where he spoke of “worn arguments and old attitudes.”
       Dealing with a loved one or a friend’s same-sex attraction can be a heartrending challenge. As a Catholic,
how do you respond? Here are some steps for starters from the June 21 issue of Our Sunday Visitor:
        First, Pray: Fall on your knees and pray; Second, Prepare: Educate yourself about the truth of same-sex attrac-
tion; Third, Persevere: Persevere in prayer and in the face of disappointments and discouragement. Fourth, Proclaim:
Proclaim the truth. Don’t just sit by; become proactive. Visit the Courage Community, a website given the Triple Excel-
lency Award for Excellence in Fidelity, Resources and Usability by CatholicCulture.org at www.couragerc.net/index.htm.
      The time has come when we cannot afford to think and make our decisions based on Left or Right, Republican or
Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Black or White but RIGHT OR WRONG. WE MUST SEARCH FOR AND DO

        ST. ELIZABETH MINISTRY                                         PRO-LIFE ACTIVITIES THIS WEEK:
 Please pray regularly for our expectant mothers. If you are        WEDNESDAY MORNING
 expecting a baby, please call the parish office so that we         6:30-8:00 a.m., Prayer and Small Group Sharing at
 can put your name under the St. Elizabeth Ministry. We             Planned Parenthood.
 will pray for both mother and child.
                                                                    FRIDAY AFTERNOON, 5:00-6:00 pm, PRAYER
       Jennifer McKinney          Tracy Branch
                                                                    VIGIL AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD. PRAISE AND
       Liz Williams               Melinda McNally
                                                                    WORSHIP WITH LIVE MUSIC, PRAYERS AND
       Celina Rowan               Kelly Dolin
                                                                    SHARING. COME STAND WITH US FOR LIFE
       Candice Blanton            Anna Kisting
                                                                    AND FOR WHAT’S RIGHT.

     “WE HAVE A DUTY TO BE                                          SATURDAY MORNING
                                                                    9:00 a.m.-12noon. YOUTH AND FAMILY RO-
   POLITICALLY ENGAGED. Why?                               Be-      SARY (10:00 a.m.), as well as private prayer and in-
   cause politics is the exercise of power, and the use of          struction at “A Preferred Health Center,” (Abortion
     power always has moral content and human conse-                Facility) at 2903 Professional Parkway at the intersection
 quences…if we claim to be 'Catholic,' we need to prove it          of Walton Way Extension and Pleasant Home Road
  by our behaviour. And serving other people by working
 for justice, charity and truth in our nation's political life is                WEBSITES TO VISIT:
        one of the very important ways we do that."                       Catholic Culture: www.catholicCulture.org
  As for those who separate their faith from their political              IgnatiusInsight: www.ignatiusinsight.com
 actions: "That kind of separation would require Christians              Edith Stein Foundation: (empowering women)
   to deny who we are; to repudiate Jesus." (Archbishop                        www.theedithsteinfoundation.com
             Chaput, Lifesitenews, Feb 25, 2009)
Beautiful Music to Benefit - St. Vincent de                                     St. John Choir Camp
Paul Clinic - The music ministry of St. Mary on the                                   July 13-17
  Hill Church has just released Spiritual Pipes, a solo re-             for young musicians entering grades 1-7
  cording by their organist, Alvin R. Blount. This CD in-                       Daily 9:00 a.m. - 1 :00 p.m.
cludes classical music and keyboard arrangements of spiri-                   At St. John UMC, 736 Greene St.
  tuals such as "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "Were You              For more information call 706-724-9641 or email
  There?”, "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me," and "Soon I                         jcgarvey@stjohnaugusta.org
Will Be Done." They are $12.00 per copy and all proceeds            Note: You save money by registering early. (Early
 will benefit the St. Vincent de Paul Health Clinic here in        registration allows us to order tee shirts at a savings.)
 Augusta. Your donations are also tax-deductible and you
        can obtain a copy by contacting St. Mary's at          First Annual Augusta Deanery Youth Event
                       706-733-6627.                                                    August 15th
                                                                                   at St. Teresa of Avila
  Dedication of Resurrection of Our Lord                                       Praise and Worship Sessions
                                                                                     Spirit Filled Talks
                112 Fell St.                                                    Food/Inflatables and Mass
                 Savannah                                                 After Mass, dinner will be served and
On Sunday, August 23rd, Resurrection of Our Lord                               a concert will follow dinner.
Catholic Church will celebrate the dedication of its new      Contact Jim McKeon for a permission form and send him a
church.                                                       check for $30 to reserve a space and a T-shirt.
We are extending an invitation to you to be part of this
historic and joyous event by taking out an ad in the com-              Loosening the Bonds of Injustice
memorative souvenir booklet.                                  We pray that our government agencies and public servants
The price of the ads is: Full Page $100, Half Page $50, and   become strong advocates for victims of wage theft.
Quarter Page $25.                                             We seek justice for workers.   ~Faith Works, Spring 2009
Please make checks payable to Resurrection of Our Lord
Catholic Church.
Please turn in your camera ready ad by Wednesday, July        Altar Flowers -         If you would like to donate flowers for
22nd to the church or by email rbtgen@aol.com. For infor-     the Altar, in honor of or in memory of a family member or
mation, please call 912-232-5258.                             friend or a special occasion, please call Cami Mills at 706-
     VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children
  is a child sex abuse awareness and prevention program             Save the Date for Our Parish Picnic
 sponsored by the diocese. All employees and volunteers                       September 27th.
in the diocese who work with minors in their ministries on
 a regular basis must attend one VIRTUS session. If you
   are planning to attend, please register by calling the     For Nationwide Mass Times and Locations: Call
   church of your choice. Advance registion online at         Mass Times 1-410-676-6000 or visit the website
       www.virtus.org. Registration is required to                       at: www.masstimes.org
                       attend a class.

 Location:                   Date:         Time:
 St. Teresa of Avila         8/8/2009      9:00am–Noon
 Educ. Bldg. Rm. 12

 Church of the Most Holy     8/19/2009     6:00pm
 Trinity, St. Patrick Hall
                                                              Please register as soon as you move into the parish. Fill in this
                                                              form and return it, or better yet – bring it to the office and we
 St. Teresa of Avila         9/12/2009     9:00am-Noon
                                                              can meet you.
 Educ. Bldg. Rm. 12
                                                              City & State:________________________________
 Prayer Shawl Ministry ~ that knits and/or cro-               Telephone Number:__________________________
chets for people who are going through a difficult time in
their lives such as illness and loss. We meet in the annex               WELCOME, VISITORS AND GUESTS
 of St. Teresa of Avila every Wednesday from 1:15-3:15        If you are visiting our parish, we would like you to sign our
 p.m. For more information, please email Arlo Hobbs at:       guest book. It is located on a table in the narthex (the vestibule)
arloandbill25@yahoo.com or call 706-993-7401 or Cathy         of the church. We are happy that you came to worship with us!
                   Klaus 706-863-6365.

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