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The Secret to Doubling Your Subscriber List Size in Record Time


									                              The Secret To Doubling Your Subscriber List Size In Record Time                                                              1

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                  The Secret To Doubling Your Subscriber List Size In Record Time            2

Make sure you read this entire report as I have a special surprise at the end...

There are a number of ways to grow your list fairly quickly, some of them take a lot of
effort and some of them are extremely easy to do. I’m going to share with you a super
powerful strategy you can use to double your list size in record time. In general that
means you’ll make twice as much money.

The secret comes down to ‘leverage’ this means you use what you have to get more. In
our case we will be using our existing list or contacts to grow our list.

I’ll start by the easy way to double your list, it’s through ad swaps. Ad swaps are when
you mail your list for someone else’s free offer while they do the same for you. Basical-
ly you are trading active subscribers with that person.

I started ad swapping in early 2009 before it became popular, I ended up taking over 6
months off from ad swapping and as a result my overall income suffered. It’s true that a
buyers list is worth more than a freebie list but many people fail to realize that some ad
swap subscribers buy products.

The problem with ad swaps is that you need to have an existing list otherwise you’ll get
very little return on your ad swaps. That’s why I advise everyone that is starting out with
ad swaps to use other methods to get their initial list going.

Most of the methods for quick list growth cost money for instance solo ads are one of
the best ways to get your list going. What you do is you pay someone to send an email to
their list which brings active subscribers to your website. After a handful of solos you
should have enough subscribers to begin doing ad swaps (a friend of mine says you need
300 subscribers).

There are other good methods of building a list from scratch such as buying advertising
on forums and blogs. You can even use free traffic methods like article marketing, social
media, forum marketing and a bunch of other methods.

Another great way to build a list is to leverage contacts who have list. Product launches
are typically based on having a good group of contacts mail out about your new product,
this is a fantastic way to build a list. It’s not easy, you should have a good product, great
sales copy and talk with a handful of people that have good list and get them on board to
promote your product.

A slightly easier method combining the strategies mentioned above is to provide a ser-
vice in exchange for subscribers. There are a number of ways to do this, but you’ll need

                      Copyright All Rights Reserved
                     The Secret To Doubling Your Subscriber List Size In Record Time      3

to trade your time in order to get results. You could even provide a bonus product on
someone’s download page.

The information I just revealed to you can double your list in record time …even if you
are starting from scratch, be sure to take action on this and let me know how it goes.

If you want more list building advice and secrets please go check out my list building

Thanks, I look forward to hearing about your success!

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