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									   …Education for a Sustainable Future
                                                        News Bulletin
Executive Director’s Message                             Monteverde Institute                                                  April 2009
 “An investment in knowledge always pays
  the best interest.” ~Benjamin Franklin
                                                      Monteverde Institute’s work
What a difference a year makes. When most
of us think back to April, 2008, the world        MVI is a non-profit organization established in 1986
seemed like a different place. Goethe once
                                                  whose purpose and goal is to promote and increase
said, “Everything in the world may be endured
except continual prosperity.” There is no doubt   the knowledge and practice on the sustainable man-
that we at the Institute, as throughout the       agement of resources through education, research
Monteverde community and beyond, are af-          and community development. In real terms, this is
fected by the economic slowdown. Some             what we do:
groups have cancelled and others have fewer
students participating, but overall we are fortu- • Organize and run courses for foreign stu-
nate.                                               dents on topics related to sustainability like; cul-
                                                    ture and history, environment and sustainable de-
There is intrinsic value in study abroad. Knowl-
                                                    velopment, ecology and tropical biology, and social
edge may be the only investment these days
that still pays high interest. Even when econo-     -economic experiences of the Costa Rican and                                         Some of MVI’s Team
mies are shrinking, parents and Institutions        Monteverde area.
recognize the importance of providing interna- • Promote field research on topics relevant to Monteverde like; water resources, public health,
tional experiences for students, particularly
                                                    sustainable growth, ecotourism and tropical ecology. For example, students from public health course
during a time of global change and challenges.
Today, even more than before, it is essential       focus their research on topics like nutrition, sexual health, HIV/AIDS and water usage.
that students gain a global perspective; discuss  
the issues surrounding sustainability; learn      • Work with local institutions, families and other groups from
about the pressures placed on our natural            Monteverde. This includes work with the local Government to project the population growth of the
resources; and strive for solutions.                 area, &/or work with the Santa Elena Public High School to plan its land use.
                                                  • Dissemination of information through the John and Doris Campbell Library. This effort includes
We at the Institute, have so much to be glad
                                                    expanding and converting to a digital format our collections of books, reports and articles in English
about. There are so many activities, programs,
courses and changes going on at the Institute       and Spanish, and offering a computer lab open to the community and students.
that they won’t all fit on these pages. And, yet,                                                    
for the Institute to continue to be sustainable,  • Provide Community Outreach projects which seek to supply educational opportunities, for the
we need to make sure that our community,            community and the students., English clases, workshops and lectures are among the various additional
that is, all of you, agrees that educating our      community and course activities we offer.
future generations is still one of the best invest-
ments. To this end we have recently created
the MVI Alumni and Supporters Association,          The Farmer’s Market:                                         MVI Associates and Board of and have been updat-                                                                             Director’s Members
                                                             An opportunity for Exchange MVI is an organization managed by a General Assembly
ing the Monteverde Alliance, our non-profit
                                                    This place is not only the place to purchase your pro- consisting of people from Monteverde and outside the
501c3 in the U.S.
                                                    duce and other goods directly from the producers, but  country.      Every
We are all Alumni of the Institute in one form for another kind of exchange. Students of Agro Ecology      year MVI hosts an
or another and, as you well know, every Educa- and Environmental Sustainability of the Monteverde Insti- assembly       where
tional Institution dreams about its future and      tute have been creating posters and videos about pro-  board     members
works to establish an endowment. So please          ducer’s                                                are chosen who
remember, “If you count all your assets, you        farms.                                                 meet every month
always show a profit.” (Robert Quillen) By          We have                                                to oversee and
clicking at “Give back” at also                                                       guide MVI’s work.
alumni-association.html you can make a dona-        done                                                   Currently       our
tion of your time, energy or assets, so that,       research                                               board includes:
“we can continue to be the change we want to on their                                                               Marvin Hidalgo      President
see”.                                               farms.                                                          Dev Joslin          Vice-President
                                                                                                                     Ward Kane            Treasurer
                        – Jannelle Wilkins This                                                                      Bob Law              Vocal 1
                                                    material                                                         Mills Tandy          Vocal II
     Monteverde Institute                           pro-                                                             Aura Sandí           Substitute
                                                    motes                                                            Rafael Arguedas      Fiscal
      Apartado 69-5655                              the                                                       Currently we are looking to add one or two
    Monteverde, Puntarenas                          farmer’s work, supports local food production and we     new members. If you are interest in getting involved
         Costa Rica                                 hope motivates other farmer’s in the area to join this   with MVI and determining its future, we encourage
                                                    communal effort of great social, economic and environ-   you to become an Associate! You can get in touch                         mental importance. Contact Patricia Ortiz at             with Marlene Leitón ( or
          Tel: (506) 2645-5053                                            with any board member to receive more information.
          Fax: (506) 2645-9923
  MVI Staff                                                 Sidewalks Project
MVI staff consists of 16 full time employees    Sustainable Futures Program (SFP) is pleased to announce the beginning of the Sidewalks Project, sec-
plus many others who work with specific
                                                tion Santa Elena—Cerro Plano. In the following weeks engineers will be doing all the survey work to pre-
programs. Some of them, like Marlene Leitón,
                                                                                                  cede with our plan designs and subsequent work. This
have more than 15 years working for the MVI,
while others just a few months! We invite you                                                     initiative has been developed with the collaboration of
to come and meet us! We’d be happy to chat                                                        the “Colegio de Ingenieros y Arquitectos” and the
and exchange information.                                                                         local government.
   Jannelle Wilkins, Executive Director                                                           SFP would also like to add that we are following with
   Claudia Rocha M. - Receptionist; NSF                                                           our project, Green Ways, section Cheese Factory-
   Nutrition Study                                                                                Monteverde Reserve. We anticipate to work with at
   Cristina Rubio - Spanish Program                                                               least two groups this year building &/or improving
   Coordinator                                                                                    pedestrian paths. Perhaps you would like to join
   Erick Anchía - Maintenance Assistant                                                           us!!!!!
   Erick McAdam - Course Coordinator; EAP
                                                                                                      If you would like to hear more &/or join one of the
   Evelyn Rockwell - Community Outreach
   Program; Homestay                                                                                  activities please contact Anibal Torres Leitón
   Gerardo Rodríguez - Guard                                                                
   Giselle Salazar - Operations
   Maria Antonieta Benavides - Asistente
   Prog. Educativos                             * John and Doris Campbell Library
   Maricella Solís - Human Resource             In cooperation with the Community Outreach Program MVI’s
   Administrator & Logistics Coordinator        library started offering a monthly workshop on basic computer skills to
   Marlene Leitón - Library Services            homestay moms from La Cruz and Cañitas. Anxious and eager, all 19
                                                participants started for the fist time learning how to use a computer.
   Sarah Burbank - Educational Programs
                                                With Jordan Funke’s guidance and Marlene Leitón and Evelyn Rockwell’s
   Seidy Torres - Finance Assistant
                                                assistance, we are having great fun!
   Tony Salazar - Maintenance; NSF Nutrition    MVI’s digital library projects will continue this June. The documents cre-
   Study                                        ated through the Public Heatlh Course at MVI will become the newest
   Trinidad González - Guard                    addition to our public access library collection. We welcome once again,
   Zoraida Brenes - Finance Director            Laurie Kutner, Librarian at the University of Vermont and two Internship students, Cindy Dykes and Stepha-
                                                nie Havelka. For any questions please contact Marlene Leitón
            Part-time Staff
                                                                Library Hours: Monday - Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. Come and learn!
   Amy Cherwin - Course Coordinator
   Ann Cappelli - Instructor; English
   Ana Ovares - Instructor; Spanish
   Anibal Torres - Course Coordinator;                                                   ** Mt Holyoke & Goucher Course
   Sustainable Futures Coordinator              This year, for the first time, the Monteverde Institute offered a complete semester set of multidisciplinary
   Arturo Vargas - Computer Technician          courses. Twenty-three college students from Goucher and Mount Holyoke participated in a program called
   Cristina Navarro - NSF Nutrition Study       Global-Local Challenges to Sustainability. All were enrolled in Spanish (at one of four levels), Environmental
   Danilo Brenes - Course Coordinator           Sustainability, and Development and Social Change in Costa Rica. They also chose between two research
   Ernesto Ruiz - Coordinator NSF Nutrition     methods courses, one in the natural and the other in the social sciences. With the many field trips—including
                                                one to Nicaragua—home stays, and various extracurricular activities, they had a total immersion experience.
   Federico Chinchilla - Instructor: Tropical
   Diversity - EAP                              Course professors: Jim Weil, Lynn Morgan, Cristina Rubio & Patricia Ortiz.
   Frank Joyce - Course leader and Professor:
   Gaudy Picado - Course Coordinator
                                                  Interested in More Info.? ...SURE!!
   Greg Goldsmith - PhD. Candidate Biology       Some Publications about MVI. Check these                 IWRP. In 2009, the Integrated Water Resource
   Isaura Ortiz - Instructor: Spanish              websites:             Program (IWRP) will work with the Monteverde
   Jenny Peña - Ass. Coordinator NSF               archives/monteverde/ or http://                           communities on monitoring local stream health,
   Nutrition Study, Course Coordinator Health              the Program Bandera Azul Ecológica, and will
   Jim Weil - Anthropology Professor               monteverde-institute.html                                 host interns from Monteverde, the USA and the
   Jordan Funke - Instructor: English
                                                 NEW Alumni & Supporters Association.                        Netherlands. Contact info:
   Justin Welch - Water Resources Program
   Coordinator; Adopt a Stream Project             Kamila Rakhimova is creating an association that
   Kamila Rakhimova - intern: creator of           will help MVI’s friends keep in touch and con-         Research on how Tourism has Impacted fam-
   Alumni & Supporters Association                 tinue supporting projects. Contact info:                  ily’s Nutrition. This is a 3 year research study
   Lynn Morgan- Sociology Professor                                          funded by a grant from the National Science
   Maria Elena Corrales - NSF Nutrition                                                                      Foundation in conjunction with the University of
   Study                                         English Classes. Since September 2007 we have               South Florida, to study diet and nutrition of
   Marielos Abarca - Instructor: Spanish            offered and held English classes for community           local families from San Luis to Santa Elena.
   Marc Hoffman –intern: multimedia creator
                                                    members. New enrollment coming shortly!                  Ernesto Ruiz or Jenny
   Mark Wainwright - Instructor; Biology;           For more information contact Evelyn Rockwell,            Peña,
   Course Coordinator                     
   Michael Perkins –volunteer: data base                                                                  New Internet Page: (Soon in
                                                                                                             Spanish!). Jannelle Wilkins
   Patricia Ortiz - Instructor; Biology &                                                                              
   Agroecology                                                                                            Spanish Classes. Various level classes are offered
   Rafael Elizondo - Course Coordinator                                                                      to Monteverde residents and foreigners. Cristina
   Ronald Rojas - Quickbooks Advisor                             SOON...                                     Rubio,
   Sofia Arce– Instructor: Biology
   Yanni Sanmiguel - Web Designer
   Yishai Weinstein - Instructor: English            Film projects on Agroecology by Mt. Holyoke & Goucher group available at MVI’s
                                                     Library for public use.

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