July 12 Bulletin

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					   Response Card                                                                                  Opportunities for the Week
  If you are visiting our service, we welcome you. Please complete            Sunday, July 12
the information tab below, tear it off, and place it in the offering plate.   8:30 & 11:00 a.m.    Morning Worship (WC)
Also, please stop by the Guest Welcome Center, located in the foyer           8:30 & 11:00 a.m.    Kidz Praiz (EB202)
 of the Worship Center, where we can give you a personal welcome              9:50 a.m.            Bible Study for all ages (FLB, CB, EB, HUB)
 and help you find just the right Small Group for you and your family.        9:50 a.m.            Church Structure Document Meeting (FLBFH)
                                                                              4:00 p.m.            Deacons Meeting (FLB104)
Date: ___________________________________                                     5:00 p.m.            Church Structure Document Meeting (FLB104)
I am a                                                                        5:00 p.m.            Camp Chi-Rho Registration (FLBFH/WC)
___ 1st or 2nd Time Guest    ___ Frequent Attender at FBC                     Monday, July 13
___ FBC Church Member                                                         9:00 a.m.            Soccer Camp (Off Campus)
                                                                              10:00 a.m.           MOPS Summer Play Date (CB/Playground)
Name(s)_______________________________________________                        10:00 a.m.           HCBA Senior Adult Rally (WC/FLBFH)
Date of Birth ___________________________________________                     6:30 p.m.            Celebration Choir Council Meeting (FLB106/108)
                                                                              7:00 p.m.            Men’s Bible Study (FLB200)
Address _______________________________________________                       7:00 p.m.            PDAP (FLB102/104)
                                                                              7:00 p.m.            Boy Scout Troop 407 (NPB1)                                           July 12, 2009
City ___________________________State ______ Zip__________
                                                                              Tuesday, July 14
Phone: Home __________________________________________                        6:00 a.m.            Pastor’s Men’s Group (EB Workroom)
Business _____________________Cell ______________________                     8:00 a.m.            Senior Men’s Breakfast (Denny’s)
                                                                              9:00 a.m.            Soccer Camp (Off Campus)                                                         Sunday Schedule
E-mail ________________________________________________                       9:00 a.m.            Youth Service Project (Off Campus)                                           8:30 a.m.—Blended Worship
Names and birthdates of children                                              6:30 p.m.            Oasis Gathering (WC)                                                      9:50 a.m.—Bible Study for all ages
_________________________________________________                             6:45 p.m.            Mission Committee Meeting (FLB106/108)                                   11:00 a.m.—Contemporary Worship
__________This is a change of address and/or telephone number                 Wednesday, July 15
                                                                              9:00 a.m.            Soccer Camp (Off Campus)
                  I Made a Decision Today:                                    9:45 a.m.            Maranatha Choir to Hill Country Assisted Living (Boerne)
 ___ I accepted Jesus as my Savior                                            10:00 a.m.           Women’s Bible Study (FLB106/108)                                                First Baptist Church
 ___ I want to be baptized                                                    5:00 p.m.            Church Structure Document Meeting (FLB104)                                      631 South School Street
 ___ I am renewing my commitment to Christ                                    6:15 p.m.            High Point (FLBA)                                                                 Boerne, Texas 78006
 ___ Other: ____________________________________________                      6:30 p.m.            WOW Choir (CR)                                                                830-249-2527 • 830-816-6141
                                                                              6:45 p.m.            Young Marrieds Class (FLB200)                                                      www.fbcboerne.org
                                                                              7:00 p.m.            Celebration Choir Rehearsal (WC/CR)
        Please Provide Me Information About:                                  7:15 p.m.            IGNITE (HUB)
      (Please check those for which you would like information)
                                                                              Thursday, July 16
 ___ Accepting Jesus as my Savior                                             9:00 a.m.            Soccer Camp (Off Campus)
 ___ Joining this church family                                               10:30 a.m.           Joy Class Meeting (FLBFH)
 ___ Growing in my relationship with Christ                                   11:30 a.m.           Women Praying for Women (FLB108)                           Mike Harkrider          Mike Meadows           Burt McGaughey
 ___ Becoming a part of a small group                                         12:00 p.m.           Women’s Brown Bag Study (FLB108)                             Senior Pastor          Associate Pastor       Executive Pastor/
 ___ Ministries of FBC                                                        7:00 p.m.            Worship Team Rehearsal (WC)                                                                                 Family Ministry
 Other: ________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                        Coordinator
                                                                              Friday, July 17
 ____I would like a Staff Member to call me                                   6:30 a.m.            Men’s Fellowship Group (Las Palapas)
 ____I am signing up for:                                                     9:00 a.m.            Soccer Camp (Off Campus)                                   Scott Pospisil           Ken Van Cura          Danny Phillips
                                                                              1:00 p.m.            Gleaners Class Meeting (FLB101/103)                         Pastor to Small         Worship / Music       Pastor to Students
 _____________________________________________________                        5:00 p.m.            Men’s Camp Out (Off Campus)                                 Groups / Adults             Pastor
                           Prayer Center
       Can we join you in praying for an unchurched/lost friend               —————————————————————————————————
                         or family member?                                         PLUGGED IN...PEOPLE SERVING PEOPLE
 Their Name ___________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                              Jason Carlettini       Kay Lynn Graves           Shaun Daley
                                                                                           Let us help you find a place to serve at the                       Pastor to Families    Associate Minister to      Student Ministry
 Your Name ____________________________________________
 Your Address __________________________________________                                        PLUGGED IN Outlet in the foyer.                                                     Families with Children        Associate
            Structure Document Q&A Meetings                                          Sermon Notes—Pastor Mike Harkrider                                      Family Facts From the Week of July 5, 2009
Today at 9:50 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall and 5:00 p.m. in FLB104
            Wednesday, July 15 at 7:00 p.m. in FLB104
                                                                              Real People, Real Questions, and
                                                                                                                                                             Family Members                      Family Offerings
  The Church Family is invited to meet with the Church Council and                    Real Answers!
   Structure Document Committee to ask questions regarding the                                                                                                          2009     2008     2009 Weekly Budget           $52,865
 updated Proposed Structure Document. A special Business Meeting                       How do I share the Gospel,
   will be held in each worship service Sunday, July 19 for a vote                                                                                      Worship Att’d   786       868     Tithes/offerings 7/5         $45,030
         of affirmation for the proposed structure document.
                                                                                     especially in difficult situations?
                                                                                                                                                        Bible Study     478       614     Year to Date-Over (Under)   ($90,649)
                                                                          ♦    What is God’s plan/desire for us?
        Student Ministry Raffle for Camp Chi-Rho
 A 2004 Vento Zip3 Scooter will be raffled today after the Chi-Rho               Matthew 28:18-20
meeting in the Fellowship Hall. The raffle is to help send students to           * Share what you have been given                                              Intercessory                Building Fund Offerings
Camp Chi-Rho this year. Tickets are available in the HUB for $10 per                                                                                           Prayer Room                Weekly Building Fund         $1,496
                    ticket or $30 for four tickets.                                                                                                        Call 830-816-PRAY (7729),      Need
                                                                                   Matthew 9:35-38
                                                                                                                                                          email prayer@fbcboerne.org,
                                                                                   * Be a part of God’s harvest of people                                     or you may call Marti       Building Fund Given 7/5        $540
                  High Power Soccer Camp                                                                                                                         at 830-816-6141.
                  July 13-17 from 9:00 a.m. to Noon                                                                                                                                       Year to Date-Over (Under)   ($5,516)
 Sign up today for Soccer Camp that begins tomorrow at the City Park      ♦    How do we participate in sharing God’s Salvation?
Soccer Fields. Children who have completed Kindergarten through 6th               Acts 8:26-35
grade will have a great week! Sign up today at the Plugged In Outlet or            ♦   An open/transparent heart with Christ:                            Praying for our Military            Deacons of the Week
                       in the Children’s Building.                                                                                                        Please pray for the following   Phil Green             830-336-4608
                                                                                       * Follow the Holy Spirit’s leading - learn to listen, trust to                                     Cody Phillips          210-218-6504
                                                                                                                                                             serving in our military:
                   HCBA Senior Adult Rally                                               obey (8:26-29)                                                                                   Tommy Sing             830-249-0329
       Monday, July 13 at 10:00 a.m. in the Worship Center                             * Be willing to care, share with eagerness (8:30)                       Jessica Williams           John Uecker            830-249-1355
       Lunch in the Fellowship Hall following the Sing-a-long.                                                                                                  James Yount
                                                                                       * Start where the person is (8:35)
                                                                                                                                                             ----------------             Bus Duty: Harry Lees
                                                                                                                                                            Please be in prayer for
                        Men’s Camp Out                                             Acts 3:1-10                                                            Brian Voigt who leaves for           For deacon assistance,
 July 17-18 on the Guadalupe at the pavilion at Cypress Bend                                                                                              Army Reserves Boot Camp              please contact the church
We will have a cookout Friday night, breakfast and lunch on Saturday.              ♦   A __________________ to be God’s instrument/tool:                                                       office at (830) 249-2527.
                                                                                                                                                              Monday, July 13th.
 Join us for a fun time of fellowship. For more information, contact                    * Be on watch, alert and burdened for people (3:1-4)
                     Bill Lame at (210) 373-7177.
                                                                                        * We can connect with people through ____________
                Ladies Night Out—Spa Night                                                and wants (3:5)                                                     Carolyn Hyde—Messianic Jewish Speaker
  Thursday, July 30, 6:30—8:30 p.m. in the Family Life Building                         * We can connect with people by showing care (3:6-7)                        Today at 6:00 p.m. in the Choir Room
  It will be a night of chocolate, manicures, and pedicures. All must                                                                                   Carolyn and Richard live in Israel and minister to Jewish soldiers,
 RSVP by July 20 at (830) 249-2527. Childcare free with reservation.                                                                                     neighbors, and Christians who come to the land with music and
                                                                                   John 3:1-16                                                                                  Biblical teaching.
    Summer Sounds of Praise and Ice Cream Social                                   ♦   Be ready and prepared:
  Sundays, August 2 and 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the Worship Center                           * Have an __________ heart to have conversation with            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  Join us for an evening of worship on August 2 led by the 11 a.m.
                                                                                          people of differing beliefs (3:1-3)
Worship Team, and August 16 for a great evening of worship with the                                                                                           Second Worship Service Greeters Needed
 Celebration Choir and orchestra! Both events will be followed by an                    * Know ___________ you believe and why (3:5-7)                   We are looking for a few good people not already “employed” in
                   old-fashioned ice cream social.                                      * Be at a place in your walk with Christ that His                 another ministry, willing to extend a welcome to people and/or
                                                                                                                                                         help them locate a seat during the second worship service. Time
                                                                                          assurance and peace ______________ in your life
     Preteen Camp at Highland Lakes—August 9-12                                                                                                           commitment is half an hour, one Sunday a month, for a year.
  For children who have completed 3rd through 6th grades. Cost is                        (3:11)                                                         For more information, contact Jamie Quintanilla at (830) 755-4696
  $190. To register, submit a form at the Plugged In Outlet or foyer                                                                                     or (210) 345-4016. Sign up is available at the Plugged In Outlet.
  of the Children’s Building or register online at www.fbcboerne.org.         Listen to sermons and download sermon notes at www.fbcboerne.org

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