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      B U L L E T I N O F T H E R O T A R Y C L U B O F C H A N D I G A R H M I D T O W N : R . I . D I S T T. 3 0 8 0
       R.I. President
       John Kenny
                             District Governor
                           Chetan Aggarwal
                                                     Gurdip S. Deep
                                                                                  Ritu Singal
                                                                                                        PP Dr. V.J.S. Vohra

  Club No. 15228                                     PROGRAMME                               Volume XXXIV No. 02      July 08, 2009
Club Number 15228
                          Panel Discussion on the Indian Budget
                                                                                                              Meeting will be
                                    Panelists: Mr. D.S. Sra, Chief Commissioner (Customs),
                                                                                                       followed by cocktails, hosted
                                         Mr. A.K. Kaushal, Commissioner Income Tax,                      by PP Indrajeet Sengupta
                                         Mr. Subhash Vaidhya, DUI, Panjab University
                                                 Conducted by: Rtn. Brij Gulati
  Friday, July 10, 2009                Time: 7.00. PM                       Venue: Hotel President, Sector 26, Chandigarh.

                                Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands
  Our Club meeting on 3rd July 2009 saw the beginning           Rotarian.
  of the new Rotary Year under the leadership of                                                   The Speakers
                                                                At the end of the
  President Gurdip S. Deep and Secretary Ritu Singal.
                                                                day, everything
  President Gurdip took over the proceedings by
                                                                t h a t        w e
  congratulating IPP Saroj Jhawar for the wonderful year
                                                                accomplish is
  under her leadership. Going with the RI Theme of the
                                                                done through the
  year, the President made an appeal to the Directors
                                                                strength of our
  and Chairmen of Club Committees that the future of
                                                                clubs. PDG
  the club is in their hands. All Rotarians should come
                                                                Diwan said that
  together to make the year meaningful and memorable.
                                                                being a Rotarian
                                        P P D r. B a l r a m    for fifty years, he PDG Yoginder Diwan     PP Col. A.J.S. Gill

                                        Gupta set the ball      has enjoyed all
                                        rolling for the         his assignments with a sense of fulfillment. He strongly
                                        discussion on the       felt that Future of Rotary is in our hands.
                                        Future of Rotary
                                                                PP Col. A.J.S. Gill said that he has seen Rotary from a
                                        and invited PDG
                                                                different angle. He said Rotary is controlled from its
                                        Yoginder Diwan to
                                                                H.Q. in Evanston. But the Future is very safe, very good
                                        give his views.
         President Gurdip S. Deep and                           and very bright as it has been for the last 105 years. He
             Secretary Ritu Singal      PDG Diwan said
                                                                said RI President John Kenny has emphasized that
                                        he could see the
                                                                the future lies in the hands of Rotarians and in their
  future of Rotary all around. Children are our future but
  we have to set an example by our deeds. Each Rotarian
  is an example to the youth. Our teachings and practice        Col. Gill said what RI HQ would want the clubs to do it
  has to be the same for future to be bright.                   would do, and what club wants, Rotarians would do. We
                                                                should fight polio, promote literacy programmes,
  In Rotary classification system is unique. We have to
                                                                spread peace by avoiding conflicts which are caused by
  deal with our colleagues, customers and the society in a
                                                                ego, jealousy and various complexes. He stressed on
  truthful manner, and this comes from within us. PDG
                                                                family values and said forgiveness is very good. We
  Diwan said that future of Rotary is not in the RI
                                                                should propagate Rotary ideals and make Rotary
  Headquarters at Evanston but in each club and in each
                                                                Foundation stronger. He said the R.I. Theme this year
is very appropriate. We should follow this theme and    She said our club has been declared the best club of
open up our hearts to work together.                    the zone, recognized for the generous contributions for
                                                        Bihar floods and Post Polio Immunization. We also
IPP Saroj thanked everyone for the full support, love
                                                        received Presidential Citation Award.
and affection that she got during her year and was
confident of the same during President Deep's year.
                 Awards from the District presented by PDG Yoginder Diwan to …….

              PDG Shaju Peter              PP Dr. Kesho R. Gupta               Rtn. Kanan Diwan

            PP Pallav Mukherjee                PP R.S. Chandgothia                PP Ajit S. Gulati

             PP Dr. V.J.S. Vohra               Rtn. D.R. Agarwal                Rtn. Om Prakash
Others to receive the District awards are PP B.L.         There was wide appreciation for the first bulletin of
Ramsisaria, PP Harish Sethi, PP Capt. M.S. Kahlon,        the new Rotary year. PP Col A.J.S. Gill congratulated
PP Dr. Vanita Gupta, PP R.K.Goyal, President Saroj        the Editor during his talk, for a colourful bulletin
Jhawar, Rtn. R.K. Luther and Rtn. Amarjit Singh.          (kind courtesy: PP Subhash Bindra!). This issue has
                                                          also been uploaded on our website which has been
Vice President Arjan Singh recently returned from
                                                          given a new design.
UK, where he had gone on Family Exchange
Programme, on invitation of PP Mohan Khera of             The meeting was followed by fellowship, thanks to
Rotary Club of Wollaton Park. We shall be sharing         PP Dr. Balram Gupta and Rtn. T.L. Verma.
Arjan's pleasant experience in the forthcoming

   Birthday Gift to PP Dr. Balram Gupta     Birthday Gift to Rtn. A.K. Puri      Anniv. Gift to Rtn. T.L. Verma

                                Donations for Aasra Shelter

   • Mrs Shobha Sarda                 Rs. 21000/-     •   Rtn. D.S. Kalsi: doors and windows
     (Sister of IPP Saroj Jhawar)                     •   Brother of Rtn. Ashish Singla: 3000 bricks
   • Rtn. S.S. Malik                  Rs. 5100/-      •   Mr. Ravi Jain: Window glasses and mirror
   • Mr. D.P Sood                     Rs. 3000/-      •   PDG Shaju Peter sponsored the live telecast from
     (Uncle of Rtn. Deepak Sood)                          Aasra shelter to the Conference Hall
   • Rtn. Deepak Sood                 Rs. 2100/-          on 30 June 2009

          This project was largely highlighted and appreciated in the media and on the Internet.
                                                                                                                     PP Rtn. Dr. Kesho R. Gupta
                                                                            (A Govt. Approved Laboratory)
                                                  Services Provided as Per B.I.S. & NABL Standard For :-


                                             Partnership Initiative Programme
                                        Governor of                                     social workers and resident welfare associations to
                                        Punjab and                                      participate in various social welfare programmes launched
                                        Administrator,                                  by the Chandigarh Administration. Efforts were made to
                                        U n i o n                                       make every concerned citizen a partner of this social
                                        Te r r i t o r y,                               transformation, with a special emphasis on upgrading the
                                        Chandigarh,                                     lives of disadvantaged sections.
                                        General S.F.
                                                                                        In response to above, President Gurdip S. Deep has
                                        Rodrigues in
         Inauguration by Governor,                                                      informed that U.T. Administration advertised on 25 May
            Gen. S.F. Rodrigues         his speech on
                                                                                        2009, inviting NGOs to register with 5 designated Nodal
 30 June 2009 on the occasion of inauguration of Aasra
                                                                                        Officers for six social services. Pres. Deep registered Rotary
 Shelter at GMCH-32, Chandigarh, talked about
                                                                                        Chandigarh Midtown with all 5 Nodal Officers. IPP Saroj
 “Partnership Initiative Programme” and initiatives
                                                                                        Jhawar and Pres. Deep attended the conference organised
 made by UT Administration in social sectors. This
                                                                                        by the UT Administration in Tagore Theatre on 10 June 2009
 programme was recently launched by him, with a view
                                                                                        for exposition of Partnership Initiative Programme. Our club
 to building partnerships with NGOs, in socio-economic
                                                                                        is proposing to form a special committee to focus on
 development in general and the well being of the people
                                                                                        relationship with the Administration in this context. Also,
 in particular. Partnership initiative has been
                                                                                        President Deep and PDG Shaju Peter have started the
 launched with the aim of evolving a responsive
                                                                                        dialogue with Home Secretary on the subject.
 mechanism for including NGOs, voluntary agencies,

    Members are requested to send articles on service, Rotary, personal & family
    events, jokes, your special works of interest for the bulletin, to make it more          Birthday Greetings .
                        informative and interesting. --- Editor
                                                                                             PP Rtn. Indrajeet Sengupta                               July 12
 Wedding Anniversary Greetings                                                               Rtn. C.J. Rai                                            July 13
 R'ann Nirmal & Rtn. Comdr. A.S. Nagra                                   July 10             Rtn. R.S. Sihota                                         July 16

PP Rtn. Dr. V.J.S. Vohra   E-mail :, Mob. 09814006829