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					Bluetooth Dongle                            0563
USB Bluetooth adapter.

> makes your computer Bluetooth compatible
> simple connectivity between Bluetooth-enabled computers, PDA’s,
  printers, mobile phones or any other Bluetooth device
> network access through a Bluetooth access point
> ultra light weight

Print area                       35 x 12 mm
Print method                     Padprint
Colour                           Graphite
Packaging                        Coloured box with window
                                 140 x 185 x 38 mm
Weight product and box           125 gr
Weight product                   13 gr


Host Interface                   Universal Serial Bus 1.1
Output power                     0dBM Class 2
Sensitivity                      Better than -70dBm
Operating distance               10 meter
USB transfer rate                723.2KB/sec
Support OS                       Windows 98, SE, 2000, ME, XP, Windows CE 2.14+
                                 Compliant with Bluetooth spec v. 1.1
Support                          Point-to-point (Piconet) and point-to-multipoint connections

Bluetooth information
Bluetooth is the new standard for wireless short-distance radio communications. It facilitates connectivity between
communicating devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and computers. The Bluetooth specification is constantly
being reviewed and updated. The current most used version of the spec is v1.1.
For more details, see

                                           w w w. i n - p r e m i u m s . c o m

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Description: Bluetooth Bluetooth wireless technology is based on the design and development of in-vehicle wireless hands-free system. Main function in normal driving with the phone connection using Bluetooth technology for hands-free calls, has reached the hands free, aim to reduce traffic accident risks.