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					                                CSS Web Design
If you have clicked this article then you must have been aware about the role that web design has
to play in the development of any site. You may also have designed sites in tools like Microsoft
front page but technology has changed a lot in last few years and changing technology demands
that you should also be aware about the power of CSS. There are many reasons for the popularity
of CSS such as CSS sites are easily crawlable by the search engines, CSS designs are cross
browser, CSS sites can be viewed in handheld devices such as PDAs and task of design updating
in CSS sites is easier.

Earlier in HTML sites designer was to copy the code to all pages for displaying common content
also. It was very tedious to update HTML sites because for a single designer was required to
carry the common code to all the pages where change was needed to reflect. This was the reason
why more useful technique to design the pages was needed and as a result CSS is preferred by
the designers. CSS is also preferred by the designers because CSS designs are cross browser and
you can view the CSS sites similar in all the browsers otherwise many the appearance of a site is
different in different browsers.

CSS sites are also easily viewed in mobile devices but sites not designed in CSS cannot be
viewed from handheld devices such as PDAs. More than 90% of sites are made with the aim to
earn popularity from the search engines and search engines took more time in crawling and
indexing sites that are not designed in CSS. CSS sites are easily crawlable by the search engine
bots because the total text in CSS sites is less as compared to HTML sites. The common code of
all pages can be wrote in an external CSS file and this helps in reducing the time of search
engines to crawl all the pages. There are many other benefits why CSS should be preferred and
you will come to know more about CSS when you will start learning it.

If you got interested to learn CSS but still searching for a reliable source to solve your queries
then search engines are the best way to search for a list of sites that provide CSS training and
tutorials. The important point here is that don't trust sites that appear first in search engines but
believe in those sites that are providing some tutorials to you before paying anything. So the
simple rule is checking the content and be sure that you reached the right place before your
money leaves your pocket.

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