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                                                        UK Palomar Users Meeting
                                                    Eden Aesthetics would like to invite you to the UK Palomar Users
                                                    Meeting. This is the perfect opportunity for all users of Palomar
                                                    technology to experience a training session lead by our guest speaker
Guest Speaker                                       from Palomar Medical, Robert Fielitz. Joining him will be two leading UK
Robert Fielitz                                      doctors who both use Palomar systems in their clinics and train other
Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.                  industry professionals.
Robert is the Managing Director of Palomar
Medical for Europe, Middle East and Africa.
                                                    This event is also suitable for those wishing to research the Laser and IPL
Robert has spent the last 10 years in the           marketplace. See and hear about the Fractional 1540 Laser, the first FDA
aesthetic device industry travelling the world to   cleared fractional laser device for effectively treating striae.
teach physicians more about laser technology.
Robert will focus on new technology plus the
differences between the devices that are
available in the current markets.                   • Date: Thursday 7th April 2011
                                                    • Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Stansted Airport
       Before                         After
                                                    • Time: 10am until 4pm

                                                    •   Palomar company news update
Photofacial                                         •   Basic Palomar technology for hair removal and photofacials
Photo courtesy of Todd Schlesinger, MD
                                                    •   Advanced Palomar technology for scars, stretchmarks and leg veins
                                                    •   New technology: 2940 ablative skin resurfacing
                                                    •   Future research and development plans
                                                    •   Slim Lipo - Selective Laser-Induced Melting
Non-ablative Fractional 1540                        •   Technical troubleshooting
Photo courtesy of Mervyn Patterson, MD
                                                    Please Return this form

                                                    Yes I would like to attend the Palomar Users Meeting on 7th April:

Ablative Fractional 2940                            Name:
Photo courtesy of Brooke Seckel, MD

                                                    Clinic Name and address:

                                                    Contact phone number:

                                                    Email address:
Slim Lipo
Photo courtesy of Phillip Craft, MD
                                                    Names of other people attending with me:

                                                    Please reply to Lucy Dowling at Eden Aesthetics by posting your reply to:
                                                    Eden Aesthetics, Unit 2 Bell Works, Well Lane, Danbury, Essex, CM3 4AB
                                                    Call: Tel: 01245 227752 Fax: 01245 227755 or email:


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