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                 Adath Israel Monthly Bulletin
                                     July 2008               5768— Sivan / Tammuz
                                               To see more                           This Month at AI
                                                pictures, or
                                                                                        July 4—Devotion at the Ocean
                                               read about
                                                                                   Join our friends from Congregation Beth
                                               Team Adath                          Judah (Ventnor) on Friday evening, July
                                               Israel’s Bike           4th around 6:30pm at the Newport Ave. Beach (at
                                               Ride in Israel,         Atlantic Ave. behind the Ventnor Public Library).
                                               turn to page 10.        Kabbalat Shabbat will be enhanced by instrumental
                                                                         accompaniment and the Ma'ariv service will be a
                                                                        capella. Rabbis and cantors from all congregations
                                                                      will take part leading the service. Following worship,
                                                                      hallah, wine, beverages and dessert will be provided.
                                                                      For those who wish to remain, a municipal fireworks
                                                                            display will cap off the evening's festivities.

                                                                                     July 8—HAZAK Program
                                                                      Movie: Operation Thunderbolt, which details the
                                                                      July 1976 special operation by Israeli forces which
                                                                      rescued over 100 hijacked hostages that were held
                                                                      captive at the Entebbe, Uganda airport. This July is
             Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s
                                                                      the 32nd anniversary of that heroic yet tragic incident.
   Divrei HaRav…….…………………….…...…..…...…3
                                                                      Reservations are required for the optional dinner
   Diector’s Voice…………………….…...….….……....4                            that begins at 5:00 PM followed by minyan at 6:00
   President’s Voice….….……………….….…...…..…..5                          PM in the Chapel and the movie from 6:30 – 8:30
   Preschool Words……...……………….….….…..….12
   Educationally Speaking….................…............13                  July 12 –Learners Service
   Youth News………………………….…..….………..14

   B’nai Mitzvah………….…………….…..…..……….15                               July 15—Preschool Ice Cream Social

                                                                        August 1—Shabbat under the Stars

JUNE/JULY 2008                                                   1                                     Adath Israel Bulletin
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                                                                                     Our Kehillah Corner
     S C H E D U L E O F S E RV I C E S                             Mazal Tov to Matan Silberstein on his being elected President of Hillel at
                   Monday and Thursday                                                        Temple University.
                     7:15 AM & 6:00 PM
                    Tuesday, Wednesday                                Mazal Tov to Lynn Cohen-Clouse and Ken Clouse on the birth of their
                    7:30 AM and 6:00 PM                                                     grandson Evan Chase.
                    7:30 AM and 7:00 PM                            Mazal Tov to Rabbi Richard Libowitz on receiving the Mensch Award from
                           Shabbat                                                  the Jewish Basketball League Alumni.
                     9:15 AM & 5:00 PM
                                                                      Mazal Tov to Karen Abrams on her daughter Shira’s engagement to
                  Sunday & Legal Holidays
                                                                                                Eric Salem.
                     9:00 AM & 5:00 PM
                                                                   The Congregation wants to thank and say Yasher Koach to the following
                      Rabbi 610-934-1919                           congregants who read Torah during April, May and June:Ann Addis, Reid
              Steven Wernick RebSteve@adathisrael.org              Addis, Chuck Barsh, Akiva Cohen, Noam Cohen, Norman Cohen, Raphael
                      Rabbi 610-934-1919                           Cohen, Audrey Friedel, Bob Friedel, Philip Gilman, Marc Goldberg, Zoe
                Robert Rubin RBobRubin@adathisrael.org             Goldberg, Rachel Greenblatt, Miles Herman, David Katz, Jeremy Katz, Josh
                     Cantor 610-934-1919                           Katz, Tracy Katz, Michael Lachs, Bill Linenberg (our former Torah Reading
               Bernard Lowe Cantor.Lowe@adathisrael.org            Instructor), David Mandelbaum, Andrew Naftulin, Rachel Nahamo, Mitchell
          Executive Director 610-934-1903                          Rothman, Hedy Teppler, Jessica Titlebaum, Richard Titlebaum, Elliot
            Lori Dafilou, FSA LDafilou@adathisrael.org
                                                                   Weiser, Natasha Weiser, Hannah Wernick, Ziva Wernick, and Joel Zimmer.
          Education Director 610-934-1912
                Sherrie Klein SKlein@adathisrael.org
                                                                   Correction: In the May issue, Monica Coran was left off
          Preschool Director 610-934-1915                          the list of our Confirmands and Elissa Cohen was not on
            Bernice Schwartz BSchwartz@adathisrael.org
                                                                   the list of Graduating Seniors. Our apologizes to both of
           Rabbi’s Secretary 610-934-1907                          them and Mazal Tov on their accomplishments!
                  Joan Furey JFurey@adathisrael.org
    Administrative Assistant 610-934-1906
              Calisse Pollina CPollina@adathisrael.org
                                                                                                In Memoriam
                                                                                    Esther Glauser –Mother of Gail Singer
                 Bookkeeper 610-934-1904
           Terry Vander Noot bookkeeper@adathisrael.org                            Lucille Kolson –Mother of Peter Kolson
         Schools’ Secretary 610-934-1920                                             Faye Le Vine –Sister of Elka Zibman
             Arden Resnick Aresnick@adathisrael.org
                                                                                      Alvin Marks –Father of Sara Tabby
                                                                                     Robert Novell –Father of Lee Cohen
               MAIN OFFICE 610-934-1919
                       Fax 610-664-0959                                                         Pearl Wynne
                      Email info@adathisrael.org
           SCHOOL OFFICE 610-934-1914
          Judaica Gift Shop 610-934-1930                                          In the case of an emergency,
                                                                                          WE’RE HERE
When someone is ill...                                              We know at such times you may need the support and
Please contact the synagogue office and let us know                 guidance of your Rabbis and congregational community.
                                                                    In an emergency you may reach Rabbi Wernick, Rabbi Rubin
what's happening with your friends or in your family,               or a professional staff member.
so your AI family can be a source of comfort and help.
                                                                                     Synagogue Office: 610-934-1919
                                                                                      Rabbi Wernick: 610-667-2050
                                                                                        Rabbi Rubin: 610-642-3766
           Sisterhood Shuttle
           Need a ride — Call us !
If you need a ride to any Adath Israel function,                            JUDAICA GIFT SHOP SUMMER HOURS
or if you would like to offer a ride, please call Mary
                                                                          Wednesday: 9:00 AM –1:00 PM or by appointment.
Reese at: 610-446-4335 (h) or 610-608-1334 (cell).

Adath Israel Bulletin                                          2                                                  JUNE/JULY 2008
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                                Divrei haRav                 crv hrcs            Rabbi Steven Wernick

Bamidbar: S’u et Rosh

I write this article while returning home to the United States onboard an El Al plane after just having
spent a week bicycling Bamidbar, in the Desert, in Israel. (Read our complete blog at http://
teamadath.blogspot.com to learn more about that or turn to pg. 10&11 for pictures and excerpts.)
Perhaps it is not a coincidence that this week’s Torah reading is also Bamidbar. The parashah begins
with a census of the Israelites. As they prepare to set off on their way they must take note of their
strength to defend themselves against the challenges along the way and to take note of their popula-
tion. It is the first official census of the Jewish people.

What is remarkable about the Torah reading, however, is the manner in which the census is taken. Rather than simply
counting the number of people present, only those who S’u et Rosh, who lift their heads, are counted. Our ancestors
were fascinated by this counting. What does it mean to “lift one’s head?” asked Rashi. “When does one lift their head?”
One answer given is that one lifts their head in pride. In this case then, only those who lifted their head in pride of
belonging to the Jewish people and in pride of the miracles that God just wrought would be counted among the Israelites.
In other words, it’s not enough to simply be present; one has to actively engage such that they can feel pride through that

While in Israel on the Hazon Arava Israel Bike Ride there were many occasions in which I felt pride. Not least among
them was the pride I felt from simply completing every leg of the journey. There was also the pride I felt in the great
works of these two incredible organizations for whom I am now an ardent believer and supporter. And there was the
pride I felt in being part of Adath Israel and travelling with 6 wonderful members of our congregation.

Let me share with you just one story that caused me to S’u et Rosh, raise my head in pride of our congregation.

On day two of our ride we were riding around the Gaza Strip. There was an option, for those who felt up to it, to visit
Sderot, the town near Gaza that is constantly in the news for having been terrorized by rocket fire. About three quarters
of the entire group decided to visit with Hazon to deliver new bicycles to the children. As we arrived, the children lined
up along their playground to greet us. One member of the group had a conversation with a child who was trying to
figure out how we bicycled from the United States to Jerusalem to bike to Eilat. Once that was figured out the child then
asked why we were in Gaza and if we knew about the rockets? Our response was, “Yes. But we’re here to see you and
to deliver new bikes for you to play with.” The child turned to us and said simply, “Toddah.” And then went on

We from Adath Israel decided that morning amongst ourselves to donate six new bikes. As we arrived in Sderot, saw
the children and met with the Deputy Mayor, we knew how important that visit and gift of Tzedakah was to the children
and to the town. It was discussing with our group their response to our visit as we were leaving that I lifted my head
with pride. Mitzvah gorret mitzvah – one mitzvah leads to another. And we were making many.

All Bamidbar – in the desert.

 JUNE/JULY 2008                                             3                                        Adath Israel Bulletin
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                         Director’s Voice               ,kvbnv kue
                                                       Lori Dafilou, Executive Director
As this issue of the Adath Israel Bulletin reaches you, the kids are finishing up the school year
and heading off to camp and many families are getting ready to head “down the shore” or go off
on summer vacations around the world. Here at Adath Israel, we are gearing up for the start of
camp and looking forward to seeing all our young campers. With the joyful sounds of their
laughter on the playground ringing in our ears, the office and maintenance staff will be
undertaking a number of projects throughout the building, including major and minor building
repairs; extensive cleaning and reorganization of our many storage areas; and the monumental task of
cataloguing all of our memorials to be input into our new database system. We will also be incorporating into
this new database system any information you can provide us, based on the printouts we sent out with the June
invoices and membership renewal information for the 5769 Synagogue Year. Please return those printouts,
send me an email or call the office to give us that information.

With the June billing cycle, you will see our new invoicing format, generated by the new database program.
We hope you will find these invoices to be easier to read and understand. The most exciting news for the new
year, however, is that for the first time in a very long time, membership dues have not been increased. The
synagogue leadership was strongly committed to structuring a budget that would enable us to still provide
quality programming and services, while not increasing the cost of membership. In order for this plan to be
successful, however, we need the support of every one of our members to pay dues in a timely fashion and to
also participate in synagogue programming and fundraising efforts throughout the year. As you know,
membership dues and school tuitions do not fully cover the expenses of running Adath Israel. In order to
cover that gap, we need to raise funds through special programs, donations and fundraising drives. We hope
we can count on each of you to help us achieve our goals this year.

Speaking of helping us to achieve our goals, at this time we would like to acknowledge and thank a very
special group of people who responded to our request to become Plus Givers. Plus Givers are those members
who agreed to pay an amount over and above their regular dues assessment in order to help the synagogue
offset the cost of providing membership to those families and individuals who cannot meet the financial
obligation of full dues. The synagogue currently provides dues relief to approximately 10% of our

Todah Rabah to our current Plus Giving Members: James and Andrea Adelman; Dean Adler and Susanna
Lachs Adler; Alvin and Elaine Barg; Bruce Goldberg and Terri Hartman; Miles Herman and Mindy Cohen;
Ronald and Marcia Rubin; Robert Simmons and Doreen Davis; David and Sara Tabby; Stanley and Riki Tulin;
Glenn and Alyse Unterberger; Barry and Kari Katz; Sharon Ritt; Gladyce Rubin; Alice Saligman; Martin
Surkin; Evelyn Tabas and Edna Tuttleman.

For more information about the Plus Giver program, and to find out how you can become a Plus Giving
member, please refer to the brochure included in your membership renewal packet, or call the office.

                                                                                  Don’t Hesitate to Contact Me
                                                                                      Work: 610-934-1903
                                                                                      Home: 215-885-7990
                                                                                 Email: LDafilou@AdathIsrael.org

 Adath Israel Bulletin                                  4                                    JUNE/JULY 2008
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                                                                                          ADATH ISRAEL OFFICERS

      President’s Voice
Miles Herman, President
                                            thabv kue                           Miles Herman, President
                                                                                     215-717-3358 W
                                                                                     610-526-9995 H
                                                                                 Debbie Kurtz, First Vice President
The approach of the summer is a time when life generally                            215-561-3600 W
                                                                                    610-658-2007 H
slows down for me. Another school year has passed.                                  debbie@bernardmgross.com
For those on the go...camp, vacations and holidays "down                         Lisa Sandler, Vice President, Education
the shore", up in the mountains or beyond, are finally here.                         610-520-1655 H
For some of us who stay put, it affords us time to slow                              lbsandler@gmail.com

down, "hang with our friends and family" or reflect where                        Barry Katz, Vice President, Finance
                                                                                     610-660-8806 W
we are on our life journey.                                                          610-525-4006 H
So where are we on Journey Adath Israel?                                         Melissa Margulies, Vice President, Administration
                                                                                     610-664-4285 H
Adath Israel continues to be a warm, welcoming Shul. But how can we do           Ray Lemisch, Vice President, Programming
better? Adath Israel welcomed Dr. Ron Wolfson in the fall as he met with            302-442-7005 W
the leadership of the congregation and we discussed how to promote our              610-664-1440 H
mission of becoming a more welcoming Shul.
                                                                                 Sally Barsh, Secretary
                                                                                     610-668-8183 H
Our warmth has translated into growth. Our increases have come from all              sallybarsh@comcast.net
segments of population... young families to empty nesters. Our growth has        Mitchell Shore, Treasurer
                                                                                     215-851-9700 W
been achieved as a result of our continuing to embrace diversity. We continue        610-660-9217 H
to encourage its place in our community as a means to build connections.             mjs@kgrs.com
Our congregation has grown to just under 1800 individuals consisting of          Arthur Pottash, Comptroller
about 650 member units. Our schools consist of about 350 kids...from                 856-456-2800 W
                                                                                     610-667-6458 H
preschool to High School and beyond.                                                 zayda11@aol.com
                                                                                 MEN’S CLUB
Our services are changing to meet the needs of our community. With the              Chuck Barsh, President
addition of two Shabbat ala Carte programs, we are building a new format of         Suzi Gross and Jill Katz, Co-Presidents
worship centered around the needs and desires of our membership. Services        UNITED SYNAGOGUE YOUTH (USY)
                                                                                    Sharon Oser, President
now include an Amidah recognizing our Matriarchs. Our different
                                                                                     If you need to reach someone and do not have a
auxiliaries, committees and groups continue to grow in both strength and             telephone number please do not hesitate to call
vitality. We have seen a new energy in our Men's Club; and our Sisterhood                     the main office 610-934-1919 .
continues without missing a heartbeat.

Our programming has grown in diversity to match the interests of our                          BOARD MEMBERS
membership. If you look on our calendar, you'll see events from Men’s Club,
Sisterhood and Hazak, Israeli dancing, an Artist in Residence weekend,           Michael Abraham              Michael Lachs
                                                                                 Karen Abrams                 Pam Lashner
Jewish Comedian as entertainment, to the issues facing Darfur.                   Len Auritt                   Nancy Rhodes-Lefkoe
                                                                                 Julia Barol                  Bunny Levyn
                                                                                 Debra Bosin                  Monica Mandell
This year, we completed year one of the Tuttleman Leadership Institute. TLI      Wendy Branzberg              David Oser
                                                                                 Norman Cohen                 Hillary Oser
focuses upon bringing together a small group of individuals to study and         Teri Cohen                   Abe Patlove
learn and begin the development of the next group of lay leaders. This           Victor Contract              Lori Rothschild
                                                                                 Claudia Figelman             Beth Schonberger
program has been very successful; stay tuned for year two.                       Ken Geller                   Alan Seeherman
                                                                                 Amanda Goldberg              Gerry Senker
                                                                                 Marc Goldberg                Hermine Shusterman
Our physical plant has been enhanced thanks to the efforts our Legacy            Miriam Goldstein             Alice Simon
Committee who helped orchestrate the dedication of the Beth Tefilah wing.        Betsy Green                  Paula Sunshine
                                                                                 Terri Hartman                David Tabby
We have also seen the completion of the renovations to Lionel's Park thanks      Jennifer Hoffman             Judy Turetsky
to efforts of the Feinstein’s as well as others.                                 Rhonda Karp                  Eric Weitz
                                                                                 Brian Katz                   Sonie Bruskin Zebrowitz
                                                                                 Tracy Katz                   Rob Zipkin
(continued on the next page)
 JUNE/JULY 2008                                            5                                            Adath Israel Bulletin
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(President’s Voice continued)

We had to weather a change in the Ida S. Mandell
concert due to an injury to Itzhak Perlman. Now the
concert is slated for October 28. We would love to have
your support. Please call the office and place an ad, buy
tickets or join us for dinner.

We will finish the fiscal year at the end of June as
expected. Our cash flow, while always tight, seems to
improve a bit each year. However, the path to the fiscal
                                                                                   Paid Advertisement
finish line often has bumps and detours along the way
which must be navigated.                                                ESTATE PLANNING & ADMINISTRATION
                                                                             BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS
To help plan for the future, our "Think Tank" chaired by                          REAL ESTATE
Rhonda Karp has been undertaking long range, strategic
planning for three to five years down the road.                       DAVIDSON & FITOUSSI-ZEBROWITZ
                                                                               ATTORNEYS AT LAW
                                                                            RACHEL FITOUSSI-ZEBROWITZ
Concurrently, our Executive Committee and Board of
Directors are also focused on the bigger picture as well.       RADNOR STATION TWO
The daily business of operating the Shul is falling more        190 KING OF PRUSSIA ROAD                 (610) 975-5959
                                                                SUITE 110                            FAX (610) 975-9927
and more to our professional leadership. Rather, our            RADNOR, PA 19087           RACHEL.FITOUSSI@GMAIL.COM
Executive Committee and Board of Directors are also
working to bring greater clarity for our vision of the                             Paid Advertisement
future. This is a very big undertaking which requires
much input from the entire community.

We will begin to address longer questions around the

Are we meeting the religious, spiritual, educational,
and social needs of our community?

What areas are not being served?
                                                                                    Paid Advertisement
To better serve those needs, what changes are required
to our organization, our schools, professional and lay           Did you know you can get the
leadership, physical plant, etc.                                 Bulletin and all of the flyers that
                                                                 are included emailed to you every
Are we pricing our services correctly? Is there a better         month?
                                                                 In order to print the bulletin, we use over
Have ideas and thoughts? Wish to join in the reflection          35,000 sheets of paper annually, a number
                                                                 which you can help us reduce!
process? We welcome your input. Please contact
Debbie Kurtz (debbie@bernardmgross.com) or myself                              To stop receiving a paper copy
(president@adathisrael.org).                                                   and begin receiving the
                                                                               electronic version, send an
Stay tuned...it will be a summer of great reflection.                          email to info@adathisrael.org
                                                                               with “Email me the Bulletin”
                                                                               in the subject line.

 Adath Israel Bulletin                                      6                                     JUNE/JULY 2008
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              While the
              original show              Have someone in your family you’d like to honor?
              Sisterhood                Any simchas such as births or anniversaries you’d to
              planned to                                   celebrate?
see, “A Catered Affair” was
cancelled, we now have                                      Why not share that occasion with the
tickets to Gypsy, starring                                  congregation and sponsor an Oneg or
Patti LuPone. Seating is                                                  Kiddush?
in the front mezzanine
section. We only have a                                      We’ve got lots of food options in all
                                                                price ranges.
limited number of seats still
available. If interested,
                                             Call the Main Office to place for your
please contact Anita Sigal
                                               order or get more information!
at 610-642-1547 ASAP!

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 JUNE/JULY 2008                                         7                                  Adath Israel Bulletin
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                                 As Seen Around the Shul

(from L to R) Art Pottash, Rabbi Wernick,                    (from L to R) Steven Dafilou, Abe Patlove, Bob Weiss, and
Michael Herskovitz, Cantor Lowe, and Rabbi Rubin             Mark Simon served as grill masters for the Annual BBQ.

                                                                                           Adath Israel braved the
                                                                                           rain on Sunday, May 18 on
                                                                                           the Parkway to be part of
                                                                                           Philadelphia’s celebration
                                                                                           for the 60th anniversary of
                                                                                           Israel’s independence.

                                                (on Left)
                                                The New
                                                Horizons Glee
                                                Club entertained
                                                our HAZAK
                                                group in April
                                                and at their May
                                                meeting, HAZAK

 Adath Israel Bulletin                                   8                                      JUNE/JULY 2008
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                                     As Seen Around the Shul

Vav class gets ready for the Israeli Day                  Hey class display their "heroes" as they explain how each
celebrations                                              hero used their brain, heart, hands, etc to do a mitzvah

               Our Gan and Alef families prepare for Pesach

                                                                The Hey class plant flowers
                                                                around the synagogue for a
                                                                mitzvah project

 JUNE/JULY 2008                                             9                                      Adath Israel Bulletin
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Adath Israel Bulletin                         10                    JUNE/JULY 2008
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The following are selections from Team Adath Israel’s blog as written by various members of the team. To see more of
their pictures or read the blog in its entirety, go to http://teamadath.blogspot.com/

Another Great Day in Jerusalem                                                  Day 1 - Israel Ride
Stuart Kurtz                                                                    Sue Berkowitz

We started out the day putting together our bikes. It was a terribly            What a glorious first day. After a delicious breakfast and lots of stretching,
frightful thought with someone with no mechanical expertise. Luckily,           we were on our way. The ride was challenging, especially a frightening
there were bike mechanics to help and the only damage to my bike was            15-minute downhill out of Jerusalem, (many of us have sore hands), only
a rear flat which the mechanic quickly fixed. After a quick test ride, we       to have a 7-mile uphill. Thank goodness the rest of the day was flat or
were off to wander the streets to do some shopping and to eat. We had           rolling hills. When we finally arrived in Ashkelon, we swam in the pool,
to make sure that we did our carbo load before departure so our                 some of us with our biking clothes on. With barely a half hour to relax, we
appetites knew no limits. After downing another falafel, we went to the         met for a yummy dinner. I do believe we are all eating so much. Hopefully,
Har Hertzel cemetery. The Ramah director gave us a tour. We visited the         our riding will counteract all we're eating.
grave of Michael Levin a bucks county native who made aliyah to Israel
and became a paratrooper. He died two years ago in an ambush in                 For me personally, this day was very special as I celebrated my birthday
Lebanon. Sitting on top of his grave was a Phillies helmet bringing             on the first day of the ride. My riding buddies were wonderful, got me
everything close to home. We heard stories about other heroic soldiers          cake with sparklers, and sang happy birthday to me many times today.
and Israeli leaders like Golda Meir and Theodore Hertzel. The passion           Exhausted, I look forward to day 2.
that all of these people including our tour director showed for Israel
was truly moving and had us all excited to hop on our bikes. But we             I’m here
have to wait until tomorrow morning.                                            Miles Herman

                                                                                I am sitting here in the Eilat airport in the morning. Up since 6 am, I had a
Day 5 -- Mitzpe Ramon to Kibbutz Ketura
                                                                                chance to walk along the beach early this morning with the golden rim of the
Rabbi Steve Wernick
                                                                                sun peeking over the Jordanian mountains and spotlighting the deep blue
                                                                                water. With my feet sinking in the wet sand, I had some quiet time to ponder
Today was a great day. We travelled 62 miles through the Negev. It was
                                                                                what I have just completed. Today is the day after...We had a wonderful
hot; sometimes 108%. Sunscreen, food, water and powerade were
                                                                                closing ceremony evening bringing us all together for one last time. It was a
essential. I felt pretty good for the ride too. Thank God for Shabbat! The
                                                                                dinner of jokes...songs...skits, announcements, laughter and yes some
scenery was beautiful and challenging, not only because of the heat, but
                                                                                tears...Dinner was a feast. We sat at a table with old and new friends. We
also because the hills. We had two difficult uphills -- one was very
                                                                                were busy reliving the highlights and low points of the trek. What ever the
steep, but I made it and strongly at that. When I got to the top I felt like
                                                                                challenges were that we had faced, they were now memories, stored away in
I could do anything! The downhills weren't easy either. One had to be
                                                                                our minds and our hearts. For me, the highlight of the evening was watching
very much in control so as to not fall. Traffic wasn't easy either. Then
                                                                                the slide show that our amazing photography team had assembled. Part
there were the straight aways too...mile after mile in the desert heat.
                                                                                cheerleaders and part photographers, these kids were never far away from a
For all of you who smugly said: "300 miles from Jerusalem to Eilat.
                                                                                camera. What they captured was an amazing chronology of the event-from
Shouldn't be too hard it's all down hill!" I have some words for you
                                                                                warm-up, the grueling rides, breaks, down periods to bonding time. At the
when I get home!
                                                                                end of the night, people lingered. Not wanting the night to end, some of us
                                                                                continued to hang out at the hotel while "the crew and some riders"
Kibbutz Ketura warmly greeted us. I'm now all showered and ready to
                                                                                continued to dance, first at the hotel and later moving to the beach. Sleep
hit the pool and walk around learning more about the incredible work
                                                                                came later after drinks. I cannot say enough about the people of the AI team.
they do here at the Arava Institute and other agricultural innovations.
                                                                                Some were newer faces to me while others were "old friends". I leave here
Time to go! More tomorrow when we finish! I can't believe I'm really
                                                                                having created some amazing bonds and friendships within the AI family as
doing this and am looking forward to arriving in Eilat and jumping into
                                                                                well as with others in the Arava and Hazon family. In closing, I make this
the Red Sea!
                                                                                entry a few pounds lighter, knowing a lot more about myself.
  JUNE/JULY 2008                                                               11                                                Adath Israel Bulletin
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Preschool Words                           ohskhv id           Bernice Schwartz, Preschool Director

This is the season when we look back at the school year that’s almost over, assess what
activities and ideas were successful and determine other areas that still need improvement.
One aspect of our school that has been consistently superior is the contributions made by our
parent volunteers.

Of course, this year’s biggest event was the Silent Auction and this year, for the first time
since I’m at Adath Israel at least, the chairs and many of the volunteers were parents from
our preschool. Lisa Sandler, Jennifer Rosenau, and Regan Safier and their many assistants all
did a tremendous amount of work to make the evening a huge success and lots of fun!

Many of our preschool activities were organized and financed by our very active PTA, capably led this year
by Bitya Marder. Bitya introduced some fresh, innovate ideas which were warmly received. Under her
leadership the established Book Fair, Shabbat dinners, fun days and parent socials brought many of our
families together. Bitya tirelessly approached each PTA event with the goal of presenting activities that
appealed to many of our parents.

The Preschool Board of Education continues to be a source of support for our preschool and its staff. One of
our dedicated Co-Chairs, Regan Safier, is stepping down as co-chair after this year, but, I’m glad to say, still
remaining on the Board. Under her leadership, she and her co-chairs spearheaded a reorganization of the
preschool board, transforming the committee into a viable group for formulating policy and addressing issues.
Jennifer Brandt will continue to serve as Co-Chair, joined by Amanda Goldberg. Cara Gordon, another
dedicated longtime Board member and general go-to parent, is also stepping down from the Board as her
oldest child graduates.

I have to include Lisa Sandler to my list of enthusiastic lay leaders. As the Vice President of Adath Israel for
Education, Lisa continued to be a liaison to our preschool and a wonderful source of ideas and support.

Many other parents have volunteered throughout the year to head and help with our events and new Hot Lunch
program, especially Anat Katsir and Tracey Ellenbogen. All of their assistance has been much appreciated.
The children’s preschool experience has been enriched by many parents’ devotion and hard work. As we
finish this school year and look forward to the future, I trust that we will continue to attract new volunteers and
retain our veterans as we strive to make each child’s preschool experience the best it can be.

 Adath Israel Bulletin                                   12                                   JUNE/JULY 2008
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Religious School: Educationally Speaking                                      rpxv ,hc
                                         Sherrie Rosenberg Klein, Religious School Director

 The school year has come to a close. It seemed to have passed quickly but much was
 accomplished. In keeping with the theme of Israel 60, we celebrated as a community as
 we made tiles for a permanent tree in our school. We sang six decades of Israel’s history
 and had winners in our T-shirt and trivia contests. We ended our year with Rak-Dan doing
 all the Israeli dances that we learned over the year.

 We sent our first Confirmation class to Israel over the winter break and have a group ready to travel to Israel
 this December.

 As our students studied mitzvot and middot (values), the classes took the lessons and brought them to action.
 Participation in the Community Mitzvah Day had families painting, building, packing food and writing let-
 ters. Mitzvot are not for one day but for every day so classes continued performing mitzvot. Each class
 made a different holiday banner that was sent to Iraq for the first Jewish chapel that serves our Jewish armed
 forces. Students have corresponded to soldiers there and we have sent “goodies”. The students cooked for
 Kosher Meals on Wheels and planted flowers to beautify Adath Israel.

 Between celebrating Israel and doing mitzvot, our students learned Hebrew, holidays, history, life cycle,
 Torah and text and they are happy to be here, always smiling!

 Yes, we had a busy year! Such a year could not have been possible without the partnership of our excellent
 teachers and dedicated parents. To our teachers and parents, on behalf of our students, I say Todah Rabbah.
 Thank you to Claudia Figelman, Chairperson of the Education Committee, and the entire committee for the
 work we accomplished this year. Thank you to Ellen Rosen and the PTA for all the support over the year.
 Thank you to Marcia Schulman and the Curriculum Committee for your dedication to the process and for the
 completion of another strand.

 It has been a year of celebration! To everyone, my heartfelt thanks for allowing me to be a part of this
 amazing community. Have a safe and relaxing summer. I look forward to seeing you in September.

                                        Mentschen of the Month

                       Samantha Braver, Eitan Cohen, Zeve Cohen, Rena Contract,
                      Lillian Goldman, Allyson Greenberg, Jami Gross, Theo Henry,
                      Alana Koenig, Hayley Lemisch, Max Madero, Galen McMullen,
                       Zoe Pearson, Julia Rappaport, Adena Rothbard, Lee Sandler,
                                     Danielle Snyder, and Jen Thal.

 JUNE/JULY 2008                                         13                                  Adath Israel Bulletin
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                            USY & other Youth News                          rgub
    Adath Israel USY had so much fun this year! From picking pumpkins to eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to
raising $2000 for Tikkun Olam to attending a Phillies game with Kadima, everyone had a blast. I can’t wait for next
year to see what new events we will do!
    The final convention of the 2007-2008 year was held in mid-April in Monroe, New Jersey. This year’s Spring
Convention was so much fun! There were seven AI USYers who attended and for a few, it was their first
convention. The weekend was full of meeting fellow USYers, attending art & crafts, minyans, singing, making art
projects and electing the 2008-2009 Hagesher Regional Board. Our very own Religion/Education VP Becka Lefkoe
is now Hagesher’s Religion/Education VP. We are so proud of her! After a relaxing Shabbat and a fantastic
Havdallah outside, USYers got dressed up for the semi-formal dance on Saturday night. Everyone looked
gorgeous! The convention ended with a Chai School Musical themed Shacharit and awards. Adath Israel received
an award for membership increase, Best Event: Harvesting for the Holidays and a $2000 Tikkun Olam donation.
Matt Bernstein also received an award for basketball. It was sad leaving our new friends, but we can’t wait until the
next convention in the summer, Encampment. (If you are free at the end of August and would like to attend this
five-day convention at Camp Ramah in the Poconos with four different regions, please contact me, Sharon Oser at
sharon.oser@gmail.com for a form.)
    For the second year in a row, the Adath Israel USY’s basketball team went undefeated and won the
championship! All of the guys played well this season, and it’s sad that we have to say goodbye to some key senior
players. Start thinking about joining the team next year--all skill levels are welcome!
    As Adath Israel’s Chapter President, I cannot thank everyone enough for their support. A big thank you goes to
the AI USY executive board: Becka Lefkoe, Elana Silberstein, Karen Chonofsky, Molly Rothschild, Sarah
Goldberg, and Marnie Wachs. Also I would like to thank Naomi Benditt and Diane Wachs, our youth
commissioners, as well as our amazing advisor, Michelle Sugarman.
    I hope that everyone enjoys their summer plans and gets excited for the coming year in USY!

Todah Rabbah,
Sharon Oser
AI USY President 2007-2008

 Adath Israel Bulletin                                   14                                    JUNE/JULY 2008
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                                JUNE. 08 B’NAI MITZVAH
               Max Titlebaum became a Bar Mitzvah                             Julia Gilman became a Bat Mitzvah
               on June 7, 2008. He is the son of                              on June 14, 2008. She is the
               Richard Titlebaum and Joanne Lippert                           daughter of Philip Gilman and
               and grandson to Jules and Louis                                Sheryl Abrams Gilman as well as
               Lippert and Adele and Joseph                                   the big sister to ten year old Todd
               Titlebaum. He is the brother of fifteen                        and two year old Blake. Julia is the
               year old Jessica, who had her bat                              granddaughter of Harold and Claire
mitzvah at Adath Israel three years ago and older                             Gilman and Isadore and Lee
brother to ten year old Sophie who will have hers in          Abrams. Julia just finished 7th grade at Bala
2011. Max will be going into 8th grade this year at           Cynwyd Middle School where she has been a
Bala Cynwyd Middle School and is an Honor Roll                distinguished honor roll student for the last two
student. He plays on the school’s football team as            years. Her artwork has been selected to be displayed
well as competes on the school’s Track & Field                at the Mainline Art Center. Currently, she’s writing
team. Max plays the saxophone in the school band              and illustrating a children’s book with hopes to
as well. Through Gratz Community High School’s                publish and share with young children at local
Community service program, Max goes twice a                   hospitals. Julia is a member of the Philadelphia
month to the St. Barnabas Homeless Shelter in West            Skating Club and Humane Society, and participates
Philly. Max works with children at the shelter                as a team member of Theater on Ice, where Julia and
helping them with their homework and other                    her team took a 1st place medal at Nationals in 2007.
projects. Max has been attending Adath Israel’s               She spends her summers working as a camp
Religious School since 2nd grade and will continue            counselor at Har Zion working with young Jewish
his Jewish education through the Gratz Community              campers. Her mitzvah project is selling M&Ms to
High School program.                                          raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

                                                              Elias Zimmer celebrated his bar mitzvah on June 21,
                                                              2008. At the time of printing, additional
 SCRIP!! Not just                                             biographical information was not available.
 about groceries!
 Did you know that you can
 order Scrip for movie theaters,                              Please welcome our New Members!
     home improvement stores, and
     clothing stores, including
                                                                    John and Susan Carson
     department stores?                                           Scott and Sharon Joshowitz
                                                                    Randy and Lisa Maniloff
                                                                     Michael and Jill Posner
 You can also get some for your
                                                                  Sheldon and Phyllis Seligsohn
     favorite book shop or home
     décor store.

 Stop by the Main Office to place your order!

 JUNE/JULY 2008                                          15                                    Adath Israel Bulletin
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           Yahrzeits          oburfz               Observed JUNE 18—July 31
SIVAN 15                 SIVAN 21                      Morris Klinman         TAMMUZ 1
June 18                  June 24                       Donna Levin-Jacobs     July 4
Kitty Finkelstein        Leonard Bernstein             Eva Privul             Mollie Albert
Samuel Gornish           Lewis Gorfine                 Daniel Reichman        Rita Saligman Cooper
Esther Karp              Louis Mones                   Samuel Rubin           Jacob Dash
Barbara Kendall          Aaron L. Shore                Lillian Saltman        Max Hess
Yonkle Shanis            John Singer                                          Elizabeth Horowitz
                                                       SIVAN 27               Lena Joseph
SIVAN 16                 SIVAN 22                      June 30                Roberta Kay
June 19                  June 25                       William Bass           Vera Krause
Alexander Adelman        Sydney Abrams                 Rose Becker            Benjamin Levin
Helen Epstein            Bernard Aranovitz             Lillian Biron          Beatrice Marks
Max Harmelin             Fannie Berns                  Samuel Durst           David Slotkin
Philip Kugel             Jacob Brodsky                 Benjamin Miller
Joseph Lerner            Ida Merson                    Sidney Moskoff         TAMMUS 2
Lorraine Reigelhaupt     Charles Raivetz               Marilyn Silverman      July 5
                         Edith Reiver                  Shirley Weiss          Warren Blumberg
SIVAN 17                 Richard Rubin                 Herbert Zimmerman      Elaine Brown
June 20                  Anna Saligman                                        Bernard Carton
Harry Epstein            Peter Zinman                  SIVAN 28               Jacob Dogole
Sarah Livingstone                                      July 1                 Joseph Edelstein
Samuel Sternberg         SIVAN 23                      Bernard “Bud” Glaser   Benjamin Make
Rose Weisman             June 26                       Hyman Golub            Miriam Schechter
Judy Wernick             Sam Kravitz                   Cindy Howard           Joseph Schreiber
                         Michael Levin                 Ruth Levine
SIVAN 18                 Stanley Miller                Rose Liss              TAMMUS 3
June 21                  Dr. Leonard Wallner           Charles Weinstein      July 6
Anita Natow                                            Gail Whritenour        Kathryn Averill
Ethel sporkin            SIVAN 24                                             Bessie Boxbaum
Anna Zitin               June 27                       SIVAN 29               Linda Frank
                         Charles Barnett               July 2                 Eva Lander
SIVAN 19                 Beatrice Fischer              Albert L. Berkowitz    Bertha Loeb
June 22                  Emanuel Gross                 Solomon Chernoff
Yetta Baylson            Rose Kravitz                  Samuel Goldstein       TAMMUZ 4
Seymour Goldman          Mark Landis                   Anna Levitt            July 7
Jacob Hoffman            Rebecca Lidovitch             Ned Melmed             Human Gottlieb
Eve Posener                                            Nathan Miller          Harry Rasansky
Betty Silow              SIVAN 25                      Charles Rieder         Harold Senker
Eleanor Weinberg         June 28                       Simon Shaltz           Leo Wurzak
Edith Zebrowitz          Anna Chernoff                 Harry Simon
                         Bella Goldstein                                      TAMMUZ 5
SIVAN 20                 Beatrice Levin                SIVAN 30               July 8
June 23                  Anne Segal                    July 3                 Joseph Abrams
Leonard Ebreo                                          Edwin Beller           Max Fanshel
Simon Herman             SIVAN 26                      Celia Elkman           David Jones
Murray Krause            June 29                       Sidney Gornish         Matthew Weinstein
Anthony Silber           Mollye Forstein               Rose Lechner
                         Reuben Goldstein
                         Bruce Isaacman
                         Beatrice Klevan

 Adath Israel Bulletin                               16                             JUNE/JULY 2008
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       Yahrzeits       oburfz             Observed June 18—July 31                   (cont.)
TAMMUZ 7             TAMMUZ 13                     TAMMUZ 19            TAMMUZ 25
July 10              July 16                       July 22              July 28
Harriet Abrams       Rebecca Auritt                Milton Edels         Samuel Cohen
Elva Berkowitz       Dorothy Levin                 Ida Grossman         Senta frank
Max Frantz           Jack Weiss                    Ann Rosenberg        Milton Ginsburg
Jack Hoffman                                       Jean Ruben           Max Gordon
Aaron Konefsky       TAMMUZ 14                     Pauline Schmerling   Benjamin Krause
Michael Lechner      July 17                       Raymond Toplin       Robert Leopold
Gertrude Pottash     Alan Diamond                                       Rose Netzky
Edmund Schneyer      Helen Pintzuk                 TAMMUZ 20
Frieda Weiss         Sarah Rosenblum               July 23              TAMMUZ 26
                     Elaine Schwartz               Sylvia G. Brodsky    July 29
TAMMUZ 8             Joseph Weinfeld               Bertha Brown         Ida Garber
July 11                                            Leah Gerson          Ethel Narin
Mary Frank           TAMMUZ 15                     Dale Ginsberg        Michael Rothenberg
Walter Strokoff      July 18                       Nathaniel Hyman      Harry Sardinsky
                     Pearl Cantor                  Martin Levite        Robert Silverman
TAMMUZ 9             Samuel Delfiner               Frances Myers        Bessie Wallner
July 12              Elias Goldstein
Gussie Epstein       Harry Gordon                  TAMMUZ 21            TAMMUZ 27
Paul Fingerman       Edward Gornish                July 24              July 30
Victor Gerber        Patricia Reiver               Martin Abraham       Elizabeth August
Anna Goldberg                                      Lionel Feinstein     Philip Ginsburg
Samuel Kasser        TAMMUZ 16                     Sam Frenkel          Anna Pincus
                     July 19                       Fannie Gilgore       Nathan Shifres
TAMMUZ 10            Harry Feinstein               Martin Grossman      Russell Stein
July 13              Jacob Gorfine                 Minnie Mittelman
Len Gottlieb         Reba Kabler                   Leon Roisman         TAMMUZ 28
Louis Gross          Manuel Lisan                  Roy Willig           July 31
Samuel Krakovitz                                                        Samuel Adler
Benjamin Pintzuk     TAMMUZ 17                     TAMMUZ 22            Rose Berman
Theresa Reichman     July 20                       July 25              Mary Celovitch
Arthur Weisman       Charles Dubin                 Mervin Goldberg      Philip Harrison
                     Philip Glaser                 Shirley Hinitz       Gertrude Jacobus
TAMMUZ 11            Max Klinman                   Arthur Hoffman       Michael Kriegler
July 14              Ruth Mittelman                Celia Rubin          Samuel Levitt
Winifred August      Lila Moss                                          Edward Merves
Benjamin Berkowitz   I. Edward Pritzker            TAMMUZ 23            Abraham Schaller
Herman Brodsky       Rose Stadlin                  July 26              Nancy Solomon
Warren Dubin         Carl Tutelman                 Manuel Frank
Nathan Hoffman                                     Abe Lipsitz
Max Kalick           TAMMUZ 18                     E. Matthew Miller
                     July 21                       Michael Schneider
TAMMUZ 12            Jacob Brody
July 15              Anna Frank                    TAMMUZ 24
Samuel Elkman        Eugenia Levite                July 27
Ester Groper                                       Sarah Nipon
Norman Jacobs                                      Miriam Rayberg
Martin Segall
Esme Sommers

 JUNE/JULY 2008                                   17                           Adath Israel Bulletin
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  We Gratefully Acknowledge Your Gifts of Tzedakah
SIMCHA FUND                             Bat Mitzvah of Lily Goldberg             Rhona Rothschild                          ARTHUR POTTASH MINYAN
IN HONOR OF                                                 The Barsh Family           Stephen & Nancy Baron-Baer          BREAKFAST FUND
Trip to Israel                          Birth of Lily Skye, 1st grandchild of             Allison & Jimmy Grossman.        IN HONOR OF
                     Naomi D. Jones     Bernice Schwartz                                               & Emily & Sarah     The naming of Norm & Sue
Grandson, Andrew Naftulin reading              Jennifer Brandt, Glen Hasset,                          Kari & Barry Katz    Cohen’s granddaughter
Torah                                                          Zachary & Zoe            Bonnie Golub & Ray Lemisch                      Arthur & Rachel Pottash
           Miriam & Nathan Brillman                      Lisa & Brad Sandler     Abraham Berman                            IN MEMORY OF
EDUCATION FUND                          Speedy recovery of Mindy Cohen                           Ellan & Len Bernstein     Lucille Kolson
IN HONOR OF                             & parents of Jeff Gross; Bat                                    Beth Buckman                       Amy & Jon Schiffman
Graduation of Julia Schofield &         Mitzvah of Pam Grabell’s daughter;       Rebecca Raivetz                           Melvin Lashner
Chip Schofield                          Lori Dafilou’s certification as a                              Beatrice Raivetz                  Pam & William Lashner
                      Helene Glazier    Fellow of Synagogue                      Dr. Arthur Cohen                          Bruce Isaacman
                       Marilyn Black    Administrators; Linda Herring-Hill                           Gordon M. Cohen                                 Deb Bosin
                        Shirlee Lubin   receiving Jewish Educator of the         Nina Schwartz                             Ethel Weitz Brenner & Charles
                  Len & Lorie Duboff    Year & Claudia Figelman receiving               Bonnie Golub & Ray Lemisch         Weitz
A speedy recovery for Leonard           Lay Leader of the Year                   Nathan Steelman                                                 Stephen Weitz
Siegel                                                   Lisa & Brad Sandler                             Harriet Tabas     MITZVAH MAKERS FUND
                Barbara & Joe Beller    IN MEMORY OF                             Ethel Sporkin                             IN HONOR OF
Bar Mitzvah of Matt Bernstein;          Abraham Berman                                                   David Meyers      Bat Mitzvah of Lily Goldberg
Confirmation of Sara Adler, Allison                   Carolyn, Jerry, Danielle   Israeli soldiers who died in the             Jill Sussman & Jennifer Hoffman
Frank, Ali Herman, Zack Lemisch                          & Matthew Lindheim      defense of Israel                         Bar Mitzvah of David Goldstein
& Chelsea Katz                          Sy Listman                                                          Lee Cohen                 Karen & Murray Goldstein
               Debbie & Stuart Kurtz                    Darlene & Alan Cohn      Sidney Klovsky                            IN MEMORY OF
Dr. Robert Goldberg’s appointment       Rota Ross                                                  Sharon & Ted Asnis      Joseph Vogel, Russell Goodman
as Dean of Tuoro College of                           Sonie & Stan Zebrowitz     Hilda Kushner                                      Mr. & Mrs. David Goodman
Osteopathic Medicine                    MYER ADLER EDUCATION                                           Beatrice Senker     Aaron Kahan
           Bernice & Martin Neifield    FUND                                     Esther Glauser                                           Susan & Barry Kahan
IN MEMORY OF                            IN HONOR OF                                        Allison & Jimmy Grossman        Rhona Rothschild
Hilda Kushner                           Speedy recovery of Mindy Cohen           DAILY MINYAN FUND                                   Alyse & Glenn Unterberger
                  Andrea Trotenberg             Teri & Doug Cohen & Family       IN HONOR OF                                          Shelby & Emma Simmons
                     & Jim Fraerman     Best wishes for the good health of       Rabbi Rubin                                                     Richard Natow
Rhona Rothschild                        Mrs. Sheindel Shorr                                               Olivia Benditt   Dorothy Kotzker
               Debbie & Stuart Kurtz                  Eleanor & Bernie Brody     Team Adath on the Israel Arava                      Alyse & Glenn Unterberger
Rabbi Sigmund J. Rome                   IN MEMORY OF                             Bike Ride                                  Shelby Simmons & Richard Natow
                 Evelyn Rome Tabas      Joseph Dillinger, Arthur Elion                           Rabbi Steven Wernick      Abraham Berman
Beloved mother & grandmother of                              Phyllis Jacobson    IN MEMORY OF                                        Alyse & Glenn Unterberger
Camitta Family                          Rhona Rothschild                         Rhona Rothschild                           Shelby Simmons & Richard Natow
   Stephen & Kathy Frank & Family                 Richard & Madeline Baron                            The Oser Family      Anita Natow
Kenneth Berman                          Lena Goldstein                                          Kathy & Stephen Frank                            Richard Natow
            Allison Beller-Grossman                Frank & Linda Herring-Hill               Marcia & Peter Schulman        Alvin Marks
Josh Sack                               Esther Glauser                                           Cary & Michael Moritz               Alyse & Glenn Unterberger
                   Judy & Jim Brody                     Amy & Jon Schiffman      Lorraine Riegelhaupt, Belle P.            EPSTEIN YOUTH FUND
                       Alan Kushner     Herbert Menko                            Hirsch                                    IN MEMORY OF
Esther Glauser, Lucille Kolson                                  Shirley Menko                   David & Franci Kraman      Judy Epstein
                        Betsy Green     Lucille Kolson, Esther Glauser           Tami Krasny                                              Rabbi Steven Wernick
Ben Zion Meyer                                 Susanna Lachs & Dean Adler                                Marvin Krasny
            Dr. & Mrs. Harold Meyer                                              Michael Litman                            CANTOR’S MUSIC FUND
                                        GENERAL FUND                                                                       IN HONOR OF
Dr. Irving Olshin, Chaim                IN HONOR OF                                         Karen & Murray Goldstein
Silberstein, Sandra Roth Warshal,                                                Morton Kolber                             Bat Mitzvah of Sarah Weiser
                                        Speedy recovery of Mindy Cohen                                                                 Lisa Litman & Barry Polis
Louise Klock & mother of Elizabeth         Terri Hartman & Bruce Goldberg                               Judy Friedman
Hummel                                                                           Ella Rosentour                                Hedy Teppler, Jeffrey Weiser &
                                                        Darlene & Alan Cohn                                                                              Family
    Samuel & Susan Gross Gordon         Speedy recovery of parents of Jeff                              Louis Rothman
                                                                                 Esther Glauser, Annie, Robert &           Cantor Lowe, with appreciation
PLAYGROUND FUND                         Gross                                                                                  Hedy Teppler, Jeffrey Weiser &
IN HONOR OF                                            Jen & Nathan Hoffman      Sarah Livingstone
                                                                                                   Sharon & Ted Asnis                                    Family
Bat Mitzvah of Lily Goldberg;                           Darlene & Alan Cohn
speedy recovery to Lisa Sandler’s       Bat Mitzvah of Lily Goldberg             AARON N. COHEN SCHOLAR-                   L’DOR VADOR CAPITAL
mother & Jeff Gross’ parents                   Bonnie Golub & Ray Lemisch        SHIP FUND                                 ENDOWMENT FUND
               Debbie & Stuart Kurtz    IN MEMORY OF                             IN MEMORY OF                              IN MEMORY OF
Graduation of Mike Bruskin              Michael Furman, Bessie E. Furman         Anna Himles                               Simon Herman
             Sonie & Stan Zebrowitz                           Jerome Furman                      Melba & Aaron Cohen                         Bob & Lee Herman

  Adath Israel Bulletin                                                     18                                                     JUNE/JULY 2008
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  We Gratefully Acknowledge Your Gifts of Tzedakah
PRAYER BOOK FUND                         Sophie Saslofsky                        Jean Einbinder Roberts                  Morris Shupak
IN HONOR OF                                                Blanche Saslofsky                       Shelly & Len Auritt                        Joan Birnbaum
85th birthday of Dr. Martin Neifield     Ida Schlocker                           Bernice Patlove                         Esther Berkowitz, Milton Berkowitz,
                   Andrea Eisenberg                           Selma Chernoff                               Abe Patlove Lew Berkowitz
IN MEMORY OF                             Otto Fridman                            Sol Tutelman                                       William & Susan Wankoff
Esther Glauser                                                 Reita Fridman        Margaret & Edward H. Tutelman-Merves Ida Ackers
                        Reda Wallner     Rubin Weiner, Samuel Weiner
                                                                                 Louis Geller                                                Sandra Fanshel
                        Linda Wallner                 Pauline & Jake Weiner
Louis Simon Staple                       Melvyn Radel                                                Sid & Ken Geller Irving Boxbaum, William Bass
                    Joan Staple Leon                     Fern Nibauer-Cohen      Joseph & Betty Bell                                            Rosalind Bass
                           Jay Staple                                                                      Nayda Miller Michael Cantor, Joseph Gottfried
                                         RABBI KAZAN TORAH READING               Morris Mandell, Samuel Mandell
              Jacqueline Rosenberg       FUND                                                                                                    Bertie Cantor
                                                                                                       Mandell Family Theodore Brodsky
RABBI WERNICK                            IN HONOR OF
TZEDAKAH FUND                            Elissa Cohen’s graduation from          Minnie Mestel                                                   Evelyn Kalick
IN HONOR OF                              Lower Merion High School                                    Sylvia Silverman Minnie Shefsky
Rabbi Wernick with appreciation                    Randi & Howard Goldberg       Pearl Wynne                                                    Marvin Garber
                        Sondra Doner     IN MEMORY OF                                                       Evelyn Toff Sarah Osnovitz
With appreciation                        Lillian Sharps                          Sylvia Presser                                                   Joseph Levit
               Marsha & Joe Singer                   Dr. & Mrs. Lewis Sharps                          Sandra Fanshel Fay Ford
IN MEMORY OF                             MEMORIAL FUND                           Hirsch Zibman                                                   Phyllis Victor
Shirley Zeitz, Yetta Steinman            IN MEMORY OF                                              Diantha McFadden Bertha Lundy
             Pauline & Jake Weiner                                               Rose S. Doner, Louis C. Doner,                             Anita & Ted Sigal
Bernice Patlove                          Abraham Berman
                                                      David & Franci Kraman      Rebecca Sauberblatt                     Kitty Finkelstein
                          Abe Patlove                                                                    Sondra Doner
Sy Listman                                            Pam & William Lashner                                                                    Irene F. Bodek
               Darlene & Alan Cohn            Susan & Scott Shapiro & Family     Betty Polykoff                          Fannie Alexander
Max Brodsky                                                                                               Robin Jacobs              Dr. & Mrs. Alfred I. Green
            Frank & Bunny Brodsky        Sara Edels                              Mother of Andrew Rosenfeld              Morris Moskowitz
Dora Scharf                                                    Ruth Steinberg                             Alan Kushner              Bernice & Martin Neifield
                     Vivian Kreizman     Morris Sheffler                         Rhona Rothschild                        Anna Chernoff
Rubin Weiner, Samuel Weiner                                Mrs. Myers L. Girsh      Susan & Scott Shapiro & Family                           Selma Chernoff
             Pauline & Jake Weiner       Julius Beer                                       Rachel & Harris Zebrowitz Jacob Brodsky, William Poller
Lorraine Cooper Balis                                             Phyllis Wolf                   Barbara & Joe Beller         Martha Poller, George Arthur &
            Donna & Barry Feinberg                                               Louis Kabler, Edwin Kabler                                             Family
                                         Eva Robinson
RABBI RUBIN TZEDAKAH FUND                             Anita & Cole Robinson                                Ruth Kabler Harry Romm
IN HONOR OF                              Edith Sarvetnick Riesenbach             Beth Naide                                                      Albert Romm
Rabbi Rubin with appreciation                    Cookie & Jerry Riesenbach                       Barbara & Joe Beller Jules M. Schoenberg
                        Sondra Doner     Sarah Ginsburg, Leon Rubin              Harry Modell                                      Floyd & Millie Schoenberg
               Marsha & Joe Singer                                                                    Corinne Grabois
               Barney & Faye Appel                          Mildred Ginsburg
                                         Loved Ones                              Ronnie Myers
Graduation of Julie & Chip                                                                               Herbert Myers
Schofield                                                   Leonard Greene
                         Shirlee Lubin           Ruth & Jerome Felderstein       Minnie Raymond
The speedy recovery & good               Louis Nurick                                       Jeffrey & Kerry Raymond
health of son, Elliott                                    Hannah Silverman       Beloved father
                       Selma Chernoff    Murray Liss                                                       Steven Roth
IN MEMORY OF                                                 Florence Reiver     Virginia Oser
Shirley Zeitz, Yetta Steinman            Herman Passen, Isadore Zabell                           David & Hillary Oser
             Pauline & Jake Weiner                  Elaine Rosen Freedman        Morris Cooper
Shirley Poller                           Minerva Steinberg                                   Joseph & Fannie Cooper
            George & Martha Poller                                               Mollye Melatin Forstein
                                                        Stanley B. Steinberg
Pearl Wynne                                                                               Cookie & Jerry Riesenbach
                          Ruth Kabler    Max Goldberg, Ozzie Moss
                                                     Oscar & Charlotte Moss      Samuel Sternberg
                Marian Rosenbaum
                                         Jack Malis, Jean Malis                           Harvey & Donna Sternberg
Mary Rudy, Benjamin Rudy
           Roslyn & Hudley Bender                              Pearl Benoliel    Kate Felderstein
Moishe Weinstein                         Ina Sue Smilk                                        Ruth & Jerry Felderstein
                     Selma Weinstein                          Dorothy Yantis     Charlie Raivetz
                                                                                                           Bea Raivetz

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                  ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊                                                                                PAID
                                                                                                            Permit # 18
                 Steven C. Wernick…………..….….Rabbi                                                        Merion Station, PA
                 Robert B. Rubin… ………………...Rabbi                                                              19066
                 Fredric Kazan…….……....Rabbi Emeritus
                 Bernard Lowe……………………….Cantor                                                           BULLETIN
                 Lori Dafilou..………....Executive Director
                 Sherrie Klein……..…...Education Director
                 Bernice Schwartz…. ...Preschool Director

 Adath Israel Bulletin                                         20                                   JUNE/JULY 2008

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