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									Landrum Middle School Science Fair Winners 2010

Medicine and Microbiology:
First Place winners:
Alexandra Bechtel- Backpack weight, how much is too much?
Abigail Miller- Biophysics of ankle support

Second place:
Sarah Gray and Erika Romanczuk for Second Place- How does music tempo affect food
Dallas Parker and Josh Peterson- The effect of wearing a Phiten ion necklace

Third Place
Erin Landis- Sunscreen Effectiveness
Bailey Heath- Sleep and Sports

Honorable Mention:
Olivia Home and Kendall Hambry- Tooth Terminators
Courtney Hinkle- Is listening to your iPod dangerous?
Olivia Powell and Kim Ger bert- Sleep Deprivation: Good or Bad?
Tyler Russell- Effects of Loud Noise from Everyday Objects

First Place:
Zach Devlin- Ants Be Gone

Second Place-
Jack Fox- Which dog leash position better controls pulling?

Third place-
Matt Norton- Dog Vision

Honorable Mention-
Julianne Kelly- Feline age and oral bacteria

Engineering and Mathematics:
First Place-
Zach Anastasiadis- Use of pulse induction system and GPS place mar kers
Alexa Burch- How does Bridge design affect strength par t II

Second Place- Adam Snowden- Musical Timer

Third place- Carly Voytecek- stealth fighter secrets
Perry Bechtle- Wifi router

Honorable Mention-
David Lichlyter- Submarine design
Behavioral Sciences-
First place
Davis Massey and Mar k Davey- Read read read
Wilson Erickson and Samuel Still- Eyewitness Reliability

Second Place-
Ally Schilling and Kendall Sobczak- Is the Mind Affected by the Color of Food
Nicole Geehr and Lauren Wright- The Effect of Dyslexia on the Stroop effect
Rachel Dias and Suzanna Neal- Musical Study Habits

Third Place-
Hanks Massey- In Your Face, Facebook
Jason King- The Ar t of Lucid Dreaming
Jenny Norenberg- Screens vs School
Matthew Fishman- Music and Concentration

Honorable Mention
Juliet Payne- It's All in the Eyes
Graham Hamilton- Taste Test- Diet or Regular
Phoebe Richmond and Allie Perkner- Impact of Age on Hand Eye Coordination
Alexander Short- Shooting to the Beat
Amanda Walser- Healthy and Happy

First place
Mughil Sriram- Using cooking oil to make soap
Ryan Gleeson and Tanner Hay- H2O Electrolysis
Second Place
Madision Paige- What makes my Nails Rust
Marissa Reinker- Metal Corrosion
Ava Gopler ud- Toothpaste a nd coffee stains

Third Place- Eric Goodman- Container COnundr um
Zachar y Piontek- Which of three pain relievers wor ks in simulated gastric j uice
Noah Ari and JR Molm- Crazy Cr ystal Grand Prix
Michael Swain and Stefan Greer- Temperature's Effect on Magnetism

Honorable Mention
Emilee McLean- Freshest Bananas
Tala Mansouri- Long Lasting Lip Color
Brielle Haithcock- Hair Care
Roland George- A Day at the Ballpark
Austin Schreuders- Ice Cube Coloration
Devon Stepp- How permanent are Permanent Markers
First Place
Gabriela Castello- Death of an Orange
Matt Crawford- Which is more important in flight- sleek or smooth?

Second Place
Cole Reiger- The effect of Wind on a Golf Ball
Carly Roberts- How does depth affect the strength of an electric curren t
Emily Suarez and Elise DiRito- What's Our Point?

Third Place-
Michael Zinni- Effect of Temperature on Soda Explosion
Christian Connelly- Sweet Spot or Not
Christian Bowles and Jacob Shalz- Ready Aim Fire
Donovan Garrard and Patrick Boylan- Yummy Milkshake
Bryce Arnold- Using Sun to Heat Water

Honorable Mention
Will O'Hara- How Far Will It Go?
Chad Nussbaum and Griffin Moody- Roller Coaster Marbles
Darielle Hess- Weights on a Zipline
Ryan Udell- Golf Balls- Cost vs Distance
Megan Hinkle- Correlation be tween Sun Spots and Coronal Mass Ejection
Brooke Azzaro- Which String is best for your Guitar?

First place
Rachel Winer- Polymers Effect on Plant Growth

Second place
Emily Perna- Boundless Blooms

Third Place
Matthew DuParcq- Plant Power

Honorable Mention
Stephanie Stroope- Testing Effects of Additional CO2 on Plant Grow th
Amber Hubbard- Natural Electricity

Earth and Environmental
First place
William Paul- Protemic Comparisons of Cyanobacteria Species suited for life in a low pressure low
carbon dioxide environment

Second place
Thomas Snyder- Evaluating Effectiveness of various portable water purification systems

Third place
Ryan Quintall- What is the most efficient way to clean up an oil spill?

Honorable Mention
Joe Gravelle- Filtration or Distillation
Lily Norenber g- (Hot) Rot... or Not?

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