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Frederick Community College – Associate in Applied Science


									Frederick Community College – Associate in Applied Science Degree in Eme rgency

Frederick Community College offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Emergency
Management. The AAS in Emergency Management program is designed to provide st udents
with a broad education in emergency management. The program focuses on preparedness and
the skills needed to organize and lead emergency management operations. The degree
incorporates basic emergency management training courses offered through the Emergency
Management Institute (EMI), Independent Study Program, and distance learning classes from
Frederick Community College. The AAS in Emergency Management requires 60 credits for
completion. For more information, please visit our website at

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Eme rgency Management Curriculum:

English                 English Co mposition (Gen Ed course list) (EN 101 English Co mposition)        3
Mathematics             Mathematics (Gen Ed course list) (MA 206 Elementary Statistics               3 or 4
Social & Behavioral     ‡ Social Science (Gen Ed course list) (PI 104, PI 105 o r HS 102               3
Sciences                recommended)
Arts & Hu manities      Co mmunicat ions (GenEd course list) (CMSP 105 or CMSP 107                     3
Biological & Physical   Science (Gen Ed course list) (PC 103, PC 105, CH 100 or BI 202               3 or 4
Sciences                recommended
GenEd Electives         ‡ GenEd Electives – Must be listed as a General Education course                6
Other Requirements      Open Elective Courses not to include FEM courses (at least one credit of    12 to 14
                        a Physical Education or Health course is required) recommend EN 115
                        Technical Writing

FEM 113                 Emergency Manager: An Orientation to the Position IS-1                         1
FEM 131                 Principles of Emergency Management: IS-230                                     1
FEM 139                 Disaster Basics: IS-292                                                        1
FEM 161                 Emergency Operations Center (EOC): IS -775                                     1

Module Two              LEADERS HIP AND MANAGEMENT
FEM 132                 Leadership and Influence: IS -240                                              1
FEM 133                 Decision Making and Problem solving: IS-241                                    1
FEM 134                 Effective Co mmun ications: IS – 242                                           1
FEM 135                 Developing & Managing Vo lunteers: IS – 244                                    1

FEM 150                 Introduction to the Incident Co mmand System: IS – 100.a                       1
                        Incident Co mmand fo r the Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents:
                        IS – 200.a
FEM 151                 Introduction to the National Incident Management System (NIMS): IS -           1
                        The NIMS Public Informat ion Systems: IS -702
                        NIMS Resource Management: IS – 703
FEM 159                 Introduction to the National Response Framework: IS-800.b                      1
                         National Disaster Medical System, Federal Coordinating Center
                         Operations: IS-1900
                         Emergency Support Function 15 (ESF 15) External A ffairs: IS 250
                         All ESF Courses: IS-801 thru IS-814
FEM 173                  Continuity of Ope rations Awareness: IS- 546.a                                  1
                         Introduction to Continuity of Operations: IS - 547.a
                         Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program Manager: IS -548

FEM 140                  Emergency Planning: IS – 235                                                    1
FEM 141                  Exercise Design: IS -139                                                        1
FEM 157                  Introduction to Hazard Mit igation: IS- 393.a                                   1
FEM 174                  Disaster Response Operations                                                    1

FEM Electi ves           Select eight credits fro m FEM Courses not listed above                         8

INTR 103                 Internship – Emergency Management Capstone                                      3

                        Total Credi t Hours                                                       60/62
  After comp leting FEM Module courses indicated above students must pass a comprehensive exam on that
  module. Contact Frederick Co mmunity College Emergency Management Program Manager to arrange an

‡ Cultural Co mpetence
  All degree-seeking students must complete a Cu ltural Co mpetency course in order to graduate. This course
   may satisfy another requirement in your program. Choose at least one course designated with ‡ fro m the
                      GenEd list to satisfy at least one of the degree requirements below.

Accreditation: Frederick Community College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on
Higher Education.

For more information:


        Mr. Robert McDaniels, MS, EMTP
        Director, Emergency Management Education

        Ms. Kathy Forrest, BS, CEM
        Program Manager, Emergency Management

        Workforce Development & Professional Preparation
        Frederick Community College
        7932 Opossumtown Pike, MB 180
        Frederick, Maryland 21702
        Ph: 301-624-2854
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