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   Smart Move
   We can help you move to a
   larger property
Are you overcrowded?
Need a larger property?
          If you are an Islington        Only about 670 family sized
          Council tenant and you live    properties become available
          in an overcrowded              each year meaning most
          household then Islington's     tenants in overcrowded
          Smart Move scheme could        households will
          be for you.                    unfortunately not be
                                         rehoused. For most
          Smart Move helps to match
                                         overcrowded households a
          people living in properties
                                         mutual exchange may be
          with more bedrooms than
                                         the only chance of a move.
          they need (under-
          occupying tenants) with        If you really want to move,
          people living in               then you have to be
          overcrowded homes, to          realistic. Most people want
          arrange a mutual exchange.     a garden, a ground floor
                                         property or a low rise or
          There are currently more
                                         street property, so these
          than two thousand tenants
                                         properties are in great
          in overcrowded households
          on Islington's housing
          register. We ensure priority   Securing a move to a bigger
          for housing goes to those      home is more likely if you
          most in need by using a        will accept a similar type of
          points system. Many            property to the one you are
          tenants do not have enough     currently in. For example, if
          points to bid for a larger     you are in a high rise
          property or following an       property on a high floor it
          assessment of their needs      would improve your
          they have not been             chances of moving if you
          considered a high enough       would accept a move to the
  THIS    priority to be selected to     same type of property.
 WAY UP   outbid other applicants.
What you need to do

            look out for adverts in the Islington Gazette, alongside
            the Homeconnections advert.
            view properties by logging on to
            visit your local housing office
         We aim to advertise one or two properties each week.
         We only advertise under-occupying tenants. If you are an
         under-occupier and wish to advertise please call:
         020 7527 4350.

Why try Smart Move?
            you do not need points to apply
            these properties would not be available through
            Homeconnections therefore increasing the number of
            properties available to you
            you don't need to register (If you are already registered
            on Homeconnections you can call the number on the
            advert and place your details in the same way as you
            would to bid.)
            If you are not already registered you can call
            020 7527 4140 to place a manual bid.
            you can negotiate with the other tenant about what is
            left in the property, such as carpets and curtains.
            Properties accepted through Homeconnections
            generally come without carpets, curtains and other
Top tips

  keep your rent account clear.       If you have a viewing:
  If you are experiencing problems
                                         have a spring clean. Polish
  please speak to your housing
                                         windows, vacuum carpets and tidy
  officer, as it may prevent your
                                         up balconies and gardens.
  exchange going through.
                                         try to have your home looking
  if you have questions about
                                         neat and de-cluttered. Clear the
  Housing Benefit, talk to the
                                         work-tops and floor space so it
  Islington Benefits Team on
                                         looks as spacious as possible to
  020 7527 4990.
                                         the prospective tenant.
  if you want to secure that move,
                                      Doing these small things could really
  really promote the benefits of
                                      make a big difference to the tenant
  your home to the prospective
                                      viewing your property.

 If you would like this document in large print or
 Braille, audiotape or in another language, please
 contact 020 7527 4140.
 The Rehousing Team
 Housing Aid Centre
 38 Devonia Road, London, N1 8UY
 T 020 7527 4140 F 0207 527 4136 Minicom 0800 073 0536
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        Printed on environmentally friendly paper. Published August 2009.

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