Microsoft Excel Vs. Google Spreadsheet by isbangee

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									Microsoft Excel Vs. Google Spreadsheet
Group 3: Mindi Quinn, Artie Sims, Michael Riggen, & Eric Spencer

General Overview
• Database Spreadsheets • Used to organize and categorize information in number or word format • Information can be filtered by specific criteria. • Formulas can be inserted to manipulate the data.

 Accessed from licensed software on a personal computer.  Can be accessed from any computer with internet capability.  Can be reviewed by multiple persons on different computers at the same time.

 Can be purchased in bundles or separately from any computer software store.  Some universities provide free access for students through a campus wide license.  Can be utilized free of cost with a Google e-mail account and login id.

Storage Capabilities
 Can be saved in XML format.  Can be edited with any program that has XML capabilities.  Spreadsheets or worksheets can be uploaded through CSV and XLS formatted files.  Can also be saved in html format.

o Very customizable. o Charts & Graphs can be created from data entered into the table. o Simplicity. o Can be color coded. o Basic spreadsheet without the extra bells & whistles.

Unlimited options to personalize your spreadsheet. Most universal spreadsheet software. Generally comes in a bundled package with other useful application software. Documents are more secure as they can only be accessed from your personal computer or disk drive.

Can choose who has access to your document. Can never lose your work because it is automatically saved online. Multiple people can access the document simultaneously. Is very user-friendly even to the computer idiot.

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