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					Google’s New Grooves:
The Search Giant Enters the Cell phone Biz

James Finley

The News
• Yesterday Google/T-Mobile announces the joint release of the G1 • The new Google phone will run on TMobile service • Uses the Android operating system • Public release date set for Oct. 13th -22nd
Reports vary on release date

Welcome the OHA • Open Handset Alliance • Developers of the Android Program • ChinaMobile, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, Telefonica, LG, and Ebay • Program will become part of the future “HTC Dream” product

The G1 takes the Stage
• • • • • • • • • 3.2 in display (320 x 480 HVGA) Touch screen and trackball navigation Full QWERTY keyboard Dual band UMTS and HSPA GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad-band Wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled GPS 3.2 mega pixel fixed focused camera Micro SD slot (w/ 1gb card)  support up to 8gb

Additional Features
• Include high-speed internet browsing that rivals laptop browsing speed. • Photo sharing and publishing • Instant Messaging • Comes loaded with G mail and G maps • YouTube accessibility • Also syncs with AOL, Yahoo, and MS mail

• • • • Cost: $399 or $179 w/ 2 year contract* $35 for unlimited data and messaging $10/mo. VoIP service Automatic switching between call network and Wi-Fi for faster speed and coverage

So What’s Android anyway?
• Open source operating system
– Amend, improve, and customize – Write new programs for OS

• Linux based operating system • Break the mold concern which apps work on which devices / OS / phones

What Else?
• Amazon’s MP3 music store is directly linked to G1 • Non DRM-music can be uploaded • Android programs can be downloaded (for free?) from the Market
– WikiTude, Cab4Me, GoCart

• Will come with a “lite” version of Chrome

Oh No you Didn’t!
• Current T-Mobile customer based (31.5 mil.) can’t hack it • Far behind competitors in service size. Currently trying to improve from 2 to 25 cities by year’s end • 3G data plan may be expensive and include hidden costs • Android will have difficulty unseating Apple and In Motion Ltd. (Blackberry) with 2/3 of the “Smart” market: Says IDC, a mobile device research company)

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