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Aftercare is the key - Vaser Lipo _ Hi-Def Liposuction London


									Aftercare is the key
to the best results from cosmetic surgery
Esther Fieldgrass, the creative inspiration
behind EF MEDISPA’s clinics in Kensington
and Chelsea, explains the importance of a well
designed aftercare programme to ensure speedy
recovery and perfect results for men and
especially for women

             MEDISPA has been a       around, and I have built a great
             pioneer in improving     team to support their fantastic
             surgical aftercare       work.”
standards, especially after lipo        The other exciting innovation
procedures, where they provide        at EF MEDISPA is an initial
up to ten days of continuous          complimentary consultation with
aftercare. Esther Fieldgrass, the     one of their experienced clinic
founder of EF MEDISPA, explains       co-ordinators. Esther explains why     Final result 3 months after
                                                                             Vaser (untouched photo)
why this is so important: “Great      she introduced this at both the
results come from great aftercare.    Kensington and Chelsea clinics:
I have spent several years working    “We have such a broad range of         1 month after Vaser
with our surgical team and using      both non-invasive and invasive
client feedback to come up with       treatments available, that clients
what I believe to be the best         appreciate the opportunity of
aftercare programme available.        an informal consultation without
Once our surgeons have given          feeling under any obligation.
you the body you have always          The client then has a better
dreamed of, our specially trained     understanding of the options
nurses and aestheticians take over    when they meet one of our
to make sure that you keep your       plastic or dental surgeons, feeling
new looks.”                           comfortable that they have
   EF MEDISPA provides a bespoke      explored all the options before
aftercare programme, depending        choosing surgery.”                     Before Vaser
on the type of surgery, including       As more people are looking
treatments designed to speed          for walk-in walk out same day
healing and recovery whilst           procedures, avoiding the need of
boosting the body’s immune            a hospital stay, EFMEDISPA offers
system. Where appropriate, there      conscious sedation for a variety
are also treatments that work to      of procedures, including Vaser
improve the results of the surgery,   Hi-definition liposculpture, breast
such as skin tightening before        augmentation, blepharoplasty,
and after lipo. Esther believes       vaginoplasty, labiaplasty and mini-
that “behind every top surgeon        facelifts. So whether you have
there should be a top class           decided on surgery or are still       one of EF MEDIPSA’s clinic co-
team to provide aftercare. Our        looking at alternatives, book a       ordinators now to get one step
international surgeons are the best   complimentary consultation with       nearer to your perfect body.

 EF MEDISPA                           EF MEDISPA                  
 29 Kensington Church Street          193 Kings Road              
 London W8 4LL                        London SW3 5ED                        (online shopping)
 020 7310 8606                        020 7717 9448                         Open 7 days a week

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