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             March of Dimes Website: Birth Defects
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    Use the search box located on the March of Dimes web page look up the following subjects.

    Birth Defects:

        1. How many babies are born in the US each year with birth defects? ___________.

        2. What is a birth defect:

        3. What causes a birth defect (4 factors)?
                 1. ______________________________________________
                 2. ______________________________________________
                 3. ______________________________________________
                 4. ______________________________________________

    Down Syndrome:

        4. How many people in this country have Down syndrome: _________________.

        5. What # chromosome is in the embryo causing Down syndrome: __________.

        6.     List 5 health problems a child with Down syndrome may have:

        7.    Describe what a child with Down syndrome may look like:

       8.     How many children with Down syndrome will likely have severe mental
              retardation: __________.(a word, not a number)

       9.     Can Down syndrome be prevented? ________

       10.     What vitamin has been linked to a reduction in birth defects if a woman takes it
              during pregnancy? ___________________

       11. Will an amniocentesis blood test give a conclusive diagnosis? __________

       12. What disease do 25% of adults with Down syndrome develop in their middle
           age years? _________________________.


       13. What does Achondroplasia effect? ____________________________________.

       14. What does a person with Achondroplasia look like?
   15. Achondroplasia is caused by a mutation in a gene called:

   16. What are 3 additional sources of information for support groups or further
                 1. ______________________________
                 2. ______________________________
                 3. ______________________________


17.       Autism affects ____ in _____ children in the United States.

18.       List 5 common symptoms of Autism:

19.       Who’s more at risk, girls or boys? ______________________

20.       At what age can treatment begin? __________

21.       List the 8 common characteristics of Autism

Cerebral Palsy

23.       What are the three different types of Cerebral Palsy?
                 1. _____________________________________
                 2. _____________________________________
                 3. _____________________________________

24.       What does the “ataxic form of Cerebral Palsy affect?

          ____________________________ and ______________________________

25.       What is the cause of 70% of Cerebral Palsy

26.       List 6 known causes of Cerebral Palsy.

27.       What is Jaundice and how is it caused?

28.       What mechanical devices are available today to help children with Cerebral
Chromosomal Abnormalities.

29.     ____ in _____ children are born with Chromosomal Abnormalities. What is the
        most common? _________________________________

30.     What are chromosomes?

31.     How many PAIRS does each person have?

32.     What percentage of first trimester miscarriages are a result of Chromosomal
        Abnormalities? _________

Cleft Lip and Cleft Pallet.

33.     When do oral-facial clefts develop, and how common are they?

34.     How do oral-facial clefts affect a baby’s face?

35.     How do clefts affect hearing? Why?

Cystic Fibrosis.

36.     CF is a __________________ disease that affects _______________and

37.     What test has been developed to detect CF? ______________________________

38.     How common is CF?

39.     What are the symptoms?

40.     List the 4 types of medicine that can help a person with CF? How do they work?

Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

41.     How many babies are born each year with some form of alcohol-related damage?

42.     During pregnancy, how much alcohol is too much?

43.     Is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding? Explain:

Sickle Cell Disease.

44.     What is Sickle Cell Disease and how is it characterized?

45.     What are the 7 most common problems seen in Sickle Cell Disease?

46.     Do we all have the same chance of getting Sickle Cell Disease? What are the
47.    Is there a test to detect Sickle Cell Disease? _______________

48..   What are 3 other sources of information or referrals?

Pick 3 more defects to research. In the space provided give information on the disease.
What is it? How do you get it? Is there a test for it? What are the symptoms? How do
you prevent it? Worth 5 points each!!

49.    __________________________________________

50.    __________________________________________

51.    __________________________________________

Teenage Pregnancy.

52.    What percent of US births were to mothers under the age of 20? ________

53.    How many girls out of every 10 become pregnant at least once before age 20?

54.    Out of every 100 teen pregnancies how many have a baby? ___________

55.    List health risk to babies of teen mothers 1) _____________________________
       2) ______________________________________________________________

56. Describe two consequences of teen pregnancy.

57. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, describe WHAT the “Preemie Act” is. Do you think this
is an act worth supporting? WHY?

58.  What is the recommended amount of Folic Acid that a woman should take
BEFORE getting pregnant? ________________________________ What does it do?

59.    Does weight-loss surgery have a positive or negative effect on pregnancy if the
       mother has it before getting pregnant?

60.    What is “Placenta Previa”? What 3 conditions could increase a woman’s risk of
       Placenta Previa?

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