Ghosts of Mississippi Discussion Questions by dandanhuanghuang


									      Ghosts of Mississippi Discussion
 This is a list of discussion questions that you will
 be expected to answer tomorrow during class. You can
use this sheet during the discussion but nothing else.
  It is expected that you will prepare each question.
  All students will participate and you will be graded
                  on your performance.

 1.    One of the reporters early in the movie said,
   “Who said anything about America? This is
   Mississippi.” What did he mean by that? Give an
   example from the Civil Rights movement to back up
   your answer.

 2.    Medgar Evers was quoted as saying “I don’t
   know whether I’m going to heaven or to hell but I
   know I am going from Jackson.” What does this
   indicate about his attitudes toward race and
   segregation in the south? Do you think other
   southerners felt the same? Why or why not?

 3.    What part of the movie stood out most to you?

 4.    What character do you admire the most?   Why?

 5.    What character do you think is most like you?

 6.    Choose a character from the movie and describe
   the process they went through to try to get
   justice for Medgar Evers.
7.    We discussed the terms stereotype, prejudice
  and discrimination. Give an example of each of
  these from the film and compare/contrast them.

8.    Out of frustration, Bobby DeLaughter said,
  “You can never legislate the way people think.”
  How is this quote exemplified in the movie? What
  are examples of it today?

9.    One of the mottos of the civil rights movement
  was “We shall overcome.” Do you think our society
  truly has overcome? Why or why not?

10. In Bobby DeLaughter’s closing statement he asks
the jury the following question: “Is it ever too
late to do the right thing?” Respond to this
question. Use at least two examples from the movie
to back up your opinion.

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