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Bashing Already!

IACRL Conference
March 30, 2006
Charlotte Johnson
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville cjohnso@siue.edu

• Google Services
• Google Tools • Google Extensions • Google Classes • Google Concerns and Questions

Google Services
• • • • • • • • • • • Alerts Answers Base Blog Search Book Search Catalogs Directory Froogle Groups Images Labs • • • • • • • • • • • Local Maps Mobile News Scholar SMS Special Searches University Search Web Search Web Search Features Google Librarian

Google Tools
• • • • • • • • • Blogger Code Desktop Earth Gmail Picasa Talk Toolbar Translate

Google Extensions
• • • • • Google Safe Browsing Blogger Web Comments Google Toolbar Google Send to Phone Google Suggest

Google Services
• Google Alerts
– An email-based notification system – Updates of results for topics or searches

• Google Answers
– Fee-based research assistance service – Enter a questions and amount willing to pay – Answers from Google Researchers

Google Services
• Google Base
– Launched November 2005 – Add nearly any type of content and make it available on the web – Examples: classified, want or personal ads; product, service or directory listings; reviews; events; activities – Some prohibited items

Google Services
• Google Blog Search
– Search blogs the way you search the web

• Google Book Search
– Search the full text of books online – Find books to buy or get from local library – View public domain books in full – See partial samples or snippets/excerpts

Google Services
• Google Catalogs
– View scanned mail-order catalogs online – Searchable text

• Google Directory
– Websites organized by searchable topics – Also used to categorize general search results and to expand searches

Google Services
• Froogle
– Search for products, compare prices – Create shopping lists that can be shared with others

• Google Groups
– Create and join online discussion groups

• Google Images
– Search for images on the web

Google Services
• Google Labs
– Projects still in Beta (some for years)

• Google Local
– Ultimate phone book, yellow pages, business directories and information about web businesses – Name and zip code to get phone number, address, map, reviews, and related links

Google Services
• Google Maps
– U.S. maps in three views: map, satellite, and hybrid maps from country to street level

• Google Mobile
– Google services for mobile devices: web and image search Google Local Blogger Mobile

Google Services
• Google News
– Feeds from thousands of websites and media outlets – Browse top headlines and categories, search by keywords – News feeds in Atom or RSS

• Google Scholar
– Search for scholarly articles, books, peerreviewed papers, abstracts, publications

Google Services
• Google SMS
– Send text message “GOOGL” – Find local business listings, driving directions, movie showtimes, weather, stock quotes, product prices, dictionary definitions

• Google Special Searches
– Limit searches to U.S. Government, Linux, BSD, Apple Macintosh, and Microsoft topics

Google Services
• Google University Search
– Search participating schools’ websites

• Google Web Search
– Most known and recognized service – Search billions of websites with results in order of relevance and page rank – Too many features to list?

Google Web Search Features
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Book Search Cached Links Calculator Currency Conversion Definitions File Types Froogle Groups I’m Feeling Lucky Images Local Search Movies News Headline • • • • • • • • • • • • • Phone Book Q&A Results Prefetching Search by Number Similar Pages Site Search Spell Checker Stock Quotes Street Maps Travel Information Weather Web Page Translation Who Links to You?

Google Tools
• Blogger
– Easily create and publish blogs – Hosted on Google servers for free – Assign a URL and host elsewhere – Search others blogs by subject

• Google Code
– Find open source software

Google Tools
• Google Desktop
– Search the web and your computer: email, chats and web history – Includes Google Sidebar
• • • • • • Access to your email inbox and arrival alerts Personalized news and stock quotes Photos RSS and ATOM feeds Weather Scratch pad for quick notes

Google Tools
• Google Earth – Satellite images from around the globe – Zoom out or in to street level – Fly from location to location – And now Google Mars • Gmail – Have mail from other accounts sent to this one – Unique features like storing emails as conversations and 2.6 GB of storage

Google Tools
• Picasa
– Manage photos on your PC – Automatically organizes them – Find, edit and share them through Hello! (Google’s IM Program)

• Google Talk
– Google’s instant messenger – Text-based chat – Or make “calls” on voice chat

Google Tools
• Google Toolbar
– Adds features to your web browser: • Search box • Spell checker • Auto links addresses to Google Maps • Pop-up blocker • Automatic form filling – Available for Firefox and Internet Explorer

Google Tools
• Google Translate
– Portions of text or entire pages – To and from: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and simplified Chinese – Search for websites in over 100 languages

Google Extensions
• Google Safe Browsing
– Available for Firefox – Alerts you when a website asks for personal or financial information under false pretenses

• Blogger Web Comments
– Available for Firefox only – What are bloggers saying about this page? – Post your own blog comment about it

Google Extensions
• Google Send to Phone – Available only for Firefox – Send short text messages of web content to your mobile phone or device (phone numbers, directions, library due dates) • Google Suggest – Available only for Firefox – Auto-completes search queries as you type

Google Labs

Extreme Googling 2005
• Day-long workshop • Created by Berkeley Librarian Joe Barker • An Infopeople Project
– Free to use material if credit author and funding source – IMLS with LSTA funds from CA State Library

• Includes agenda, objectives, exercises and great “cheat sheets”
• www.infopeople.org/training/past/2005/extr_googling/

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