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  Breaking News:
                          Mardi Gras CMM style
                          MARY BETH TURNER
                          KATIE CHOPIN
                             How do you celebrate Mardi Gras?
                          Eighth grade Social Studies teachers go
                          all out. February 5, 2008, was CMM’s
                          Mardi Gras celebration. Students came
  Ruth Bishop wins        to school in their costumes and wore it
  Caddo Parish Mid-       until the end of the day. During second
                          and third hour, students reported to
  dle School Student      their assigned area and their costumes
  of the Year!            were graded and judged. During the
                          last half of 4th hour, the music depart-
                          ment, stage band, and show choir enter-
                          tained students. The dance was during
                          6th and 7th hour. All of the refresh-
                          ments were free due to poinsettia sales.
                              February 3, 2007, the Centaur “I
                          Dream of Genie” float rolled in the High-
                          land parade. Not with Centaur krewe
                          members, but with CMM students,
                          faculty, and lots of beads. Students
                          collected beads from past parades and       8th Grade Mardi Gras court members show off their creative costumes before the dance.
                          gave them to their social studies teacher
  Geography Bee Winners
                          for bonus points. Other than beads, the     derson, Caleb Raley, Javont’e Jackson,
  These students          riders threw CMM footballs, moon pies,      Andrew Bingham. Krewe of Berg: King,
                          cups, stuffed alligators and more! Each     Kaelon Gerard; Queen, Morgan May;
  know their way          teacher had a court, and each court had     Prince, Grayson Perkins; Princess, Ra-
  around the world        a king, queen, prince, princess, duke,      chel McClure; Duke, Zack Long; Duch-
                          and duchess.                                ess, Ashley Page; Honorable Mention:
                              Each teacher had a court, and each      Victoria Lynn, Bridget Kinsey, Frances
                          court had a king, queen, prince, prin-      Miramon, Lauren Folson, Lizzy Pate,
                          cess, duke, and duchess. Krewe of           Claire Beth Cook. The Krewe of Blan-
                          Banks: King, Darius Morris; Queen,          kenship: King, Trevor Williams; Queen,
                          Sydney Strecker; Prince, Chase Cason;       Mackenzie Cranston; Princess, Erin
                          Princess, Katherine Key; Duke, Na-          Davis; Prince, Chris Gillespie; Duch-
                          than Benyounes; Dutchess, Ambrojhae         ess, Samantha Noe; Duke, Ross Dies;
                          Jones; Honorable Mention: Quiana Rob-       Honorable Mention: Jessie Miller, Chad
                          ertson, Katy Thomas, Kaitlin Anderson,      Cotton, Michael Woods, Natalie Ram-
                          Levi Hall, Meagan Gilliam, and Daniel       bis, Countess Buckner, Austin Bellamy.
                          Simmons. Krewe of Porter: King, Chris       Crowning our courts were the Krewes
  Stacey Reppond wins     Candler; Queen, Annalise Gunn; Prince,      of Centaur, Gemini, Aesclepius, and
  CMM Spelling Bee        Colin Reeves; Princess, Madeline Hiers;     de Les femmes Mystique. All of these
                          Duke, Kylin Thomas; Duchess, Krista         krewes had royalty present to throw
                          Charles; Honorable Mention: Anna            beads and crown the court. We hope all   Ms. Porter and Mrs. Berg join students in throwing beads at the Highland
                          Boyter, Courtnei Green, Jasmine An-         of the eighth graders had fun!           Parade.

                          Reform becomes focus in new era of Louisiana politics
                                                                                                               HENRY LIN
                                                                                                                   On January 15, 2008 Bobby Jindal
  CMM students visit
                                                                                                               was inaugurated. Jindal is the young-
  with Mayor Glover at                                                                                         est sitting governor in the United
  the Shreveport Plan                                                                                          States. In his speech, Jindal refrained
  Retreat                                                                                                      his campaign speech about change
                                                                                                               and a fresh start for Louisiana.
                                                                                                                    Several students and faculty from
                                                                                                               CMM attended the inauguration in-
                                                                                                               cluding Zamontae Stinson, Mr. Hicks,
                                                                                                               and Mr. Anderson. Zamontae’s uncle,
                                                                                                               Patrick Williams, was also inaugurat-
                                                                                                               ed as a state representative for District   Mr. Anderson.
                                                                                                               4. “It was very interesting and excit-            Mayor Glover said that Jindal’s
                                                                                                               ing; he wanted Louisiana to be a bet-       speech was inspiring and agrees that
                                                                                                               ter place to live,” said Zamontae. Mr.      Louisiana needs change. Rev. Fred
                                                                                                               Anderson and Mr. Hicks also played          Lowery, pastor of First Baptist Church
                                                                                                               in the Bossier City-based 156th Army        in Bossier City, who attended the cer-
     Pets get into                                                                                             National Guard band before the inau-        emony, also believes that Jindal can
     the Mardi Gras                                                                                            guration. “I was honored to be part of      foster change. Jindal’s inauguration
                                                                                                               the Inauguration and look forward to        might mark the beginning of a new
     celebration                                                                                               see how he will run the state,” said        Louisiana.

vol. XXVI number 3                                                        Caddo Middle Magnet                                                                                Shreveport, LA
CMM	Mane	Line	February	‘08	page	2

Phone Books By                                                                             New Spanish Teacher
the Thousands
                                                                                         STACY REPPOND
                                                                                         	        There	 is	 a	 new	 Spanish	
                                                                                         teacher	at	CMM.		As	Mrs.	Jeffers	
STACY REPPOND                                                                            left	during	the	Christmas	Break,	Ms.	
      The annual event                                                                   Arlette	 Gonzalez	 took	 her	 place.	 	
that is sure to stir excite-                                                             			She	teaches	sixth	grade	Explor-
ment is here again. The                                                                  atory	Spanish,	seventh	grade	Begin-
Telephone Book Collec-                                                                   ning	Spanish,	and	eighth	grade	In-
tion Drive, sponsored                                                                    termediate	Spanish.	She	graduated	
by the CMM 4-H Club,                                                                     from	the	Instituto	Technologico	y	de	
started on Wednesday,                                                                    Estudios	Superiores	de	Monterrey.	    	
January 23, 2008. That                                                                   			Before	coming	to	CMM,	she	taught	
means you still have                                                                     for	 over	 four	 years	 at	 the	 ITESM	
a chance to help your                                                                    High	 School	 bicultural	 program.	   	
Stallion Round-Up col-                                                                   One	thing	she	likes	about	CMM	is	           saying	 words	 in	 a	 different	 lan-
lect the most phone                              the top 6th, 7th, 8th, and mixed the	commitment	the	teachers	have	                  guage,	 but	 it	 is	 a	 way	 to	 become	
books. You can collect them from                 classes that collect the most tele- with	their	students.		She	hopes	one	            part	of	a	larger	global	community.
hospitals, banks, hotels, govern-                phone books at CMM. Students thing	that	the	students	learn	is	that	                 Recepcion,Ms.Gonzalez!
ment buildings, and businesses. It               collecting over 200 books will re- foreign	 language	 is	 not	 just	 about	
is a parish wide project involving               ceive a $40 gift certificate to the
all of the schools in Caddo Parish,              restaurant or store of their choice.
and CMM has a reputation for
collecting a phenomenal amount
of telephone books. It concludes
Friday, February 29, 2008, giving
                                                 The single student that collects
                                                 the most books will receive an elec-
                                                 tronic gift that would be worth the
                                                                                           New Counselor
                                                 work they’ve done to collect them. Sarah Reppond                                    state.
you time to rack up an impressive                Good luck!                              		There’s a new face at CMM!                S h e
stash. Prizes will be awarded to                                                         Ms. Walker is the new 7th                   loves ev-
                                                                                         grade counselor. She used to                erything
Ruth Bishop wins Geography Bee                                                           work as a child life specialist at
                                                                                         a hospital, but after going back
                                                                                                                                     C M M
STACY REPPOND                                    ners	 were:	Winner	 –	 Ruth	 Bishop,	 for her master’s degree, she                  and says
	     Congratulations	       are	 in	            2nd	 Place	 –	 Zachary	 Dowd,	 3rd	 discovered that being a school                  that ev-
order	 for	 the	 CMM	 Geography	                 Place	–	Sterling	Ware,	4th	Place	–	 counselor suited her much bet-                  eryone
Bee	 winners	 for	 this	 school	 year.	
                                      	          Courtney	Ann	 Prestwood,	 and	 5th	 ter. She worked at a middle                     has been
The	 event	 was	 sponsored	 by	 Mrs.	            place	–	Thomas	Vaughn.			        	
                                                                                         school in Baton Rouge for three             w e l -
LaVonne	Perry.		Students	put	their	              	       Congratulations	 to	 Ruth	
                                                                                         years. This year, she came to               coming. She is excited to
geography	 knowledge	 to	 the	 test	             Bishop	 for	 winning	 first	 place!	
and	the	best	came	out	on	top.		The	              She	 has	 taken	 a	 written	 test	 to	 CMM because she wanted to be                 be at CMM and looks for-
2007-2008	 Geography	 Bee	 win-                  qualify	 for	 the	 state	 competition.	 at the best middle school in the
                                                                                       	                                             ward to having a great year!

The Spelling Bee CMM Students raise money for
												During	Make-Up	Activity	Pe-          St. Jude’s hospital
riod	 on	 Wednesday,	 December	 19,	
2007,	 the	 CMM	 Spelling	 Bee	 took	            SARAH REPPOND                             ceived	 their	 booklets	 and	 began	
place	 in	 the	 library.	 	 Fifteen	 students	   												On	January	15th,	CMM	         to	 collect	 pledges.	At	 the	 thirty-	
participated	after	being	chosen	by	their	        students	watched	a	St.	Jude	math-         five dollar level, students receive
English	teachers.	It	was	sponsored	by	           a-thon	 video	 during	 their	 math	       a	t-shirt	and	Six	Flags	pass.	Stu-
Mrs.	 Lydia	 Gunn.	 	 The	 winner	 was	          class.	The	St.	Jude’s	math-a-thon	        dents who raise seventy- five
Stacy Reppond. The finalists were                raises	 money	 to	 help	 pay	 for	 the	   get	a	backpack.	Students	raising	
Anna	Walton,	Sam	Reller,	and	Rachel	             running	of	the	St.	Jude’s	                                    125	      dollars	
Hill.		Stacy	will	go	on	to	compete	at	the	       hospital.	Did	you	know	                                       or	 more	 get	        have	 a	 pizza	 party.	 All	 pledges	
Shreveport	 Times	 Regional	 Spelling	           that	it	costs	1.2	million	                                    a	 choice	 of	 a	     must	 be	 collected	 and	 returned	
Bee	on	Saturday,	February	23,	2008.	             dollars	 to	 run	 the	 hos-                                   prize.	 Students	     by	 February	 14th.	 So,	 how	
The	winner	of	the	regional	competition	          pital	 each	 day?	 After	                                     who	 raise	 two	      much	 money	 have	 you	 raised?	    	
goes	to	the	National	Scripps	Spelling	           students	 returned	 per-                                      hundred	dollars	
Bee	in	Washington,	D.C.		Good	luck!              mission	 form,	 they	 re-                                     or	 more	 will	
                                                                                                              CMM Mane Line February ‘08 page 3

Mr. Wells visits CMM                                                           Show your Tiger spirit

      On January 25, selected sev-
enth grade American history
classes were in for a treat. Mr.
David Wells, who teaches junior
American history at Caddo Mag-
net High, came dressed as Teddy
Roosevelt, the 25th president. He
wrote and performed a rap about
Roosevelt, which included his
achievements in conservation and
the Panama Canal, then Mr. Wells
did a Powerpoint presentation.
       Mr. Wells taught 7th grade
Gateway American history at                                                    Mary Beth Turner                didn’t see your picture in the pa-
CMM for several years before                                                                                   per, maybe it’s on the internet.
transferring to Magnet High. He                                                        Wednesday, January 16, We supported the LSU win over
is well known for the many raps                                                2007, lots of CMM students wore Ohio State. The tigers won with
he has written; in fact, he has even                                           L S U                             38 points, and Matt Flynn threw
published a book with raps on most                                             shirts,                           four touchdown passes. Playing
of the presidents. He is an enter-                                             hats, and                         in New Orleans, the Tigers (12-
taining speaker, and CMM stu-                                                  jackets to                        2) became the first two-loss team
dents enjoyed hearing Mr. Wells.                                               school. A                         to compete for the title. Still, the
                                                                               reporter                          Tigers received 60 of 65 first-
                                                                               from The                          place votes from a national me-

And the winners are ...
                                                                               Times                             dia panel. Talk about a great way
                                                                               came to                           to end the season. Go Tigers!
                                                                               CMM and took pictures. If you
Social Studies Fair                        Science Fair                        Super Tuesday New plans for
Mary Beth Turner                       Katie Chopin

        On January 30, 2008, the               The 2007-2008 CMM sci-
                                                                               ELEANOR                  BRAINIS
CMM social studies fair projects       ence fair 1st place winners are: Ani-                                         KENDALL BYRAM
                                                                                    February 5th was not a nor-
were judged. The regional fair will    mal Sciences, Dorothy Kalmbach;         mal Tuesday, but it was one of
be at LSUS, but here are the first     Behavioral Sciences, Jered Perkins;                                               On December 15, 2007, Shi-
                                                                               the largest days in politics, Super
place winners. Anthropology: Di-       Biochemistry, Joan Liu; Computer                                              kira Flournory, Ruth Bishop, Re-
                                                                               Tuesday. Certain states had their
vision I- Ellen Bush, Division II-     Science, Sean Nathan; Chemistry,                                              becca Davis, Jasmine Douglas,
                                                                               primaries to cast their votes. Af-
Nicole Lim; Economics: Division                                                                                      and Carter Boyd went to a meet-
                                       Taylor Haddock; Earth Science, Ash-     ter all the primaries take place,
                                                                                                                     ing with the Shreveport Planning
I-Melissa Raney, Division II-Sim-      ley Page; Engineering: Electrical &     it will show an estimate on how
                                                                                                                     Committee. These five students
one Graham; Geography: Division        Mechanical, Jay Jain; Engineering:      the election may result. The larg-
                                                                                                                     learned about planning a future
I- Erin Carson, Division II- Pat-      Materials & Bioengineering, Greg-       est states included California and
                                                                                                                     for the city of Shreveport. The
rick Murphy; Group: Division I-        ory Walton; Energy & Transporta-        New York, with Hillary Clin-
                                                                                                                     Planning Committee is a very
Sara Decker & Taylor Anderson,                                                 ton winning both states. After
                                       tion, Sarah Vickers; Enviromental                                             important aspect of the city of
                                                                               Super Tuesday John McCain is
Division II- Frances Miramon &         Sciences, Jacob Wagley and Phillip                                            Shreveport. The students talked
                                                                               ahead by a landslide, and Hill-
Remi Locke; History: Division          Gill tied; Environmental Manage-                                              about what the city would need in
                                                                               ary Clinton and Barack Obama
I- Audrey McNew, Division II-          ment, Joseph Woodley; Medicine                                                twenty-five and fifty years from
                                                                               are still very close in the race.
Natalie Rambis; Political Science:     & Health, Victoria Lynn; Microbi-                                             now. Mayor Cedric Glover was at
                                                                               Super Tuesday leaves a lasting
Division I- Daniel Rovell, Divi-       ology, Brennan Maloney; Physics                                               the meeting and met with the stu-
                                                                               impression on the rest of politi-
sion II-Kenny Knick; Sociology:                                                                                      dents from Caddo Middle Magnet.
                                       & Astronomy, Greg Clifford; Plant       cal season, but no one will know
                                                                                                                     All the students that attended had
Division I- Alexis Britt, Division     Sciences, Emily Ilgenfritz; Team,       who will actually win until the
                                                                                                                     a lot of fun and learned about the
II- Sara Stanley. We want to wish      Eleni Mijalis & Anna Szentirmai.        real voting day on November 4th.
                                                                                                                     plan for the city.
everyone good luck at regionals.       Congratulations to the 1st, 2nd, and
CMM Mane Line February ‘08 page 4

        Hey Mrs. Eakin and
        Mrs. Geneux.                                                     KATIE!
        Happy Valentine’s Day.
                                          Emily Hope Trice!                                          KENDALL!
                                                                         I love you!
        Brittany Washburn                 I ♥ U so much!                                             I love you!
                                                                         Kayla Bragg
                                          ♥ Lexi!                                                    Kayla Bragg

                                        Dear Avery,                   Hey Megan and            Hey Chandler!
                                        Have a great Valentine’s      Jessie Happy             You told me not to do
   I love you Chicka Boo
                                        Day!                          Valentine’s Day!         this, but I did! Meghan
   Boo, Rooster D3 Boo,
                                        You are awesome.              Brittany Washburn        Johnston
   and Chicka De Dee!
                                        Love you.
   Brittany Jordan
                                        Ryan Burton

                                                                                                  Valentine’s Day
                                                                       Hey!                       totally rox!!!
                                              Hey all my friends!
                                                                       Happy Valentine’s          Casey Hayes
                                              Meghan Johnston
    I love you (bestie)                                                Day!
    Meghan Johnston.                                                   Love, Casey!
    Love, Brittany Jordan

        Happy Valentine’s                                                                     Hey Josh, JC, Rachel,
        Day Mollye, Jennifer,            Good for help on one test
                                                                     I love you!              Kristalyn, Megahn, Sarah
        Taylor, Roger and                question ( not LEAP) or
                                                                     Happy Valentine’s        M, Lyndi, and all my
        Kaytlin!!                        an extra 5 points when
                                                                     Day.                     friends!
        Bailey Dixon                     you really need it.
                                                                     This is to everyone at   Alexis Douglas
                                         One per student!
                                         J. Pomeroy. Exp. 5-22-
                                                                     Alexis Douglas

      Hey Bailey, Kaitlin,
                                                                                                Melissa, Kierra, Kyerra,
      and Mollye!
                                                                     Kristalyn I love           Kailey, Alexis, Peyton,
      You guys rock! Happy
                                    Have a Happy Valentine’s         you to death!              Chandler, Allie, and all
      Valentine’s Day.
                                    Day to all my friends!           Love, Rachel               my friends I love you!
      Jennifer Cook
                                    Bailey, Rachel, Kaitlyn,                                    Rachel
                                    Jennifer, and all the rest!
                                    Mollye Shacklette
                                                                                      CMM Mane Line February ‘08 page 5

     Hey everyone! Kend-                                     Happy Valentine’s Day
     all Jean and Elizabeth       Hey Mrs. John-                                                Happy Valen-
                                                             ML, CH, AW, TH, HL,
     Noelle are the best!         son! Happy                                                    tine’s Day Pey-
                                                             and JS. Haley Evans
     Anna Walton                  Valentine’s Day!                                              ton, Emily, and
                                  Brittany Washburn                                             Meigan! Steph-
                                                                                                anie Daigle

                                                             Hey Hannah, Carly,
                                I would like to let you      Madie, Mandi, Melissa,          Happy Valentine’s
Happy Valentine’s Day!          all know again that Ken-     Courtney, Ann, Katy,            Day everyone! Mellis-
I love you Ellen, Shelby,       dall Jean and Elizabeth      Isabella, Kayla, and            sa, Shelby, Megan,
Mandi, Hannah, Col-             Noelle are awesome!          Savannah!                       Laura, and Caroline.
leen, and Paige.                Anna Walton                  Stephanie Daigle                ♥ Ellen Grimshaw
Love, Melissa Raney

                                                                                                Dear Alex,
                                     Happy Valentine’s Day                                      Hey Bro! Happy
                                     Ryan!                      Happy Valentine’s               Valentine’s Day!!
                                     I love you!                Day Dontarius                   Abby Inabnet
Happy Valentine’s Day                ♥ Avery Bryan              Alexander aka
Gary Larmar Sutton                                              Deebo! Shamarie
Jr. aka Duka! Shama-                                            McCall and
rie McCall and Peyton                                           Peyton Comeaux

    Dear Harrison,                                                                         Hey Abby! Have a great
    Happy Valentine’s            Happy Valentine’s Day                                     Valentine’s Day, be my
    Day!                         Hollis, Abby, Avery,         Dear Autumn, Hi!             Valentine?
    ♥ Abby Inabnet               Tara, and Will. Autumn       Happy Valentine’s            Harrison Caruthers
                                 Poole                        Day! Abby Inabnet

 I love all of my friends!                                                                    I don’t have a “special
 Have a wonderful                                            Happy Valentine’s                someone” but I love all
 Valentine’s Day!                                            Day to all… who-                 of my friends! Happy
 Lexi Horne♥                  Happy Valentine’s Day          ever is reading this!            Valentine’s Day!
                              Brooke Strickland! I ♥         Lots of love!                    Love, Emily Price
                              U!                             Mollye Shacklette
                              Ja’Cara Little
CMM Mane Line February ‘08 page 6

                                                                   Hey Sarah Kate, ILY!
         Happy Valentine’s                                         Even though no one
                                        Hey Emily,                                           Happy Valen-
         Day Tyler!                                                believes us.
         ♥ LeAnne                       ILY. Even though                                     tine’s Day
                                                                   We’re sisters!
                                        no one believes            Emily Gates               jumping
                                        that we’re sisters.                                  shrimp!
                                        Sarah Kate Barr                                      Madeline Mott

                                                                                          Happy Valentine’s
   Hey everybody!                      I ♥ ya’ll,                  Hey CMM!
                                                                                          Secret Pal!
   I love you so much!                 & you know who you          Jared Chance
                                                                                          Mrs. Thomas
   Happy Valentine’s Day               are!
   Kenny                               ♥ you!
   ♥ You!
   Dorothy Kalmbach

                                                                                            Hey I love you
                                             I love you Jerry!     To all of my             prancing deer!
                                             Happy V-Day!          friend!                  Molly Robin
    Hey Friends!                             Presley               I love y’all!
    You know who you are!                                          Happy Valentine’s
    Happy V-Day!                                                   Day!
    ♥ Megan                                                        Crista McArthur

      Happy Valentine’s Day                                                               Happy Valentine’s
                                        Happy Valentine’s         Happy Valentine’s
      to all my besties!                                                                  Day
                                        Day!                      Day
      Jolynn Armstrong                                                                    Anna Kate!
                                        I love all of my          Ryan, Haley, Logan      Madelyn Light
                                        BFF’S!                    and Caroline!
                                        (Hint Hint B.B. V.G!)     Madelyn Light
                                        Nicole Marie Capito

        I luv u JT!                                                                       Happy Valentine’s Day
                                                                 Sup H.C, R.B,
        Alexis Tucker                                                                     to all my friends!
                                    Happy Valentine’s            S.G, H.E, M.L,
                                                                                          Alexis Tucker
                                    Taylor!                      C.C, A.I, and A.B.
                                    You are awesome!             Logan Woods
                                    Haley Evans
                                                                                      CMM Mane Line February ‘08 page 7

      Destiny                                                Happy Valentine’s Day!
                                                             Stephanie C, Dani Kay,             Happy Valentine’s
      you are so cool!              Happy Valentine’s
                                                             Emily L, and Samantha,             Day!
      Love ya,                      Day to all my            B.                                 Gina Jennings,
      Your cuz                      friends.                 Gina Jennings                      Samantha B, and
                                    Love,                                                       Stephanie C.
                                    Courtney Ann                                                Dani Kay

                                                                                             Happy 12th birthday
                                                             Happy Valentine’s               Colleen!
Happy Valentine’s Day              I love you. Happy
                                                             Day Jerrica Reed.               Your friend, Morgan
Noel.                              Valentine’s Day.
                                                             Be merry.
Be merry.                          Shalanda Johnson
                                                             Shavaucia Blalock
Shavaucia Blalock

                                      Happy Valentine’s                                        Hey Haley, you’re
                                      Day                                                      awesome!!!
                                      Froynecia.                                               Taylor Hall
                                                                Hey Darchi!
Happy Valentine’s Day!                Be merry I told you.      I ♥ U so much!
I hope you find that                  Shavacia Blalock          Luv Asis Uku yo
someone special!                                                boo!!
Jerrica Reed

     Hey Haley!
                                                                                           Hey Zakiya, Ashley, and
     You’re the best girl-          I just wanted to show    Just wanted to say            Jasmine!
     friend ever!                   my love for Noel         wuzzup to all my              I love y’all so much!
     I love you.                    Holmes.                  friends!                      ♥ Kristian Stringer
     Taylor Hall                    Dontavius Alexander      Dontavius Alexander

 Hey Sara, Morgan,
 Lainie, Presley, and Karie!                                                                  To all my sistas:
                                                             Happy Valentine’s
 Happy Valentine’s Day!                                                                       Have a Happy Valentine’s
                                                             Day                              Day!
 Love, Katie Rose              Hey Zakiya, Ashley, and       Layne!                           (Tabobka, Krissy, Breea,
                               Jasmine!                      You are so sweet!                Ashley, Ty, and Sharne!)
                               I love y’all so much!         Amanda May                       I love y’all!
                               ♥ Kristian Stringer                                            Jasmine Collins
CMM Mane Line February ‘08 page 8

Valentine’s Day                           Upcoming
   history                                  events
         Valentine’s Day is a holiday     Mary Beth Turner
that is celebrated in many differ-
ent parts of the world, and in many       February 18- President’s Day
different ways. February 14 was                       (no school)

                                                                                  Who were you going for ?
thought to be the day birds chose         February 21- Spring pictures
their mates, but one reason we cel-       February 27- TAPS Drama play
ebrate it is because St. Valentine                      PAC 6:30
                                                                                  Garrett O’dom                        won a Super Bowl. His brother Pey-
was thought of as the creator of this.    February 28- TAPS play 3:00 &
                                                                                        On Sunday, February 3, 2008, ton won the Super Bowl last year.
St. Valentine was a Roman priest                        6:30
                                                                                  Super Bowl XLII was played in Ar-
that some people liked and others         February 29- 6th/7th grade assem
                                                                                  izona. The two teams lucky enough
didn’t. A young Frenchman called                 bly TAPS play 6:30
                                                                                  to get to it were the New England
Charles Duke of Orleans was also          March 10-14- iLEAP/LEAP test
                                                                                  Patriots and the New York Giants.
thought of as a creator of Valen-                       ing
                                                                                  The Patriots were undefeated in
tine’s Day. Back then a young girl        March 14- End of 3rd nine weeks
                                                                                  the regular season and the playoffs.
was supposed to marry on this day.
                                                                                  If they had won the Super Bowl,
There were many writers and po-
                                                                                  they would have been the second
ets that wrote on this subject. This
                                                                                  team ever to be undefeated all year.
day is said to be very romantic and
                                                                                      As you probably know, the New
has many different celebrations. To
                                                                                  York Giants won in double over-
this day we still do not completely
                                              Hey Mollye, Baily,                  time. The score was 56-49. This is
know why we celebrate Valentine’s,
                                              Anna, Kennydi, Mo-                  the first time that Eli Manning has
but it is still a very popular holiday.

                                                                                  Fun facts
                                              nique, and Emma!
Mystery girl                                  I love y’all!
                                              Rachel Alvarez
                                                                                                                          Have you lost
KARLEY WARE                                                                       KARLEY WARE
                                                                                  *300,000 fast food restaurants are
          This issue’s mystery girl
                                                                                          in the U.S.
is a 7th grader here at CMM. She                                                                                          GARRETT O’DOM
                                                    Connor, Will,                 *Bluebirds can’t see the color
went to St. Joseph’s for elementary                                                                                                If you have lost something,
                                                    Cameron, Ben                          blue.
school. Her favorite class is sci-                                                                                        try checking the lost and found by
                                                    ( Benny Boo)                  *Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.
ence with Mrs. Dunn. She is part                                                                                          the cafeteria or in the office. These
                                                    I ♥ U!                        *In New Orleans, it is illegal to tie
of G.A.L.S. club, and her hob-                                                                                            items were found in the lost and
                                                                                      an alligator to a fire hydrant.     found by the cafeteria: Many dif-
bies are piano and soccer. Do you
                                                                                  *A starfish can turn its stomach        ferent jackets, gym clothes for all
know who the mystery girl is?
                                                                                          inside out.                     grades, several binders and a Mar-
                                                                                  *Hummingbirds can’t walk.               di Gras mask were all found here.
                                          Who would                               *Moths have no stomach.
                                                                                  *Crocodiles swallow stones to
                                                                                                                                      These items were found
                                                                                                                          in the office: a lock, several pairs
                                          you vote for?                                   make them dive deeper.
                                                                                  *Giraffes are unable to cough.
                                                                                                                          of glasses, a glasses case, keys, a
                                                                                                                          wallet, a medal, jewelry, several
                                          Kenny Knick                             *The ant has a brain the size of its    watches, a mirror, CDs, a black
                                                 With all the hype about pres-            body.                           and green backpack, violin case,
                                          idential elections coming up, The       *You shed 40 pounds of skin in          folders, shirts, and a lunch box.
                                          Mane Line decided to take a poll and            your lifetime.                        If you don’t find what you lost
Mystery boy?                              see who the students liked the best.
                                                  Out of 50 people surveyed,
                                                                                  *Tigers have striped skin.
                                                                                  *An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its
                                                                                                                          in these places, try looking in teach-
                                                                                                                          ers classrooms, some teachers have
KARLEY WARE                               the survey clearly showed that the              brain.                          their own personal lost and founds.
      The mystery boy for this issue      students liked Barrack Obama by a       *A shrimp’s heart is in its head.
is in 6th grade. He went to South         margin of over 50%, a democratic        *Porcupines float in water.
Highlands last year for elementary        senator from Illinois. Coming in        *You can’t fold a regular piece of
school. His favorite class is social      second was John McCain with 25%,                paper more than 7 times.
studies with Mrs. Hedges. He likes        a republican senator from Arizona.      *Hotel maids don’t actually clean
tennis, reading, and violin. As far               While it is clear who some          the glass cups in the rooms,
as football teams go, his favorite is     students feel should be president,          they just spray disinfectant on
the Saints. Do you know who he is?        only time will tell who really de-          them.
                                          serves to be our country’s president.   *Hotel maids don’t wash the

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