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									Enhance Your Wardrobe with Fashion Jewelry Accessories

Fashion jewelry accessories can help you extend the life of your wardrobe. If you are one of the
many people who have to do more with less these days, using accessories is an inexpensive way
to look fashionable on a budget. The trick is to pick accessories that have long lasting style and
can be paired with several pieces in your wardrobe. This way you can mix and match and get as
many styles out of your closet as you possibly can which will save you money in the long term.
Here are a few ways to maximize your accessory usage.

As mentioned before, pick pieces with long lasting style. For example, if you buy a Melie Bianco
handbags, get one you think will be in style for a few years. Additionally, try to get it in a neutral
color like black, white, or beige. Sure the color is not as exciting as lime green or cinnamon red
womens designer handbags. However, the color will match most or all of your clothing which
means you can make do with fewer handbags. If you pick the right colors and style, in fact, you
could probably do well with one bag for daily use and one for special nights out on the town.

Jewelry is one place where you can have the most fun. Gold, silver, and platinum are neutral
colors that will match just about anything you wear. Earrings, womens bracelets, and necklaces
can help dress up a work outfit for a night on the town, or make your most elegant clothes really
shine. You can keep it simple or follow the current trend of piling on jewelry for a cluttered yet
trendy look. For example, wearing multiple bracelets in different styles on one arm is very
bohemian. Layering necklaces is also a current trend that can add some flare to an otherwise
stuffy office suit.
A great way to get all of the accessories you want for less is to shop in places that offer the best
bargains. The internet is a good place to get jewelry for cheap and you can find some great
vintage pieces that will add interest to your wardrobe. The best thing about shopping on the
internet is that you can do it from the comfort of your home and experience the convenience of
having it shipped directly to you. This will save you time and money you can spend on getting
more great accessories.

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