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					Bhima met Dewa Ruci

Dewa Ruci puppet story is quite popular among fans of puppets in Indonesia.Adalah facts
plainly, a traditional Javanese people greatly appreciate and still preserve the puppet as a
valuable artistic heritage. Until now, leather puppet still preferred by many spectators.
Puppet very pervasive hearts, but enjoyed as a classic spectacle of interest, also provide
guidance attitude and outlook on life that puts the values of truth.

This is the story of the puppet version of Java, by describing the spiritual journey Bima
tortuous, full of obstacles and challenges, until finally, managed to meet with the god
Bima Suksma Ruci or usually called Dewa Ruci.

This is where the Milky gain spiritual enlightenment, met with the True Soul was actually
in Bima own self, never been apart. Bima meeting with God is the epitome of Soul Ruci
Manunggaling Kawulo Gusti, Manunggalnya Kawulo Gusti, a servant of the Lord, where
the child is happy in the shelter of human tranquil majesty of God's light.

From now on, the Bima must have menggegam closely with real life for most people is
still an enigma and mystery. Bima spiritual behavior should be observed, as one of the
effective inner effort, to gain enlightenment.

Holy Water Prawitasari

It began when the Milky ordered by Guru Drona Prawitasari to find the Holy Water, so
that his life is really peaceful happy.

Prawita of pawita means clean, pure; sari is the nucleus. So, Holy Water is the essence of
ngelmu Prawitasari Saints - The spiritual essence of divine knowledge.

Guru Drona Milky judged that it was time to get a higher level ngelmu. According to his
observations, the Milky till date has successfully completed many tasks in the field of
worldliness, he was able to because of clever and prigel and he has a nobility and good
mental attitude.

Spiritual Behavior

In an effort to find the Holy Water Prawitasari, the wayang stories Dewa Ruci, Bhima
must struggle alone. Below are the obstacles that must be disingkarkan:

Forest Tikbrasara

On the instructions of his teacher, the Milky burst Tikbrasara sinister dense forest and
many animals buasnya. Dangers faced immense, death is always waiting.
Actually Tikbrasa is pralambang. Tikbra means are concerned; sara means sharp. This is
a lesson to reach copyright sharp and true, in general spiritual terms is a sharp visuals so
that the goal is reached.

Mount Reksamuka

Bima had to climb a high mountain summit, passing through steep winding road .. He
dared to face any risk.

It also pralambang, means must be able to maintain eye focus. The experience of
exploring the forest and mountain climbing Tikbrasara Reksamuka attitude is a lesson in
meditation or contemplation.

Prepare yourself well before with clean body and soul (the term: sacred). Be relaxed,
resigned. Focus your eyes a mountain summit, which is kepucuk hidung.Yang
contemplation, he thought up a high place. In terms of Javanese mysticism says: like
climbing Tursina. Means that the mountain tour; Sina is a high place.

Beat Rukmuka and Rukmakala

The forest, Bhima successfully conquered the two giants faced daunting cruel, namely
Rukmuka and Rukmakala.

It also pralambang. So that meditation is successful, the second major obstacle that must
be removed.

How can surrender in contemplation Sumarah Rukmuka mean when your mind to want
to eat delicious foods luxury real bad (damaging) a healthy body and mind.

Old people love to give advice: It may eat in moderation and healthy food, preferably
vegetables and fruits. If you eat too much fat and meat, but not good for health, is also
not good for spirituality.

Rukmakala is Rukma (gold) who was (dangerous). That is, the mind wants not only
abundant material wealth. That obstacle to spirituality and contemplation.

That is why, Bhima must defeat Rukmuka and Rukmakala.

Ocean and Snake

Apparently there is no Holy Water Prawitasari jungle and digunung.Bima sure what you
are looking for is in the ocean.
Ocean reminiscent of the word "ocean pangaksama" Have the means open heart, be a
forgiving person.

Bhima went on and without hesitation into the ocean. Not long ago been diair, Bhima
was willing to be gripped by a giant Sea Serpent. Bima not a coward, it faces the sea

Snakes symbolize qualities here that evil must be resisted. After the snake, the evil traits
were removed, then the properties are well maintained and needs to be done, among
• Not envious of others who developed and managed. Not hard when excessive wealth
will be reduced (Javanese: Rila).
•'d always be kind and true (Legawa).
• Living a life with gratitude and with a conscious. (Nrima).
• Humility, patience. Although the wronged person, did not return, no grudge (Anoraga).
• Know knowingly false and true. Remember to true. (Eling).
• Never get bored doing the right thing, among others, to do the contemplation. (Santosa).
• heart peace, forgetting past mistakes and losses ever experienced perfect time ago.
• Always intending and doing good for the interests of all parties (Rahayu).
• Maintaining healthy weight, exercise care to stay healthy, used to take part positively.
When it hurts dihusada / treated. (Wilujeng).
• Always learning and studying science and ngelmu correct (Marsudi kawruh).
• Perform routine contemplation, regular and called every time.
In everyday life to be cut down ngurang, such as eating when you are already hungry, eat
do not need much, just enough. Drink when thirsty and not have to choose a delicious
drink. Sleeping at the time was drowsy, do not need a soft mattress and luxury, which is
simple and clean as long as talkativeness sehat.Jangan behind and vilify people
lain.Selalu be positive in this life. Making love in the limit dose and preferably with a
legitimate partner.

Meet Dewa Ruci Suksma

After Bhima got rid of all obstacles, suddenly without any preparation, he met with the
god of small brightly lit but not dazzling, it seems like right with himself, his god Suksma
Ruci.Bima ordered into sports Dewa Ruci Suksma gods through the left ear.

Despite doubts, how could he a big man can enter ketelinga small god. Bima obedient
and do as ordered. And what happened? Already being in Bima Bima and there could see
the whole universe and also the tiny god.

Spiritual Lessons from the meeting with the god Bima Suksma Ruci is: Bima bersamadi
correctly and accomplished samadinya. Dewa Ruci Suksma arrival is a sign of the holy,
the receipt of Bima contemplation, unity Kawulo Gusti.
In view of it, Bhima could see everything, everything was open for him (Tinarbuko).

Bima has received the most important lesson in his life. He has found the true personality
inside himself. "I Bima", has met with "Milky True" in the form of light.

That Pamore Kawulo or Manunggaling Kawulo Gusti Gusti.


Suryo S. Negoro

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