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					      South East Business Portal (SEBP)

                 Jennie Rhodes
             Business Portal Manager

SECBE, 23rd October 2008
1. Background

2. Benefits

3. Current statistics & council engagement

4. The national picture

5. Getting the most from SEBP

6. Any Questions?
1.   Background

•    Web based list of current local authority contracts in the South East
     region, including contract documentation

•    Web based repository of council tender opportunities with the facility
     for suppliers to register interest online

•    Free to register and use by all South East Local and Fire Authority
     Officers and suppliers (unlike other national portals currently used by

•    Free email alerts to suppliers every time an opportunity is posted that
     matches their profile

•    Only receive information relevant to you company!

•    Developed by Due North for Improvement & Efficiency South East
     (IESE), in partnership with 74 councils & 9 fire & rescue services of the
     South East region.
2.   Benefits to suppliers

•    69 out of 79 currently registered & set to increase during 2008 (includes
     all county councils & unitaries)

•    One place to look for South East council & Fire and Rescue Service
     opportunities rather than searching individual websites

•    Browse current opportunities & let contracts without need to register
     (includes framework contracts)

•    Registration = email alerts into your inbox rather than having to go and
     look regularly

•    Supplier Profile area means you can update all company details +
     categories + councils you wish to supply to whenever you want
•    Sub contracting opportunities
•    Support of FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), Business Links South
     East, SEEDA (South East England Development Agency)
Construction on SEBP…
•420 opportunities posted since March 2007, of which 80 (19%) are
construction related

•Currently there are 12 construction related opportunities on SEBP
across 8 councils

•There are 156 construction related contracts, including the South East

•Average value of contract (excluding SE Framework): £2.5m

•The SE Construction Framework is on the SEBP
3. Current statistics

• Circa 2500 contracts across all service areas

• Between 45 – 60 opportunities at any one time

• Highest number of South East local authorities’ opportunities
  advertised in 1 place compared with other portals & methods of

• Over 4200 suppliers registered - 90% wishing to do business with
  all authorities in the region

• New supplier registrations = average 100 per week

• Expressions of interest against opportunities – averages 10
4. The National Picture

• Portal is first of its kind & used by Due North as
  flagship product

• Strong working relationship with Due North
  means we are constantly developing and
  improving the site for both officers and suppliers

• Other regions/ authorities purchasing same
  product with a plan for eventual interoperability
  between all regional portals
5.   Getting the most out of SEBP

•    Contracts store – view & use information from let contracts across
     the SE

•    Opportunities – supplier registration for email alerts, officers can
     collect EOI’s from suppliers in 1 place & provides free & effective

•    Feedback area

•    Forgotten Password

•    Supplier Profile – edit / update your details
ProClass Categories - Construction
Building Construction Materials              Bathrooms
Building Construction Materials              Electrical
Building Construction Materials              Fencing
Building Construction Materials              Floor Coverings
Building Construction Materials              General Materials
Building Construction Materials              Glazing
Building Construction Materials              Hand Tools                   Direct Purchase
Building Construction Materials              Hand Tools                   Hire
Building Construction Materials              Heating & Air Conditioning
Building Construction Materials              Kitchens
Building Construction Materials              Machine Tools
Building Construction Materials              Paint & Finishing
Building Construction Materials              Plumbing
Building Construction Materials              Roofing
Building Construction Materials              Signage
Building Construction Materials              Timber
Consultancy                                  Construction                 General
Consultancy                                  Construction                 Mechanical Engineering
Works - Construction, Repair & Maintenance   Buildings                    Construction
Works - Construction, Repair & Maintenance   Buildings                    Maintenance
Works - Construction, Repair & Maintenance   Buildings                    Outsourced
Works - Construction, Repair & Maintenance   Buildings                    Repair

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