Drainage action list – Thatcham – WBC - Thatcham Flood Forum by dandanhuanghuang


									SWS:   Surface Water Sewer - TW responsible (unless it is under a road - then WBC?)
CW:    Culverted Watercourse - TW responsible as incorporated with SWS in Thatcham
OW:    Open Watercourse - landowner responsible (WBC may be involved).
HW:    Highway (road or footway) -surface water issue - WBC responsible
SW     Surface Water issue
BP     Balancing Pond
GEN    General issue

Area   Category        Status   LOCATION                             Action proposed

West   HW                        Ashmore Green Road (WBC/H)          Improve drainage,

West   SW/OW                    Farmland north of Tull               Improve control & management of
                                Way/Bowling Green Rod                inflow (WBC/H). Create new ditch
                                                                     alongside (N) of Tull Way to divert water
                                                                     from ditch on W side of field into main
                                                                     drain to E taking the Ash Bourne under
                                                                     Tull Way; construct sluice to control
                                                                     inflow. P
West   SW                       North of Tull Way and west of        Investigate forming a new attenuation
                                Ashmore Green Road.                  storage area

West   SW/OW                    North of Tull Way and Heath      Redesign and rebuild inlet headwalls
                                Lane, and adjacent (west) of     (WBC/H)
                                Florence Gardens
West   SW/OW                    On Regency Park Hotel land and Clear blocked ditch
                                adjacent land owned by T
                                Billington (WBC/H) [along N side
                                of Bowling Green Road, between
                                Regency Park Hotel and junction
                                with Northfield Road]

West   SW/OW                    Florence Gardens, ditch along        Remove obstructions; re-profile existing
                                south side of gardens south side     watercourse through Florence Gardens
                                (takes water from farmland N of      (WBC/H)
                                Tull Way) adj. Bowling Green

West   SW/CW                    Cold Ash Hill – inspect drainage     Assess the capacity of the culvert on the
                                (WBC/H).                             east side of the road (takes a
                                                                     watercourse from Cold Ash).
West   SW                       Cold Ash Hill – inspect drainage     Undertake general survey of drainage
                                (WBC/H).                             including across farmland to NW and W
                                                                     of the road, and connections into road
                                                                     drains at bottom of the hill (liaise with
                                                                     local farmers)

West   SW/OW                    Cold Ash Hill – improve drainage Clear and re-profile blocked ditch,
                                (WBC/H).                         South End (WBC/H)

                                Cold Ash Hill – improve drainage
                                following survey (WBC/H).

West   SWS/CW                   Heath Lane – Tull Way:               Inspect and assess capacity of the
                                                                     culverts.[2] (WBC/H)
West   SW/BP                    NW junction of Heath Lane and        Investigate the feasibility of an
                                Bowling Green Road, to hold          attenuation pond.
                                flows from Cold Ash
                                [RECOMMENDATION, THIS
West      SWS/CW   Northfield Road                  Address recurrent problems with
                                                    drainage including sewer overflows and
                                                    overloaded surface water sewer taking
                                                    Cold Ash Stream – full inspection and
                                                    remedial plan required[3]. (WBC/H)A
                                                    new SWS here is suggested in WBC
                                                    review (as above).

West      HW       Loundyes Close                   Repair damaged road drains. (WBC/H)

West      HW       Bath Road/A4.                    Resolve major problems with highway
                                                    drainage with numerous gullies not
                                                    draining water away.
                   Bath Road/A4.                    Inspect main carrier drain east of
                                                    Turnpike Roundabout. (WBC/H)
West      HW       Bath Road/A4.                    The existing ditch on the southern side
                                                    of the A4 in front of Nos 136 to 148
                                                    Bath Road, near to the Bourne Ave
                                                    junction, could be cleared of debris and
                                                    deepened to accommodate additional
                                                    surface water. (WBC/H)

West      HW       Bath Road/A4.                    Consider increasing the size of road
                                                    gullies between Bourne Rd and Beverley
                                                    Close to improve drainage off the
                                                    highway, and to prevent surface water
                                                    flowing down Bourne & Paynesdown
                                                    Road (NEW - THIS REPORT)

West      HW       Bath Road/A4.                    Resolve defective gully and footway
                                                    drainage adj. No 103 and nearby
                                                    properties. Regular surface flooding here
                                                    as drainage ineffective.

West      OW       Ditch/stream behind (N of)       Remove bank across ditch; install new
                   Nature Discovery Centre          footbridge and spillway into lake
West      OW       Ditch/stream behind (N of)       Remove bank across ditch to east of
                   Nature Discovery Centre          spillway (NEW) as this continues to
                                                    impede flow, causing water to overflow
                                                    and damage the causeway during heavy
                                                    rain. The small diam pipes also
                                                    accumulate debris.

West      HW       Lower Way between Pound Lane     Erect permanent „road liable to flooding
                   and Heron Way                    signs on Lower Way, west of Pound
                                                    Lane, at the south end of Pound Lane
                                                    and east of Heron Way. (NEW - SE)

West      HW       Lower Way between Pound Lane     Resolve ineffective drainage here.
                   and Heron Way                    Gullies have been jetted but the road
                                                    still floods here (e.g. on 3 June, 5 & 12
                                                    Sep 08). Some gullies are not working
                                                    effectively in light rain.

West      HW       Matthews Close                    Drainage has not been adopted by WBC -
                                                     to check.
Central   HW       A4 Bath Road/Crown Mead in the Inspect and repair road drainage on the
                   vicinity of Thatcham Medical      A4. Provide Medical and Dental practice
                   Practice, Gilbert Court and Cedar with information of findings and
                   Dental Practice.                  remedial work proposed.

Central   SWS/HW   Park Lane
Central   HW       Bath Road/London Road/Chapel     Inspect main carrier drain (WBC/H)
                   St (A4)
Central   HW       Thatcham High Street             Repair to the existing damaged highway
                                                    drains (WBC/H)
Central   HW           Church Gate                        Clear blocked road gully (NEW)

Central   HW           Lower Way                          Check and clear blocked road gullies

East      BP           North of Floral Way and west of    Investigate forming a new attenuation
                       Harts Hill Farm estate (WBC/H).    storage area

East      GEN          Bradley-Moore Square – Marsh       Take action to enforce anti-litter law and
                       Meadows (off Hartshill Road) –     other action as appropriate. NB. Fly
                       litter and flytipping hotspot.     tipping into recently-cleared
                                                          watercourse. Signage requested.

East      SW/BP        Dunstan Green                      Investigation into creating a
                                                          balancing/attenuation pond; Re-profiling
                                                          the area and increasing the storage
                                                          capacity of the ditch could help to limit
                                                          and delay the volume of run-off draining
                                                          to the culvert under Stoney Lane.

East      SW/OW        Ditch west of Hartshill Road, adj. Clear and re-profile
                       Meadowsweet Close and Marsh
                       Meadows Nature Reserve (west)

East      HW/SWS       East of Hartshill Road             Clear outlet to road drain, and ditch on
                                                          E side of Hartshill Road, between
                                                          cycleway/footway to Simmonds Field
                                                          and Marsh Meadows Nature Reserve.

East      HW/SWS       A4 Floral Way westwards            Reinstate abandoned drainage ditch
                                                          along A4 (north side) from Floral Way
                                                          westwards and cleanse sewers crossing
                                                          beneath A4 and Floral Way (WBC/H)

East      HW           Chapel St, London Road (A4) to     Address major problems with highway
                       Floral Way                         drainage: inspect main carrier drains
East      SW/BP        Pipers Way Balancing Pond          Relocate dog waste bin from the bottom
                                                          of the pond as when it fills the bags of
                                                          dog mess float around (REQUESTED BY
East      SW/BP        Pipers Way Balancing Pond          Grass cutting contractors need to clear
                                                          grass around the inlet/outlet and
                                                          prevent grass cuttings from falling
                                                          against it (NEW – REQUESTED BY
East      SWS          SWS south of Pipers Way            Inspect and, if necessary, clear or repair
                       Balancing Pond                     (WBC/H)
East      SWS          Public open space north of         Excavate new land drainage ditches in
                       Agricola Way                       the open area and install a surface
                                                          water drain connecting the ditches to
                                                          the Pipers Way balancing pond.
East      SWS          1 Sargood Close, Stoney Lane,       Inspect SWS Stoney Lane-Station
                       Station Road                       Road[1] (NEW, WBC/H) Residents would
                                                          also like work undertaken on the speed
                                                          table in Sargood Close to enable water
                                                          to drain away, as it is trapped in heavy
                                                          rain. (They are to write to WBC).

East      HW       ?   The Hollands, outside no 29        Blocked (?) drain (flooded the street in
                       (reported by resident, Sarah       heavy rain 5 Sep 8pm)
Progress                                         Responsible
A works order for various improvements is to     WBC
be issued Autumn 08.

Completed 08.                                    WBC

Investigation initiated June 08. If feasible, will WBC
require landowner agreement and covenant.

Completed                                        WBC

Completed June 08                                WBC

WBC issued a letter to owners (June 08);         Riparian owners
Obstacles in ditches have been removed. P
However, decking and shed have been built
over the watercourse and these need to be
removed. New sws being put in BGR s of
Florence Gardens (WBC), 0209

Survey under way (autumn 08). There are          WBC
plans to put a diagonal pipe across CAH.


Completed 08. A large drain was blocked at       WBC
the entrance to Southend and the stream
overflowed then followed its normal route


Detailed investigation planned autumn 2008.     WBC/TW
TW has done a CCTV survey of SWS in the
upper part of Northfield Rd.

Completed                                       WBC


Gullies have been checked. Inspection of        WBC
carrier drains timetabled for late summer 08.
WBC                                             WBC


Gully cleared Spring 08 has not resolved the    WBC
issue here. To be cleared again 11.08. Put into
WBC Capital Works Programme for 2009.
(pers comm Michelle, Highways, 121108)

Stream at Muddy Lane - bed and bank             WBC
reinforced with concrete.


Decision not to proceed with permanent signs    WBC
as indicates flood risk to properties.



Survey of road drainage on A4 timetabled        WBC
autumn 08 by WBC

Due to commence in Mar 009                      WBC
Survey of road drainage on A4 timetabled        WBC
autumn 08 by WBC
Works due autumn 08                             WBC
Reported, to be jetted.                           WBC

Reported, to be jetted.                           WBC

Investigation initiated summer 08.                WBC

WBC street maintenance staff have visited to      WBC
assess (Andrew Campbell). Countryside/WBC
notified of need for signage & need to clear
rubbish out of stream, e.g. wheelbarrow
blocking it 121108.

Initial investigation completed and outline       WBC
scheme drawing completed. However,
technical issues not yet investigated? DG is
common land + has protected species nearby
– there will be legal issues to overcome if the
BP is feasible, incl. need for permission from
the Sec of State

Re-profiled P                                     WBC

Cleared summer 07                                 WBC

In WBC Capital Works Programme for 2008           WBC

Gullies have been checked. Inspection of          WBC
carrier drain timetabled for late summer 08.

Done                                              WBC

Action required to instruct and monitor           WBC
contractors by WBC Countryside

Under investigation?                              ?

Plans drawn up (Oct 08). Work scheduled for       WBC
autumn 08.


Inspected by WBC. Action taken?                   ?
Update from WBC Officers

WBC need to contact landowners to arrange for grips to cut to allow surface water that flows onto Ashmore Green Road to drain onto adjacent fields, rather than flo

Application for EA Grant in Aid for design and construction cost submitted in July 09. EA decsion expected by end of March 10. Landowner consent required.

No progress. Further investigation required.

done a survey of highway drainage and carried out extensive repairs.

A bid for capital funds to improve the drainage system has been submitted

SWMP. Have been inspected.

Application for EA Grant in Aid for design and construction cost submitted in July 09. EA decsion expected by end of March 10. Landowner consent required.

Gullies cleared. Highymaintence Team Andrew England.

Gullies cleared. I think that some work was carried out here by WBC Highway
Maintenance team back in summer of 2008 by S Logue
Gullies cleared. Ditch to be inspected March 2009 and cleared by WBC or
Riparian owners if required

WBC to investigate this proposal in 2010/11

Contact Andrew Reynolds (WBC Road maintenance Team) for update. Email: areynolds@westberks.gov.uk Tel: 01635 519076

Not sure. Paul Hendry, Simon Barnett


Much of Lower Way surface water drains in to soakaways - limited capacity
when ground water levels are high.

Ray Fennely Dev Control

Being Done

Repairs to highway drainage will be carried out during the Environmental Enhancements in 2010/11
Contact Andrew Reynolds (WBC Road maintenance Team) for update. Email:
areynolds@westberks.gov.uk Tel: 01635 519076



The headwall at the southern end of the land drainage ditch above the eastern edge of the balancing pond is currently being rebuilt and improved in order to allow

Major carriageway resurfacing scheme planned for 2009 on A4 Chapel Street
with juction improvement at Harts Hill Road - carrier drains to be inspected
before work starts



Contact Andrew Reynolds (WBC Road maintenance Team) for update. Email: areynolds@westberks.gov.uk Tel: 01635 519076

Contact Andrew Reynolds (WBC Road maintenance Team) for update. Email: areynolds@westberks.gov.uk Tel: 01635 519076
reen Road to drain onto adjacent fields, rather than flowing down the road into Thatachm

end of March 10. Landowner consent required.

end of March 10. Landowner consent required.
currently being rebuilt and improved in order to allow TWU to remove the hydrobrake from the balancing pond outlet. When this is complete it will reduce the likely usage of the overflow pipe
is complete it will reduce the likely usage of the overflow pipe westward under the roundabout, which is the cause of the flooding. No further action has been taken with regards the A4 ditch b
g. No further action has been taken with regards the A4 ditch becuase of physical restrictions from the building of the cycleway. The sewers under the A4 have now been cleansed.
The sewers under the A4 have now been cleansed.
                                                                                                      Drainage from highways and


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Information and education,
                                                                                                                                                                                    Foul sewage

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Emergency Planning
                                                                                                                                   Culverted watercourses &

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Development and planning
                                                                                                                                                              Ditches and streams

                                                                                                                                      Surface Water Sewers

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Surface Water Management
Status   REF       Recommendation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WBC H   WBC C   WBC     WBC     PUB   TFF   TW   TTC   CAPC   NAT GOV      LGA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           P&BC    other

                                                                                                     * *                                                                            **
         P2        The local authority should be given stronger powers of enforcement;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     WBC                                           NATGOV       LGA
                   sanctions are needed against developers to prevent them selling houses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  P&BC
                   until the infrastructure is in a satisfactory state.

                                                                                                     * *                                                                            **
         P3        The adoption procedure, notably the length of time taken for local                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WBC                                           NATGOV       LGA
                   authorities and water utility companies to adopt common infrastructure,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 P&BC                                           DCLG

                   should be tightened.

         DEV1      The right for automatic connection to the sewer network is to be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NATGOV
                   withdrawn via the proposed Floods and Water Bill.

         DEV3      The quality of building inspections needs to be improved – an issue for                                                                                                                                                                                                                 WBC H           WBC
                   the Environment Agency, local authorities and water utility companies to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                P&BC
                   raise with the Regulator. See also P2.

         DEV4      Development likely to increase the quantity of surface water entering                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WBC P                                         NATGOV
                   Thatcham should not be permitted. ‘Critical areas’ where development
                    New lead development should the existing drainage systems and
                   could ‘infill’ to further overloadingnot be permitted where this results in
         DEV5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              WBC P                                         NATGOV PI
                   additional loading on an existing highway, foul or surface water sewer
                   drainage system.

         DEV6      Guidelines in Planning Policy Statement 25 Development and Flood Risk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 NATGOV
                   should become mandatory (recommended by the Pitt Review and may be
                   included in the Floods and Water Bill).

         DEV7      The right to pave over gardens should be withdrawn. The permitted                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     NATGOV
                   development right concerning hard paving of front gardens has been
                   withdrawn. However, this needs to be extended to cover back gardens.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  *                                                                          *
         DEV8      Produce & issue an information leaflet outlining the types of permeable                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               NAT GOV
                   surfacing that are available and recommended for different uses. A leaflet
                   was issued by the DCLG in September 2008.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  **                                                                         *
         DEV9      A publicity campaign to promote the use of permeable surfacing should                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WBC H                                 TFF WBC
                   be developed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      H

         DEV10     There should be a presumption against the creation of further areas of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WBC P                            TTC   CAPC
                   hard, impermeable surfaces on public open green spaces in Thatcham
                   and Cold Ash.

         OSC34     Recommendation 34 of the OSC flooding review: The Strategic Flood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       WBC P
                   Risk Assessment for West Berkshire should be amended to incorporate
                   risk from flash and groundwater flooding, as well as flooding from rivers.

                                                                                                     * * *                                                                                        **
         DEV11     Assess the capacity of the current surface water drainage system, to                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WBC H           WBC P                       TW
                   identify whether it is sufficient and to where capacity needs to be
                   increased or changed.

         DEV12.1   Design guidelines for new houses and other buildings should be updated                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WBC                                           NATGOV       LGA
                   to include flood resilient designs. New buildings, with level access to the                                                                                                                                                                                                                             P&BC                                           DGLC

                   street, or with the damp course below street level, should be refused
                   planning permission.

                                                                                                 Thatcham Flood Report Recommendations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   [29/10/08]
DEV12.2   New buildings should be designed to minimise their risk of being flooded                                                        WBC                                   NATGOV       LGA
          and to minimise the contribution they make to adding surface water to the                                                       P&BC                                   DCLG

          town’s drainage system.

DEV12.3   The guidance on incorporating Sustainable Urban Drainage to new                                                                                                       NATGOV       LGA
          developments, provided in Planning Policy Statement 25, should be
          mandatory for all new developments.

                                                                                      *                  *
6.10.6    West Berkshire Council should seek to ensure that un-adopted highway                                            WBC H           WBC
WBC HR    drainage on part-completed sites where occupations have taken place is                                                          P&BC
          fully operational and not impeded by builders’ debris or materials

DEV13     The obligations of developers to provide and maintain an effective                                                              WBC                                   NATGOV
          drainage system should be clarified, and enforced (the law may need                                                              BC

M1        Write to OFWAT, on behalf of residents, requesting that a proportion of                                                                              TFF
          the surface water charge paid over the past 10 years is repaid by Thames
          Water, unless evidence is available for expenditure on maintenance and
          management of surface water drainage in Thatcham.

                                                                                      *                      *
M2        The frequency of routine inspection, maintenance and clearing of road                                           WBC H
          drains by West Berkshire Council needs to be improved.

                                                                                      *                      *
M2        A maintenance plan for highway drainage needs to be published.                                                  WBC H
          Introduce a tighter procedure and audit trail for following up reports
          blocked drains, including feedback to the complainant and informing
          nearby properties.

                                                                                           *                 *
M3        Thames Water needs to increase the frequency of inspection of its                                                                                          TW
          drainage assets in Thatcham and carry out a survey of all surface water
          sewers in Thatcham

                                                                                                 *           *
M4        Enforce the duties of riparian owners                                                                           WBC H                                TFF

                                                                                                 *           *
M4.1 -    Riparian owners and managers need to be advised to remove branches,                                                     WBC C                  PUB              TTC
NEW       cuttings, etc on ditch banks after clearance of debris from ditches or
          cutting of hedges, etc on banks. Affects: WBC, Newbury Anglers, TTC,
          contractors. Key sites: Muddy Lane/lakes & Bucklebury
          Flashe/Nightingale Stream

                                                                                                 *           *
M5        Carry out a survey of ‘hidden’ ditches within the developed area                                                WBC H

                                                                                                 *           *
M6        West Berkshire Council needs to comply with its duties as a riparian                                            WBC H WBC C            WBC
          landowner. The Council needs to develop and adopt a comprehensive                                                                      other
          water and land drainage policy that acknowledges and addresses these

                                                                                                 *           *
M7        Thatcham Town Council should ensure that it has a comprehensive                                                                                                 TTC
          record of ditches and watercourses that are present on its land holdings,
          and that a maintenance regime is in place for them.

                                                                                      * * *                  *
M8        Compile a map and record of drainage assets and responsibilities.                                               WBC H

                                                                                          *                  *
M9        West Berkshire Council should carry out a full survey of watercourses on                                        WBC H WBC C
          its land holdings in Thatcham

                                                                                        * *                  *
M10       Critical Ordinary Watercourses in Thatcham and other land in its                                                WBC H
          watershed should be formally designated

                                                                                      * * *                  *
M11       Responsibilities for drainage need to be clearer.                                                                                                                     NATGOV

                                                                                  Thatcham Flood Report Recommendations                                                         [29/10/08]
P1         On behalf of residents, write to OFWAT and West Berkshire Council                                                                            TFF
           requesting that rates/Council Tax be reduced to allow for the reduced
           service provision on unadopted housing estates

P4         Write to the West Berkshire MP & Sir Michael Pitt, highlighting these                                                                        TFF         TTC
           issues (P1-4)

                                                                                            * * **                 *            *
PUB        Improve awareness about use and misuse of drains                                                                         WBCH                TFF   TW                 NATGOV       LGA

                                                                                            * * **                 *            *
PUB1.1     Develop a public information and awareness campaign about the                                                            WBC H               TFF   TW                 NATGOV
           function, use and abuse of the drainage system. This needs to be                                                                                                      DCLG &
           promoted through schools and colleges of further education, and through
           Council Tax and water rate billing.

                                                                                            *                                   *
PUB 1.2 - West Berkshire Council should issue road contractors while working on                                                     WBC H
NEW       site with a reminder not to use the drainage system to dispose of waste
          materials, e.g. tarmac.

PUB2       Request/require Thames Water to be more pro-active when dealing with                                                                         TFF   TW                 NATGOV
           sewer overflows, by notifying ‘upstream’ residents and so reduce further
           abuse and blockages.
PUB3       Sign up to the CPRE’s Stop the Drop campaign.                                                                            WBC H               TFF   TW    TCC          NATGOV

DEV2       Thames Water needs to identify illegal connections where it is able to so                                                                          TW
           that the Environment Agency can take enforcement action. TW has stated
           a commitment to work with the EA to reduce this problem.

                                                                                            *                      *
DEV14 -    In certain areas and during intense rainstorms, surface water from                                                       WBC H
NEW        highways may threaten properties; enlarging the entry points for surface
           water should be considered, where this is a problem (e.g. the A4 between
           Bourne Road and Beverley Close).

6.9.1      At the onset of a flood event crews should be mobilized to inspect and                                                   WBC H                     TW
WBC HR     clear trash screens on culvert entry and exit points and on balancing pond
           overflows and that this operation be continued throughout the event to
           prevent debris building up.

6.7.2      The Council should set up an Emergency Technical Database highlighting                                                   WBC H
           “Hot Spots“ so that emergency action may be focused in the event of
           future emergencies.

CS1        The Streetcare call centre needs to be properly briefed so those                                                                 WBC
           answering calls know how to deal with them effectively and an effective
           response provided.

F1         Publicise the sandbag policy.                                                                                                    WBC               TFF

F2         Residents & landlords worried about flooding should be encouraged to                                                             WBC   PUB         TFF
           take preventative measures to reduce the risk of future flooding

F3         Look into the feasibility of establishing a strategic sandbag store in                                                           WBC                     TTC

                                                                                                       *                *
6.10.5     West Berkshire Council should seek to ensure that ownership details and                                                  WBC H
WBC HR     depth gauge boards are fixed to all sluices and that emergency contact
           telephone numbers are clearly marked on each structure.

F4.1, OSC Nominated Thatcham Town Council staff and volunteers should be                                                                    WBC                     TTC
6.7.2     provided with the authority to close roads during a flood or other

F4.2       A strategic store of ‘Road closed’ signs should be available for use in                                                  WBC H                           TTC

CM1        Investigate the feasibility of initiating a farming and landscape project,                                               WBC H               TFF               CAPC
           targeted on land to the north of Thatcham

                                                                                        Thatcham Flood Report Recommendations                                                    [29/10/08]
SW1   Thames Water should improve its methods for collecting data on sewage                                                                        TW
      overflows for its database

                                                                                                  *                    *
SW2   Residents should report each sewer overflow incident to TW and more                                                                PUB       TW
      publicity should be given to encourage them to do so. (8.1)

SW3   A plan for addressing sewage overflow hotspots in Thatcham is required                                                                       TW

                                                                                                  *                    *
SW4   TW and WBC should agree and implement a procedure for closing public                                                 WBC H                   TW
      footways and public areas contaminated by sewage, and inform TTC
      what this is.

                                                                                                  *                    *
SW5   TTC should close access to Lower Way Sports Field in the event of a                                                                               TTC
      sewer overflow here.

                                                                                                          *            *
PM1   Publish and publicise standards for general maintenance of surface                                                           WBC   PUB TFF   TW
      water control structures (e.g. gutters and drains) on residential property,
      and ensure these are communicated to property owners, whether
      privately owned and occupied or landlord owned and rented.

                                                                               Thatcham Flood Report Recommendations                                          [29/10/08]
This is a working list and not necessarily complete, and gives more details on some specific locations. Most should be summarised

Status       Location -      Side of    Type of drain                Description of problem
             street name     street

             A4, Bath        south      Road gully                Not draining water away -
             A4, Bath        south      Road gully                blocked. 2 drains. One
                                                                  Not picking up water flowing
             A4, Bath        north      Road gully                Not draining water Bourne
                                                                  westwards towardsaway -
             Road Road
             A4 Bath         south      Road gully                blocked. 4 drains. away -
                                                                  Not draining water
             A4, Bath        south                                blocked
                                                                  Faulty drainage means
             Road Way
             Lower           south      Road gully                surface wtaer not going -
                                                                  Not draining water away
             Lower Way       south      Road gully                blocked
                                                                  Not draining water away -
             Lower Way       north      Road gully                blocked
                                                                  Not draining water away -
             Lower Way       south      Road gully                blocked
                                                                  Not draining water away -
             Church Gate     north      Road gully                blocked
                                                                  Not draining water away -
             A4, London      north      Road gully                blocked
                                                                  Not draining water away -
             Road and
             Lower Way       north      Road gully                blocked drain cover filled in
                                                                  Gaps in
             Lower Way                  Road                      with silt so presumably it
                                                                  Road regularly floods
             Lower Way-      south                                during in stream near
                                        Outfalls to surface water Debris heavy rain.
             Muddy Lane                 Stream stream (Ordinary Flow impeded by 2 unfit for
                                        sewers; (Ordinary         outfall; wire screen banks
             A4, Nature
             and Bath        south      Watercourse)
                                        Drain on footway          holding pedestrian bridges.
                                                                  Completely blocked
             Road. Way
             Pipers                     Balancing Pond            Dog bin gets flooded
             Florence        north      Ditch ("Ordinary          Impeded by obstacles put
             Gardens (N
             West of                    Watercourse") draining
                                        Ditch (Ordinary           into and acrossbank by
                                                                  Clearance and ditch
?            Florence
             45 Elmhurst                Watercourse)
                                        ?                         stabilisation needed.

             Sargood                    Surface water - road drain   Overflowed during/after
             Tull Way                   Headwalls - at entry         heavy rain. Water debris
                                                                     Prone to collecting
             Tull Way                   points for ditchesfrom
                                        Control of inflow carrying   Flowbadly designed to
                                                                     and needs regulating
(Balancing   Tull Way                   farmland inflow to
                                        Control ofto northfrom       prevent Surface Water
                                                                     Flow needs regulating to
pond)        Cold Ash Hill              Road drainage to
                                        farmland to north            prevent Surface Water
                                                                     Excess surface water.
             Ashmore                    Road gullies                 Previous drainage ditch on
             Green Road
             Link Way -
             Lower Way
             Way section)

             Ashmore                                                 Excess surface water
             Green Road
             Floral Way,                                             Stream of water crosses
             just east of                                            the road during or after
             The Mill                                                heavy rain.
             Regency Park               Runoff from hill above the Water drains off the cut-out
             Hotel                      hotel.                     face of the hill behind the
                                                                   hotel has nowhere to go -
                                                                   I.e. no ditch or soakaway to
                                                                   remove the surface water.
Park Lane     88-92                 Drainage problems; rising
                                    damp in 88a to extent that
                                    occupants have had to
                                    move out.
Park Lane                           Rising damp due to high
                                    water table

High Street           Road drains   Drainage problems
The                   Road drain    Blocked drain
etails on some specific locations. Most should be summarised in Table 1a and Table 2.

                     Responsibility if known                                            Location - more info

                     West Berkshire Council                                             Between Bourne Ave and Northfield
                     West Berkshire Council                                             About 25m lights. Bourne Road.
                                                                                        Road trafficeast of Opposite no 91
                     West Berkshire Council                                             Between put in Nov 08.
                                                                                        New gullyNorthfield Road traffic
                     West Berkshire Council                                             Opposite Beverley hedge
                                                                                        lights andno 91 (oldClose to south)
                     West Berkshire Council
                     West Berkshire Council                                             Opposite no 89
                     West Berkshire Council                                             Opposite no 49
                     West Berkshire Council                                             By no 14
                     West Berkshire Council                                             Opposite Heron's Way
                     West Berkshire Council                                             Opposite no 9 Steeple View by
                     West Berkshire Council                                             church new houses (no 4)
                     West Berkshire Council                                             Adjacent Tarn Howes Close
                     West Berkshire Council                                             Between Pound Lane and to the
                     Thames Water (outfall); Wallis Estate and West Berkshire Council   east of Tarn Howes Close.
                                                                                        Between Lower Way and end of Car
                     (riparian landowners)
                     West Berkshire Council                                             Boot field.
                                                                                        Between main road bridge to car
                     West Berkshire Council                                             park and along N side of NDC lake.
                                                                                        On footway adj 150 Bath Road on
                     West Berkshire Council Countryside (Stuart Souden)                 corner with Bourne Road
                     Riparian owners (owners of properties in Florence Gardens)         The ditch runs inside the back
                     Landowner (who is?) ? DW Homes?                                    gardens ofcarries water fromthe
                                                                                        This ditch properties along
                     ?                                                                  farmland N of Tull Way, adj to public

                     West Berkshire Council
                     West Berkshire Council
                     West Berkshire Council                                             West of Ashmore Green Road. Low
                     West Berkshire Council                                             lying permanent (horse-grazed)
                     West Berkshire Council
                     West Berkshire Council




?                        Water follows a course from the back of
                         88a, down into Hazel Groveand across
                         the garden of 88. The well at no. 88has
                         remained very high since last summer,
                         dropping only a few feet, when it is
                         usually between 6 -12 feet down from
                         the top. With the rain on 3rd June the
                         water level came to the very top -
                         although culverts were put in place when
                         the new estate at Dunston Park was
                         built, they are obviously not adequate.

West Berkshire Council   Adj no 29
Date of observation       Observer       Weather      Other info                             Photo
                          details        conditions

                 May-08   Sue Everett,   Rain         Causing water to run along south
                 Nov-08   Sue Everett,                side of A4 and down the east side of
                 May-08   Sue Everett,   Rain
                 Sep-08   Sue Everett,   Light rain

              03-Jun-08   Sue Everett,   Heavy rain
              03-Jun-08   Sue Everett,   Heavy rain
              03-Jun-08   Sue Everett,   Heavy rain
              10-Nov-08   Sue Everett,   Light rain
              03-Jun-08   Sue Everett,   Heavy rain
              03-Jun-08   Sue Everett,   Heavy rain
              14-Jun-08   Sue Everett,
                                                      Problems at this location are well Yes
                                                      Gravel Road drains in ineffective.
                                                      known. accumulatingarestream:
                                                      ongoing since July down
                                                      Stream overflowed 08. Muddy
                                                      Lane on by leaves on 8/11/08.and 3
                                                      Blocked 30 Dec 07, 20 Jul 07 Can
Various                                               the residents of 150 be asked to   Yes
3 June 2008 and 20 July   Cllr. Keith Heavy rain
2007                      Woodhams &
3 June 2008 and 20 July                  Heavy rain   Garage flooded.

                 Sep-08 Residents        Heavy rain   Residents wish to see grooves cut
                                                      into speed table to enable water to
The ditch running between
88 and 90 has been covered
in when no. 88a was built.
There should be a ditch at
the back of 88a on the
boundary with the new
housing estate, but part of
this has been built over.

Ongoing - reported again Sarah         on 5 Sep -    at 8pm the drain was blocked and   Yes
on 5 Sep 08              Newton,       heavy rain    lfooding the street.
                         resident no   between 7 &
                         29            9pm
Reported       On WBC or TW action list Action taken                       Maintenance timetable for
                                                                           future or other
                                                                           outstanding action.
Yes by SE,     CCTV survey of A4
29 May.        drainage timetabled
Yes by SE,     CCTV survey of A4
29 May. SE
Yes, by        drainage timetabled
               CCTV survey of A4
10 Sep         drainage timetabled

Yes by SE 10
               CCTV survey of A4
               drainage timetabled
Yes            ?                        ?
               Yes.                     Wire screen replaced (June 08)
                                        by TW. Some gravelSouth side
                                        One bank removed. removed          Second bank to E of NDC
SE, 6 8 08 by Apparently.               of stream - small bank built.      should be removed.
email                                                                      Dog bin needs relocating by
Yes            Yes.                     Sandbags, pumping on 3 June        WBC.has committed to
Yes in WBC     Yes.                     08 (WBC). Garage flooded,
                                        Bank stabilised. Work              keep a watch on this area
HR.                                     undertaken by WBC.

Yes, by        ?
residents      Yes in WBC HR.           Completed June 08
               Yes in WBC HR.           Ditch alongside (N) of Tull Way
               Yes in WBC HR.           constructed to divert water from
                                        Feasibility of constructing a
                                        balancing pond is being
                                        Ditch at South End dug out.
               Yes, to be jetted.       Further works in this area under   Further investigations under
               CCTV survey of Ashbourne CCTV survey July 08                way (autumn 08)
               Way section (agreed by

               Yes                      The highway drainage system is
                                        to be upgraded in Ashmore
                                        Road gullies have been jetted
                                        and cleared by West Berkshire
                                        Council (summer 08).
Timetabled for repair
         Northfield Road – NE (e.g. no 93)

         Lower part of Northfield Road sewer

         Ashbourne Way

         No 14 Ashbourne Way

         Matthews Close
         Bluecoates, The Henry‟s, Thatcham
         Broadway, Church Gate
         Chapel Street: sewer overflows
         Bowling Green Road
         Rivers estate (part) – no details
         53 Bath Road east of Northfield Road

         Loundyes Close

         South of Pipers Way: Commission 2nd
         pumping station and new rising main
Sewer overflows (latest reported on 101108), under-recording of sewer overflows.

Ongoing sewer blockages reported by residents. “On 12 Sep 08: The sewer drain was
completely blocked with manholes full to top. This had to be rod cleared by the
residents on that same Friday afternoon. The problem has been ongoing for years.
The issue is the elbow bend further down the road, which is too shallow to allow waste
to flow through it; if too much is passing through this point it cannot cope and the
knock on effect is a blockage. Residents have invested in a set of rods and regularly
clear the drain due to this regular occurrence. It is poor design more than inappropriate
waste - but as this is sewage related we are told it is our responsibility to pay for
improvements. I do not know if surface water is also getting in. The blockage was
noticed on the Friday afternoon when someone took the cover off to inspect it due to the
build up of water in the surrounding area.”

Fractured sewer Oct 08, probably due to flooding in 07. The family, having finally
moved back into their property in October 2008 was subsequently forced to move into a
hotel because the foul sewer under his property was found to have fractured.

Foul drainage not adopted? Check situation.

Sewer overflows since houses at Florence Gardens were built

Sewer overflows, under-recording of sewer overflows by Thames Water.

History of sewer overflows. Residents told they have to clear themselves - sewers still
'private' and not adopted by TW.
Action/result                    Responsible


CCTV survey completed
Sewer cleaned
Sewer CCTV‟d and cleaned
Visual inspection via manholes   TW


Commissioned                     TW
KEY to abbreviations

WBC H         West Berkshire Council - Highways
WBC P&BC      West Berkshire Council - Planning and/or Building Control
WBC C         West Berkshire Council - Countryside
WBC other     West Berkshire Council - other various depts
TTC           Thatcham Town Council
CAPC          Cold Ash Parish Council
TFF           Thatcham Flood Forum
TW            Thames Water
NATGOV        National Government
DCLG          Dept Communities & Local Government
DEFRA         Dept Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
PUB           Public - residents, businesses
AC            Angling Clubs
LGA           Local Government Association
RO            Riparian Owners

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