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					                     SECTION 8AA TRACK AND FIELD
           Day1- Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School – Wednesday, June 2,
                 Day 2- Brainerd High School – Saturday, June 5

                                              MEET INFORMATION:
                             For additional meet information, schedules and forms go to:

     Hy-Tek Entries must be submitted To Pete Robinet by 6:00pm on Monday May, 31 to To download section 8AA Event file go to
Please use the abbreviations below.

   ALEX       Alexandria                              AA       8      Alexandria
   BECK       Becker                                  AA       8      Becker
   BEMI       Bemidji                                 AA       8      Bemidji
   BIGL       Big Lake                                AA       8      BigLake
   BRAI       Brainerd                                AA       8      Brainerd
   DTLK       Detroit Lakes                           AA       8      DetroitLks
   FEFA       Fergus Falls                            AA       8      FergusFalls
   LIFA       Little Falls                            AA       8      LittleFalls
  MONT        Monticello                              AA       8      Monticello
  MOOR        Moorhead                                AA       8      Moorhead
   ROCI       Rocori                                  AA       8      Rocori
   SASS       Sartell-St.Stephen                      AA       8      SartStStev
   SRAR       Sauk Rapids-Rice                        AA       8      SaukRapRice
   SCLA       St. Cloud Apollo                        AA       8      StCloudApp
   SCLT       St. Cloud Tech                          AA       8      StCloudTech

                         Three per event and one relay all verified meet performances.
  Entries not submitted through Hy-Tek are due May 23rd and schools will be billed an additional $50.00

Time Schedule:                Day 1 3:00 p.m. start                Day 2 11:00 a.m. start

Teams (15):                   Alexandria, Becker, Bemidji, Big Lake, Brainerd, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Little Falls, Monticello,
                              Moorhead, Rocori, Saint Cloud Apollo, St. Cloud Tech, Sartell-Saint Stephen, Sauk Rapids-

Scoring:                      10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 all events

Advancement to State:         Top 2 in individual events and top relay team (plus those meeting a non-wind aided State Qualifying

Ticket Prices:                Adults - $7.00            Students (K-12) $4.00
Starter:               Day 1 Lee Fitzharris and Joe Perske             Day 2 Joe Rezac and Randy Herrlich
Referee:               Day 1 Kevin Babcock                                     Day 2 TBD

Coaches Meeting:       Day 1 2:00 p.m. in the stands in front of the press box.
                       Day 2 10:00 a.m. in the stands in front of the press box.

Scratch Replacement:   1. There will be a scratch meeting at the beginning of the coaches meeting.
                       2. If an athlete scratches from an open event in either the prelims or finals, that event counts as one of his/
                       her four allowed events. If an athlete is scratched from an event, he / she cannot be re-entered in any
                       individual event.
                       3. If an athlete scratches from a running event from which she/he has qualified for the finals, further
                       participation in the meet will not be allowed.
                       4. An athlete who has qualified for finals and has been scratched due to an injury, illness, or another
                       emergency, may be reinstated in other events in which she/he has been entered upon proper documentation
                       of the circumstances, authorized medical clearance, and the approval of the game’s committee.

Game Committee:        Boy’s Coaches- Fergus Falls, Monticello
                       Girl’s Coaches- Rocori, Moorhead
                       * The games committee will act as the jury of appeals and will consist of the meet manager, two boys head
                       coaches and two girls head coaches.

Weight Implements:     Day 1 1:30 – 2:30 weigh in at the concession stand.
                       Day 2 9:30-10:30 weigh in at the concession stand.

Track Facilities:      Day 1 1/8” spikes allowed, team camps located outside the track, no tape please.
                       Day 2 1/4” spike allowed, team camps located outside the track, no tape please.

Clerking:              All athletes must report to the clerk at the north end of the track. We will do three calls for events first call,
                       15 Min. prior, second call 10 Min. Prior, and final call 5 Min. prior. Athletes may check in earlier for their
                       events just not late.

Results:               Results can be found after each day at

Running Events:        D1 400 Meter Dash -2 turn stagger, in lanes the entire race.
D1=Day 1               D1 800 Meter Run – 1 turn stagger runners in alleys around one turn. Cut for pole after completion of
D2=Day 2               D2 1600 Meter Run -2 heats by verified time, 2nd heat fastest times, 1 turn stagger in 4 alleys
                       D1 3200 Meter Run – 1 turn stagger in 4 alleys.
                       D1 300M Hurdles- 1 turn stagger.
                       D2 4X100 Meter Relay - 2 turn stagger, in lanes the entire race.
                       D2 4X200 Meter Relay – 4 turn stagger, in lanes the entire race.
                       D2 4X400 Meter Relay – 3 turn stagger, #2 runner may cut for the pole position after first turn.

Field events:          D1 – All Finals: Girls High Jump, Boys Pole Vault, Girls Long Jump, Boys Long Jump, Girls Discus,
                       Boys Shot Put.
                       D2 - All Finals: Boys High Jump, Girls Pole Vault, Boys Triple Jump, Girls Triple Jump, Boys Discus,
                       Girls Shot Put.

                       *Implements that do not meet specifications will be held until after the meet.
                       * Shot, discus, long jump and triple jump will be flighted. Three prelim attempts will qualify nine for the
                       finals, for three more attempts.
                       *Pole vault and High Jump starting heights will be determined by head coaches at the coaches’ meeting,
                       contingent upon seed heights of entrants. State standards are: GHJ 5’4”, BHJ 6’5”, GPV 10’7”, BPV
                       * The five-alive method may be used. The 90 second rule will be in effect.
Checking out of Field Events:
                        -Running events take precedence over field events
                        -Field event athletes will be excused for their running event to report on 2nd call. Athletes shall inform field
                        event judges of the need to move to a running event. Judges may choose to have athlete move up in the
                        flight order and take an earlier attempt but may not take any attempts later in the flight order.
                        -Athletes should be encouraged to check into running events at an earlier convenient time.
                        -The field event athlete has 15 Min. from checking out to check back in with field event judge, or the athlete
                        may be scratched or passed from that attempt. Please inform field judges of impending conflicts before
                        they arise.

Advancement:               *Running event prelims -heat winners plus the next fastest times with eight advancing to D2 finals.
                           * 800 - Top 2 plus next 2 fastest
                           *Field events – top 9 individuals from preliminaries to finals.
                           * Two individuals and the top relay team advances to the state meet. In addition, a contestant or relay team
                           will qualify by Standard to the State Meet when their performance in the Section Finals surpasses or equals
                           the established standard without being wind-aided.

Track & Runways:           *No tape allowed on runways.

Camps:                     * Camps will not be allowed on the infield. Only meet officials and athletes warming up will be allowed
                           on the infield.

Programs:                  *Programs will be sold at the concession stand and entrance for $1.00

Pole Vault Verification Procedure:
                          *It will be the responsibility of the head coach to ensure that each vaulter uses properly rated poles. Poles
                          will be checked in by the meet official. Pole Vault verification forms should be turned in for all boy pole
                          vaulters Day 1 and all girl pole vaulters Day 2 at the coaches meeting.

Section verification Form:
                         *All forms can be found on the website
                         *Subsection/Section Track & Field Meet Sportsmanship/Jewelry/Uniform/Equipment
                         *Verification Form must be completed and turned in at Day 1 coaches meeting to Meet Referee

State Meet Entries:
                           * At the completion of Day 2 meet coaches who have state qualifying athletes and relay athletes advancing
                           to the state meet must meet with Day 2 meet manager to get alternates and parking packets.

Awards:                    *Medals will be awarded for places 1-6 please have all athletes placing 1-8 report to the middle of the
                           field for the presentation of awards.
                           * Trophies will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place team finishes.

Parking:                   D1-*As school will still be in session there will be limited parking. Please park buses on the east side of the
                           track along the road. Spectators will park on the south end of the track by the concession stand

                           D2 –Park in the lots south. and west of the track. There is no parking on the west side of the street.

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