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Women at the IAEA


									WOMEN AT
women at the iaea
contents   04   introduction from          24   Jobs at the iaea
                the director General
                                           26   the iaea:
           05   about the iaea                  workinG for women
           06   ProGrammes of the iaea
                                           27   annex 1:
           08   women staff in the iaea         member states
                secretariat                     of the iaea

           09   iaea focal Points for      28   annex 2:
                Gender concerns                 iaea orGanizational
           11   Profiles of iaea women

           21   measures aimed at
                increasinG the
                rePresentation of women

           22   work/life balance

           23   emPloyment oPPortunities
                at the iaea

introduction       Women have been at the forefront of         bring the benefits of peaceful nuclear
                   nuclear science since the very begin-       technology to developing countries.
                   ning. Marie Curie shared the 1903
from the           Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery    They are helping to combat food pests
director General   of radioactivity and won an unpreceden-     and develop new, robust strains of rice
                   ted second Nobel Prize – for chemistry      and grains, to improve the management
                   – in 1911 for her discovery of polonium     of water resources, to fight cancer and
                   and radium.                                 to protect the environment. You can
                                                               read some of their stories in the coming
                   Women have remained under-represen-         pages.
                   ted in the nuclear sciences as a whole
                   since then, but we at the International     The IAEA, which won its own Nobel
                   Atomic Energy Agency have been              Prize – for peace, in 2005 – is a great
                   working hard to increase their repre-       place to work. I hope this brochure will
                   sentation in our own ranks. Women           encourage more well qualified women
                   now account for around 24% of IAEA          to join us.
                   Professional staff. This is much too
                   low. As Director General, I am keen to
                   see more women in senior positions.         Yukiya Amano
                                                               Director General
                   Women from every continent are
                   serving with distinction in the Agency
                   as scientists, engineers, nuclear inspec-
                   tors and managers, working to prevent
                   the spread of nuclear weapons and to

about the iaea

The IAEA is the global centre for          than 100 countries. The IAEA is led by
cooperation in the nuclear field. It       Director General Yukiya Amano and
was set up as the world’s “Atoms for       six Deputy Directors General who head
Peace” organization in 1957 within         the major Departments (see Annex 2).
the United Nations family. The IAEA
works with its 151 Member States (see      IAEA programmes and budgets are set
Annex 1) and multiple partners world-      through decisions of its policymaking
wide to promote the safe, secure and       bodies — the 35 member Board of
peaceful uses of nuclear technologies.     Governors and the General Conference
                                           of all Member States. Reports on IAEA
The IAEA Secretariat is headquartered      activities are submitted annually to the
at the Vienna International Centre in      United Nations General Assembly and
Vienna, Austria. Operational liaison       to the United Nations Security Council
and regional offices are located in Ge-    periodically, or as cases warrant.
neva (Switzerland), New York (United
States of America), Toronto (Canada)       Three main areas of work underpin the
and Tokyo (Japan). The IAEA runs or        IAEA’s mission: science and technolo-
supports research centres and scientific   gy, safety and security, and safeguards
laboratories in Vienna and Seibersdorf     and verification.
(Austria), Monaco and Trieste (Italy).
                                           In 2005, the IAEA and its Director
The IAEA Secretariat comprises a team      General were awarded the Nobel Peace
of over 2400 multidisciplinary Pro-        Prize for their efforts to create a safer
fessional and support staff from more      and more peaceful world.
ProGrammes    The IAEA has defined six major              of the Millennium Development
              programmes in its Programme and             Goals and the priority areas set by the
of the iaea   Budget, which guide its overall work.       World Summit on Sustainable Deve-
                                                          lopment. It covers areas such as food
              Nuclear Power, Fuel Cycle                   and agriculture, human health, water
              and Nuclear Science                         resources, assessment and manage-
                                                          ment of marine and terrestrial environ-
              This programme provides core                ments, and industrial applications.
              scientific and technical support to
              interested Member States in the fields      Nuclear Safety and Security
              of nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle
              and materials technologies, capaci-         In this area, the IAEA aims to
              ty building and nuclear knowledge           enhance the capabilities of Member
              maintenance for sustainable energy          States to achieve and maintain a high
              development, and nuclear science.           level of safety and security worldwi-
                                                          de. This programme deals with all
              Nuclear Techniques for                      aspects of the protection of people
              Development and Environmental               and the environment from the effects
              Protection                                  of ionizing radiation and any nuclear
                                                          terrorist threat, the minimization of
              This programme provides core scien-         the likelihood of accidents, and the
              tific and technical support to Mem-         effective mitigation of the effect of
              ber States for non-power-generation         any such events should they occur.
              applications. Its priorities are designed
              to strengthen the utilization of nuclear
              and isotopic techniques in furtherance
Nuclear Verification                         legal services is provided to support
                                             activities in all IAEA programmes.
This area relates to the IAEA’s
statutory mandate to establish and           Management of Technical
administer safeguards. In addition, the      Cooperation for Development
IAEA supports the efforts of the inter-
national community in connection with        This programme encompasses
nuclear arms control and reduction.          programme planning, development,
                                             implementation and assessment of
Policy, Management and                       national, regional and interregional
Administration Services                      projects funded from the Technical
                                             Cooperation Fund and extrabudgetary
This area seeks to achieve the goals         contributions. The Secretariat works
and objectives of IAEA Member States         closely with Member States to formulate
through effective coordination to ensure     the technical cooperation programme
a one-house approach, particularly with      based on the identified needs, interests
respect to: overall policies; interactions   and priorities of Member States.
with Member States; the development
and implementation of programmes;
the evaluation and assessment of
performance; and the management and
interchange of information within the
Secretariat, between the Secretariat
and Member States, and for the benefit
of the media and the general public.
A wide range of administrative and
women staff in
the iaea secretariat

Gender parity in all staffing categories
is a United Nations system-wide goal
to which the IAEA is fully committed.
The IAEA recognizes and is addressing
the gender disparity at the Professional

On 1 June 2011, women represented
42.6% of the overall staff of the

In the Professional and higher
categories, women represented 23.5%
of the regular staff.

Women comprise 19.5% of senior             Among Professional staff, the
positions at the Director level and        representation of women varies
above.                                     when broken down by occupational
                                           groupings within the two major
                                           fields of work.

iaea focal Points
for Gender concerns

Catherine Monzel (United States)       of Energy. Prior to her current
was appointed Focal Point for          position, she headed the IAEA’s
Gender Concerns by the Director        Office of Management Services.
General in December 2008, having
served as Alternate for the previous   As head of the Recruitment and Staff
                                       Development Section in the IAEA’s
three years.
                                       Division of Human Resources,
                                       Catherine leads a team in charge of a
Catherine holds a Bachelor of          human resources management system,
Science degree from the Georgetown     ranging from recruitment to outreach
University School of Foreign Service   activities, aimed at attracting candi-
and a Master’s degree in Foreign       dates of the highest standards with an
Relations from George Washington       emphasis on professional women.
University. For several years prior    Her staff development group provides
to joining the IAEA, Catherine held    a variety of in-house training pro-
a number of key administrative and     grammes, professional development
staff positions in the US Department   and skill enhancement opportunities.

Françoise Mulhauser (Switzerland)         Françoise is a nuclear physicist with       Duties and Responsibilities
was appointed Alternate Focal Point for   a PhD in Experimental Physics from
Gender Concerns by the Director General   the University of Fribourg. Prior to        The institution of the Focal Point for
in December 2008, after having served     joining the IAEA, she coordinated and       Gender Concerns was first established
as the Departmental Focal Point for       managed a number of research projects       in 1996. The Focal Point is respon-
                                          in experimental physics in Europe,          sible for promoting a supportive work
Gender Concerns for the Department
                                          the United States and Canada and was        environment and fostering the neces-
of Nuclear Sciences and Applications.
                                          teaching atomic, nuclear and particle       sary changes in attitudes that lead
                                          physics at various universities.            to a climate conducive to the equal
                                                                                      participation of men and women in
                                          In her current role, Françoise is respon-   the IAEA, monitoring the progress
                                          sible for managing the planning and         made in the representation of women
                                          implementation of the subprogramme          in Secretariat’s staff, and implemen-
                                          on Utilization of Accelerators and          ting the Gender Mainstreaming Policy
                                          Instrumentation, with special emphasis      within the IAEA. The Focal Point for
                                          on the effective utilization of particle    Gender Concerns is also responsible
                                          accelerators, in the Department of          for addressing specific gender-related
                                          Nuclear Sciences and Applications.          concerns raised by men and women,
                                                                                      and for recommending policy changes
                                                                                      where appropriate.

Profiles of iaea                 Peri Johnson (United States of America)      lopment Programme Legal Support
                                 is the Director of the Office of Legal       Office. Peri joined the IAEA in January
women staff                      Affairs in the Office of the Director        2011 after deciding that she wanted
                                 General.                                     new challenges for professional growth
“There are no barriers. If you                                                and to contribute more directly towards
are doing excellent work, you    For Peri, an undergraduate degree in         global peace and security.
can go anywhere!”                French Literature from Cornell Univer-
                                 sity represents more than just an interest   For Peri, it is an honour to be providing
                                 in languages and linguistics. Her father,    legal counsel to the Director General
                                 a lawyer, always encouraged Peri to          and senior management on issues at the
                                 “study what you love.” With a focus on       heart of international peace and security.
                                 international relations and government,
                                 Peri followed her father’s footsteps         Despite her busy schedule, Peri makes
                                 and obtained her Juris Doctor from           time for yoga, meditation and reading
                                 Harvard Law School.                          about Eastern philosophy. She has
                                                                              taken advantage of Vienna’s many
                                 Peri has spent the majority of her           cultural offerings and enjoys the beauty
                                 career at the United Nations. Her first      of the city. As the mother of a teenage
                                 assignment was in West Africa as a           son, Peri is proof that mothers can
                                 Junior Professional Officer for the          find success at home and at work. She
                                 United Nations High Commissioner             believes mentoring is important and
                                 for Refugees, working with political         encourages others to be open to new
                                 refugees. She then moved to the United       prospects that can lead to exciting
                                 Nations Office of Legal Affairs and,         career options.
                                 eventually, the United Nations Deve-

“The taste of success     Rola Ghneim Khreis (Lebanon) is the         address technical issues while still
is better when you have   Head of the Service Design Unit in the      working directly with her counterparts.
challenges to face.”      Division of Information Technology for      She is able to learn about people’s
                          the Department of Management.               needs, and can therefore create a better
                                                                      product, which is beneficial to the IAEA.
                          Coming from a family that supported
                          higher education, Rola was originally       As the mother of two grown children,
                          enrolled in a university programme          Rola believes that one of the toughest
                          to study physics and mathematics.           jobs is being a working mother. She
                          However, when she heard about a new         often struggled to ensure that she main-
                          degree programme called ‘Computer           tained a healthy work/life balance but
                          Science,’ she was intrigued. At the         now says, “I feel proud of my achieve-
                          time few people, especially in Lebanon,     ments and of my kids. I’m happy, and I
                          studied computer science. Rola anti-        see the results now!”
                          cipated that there would eventually be
                          many future opportunities in this field     Aside from enjoying the multicultural
                          and, therefore, obtained her Bachelors of   atmosphere of both the IAEA and Vien-
                          Science in Computers and Mathematics.       na, Rola appreciates her free time to
                                                                      read, meet with friends and travel with
                          Rola and her family moved to Vienna         her family. She is pleased that she can
                          in the 1990s. A former colleague en-        contribute to the scientific programmes
                          couraged her to apply to the IAEA and       of the IAEA through technology,
                          Rola began as an information services       despite not being a scientist herself.
                          assistant and later as the Head of the IT
                          Service Desk. One of the most enjoyable
                          aspects of Rola’s job is being able to

Alicia Reynaud (Mexico)                   tence while supporting geographical        “I have met women who are
is the Head of the Section for Program-   diversity and gender equality.             involved in every science,
me and Resources in the Office of the     Today, Alicia supports the IAEA’s          technology and engineering
Deputy Director General of Safeguards.    verification mission by leading the        field imaginable and have
                                          Section responsible for the design,        had a glimpse of the amazing
                                          planning and monitoring of the pro-        work they are doing.”
With a Masters degree in Management       gramme and budget of the Department
Learning and Leadership, Alicia has       of Safeguards. She also provides
successfully worked across many           guidance on the Department’s overall
different areas of the IAEA. Her IAEA     management of human and financial
career began in the Department of         resources, involving more than
Technical Cooperation, working on         700 staff and an annual budget of
projects that allowed her to gain a       €140 million.
broad understanding of the needs of
Member States from all over the world.    Alicia has grown personally and pro-
She greatly valued interacting with her   fessionally while at the IAEA, which
counterparts in the Member States and,    has also led towards shaping the views
in particular, witnessing the impact of   of her three children, all of whom share
technical cooperation on the lives of     Alicia’s values of working towards
so many people worldwide.                 peace in a multicultural world. She
                                          appreciates the harmonious political,
Prior to her current role, Alicia was     cultural and social environment of
the Head of the Recruitment Unit in the   Vienna and enjoys outdoor sports and
Division of Human Resources, where        jogging around the city.
she worked with managers to identify
and recruit staff of the highest compe-

“On all inspection trips,   Stephanie Ramushu (South Africa)           this role, Stephanie is responsible for
men and women are equal.    is a Nuclear Safeguards Inspector for      verifying nuclear materials and activi-
No exceptions.”             the Department of Safeguards.              ties to assure Member State compliance
                                                                       with the Non-Proliferation Treaty
                            Growing up during apartheid in South       obligations. Her occupation provides
                            Africa, Stephanie had few career           her with a global outlook on safeguards
                            options at the start of her education.     activities around the world, which she
                            Unsure of what to study, she visited the   often observes first hand.
                            local Technical University which had
                            just become open to all races. There       Stephanie’s job also requires a lot of
                            she discovered a multitude of career       travelling, often for weeks at a time
                            options, and finally settled on ana-       throughout the year, which means
                            lytical chemistry. Stephanie worked        dealing with frequent jet lag and
                            for almost ten years as a chemist in       working regularly with colleagues
                            different industries before reading an     from different cultures. She enjoys her
                            advertisement to become a Safeguards       job and despite the challenges that
                            Inspector in South Africa. She knew        Nuclear Safeguards Inspectors can face,
                            she wanted a new challenge and, after      she has taken them all in her stride.
                            18 months on the job, she knew that
                            this was what she wanted to do.            Stephanie feels at home in Vienna
                                                                       and enjoys reading, gardening, shop-
                            As a National Safeguards Inspector         ping in Vienna’s various marketplaces
                            in her home country, Stephanie was         and cycling with friends. She strongly
                            always acquainted with the work of the     encourages other interested women
                            IAEA. In 2006, she joined the IAEA         to join the field of nuclear safeguards
                            as a Nuclear Safeguards Inspector. In      and the IAEA.

Taghrid Atieh (Syrian Arab Republic)       Taghrid enjoys her work and believes     “The knowledge I gained as
is the Group Leader of the Liaison and     that INIS is an excellent mechanism      young professional and the
Capacity Building Group for the Inter-     for the collection, exchange and pre-    experience, skills and knowledge
national Nuclear Information System        servation of nuclear information and     I’ve acquired over the years
(INIS) and Nuclear Knowledge Manage-       knowledge in Member States. She          allow me to make a meaningful
                                           also assists Member States in building   contribution to the IAEA.”
ment Section in the Department of
                                           and enhancing their national INIS
Nuclear Energy.
                                           centres and provisions for services
Taghrid’s Bachelors of Science degree      and training.
in Agriculture provided her with an
understanding of various sciences, such    According to Taghrid, working with
as chemistry, soil and water management,   colleagues of different backgrounds
plant breeding and pathology as well       makes her job very gratifying. She
as business oriented courses. This         enjoys the high quality of life that
knowledge formed a strong foundation       Vienna has to offer and finds it an
for her career in scientific information   ideal city to combine her love of
management.                                sports and nature.

Prior to joining the IAEA, Taghrid         Taghrid credits her husband for making
headed the nuclear information and         it possible to balance a successful
documentation centre at the Syrian         career with a fulfilling family life
Atomic Energy Commission and               with her two children and believes
served as the Syrian Arab Republic’s       that any sacrifices have been worth-
National Liaison Officer to INIS. She      while in order to be part of such
became the IAEA’s first Syrian Profes-     a vital IAEA programme.
sional staff member in 1993.

“It’s not about selling      Bruna Lecossois (Brazil) is an            She is now responsible for communica-
a product for money;         Information Officer and the Communi-      tions and outreach for the Department
it’s about doing something   cations Advisor for the Department of     of Nuclear Energy. Bruna develops and
to do good.”                 Nuclear Energy.                           implements the Department’s commu-
                                                                       nications strategy and regularly liaises
                                                                       with IAEA Member States, the Divi-
                             Fluent in four languages, Bruna was
                                                                       sion of Public Information and other
                             attracted to the multifaceted world of
                                                                       internal stakeholders like the Director
                             communications. She obtained her
                                                                       General’s Office for Policy.
                             Bachelor’s degree in Business and her
                             Master’s in Corporate Communications
                                                                       Energy availability has a direct impact
                             in Grenoble, France, before earning her
                                                                       on health, education and employment.
                             MBA in Marketing and International
                                                                       For Bruna, it’s rewarding to know that
                             Business. Her professional career be-
                                                                       she contributes to the important role of
                             gan at the World Bank in Washington,
                                                                       the IAEA, and the Department of Nuc-
                                                                       lear Energy in particular, in supporting
                                                                       the Millennium Development Goals.
                             Bruna learned about many United
                             Nations organizations, including the      Despite being multilingual, Bruna finds
                             IAEA, during her seven years at the       it unique to live in a country where she
                             World Bank. Although she never ima-       does not fluently speak the language.
                             gined the IAEA as her future employer,    In her free time, she enjoys outdoor
                             she applied and was hired as an Infor-    activities, artistic endeavours, basket-
                             mation Officer. Bruna first began by      ball and travelling, as well as the multi-
                             promoting the work of the International   culturalism that Vienna and the IAEA
                             Nuclear Information System (INIS).        have to offer.

Katherine Asfaw (Ireland) is a            Always with the desire to work in an       “I always liked the idea
Standards Specialist in the Safety        international organization, Katherine      that you could grow up to do
and Security Coordination Section         thought that the IAEA would be an          something that you love!”
in the Department of Nuclear Safety       interesting and rewarding place to
and Security.                             work. She is now responsible for the
                                          technical editing of safety standards
As a young woman who excelled in          and manages and reviews safety stan-
maths, Katherine chose to combine         dards for Member State approval.
her love of maths with physics. At
the time, she was inspired by reading     Katherine appreciates that Vienna
‘popular science’ and felt optimistic     is a family friendly city. She enjoys
that she could turn something she was     outdoor activities during the summer
passionate about into a career.           and taking family holidays. Policies
                                          such as maternity leave have provi-
After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree       ded Katherine the flexibility to be
in Physics, a Master of Science degree    a working mother.
in Mathematics and a PhD in Physics,
                                          Although the daily functions of
Katherine decided to volunteer in rural
                                          Katherine’s job may not always affect
Ethiopia as a teacher-trainer at a new
                                          all of humanity, “it contributes to the
university to train high school physics
                                          sum of knowledge and it’s good to
teachers. She also started a Saturday
                                          make words mean something important.”
maths class to provide extra tutoring,
                                          She appreciates the space and peace
particularly to young female students.
                                          that she has to focus on her work and
Nearly two years later, Katherine
                                          believes that safety standards hold an
applied to the IAEA.
                                          important place in the role of the IAEA.

“I believe in the projects     Susan Morgan (Australia)                  aims to contribute to efforts by
I’m doing because they have    is a Programme Coordinator for the        Member States to address a drastic
the potential to have a huge   Programme of Action for Cancer            shortage of cancer control workforces,
impact on saving lives.”       Therapy (PACT) in the Department of       by using e-learning and traditional
                               Nuclear Sciences and Applications.        teaching approaches.

                               When Susan was 8 years old, a close       After working as a radiation therapist
                               relative died from breast cancer. Since   for 16 years, Susan has enjoyed the
                               then, Susan knew she wanted to aid in     transition from working with individual
                               the fight against cancer. She pursued     patients, to working on population
                               a Diploma in Applied Science in Ra-       level cancer control strategies.
                               diation Therapy and, later, a Master’s
                               degree in Public Health.                  Susan enjoys working with colleagues
                                                                         from around the world. She has found
                               Susan’s career prior to the IAEA has      Vienna to be an excellent base for
                               taken her around the world, from clini-   travel and enjoys going to the gym
                               cal work in Australia and Canada and      and swimming.
                               radiation therapy education in Trini-
                               dad and Tobago, to a human resource       While the IAEA is better known for
                               consultancy in Indonesia and advising     its work in safeguarding nuclear mate-
                               on the design of the National Cancer      rials, Susan feels it’s important to put
                               Institute in Malaysia.                    the peaceful uses of nuclear technolo-
                                                                         gies in the forefront of people’s minds,
                               Currently, Susan is responsible for the   especially the early detection and
                               coordination of the Virtual University    treatment of cancer.
                               for Cancer Control pilot project, which

Yvonne Lokko (Ghana) is a Plant            the IAEA in 2006.                         “I feel a sense of pride
Breeder/Geneticist for the Joint FAO/                                                knowing that my role in the
IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in     Yvonne finds it gratifying to see the     IAEA helps to make such a
Food and Agriculture in the Department     direct results of her work in Member      valuable contribution.”
of Nuclear Sciences and Applications.      States. Some success stories include
                                           projects for improving the quality of
At the early age of 14, Yvonne was ins-    cassava, building resistance to a cacao
pired by a book to study pharmacy, and     virus disease, and improving indige-
she wanted to be a teacher. However, at    nous crops such as amaranth, quinoa
university Yvonne found other options      and cowpeas for increasing the pro-
and she enrolled in the economic bota-     ductivity of poor farmers in southern
ny programme.                              Africa.

Yvonne first learned about the IAEA        Yvonne enjoys mentoring women and
while working with the Ghana Atomic        young girls, and she was an active
Energy Commission. After obtaining         mentor during her time in Ghana.
a Master of Science degree in Plant        Yvonne also supports the initiatives
Biotechnology, Yvonne became a             of the IAEA to recruit more women
Research Fellow at the IAEA Seibers-       and women scientists for participation
dorf Laboratories where she learned        in IAEA related projects.
about different nuclear techniques in
plant breeding and genetics. Following     Overall, Yvonne is content in both
her PhD in Crop Sciences, Yvonne           her job and her surroundings. She
worked as a plant biotechnologist at       believes that Vienna is a good city
the International Institute for Tropical   to live in, and travel from, and she
Agriculture in Nigeria before joining      enjoys cultural activities.

“If you do something, do it 100%   Katherina (Katja) Deufrains               Program. Soon after, she was promo-
or don’t do it at all!”            (Germany) is a Programme                  ted to International Program Coordina-
                                   Management Officer for the Division       tor in Kiev, Ukraine. She then worked
                                   for Europe in the Department of           in project management and business
                                   Technical Cooperation.                    development in Switzerland before
                                                                             moving to the IAEA in 2005 to work
                                                                             for the Incident and Emergency Centre.
                                   Katja grew up in what was the German
                                                                             Katja moved to her current position in 2008.
                                   Democratic Republic, with a mixed
                                   family background of German and
                                                                             As Programme Management Officer,
                                   Ukrainian. After the fall of the Berlin
                                                                             Katja is responsible for projects in Cro-
                                   Wall, Katja left Germany at age 19 and
                                                                             atia, the Russian Federation and Serbia
                                   went to the USA for a year on an Au
                                                                             as well as multiple regional projects.
                                   Pair programme to learn English. After
                                                                             The aim of her work is to help Member
                                   another two years working and travel-
                                                                             States improve their capacities. She
                                   ling in Central and South America, she
                                                                             finds it tremendously rewarding to see
                                   began her studies at the University of
                                                                             the direct impact of her work.
                                   Wales before transferring on a scholar-
                                   ship to the USA.
                                                                             Katja has lived in many countries
                                                                             and feels that Vienna strikes a beautiful
                                   Katja holds a BA in Foreign Language
                                                                             balance between convenience, and
                                   and an MA in Organizational Com-
                                                                             cultural and historical offerings. In her
                                   munication. Her professional career
                                                                             free time she meets with friends,
                                   started at Pacific Northwest National
                                                                             exercises, cooks and travels.
                                   Laboratory for the US Department of
                                   Energy’s International Nuclear Safety

measures aimed                               specific steps they have taken to incre-   nity, once more, to emphasize the need
                                             ase the participation of women in their    for well qualified female candidates.
at increasinG                                programmes.
                                                                                        The Secretariat cooperates with other
the rePresentation
                                             The IAEA has also taken steps to           United Nations agencies and in par-
of women                                     increase the representation of women       ticular, the United Nations Entity for
                                             participants at conferences, seminars      Gender Equality and the Empower-
Resolutions and Reporting                    and workshops, and to promote the          ment of Women (UN Women) in order
Measures                                     involvement of women scientists in         to highlight the IAEA’s efforts and to
The IAEA continues to build on               coordinated research and technical         keep up to date of trends in this area.
measures already in place to increase        cooperation projects.
the share of women Professional staff                                                   Working with Member States
in the Secretariat. The General Confe-       Recruitment Measures                       The Secretariat fosters a continuous
rence has passed resolutions related to      The Secretariat pays special attention     dialogue with Member State represen-
this issue on a regular basis, reiterating   to well qualified female candidates        tatives in order to encourage applica-
the IAEA’s ultimate goal of achieving        in the recruitment process to ensure       tions by well qualified female candida-
equal gender representation in staffing.     that in cases of comparable qualifica-     tes for IAEA vacancies.
The Director General reports biennially      tions and suitability, women are given
on progress made in this area.               preference over men. Indeed, in a very     In order to work even more closely
                                             high percentage of cases in which there    together, the Secretariat requested that
Another reporting mechanism used to          is at least one woman among candida-       all Member States designate a Point of
measure progress in the representation       tes deemed well qualified, a woman is      Contact for the Recruitment of Women
of women calls on Deputy Directors           offered the position.                      to actively support its efforts. Points of
General, who head each of the IAEA’s         The Secretariat, at the invitation of      Contact assist the Secretariat by iden-
six Departments, to report to the            Member States, carries out recruitment     tifying institutions in the Member State
Director General each year in June on        missions, which provide the opportu-       from which suitably qualified female

candidates could be attracted. They          Gender Equality                            work /
also aid the IAEA in spreading the           and Mainstreaming
word about employment, in exploring          A gender equality policy was               life balance
the possibilities of establishing a Junior   approved in 2007 by the Director
Professional Officer programme and in        General and is being implemented
expanding fellowships in their country.      to mainstream gender considerations        Social norms often cause professional
                                             into the IAEA’s programmes and             women to experience greater difficul-
Departmental Focal Points                    to promote gender equality in the          ties than men in relocating their families.
for Gender Concerns                          IAEA and the Member States.                In order to make it a more attractive
At the end of 2006, the function of                                                     employer to families, the IAEA has
Departmental Focal Points for Gender         For more information on the IAEA's         sought to provide a supportive envi-
Concerns, based on a United Nations          gender initatives and official documents   ronment that enables staff to combine
initiative model, was created to further     and reports, please visit:                 work and family responsibilities.
institutionalize gender related activities
in the Secretariat. Departmental Focal                                                  Arrangements
Points assist the Deputy Directors                                                      now in place include:
General in their efforts to achieve gen-
der equality within their Departments
and support the IAEA Focal Point for                                                    –   Flexible working hours,
Gender Concerns in gender related ac-                                                   –   Part-time work arrangements,
tivities. Each Deputy Director General                                                  –   Work from home option,
selects one Departmental Focal Point                                                    –   Maternity and paternity leave,
and one Alternate.                                                                      –   Nursing breaks for new mothers,
                                                                                        –   Family emergency leave,
                                                                                        –   A Child Care Centre, located in
                                                                                            the Vienna International Centre,

  whose opening hours correspond          emPloyment         How to Apply for Vacancies
  to the IAEA’s regular working hours,                       at the IAEA
– A policy for the prevention of          oPPortunities at   Approximately nine months before a
  harassment and other forms of unfair    the iaea           position in the Professional or higher
  or discriminatory treatment of staff.                      categories becomes vacant in the
                                                             Secretariat, a vacancy notice is posted
                                                             on the IAEA’s official web site. To
                                                             apply for a vacancy, applicants must
                                                             submit an IAEA Personal History Form
                                                             by the deadline listed in the notice.
                                                             To learn more, please visit:

                                                             Junior Professional Officer
                                                             (JPO) Programme
                                                             Aside from hiring highly qualified and
                                                             experienced candidates, the IAEA, through
                                                             direct funding by its Member States,
                                                             also offers job opportunities for young
                                                             professionals under a Junior Professional
                                                             Officer (JPO) programme. The purpose
                                                             of the programme is not only to give
                                                             young professionals an opportunity to
                                                             gain work experience in an international
                                                             environment, but also to provide the
                                                             IAEA with additional expertise.
These young professionals must hold an        at the Agency assisting in the normal        and not more than one year. To learn
advanced university degree and preferab-      activities of an appropriate technical       more, please visit:
ly have at least two years of professio-      division. To participate in the program-     Jobs/internships.html
nal work experience. The JPO works as         me, Technical Cooperation National
part of a team and under the guidance         Liaison Officers are asked to nominate
of a senior officer in either a scientific/   candidates in the respective field. To
technical or administrative field.            learn more, please visit:
Currently, only a limited number of
Member States who have signed a JPO           Internship Programme                         Jobs at the iaea
agreement with the IAEA are able to           The Internship Programme provides
offer their young nationals the possibi-      young professionals with an opportu-
lity of joining the Agency as a JPO.          nity to gain practical experience in an      Director General's Office for Policy
To learn more, please visit: www.iaea.        international environment and exposes        – Auditor
org/About/Jobs/jpo.html                       them to the work of the IAEA and the         – Lawyer
                                              United Nations. The IAEA accepts a           – International Affairs Specialist
Technical Cooperation                         limited number of interns each year.
Fellowships for Women                         Applicants must be at least 18 years of      Department of Management
The IAEA Fellowship Programme                 age and have completed a minimum of          – Programme Manager
supports young women pursuing an              two years of full-time studies at a uni-     – Financial Officer
advanced degree, or having recently           versity or equivalent institution towards    – Procurement Officer
graduated, in gaining practical interna-      the completion of their first degree.        – Translator/Editor
tional work experience in nuclear tech-       Individuals may apply up to two years        – Human Resources Specialist
nology and applications or in technical       after the completion of their Bachelor’s,    – Public Information Officer
cooperation. The programme provides           Master’s, or Doctoral degree. Internships    – Conference and Document
fellowships of six months duration            normally last not less than one month          Production Specialist

                                                                         Department of Nuclear Sciences
                                                                         and Applications
                                                                         – Entomologist
                                                                         – Plant Breeder
                                                                         – Nutritionist
                                                                         – Medical Radiation Physicist
                                                                         – Nuclear Physicist
                                                                         – Soil Scientist
                                                                         – Research Scientist

                                                                         Department of Safeguards
                                                                         – Nuclear Safeguards Inspector
Photo courtesy of Raki Nikihetiya                                        – Nuclear Trade Analyst
                                                                         – Safeguards Evaluator
– IT Systems Engineer                 Department of Nuclear Safety       – Safeguards Analyst
– General Services Staff              and Security                       – Instrumentation Systems Expert
                                      – Nuclear Safety Specialist        – Surveillance and Monitoring Specialist
Department of Nuclear Energy          – Nuclear Security Officer
– Nuclear Engineer                    – Trafficking Prevention Expert    Department of Technical
– Chemical Engineer                   – Emergency Preparedness Officer   Cooperation
– Waste Management Specialist         – Operational Safety Officer       – Programme Management Officer
– Nuclear Power Planner               – Radiation Protection Officer     – Programme Management
– Economics and Planning Specialist   – Radiation Safety Specialist        Coordinator
– Knowledge Management Specialist     – Transport Safety Specialist      – Software Engineer

the iaea:                                                 radiotherapy may result in cancer later    and experts in radiation medicine
                                                          on in life or that a young woman could     within the IAEA, launched a Virtual
workinG for women                                         become infertile. I was discouraged,       University for Cancer Control
worldwide                                                 and frightened.” But Miriam's family       (VUCCnet) as a pilot project in four
                                                          and colleagues were supportive and         IAEA Member States: Ghana, Uganda,
                                                          she went on to complete her oncology       the United Republic of Tanzania and
                                                          nursing training. Today, working in        Zambia.
                                                          the cancer unit of the Komfo Anokye
                                                          teaching hospital in Kumasi, Ghana’s       In May 2011, nearly 50 doctors and
                                                          second largest city, Miriam is dedica-     nurses, almost half of whom were
                                                          ted to her job and says she has never      women, successfully completed their
                                                          regretted her decision.                    first VUCCnet pilot training course on
                                                                                                     cervical cancer prevention and scree-
VUCCnet will enable students to access learning locally   Sub-Saharan Africa is on course to wit-    ning. The pilot courses will continue
                                                          ness nearly 600 000 new cases of cancer    through 2015.
Confronting barriers to                                   in the coming year and an estimated
recruitment, training of cancer                           shortage of 3000 cancer care professi-     As Miriam's story illustrates, fear and
professionals                                             onals, thus facing huge challenges in      misunderstandings can hinder the
                                                          providing cancer care for those in need.   recruitment and training of cancer care
When 26-year old Miriam Owusu                                                                        professionals. That is why the IAEA,
Sekyere was considering oncology                          To aid in improving Africa’s can-          through PACT, is aiming to tackle the
nursing, people in her home country,                      cer control capabilities, in 2010 the      human resources shortfall where it can
Ghana, tried to dissuade her. “The-                       IAEA’s Programme of Action for             have the most impact — on the ground.
re are many misconceptions about                          Cancer Therapy (PACT) Programme
working in an oncology unit,” she says.                   Office, the World Health Organization,
“Some people believe that proximity to                    international partners in cancer control

member                AFGHANISTAN
                                        CÔTE D’IVoIRE

states                ALGERIA
                                                                                     NEW ZEALAND
                                                                                                          SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC

of the iaea           ARGENTINA
                                        CZECH REPUBLIC
                                        DEMoCRATIC REPUBLIC
                      AUSTRALIA           oF THE CoNGo          KENYA                NIGERIA              THE FoRMER
(as of August 2011)   AUSTRIA           DENMARK                 KoREA, REPUBLIC oF   NoRWAY                 YUGoSLAV REPUBLIC
                      AZERBAIJAN        DoMINICAN REPUBLIC      KUWAIT               oMAN, SULTANATE oF     oF MACEDoNIA
                      BAHRAIN           ECUADoR                 KYRGYZSTAN           PAKISTAN             TUNISIA
                      BANGLADESH        EGYPT                   LATVIA               PALAU                TURKEY
                      BELARUS           EL SALVADoR             LEBANoN              PANAMA               UGANDA
                      BELGIUM           ERITREA                 LESoTHo              PARAGUAY             UKRAINE
                      BELIZE            ESToNIA                 LIBERIA              PERU                 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
                      BENIN             ETHIoPIA                LIBYAN ARAB          PHILIPPINES          UNITED KINGDoM
                      BoLIVIA           FINLAND                   JAMAHIRIYA         PoLAND                 oF GREAT BRITAIN
                      BoSNIA AND        FRANCE                  LIECHTENSTEIN        PoRTUGAL               AND NoRTHERN
                       HERZEGoVINA      GABoN                   LITHUANIA            QATAR                  IRELAND
                      BoTSWANA          GEoRGIA                 LUXEMBoURG           REPUBLIC oF          UNITED REPUBLIC
                      BRAZIL            GERMANY                 MADAGASCAR             MoLDoVA              oF TANZANIA
                      BULGARIA          GHANA                   MALAWI               RoMANIA              UNITED STATES
                      BURKINA FASo      GREECE                  MALAYSIA             RUSSIAN                oF AMERICA
                      BURUNDI           GUATEMALA               MALI                   FEDERATIoN         URUGUAY
                      CAMERooN          HAITI                   MALTA                SAUDI ARABIA         UZBEKISTAN
                      CAMBoDIA          HoLY SEE                MARSHALL ISLANDS     SENEGAL              VENEZUELA
                      CANADA            HoNDURAS                MAURITANIA           SERBIA               VIETNAM
                      CENTRAL AFRICAN   HUNGARY                 MAURITIUS            SEYCHELLES           YEMEN
                       REPUBLIC         ICELAND                 MEXICo               SIERRA LEoNE         ZAMBIA
                      CHAD              INDIA                   MoNACo               SINGAPoRE            ZIMBABWE
                      CHILE             INDoNESIA               MoNGoLIA             SLoVAKIA
                      CHINA             IRAN,                   MoNTENEGRo           SLoVENIA
                      CoLoMBIA            ISLAMIC REPUBLIC oF   MoRoCCo              SoUTH AFRICA
                      CoNGo             IRAQ                    MoZAMBIQUE           SPAIN
                      CoSTA RICA        IRELAND                 MYANMAR              SRI LANKA

orGanizational                                                                         DIRECTOR GENERAL
                                                                                           Mr Yukiya Amano

chart                                                                              Director General’s Office for Policy

(as of August 2011)                                                                                           Office of Internal
                                                                                                             Oversight Services
                                                                                     of the
                                                                             Policy-making Organs

                                                                                                           Office of Legal Affairs

                            DEPARTMENT OF                                     DEPARTMENT OF
                                                                             DE P AR T ME NTOF                                         DEPARTMENT OF
                                                                                                                                      DE P AR T ME NTOF
                                                                                                                                                                   DE P AR T ME NTOF
                                                     DEPARTMENT OF                                        DE P AR T ME NT OF
                                                                                                           DEPARTMENT OF                                            DEPARTMENT OF
                              TECHNICAL                                      NUC LE AR SAFETY Y
                                                                              NUCLEAR S AF E T                                       NUC LE AR S C IE NC E S
                                                                                                                                      NUCLEAR SCIENCES
                                                     NUCLEAR ENERGY                                        MANAG E ME NT
                                                                                                            MANAGEMENT                                                AF E G UAR DS
                                                                                                                                                                    S SAFEGUARDS
                             COOPERATION                                       AND E C UR IT
                                                                              AND SSECURITYY                                         AND AP P LIC AT IONS
                                                                                                                                      AND APPLICATIONS


                                                      Nuclear F uel C ycle                                                                                            C oncepts and
                             rogramme S upport
                            PProgramme Support         Nuclear W as Cycle       Nuclear Ins tallation
                                                          and Fuel te           Radiation, Transport        B udget and F inance
                                                                                                              Human Resources              Human Health
                                                                                                                                           Human Health            Concepts and Planning
                                                                                                                                                                         P lanning
                             and C oordination
                              and Coordination       and Waste Technology             S afety
                                                                                 and Waste Safety
                                                         T echnology

* The Abdus Salam                                                                                                                           IAE A Marine

  International Centre              Africa
                            As ia and the P acific     Nuclear P ower
                                                       Nuclear Power
                                                                                 adiation, T rans port
                                                                               R Nuclear Installation
                                                                                and Was te S afety
                                                                                                             C onference and
                                                                                                            Document S ervices
                                                                                                                                            E nvironment
                                                                                                                                        Physical and Chemical
                                                                                                                                           Laboratories ,
                                                                                                                                                                       Operations A
                                                                                                                                                                    and Scientific Services
  for Theoretical Physics
  (Abdus Salam ICTP),
  legally referred to as                                                                                                                   J oint F AO/IAE A
                                                                                                                                        Divis ion of Nuclear
                             Asia and the Pacific                                                            G eneral Services
                                                                                                              General S ervices           IAEA Environment              Operations B
                                                                                                                                                                        Operations B
  the “International               Africa                                                                                               T echniques in F ood
                                                                                                                                           and Agriculture
  Centre for Theoretical
  Physics”, is operated
                                                                                                                                           Joint FAO/IAEA
  as a joint programme          Latin America
                               Latin America
                                                                                                              Conference and
                                                                                                                                         Division ical and
                                                                                                                                            P hys of Nuclear
                                                                                                                                                                        Operations C
                                                                                                                                                                        Operations A
                                                                                                               T echnology              C hemical S in Food
                                                                                                                                         Techniques ciences
  by UNESCO and the                                                                                          Document Services
                                                                                                                                           and Agriculture

  Agency. Administration
  is carried out by                                                                                                                                                     S afeguards
  UNESCO on behalf of
                                  E urope                                                                   Budget R es ources
                                                                                                            Humanand Finance
  both organizations.

                                                                                                             P ublic Information
                                                                                                             Public Information                                      T echnical S upport
                                                                                                                                                                        Operations C


International Atomic Energy Agency
Wagramer Strasse 5, P.O. Box 100
A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: (+43-1) 2600-0, Fax: (+43-1) 2600-7

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