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									Iomega® REV® Loader 280
  Product Presentation
     REV Automation Family

          September 30, 2011
                  Iomega® REV® Loader 280
                                                                                       A one-of-a-kind
                                                                                       autoloader with
                                                                                       USB 2.0 desktop
                                             The new Iomega® REV® Loader 280GB
                                             is a standalone USB 2.0 desktop autoloader
                                             that provides cost-effective, automated storage with
                                             simple transport and data access - perfect for small and
                                             medium sized offices. The REV Loader was built with
                                             simplicity in mind. It includes a hi-speed USB 2.0
                                             interface making it compatible with almost any system
                                             and fits easily on a desktop or a shelf in a server room.

                                             Built with the award winning REV technology, it is more
                                             reliable and better performing than traditional tape or
                                             optical backup technologies.

                                                      Shortens time-to-data with random access (vs.
                                                       linear access like tape)
                                                      Maximizes capacity - all REV Loader slots are
                                                       used for storing critical data (vs. tape
                                                       autoloaders that may use one slot for the
                                                       cleaning cartridge - limiting total capacity)

                                                               by up to 80
An affordable autoloader solution that can reduce backup time Iomega Confidential percent!!
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             Table of Contents

REV Automation Product Lines
Target Sales Channel
Target Audience
Problems Solved
Positioning and Value Proposition
Product Descriptions
Key Features, Benefits and Technical Specifications
Competitive Overview
Software Overview
Service Plans
REV Automation Family
REV Technology Overview

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                 Product Lines

Iomega® REV Autoloader 350GB
   SKU #33138
   Shipping

Iomega® REV Loader 280GB
   SKU #33203
   PLD April 15, 2006

                               Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   4
          Target Sales Channel

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

System Builders (SBs)

   Tech Data, Ingram Micro, Bell Micro, D&H, Synnex

   CDW, Insight, Tiger Direct, PC Mall, PC Connection

                                         Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   5
      Iomega® REV® Loader 280
          Target Audience
Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)
         1 – 9 worldwide employees
         Upgrade from single REV drive solution
         Introduce backup routine with automation
Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB)
         10 – 999 worldwide employees
         Upgrade from single tape drives or REV drive
         Replace tape autoloaders due to REV benefits
         Introduce backup routine with automation
Vertical Market Opportunities:
    Financial services, banking, construction, manufacturing, real
     estate, video surveillance, government
    Digital media

                    Target markets based on REV Autoloader Research Study by Techwise Research 8/18/04

                                                                  Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011        6
                        Problems Solved Using An
                         Iomega REV Loader 280
              Customer Problem                                       REV Loader 280 Solution
Need an easy-to-install and easy-to-use backup            A one-of-a-kind, super easy-to-install autoloader with
solution. Creating efficiencies and saving time is        universal USB 2.0 desktop connectivity
Data loss and backup failures due to human error          Helps decrease human intervention with automatic backup
(approximately 32% of all failures*)                      verifications that reduce disk swapping

Spending too much time and effort on daily backups        Manages disk organization so they remain organized and on-
and archiving                                             line for immediate access. Restore operations are also
                                                          automatic - no need to locate “correct” disk
Spending too much money on a total backup solution,       Saves your business money. The total cost of ownership
including software, hardware and personnel                (TCO) is minimal when compared to the administrative
                                                          overhead associated with manual backups and downtime
Tape requires maintenance such as head cleaning, tape     No cleaning or re-tensioning required saving time and
cartridge replacement, and tape re-tensioning             money
Many small businesses are reliant on optical technology   The REV Loader provides an touch-free, high-capacity media
such as CD/RW and DVD/R for backup which creates a        solution that can be fully automated
lack of automation; long write times and large amounts
of media to manage

       Iomega REV Loader provides a solution that is low cost, automatic, hands-off, continuous backup
                    protection which leads to a peace of mind that your data is secure.
                  *Source: Protect Data
                                                                                  Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   7
      Iomega® REV® Loader 280
      Target Tape Users
                           ®     ®
What is this? The Iomega REV Loader 280GB
Who is it for? Workstation & server users within SMBs and SMEs who
               want to add desktop automation as a backup solution or
               replace low-end & entry-level tape drives and
               autoloaders (primarily Travan, DLT, AIT, LTO and DDS tape
What can you Back up and restore files and systems, plus archive data
  do with it? onto reliable, removable disks. Allows for complete 280GB
              overnight backup.

   What’s our Includes enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery
  competitive software.
  advantage? Faster and more reliable solution than tape autoloaders.
              Plus provides instant access to files using drag-and-drop
              functionality. And performs faster disaster recovery in
              case of system failure.

                                                  Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   8
          Iomega® REV® Loader 280
             Value Proposition

     The Iomega REV Loader 280, built on Iomega’s REV
technology, provides cost-effective, easy-to-install, automated
 data storage and archiving for SOHO and SMB markets. REV
    technology is more reliable and better performing than
       other removable backup solutions like traditional
                 tape or optical technologies.

                    Capacity without limits,
                    backup without worries.
                                               Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   9
   Iomega® REV® Loader 280
      Word Descriptions
15+ word description
Iomega® REV® Loader 280 provides a simple, automated data
protection solution for backing up and archiving critical files.

25+ word description
Iomega® REV® Loader 280 is a standalone USB 2.0 desktop
autoloader that provides cost-effective automated storage with
simple transport and data access, perfect for small and medium-
sized offices.

50+ word description
Iomega® REV® Loader 280 brings desktop automation to the
award-winning REV product line providing a complete backup and
archive solution with enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery
software included. With revolutionary removable hard-disk
technology, back up speeds 8 times faster than tape, and random
access file retrieval, the REV Loader provides unprecedented
performance advantages over traditional tape.
                                            Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   10
      Iomega® REV® Loader 280
           Key Features
REV Loader that can hold up to 8 disks (includes
1 disk only with purchase)
280GB capacity (native); 560GB Compressed
Less than 7” tall and 5.5” wide
High speed USB 2.0 interface
    Easier to use and less expensive than SCSI
CA BrightStor® ARCserve® Backup for Windows
standard edition (single server) plus disaster
recovery or an option of drag & drop file transfer
without software
Data Transfer: 25MB/sec. maximum, 20MB/sec.
Data seek: 12 ms (milliseconds)
Disk load: 25-30 seconds average

                                              Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   11
            Iomega® REV® Loader 280
                 Key Benefits
          Fast    Back up and recover files up to 8 times faster than tape*

    Low Cost      Iomega® REV® Loader 280 is a better value compared to traditional tape
                  autoloaders; includes enterprise backup software with disaster recovery
                  option and USB connectivity
     Efficient    Instant access to files and no waiting for tape to advance to the correct
                  starting location, 12 ms seek time compared to 30 to 60 SECONDS for tape
High-Capacity     Up to 280GB native capacity or 560GB with 2:1 compression to store and
                  share large files, or back up an entire system
         Easy     No additional maintenance for tape cleaning, re-tensioning, media
                  replacement; utilize the full 8 disks for backing up; simply plug into USB port
    Reliability   REV technology includes advanced error correction and the media itself is
                  kept within a cleaner environment compared to tape, rigid disks offer virtually
                  unlimited rewritability
       Secure     Password protect confidential data and encrypt your backups; door locking
                  mechanism and Kensington lock mechanism for data and appliance security
    Complete      Includes enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery software
     Solution     (CA BrightStor® ARCserve® standard edition w/ upgrade option to Full
      *Compared to DAT 72 Tape
                                                                  Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   12
Iomega® REV® Loader 280
     Simple to Use

       • REV Loader appears as regular drive letter
       • Supports standard application software
       • Supports drag & drop operations

                            Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   13
            Iomega® REV® Loader 280
               Key Specifications
       Capacity    Up to 280GB native capacity or 560GB with 2:1 compression
  Transfer Rate    25MB/sec. maximum, 20MB/sec. average
  Time to Seek     Data seek: 12 ms (milliseconds)
                   Disk load: 25-30 seconds average
   Physical Size   Autoloader: 84.95mm x 420mm x 662mm
      (HxWxL)      Disk: 10mm x 77mm x 75mm
        Weight     Autoloader: 11kg
                   Disk: 73 grams
   Drive Supply    70w. 100-240 +/- 10% vac
       Interface   OCP: Operator Control Panel
   Maintenance     Zero maintenance required with Automatic Internal Head Cleaning and Air
     Shelf-Life    Estimated 30-year shelf life on Iomega REV disks
  Compatibility    Forward compatibility with future generation products
     Warranty      Autoloader: 3 years
                   Disk: 5 year
Drive Interfaces   USB 2.0

                                                               Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   14
     Iomega® REV® Technology
Iomega REV products utilize standard
notebook hard drive technology
Iomega REV disks contain only the hard
disk platter and motor for ruggedness
and low cost
Head assembly and electronics located
in drive bay
Start clean
 Hard drive materials and cleaning
Stay clean
 Sealing and filtering
 Minimize debris generation
Manage remaining contamination
 Automatic head cleaning features
 Powerful two-level error correction code
 Fly height detection
                                             Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   15
       Iomega® REV® Loader 280
      Key Competitive Advantages
Half the cost of alternative TAPE Autoloaders                  to Tape

Performance and random access similar to hard disk drive –
     TAPE has slower linear access
Half the size and weight of alternative Autoloaders
No head cleaning or retention operations required
High speed USB 2.0 interface for simple connections
Drag and drop to copy and move files quickly
Inexpensive stand-alone drive for simple transport and
remote access
Positive-stop loading cartridge to ensure disks are loaded in
correct position
Door locking mechanism and Kensington lock mechanism
for data and appliance security
A one-of-a-kind desktop autoloader with up to
  280GB capacity and USB 2.0 connectivity!
                                    Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   16
                            Iomega® REV® Loader 280
                                The Competition

Manufacturer                      Iomega            Certance       Certance           Exabyte            HP            Sony          Sony
                                                                                        VXA-2       StorageWorks
Model No.                      REV Loader 280      CDL 240           CDL 432       PacketLoader 1x7   DAT72x6      LIB-D81/A2     LIB-D81/A1
Device                              33203      STDL42401LW-SS    CDL432LWEF-SS       270011-700
Media                               32958          CDM40             CDM72            111.00221        C1571A        SDX250C        SDX135C
Autoloader Form Factor            Desk Top        Desk Top          Desk Top           Desktop        Desk Top      Desk Top       Desk Top
Height (mm)                          180             122              163.6              213             135           224            224
Width (mm)                           130             248               93.3              211             165           170            170
Depth (mm)                           280             340              302.8              462             269           350            350
Type of Media                        REV             DDS              DAT72             VXA-2           DAT72         AIT-2          AIT-1
# of Catridges                        8               6                  6                7               6             8              8
Ave. Street Media                  $54.57           $11.21            $19.24            $64.99         $21.00         $61.99         $54.99
Native Capacity (GB)                 280             120               120               560             216           400            280
Data Transfer Rate (MB/s)             25             2.75               3.5               12              3             6              4
Interface                          USB2.0            SCSI              SCSI              SCSI            SCSI          SCSI           SCSI
MSRP                               $1,499           $1,779            $2,400            $3,299         $2,099         $2,318         $2,235
SRP Price/GB                        $5.35           $14.83            $20.00            $5.89           $9.72         $5.80          $7.98
Warranty                        3 Year Limited  3 Year Limited    3 Year Limited    3 Year Limited 3 Year Limited 3 Year Limited 3 Year Limited

•Average Street prices are from February, 2006 Price Grabber

                                                                                                 Iomega Confidential     9/30/2011       17
            Iomega® REV® Loader 280
              Key Software Features
Software                          Key Features                                OS Support

              • OEM version of enterprise backup software           Recommended for use with the
              • Includes Disaster Recovery option                     following OSes:
                                                                    • XP Professional
              • Backs up files on a scheduled or continuous basis
                                                                    • 2000 Prof./Server/Advanced
    CA        • Includes password protection and 3DES-based
                                                                      Server (SP3 & SP4)
BrightStor®     encryption                                          • Server 2003 (Standard and
 ARCserve®    • Disaster recovery including scheduled full system     Small Business Edition)
Backup OEM      backups

              • Provides drag-and-drop drive letter access          • XP Home/Professional
              • Disk formatting                                     • Server 2003 (Standard and
              • Write and access protection of disks
                                                                     Small Business Edition)
                                                                    • 2000 Prof./Server/Advanced
                                                                      Server (SP3 & SP4)
  System                                                            • Mac OS 10.1.5 and above
 Software                                                             (HFS+ file system only)

                                                                    Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   18
      Iomega® REV® Loader 280
     Automation Family Overview
                            REV Autoloader                                  REV Loader
                                350GB                                         280GB
                                 Shipping                                   May 1, 2006
   SKU                            33138                                         33203

   MSRP                         $2,199.99                                     $1499.99

                   - One 10-Disk Rack Mount Autoloader            - One 8-Disk Desktop Autoloader
                                - One REV Disk                             - One REV Disk
                  - CA BrightStor® ARCserve® Backup for        - CA BrightStor® ARCserve® Backup for
                 Windows standard edition (single server)         Windows standard edition (single
   Key                                                           server) plus disaster recovery or an
               plus disaster recovery or an option of drag &
Components                                                        option of drag & drop file transfer
                     drop file transfer without software
                 - One 68-Pin HD LVD/SE SCSI Terminator                    without software
               - One 6ft(2m) 68-pin HD to 68-Pin HD SCSI              - One USB 2.0 data cable
                                     Cable                            - One power supply cable

                3 year standard plus 1 year next business         3 year standard plus 1 year next
                      day onsite for parts and labor           business day onsite for parts and labor

 Gold Plus                        33170
Service Plan                      $699                                           N/A

                                                                    Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011      19
Iomega REV Technology

        September 30, 2011
           SMB & Workstation Backup

                            Benefits of REV

                    Flash   Optical   Drives      Tape      REV        NAS

      Reliability            ×                                     
       Capacity      ×        ×                                     
          Speed              ×                                     
     Ease of Use                                ×                  
  Removability                       ×                             ×
            Cost     ×                                             

    Strengths  Satisfactory         ×   Weakness
                                                 Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   21
   A Snapshot Iomega® REV® Drives
Since the launch of Iomega® REV® technology April 2004, this revolutionary,
removable hard disk system has won numerous awards, has had a number of
impressive milestones and is currently selling in 7 different channels: VAR,
Distribution, Retail, Etail, Direct, OEM and Catalog

     April ‘04       REV Built-in March ‘05         April ‘05         September ‘05            February ’06


                                                                               iPartner Reseller
                                                                                   Program             POS


     PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award, PC Magazine 5-Star Rating, PC World 4-Star Rating, Australian PC
     World 4.5-Star Rating, American Photo Editor's Choice, SA Computer Magazine - 5 Star Rating (S. Africa),
     PC Plus - 9 Star Rating (EU), The Independent - 5 Star Rating (UK)PC Plus Gold Prize (Spain)
                                                                        Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011    22
                                           REV Technology
                                    A Big Solution for Automation.
                       When it comes to transferring, backing up and archiving data Iomega REV is not
                       only a new technology, it’s a better technology.
                       Faster, smarter, better than tape.
                          8 times faster and 1/2 the price*
                          Simple & easy to use with drag-and-drop file retrieval; acts like a hard drive
                          Save time and money! No maintenance or cleaning required
                       More flexible than hard drive solutions.
                         Endless expandability with removable disks; perfect for file cataloging and
                         setting up a backup rotation schedule
                         Protects unauthorized data access with password protected media
                         Super durable drop resistant removable storage with the sensitive parts in
                         the drive rather than the media; valuable data will not be lost to
                         crashed/dropped drives
                         Superior data reliability with advanced two stage error correction and
                         automatic head cleaning
                       More reliable than optical backup.
                         High-capacity, endless storage
*Based on DDS-4 tape
                         Super durable, scratch-resistant, removable 35GB disks
                         Transfers data faster and more reliably than any DVD or CD

                           The Easy-To-Use, Ultra-Fast, Infinitely-Expandable
                                     Removable-Storage Solution.      Iomega Confidential   9/30/2011   23
            Iomega REV Technology
                                ®               ®

                                                                                  REV 280
                                                       REV 140                        280GB

                                REV 70
    REV 35                         70GB

   2004                                                                                        2010

• INTERFACES & MODELS: USB 2.0, FireWire®, SCSI, SATA, ATAPI, Autoloader and Loader
• LAUNCH TIMELINE: Dates and capacity are based on standard hard drive industry 2.5” single platter
  heads and media
• REV 70GB LAUNCH: Planned for 1st half 2006

  USB 2.0   FireWire   ATAPI   SCSI     SATA      Autoloader   REV Loader   NAS 200d         REV 35GB Media

                                                                       Iomega Confidential      9/30/2011     24

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