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					Earn Cash On Fiverr – Instant
Posted on 21 September 2011

How many of you have heard about a website called Fiverr? For those of you who don’t know
the website is there for members to get or give a service for $5. The best part about this is people
are willing to do whatever to make $5 and that means that you can take part in this too. For the
last month or so I have been doing services such as 10 minutes consulting jobs, article writing,
link building, facebook commenting, and much much more.

                                    Now you may be thinking, well that is great but I am not a very
good writer. If you can’t write that good then that is ok. All you have to do is offer your services
and then find somebody else to write the articles for you. For instance, I have a writer that
charges me .005 per word so I simply charge .01 per word on Fiverr. So last week I sold 5 300
word articles for $5 each ($4 after Fiverr takes their cut) and I was able to pay my writer $1.50
for each one. So with just a little bit of work I was able to make $7.50 from my Fiverr listing.
Trust me, this is how easy you can make money.

I am not trying to brag about how much money I made by sending 2 emails, or by listing a
service on Fiverr, what I am trying to do is show you that you don’t have to have the skills listed
to make money. I know I could have written the articles myself but I have not written a 300 word
article for only $5 in a while and I was not going to go back to that price again. This is a great
way to make a little extra money (especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the
corner) and it doesn’t take that much to get it started.

Now I know how much money I can make with Fiverr, let’s see how much you can make. Here
are 3 tips that I have implemented into my Fiverr business that might help you.

Tips To Earn Cash Now With Fiverr
Create More Listings – The first tip is to create a lot more listings. If you have only 1 listing
then the chances of somebody finding just that 1 is a lot less likely than if you had 20 great
services posted. Even if they are similar, you can make them a little different and still get more
work. Just know that for every good service you will post you will get around 6 sales a month so
if you have 20 different jobs then you can make 120 sales which is a great income ($480 to be

Outsource Some Work – Another thing you can do is outsource some of your work. This is
what I was explaining above, you don’t have to do everything on your own and the more help
you get the more money you can make. Just know that you can outsource pretty much anything
and that is why I highly recommend doing it.

Use Relevant Tags – This is just like you would do if you were writing a blog posts, you have to
use tags to make your post easier to find. The more relevant the tags are the more people will buy
your product or service. What I would recommend is that you not only use relevant tags, you
should use a lot of them.

As you can see Fiverr is a great website to be using if you need to hire somebody for something
or if you just want to earn cash now. I know how well Fiverr has worked for me and I am pretty
sure you can make just as much if not more than I am.

Description: only taking around 5 hours each day. Everyone knows about article marketing, but as of late I’m seeing a lot of users giving up, and going as far as to calling the method itself “non-working”..
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