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                                                                                          if   DISASTER AND FAMINE
                                                                                               RELIEF, pp. 1, 3

                                                                                          *    LAYMEN'S CONGRESS
                                                                                          *    "THESE TIMES"

                                                                                                        April 28, 1965

 The Happiest People on Earth               by reserving His greatest blessing     me: I was sick, and ye visited me:
                                            for those who do this type of work —   I was in prison, and ye came unto
       By MARENUS H. JENSEN                 the welfare workers. Note the in-      me." Matt. 25:34-36.
                                            vitation extended through His Son,        On May 8 you will have the joy of
     In his book, The 1th Day, Booton       "Come, ye blessed of my Father, in-    giving to this world-wide program
 Ilerndon has considerable to say           herit the kingdom prepared for you     of love sponsored by you and your
 about Seventh-day Adventists' being:       from the foundation of the world:      church. Make this one of the most
 so liberal in their giving to their        For I was an hungred, and ye gave      liberal offerings you have ever given
 church. Indeed, he lists this as one       me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave    and enjoy the happiness referred to
 of the five reasons why Seventh-day        me drink: I was a stranger, and ye     by Mr. Herndon and the blessings
 Adventists are the happiest people in      took me in: Naked, and ye clothed      promised here in God's Word.
 the world, and points out that they
 give four times as much money to
 their church as the average church
 member.                                                           MV Target '65
     We do not give because we feel that                        E. FRANK SHERRILL, MV Secretary,
 we have to; we love to give. We look                            Southwestern Union Conference.
 upon giving not as a great sacrifice,
 but a safe investment, recommended            The Missionary Volunteers of the sionary Volunteer Society will want
 to us by Christ. He advised us to lay      Southwestern Union are to be highly to work closely with their pastor and
 our treasures up in heaven. We             commended for the tremendous ac- endeavor to plan a series of decision
 would rather spend our money to re-        complishment of the MV Target 3000 meetings to be conducted either by
 lieve human suffering than spend it        Project in 1964. The youth shared the pastor or a guest minister prior
  to bring suffering upon ourselves         their faith in a variety of ways such to the Target Baptismal Date. These
  through indulgence in injurious ha-       as MV Voice of Youth, Friendship two Sabbaths can be made a great
  bits.                                     Teams, Operation Fireside and branch spiritual feast for all of our people
      A large portion of Mr. Herndon's      Sabbath schools. The Lord blessed as the results of this phase of Mis-
  book is devoted to the welfare work       their Share Your Faith Projects with sionary Volunteering.
  carried on by Seventh-day Adventists.     390 baptisms. This was over 200%           There is not any question about it!
  He seems to feel that we find some of     of the assigned goal of 183. Our own     The youth will do their part in car-
  our greatest joy and happiness in         Southwestern Union youth were the rying the truth of the Third Angel's
  being able to relieve the needs and       first in the whole world field to Message to the world. Soul winning
  sufferings of God's children here on      achieve their goal in the MV Target in 1965 among our youth promises
  earth. In this he is right. And as        30,000 Project.                          to be another huge success as the
  I read my Bible and the Spirit of            It has been thrilling to see our youth yoke up in service with their
   Prophecy, I am convinced that no         youth in action — preaching, singing, Master. What a joy and privilege to
  other type of service so touches God's    giving Bible studies, visiting, passing be associated with such a fine army
  great heart of love.                       out handbills, and helping in so many of workers as our youth here in this
      I can understand this. Suppose my      other ways to help this "Share Your great Southwestern Union.
   children were in the hands of rebels,     Faith" venture to be a success. As        Under the blessing of God and
   perhaps starving in a concentration       we look back in retrospect, we are relying wholly on His power and
   camp. Or suppose a son was shot and       made to exclaim, "What hath God promises, let us line up the motto, "Do
   stripped of all clothing and left to      wrought!"                               your best and do it now." Southwest-
   die on the frozen ground. What              Now we are well into the year of ern Youth — we did it before, and we
   would my heart of love desire most?       1965, and there are new goals to reach can do it again!
   A sermon? No. A Bible study? No.          and new heights to attain. The en-         The youth of Arkansas-Louisiana,
   A tract? No. A card of sympathy?          thusiasm of 1964, we are happy to Oklahoma, Southwest Region, Texas,
   No. A bouquet of lilies? No. Nothing      say, has carried over into 1965. The and Texico are a soul-winning team.
   would bring me more joy and comfort       youth are working, and great things We believe in you and are confident
   than to know that loving hands were       have already taken place in 1965. that you will not let the line fall
   placing a pillow under his aching         To bind off the interest created by the where you stand. You are a wonder-
   head, a blanket over his chilled body.    young people, May 1 and November ful group of wide-awake, Seventh-day
       God is a Father. His heart of         6 have been set as Target Baptismal Adventist Youth. We pray the Lord
   love is touched as He sees His church     Dates this year. Let us work and will bless you in the winning of
   here on earth ministering to the suf-     pray so that scores will be baptized more converts to Christ in 1965 than
   fering. God shows His appreciation        these two Sabbaths. Each local Mis- ever before as you put your faith into
Vol. 64             April 28, 1965                No. 17      The Girl with the Foreign                  "Chem Study" Course
                                                              Accent                                        Southern Missionary College, Col-
                                                                   Frieda Hauser, a German girl, re-     legedale, Tennessee, at the request of
                                                               cently moved to a town in the beauti-     the academy chemistry teachers in the
                                                               ful Northwest to live and work. Be-       Southern Union, will offer in its sum-
                                                               cause of her inadequate knowledge         mer session a class in the "Teaching
Postal Address: P. O. Box 377, Keene, Texas
                                                               of English she found it very difficult    of Chemistry by the Chem Study
                                                               to get used to the new environment        Method." This class will meet two
   Postmasters and subscribers:                   Please
send all changes of address to: THE                            and to make friends.                      hours every morning Monday through
RECORD, P.O. Box 377, Keene, Texas.                               Fortunately there are some fine        Friday and will have a three and one
                                                               Seventh-day Adventists in the town        half hour laboratory period every
EDITOR                         K- C. Beem                      who show concern for "the strangers       afternoon, Monday through Thursday
Assistant Editor ......__—Pauline Hubbard                      in the land." An Adventist lady           for six weeks, beginning June 14, and
  Official organ of the Southwestern                           saw the need and told us about this       will carry six hours of upper division
Union Conference of Seventh-day Ad-                            girl: "We have a German-born girl         undergraduate credit, if desired.
ventists. Published by the College Press,                      living in our town who is very lonely        The class will be open to anyone
Keene, Texas.                                                  for a German friend or something to       with a minimum of general chemistry.
  Communications or copy not originating                       read."                                    Tuition will be $150 for those desir-
in a local conference of the Southwestern
Union should tie addressed to the South-                          Who couldn't tell a similar story      ing credit and $75 for those not wish-
western Union Conference of Seventh-                           about other immigrats! Yet this sis-      ing credit. For more information,
day AdventistH, P.O. Box 400, Richardson,                      ter did more than see the need and        mail the following blank to Dr. John
Texas. ALL, COPY, SUBSCRIPTIONS,                               tell about it. She set in operation a     Christensen, Chemistry Department,
SPONDENCE from church members in                               plan of action to fill the need.          Southern Missionary College, College-
the Southwestern Union should be ad-                              "I see in my last Signs of the         dale, Tennessee 37315.
dressed to the LOCAL, CONFERENCE                               Times," the Adventist wrote, "that           I am interested in the "Chem
OFFICE.                                                        I can send for the Signs in the           Study" course. Please send me more
  Published weekly (fifty issues a year,                       German language. I asked her and          information, particularly with regard
omitting weeks of June 1 and December                          she said she would be greatly pleased
25) uy the College Press, Keene, Texas,                        to receive them. So I will enclose a      to
for the Southwestern Union Conference of
Seventh-day Adventists. Price, two dollars                     check to pay for her subscription.
a year. Entered as second-class matter                         Please send her the Signs in the          Name ...
October 24, 1902, at the Post Office,                          German language. Anything else
Keene t Texas, under Act of Congress of                        might be appreciated."                    Address
March 2, 1879.                                                    You can send Zeicken der Zeit
                                                                (German Siffns of the Times) to all      Address
    CONFERENCE DIRECTORY                                       your friends, acquaintances, and re-
    SOUTHWESTERN UNION CONFERENCE                              latives who speak German for very
       600 South Central Expressway,                           little money. If they live in Canada
               (P.O. Box 400),
            RICHARDSON, TEXAS                                  or in the United States the cost to                   ATTENTION
President .........._ .._.......__„....._......L.. C. Evans   you, as a church member, is less than
Secretary-Treasurer ._.._^___._---K. C. Beem
Auditor ___....______________.. B. L. Cook                     15 cents a copy — one year's sub-                 Union College
ASI —.-.-—- ___—____-____—-. -_..K. C. Beem                   scription for only $1.75. If the people
Education ._,__........_.....___....R. A. Nesmith                                                                   ANNUAL ALUMNI
H.M., S.S., and Radio-TV .__ G. M. Schram                      to whom you would like to send the
M.V., Temperance ......... E. Frank SheiTill                                                                         HOMECOMING
Publishing Secretary ____... J. T. Welch                      magazine live in another country the
Religious Liberty.                                             price for a subscription is $2.00.             April 29-
 Public Relations ....... E. Frank Sherrill
                                                                  As Christians it is our duty to care          All Alumni Banquet
            LOCAL CONFERENCE                                  for the "stranger" and to bring him
                DIRECTORY                                                                                     April 30-
                                                              God's wonderful message of hope
ARKANSAS-LOUISIANA—O. D. Wrig-ht,                                                                               Honors Convocation
                                                              that helps overcome loneliness and
  President; P. I. Nosworthy, Secretary-                                                                        Capping of the Nurses
  treasurer; (P. O. Box 5548) 333 South                       that makes him feel at home even
 field Rd., Shreveport, La.                                                                                     Hanging of the Golden
                                                              in a country that still is — and may
OKLAHOMA — W. A. Dessain, Presi-                                                                                  Cords
 dent; W. B. Robinson, Secretary-treas-                       always be — foreign to him.
  urer; (P- O. Box 528) 525 N. W. 13th                            God "loveth the stranger . . . Love         May 1 -
  St., Oklahoma City, Okla.
SOUTHWEST REGION — V. L. Roberts,                             ye therefore the stranger." (Deu-                 Sabbath School and Church
 President; L. D. Henderson, Secretary-                       teromy 10:17-19). This is the appeal                Services
 treasurer; (P. O. Box 6289) 1900 S.
 Boulevard, Dallas, Tex.                                      of the One who loves us and made us               Sacred Concert
TEXAS — B. E. Leach, President; C.                            citizens of the heavenly kingdom.                 Sunset Vesper Hour
 W. Skantz, Secretary - treasurer; 2838                           Remember then the imigrant, even              Business Meeting
 Hemphill Street, Fort Worth. Tex.
TEXICO — G. H. Rustad, President;                             if he has been here for many years.               Union College Concert
 H. W. Pritchard, Secretary-treasurer;                        And if you cannot bring him God's                   Winds
 <P. O. Box 1399) 1522 Van Buren Street,
 Amarillo, Tex.                                               message in his own tongue by word               May 2-
                                                              of mouth, send him a subscription to              Union College Open House
  Those desiring should make wills, trust                     the missionary magazine available in
agreements, and annuities in favor of                                                                           75th Anniversary Parade
the legal association rather than the                         his language.
conference. Write your conference sec-                                  GUSTAV G. TOBLER, Editor              Honor Classes: 1915 and 1940
retary-treasurer for further information.                                         Zeichen der Zeit

                                                                                                                          THE     RECORD
Far and Near . . .
                                     WAR AND NATURE BRING DEEP SUFFERING
                                                 ALL THIS:                Medicines, (value) ..................................................................$ 585,989.97
                                                                          Clothing and Bedding ..........................................................                 936,527.00
                                                                          Food ........................................................................................ 2,442,247.39
                                                                          Miscellaneous Supplies ........................................................                  39,276.70
"I have the ruins of my home to rebuild                                   Cash Appropriations ..........................................................                   49,000.00
with," said this Vietnamese to Adventist
workers.                                                                                                                                                       $4,053,039,06

                                                 FOR ALL THESE:
                                                                          Barbados, Bolivia, British Guiana, Burundi
                                                                            Chile, Colombia, Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador
                                                                              Frence Guiana, Grand Cayman, Greece, Guatemala
                                                                                 Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy
                                                                                   Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Libya
                                                                                       Martinique, Nicaragua, Nigeria
                                                                                         Paraguay, Peru, Philippines
                                                                                            Singapore, Taiwan, Trinidad, Turkey
                                                                                              Uruguay, VJet Nam, Yugoslavia
                                                                                                Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon

                                                  TO MEET THESE DISASTER SITUATIONS:
                                                      British Guiana famine                                      Montana flood
                                                      Bahia, Brazil flood                                        Pakistani refugees
                                                      Mearim, Maranhao. Brazil disaster                          Parnaibo, Brazil flood
                                                      Cuban refugee relief                                       Sudanese refugees
                                                      Fiji flood relief                                          No. Transvaal famina
                                                      Haiti and Tobago hurricane                                 Viet Nam flood
                                                      Mindanao, Philippines, typhoon                             Alaska earthquake
                                                                                                                 California and Oregon floods

                                     Thousands found rehabilitation aid and sympathy at Adventist
                                     Centers in recent west coast floods.

                                                                                                                                                   Through your
                                                                                                                                                  relief Offering
                                                                                                                                                        in 1963.

                                                                                                                                                       Show you
                                                                                                                                                   really care on
                                                                                                                                                  Sabbath May 8.

 April 28, 1965, Volume 64, No. 17
Hospitals Are People                                                                         "Smoky Sayings," send them to
                                                                                             William Swatek, M.D., Five-Day Plan
   Frequently there is a temptation to
                                                                                             Co-ordinator, Washington Sanitarium
think of the medical work of the
                                                                                             and Hospital, Takoma Park, Md.
church as buildings and equipment.
Mostly, it is people; highly trained,
                                                                                             Texan, UC Yearbook Editor
highly skilled, highly qualified and
mostly dedicated people. For such                                                               Deana Harper, a junior sociology
people there is always a need-                                                               major from Fort Worth, Texas, has
   Diet is an important facit of our                                                         been chosen as the next editor of
hospital work. Today, our institutions                                                       Union College's 1965-66 yearbook, the
need well-trained cooks and skilled                    For enthusiastic participation
                                                                                             Golden Cords.
bakers.                                                                                         Miss Harper has attended Union
                                                       and a generous contribution to the
   The Loma Linda Sanitarium and                                                             at Lincoln, Nebraska, for the past
                                                       1965 Children's Station Offering of
Hospital offers a one-year intensive                                                         two years during which time she
training course for cooks and bakers.                                                        has acted first as an assistant editor
A new class is enrolled each Septem-                                                         and second as the associate editor of
ber. Training in this field is a door-                                                       the book.
way to a useful and rewarding field                                                             "A few changes in the organization
of service. Applicants will be con-                                                          of the staff are being planned in order
sidered who have completed two years                                                         to have a well-coordinated yearbook,"
of high school education, and who                                                            stated the new editor.
are between the ages of eighteen and
forty-five, who possess good health,                                                         God's Other Book
                                           Schools participating in the 1965 children's          For any child interested in birds
an aptitude for this type of service,      offering for Faith for Today received an
can furnish acceptable character re-       award certificate.                                and wild animals it will be love at
ferences, and who have denomination-                                                         first sight when he discovers God's
                                           seen at 7:00 a.m., but the new station            Other Book, Southern Publishing As-
al service as a goal.
                                           will feature "Faith for Today" at an              ociation's latest hard-cover nature
   The words of Christ to His disciples
                                           excellent early Sunday afternoon spot.            volume. Any child who is not a nature
as the hungry multitude sat on the
                                           Contact with the station was made by              lover surely will be one when he even
hillside before Him so long ago, come
                                           Elder E. N. Wendth, director of sta-              looks through his copy of this colorful
down to us today: "Give ye them to
                                           tion relations.                                   book.
eat." Those who serve as cooks and
                                              Eleven schools participated in the                 Between the beautiful covers pic-
bakers in our medical institutions are
                                           Southwestern Union. With 250 do-                  turing the majestic white swan on
fulfilling this directive, and in so do-
                                           nations in, the 1965 children's offer-            the front and the bluebird in flight on
ing they are assisting in the work
                                           ing has passed the $6,000 mark —                  the back, author and illustrator Joe
of these medical institutions in break-
                                           about 25 percent higher than the                   Maniscalco introduces us to a lone
ing down prejudice, awakening a
                                           offering at this time last year.                  wolf howling on a snowy plain, a
spirit of inquiry, advancing reform
                                              Teachers whose school offerings                meadow lark singing on a limb, bright
and ministering to the souls of hu-
                                           were sent through the local church                Baltimore oriole parents by their
manity, — for it so happens that
                                           should notify the public relations de-            hammock-nest, the sly red fox, the
these souls come wrapped up in the
                                           partment of Faith for Today so that               duck that lives in a tree, a golden
bodies of men!
                                           the students will receive their certi-            eagle with her fuzzy white twin
   Those interested in preparing them-
                                           ficate for participation in the project.          babies.
selves for service in this area are
urged to write for particulars to:                                    PAT KNAUSS,                Each drawing — in full, natural
DIRECTOR, Cooks and Bakers Train-                  Public Relations Department               color — takes a full 8"xlO" page with
ing Program, Loma Linda Sanitarium                            Faith for Today                interesting facts about each animal
and Hospital, Loma Linda University,                                                         on the facing page. Children grown
Loma Linda, California.                    "Smoky Sayings"                                   tall, with wrinkles and receding hair-
    H. E. RICE, Associate Secretary                                                          lines, will find this new publication
                                              Want to start a new fad? Most
 General Conference Medical Dept.                                                            as irresistible as their small fry find
                                           fads are not too profitable, but this
                                           one has some possibilities!
1965 Children's Station Chosen                                                                   Studying these animals, each per-
                                              Let's start some "Smoky Sayings."
by Faith for Today                                                                           fectly adapted to his environment,
                                           For example, "Nick says, Don't smoke
                                                                                             one thinks again, "How could all this
  "I wouldn't want to charge the           in bed; the ashes falling on the floor
                                                                                             possibly have just happened?" One
children the regular price," the pro-      may be your own."
                                                                                             more weapon against evolution!
gram manager responded. "Perhaps              Or "He who smokes may help fer-
                                                                                                             MILDRED E. MEYER,
we can reduce the rate for them."          tilize the daisies." Or "We have the
                                                                                                             Editorial Assistant,
And so the 1965 children's offering        best filters on the market — all you
                                                                                               Southern Publishing Association.
makes it possible to purchase time on      inhale is hot air."
WIBS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.           If we can motivate young adults
With 2,132,300 TV homes, Philadel-         and teen-agers to ridicule and laugh                   =   REMEMBER
phia is the fourth highest television      at the smoking habit, more of them
market in North America.                   may keep from getting "hooked."                       LAY      CONGRESS
   Before it was dropped by another          Add your contributions to those
station in the area, the program was       above. If you can think of any clever                June 15-19, Keene, Texas

                                                                                                              THE      RECORD
                                            ^ The Homecoming at Ozark Acade-

  Arhansas-                                 my, held the weekend of March 27,
                                            was indeed inspiring!
                                            ^ "These Times" is an outstanding
      Louisiann                             religious journal. What a privilege
                                            to again send out subscriptions for
                                            ^ Since 1887 Seventh-day Adventists
News Items
                                            have given $171,507,695.54 in Sabbath
^ A lovely new church is being built        school offerings for missions! Our
in Bentonville, Arkansas.                   Sabbath schools show a nice gain to
K We hope to have the first service         date in 1965.                                                    Evangelism In
in our splendid new church in Baton                                                                          Northern Arkansas
Rouge on Sabbath, May 29.                                                                                    View of the Cloud Cathedral used by
^ We are thrilled with the faithful-                Arkansas-Louisiana                                       Elder Lemon in the Northern Arkansas
                                                                                                             District from which one hundred fifteen
ness of our grand members in turn-                                                                           precious souls have learned and accepted
ing in their tithe and various offer-              SUMMER CAMP                                               the message of salvation.    Assisting in
                                                                                                             the last meeting were Carlton Dyer and
ings.                                                June 27 - July 4                                        F. E. Elliott.


                                          Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Summer Camp

                                                    CAMP             J UNOLARKA
                                                      for boys and girls ages 9-16
                                          LAKE BISTINEAU STATE PARK, DOYLINE, LA.

                                                Only $18.50 for a whole week of fun
                                     Fill in this application now and make sure of getting
                                                            a reservation!
                                     Mail with $1.00 to W. D. Welch, M.V. Secretary,
                                          Box 5548, Shreveport, Louisiana 71105.
                                     Please reserve a place for me at camp:

                                     Name ............................................................ Age

                                     Parents Signature
                                       (Campers must have a reservation to aHend Camp)

April 28, 1965, Vpig ma 64, No. 17
Time to Put My House in Order                                                        Evangelistic Team to Fargo
It's time to make my house spick-and-                                                   As of Sunday, April 11, our Okla-
    span,                                                                            homa Evangelistic Team opened a
The Master is coming again.                                                          meeting in a public hall at Fargo,
As I daily work and plan,                                                            which is located about eight miles
Flimsy excuses I cannot feign.                                                       from Woodward, in the Shattuck di-
                                                                                     rection, on Highway 15. It is hoped
What I intend to do, I have to do                                                    that some of the interest spilling over
   today.                                                                            from Woodward, where an effort has
Another chance tomorrow may never                                                    just terminated, will give substance
   come.                                                                             to the Fargo meeting.
While I cultivate patience and pray,                                                    Eider and Mrs. Fred Speyer and
To discouragement I should never                                                     Pastor and Mrs. Roy Warren com-
    succumb.                                                                         prise the team. Their house trailers
                                                                                     are located at Shattuck, where church
                                                                                     school facilities are available.
I need to be tolerant of my fellowman,
Bearing with him in each joy and                                                        This will be the fifth public meeting
     trial.                                                                          held by the Team, mainly in small
Striving to be a good Samaritan                                                      towns. The intent and purpose has
May mean going with my neighbor a                                                    been to bring relief to small and
                                         Front Row, left to right: Joyce Lawrence,   struggling church groups, and areas
    second mile.                         Lafayette; Stephen, Ginger, Patrick, and
                                         Jan Rhodes, Lafayette. Back row, left to    that need relief, and need to be built
                                         right: Mrs. Linda Dupont, Lake Charles;
                                         Mrs. Inez Smith. Merryville; Mr. George     up.
When my heart has been swept within      Crowson, New Iberia.                           Pray for the endeavor at Fargo
    and without,
                                                                                     that souls may be garnered in.
And all my sins have been washed         hands as desiring baptism in the near
    away,                                                                                      W. A. DESSAIN, President
The tangled cobwebs of suspicion and
                                            Pray with us for these interested
                                         persons that every obstacle of doubt,
Will be brushed into a wastebasket
                                         indecision and non-health habits will
    to stay.
                                         be removed as they continue their
                                         studies. Another baptism is planned
God requires me to be a vigilant         about two months from now.
                                            J. E. CROSBY, District Leader
Time seems to be passing faster and
My house must be in perfect order,
For soon I'm expecting the Master.
           Miss AILEEN FIELDING
                                            Oklahoma                                    Fred Speyer           Roy Warren
        Route 5, Rogers, Arkansas

Baptism at Lake Charles                           CAMP MEETING
   What a joyous Sabbath we had on             July 30 through August 7 are
March 6, 1965, at the Lake Charles          the official camp meeting dates
church as relatives and friends met         for the Oklahoma Conference.             Nine Baptized at Austin
here for the baptism of eight precious      A feast of good things is being          Church Revival
souls. Visitors and candidates came         planned for during this precious
                                                                                        During the two-week Crusade for
from De Ridder, Merryville, New I-          season.
                                                                                     Christ in Austin conducted by Pastor
beria, Lafayette, and New Orleans.             Elder Kenneth G. Holland,             L. E. Tucker, sixteen souls made the
   These were the fruits of many            the esteemed editor of These             decision to unite with the church.
years of witnessing and teaching on         Times, will be with us for the           The climax of the revival was reach-
the part of Mrs. Crowson, with her          first three days of the camp             ed at the closing meeting Sabbath
husband, Mrs. Rhoades, with her             and will deliver messages on             afternoon, April 3, when nine souls
children, Dr. and Mrs. R. Lee, with         world affairs. Other speaking            were baptized into Christ by the
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Ruskstul (aunt)         luminaries will be announced             church pastor, Robert Gibson. Seven
of Linda Dupont, plus home studies          soon and in due course.                  are preparing for the next baptism.
by the pastor.                               We urge all of the saints to              A number of members testified that
   Final decisions were made at the        to make plans early to attend             a genuine spirit of revival and re-
close of the two-week campaign in          the full camp meeting season.             formation was experienced by the
De Ridder held by Elder L. Lee and         Order your tents real soon and            church — wrongs were made right,
at Lafayette by Elder J. E. Crosby.        make sure of your favorite spot           a passion for lost souls and a spirit of
In response to a call at the close of      on the grounds.                           brotherly love was deepened.
the baptism, "Come out of her my             W. A. DESSAIN, President.                 Contributing much to the spirit of
people," eight persons raised their                                                  worship in each of the eighteen

                                                                                                       THE      RECORQ
meetings was the inspirational mes-
sages in song arranged for by Mrs.
Douglas Eddleman.
  A number of special features mark-
ed the baptismal service. First, Pas-
tor J. L. Tucker, founder and speaker
of The Quiet Hour Radio Program
and father of Pastor L. E. Tucker,
gave the Bible Message. Second:
church members had the joy of pre-
senting the nine trophies that they
had had a part in winning to Christ.
As the stories of conversion were
briefly recounted, the entire congre-
gation had vividly impressed upon
their minds the truth, "No joy can
compare with the joy of bringing a
soul to Christ."
   Following the baptism the entire
congregation joined hands with Pas-
tor Tucker, Pastor Gibson and the
nine new members as they sang
"Blest Be The Tie That Binds," thus
pledging to one another and to God,
by His grace, to meeet together un-
derneath the tree of life and have
sweet fellowship throughout all eter-
                                         Austin church members had the Joy of welcoming into fellowship nine newly
nity.                                    baptized members as the result of the two-week church revival conducted by Pastor
                                         L. E. Tucker, (front, left) conference revivalist, and Pastor Robert Gibson, church
                                         pastor (front right). Those baptized are: (front from left) Ella Hayes, Mary Ann
Missing Members                          Kirk, Doris Ashton; (back from left) Nelson Mascarenhas, Wesley Hayes, Charles
                                         Bludworth, David Jones, and Eugene Kincaid.
   We are unable to locate a number
of our missing members. If you have      win once remarked that the 'Eye' of       Wells, and Paris. The Elgin church
information that might be helpful in     the peacock's feather almost gave         school had been closed for approxi-
locating them, please contact the        him nervous prostration. Nothing in       mately ten years, but there had been
Treasurer's Office, Texas Conference,    his theory . . . could explain the        a desire to see the school in opera-
2838 Hemphill, Fort Worth, Texas         origin of such a structure."              tion again, and a lovely little build-
76110.                                      Then our vacation Bible school les-    ing has been built in the country
  Jo-Ann Anderson, formerly of Beau-     sons, Series "B," that we are using       close to where most of the Adventist
mont; Gary Donald, formerly of San       this summer are on "God's Wonderful       believers in the area are living. This
Antonio; Thelma Cooke, formerly of       World." Most of the material in this      is so constructed that the building
San Antonio; Belinda Dunlap, for-        book would be ideal to help make this     can be multi-purpose in its use with
merly of Irving; R. A. Ellis, formerly   series of lessons alive for the boys      ample space for classroom instruc-
of Houston; Ronald Hartman, for-         and girls.                                tion. Each visit to the school shows
merly of Dallas; Mrs. R. E. McKain,         Order your copy at $3.95 plus 20tf     further progress, and the finishing
of Keene and Amarillo; Mrs. Jack          postage from the Texas Book and          touches are now making the build-
 Nalley of Fort Worth; Donald R.          Bible House, 706 West Lowden Street,      ing- a tribute to their faithful work.
 Jackson, formerly of Tyler; Roland       Fort Worth, Texas 76110.                     The Mineral Wells school started
 Johnson; Jesse T. Lambeth, last                                                    just three years ago. They have had
 known at Dathan, Alabama; Warren        Three New Schools Built in the             one hundred per cent attendance of
 Lewis, formerly of Corpus Christ!;      Texas Conference                           their children in the school. The
 James MacKeral, formerly of Van                                                    lovely new school building with the
                                            When school opened last fall there
 Alstyne; Connie Medina of Austin;                                                  cement walkway to the flagpole is in-
                                         were three new church schools in op-
 Mrs. Jose Valverda of McAllen.                                                     deed attractive. A school bus makes
                                         eration at Elgin, Hillsboro, and Paris.
                                         The Hillsboro school opened in a room      the circuit each morning picking up
Wonders of Creation                      in the church building that was at-        students in Mineral Wells and
For Vacation Bible School                tractively prepared and well equipped      Weatherford. This beautiful little
  There is yet time to secure your       with new desks and other equipment.        school plant is an honor to the hard
copy of Wonders of Creation as sup-      This is not a large church, but the        work and sacrifice of Pastor Petricko,
plementary reading material for your     believers are to be congratulated for       Brother B. J. Furr, who is the school
senior Sabbath school lessons of the     their interest in Christian Educa-         board chairman, and all of the mem-
second quarter. This beautifully il-     tion. Dr. Alien and Dr. Wical have         bers who have given so liberally and
lustrated book points up the fact of     given tremendous support to the pro-        worked so faithfully.
creation and provides a treasury of      gram there.                                   One of the most challenging stories
facts and information on the subject.       New school buildings were con-           of Christian Education comes from
Evolution cannot explain why some        structed this past summer and fall          Paris, where the lovely school build-
things are as they are. "Charles Dar-    for the schools in Elgin, Mineral           (Texas news continued on page 10)

 April 28, 1965, Velum* 64, No. 17
                                        We'll Be Lookin
   L. C. Evans


                     K. C. Beam

"Learn to Live for God"
                                                  "A Latter Rain

                  —Oklahoma Home
                 Missionary Secretary



                    ''Win more
                                                           AND TRA

  W. H. Elder                                    June 75, 7:30
                                                  THE   RECORD
for you ... Here                           "Soul Stirring"

                                                                 J. E. Edwards

                                                              "Thrilling Pioneer

                                             W. C. Jones

                                                                "Come Alive
        Experience"                                               in '65"

                                             W, G. Lareon


>n Conference

:ONGRESS                                 "Help your Church"

i. to June 79                                                    E. E. Johnson

     April 28, 1965, Volume 64, No. 17
                                                                                    New Books
                                                                                      Success Secrets for Pastors by John
                                                                                    D. Rhodes at $5.50 plus postage is
                                                                                    ideal for ministers, local elders, and
                                                                                    those interested in lay evangelism. It
                                                                                    contains concrete, workable ideas and
                                                                                    methods especially adapted to the
                                                                                    needs of ths Seventh-day Adventist
                                                                                    work. Many of these ideas are ac-
                                                                                    companied with charts, graphs or
                                                                                    copies of the actual material used by
                                                                                    the pastor in carrying out his idea.
                                                                                    Order from the Texas Book and Bible
                                                                                    House, 706 West Lowden Street, Fort
                                                                                    Worth, Texas 76110.

                This is the attractive new Pans elementary school.

ing that you see pictured on this page     was instrumental in getting excellent
was erected with the definite prospect     publicity for the school. The open
of only ONE Seventh-day Adventist          house was well attended by the citi-     On The Go With Texico!
child being present on the opening         zens of Paris.                              TEXICO'S LAYMEN-MINISTRY
day of school. This was the little            It was decided to operate a kinder-   ARMY raised $69,348.44 for 1965 In-
daughter of Brother and Sister Leroy       garten and first grade and gradually     gathering. This is an increase of
Borton, who was ready for the first        increase the school attendance from      $2,349.02 over 1964 Ingathering and
grade. These parents had made a de-        year to year. Several non-Adventist      represents an all-time record achieve-
cision that their little children would    children are taking kindergarten and     ment. Looking back to just ten years
be in church school even if they, as       first grade work in the Paris school     ago, progress shows a 56 % increase
parents, had to change employment          at present.                              in Ingathering raised. Thank you
and move to another center where              These new schools represent much      from the mission field. Thank you
there was a school. Our believers in       sacrifice, many long hours and days      from Texico.
Paris realized the importance of hav-      of hard work in fulfilling the com-             H. W. PRITCHARD, Treasurer
ing a school for Adventists who are        mands of Christian Education. The
moving from one location to another,       Lord will truly reward His people for
so often trying to find a center           their dedication of purpose, and we
                                                                                    Evangelistic Plans For El Paso
where there is not just an Adventist       shall see sons and daughters growing        Evangelism will be in the forefront
church but also a school. The church       up deeply rooted in the church and       during the next months in El Paso,
decided to build a school. Mrs. Fred       with a longing to have a part in His     as Pastor Nathan Sims, Pascual Pena,
Caddel donated the land for the build-     finishing work. I. V. STONEBBOOK,        and others seek to make the message
ing, and Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Miller                Superintendent of Education,      of Christ's true church better known
were substantial contributors of funds                                              along this teeming section of the
for the building. All the members                                                   border.
helped liberally, and this attractive                REMEMBER                          A big air tent, the "Cloud Cathe-
school building with kitchen and other                                              dral" was erected on the corner of
facilities is certainly to the honor of         LAY       CONGRESS                  Alameda and Raynolds Street for
the Paris church. Elder R. L. Wind-                                                 three weeks of meetings in the Span-
ers guided them in the project and            June 15-19, Keene, Texas              ish language, beginning Sunday night,

The attractive two-classroom school built at Garner serves the        The new Elgin school is rapidly nearing completion.
Mineral Wells- Weatherford churches.

10                                                                                                     THE      RECORD
March 28, at 7:45 p.m. Elder Henry
J. Westphal of Jefferson, Texas, was
the speaker, assisted by Elder Pena.
Elder Westphal, member of an Ad-
ventist family well known for its pas-
toral and medical work, was born of
missionary parents in Argentina. His
varied posts have included the presi-
dency of the Mexican Union and much
work with the Inter- American Di-
vision. At present he is head of the
Radio-TV Department of the Texas
   When this meeting is concluded,
the tent will be moved to another lo-
cation on the eastern side of El Paso,
where Pastor Nathan Sims will lead
out in a meeting from April 25th
through May 15th. This meeting will
be preceded by a massive literature
distribution in that portion of town.
It is hoped that this effort will arouse
                                                 Pastor R. G. Beck in front of Weber's Heritage Home, Plainview, Texas.
as much interest as Pastor Sims' first
tent meeting series last November.         An Earthly "Heritage"                     Let's Improve Texico's Churches
A baptismal class has recently been
                                              Melvin Weber's "Heritage Home"            After putting all our churches into
completed as a follow-up on the first
                                           of Plainview, Texas, pictured above,      picture color slides, the contrast be-
meeting, and others are anticipated to
                                           had its formal open house February        tween church buildings is very evi-
tie in with evangelism of the summer.
                                           21. Scores of visitors toured the im-     dent. Speed is the same way. You do
   On May 23, soon after the close         maculate terrazzo hallways to view        not notice the full usefulness of a
of Pastor Sims' tent meeting, a FIVE-      the new $225,000 structure with its       265 horsepower motor until you drive
 DAY PLAN will be presented in the         50-bed accommodations. In a new           a VW. You do not realize the speed
Y.M.C.A. building on Montana Street.       concept to convalescent care, the         of an airplane until you approach
 Elder E. D. Clifford will be in charge,   west wing with 25 beds is devoted         take-off or landing. So it is with
 assisted by a Seventh-day Adventist       entirely to a hospital.                   Texico church and school buildings.
 doctor.                                       The lobby and seating areas are       There is room for physical plant im-
   During the month of June two            fully carpeted. Room furniture is         provement!
 vacation Bible schools are planned,       delicately suited to nearly everyone's       Construction or renovation of any
 one at Westview Church and one at         taste, in a choice of four motifs:        building, even with free labor, costs
 the Central church. In July there will    Spanish or Italian provincial, Early      heavily. The conference wants to be
 be a "Voice of Youth" meeting, spon-      American, and Rural English. Bro-         a "helping hand" in such cases, but
 sored hy the M. V. Society of the         ther Weber states that the "Mrs."         who is the conference? It is composed
 Central Church.                           was largely responsible for this at-      of people — you. The conference has
    In September, after camp meeting,      tractive decor. Each room is thermo-      only one source of income — you.
 Pastor Sims will begin another series     statically controlled to individual       And you can help build better
 of nightly meeetings in the air tent.     needs of air conditioning.                churches, new churches, by joining the
 These will be held on the western side        Future expansion of the present       conference 1% building plan.
 of El Paso, September 19th through         13,400 square feet "Heritage Home"          In 1965 the conference will set aside
 October 9. Pastor Sims will be as-         is already on the drawing boards.         an amount equal to 1% of the tithe
 sisted by Elder Pena, who will be in       An attached unit will provide 50 ad-      received from you. The 1% plan asks
 charge of the music. This meeting,         ditional beds.                            you to do the same.
 also, will be preceded by house-to-           With a sparkle in his eyes, Bro-            Weekly Salary          $50.00
 house literature distribution. Further     ther Weber, administrator, proudly          Example:
 interest, it is hoped, will be aroused     showed a folder of employee applica-           10% tithe                5.00
 on the West side hy a branch Sabbath       tions from which he states he has              1% of tithe               .05
 school, which is being held each Sab-      been able to select one of the best            _(not salary) __              ___
 bath afternoon in the Westview             staffs ever under his jurisdiction.         Join me in creating this confer-
  Church under the direction of Frank        "Heritage Home", combining con-          ence fund which will be solely used
  White.                                   valescent and hospital care, 2510 West     for local church building construction.
  If you know of persons in the E3         24th, Plainview, Texas, may be just        The next time you pay your tithe, add
Paso area who should be invited to         the place for you or your loved one.       1% of your tithe (not salary) to the
attend these meetings, please send                        H. W. PRITCHARD,            Texico Conference Church Building
their names and addresses to the local                     Secretary-treasurer        Fund.      Let's   improve     Texico's
pastors: Elder Nathan Sims: 152                                                       churches by giving one penny to the
Mardi Gras; Elder Pascual Pena: 130        who are tirelessly striving to bring       Conference Building Fund for each
Raynolds. Add your prayers on be-          a better way of life to a needy region.    dollar tithe.
half of these dedicated evangelists          VIOLA M. PAYNE, Press Secretary              H. W. PRITCHARD, Secy.-Treas.

 April 28, 1965, Volume 64, No. 17                                                                                        II
              '* "a                               3OOO"


                                                 Voice of Prophecy
                                                              RADIO CRUSADE

                                                      H. M. S. Richards, Jr.

                                                    King's Heralds Quartette

                                                         Civic Auditorium
                                                           APRIL 24 TO MAY 17

     You are cordially invited to attend Texico's greatest mass effort. The local church

     and the conference are pooling funds for an all-out endeavor to sound the "loud

     cry" in Albuquerque. Pray if you cannot attend. Pray daily, hourly, without ceas-

     ing that God will speak to thousands waiting judgment in Albuquerque.

     Send all names of friends and relatives you wish to be personally invited to Elder

     K. O. Cox, 3601 Georgia, N. E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110.

                                                              H. W. Pritchard, Treas.

12                                                                            THE       RECORD
Sandia View Academy
Spring Week of Prayer
  "The Lord is My Shepherd," Psalm
23, was the subject for the Week of
Prayer, March 15-20. The Holy Spirit
                     came down to vi-
                     sit the campus in
                     a. mighty manner
                     during the week.
                     We have nothing
                     to fear with such
                     an army as our
                     youth filled with
                     God's gospel, vi-
                     sion and power.
                        Elder E. D.
                     Clifford had pre-
   J. H. Turner
                     pared the way
for this Week of Prayer by conduct-
ing a leadership course the day be-
fore. Seminars, special prayer bands
and an air of revival was felt. Na-
turally this caused the Devil to make
a desperate attempt, but thank God,
his power has already been broken.
Jesus Christ had overcome the foe
1964 years ago, and the same Christ
gave the students and faculty of           The above famous Adventist vocal group, The King's Heralds, are blending their
                                           talents for the Albuquerque Voice of Prophecy three-week evangelistic thrust. Elder
Sandia View the victory that over-         H. M. S. Richarde, Jr., is preaching nightly in the huge CIVIC AUDITORIUM, April
comes.                                     24 - May 17. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move the city residents to repentance.
                                                                                                 H. W. Pritchard, Treasurer
   The main theme of these meetings
was Christ the good Shepherd. The
climax was the presenting of Christ        News From SVA                                  Geraldine Stevens    16.92
as our Righteousness. When the                                                            Leslie Aragon        16.82
                                              The following students received
students laid hold of this message,                                                       Darrell Stuteville   16.56
                                           enough points in scholarship, work,
by faith the power of Satan was                                                           MRS. J. DICKERSON, Registrar
                                           attendance, and citizenship during the
broken and many students for the
                                           fourth six-week period to achieve the           ^^^^^^Is^^i^^^^
first time experienced the work of
Christ's grace in their lives.
   Four academy students who had
                                           Honor Roll:
                                                Erik Sorensen
                                                Steve Dickerson
not been baptized indicated their de-
sire to join a baptismal class. Eight
                                               *Regina Maxwell
                                                Nancy Sorensen
elementary youth organized into a               Margaret Whitford        19.50
class, also.                                    Martha Whitford          19.45        Church Officers Meet
   Sandia View is a fine school. Your           Dianna Fiedler           19.44          Each year the newly-elected church
children there are the salt of the              Darrell Holtz            19.44        officers' are called together by the
earth, and they are becoming the light          Ella Chambers            19.40        conference to outline their duties for
of the world. Elder Hewlett is a fine           Suzi Lauterbach          19.20        the current year. This year the
Christian man. He is surrounded                 Cheryl Jameson           18.80        church officers' meeting was held in
with a dedicated faculty and corps              Ross Lauterbach          18.75        Dallas at the City Temple. It was
of workers. The students and faculty            John Myers               18.34        an impressive sight to see the at-
felt the sweet spirit of unity as we all        Linda Hamel              18.05        tendance and representation from
joined together in the Communion                Beverly Stevens          18.00        every major church in the conference.
Service at the close of the prayer              Dorothy Kessinger        17.83        Some traveled great distances to be
week.                                            Bob Schram              17.54        present.
   This school wants to do more for                  *Not taking full load               Mrs. H. L. Turner served as our
God than they have ever accomplish-           Fifteen of the above have kept this     congenial Sabbath school superinten-
ed before. Will you pray for them           record all year so far.                   dent; Elder C. S. Myles focused our
and support them? Thank God for                  HONORABLE MENTION:                   attention on the Sabbath school les-
schools like Sandia View where                   Sallye Champion         17.20        son. One of the outstanding features
people can see visions and go forth              Donna Ogle              17.20        of the day came during the Sabbath
with great power to finish God's work           Steve Foster             17.15        school when Elder L. D. Henderson
on earth.                                       Rita Orman               17.05        introduced the idea of accepting an
               J. H. TURNER, Pastor             Lynn Joiner              16.94        Investment penny, returning home
                    Amarillo District           Roy Stapleton            16.94        with it, and allowing it to multiply

April 28, 1965, Volume 64, No. 17                                                                                            18
         So you can't preach like H. M. S. Richards?

     Or speak to thousands of listeners each week over      at the campaign price of only $2.25 a year, or
     the air waves? Few can.                                $2.00 for Message.
          And maybe your week doesn't have enough               A subscription is a tremendous gift idea! A
     hours for all the Bible studies you'd really like to   book or pamphlet can get misplaced, lost, or put
     give.                                                  in the back closet through disinterest. But a sub-
          We have a happy thought for you. You can          scription magazine keeps coming new with each
     give the same message of the great speakers—give       new month, a fresh invitation to read, with the
     it with eloquence, power, and persuasive logic. A      persuasion of clear truth, with a prompting to give
     gift subscription to These Times, or Message Mag­      the heart to God.
     azine, will do it for you. These magazines present         So you can't preach like Elder Richards? Do
     a tried and proved method of winning souls.            the next best thing—subscribe to These Times, or
          And the best part of all is that you can send     Message Magazine, for those in your area of
     These Times to each person on your prayer list         responsibility.

                                 VOICES OF   CERTAINTY   IN AN   UNCERTAIN WORLD

     Message                                                           These Times
14                                                                                               THE     RECORD
                                                                                                  New York City and The New York
                                                                                               Center are strategic areas for Evan-
                                                                                               gelism. Constant vigilance is exercised
                                                                                               to witress for Christ. The month of
                                                                                               May will be set asids for intensive
                                                                                               nightly    evangelistic meetings    and
                                                                                               visitation. Send the names and ad-
                                                                                               dresses of friends, relatives, and for-
                                                                                               mer Ad/enlists. We will invits them
                                                                                               to our nightly meetings and do our
                                                                                               best to visit them. Send at once!
                                                                                               Meetings begin May 9th. Mail to:

                                                                                                      Harold J. Brendsl, Director,
                                                                                                      Naw York Csntar
                                                                                                      227 W. 46th Street
                                                                                                      New York, New York 10036

                                                                                            WE WISH TO REMIND VISITORS to
                                                                                            Keene, Texas, for the coming activities
                                                                                            to make your reservations now with our
                                                                                            modem motel. Refrigerated air-condi-
                                                                                            tioning, pool, free ice. Just three miles
                                                                                            west of Keene. Lowest rates in thin
Pastor E. W. Sheppard distributing Investment pennies at a church officers' meeting.        vicinity. Phone or write for information.
                                                                                            Shady Oaks Motel, Milton G-7871, Cle-
                                                                                            burne, Texas.                       17-lt.
many times over in a project of the        over $15.00 saved in dimes during the
owner's choice, for missions.       It     quarter for Investment. We salute                Kighty acres in eastern Oklahoma, 8
                                                                                            miles north of Muldrow. Rich soil, stream,
would have cheered the heart of every      Sister Woodfox, along with men, wo-              pond timber and electric line. Near good
missionary around the world to see         men, boys and girls who are dedica-              highway. No improvements, J/fc mineral
                                                                                            rights. $6000.
the enthusiastic response of loyal Ad-     ting time, effort, and means to some             Forty acres eleven miles south of Eureka
ventists marching down front for an        worthy Investment enterprise.                    Springs, Arkansas, in the Ozarks. Some
                                                                                            timber. No improvements. Give away,
Investment penny.                             Untold blessings have come to God's           $1000. Write J. Marshall, 306 E. 67th,
   Brother Womack Rucker of Baton          people in the mission field because of           Odessa, Texas 79762.                  17-lt.
Rouge was presented to the assembly        Investment, and best of all, we have
and interviewed, as the layman rais-       the privilege of extending the onward            BOB AND LILLIAN'S SLEEP SHOP
                                                                                            AND GIFTS features everything for the
ing the largest amount of Ingather-        march of the gospel by our consecrat-            bedroom. Scientifically designed mattress
ing this year.                                                                              and springs, by Dr. L. A. Rentschler, pro-
                                           ed efforts in partnership with God.              mote healthful sleep, restore zest, energy.
   Elder V. L. Roberts, our president,     May I say to others who have not                 Part of profit for South Oklahoma City
                                                                                            Church Building Fund.        Discounts to
delivered a spirit-filled message for      started an Investment project, the               SDA's. Daily, evenings, Sundays. Ad-
the divine worship.                                                                         dress, 4515 S. Western, Oklahoma City,
                                           year is young. Why not begin today               Oklahoma, ME 2-8190.               15-2t.alt.
   Weeks have passed since the church      an Investment project for Jesus?
officers' meeting, and the Investment                 W. C. JONES, Secretary                "KEENE CENTER", new, modern, air-
                                                                                            conditioned shopping plaza with 100-car
offering for the first quarter was                  Sabbath School Department               parking area located one block from
                                                                                            Southwestern Union College will open
taken, March 13. As we travel the                                                           May 15. Eleven leases were available;
conference, Sabbath school members                                                          seven have been leased, four leases are
                                                                                            still available for the following types of
around the circle report the blessings                                                      business:    DRY CLEANING PLANT,
                                                                                            BARBER WITH MASTER LICENSE,
God is giving to their Investment                                                           BEAUTY OPERATOR, RESTAURANT.
                                              Send all advertisements to your local con-    VARIETY STORE, DRESS SHOPPE,
                                           ference office for approval. Rate: Fifty words   SERVICE STATION, or business of your
   Recently, a package reached the         or less, one insertion, $3.00. Each additional   choice. For information write P. O. Box
                                                                                            566, Keene, Texas.                    16-2t
office from Kerrville, Texas, from Sr.     word, including names and addresses, 5c per
 Nina Woodfox. She was turning in          word. Payment must accompany copy.

                                           TEACHER LEAVING 3-bedroom. 2-bath,
                                           modern home.      Large paneled family
                                           room-kitchen with fireplace and air-con-
                                           ditioning. Patio, fenced yard, fruit trees,
                                           overlooking wooded area. One block new                                             Apr. 30 I .lay 7
                                           shopping center, post office, rest home.
                                           Two blocks academy and college. All              Abilene,    Texas _ _ __.... __ _._____7;19    7:24
                                           brick, double garage, carpeted through-                                                         7:37
                                           out, over 2,000 square feet. Only $16,000                                                         7:08
                                           with terms. Write Box 432, Keene, Texas,
                                           or dial 817 MI 5-4896.           ]7 4t alt.      Dallas,    TAYSIS                    7'flS       7:13
                                                                                            El- Paso, Texas _ ____ . ____ 6:4G               6:51
                                           FOR SALE: New two-bedroom home with                                                               7:15
                                           car port, wood paneling throughout. In           Galveston, Texas __ _ .... ___ .6:55             6:59
                                           rity limits, 2 miles from Ozark Academy.         Gentry, Arkansas ___ ....... _7:04               7:10
                                           Price $7,500.00 — $1,500.00 down $52.80                                                           7-1 1.
                                           monthly. Write: W. R. Brinegar, Gentry,
                                           Arkansas 72734 — phone 736-5662.    17-lt.       Little Rock, Arkansas ___._ __ 6:53              6:58
                                                                                            Muskogee, Oklahoma _____ _ ._..?. 06             7:12
                                           HOW CAN I spend one week in Southern             New Orleans, Louisiana .... _ ...6:37            6:41
                                           California, see Loma Linda, White Me-            Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ____.. 7:15              7:21
                                           morial, Glendale Sanitarium, Voice of
                                           Prophecy, Marineland, Disneyland, Mex-           San Antonio, Texas .— ._ __ ...7:10              7:14
                                           ico and over fifty cities and not cost over      Santa Fe, New Mexico __ . _ 6:50                 6:56
Mrs. H. L. Turner and the Invustnent       $100.00? The Burns Pamilv of Glendora.
Dime Saver of Mrs. Nine Woodfox, Kerr-                                                      dhreveport, Louisiana ......__. __ 6:56          7:01
                                           1139 East Walnut Ave. 213 335-9488.
ville, Texas.                                                                    17-lt.     Tulsa, Oklahoma ..... _ .. ___ 7:10              7:16

April 28, 1965, Volume 64, No. 17                                                                                                                15
                                                 Statistical Secretary
                                                 General Conference of SDA
                                                                        chapel. That evening, Todd Burley
                                                 Takoma Park Wash DC spcke of the choice which each must
                                                                                      make between "Christ and Barabbas"
                                                                                      in our daily lives.
                                                                                         Friday morning in the last college
                       SOUTHWESTERN                                                   chapel, Bill Clark spoke of perfection
                                                                                      through Christ in our lives, in a mes-
                                 UNION COLLEGE                                        sage entitled "How Can I Be Per-
                                                                                      fect?" In academy chapel, Gary
                                                                                      Whitworth spoke of the "Living
                                                                                      Water" which Jesus gives. Jerald
                                                                                      Hurst spoke of "Pleasure and Sin" in
Students Hold Spiritual                    spoke on "The Voice Crying in the          our daily choices for the Friday even-
                                           Wilderness."                               ing vespers service.
Emphasis Week
                                             In college chapel Wednesday morn-           Sabbath morning concluded the ser-
  by MARY BAEUERLE, Student, SUC           ing Bob Foedisch proposed a question       vice for the Student Spiritual Em-
                                           in his message, "Are We Christians?"       phasis Week. Bob Haddock, a theol-
     The students of Southwestern
  Union College participated in the        "Are you really a Christian, or just       ogy major, delivered a message on the
                                           a Christian?" Glenn Gibson spoke in        "Power of a Positive Religion," a
  Student Spiritual Emphasis Week
  from January 24 through January          academy chapel of "The Prize," the         religion to live by, with Christ as the
  30. The theme for the student week       real prize of redemption. In evening       center.
  of prayer was "Day by Day With           worship, Gary Linden, in his message,         During this week, prayer boxes
  Christ," represented in the theme        "The Measure of a Perfect Man,"            had been placed in the church and the
  song, "Every Day With Jesus". Each       spoke of the "golden rule", love to all.   girls' dorm. As students united in
  speaker attempted to convey a cer-          Thursday morning Patsy Wertz            prayer bands with the Most High, a
  tain aspect of a closer daily walk       spoke of a closer communion with           lasting spiritual blessing was received
  with Christ.                             God's purpose for each of us. He           during a week when God used stu-
     The Student Spiritual Emphasis        God through "Prayer." Sherry Tram-         dents to speak to students, a week
  Week began Sunday evening with           mel] outlined "How To Have a               when many students re-determined to
  joint worship in the church. George      Christian Good Time," in academy           follow their Lord.
  Sonsel delivered the opening message
  entitled "Towards True Religion."
     During the week, class periods were
  shortened for both college and aca-
  demy, and chapel period was included
  in both daily schedules. Student
  speakers brought different messages
  for each chapel period. Joint even-
  ing worships were held in the church
  at 7 p.m. Messages were again
1 given by student speakers, each re-
  lating to a daily walk with the Sa-
  viour. Prayer bands were held in
  both dorms following the evening
     Monday morning in college chapel,
  Jerry Mitchell presented a message
  entitled "Nature-ly Speaking", in
  which he related the love of an om-
  nipotent God, manifested in the won-
  ders of nature. Larry Guinn, in the
  afternoon academy chapel, spoke on
  "Delinquency of Divinity". In the
  evening worship, Benjie Leach spoks
  of Jesus as a very personal Saviour
  and Friend in his message, "Christ,
  Our Friend."
     Diane Bond spoke on a faith in
  Jesus in our everyday life, "A Faith
  to Live By"; in college chapel Tues-
  day Linda Brennan brought out the
  importance of a Christian influence
  upon those about us in "Smile, It
  Hurts Less." That evening, Gail Hunt     The students of Southwestern Union Colle ge conducted a week of Spiritual Emphasis
                                           January 24-30. The theme for the week, •Day by Day With Christ/' called for much
  presented a message in testimony of      prayerful planning.

16                                                                                                      THE     RECORD

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