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#    Last Name First Name                                         Abstract Title                                                                 Co-Authors

 1 Ballentine      Chris      Noble Gases: Subduction recycling and its critical role in defining the mantle system.
                              Chlorine Stable Isotope Gas and Ash Geochemistry from the Central American
 2   Barnes        Jaime      Subduction System                                                                        Zachary D. Sharp, Tobias P. Fischer
 3   Bebout        Gray       Metamorphic Perspectives of Subduction-Zone Volatiles Cycling
 4   Behn          Mark       Implications of Sediment Diapirs on the H2O Flux into the Mantle at Arcs                 Greg Hirth, Peter Kelemen, Brad Hacker,
 5   Bisrat        Shishay    Improved teleseismic locations of shallow subduction zone earthquakes                    Heather R DeShon, Susan Bilek
                              Apatite Phenocrysts Record Magmatic Volatile His tories: Case Studies from Costa
 6 Boyce           Jeremy     Rica                                                                                     Hervig, R.L.; Alvarado-Induni, G.E; Moore, G.; Manning, C.E.
 7 Brasse          Heinrich   Magnetotelluric images of the Central American subduction zone                           Lutz Muetschard, Tamara Worzewski

 8 Chernak         Linda      Localized Deformation of Antigorite Serpentinite at High Pressure and Temperature        Greg Hirth
 9 Cooper          Lauren     Variation s in Mantle H2O Content and Melting Along the Tonga Volcanic Arc               Terry Plank
                              The oxidation state of global basalts and its relationship to volatiles and tectonic
10 Cottrell        Elizabeth regime                                                                                    Elizabeth Cottrell, Katherine A. Kelley
11 Derry           Louis      Heat and carbon fluxes along the Himalayan arc                                           Louis A. Derry
                              Revised Vp, Vs and Vp/Vs images of the forearc mantle wedge, Nicoya Peninsula,
12 DeShon          Heather    Costa Rica                                                                               Melissa Moore-Driskell, Shishay Bisrat
                              Insights into Subducti on Zone Processes Through Investigation of Volatiles in Oceanic
13 Dixon           Jacqueline Basalts                                                                                  Richard Kingsley, Kyla Simons
14 Dreyer          Brian      B-Be-10Be-εNd systematics of the Kurile convergent margin, Russia                        J.D. MORRIS
                              Increased pore-fluid pressures within the Northern Marianas shallow thrust zone as
15 Emry            Erica      suggested by records of regional seismicity.                                             Douglas A. Wiens, Hajime Shiobara,Hiroko Sugioka

16 Filiberto       Justin     Comparing the effect of volatiles (H2O, F, and Cl) on liquidus depression of a basalt.   Justin Filiberto and Allan Treiman
                              Volatile source and mass balance in the Izu Bonin Marianas and Central American          David Hilton, Euan Mitchell, Erik Hauri, Alison Shaw,
17 Fischer         Tobias     Volcanic Arcs                                                                            Guillermo Alvarado, Kohei Kazahaya
                              Towards Quantifying Volatile Fluxes and Origins from the Costa Rican Fore-Arc Using
18 Füri            Evelyn     Novel Submarine Instrumentation                                                          D.R. Hilton, M. Tryon, K.M. Brown
                              Water eq uilibration between olivine-hosted melt inclusions and host magmas 1:
19 Gaetani         Glenn      Theoretical considerations                                                               Glenn A. Gaetani, Julie O’Leary
20 Gill            Jim        Current topics affecting volatiles in arc magma genesis.                                 Darren Tollstrup, and Erin Todd
                              Mantle wedge temper ature and H2O supply as primary controls on the location of arc      Timothy L. Grove, Christy B. Till, Einat Lev, Neel Chatterjee
21 Grove           Timothy    volcanoes                                                                                and Etienne Medard
22 Gurnis          Michael    A Global View on Mantle Hydration with 4-D Geodynamic Models                             Sonja Spasojevic, Lijun Liu, Michael Gurnis
23 Hacker          Bradley    Slab devolatilization.                                                                   Ellen Syracuse, Geoff Abers, Peter van Keken:
                                                                                                                       George E. Harlow, Virgina B. Sisson, Charles Mandeville,
24 Harlow          GeorgeJadeitites and the Subduction Factory                                                         Birgit Plessen
                         Volatile content of primitive basaltic magma from the Andean Central Southern
25 Hickey-VargasRosemary Volcanic Zone                                                                                 Susan G. Wacaster
                                                                                                                       T.P. FISCHER, C. RAMÍREZ, E. FÜRI, P.H BARRY, G.
26 Hilton          David      HE-CO2 CHARACTERISTICS OF FLUIDS OF THE COSTA RICA FOREARC                               ALVARADO, W. MONTERO AND P. DENYER
27 Hirschmann      Marc       Deep subduction of carbon and HO and deep earth volatile cycles.
28 Hirth           Greg       Links between deformation and the water content of the upper mantle.
                                                                                                                       Charles Langmuir, Harvard University,
29 Huybers         Peter   Feedback between deglaciation, volcanism, and atmospheric CO2                               langmuir@eps.harvard.edu
                           Long-term reords of hydrogeochemistry in the forearc prism and oceanic basement at
30   Kastner     Miriam    the Costa Rica subduction zone                                                              Solomon, E., Wheat G., Jannasch, H., Davis, E., and Morris J.
31   Kelley      Katherine Mantle melting as a function of water content at subduction zones.
32   Kent        Adam      The Role of Water in Mantle Melting in the Izu Backarc Region                               Darren Tollstrup, Jun-Ichi Kimura
                           Arc Basalt Simulator (ABS) a simulation for slab dehydration/ melting and fluid/ melt-
33   Kimura      Jun-Ichi fluxed mantle melting for arc magmas                                                         B.R. Hacker, P.E. van Keken , H. Kawabata, R.J. Stern
34   King        Scott     How Isolated Is the Mantle Wedge?
35   Kiser       Eric      Source Characteristics of Intermediate-Depth Earthquakes                                    Miaki Ishii
                           Seismological constraints on the evolution of the Izu-Bonin arc – from fore-arc
36   Kodaira     Shuichi   oceanic crust to mature arc crust.
                           Volatile elements in Mount Hood lavas as indicators of source and predictors of
37   Koleszar    Alison    behavior                                                                                    Kent, A J; Wallace, P J; Scott, W.E.
38   Krawczynski Mike      The water-rich lower crust: Magma processing beneath Mt. Shasta, CA                         T L Grove MIT

39 Langmuir        Charles    Constraints on volatiles and mantle meltiing from the Lau back-arc basin                 Antoine Bezos, Stephane Escrig, Peter Michael, Paul Asimow
                              Cascadia Volcanic Arc - constraints on the thermal structure and composition of the
40 Leeman          William    mantle wedge
                              Helium Isotope Variations in Seafloor Basalts from the Northwest Lau Backarc Basin:      J. E. Lupton, R. J. Arculus, R. R. Greene, L. J. Evans, C. I.
41 Lupton          John       Mapping the Influence of the Samoan Hotspot                                              Goddard, and N. Dyriw
                              The Influence of Volatiles on Crystallization, Mantle Melting, and Trace Element
42 Lytle           Marion     Systematics of Back-arc Basin Magmas                                                     Katherine A. Kelley, Erik H. Hauri
43 Manning        Craig     Volatiles in subductions zones: reducing the deficit by crustal-scale sequestration
                             Volatile (C, N, noble gases) content of the mantle and fluxes between mantle and
44 Marty          Bernard   surface.
                                                                                                                  Nobukazu Seama, Rob L. Evans, Antony White, Goran Boren,
                                                                                                                  Asami Yoneda, Hisashi Utada, Graham Heinson, Kiyoshi
45 Matsuno        Tetsuo    Electrical resistivity structure in the mantle across the Mariana subduction system   Suyehiro
                            A geophysical investigation of the Cascadia subduction zone structure using
46 McGary         R Shane   magnetotellurics and seismic migration methods                                        Robert Evans, Stephane Rondenay
                                                                                                                  Charles H. Langmuir, Stephane Escrig, Antoine Bézos, Andrew
47 Michael        Peter     H2O and Cl in the Lau Tonga system: Budgets and pathways                              K Matzen
                            Weakening of Gouges of Ultramafic Rock Sheared Against Quartz-Bearing Rocks Under
48 Moore          Diane     Hydrothermal Conditions                                                           David A. Lockner
                            Improved Compressional Velocity Model of the Nicaragua/Costa Rica Seismogenic
49 Moore-Driskell           Zone                                                                              Heather R. DeShon, Shishay Bisrat
50 Morgan     Julia
                            H2O/Ce variations along the Reykjanes Ridge and their implications for the mantle
51 Nichols        Alex      water cycle.                                                                          C.G. Macpherson, R.J. Wysoczanski, M.R. Carroll
                            Water equilibration between olivine-hosted melt inclusions and host magmas 2:
52 O'Leary        Julie     Experimental constraints on hydrogen transport through olivine.                       Glenn Gaetani

                        Models of mantle melting at convergent plate boundaries; implications for trace
                        elements distributions in arc lavas and the along-strike distribution of volcanism.
53 Parmentier E.M. (Marc)                                                                                         A.-M. Cagnioncle
54 Penniston-Dorland    Lithium and its isotopes as a tracer of fluids in a subduction zone                       Sorena S. Sorense, Richard D. Ash, Philip M. Piccoli
                                                                                                                  Lauren Cooper, LDEO, lcooper@bu.edu Craig Manning, UCLA,
55 Plank          Terry    New Geothermometers for Estimating Slab Surface Temperatures                           manning@ess.ucla.edu
56 Quinquis       Matthieu Implementing (de)hydration processes in a numerical model of subduction                Susanne Buiter
                                                                                                                  Osamu Ishizuka,Robert J. Stern, Sherman H. Bloomer,
                                                                                                                  Patricia Fryer, Rosemary Hickey-Vargas, Teruaki Ishii,
                                                                                                                  Katherine A. Kelley, Jun-Ichi Kimura, Yasuhiko Ohara, Melinda
57 Reagan         Mark      Geology, geochemistry, and origin of subduction-related lavas in the IBM fore-arc     Woods
58 Resing         Joseph    Submarine Eruptions in the NE Lau Basin

                         Forearc rifting in the southernmost Marianas Arc-Back Arc Basin system: Geochemical      Osamu Ishizuka: Robert J. Stern : Yas Ohara: Mark Reagan:
59 Ribeiro        Julia  and petrographic features of young pillow lavas (Shinkai 6500, dive 1096)                Sherman Bloomer
                         2O and CO2 solubility of arc magmas: Experiments at lower-pressure and greater
60   Roggensack Kurt     compositional range needed to constrain natural melt inclusions                          Gordon Moore
61   Rondenay   Stephane A seismological perspective on fluid transport in subduction zones.
                         Volatile Outputs from Subduction-Related Magmatism in the Oregon Cascades
62   Ruscitto   Dan      Determined From Melt Inclusions and Magmatic Flux Estimates                              Paul Wallace
63   Ryan       Jeffrey  The Proxy Record for Subducted H2O from Fluid-Mobile Elements                            Ivan P. Savov
64   Saal       Alberto  GEOCHEMISTRY OF INTRA-BACK ARC BASALTS FROM THE ARGENTINE ANDES                          Frederick A. Frey, Erik Hauri
                         New perspectives on slab dehydration and volatile fluxes from melt inclusion studies
65   Shaw       Alison   at the IBM and Central American subduction systems.
                                                                                                                  Jacqueline E. Dixon, University of Miami,
                                                                                                                  jdixon@mail.as.miami.edu Richard Kingsley, University of
66   Simons      Kyla     Li and H Stable Isotopes as Tracers of Subduction Dehydration                           Rhode Island, kingsley@gso.uri.edu
67   Song                 Slab
                 Teh-Ru Alex Brightness and Arc Volcanism in Central America
68   Spiegelman  Marc     ArcFlow: Advanced models of flui d flow in subduction zones                             Peter van Keken, Brad Hacker
69   Stern       Robert   Co-author on abstract by Kimura                                                         B.R. Hacker, P.E. van Keken, H. Kawabata, R.J. Stern
                          Mantle origin of arc basaltic-andesites at Volca n Chichinautzin, Central Mexican       Arturo Gomez-Tuena, Georg F. Zellmer, Yue ‘Merry’ Cai,
70   Straub      Susanne MVolcanic Belt                                                                           Ramon Espinasa-Perena
                          The Global Range of Subduction Zone Thermal Models and Implications for Water
71   Syracuse    Ellen    Recycling                                                                               Geoffrey A. Abers, Peter E. van Keken, Bradley R. Hacker
72   Till        Christy  Experimental constraints on hydrous mantle melting at subduction zones                  Timothy L. Grove, T. Elkins-Tanton
                          Hf isotopic evidence for small-scale heterogeneity in the mode of mantle wedge          J. Gill; R. Wysoczanski; I. Wright; J. Gamble; J. Hergt; M.
73   Todd        Emily    enrichment: Southern Havre Trough back-arc                                              Handler
                          Baseline for marine seismic estimates of mantle serpentinization in the subducting
74   Van AvendonkHarm     Cocos plate offshore Costa Rica and Nicaragua                                           Steven Holbrook, Percy Denyer
                          Slab-mantle decoupling and its implications for subduction zone thermal structure,
75   Wada        Ikuko    fluid supply and geophysical processes.
                          Olivine-hosted melt inclusions confirm exist ence of two distinct primitive magma
76   Walker      Jim      types in Central America                                                                Kurt Roggensack

                            Subduction-related volatile recycling and magma generation beneath central Mexico:    Johnson, Emily R.; Delgado Granados, Hugo; Manea, Vlad C.;
77 Wallace        Paul      Insights from melt inclusions, oxygen isotopes and geodynamic models                  Kent, Adam J.R.; Bindeman, Ilya N.
78 Warren         Jessica   The Distribution of Water in Mantle Wedge Peridotites                                 Eric Hauri
79 Watt           Sebastian Explosive eruptions of primitive magmas in southern Chile                             David M. Pyle, Tamsin A. Mather
                            An Experimental Investigation of Hydrous, Primitive Magmas from the Trans-Mexican
80 Weaver         StephanieVolcanic Belt                                                                          A. Dana Johnston, Paul Wallace
81 Weber          Rachel    Formation of High-Mg Andesites in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt                     Paul J. Wallace, A. Dana Johnston

82 Wiens          Doug      Passive seismic imaging of magmatic and fluid processes in the mantle wedge.

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