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									Cathedral High School Academic Quiz Bowl 2011 // Current Events

 Please write your name, school, and Team A or B
               on your answer sheet.
 Please write Current Events in the Subject space.

     (If necessary please also indicate if you are on the A, B, or C team).
                 Failure to do this may result in loss of points.

1.     The company txteagle hope to use mobile phone handsets GDP in developing
countries, because for each 10 mobile phone added per 100 people GDP raises:
       a. 1.0 percentage points.
       b. 0.4 percentage points
       c. 0.4 percentage points
       d. 1.2 percentage points

2.     What crop challenges the United States Marine in Afghanistan?
       a. poppies
       b. wheat
       c. cotton
       d. silk

3.     Jamie and Gladys Scott paroled these two sister pending what event.
       a. Jamie donating a kidney to Gladys
       b. Jamie donating a spleen to Gladys
       c. Gladys donating a kidney to Jamie.
       d. Gladys donating a spleen to Jamie.

4.     What percent of the wealthiest American possess a greater collective net worth
       than the bottom 90 percent?
       a. 1%
       b. 2%
       c. 5%
       d. 10 %

5. The toll of inequality:
       a. creates higher rate of violent crime
       b. high narcotics use
       c. both of the above
       d. none of the above
6. All of the following are markers of social status, except:
        a. wealth
        b. education
        c. abdominal fat
        d. employment

7. What is the DSM-IV?
      a. a publication of the American Psychological Society
      b. a publication of the American Psychiatric Association
      c. a publication of the American Library Association
      d. a publication of the American English Society

8. The DSM is used by which of the following?
       a. psychologists
       b. psychiatrists
       c. counselors
       d. all of the above

9. The Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act became law in what year?
       a. 1944
       b. 1961
       c. 2001
       d. 2010

10. Encryption makes it difficult for the government to wiretap what media.
      a. landlines
      b. mobile devices
      c. ipads
      d. computers

11. Wiretapping seeks to balance security with:
      a. innovation
      b. noise pollution
      c. freedom of speech
      d. privacy

12.The United States Postal Service has reported losses in how many of the last 16

       a. 14
       b. 15
       c. 10
       d. 11
13. All of the following are reasons that the United States Post Service has not shown a
profit except:
        a. more customers are paying bills online
        b. more customers are choosing UPS
        c. people are using more stamps
        d. cost of health care

14, Mail delivery is recommended to take place on how many days?
      a. 5
      b. 6
      c. 4
      d. 3

15. China mines greater than ________percent of the global supply of rare earth metals.
      a. 95
      b. 80
      c. 75
      d. 90

16. Rare earth metals are essential for use is which of the following>
      a. smartphones
      b. electic cars
      c. both of the above
      d. none of the above

17. China wants to reduce the export quotas for rare earth metals.
      a. this statement is false
      b. this state is true
      c. this statement is about another country.
      d. this statement is about alloys

18. The House of Representative read what important American Document on the first
day of congress?
        a. The Declaration of Independence
        b. The Constitution of the United States
        c. The Gettysburg Address
        d. The Ten Commandments

19. Who is replacing Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House?
      a. Diane Feinstein
      b. Joe Biden
      c. Jerry Brown
      d. John Boehner
20. Which party has the “Contract From America:?
      a. Tea Party
      b. Republican
      c. Democratic
      d. Libertarian

21. Scientist discovered a new lizard species that can clone itself in what country?
        a. Cambodia
        b. Laos
        c. Thailand
        d. Vietnam

22. This new species of lizard was discovered at what type of establishment?
      a. Restaurant
      b. Gas Station
      c. School.
      d. University

23. Parthenogenesis is:
        a. partner regeneration
        b. self-fertilization
        c. not doing it right so going back to the beginning.
        d. starting at the beginning and continuing until you reach the end.

24. What is a gap year?
      a. the year you spend between high school and college
      b. the year you spend trying new careers.
      c. both of the above
      d. neither of the above.

25. People who take a gap year….
       a. are more motivated at college
       b. are lazy
       c. are confused.
       d. are rich.

26. Which groups pressured the federal government to delist the wolves from the
      endangered species list.
      a. Sierra club, and Nature Conservancy
      b. Livestock interests and state wildlife managers
      c. Sportsmen and Ranchers
      d. Al Gore and President Clinton
27. What National Park has had an increase of grizzlies from 136 in 1975 to more than
      a. Yosemite.
      b. Grand Tetons
      c. Crater Lake
      d. Yellowstone

28. The price of cotton has________________ during 2010.
      a. doubled
      b. tripled
      c. quadrupled
      d. stayed the same

29. All of the following countries except have had weather related damages to cotton
       a. Pakistan
       b. India
       c. China
       d. United States

30. The cost of a cotton tee shirt could increase by:
      a. $5
      b. $3
      c. $2
      d. not at all

31. West Potomac High School is using what letter(s) instead of an F grade?
      a. I
      b. NA
      d. NM

32. Alcohol was responsible for how many death in 2009?
       a. Between 20,000 and 25,2000
       b. Between 15,000 and 20, 000
       c. Between 10,000 and 15,000
       d. Between 5,000 and 10,000

33. Technology developed for what industry may be used to combat drunk drivers?
      a. aerospace
      b. nanotechnology
      c. anti-gang
      d. terrorism
34. A SCRAM bracelet measure what at the ankle.
      a. blood alcohol level
      b. level of THC
      c. level of hemoglobin
      d. drug levels

35. What percent of Americans have driven drunk in the past year?
      a. 5%
      b. 10%
      c. 15%
      d. 20%

36. France how many euro zone government to coordinate their economic policy more
closely in the future?
        a. 4
        b. 8
        c. 16
        d. 32

37. Which European country is seeking out a bailout from the European Union?
      a. Ireland
      b. Greece
      c. Germany
      d. France

38. Which country is providing tax breaks for the shooting of the movie The Hobbit?
      a. United States
      b. Canada
      c. Australia
      d. New Zealand

39. Estonia is located near what Sea?
       a. Atlantic
       b. Mediterranean
       c. Baltic
       d. Adriatic

40. What language is being replaced in schools by Estonian?
      a. Russian
      b. English
      c. French
      d. Mandarin
41. Jim Doyle was governor of what state?
       a. Minnesota
       b. Idaho
       c. Iowa
       d. Wisconsin

42. What type of project was suspended by Gov. Jim Doyle?
      a. High speed freeway
      b. High speed railway
      c. Bridge project
      d. Dam project

43. The Federal Highway Administration want communities to change their signs to a
combination of upper and lower case letters for what reason?
      a. It teaches children to read better.
      b. It allows new drivers to read the signs better.
      c. It allows the aging Baby Boomers to read better.
      d. It looks better.

44. Zhao Lianhai has urged what country for justice for children with tainted formula.
      a. China
      b. Tibet
      c. India
      d. Egypt

45. What substance was found in the tainted formula.
      a. Melamine
      b. Celadon
      c. Asbestos
      d. Lactase

46. In Pakistan floods caused shortages in all of the following except:
       a. cotton
       b. natural gas
       c. noise
       d. electricity

47. The European Union pledged to waive tariffs for which country?
      a. India
      b. Pakistan
      c. Sri Lanka
      d. Indonesia
48. Stock buyback by companies means:
       a. companies release stock for trade
       b. companies buy stock in other companies
       c. companies back other companies with their stock
       d. companies buy their own stock.

49. The prizes in Happy Meals and other children’s meals that are high in fat were
prohibited in what city?
       a. San Jose
       b. Berkeley
       c. Los Angeles
       d. San Francisco

50. Governor David Paterson proposed a tax on soda in what state?
       a. California
       b. New York
       c. Maine
       d. Florida

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