Issue 4 March - April 2011

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					Issue 4
March - April 2011
                                                                                      f&b                                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                                                      12 Monthly specials                        Miguel a. Tambunting
                                                                                           Wines of the Month                    President
                                                                                                                                 Carlos F. Muñoz
                                                                                      14 Cravings and more                       First Vice President
                                   summer in the Club comes in many
                                   forms. have fun under the sun and                  sports & athletics                         Ma. lourdes D.b. buenaventura
                                                                                                                                 Second Vice President
                                   check out the food offerings, events
                                   and various activities we have for                 18 Junior players step up in the           sheila i. ramos
                                                                                           2011 Chairman’s Cup                   Corporate Secretary
                                   you and your entire family.
                                                                                      19 national priests and bishops            eduardo F. saguil
                                  About the Cover                                          Tennis Championship                   Treasurer
                                                                                                                                 Maria Teresa G. Zaldarriaga
                                                                                      20 summer Camp 2011                        Director
                                                                                      22 Foot ball events /                      roberto F. de Ocampo
                                                                                           MpC badminton Open                    Director
                                                                                                                                 Jaime C. laya
                                                                                      24 2011 antonio Meer polo Cup              Director
                                                                                                                                 santiago r. elizalde
                                                                                      25 8th Zobel Memorial Cup                  Director

                                                                                      26 Fila polo Cup 2011                      MANAGEMENT
                                                                                                                                 rafael llamas
                                                                                      feature                                    General Manager

                                                                                      27 Framed Treasures: MpC art               Victor r. inalves Jr.
                                                                                                                                 Exec. Assistant Manager/
                                                                                           Collection                            Finance Controller

                                                                                      information                                Ma. Teresa l. ilagan
                                                                                                                                 Banquet Services Director
                                                                                      28   bookstop                              lily a. Del rosario
                                                                                                                                 Banquet Sales Manager
                                                                                      employees nook                             Dinna a. adalia
                                                                                      29   re-orientation on Club rules          F&B Sales and Services
                                                                                           and procedures                        Manager
 3    president’s Message            4   From the General Manager’s Desk                   “First aid” for sports                Mark u. lopez
                                                                                                                                 Sports & Athletics Manager
 news                                events                                                and security personnel
                                                                                                                                 enrique Z. agus
                                                                                      30   MpC stays Out of Fire
 6   Facilities Oversight            10 it’s a Date on Valentine’s Day                     Club’s new Chief accountant
                                                                                                                                 GSD Manager
     Committee report                    MpC easter Celebration                            Model employees                       Carissa Veronica y. ignacio
                                                                                                                                 HRD Manager
 8 For your information
                                                                                                                                 rhai e. revisa
                                                                                                                                 Assistant Finance
TELEPHONE DIRECTORY                                                                                                              Controller

Trunkline             817-0951 to 62      Medical Clinic                  252         F&b                         242 /279       Marites J. Canada
Gen. Manager         201 / 889-1024       security                  204 / 276         Cravings                          249
                                                                                                                                 Chief Accountant
exec. secretary                  290      General services Dept.          223         sports lounge                     281      Dax C. ilog
Membership           210 / 202 / 203      Concierge/lobby                 235         sports Cafe                       246      MIS Manager
publications          205 / 817-7031      housekeeping              219 / 261         Cameron Forbes                    292      Criselda D. Candolesas
library                          228      information               889-2507          Willow root                       230      Executive Housekeeper
sports and Games           260 / 269      Finance                   239 / 291         soda bar                          250
Fitness Center                   256      billing                      4
                                                                     21 / 215         last Chukker                      273      Gertrudes T. sarmiento
Golf Driving range               288      General Cashier                 216         Men’s locker                      259      Purchasing Manager
polo & equestrian                270      purchasing                220 / 221         ladies’ locker                    286      Doris D. reyes
Mis                        207 / 208      banquet sales & Mktg. 300/ 244 /240         ladies’ Massage                   254      Billing Manager
hrD                        222 / 217                                                  hairwatch salon             237 / 238

E-M@IL ADDRESSES                                                                                                                 PR & COMMUNICATIONS
                                         library                                     resTauranT & bar serViCes
General ManaGer                                             isabel Caro Wilson                    General serViCes                                Chairman/ Editor
MeMbership                                            banQueT serViCes                            lorena J. sambile         FinanCe                                            PR & Communications
spOrTs & aThleTiCs                                     Manager        billinG
                                                  banQueT sales                               Omar M. Tiambeng
publiCaTiOns                                                                                 ManaGeMenT inFOrMaTiOn sysTeM                                                           Creative Design Specialist
POLO POST is the official publication of the Manila Polo Club, Inc. Members and their dependents are welcome to submit their
contributions to the POLO POST c/o the Publications Office, Manila Polo Club, Inc., McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City or
email us at Whole or part of this publication may not be reproduced without the written permission
of the Publications Department of Manila Polo Club, Inc. Official website:
                                                                       PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

Dear fellow members,

The Club has a program of essential and necessary
renovation and rehabilitation of our facilities which is
on-going. The 25-meter pool and the enrique Zobel
Field presently top the list of priorities; other areas
will be addressed later on. These renovations are
crucial if we are to maintain our global standards,
especially for a 101 yr. old institution like MpC.
                                                           Whether for celebration, relaxation or reflection for
The coming months will affect your normal                  the holy Week, the Manila polo Club remains your
activities; we ask for your patience and support as        special sanctuary in the city. This is our place, our
the renovation works progress. The Management              second home. Do visit more often, participate in the
has provided alternative venues for your individual        summer activities and let us have your feedback.
sporting needs. you may check the schedules                your suggestions and/or constructive comments
and availability of the venues with the sports and         mean you are involved with the management of our
athletics department.                                      Club. We like that!

The season of horses has just concluded. We hope
you enjoyed the exciting polo matches and the
annual horse show.

We are ready to celebrate summer with you and
your family. The 25-meter pool and some areas will         MiGuel TaMbunTinG
not be accessible for a while, but summer activities
will continue through fun and educational sports
programs, and the annual easter celebration on
april 24. Delectable summer treats, refreshing
drinks and all sorts of summer activities for the
entire family await you.

                                                                                            PReSIDenT’S MeSSAge

    Dear Members,

    summer time is here again and, as always, we
    have fun-filled activities for all our kids. We want
    to play a part in your best summer memories, so
    come show us your artistic talents and athletic
    skills. Visit our sports & Games Office to find out
    more about the activities we have planned.

    For six years now, the Club has been in
    partnership with education innovator,
    Childstart international. This organization has
    a proven track record for successfully guiding         informs members of our commitment to
    children ages 4 to 8 years old in reading and          continued improvement of facilities and services.
    comprehensive activities. We are pleased to
    announce that the program will commence on             We are pleased to announce our new, F&b
    april 4, 2011. Our librarians will be happy to         concessionaire, CraVinGs. Detailed information
    discuss enrollment procedures with you.                on this company is in the following pages of
                                                           the polo post. We also welcome a Japanese
    We are going “up” this easter! Join us as we           restaurant at the Willow root managed by well
    celebrate the rising of the lord. as a tradition,      known gourmet, Conrad Calalang.
    we have hidden more than a thousand eggs
    for all our kiddie hunters. in addition, we’ve         Thank you.
    organized a variety of exciting games and lots
    of surpises for all our young and the
    young-at-heart.                                        sincerely,

    a report (in this issue) on the renovation of the
    25-meter pool, Cogon Village and the polo field        raFael r. llaMas


Facilities Oversight Committee (FOC) Report
by: PP Isabel Caro Wilson

The FOC is a continuing committee which           bids have been made and awarded:
evaluates, recommends and oversees any and all           architect: paolo alcazaren
construction work in the Club.                    project Manager: amalgamated

FOC Members:                                      prior to the reconstruction of the 25-meter pool,
pp roman a. azanza, Jr. (Chairman)                the committee has had:
pp isabel Caro Wilson                              14 full committee meetings, and on-going,
pp Juan b. santos                                  8 technical committee meetings,
Dir. Carlos F. Muñoz                               consultations with committees concerned: F&b, aquatics,
arch. Willie Coscuella                             numerous coordination meetings between the designer
arch. bong recio                                   and MpC management team.
arch. alfredo Wieneke iii

renovation advisory bulletins on the programmed
work to be undertaken in the 25-meter pool,
the Cogon Village and the polo Field have been
circularized to members. We shall have periodic

The committee has been hard at work since
May 6, 2010 to finalize the renovation plans.

Construction schedule is as follows:
March 2011       pool renovation
                 phase 1 (25-meter pool, kiddie pools)
                 phase 2 (Cogon Village)

april 2011       rehabilitation of the enrique Zobel Field
                 Target date of completion: november 2011

The contractor will work 24/7 to maximize construction
time. strict security will be implemented. since the pool
is right smack in the middle of the Club, we ask for
members’ cooperation and patience.

Construction schedule for the 25-meter pool and the
Cogon Village:
                                25-meter pool                Cogon Village

board up                        March 15, 2011               2nd week of april 2011
Construction to commence        2nd week of March 2011       2nd week of april 2011
Closure                         March 15, 2011               2nd week of april 2011
Target date of completion       september 2011               september 2011

Members can see the General Manager, rafael llamas, for any information or questions they may want to know.

This project of the board year 2010-2011, will vastly improve three areas of the Club. The FOC Committee
ensures that all renovation adheres to high standards of excellence, in keeping with existing facilities.

      The Manila polo Club joins the world in sympathy for disaster victims in Japan.
  Our members pray that the Japanese people will have continued courage and strength
                               as they rebuild their nation


For Your Information
T  he Manila polo Club is looking
   for an established and reputable
concessionaire to provide hair salon
services in the Club.

Deadline for submission of bids is on
april 25, 2011.

interested parties may secure a
copy of the terms of reference at the
Office of the General Manager or call
8170951 loc. 210/202. please look
for Grace or Vangie.

The Club’s contract with existing hair salon
concessionaire expires on June 30, 2011.
Per Club policy on expiring contract of
all concessionaires, a formal bidding is
required prior to renewal or replacement.

                 The Management encourages everyone to maximize his / her monthly consumables.
                     For your reference, below is a list of items which are part of the consumables.


   F&b                      - regular & function sales          1. professional fee
                                                                   (Tennis, badminton, swimming & Gym instructors)
   sports & Games           - court fee, lane fee only
                                                                2. ballboys and trainers fee
   polo & equestrian       - stable rental, supplies,           3. iD cards
                             medicines                          4. Guest fee

   Concessionaires         - hairwatch, proshop, saddle         5. advertisement fee
                             brown, last Chukker, Massage,      6. photocopy and scanning services
                             Video exchange, Gymboree,          7. assessment (Christmas contribution)
                             Tacky Tackers
                                                                8. riding school charges
   Others                   - gym fee, library charges,         9. Car sticker
                              locker rental, computer rental,   10. Water station
                              towel rental


It’s a Date
February 14, 2011

                                       The Manila Polo Club goes                              UP
                                           for Easter on April 24, 2011
                                            Enrique Zobel Field and Main Lounge
                                           Free admission for MPC members, spouses and dependents.
                                            Entrance fee P250 for non-members, yayas / baby sitters.

  10                                         For more info, please contact the Banquet Sales office
  eVenTS    Image courtesy of                  at 8170951 locals 240 &244

                       Specials of the Month

 Salmon en Croûte
                                                          Shepherd’s Pie-Phyllo
 baked salmon and pesto Cream in puff pastry
                                                          Cased lamb stew with mashed potato
 served with Onion rice pilaf, php450.00
                                                          and Green pea purée, php395.00

                                                                Wines of the Month

   Bouillabaise with Aioli
   a healthy stew of seafood (Mussels, scampi, baby
   squid and Fish Fillet) and Tomato served with crusty
   aioli bread, php450.00

   FOOD AnD BeVeRAge

                                                   Grilled Tuna Steak on top of Sautéed Barley
                                                   served with stir-fried Tropical Fruits, php450.00
  Seared Chicken Supreme
  served with provençale sauce
  and pasta aglio Olio, php450.00

  Grilled Chateaubriand and Pomme Duchesse
  u.s. Tenderloin steak cooked to your preferred
  doneness with creamy baked potato mask and
  served with bernaise sauce, php450.00

O    n March 7, 2011 the Manila
     polo Club Management
team and employees met with
Cravings Food services, inc., the
Club’s new F&b concessionaire.
MpC president Miguel Tambunting
graced the simple meet and greet
affair held at the West lounge.

read more about Cravings in the
F&b section on page 15.

                                                                            FOOD AnD BeVeRAge

                            CRAVIngS and more
O   n March 25, 2011, our Club opened its kitchen
    doors to a new F&b concessionaire, Cravings.
                                                        as the new official caterer of the Club, Cravings has
                                                        lined up exciting revamp plans for F&b offerings
                                                        and services. part of these plans is the “greening
Cravings is under The Cravings Group, a Filipino        of the kitchen” which encourages the use of
owned corporation with four operational companies       organic products for healthier dishes. by December
namely: CCa Manila (Culinary school), asian school      2011, Cravings would have completed its central
of hospitality arts (asha), Cravings Food services,     commissary which was developed for sustainable
inc. and innkeepers, inc. With over two decades of      agriculture to unite the disciplines of organic farming,
experience in the food and hospitality industries, it   renewable energy and ecological waste management
has earned a reputation of excellence for its various
products and services.                                  AWARDS

                                                        The Cravings Group
                                                            excellence in ecology and economy, philippine
                                                        Chamber of Commerce and industry, 2009
                                                            platinum Certificate for best environmental
                                                        practices, Department of energy and natural resources

                                                        C2 Classic Cuisine
                                                           Top 20 restaurants in the philippines
                                                           2009-2010, Miele Guide

                                                        Cravings Restaurant
                                                           Top 10 Culinary Trendsetters, Quezon City
                                                        Government and Tourism board

The origin of Cravings traces back to three             CCA Manila
generations of mother-daughter tandems. it                superbrand award 2010, superbrand
started in 1989, when inspired by the culinary
expertise of her mother, susana “annie” Guerrero
together with her daughter Marinela “badjie”
Trinidad put up a modest bakeshop in Katipunan.
Originally, the plan was just a gourmet take-out
shop for busy moms. but due to innovative ideas
like being the first bakeshop to offer croissants
and French baguettes through a bake off oven in
the selling area, more customers poured in which
created an opportunity for a restaurant. since
then, their market grew organically and the rest as
they say is history.

under the leadership of its CeO badjie Guerrero
Trinidad, Cravings operates 24 outlets (within
Metro Manila) with three well known brands:
The Coffee beanery, Cravings restaurant and
bakeshop, and C2 Classic Cuisine philippines.
in addition, they also serve as the F&b arm of
summit ridge hotel in Tagaytay and Fraser place
serviced residences in Makati.


      Junior Players Step Up in the 2011
     Chairman’s Cup Tennis Tournament
in 2002, the Chairman’s Cup was
 conceptualized to encourage the general
membership particularly young players, to try
Tennis. now, junior players dominate the courts
and play confidently against more experienced
and senior players.

The 2011 Chairman’s Cup Tennis Tournament
was successfully held on February 15 – March
6. More than 50 juniors joined the competition.
They shone in their respective age groups and
further challenged themselves by joining the
Open category.

The matches have been truly exciting and many
look forward to the development of budding
champions in the 2012 Chairman’s Cup.

Congratulations to all the winners!

                                                  14 & Under Boy’s Singles
                                                  Champion - TIM BECKER
         8 & Under Unisex Singles                 Runner-Up - STEFAN SUAREZ
         Champion - DIEGO DAYRIT
         Runner-Up - GONZALO DE GRACIA            16 & Under Girl’s Singles
                                                  Champion - STEFFI DEL ROSARIO
         10 & Under Unisex Singles                Runner-Up - MARIBELLE BANGAYAN
         Champion - DIEGO DAYRIT
         Runner-Up - REED SANTOS                  16 & Under Boy’s Singles
                                                  Champion - STEFAN SUAREZ
         12 & Under Girl’s Singles                Runner-Up - ANTON PUNZALAN
         Champion - CAMILLE SO
         Runner-Up - ALEXIS BANGAYAN              18 & Under Girl’s Singles
                                                  Champion - KAY YANG
         12 & Under Boy’s Singles                 Runner-Up - STEFFI DEL ROSARIO
         Champion - JEROME ROMUALDEZ
         Runner-Up - RYAN SANTOS                  18 & Under Boy’s Singles
                                                  Champion - STEFAN SUAREZ
         14 & Under Girl’s Singles                Runner-Up - DAVID VORBECK
         Champion - ALEXIS BANGAYAN
         Runner-Up - GRACE STEVENS                Men’s Singles B
                                                  Champion - MIKE OZAETA
                                                  Runner-Up - CHRIS BESHOURI
             Men’s Singles A
             Champion - JON-JON RUFINO                    Men’s Doubles A
             Runner-Up - JOEY MABILANGAN                  Champion - ROMY CHAN
                                                                         ROLAND SO
             Ladies’ Singles Open                         Runner-Up - JUNNIE AMPARO
             Champion - MIA VORBECK                                      JON-JON RUFINO
             Runner-Up - STEFFI DEL ROSARIO
                                                          Mixed Doubles A
             Men’s Singles Open                           Champion - HANKY LEE
             Champion - TIM BECKER                                       RINA CAÑIZA
             Runner-Up - DAVID VORBECK                    Runner-Up - MON-MON DAYRIT
                                                                         CHA-CHA NELZON
             Ladies’ Doubles B
             Champion - MIA VORBECK                       Ladies’ Doubles Open
                             ANDREA MONTENEGRO            Champion - MARGO FLORES
             Runner-Up - CHA-CHA NELSON                                   GAELLE MARQUET
                             AGI NOSZEK                   Runner-Up - CHA-CHA NELSON
                                                                          HIROMI SHIMODA
             Men’s Doubles B
             Champion - HECTOR DIMACALI                   Men’s Doubles Open
                                                          Champion - JEAN HENRI LHUILLIER
                            MIKE OZAETA                                  ALEXANDER TOLEDO
                                                          Runner-Up - MON-MON DAYRIT
             Runner-Up -     CHRIS BESHOURI                              ANDREW MAGLIPON
                             JOHNNY MONTINOLA
                                                          Mixed Doubles Open
             Ladies’ Doubles A                            Champion - HANKY LEE
             Champion - GAELLE MARQUET                                   RINA CAÑIZA
                             MARGO FLORES                 Runner-Up - ROLAND SO
             Runner-Up - JENNIFER UM                                     CAMILLE SO
                             JOJO UNSON

                   national Priests and Bishops
                     Tennis Championship
L   ed by the healing the priest, Fr. Fernando
    Suarez, the National Priests and Bishops Tennis
Championship was held on February 8-9, 2011 at
the MPC Hard Courts. A total of 96 priests and
bishops from different provinces such as Cebu,
Dumaguete, Davao, Cavite, Manila, Palawan,
Laguna, Surigao, Bicol, Negros, Pampanga, Samar,
Bohol and Mindoro participated in the two-day
Philippine Tennis Association (Philta) backed the
doubles event which used the first 8-game format
under the International Tennis Federation rules.

With the support of the MPC Tennis Committee,         The whole delegation enjoyed the fun matches and
headed by Felix Barrientos, and Polo Club members     the spirit of camaraderie. Fr. Suarez looks forward
Roland So and Orlando Roy, the event concluded        to making the tournament an annual affair for all
successfully. The Cebu team bagged victory together   dioceses across the country.
with a trophy and P40,000 cash prize.
                                                                                    SPORTS AnD ATHLeTICS
Archery                          BAllet                             Fencing
Coach Joan Chan Tabañag          Instructor: Maritoni Tordesillas   Coach: Walter Francis Torres
April 5, 6, 7 & 8 (4 sessions)   April 4 to June 1                  Module 1: April 5 to May 3
9:30am–10:30am and               Primary A (3.5 to 5 yrs. old)      (8 sessions)
10:30am–11:30am                  Mon. & Wed.: 3:00pm–4:00pm         TTH, 10:00am to 12:00nn
                                 Sat: 10:00am–11:00am
Member:Php3,900.00                                                  Module 2: May 5-31
                                 Primary B, (5 to 7 yrs.old)
Non-Member:Php4,300.00                                              (8 sessions)
                                 Mon. & Wed.: 4:00pm–5:00pm
Venue: Archery Range                                                TTH, 10:00am to 12:00pm
                                 Sat: 11:00am–12:00nn
                                                                    Member/New student: Php4,000.00
BAdminton                        Level 1A, (7 to 8 yrs. old)        Member/Old student: Php3,800.00
Coach: Lili Wang                 Tue. & Thurs.: 4:30pm–5:30pm       Non-member: Php4,500.00
March 24 to April 19                                                Venue: Dojo Room
12 sessions (1st module)         Level 1B, (8 to 10 yrs. old)
T,TH,S 10:00am–12:00nn           Wed: 5:00pm–6:00pm
April 20 to May 16               Fri: 4:00pm –5:00pm
12 sessions (2nd module)                                            Coach: Chris Guerrero
                                 Level 2, (10 to 12 yrs. old)
M,W,F 1-3pm                                                         1st Batch: April 4-16
                                 Mon & Fri.: 5:00pm –6:30pm
T,TH,S 10:00am–12:00nn                                              MWF, 1:00pm–3:00pm
                                 Sat: 12:30pm–2:00pm
Note: Minimum of 5 students                                         TTHS, 3:00pm–5:00pm
Maximum of 6 students            Level 3, (13 yrs. old and up)      2nd Batch: April 25 to May 7
Member: Php6,750.00              Wed. & Fri.: 1:30pm–3:00pm         MWF, 3:00pm–5:00pm
Non-member: Php7,950.00          Sat: 12:30pm–2:00pm                T,TH,S 1:00pm-3:00pm
Venue: Badminton Court                                              3rd Batch: May 9-21
                                 4 sessions / 1x week:
                                 Member: Php2,600.00                MWF, 2:00pm–4:00pm
Allied Victor Badminton
April 5 to 30                    Non-member: Php2,800.00            TTH, 2:00pm–4:00pm
10 sessions (1st module)                                            Member: Php8,888.00
                                 8 sessions / 2x week:
T,TH,S 9:30am-12:00nn                                               Non-member: Php9,688.00
May 3 to 24                      Member: Php3,600.00
                                                                    Venue: Driving Range
10 sessions (2nd module)         Non-member: Php3,800.00
T,TH,S 9:30am-12:00nn
Member: Php7,000.00              12 sessions / 3x week:             KicKBoxing
Non-member: Php8,000.00          Member: Php3,800.00                Coach: Bobby Serrano
Note:minimum of 6 students       Non-member: Php4,000.00            April 5 onwards
                                 Venue: Dojo room                   8 sessions per module
TTH, 5:30pm– 6:30pm             April 4 to May 6,2011 (12 sessions)    Saturday 9:30am-11:00am
Member: Php3,500.00             MWF, 9:30am-11am                       Member: Php4,000.00
Non-Member: Php4,000.00         Member: Php5,500                       Non-member: Php4,500.00
Venue: Aerobics Room            Non-member: Php6,000                   Venue: Aerobics Room
                                Age: 10 yrs. and above
SKAte                           Minimum of 10 students required        tenniS
BoArding                                                               Pro Generation Tennis
G.I.G.S. EVENTS MANAGEMENT      Swimming                               c/o Coach Clark Walters
c/o Monty L. Mendigoria         Coaches: Molly Hamsain & Rod Sun       March 30 to April 15, 2011
April 4 onwards (12 sessions)   First Batch: March 21 to April 30      (3 weeks session)
Monday to Friday, 4pm – 6pm     (10 sessions)                          Wednesday and Friday
Fee: Beginners: Php6,000.00     Second Batch: May 2 to June 11         Pro Gen Tots (4 to 7 yrs. old)
(Member)                        (10 sessions)                          9am to 10am / Fee: Php3,500.00
Php7,000.00 (Non-Member)        Monday to Friday: 8:00am-9:00am        Venue: Middle Tennis Court
Advance: Php6,500.00 (Member)   9:00am-10:00/10:00am-11:00am           Pro Gen Juniors (8 to 12 yrs. old)
Php7,500.00 (Non-Member)        2:00-3:00pm/3:00pm-4:00pm              10:15am to 11:15am / Fee:
Venue: Basketball court         4:00pm-5:00pm                          Php4,000.00
                                Saturday: 8:00am-9:00am/               Venue: Middle Tennis Court
Soccer                          9:00am-10:00                           Pro Gen Elite (10 to 16 yrs. old)
School: Manila Soccer Academy   10:00am-11:00am                        3pm to 5pm / Fee: Php5,500.00
March 28 to May 28, 2011        Member: Php3,500.00                    Venue: Tennis Hard Court
Monday, 4:00pm–5:30pm,          Non-Member: Php4,000.00                Minimum of 4 students and
Venue: West Polo Field          Venue: Swimming Pool area              maximum of 12 students only
Wednesday,4:00pm– 5:30pm                                               Willie Hernandez Tennis Academy
Venue:Softball Field            tAeKwondo                              April 18 onward
Member: Php6,080.00             Coach: Benjie Gomez                    c/o Joseph Lizardo
Non-Member: Php6,630.00         April 6 onward (8 sessions)
                                Beginner/white belt                   For more information, contact
BASeBAll                        Wednesday, 9:30am-11:00am             the Sports & Athletics Office
SoFtBAll                        Friday, 10am-11:30am                  at 817-0951 local 260/269.
Coaches: Edgar delos Reyes      Advanced/colored belt                 Look for Dasma or Jaz.
and Edwin Mercado               Friday 10am-11:30am
                                                                              SPORTS AnD ATHLeTICS

Calling all Football
      June 4 - June 8, 2011
      For: 7 - 18 yrs
      Venue: Manila polo Club
      Fee: $385

 Muss soccer school in coordination with Msa,
 will be conducting a 5-day training program here in
 Manila. Four (4) Muss coaches from Old Trafford
 will be training our kids using the original Muss
 curriculum. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!
 limited slots available so sign up and register now!

      July 23 - aug. 8, 2011
      For: b1993u & b1998u
      Fee: $3,450 = php30,000 (subject to change)            to complete our team and will be doing intensive
                                                             training starting March, so sign up now!
 be part of the Msa team and experience
 international football. Forge lasting friendships           COnTaCT us: 0917-8415530
 with your teammates and meet other players who    
 share the same passion for football. We are looking

MPC Badminton Open
May 28 – 31, 2011
MPC Badminton Courts
  18 and Under         16 and Under         14 and Under         12 and Under
  boy’s singles        boy’s singles        boy’s singles        boy’s singles
  Girl’s singles       Girl’s singles       Girl’s singles       Girl’s singles
  boy’s Doubles        boy’s Doubles        boy’s Doubles        boy’s Doubles
  Girl’s Doubles       Girl’s Doubles       Girl’s Doubles       Girl’s Doubles

  Men’s singles, ladies’ singles, Men’s Doubles, ladies’ Doubles & Mixed Doubles

                          Open to members, spouses, dependents and sponsored guests.
                            For more information, please call or visit the sports Office:
    22                               8177035 / 8170951 loc. 260 or 269

2011 Antonio Meer Cup
T   he antonio Meer Cup was not played due to
    unfavorable weather conditions several days prior
the scheduled match on January 23. The continuous
rains softened the field’s grounds which made a
polo game risky for both the players and ponies. The
cocktails, on the other hand, pushed through at the
Main lounge.

atty. antonio Meer gave welcome remarks and
thanked family and friends who flew in from abroad to
celebrate the occasion. special mention went to his
friends from China particularly, Dr. Fu whom he met 60
years ago. his sons and daughters: Tony, Mike, Marlen
and Mardes were all present to celebrate the
family affair.

The antonio Meer Cup, as shared by Mrs. Mardes
nicandro, is a family tradition of the Meers since 2004.
it was conceptualized by her father, the 1st Filipino
MpC president, as a way of bringing back his good
old times at the Manila polo Club. since then, the polo
cup has become their yearly reunion for quality time
together while watching a competitive, fun sport.
                                                           *The polo match for Antonio Meer Cup was held
                                                           during weekdays of the following week.

                                                           low Goal Match – 4 Chukkers
                                                           28 January 2011
                                                           reDs               score       blaCKs             score

                                                           santi Juban          3         alfie araneta       1
                                                           Jay de Jesus         2         sonny borromeo      2
                                                           anthony Filamor      3         Jose Constantino    1
                                                           Jun Juban            -         Jones lanza         1
                                                                               ----                          ----
                                                                                8                             5

                                                           high Goal Match – 6 Chukkers
                                                           26 January 2011
                                                           Greens              score      blues              score
                                                           Jay de Jesus          5        Jimboy Dulay         -
                                                           Jake Zobel            1        alfie araneta        1
                                                           Gus aguirre           3        Tonio Veloso         4
                                                           Vince bitong          -        iñigo Zobel          1
                                                                               ----                          ----
                                                                                 9                             6
                   8th Zobel Memorial Cup
                                                                                the ceremonial throw-in by
                                                                                Mrs. Dee Zobel, MpC president
                                                                                Miguel Tambunting, GM rafael
                                                                                llamas, porsche philippines
                                                                                head, roberto Coyiuto iii and
                                                                                audi philippines head benedicto
                                                                                Coyiuto. This signaled the start
                                                                                of the much-awaited high Goal

                                                                                led by a pro from argentina, the
                                                                                team audi red ruled over audi
                                                                                Gray in a breathtaking battle.
                                                                                santi laborde put in the most
                                                                                goals for the reds while anthony
                                                                                Garcia steered the Grays for a
                                                                                tight defense. The 6-chukker
                                                                                game ended 10-9.
i n memory of a renowned and well-loved polo player,
  the enrique Zobel Memorial Cup marked its 8th
year on January 30, 2011. On a surprisingly sunny
                                                          The low Goal Match was held on January 29, 2011.
                                                          The White, Green and Gold Teams played the round
afternoon (after a week of continuous rain), the east
                                                          robin format at the West Field. With a total of 9 goals,
Terrace of the Manila polo Club overflowed with family,
                                                          the White team won the match. low Goal Matches are
friends and distinguished guests of the Zobels.
                                                          being played to encourage and develop the skills of
                                                          young and budding polo players.
The event opened with an exciting polo match among
the country’s best players. The Medium Goal Match
                                                          Fine entertainment and sumptuous cocktails, courtesy
pitted the teams porsche White and porsche black in
                                                          of the event presenter, pGa Cars inc., capped the
a fast-paced four-chukker play. The Whites emerged
                                                          evening. The guests enjoyed the exquisite display of
victorious with a final score of 5-4.
                                                          porsche and audi automobiles as well as offerings from
                                                          other sponsors like san Miguel Corporation, philippine
The symbolic presentation of the ball and perpetual
                                                          Wine Merchant, bDO, Canon and rogue.
trophy led by bianca and rocio Zobel, accompanied by
Thorsten hagel of pGa Cars, came after, and preceded

                                                                                         SPORTS AnD ATHLeTICS

                                  FILA Polo Cup 2011
               A Celebration of 100 years of excellence
                                                            9 goals. The reds and blacks scored 6 goals and
                                                            4 goals respectively.

                                                            Fila CeO, Cris albert, together with husband and
                                                            polo player butch albert led the ceremonial throw-in.
                                                            Our country’s best and guest players from spain and
                                                            argentina lined up to receive the ball, signaling the start
                                                            of the most anticipated high goal match.

                                                            The crowd was not disappointed. The 6-chukker bout
                                                            was fast-paced and exhilarating. both teams showcased
                                                            remarkable style and strategies but only one team can
                                                            bring home the trophy. after more than an hour of ball
                                                            passing, the blue Team snatched victory with a three-point

                       T   his year, Fila celebrated its
                           100th year by giving its own
                       brand of tradition: The Fila polo
                                                            lead over the red Team. The high goal match ended

                       Cup held on February 6, 2011         The celebration continued with the awarding ceremonies
                       at the enrique Zobel Field. What     and tea party. Going back to its european roots, Fila tied
                       began in 2004 as patronage           up with bizu to deliver italian delectables such as Truffle
                       for the sport, evolved through       and Wild Mushrooms with ricotta pizzettes, pancetta
                       the years. it has now become a       parmeggiano biscotti and Gorgonzola, honey and Walnut
                       custom, embraced by many.            bruschetta. These were just among the nine courses
                                                            served, as the tea party turned to a full blown party later in
                       Over 200 guests gathered at the      the evening.
                      east Terrace for an exciting social
afternoon. The event began with the low goal match in a     band entertainment with a dazzling show of fireworks
round robin play among the White, red and black Team.       completed the occasion hosted by Fila endorsers, borgy
The Whites dominated the game and sealed victory with       Manotoc and Tim yap.


Framed Treasures
MPC Art Collection
in March 2009, the polo Club was fortunate
 to receive a donation of three paintings from
member alan syCip. syCip, a recent lifetime
member, studied Visual art at Carnegie Mellon
university. he then took a “wrong path” into the
corporate world before returning, fittingly, to art.

These three paintings are originally from syCip’s
various exhibits in Manila recent years, and
represent the diverse styles that this painter is
known for. “The storm before the Calm”, the large
work at the Turf room lobby, is a pure abstract
piece with aggressive brush strokes. “peak Forms”                “Blues for Plato”                   “Peak Forms”
is more representative, back to nature. The small
                                work “blues for           he frequently paints in his house in punta Fuego,
                                plato”, is surreal,       where the elements of nature are at their most
                                and the title refers      vital. Many of his works are displayed in that home,
                                to the artist’s           for friends & visitors to view.
                                enduring love of
                                jazz music, where         proficient in various visual media, syCip won the
                                improvisation, as in      polo Club’s photography Contest many years ago.
                                abstract painting, is     he told then president Charlie rufino that the one
                                the cornerstone of        insight he picked up from the competition was an
                                creativity.               appreciation of the size and scope of the club’s
                                                          grounds. he told president rufino that any increase
                                  literature, history &   in monthly dues would be more readily accepted
                                  cosmology are also      by at least one member. syCip focuses on painting
                                  sources of ideas for    these days.
                                  syCip’s paintings.
“The Storm Before the Calm”

                                        Book Donation
                                        The Manila polo Club acknowledges the generous
                                        donation of Mr. Vincent lim. The library received 43
                                        books about bridge on March 9, 2011.

                                        • Thinking on Defense (The art of visualization at bridge)
                                          by Jim priebe
                                        • Commonly Used Conventions by Audrey Grant
                                        • Bridge for Dummies 2nd Edition by Eddie Kantar


      liTTle bee                                                        The senTry
      by Chris Cleave                                                   by robert Crais

      This book is about a young nigerian refugee                       The story opens with a prologue featuring a
      whose very existence changes the lives                            truly creepy killer in new Orleans in 2005.
      of a group of english citizens in dramatic                        Fast forward to present day in l.a. Joe pike
      ways. Cleave’s skillful pace brings us along                      is just filling up his jeep with gas and the
      in measured doses to the horrible thing that                      tires with air when he notices two gang
      happened on a beach in nigeria. What do a                         bangers heading into a small sandwich shop.
      4-year old boy who thinks he’s batman, his                        instinct sends him across the street in time
      widowed, 9-fingered mother, sarah, and his                        to stop the beating of the shopkeeper. but
      anguished father have to do with little bee?                      that simple good samaritan act leads to a
                                                                        whole lot more...gang wars, drug cartels, a
      TiCK TOCK                                                         deranged assassin and....a woman, who has
      by James patterson                                                her own secrets.

      nyC’s #1 detective, Michael bennett, has a                        MOney TO burn
      huge problem--the son of sam, the Werewolf                        by James Grippando
      of Wisteria and the Mad bomber are all back.
      a rash of horrifying crimes tears through the                     investment banker Michael Cantella of the
      city, throwing it into complete chaos. The city                   prestigious Wall street saxton silvers is an
      calls on Detective Michael bennett, pulling                       ambitious man until his rich life starts
      him away from a seaside retreat with his 10                       turning into a nightmare. On the eve of his
      adopted children, his grandfather, and their                      35th birthday, Cantella goes from being a
      beloved nanny, Mary Catherine. not only                           star performer at a premier Wall street
      does it tear apart their vacation, it leaves the                  investment firm to a financially wiped-out
      entire family open to attack.                                     victim of identity theft. his Job-like troubles
                                                                        are just beginning as the fallout not only
      painTeD laDies                                                    rocks his second marriage and his firm but
      by robert parker                                                  sets him up for a life on the run.

      in this posthumously published novel, the
      boston pi tries to retrieve a priceless work
                                                         yOunG aDulTs/ChilDren’s bOOKs
      of art and deal with the rarefied and nasty        necromancer by Michael scott
      world of academics. The plot spins off from        The 39 clues series book 1-4
      spenser’s shame over the murder of a               Valentine’s Day Disaster by Geronimo stilton
      client, a college art professor who asked          polar bears past bedtime by Mary pope Osborne
      him to provide backup during a delicate            Junie b. Jones is a Graduation Girl by barbara park
      ransom exchange for a rare seventeenth-            Detective Dinosaur undercover by James skofield
      century Dutch painting. spenser, ever true
      to his modern-day chivalric code, cannot
      let himself off the hook for the professor’s       book Donations
      death. his investigation unveils the               We gratefully acknowledge donations of reading material
      professor’s avocation as a sexual predator of      from the following: (as of February 2011)
      coeds, and it digs deeply into both the world
      of art.                                            hannelore bull         Melissa a. shaw
                                                         evelyn Forbes          Carole Tagle
                                                         John Forbes            bienvenido Tan
                                                         Jose antonio Garcia    Giovanna Virata
                                                         yeung Chi hung         Ma. Julieta yuhico
                                                                                     EMPLOYEES NOOk

                     Re-orientation on Club Rules
                            and Procedures
T   he human resource Department in collaboration with the
    security Department conducted a re-orientation on Club rules
and procedures on January 31 and February 7, 2011.
F&b service personnel were given a refresher about the different
guidelines in the Club with emphasis on the gate pass policy and
unauthorized use of facilities. More re-orientation schedules will be
held in the coming months to accommodate other departments.

Through this program Management hopes to have less cases of
violations and improved quality of service.

“First Aid” for Sports and Security Personnel
i ntellicare, the Club’s health Maintenance Organization
  (hMO), held an emergency care workshop, entitled
“First aid”, for MpC sports and security staff on
                                                              choking, fainting, nosebleed, sprain, bone dislocation,
                                                              fractures and stroke.

March 2, 2011. The workshop, composed of a lecture            More wellness programs are scheduled throughout the
and demo, covered various emergency treatment                 year for all employees.
methods in case of burns, animal bites, chest pain,

                            Checklist for a First Aid Kit
               TOp FirsT aiD iTeMs: sterile gloves,             and an air sickness bag. For teenage girls and women,
               antibiotic hand cleansers, alcohol or            include a small assortment of sanitary products, although
               hydrogen peroxide, cotton balls, cotton          these can be stored in a separate container.
               swabs, scissors, tweezers, antibiotic
ointments, hydrocortisone cream for bug bites, syrup of         buy a small first aid manual to keep in the first aid kit.
ipecac and a variety of adhesive bandages.                      Write down emergency phone numbers, including poison
                                                                Control, on the inside cover.
include other items that are important. These include
pain killers--both for adult and children--a thermometer,       Write down all pertinent medical information for each
ammonia ampules, elastic bandages, facial tissues, eye          family member, including vaccination history, allergies
drops, hay fever or sinus medications, antacids, laxatives      and special health issues, and put it in the first aid kit. in
and diarrhea medication.                                        the event of a medical emergency that requires a trip to
                                                                the hospital, you will have this information handy.
add items that are convenient but not necessary. These
include cough drops, lip balm, petroleum jelly, safety pins     read more: Checklist for a First aid Kit l

                                                                                                        eMPLOYeeS nOOK

MPC Stays Out of Fire
i  n observance of the Fire prevention Month last March,
   the Club conducted a Fire safety seminar on March 3, 2011.
resource speakers sFO4 herminio sabino and sFO2 romeo
bernardino of the Makati Central Fire station explained the
new and standard fire safety procedures to 26 employees
who attended the lecture in preparation for an actual
fire drill.

The Fire safety seminar is held annually to educate and
reinforce our personnel’s ability in safeguarding members,
dependents, guests and co-employees as well as Club
properties during a fire.

Club’s new Chief Accountant
                        T   he Manila polo Club is pleased to present
                            Marites Jacob Canada as the new Chief
                        accountant effective February 23, 2011.
                                                                           most of her career in the retail industry and
                                                                           brings with her 15 years of solid experience
                                                                           in accounting, audit and payroll. innately
                        Ms. Canada is a Certified public accountant        hardworking and a loving mother to her two
                        with a degree in bs accountancy from Divine        kids, this bicol native is a welcome addition to
                        Word College of legaspi. she established           the Club’s Management team.

                                        M          odel Employees
                                                    Happy Returns
                      arnOlD Del rOsariO, sports                                     JOahnna CaTaM, library clerk,
                      coordinator, turned over a                                     turned over a mobile phone left
                      laptop left at the Tennis area.                                at the library. Ms. betty Wee,
                      The laptop was claimed by the                                  the owner, has claimed the item.
                      owner, Ms. Oudine santos

                      eMManuel Garay, waiter,
                      returned a bag found                                           rOMMel DaliD, custodian,
                      unattended at the Cogon                                        returned a white envelope with
                      Village. The bag which                                         cash found at the Dojo room.
                      contained cash, valuables,                                     The envelope with cash was
                      personal items and gadgets,                                    turned over to the GM’s office
                      belongs to Ms. amanda Carpo.                                   for safekeeping.

    30                     Each employee received a P1,000 cash reward for their ethical behavior.
    eMPLOYeeS nOOK

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