pyramid of giza for sale by keralaguest


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                      Khufu’s Pyramid For Sale

Task: Recently the Great Pyramid of Giza was put up for sale by the
Egyptian government. You will work in groups of 3 for the same realty
agency. You will be selling the Great Pyramid to Mr. Mehl who wants to
buy it for a summer residency. It is your job to present your client a
powerpoint presentation that will convince him to use your agency. If your
firm gets the clients business, you get a 20 percent commission. That’s a lot
of dough!

Your powerpoint presentation should include:
        Key features of the area.
        Pricing of the site
        Important extras
        Land and building rights
        Rights to anything found in the pyramid

                   You must have a total of :
                        5 slides
                        3 pictures
                        Recorded narration
                        And slide effects

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