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					Okul                            Tez Adı                                                         Yazar            Katılımcı
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Handler, sector: An integrated framework of inquiry
                                Precursors of merger and acquisition success in the health care service Sharon L. Zhenhu
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX                                                                           Asaro Gonzalez,  Cadwallader,
                                A causal comparative study of work ethic as a function of generational cohortsCathy Jane Mervyn L.
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                     Evans, Rupert M., Sr.
                                                                                                                 Johnson, careers
                                A comparative analysis of career development programs in developing a viable healthJames A.pipeline
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                                            Quan, Xiaobo Ulric, Roger S.; Shepley, Mardelle M.
                                A comparative evaluation of handwashing and visitation at the old and new critical care units at St. Joseph Regional
                                A comparison of paper-based data submission to remote dataMeadows, Beverly Jane data entry errors in cancer clin
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE                                                                                Mills, Mary
                                                                                                  capture for minimizing Etta
                                                                                                Mawji, Sheila
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A comparison of unbalanced rating scales in scoring competency assessments
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                              Concannon, Thomas William
                                                                                                                 Newhouse, Joseph P.
                                A cost and outcomes analysis of emergency transport, inter-hospital transfer and hospital expansion in cardiac care
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE     A critical case study of program fidelity in TennCare                            Thomas, Sandra
                                                                                                Myers, Carole Lynn
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                Heatwole, Kathleen B. Michael J.
                                A determination of the association of competition and regulation with hospital strategic orientation
SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE                                                                          Pierce, Michelleieber, healthcare
                                A look at methods used to increase the presence of underrepresented minorities in Caroline professions
                                A national estimate of                                          Anderson, Katherine data analysis
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER the cost of illness in Parkinson's disease using retrospective Richard
                                RESEARCH CENTER                                                 Mirian, Laura E. Giorgi, Amedeo
SAYBROOK GRADUATE SCHOOL ANDA phenomenological psychological study of registered professional nurses: Factors that contribute to organizational
                                A HEALTH INFO. SCI. AT HOUSTON                                   databases       Turley,
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OFprocess for achieving comparable data from heterogeneousRichesson, Rachel L. James P.; Johnson-Throop, Kathy
THE WRIGHT INSTITUTE                                                                            Aamot, Jack Program: Providing
                                A program evaluation of the SoCo Clinic's Chemical Dependency Recovery George Patricia a context for progress
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                      with Christine
                                A quantitative analysis on patient and shift factors associated Weir,overcrowding in the emergency department and
                                A                                                               Lee, Fock ChoyNoble, James
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIAquantitative performance measurement framework for health care systems
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                                                                          Kirchgessner, John Virginia Hospital, 1945--1965
                                A reappraisal of nursing services and shortages: A case study of the University of C. Arlene W.
                                                                                                Chou, Ming-Jen
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA A strategic process: A planning model for a Taiwanese hospital group                Stoskopf, Carleen H.
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                McGarry, healthcare informatics:
                                A study of perceived efficiency and perceived effectiveness when using NinaGranger, Mary J. A study at the Distric
                                A survey of perceived managerial competencies of cardiac rehabilitation professionals Robert E. setting
INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                               E., II
                                                                                                Alman, Robert Millward, in a hospital
                                A survey HILLS                                                  Preston, LesleyTrappen, William
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ of quality indicator use and benchmarking practices within the stateJane    of Arizona
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Jones, G. E. Jason
                                                                                                                 Dahlen, Penny Lin
                                A systems perspective: Healthcare systems that promote organizational deviance that contribute to practitioner job
THE PARDEE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL                                                                 Fonkych, KatyaKeeler, Strategies
                                Accelerating adoption of clinical IT among the healthcare providers in United States:Emmett and policies
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                     Dunford, Robert Lee, Jr.
                                Access to care in the nine federally funded hemophilia treatment centers in Michigan
                                Access                                                          Guan, Hui
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISONto level I or II trauma center and traffic related injury outcomes          Durkin, Maureen
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Witmer, Hope Steeves, William D.
                                Adaptation to funding changes achieved with resilient organizational qualities in two Pennsylvania nonprofit health c
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                Roby, Dylan Rosenbaum, Sara; Cordes, Joseph
                                An analysis of the characteristics of health centers facing financial deficits Habeeb
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA      An analysis of the Medicare prescription drug benefit                            Pauly, Mark V.; Miravete, Eugenio J.
                                                                                                Lucarelli, Claudio
                                An economic analysis of factors impacting hospital patient outcomes in the United States N.
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK                                                            Wei, Heng        Evans, William
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO                                                                      Hughes, William Keith
                                An empirical study of rural health care firm turnover using a discrete normal Shonkwiler, J. S.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                Kim, Tae Act
                                An evaluation of hospital capital investment after the Balanced BudgetHyun McCue, Michael J.
                                                                                                Danjoux, Nathalie academic health sciences centre
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)An evaluation of the adoption and diffusion of surgical innovations in an OntarioM.
                                An examination of clinical appointment scheduling with no-shows and overbooking
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER                                                                                 Rose
                                                                                                LaGanga, LindaLawrence, Stephen
AUBURN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Whitman, Marilyn V.
                                An examination of cultural and linguistic competence in health care              Permaloff, Anne
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                           healthcare industry
                                An examination of organizational change and structure in the Pozniak, AlyssaHirth, Richard A.
                                An                                                              Fortune, Darla
UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO (CANADA) examination of quality of work life and quality of care within a health care setting
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Conboy, Jeri profit status,
                                An examination of the relationship between hospice organizational model,A.Flor, Richardand family satisfaction
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                         Farley, Joel F. Schommer, Jon C.; Cline, Richard R.
                                An examination of unintended consequences and policy effectiveness in prescription prior authorization programs
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                        Kidd, Cathy A. Reio, Thomas G. Jr.
                                An exploration of the impact of employee job satisfaction, affect, and performance on organizational financial perfo
                                An introduction to establishing a spiritual direction program for the spiritual Lee, Edgar
ASSEMBLIES OF GOD THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY                                                                           care
                                                                                                Nolen, Kenneth L. department at Orlando Regional H
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                      DeGraaff, Robert A. Lawton R.
                                Analysis of corporate acquisitions by medical device manufacturers               Burns,
                                Application of simulation to facility planning                  Medina-Saunders, MariaKit
                                                                                                                 Simpson, Ninfa Fabre
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS utilizing an organization's forecasted growth strategy
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE              Aspirations of small businesses offering health insurance                        L.
                                                                                                Slichta, Amber Schiffert, Judith
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                               McQuade, Medicaid population continuously enrolled
                                                                                                                 Werler, Martha
                                Assessing the impact of routine preventive care on health outcomes in a William Henry
                                                                                                Tyrell, Mary Darlene
                                                                                                                 Stoskoph, Carleen
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Assessing the predictability of Andersen's behavioral model to explain mental health outcomes in South Carolina usin
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Bjerke, Victoria A.
                                                                                                                 Minchella, Karen
                                Assessing the relationship between market orientation and organizational culture in midwestern hospitals: An empir
                                Assessment of full-time dental hygiene faculty participation inKiser, Jessica Renee Rebecca S.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                  Wilder,
                                                                                                 clinical practice
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI                                                                         digital image processing Randall
                                Assessment of the skin condition of health care workers usingCanning, Jennifer L.Wickett, R.
UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD                                                                          O'Connor, Lisa Genovesio
                                Baccalaureate novice nurses' perceptions of their preparedness to practice Intriligator, Barbara A.
                                B                                                               Jebsen, Brenda J.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eing donor-focused at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of B.C. & Yukon (British Columbia)
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                          Lilius, Jacoba M. performance
                                Being there or being competent? How co-worker support contributes to unitDutton, Jane E.
                                                                                                Marathe, Shriram
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Benchmarking community health centers' efficiency: Multivariate analysis Wan, Thomas T. H.
CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK                                                                     de Vos, Fiona Hart, Roger
                                Building a model of holistic healing environments for children's hospitals with implications for the design and manag
                                                                                                 Sibbald, Robert W.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Case studies in organizational healthcare ethics: Healthcare foundations, business development, and the commercia
EMORY UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Kane, Gerald A
                                 Casting the net: A multimodal network perspective on knowledge sharing C. lavi, Maryam
                                                                                                 Tosh, Amy human resources: A case study of a health
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) CCHSA accreditation. An instigator for change and a motivator for healthElizabeth
                                 CEO origin and
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM succession planning in acute care hospitals Yarbrough, Amy K.            Hernandez, S. Robert
BOSTON COLLEGE                                                                                   Rivard, Peter E. orbert,
                                 Change agency and a culture of patient safety at Veterans Administration hospitals William R.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hange competence: A route to trailblazing and thriving           Downey, Dawn
                                                                                                 Yang, Emy Yueh-Jiau
                                                                                                                  inpatient falls for
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Characteristics and consequences of falls, and risk factors for injuries due to Amidon, Roger L. selected hospitals in T
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Cassell, SabineLee, Lee W.
                                 Characteristics of mental health clinicians participating in health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and accepting H
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                      Stephens,       Kerr,
                                 Chief executive officers succession planning in United States hospitals James H. Bernard
EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                      Alschuler, KevinPatient Flora
                                 College integrated care: Effectiveness of the use of a modified version of theHoodin, Health Questionnaire for patien
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                         Coffindaffer, averageLesley-Ann
                                                                                                                 Miller, risk
                                 Colorectal cancer: Cost-effectiveness of screening and chemoprevention inJarrett W. males
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                         Twagilimana, Joseph
                                                                                                                   a hospital emergency department
                                 Combining data mining and statistical techniques for analysis of outcomes inCerrito, Patricia
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH decision making: A training needs assessment                             Kreysa,
                                                                                                 Bowden, Michael W. Peter
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Schneider, Morelos,Linda
                                                                                                                 Hunt, Mexico
                                 Community health organizing and the political economy of health care inSuzanne D.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA        Community social capital and the health care safety net                          A.
                                                                                                 Harvey, Jennel Provan, Keith G.
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Chang, Wen-Han an emergency department
                                 Comparison of the effectiveness of preprinted and hand-written order formsCounte, Michael A.
                                 Comparison of treatment result and compliance between private practice Medicaid Richard A.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                  Dickens, Steven Beane, and non-Medicaid orthodontic p
                                                                                                 Gaikwad, Rekha primary health care for accuracy of dr
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Comprehensive evaluation of two electronic medical record (EMR) systems in K.
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Veeder, Stacy B. a health-care provider
                                 Confidentiality expectations and willingness to disclose personal informationMartin, Thomas H.
UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT                                                                         Scher, Kathleen job
                                                                                                                 Mulcahy, John W.
                                 Conflict management style of nurse managers and its impact upon staff nurse M. satisfaction
UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS                                                                           Kees, Jeremy Burton, Scot
                                 Consideration of future consequences as a moderator of temporal framing and regulatory focus in a health domain
                                 Consumer expectation formation in health                        Russ, Kenneth Randall
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                 Schwalenstocker, Ellen S.
                                                                                                                 Liebrenz-Himes, Marilyn
                                 Consumer use of external information in choosing health plans: A model of external information search and its relati
                                                                                                 Beattie, Erin D.
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Continuity of primary health care in rural Nova Scotia: Who gets it, and does it matter?
                                                                                                 Shadmi, Efrat Forrest, Christopher B.
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Coordination of primary care referrals and the development of ongoing interactions between primary care physician
                                 Cost effectiveness in provision                                 Saito, CristianaCroke, Checchia
                                                                                                                   M. A. Kevin
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER of care to vulnerable people among tax exempt hospitals in California
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                         Fell, Bill
                                 Cost-comparison of prostate cancer screening versus not screening               McCabe, Steven
                                 C                                                               Bagri,
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ultivating staff resiliency through leadership in times of change Lakh
                                                                                                 Taiwanese Chun-ho caregivers working in Taiwan's
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Culture and job satisfaction: A comparative analysis between Tu, MichaelandChow, Kim  Filipino
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY      Culture-preserving change in healthcare: A leadership model Sharer, Beth A.Johnson, James A. Jr.
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Defining a role for primary health care nurse practitioners in rural Nova Scotia Ruth
                                 Des                                                             Gauthier, Annie
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) evidences a l'incertitude: Interroger les liens therapeutiques entre familles et equipe soignante au programme d
MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Ghosh, Manimay  Sobek, Durward K.
                                 Design rules, metaroutines, and boundary objects: A framework for improving healthcare delivery systems
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                  for patients with Alzheimer's disease and related disor
                                 Determinants of formal health care service use and paymentsBradley, CatinaInfeld, Donna Lind
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Determinants of health care spending using a cointegration approach Varduhi         Anderson, Gerard
                                                                                                 Hernandez-Marrero, Pablo
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Determinants of self-perceived managerial effectiveness in the Canarian Health Service
                                 Determining CENTER                                                health Barbara Jean Michael
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCE facilitators and barriers to adoption of electronicCherry, records in long-term care facilities
                                 Developing a standard operating instruction for self-assessment in an Air Force hospital
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                                     Trappen, William
                                                                                                 Vadney, Patricia J.
                                 Developing customer focus with customer loyalty plan for a cytopathology laboratory William
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                                     Trappen,
                                                                                                 Nejkauf, Katharine A.
                                                                                                 Henzel, Thomas R.
                                                                                                                 Johnson, Gail M.
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Development and evaluation of a classification scheme for competence assessment reports of practicing physicians
                                 Development of
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS a training program in quality for healthcare Heidelberger, Lisa S.  Trappen, William
INDIANA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 India
                                 Econometric models of provider choice and health care use inBorah, Bijan Jyoti  Trivedi, Pravin
                                                                                                 Kalo, Zoltan Vincze, Zoltan
SEMMELWEIS EGYETEM (HUNGARY)Economic evaluation of renal replacement therapies and immunosuppressants of renal transplantation
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Kim, Sun-Young einstein, Milton C.
                                 Economic evaluation of vaccination programs: Cost-effectiveness, externalities, and affordability of hepatitis B vaccin
                                 Effect of prescription                                          Patterson, Mark Elliot Michael
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL copayments on medication compliance and hospitalizations in commercially insured patients w
UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO (CANADA)                                                                  Enomoto, Yukari
                                 Effects of decision support tools on cardiac telephone consultation process
UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO          Effects of organizational trust                                 Velez, Pablo Clark, Mary Jo
                                 Electronic medical record adoption among physician organizations Jodi Lynn
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                               Simon,          Rundall, Thomas G.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Swanson, AbbyOzcan, Yasar
                                                                                                                   Jo quality
                                 Electronic medical record use in acute care hospitals: Correlates, efficiency, and Gillenora
                                 E                                                                entry: Examining
                                                                                                                 Jacko, Julie A.
GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYlectronic medical records and computerized physician order Edwards, Paula J. factors and methods that foster clinic
                                 Emergency room use among older veterans: Decision-making Carpiac-Claver,Levy-Storms, Lene
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                              Maria Lena
                                                                                                  in a social context
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                                                                           Rennhoff, Christina Hubbard
                                                                                                                 Johnson, William
                                 Employee choice of health plan and consumption of health care under employer-provided plans
                                 Environmental                                                   Abdolrasulnia, Maziar
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM effects on electronic health record adoption by physicians Ginter, Peter M.; Shewchuk, Richard M.
                                 Equity in health,                                               McGrail, Kimberlyn Marie
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA) health care services use and health care financing in British Columbia, 1992 and 2002
                                                                                                 Espin, Sherry
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Error and reporting in surgery: Exploring team and patient perceptions
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                        Jacquemet, Nicolas
                                Essays in applied economics on the role for a third player in agency relationships
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Zinner, Darren Pisano, Gary
                                Essays on the management of clinical trial sites: Lessons for health policy, technology development, and organization
                                                                                                 Gu, Chushu
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Estimating life-expectancy changes for medical decision making: New approximations
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY       Estimation of net present value of total health care costs       Liu, Lin         Gardiner, Joseph C.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) thical and clinical decision-making in community care            Brown, Lorrie Donna
                                Evaluating the determinants of a successful organ donor process in a M. Robina
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                 McCleary, Karl
                                                                                                 Josiah, multi-hospital system J.
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                           Danielson, Ericataggers, Nancy
                                Evaluating the impact of implementing clinical information systems                S
AUBURN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Thrasher, investigation the health
                                                                                                                  Byrd, Terry
                                Examining strategic fit for the interorganizational network: An empiricalEvelyn HolmesofAnthony care integrated d
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Bowers, Brenda healthcare organization: Implications
                                Executives transitioning from a silo to a systems-based approach in a complex J.  Marienau, Catherine
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY          Exploring deductibles: Substance abuse parity applications Platt, Maia            Goodman, Allen
                                Facteurs explicatifs de la non-retention du personnel infirmierBoivin, Josee Info-Sante CLSC Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
UNIVERSITE DU QUEBEC A CHICOUTIMI (CANADA)                                                         a la Centrale
                                Factors                                                            of child/adolescent Robert E.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY associated with hospital commitment to the provisionGardner, Lea Anne psychiatric services
                                Factors associated with                                          Alanazy, Saudi Arabia
UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY OF NEW JERSEY implementation of electronic health records inSultanHaque, Syed
                                Factors influencing the                                           facilities
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER timely discharge of patients to nursingGetaz, E. Paul Gourley, Dick R.
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Sousa Pereira, Danzon, Patricia
                                Firm boundaries, performance and the selection of partners: Evidence from pharmaceutical and biotech alliances
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Health as a bridge to peace: CISEPO as a case study                Scolnik, Dennis
                                Health care institutions, medical organizing, and physicians: ABarbour, Joshua Ben
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN                                                                        Lammers, John C.
                                                                                                  multilevel analysis
UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO (CANADA)                                                                  Whitfield, Kyle
                                Health service planning with individuals with dementia: Towards a model of inclusion
                                                                                                 Richardson, Courtney, James F.
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Healthcare information systems: Design theory, principles and applicationSandra Marie
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Tobin, Patricia Kavanaugh, Frank J.
                                Healthcare workers, workplace injury and worker compensation claims: An analysis of the precedents
UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO                                                                       community-based healthcare leadership in Guatemala
                                                                                                                  Herda, Ellen A.
                                Heeding the call of care: A hermeneutic exploration of care inTobar, Jacqueline Kelly
                                Home health                                                      Larwood, Deborah and Kathleen
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND UNIVERSITY COLLEGE care quality improvement: Its relationship to organizational cultureK. its effect on employee satisfac
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Lucente, Betty C. Balanced Budget
                                Hospitals' decision to vertically integrate skilled nursing before and after the Hurley, Robert Act
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Cook, Benjamin Le
                                Hunt for the right counterfactual: Estimating disparities in minority health care McGuire, Thomas G.
ANDREWS UNIVERSITY                                                                               Haffner, Randall L. Shirley A.
                                Identification of Seventh-day Adventist health core convictions: Alignment with current healthcare practice
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                      Wilson, Dawn R.  Kerr, Bernard Alaskan skilled nursing fac
                                Identification, evaluation and comparison of critical success factors for profitability in two Jr.
                                Impact of a change in AND MGMT.                                  Leung, Musetta Y.Hodgkin, patients
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY prescription drug benefit on utilization and expenditures amongDominic receiving cardiovascu
                                Impact of medical equipment tracking in a health care systemGalve Salgado, Noble, James S.
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA                                                                                  Miguel
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Kulkarni, healthcare Tsun
                                Implementation of electronic health records: Modeling and evaluating Vinata A. information systems for quality im
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                              Tahara, DeniseKovner,
                                Implementing quality improvement methods for long-term competitive advantage Anthony
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                       Voices of Detroit Initiative collaborative approach on r
                                Improving access to care for the uninsured: The effects of theTaueg, CynthiaKennedy, Michael H.
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                      Maryon, Thomas   Johnson, James
                                Improving the viability of free clinics through the identification of critical success factors
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Solti, Imre       on hospitals' adoption of computerized
                                Influence of organizational, operational, financial and environmental factorsHurley, Robert E.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 systems
                                Information technology outsourcing in United States hospital Diana, Mark L. Hurley, Robert E.
                                Information technology sophistication and outcomes of acuteHart, Valeria Ann Texas Rod
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON                                                                               in
                                                                                                   care hospitals Hissong,
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                A secondary analysis of the Yvonne literature, 1995--
                                Inhibitors to personal digital assistant adoption in healthcare: Adams, Alla O.Kochanowski,research J.
                                Inpatient length of stay and procedure disparities in acute myocardial infarction treatment W.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                          Fan, Wensheng    Houser, Howard
                                Inside SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                   Smalarz, Amy M.  Wallack, Stanley
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FORthe black box: The effect of physician group culture and structure on patient cost and quality of care outcome
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Integrative health care: A critical analysis of the integration ofHollenberg, Daniel Benjamin medicine and biomedicine
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                 Bigley, Mary BethHidalgo, development, and team goals
                                Interdisciplinary health care teams: Organizational context, team performance, team Julia
                                Internet-based telemedicine: An experimental study to provide decision support using real-time assessment of video
THE CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Tulu, Bengisu Chatterjee, Samir
MARYWOOD UNIVERSITY                                                                              McMillen, Dusty leadership practices and sources of po
                                Investigating perceptions of women hospital chief executive officers regarding Johnson Mary
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN          Investment strategies in not-for-profit hospitals                Song, Paula H. Smith, Dean G.
                                                                                                 Farah, James E.
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Job satisfaction as perceived by independent physicians in Florida: An empirical investigation
                                La mise en oeuvre d'un mode de gestion des soins et services Audet, Madeleine
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                de sante par regroupement des clienteles: Le cas du re
                                La                                                               St-Laurent, ethiques
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) recherche clinique et les enfants en 'soins palliatifs': Normes et enjeux Therese
                                La vulnerabilite sociale dans la recherche clinique en Amerique latine: Une etude du potentiel de protection confere
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                Fortes Garcia Lorenzo, Claudio
                                L                                                                Davidson, Bill
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eadership and interdisciplinary teams: Ontario community health centres in transition
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX                                                                            Huth, Karl Davidarner, Force
                                Leadership competencies for financial healthcare executives in the United States Air Catherine; Raish, Matthew
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eadership development for First Nation health directors          Meabry, Diana
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Holleran, Michele D. Mary
                                Leadership style and its relationship to culture in an aging services provider organization: A case study utilizing flexib
                                L                                                                Amershi, Hafeez
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eading information technology (IT) integration within Vancouver Coastal Health
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            leadership in the diffusionLeslie; Price, Barbara
                                Lean indicators in hospital/healthcare settings and the role ofEzzeddine, Ahmad M.Monplaisir, of performance improveme
                                Legislating healthcare quality
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK                                                             Kim, Beomsoo Evans, William N.
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                        Belkhodja, des organisations des services de sante au C
                                Les determinants organisationnels de l'utilisation des connaissances: CasOmar
RUSH UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Dill, Mairghread Ryan
                                                                                                                Keim, Kathryn S.
                                Liability is perceived as a barrier to independent prescriptive authority by clinical nutrition managers
                                Long-term care insurance: A marketing dilemma
CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                J.
                                                                                                Robbins, Emily Kelly, Shawn
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                      Hesson, Michael William
                                Making the time: The cultural constitution of temporality in Betania, MexicoUrban, Gregory P.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) anaging the remand waitlist in a forensic hospital              Poquiz, Clem
                                Measuring and explaining the managerial efficiency of privateRahman, clinicsChilingerian, JonAn exploratory study
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                                     in Bangladesh:
                                                                                                  medical Mohammad A.
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Hassan, Dia Kamel James
                                Measuring performance in health care: The effect of Joint Commission International standards on quality performan
                                Medical practice variations over time in the United States
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                         Shewchuk, Richard
                                                                                                Saunders, Charles Norman, III
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                         Zhang,          S
                                Medication refill persistence: Does prescription cost-sharing matter? Dongmuchondelmeyer, Stephen W.; Carlson, A
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                Baxter, Susan Mary
                                Medicine, metaphors and metaphysics: An interdisciplinary analysis of the ethical, medical and sociocultural questio
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              de Souza, study of
                                                                                                                LeVesque, Joseph
                                Meeting the business management development needs of physicians: ALionel S. the opportunities provided by onlin
                                Model development:                                              Wargo, Rene program within a Andersen, David
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE COLLEGEOn-site consumer health financial resource assistanceL.Brown, Meredith;multi-campus rural hea
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Chen, Wen-Yi Bernell, Stephanie L.
                                National health insurance in Taiwan: Welfare analysis and hospital competition (China)
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                          Mallya, and resource utilization among adults with asth
                                National perspective on the effect of health insurance on medication Usha G.    Nau, David P.
CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Needs analysis in a corporate setting                             Broadhurst, Michael
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA         Optimal pricing of employment-based health plans                Carlin, CarolineTown, Robert J.; Feldman, Roger
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                        Kong, Nan       Schaefer, Andrew J.
                                Optimizing the efficiency of the United States organ allocation system through region reorganization
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX                                                                           Abiodun, Raimi aters, Rhonda
                                Organizational structure: Effects on leadership decision making in two central Michigan hospitals
                                                                                                Waite, Michael Allen
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Patient safety and disclosure of medical error: The legal and ethical implications of human error in medicine
                                Perceived                                                       Maro, Leonor U. Contento, Isobel R.
TEACHERS COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY barriers to the promotion of food service directors to higher administrative positions in hospital organizat
                                Performance improvement plan in a primary care clinic, as a JCAHO accreditation requirement
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                                    Soden,
                                                                                                Mayate, Eleanor F. Julie
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               career trainingStechschulte,
                                Performance measurement and accountability for a research deAlmeida, Genevieve R. Paula; Holmes, Suzanne
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                         Liu, Li         Cline, Richard R.;
                                Pharmaceutical expenditures as a determinant of health outcomes in industrialized countries Schondelmeyer, Steph
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Gladin, secondary analysis that
                                Pharmaceutical pricing and research and development investment: A Chris Machnic, John investigates product an
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                  contingency Bhagvanji
                                                                                                                Hurley, Robert E.
                                Physician chief executive officers and hospital performance: APatel, Urvashitheory perspective
                                BRANCH GRADUATE SCH. OF and impairment in physicians' writings
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL Physician, heal thyself: DesireBIOMED. SCI.                                     Jones, Anne
                                                                                                Gostanian, Marissa Anne Hudson
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                               Okafor, organizational Joseph III
                                Presence of clinical guideline adoption-enabling elements in hospitals,Mark C.  Thomas, characteristics, and implement
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Priority setting in Ontario hospitals                             Reeleder, David J.
                                                                                                Kuzma, JoanneZink, Steven
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Privacy policies: A study of their use among online Canadian pharmacies
                                Private                                                         Levitsky, Sandra R.
                                                                                                                Suchman, Mark
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON dilemmas of public provision: The formation of political demand for state entitlements to long-term care
UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE                                                                           conflict acrossRaffel, Jeffrey A.
                                Privatization and corporate governance. Mining synergy fromSibert, Ronald I.sectors: A case study
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Oestmann, Eric R.
                                                                                                                Lorbeer, Charles
                                Program evaluation of the mutual expectation method of motivation (MEMOM) as measured by net profit and nursi
                                                                                                Zahradnik, Anne G.
                                                                                                                Mingus, use of hospital emergency dep
WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Providing uninsured adults with free or low-cost primary care: Does it influence their Matthew
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER         Quality and valuation problems in healthcare                                    Seidmann, Abraham
                                                                                                Unsal-Aktas, Didem
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                              Mosher, Rachel Elizabeth
                                Quality improvement for depression: Organizational and provider factors McGuire, Thomas G.
                                R                                                               Hughes, April
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eadiness factors for the implementation of a hospital informatics system
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                Blue, Jon T. Lee, Allen S.; Dhillon, Gurpreet
                                Rebuilding theories of technology acceptance: A qualitative case study of physicians' acceptance of technology
                                Recruiting                                                      Long, Jamye Estelle providers
THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI like your life depends on it: Recruiting, retaining, and growing healthcareMark M. for small and low-inco
                                 BINGHAMTON                                                     Nagula, PrasadSrihari, Krishnaswami
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATRedesigning the patient care delivery processes at an emergency department
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Mueller, Markus Lee W.
                                Relationship between primary care physicians' cost profiles and patient satisfaction in a central Florida employer hea
CLARK UNIVERSITY                                                                                Hatgis, Christina
                                                                                                                Addis, Michael E.
                                Relationships between therapists' models of treatment and services in managed care settings
ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY                                                                              Zavakos, Andrea Wergin,
                                Selecting leadership: An analysis of predictors in assessing leadership potentialLynn Jon F.
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                        Nfodjo, David Kodjo Patricia
                                Social-economic factors to utilization of the emergency department at a Jefferson County Hospital
                                                                                                Cheema, a regional health authority (British Columbia)
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) Speaking from the inside: Participation in Aboriginal health planning in Geeta  Prince, Michael J.
                                State level implementation of federal                           McGrath,        Prottas,
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT. health policy: SCHIP in the states Robert J., II Jeffrey
                                S                                                               Morey, Carole Ann
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) trategies to enhance nurse-physician relationships for safe patient care
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                              Haslehurst, Andrea L.
                                Stress and coping: The effects of inquests and legal proceedings on nurses Schiffert, Judith
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Kadrie, Mountasser
                                                                                                                Kavanaugh, Frank
                                Study of how acute hospitals conduct strategic planning related to the proliferation of specialty hospitals and ambul
UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT                                                                        Odigbo, Paulinus Onyh
                                                                                                                Ngoh, program
                                Substance abuse rehabilitation programs: Transformational leadership practices of Nelson directors in Connecticut
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                       Mackert, Michael S.
                                Technology vendor, administrative, and cost issues in telemedicine              Whitten, Pamela
CLEMSON UNIVERSITY                                                                              Nitch, Matthew architecture
                                The architecture of enabling technology in the critical care setting: The role ofPaul David in addressing the health c
                                The benefits of quality                                         Gallagher, Dawn of
                                                                                                                Kennedy, Carol; Andersen, David
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE patient medical record documentation: An investigationC. the documentation process for ac
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The cost-effectiveness of home nocturnal hemodialysis             McFarlane, Philip Alan
                                The                                                             Tian, Wenqiang  Hurley, Robert E.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYdeterminants of hospital adoption and expansion of bariatric procedures: A resource dependence perspective
                                                                                                Wen, system: A
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) The development of ontological model for clinical decision support Hongyang case study of triage of pediatric hip pa
                                The                                                             Phipps, Lisa Rochelle Burroughs
                                                                                                                physicians' prescribing decisions
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYeffect of variability in substance abuse and dependence terminology on Slattum, Patricia W.; Kirkwood, Cynthia
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                                                                             Akashi, health care
                                 The effects of insurers' hospital choice restrictions on the demand forNaoko Stern, Steven
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Rodeback, David Edmand
                                                                                                                    Holmes, Suzanne C.
                                 The effects of parity and cost sharing in mental health benefits on the utilization of mental health and medical servic
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                            Lurie, Ithai Zvi Meyer, Bruce
                                 The effects of three public interventions on health insurance coverage during the 1990's
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The financial impact of hospital-acquired methicillin-resistant Lim, Sue Pei-Sze aureus: An incremental cost and cost-e
                                 The impact of POLICY AND MGMT.                                    Adams, Terry Donovan
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL managed care practices on clinical social workers and their response James
                                                                                                   Bain, Donna Marie
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The influences on physician attitudes toward the use of telemedicine for the delivery of patient care
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                   the deployment of Six Sigma
                                 The leveraging effects of knowledge management concepts inStevens, Dirk E. tahley, James in a health care company
                                 The Multicultural Supervisor Competency Indicator: A behaviorally anchoredChwalisz, Kathleen
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY AT CARBONDALE                                                                           rating
                                                                                                   Buchanan, Grace F. scale approach
                                                                                                   O'Brien, Annik
CARLETON UNIVERSITY (CANADA) The relation between supportive work environments and work attitudes: An examination of the mediating role of ps
UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO                                                                        Capella, medical treatments
                                 The role of physician administrators in promoting the adoption of newElena AngelinaPace, Judith L.
                                 The social consequences health policy mandates may have onWilliams, Robert F., IIIforce participation
UNIVERSITY OF THE SCIENCES IN PHILADELPHIA                                                                          Metraux,
                                                                                                    elderly worker labor Stephen
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                                   study of a faith-based not-for-profit integrated health
                                 The social construction of faith, spirituality, and caring: A caseForster, Sonya Connaughton, Stacey L.
                                                                                                   Winkelman, of the Technology Acceptance Model for
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The technological transformation of self-care: A patient-driven adaptationWarren Jay
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                              Quast, Troy Clarence
                                 The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and Medicaid health maintenance organizations David
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Collins, Tracey Goes, James
                                 The therapy threshold within the Medicare prospective payment system: Associated ethical dilemmas and influence
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                           Whorley, Tywanna Richard
                                 The Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Access and control over controversial records Cox, Marie
                                                                                                   Owen, Janice Lynn
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The use of professional health care providers by youth and young adults with complex conditions
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA            Three essays on health economics                                  Hankins, Scott Figlio, David
                                 Three essays on healthcare markets and political economy Snyder, Jason Alan
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                                  Levine, David I.
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY          Three essays on physician referral                                Nakamura, Sayaka Dranove, David
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Zakaria, Nasriahtanton, Jeffrey
                                 'To tell or not to tell?': Social dynamics in disclosure communities               S
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                            Nigam, Amit to managed care
                                 Transformation of professional control: Changes in medical work in the shift Ocasio, William
                                                                                                   Sinuff, Tasnim
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Understanding knowledge translation through practice guidelines in the intensive care unit
                                 Utilizing HILLS                                                   Conn, LorraineTrappen, Bill
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZhealthcare failure mode and effect analysis to develop an effective contingency plan for a clinical laboratory
DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY                                                                                 organizationalRoberts, Leanne
                                 Values as a component of leadership and their relationship toMcCloskey, Emma Lee and culture: An ethnographic s
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Arboleda, disaster
                                                                                                                    Abraham, Dulcy M.
                                 Vulnerability assessment of the operation of health care facilities duringCarlos A. events
                                 W                                                                 Sellinger, Douglas
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hat are the unspoken team values of the Regina General Hospital pharmacy operations team that allow it to opera
                                 What                                                              Fisher, Ronald
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY cost hospital quality: Performance uncertainty under market reform Shukla, Ramesh
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-CLEAR LAKE                                                                   a support staffReddy,
                                 'What insurance do you have?' Studying 'the uninsured' from Basta, Miriam Flores Deepa
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                         and health professions and J. Jr.
                                 What motivates African American students to pursue medicalMelton, Deanna M. Bernardcontinue their education?
                                                                                                   Gamble, Brenda Jean
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)What's in, what's out: Stakeholders' views on the boundaries of Medicare
                                 W                                                                 Snodgrass, Howard J.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hen two or more become one: A shared leadership opportunity for Palliser Health Region (Alberta)
                                                                                                   Wenghofer, physicians in Ontario
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A conceptual model for physician clinical performance: The case of familyElizabeth Francis
                                                                                                   Gilbart, case
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A conceptual model of clinical practice guideline implementation: TheErin study of long-term care in Ontario
                                                                                                   Robinson, Johnhealthcare L.
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY A hierarchical multivariate two-part model for profiling providers' effects on Zeger, Scottcharges
NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                            Ventura, SusanQualters, Donna
                                 A middle-range theory to guide the promotion, support, or improvement of spiritually-sensitive care in hospital setti
PACE UNIVERSITY                  A model for HIPAA security compliance                                              Gustavson, Frances
                                                                                                   Bravo, Kathleen M.
                                 A                                                                 Bekar, Kelly-Lynn
UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA) needs assessment of primary care physicians delivering diabetes care
                                 A phenomenological HEALTH PROFESSIONS
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OFstudy of transcendent leaders in healthcare       Jordan, David A. White, Andrea
                                                                                                   Sullivan, conflict resolution in
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY A qualitative study of the perceived impact of management training in Adele McKay, Judith a hospital
                                 A                                                                 Hawes, Cynthia Lee
THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA (CANADA)quantitative analysis: Chronic substance abuse and frequent utilization of Regina emergency services (Saskatchewa
WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Yedehalli Venkataramu,Mehmet B.
                                                                                                                    Yildirim, Raghunandan
                                 A revenue management framework for appointment allocation in rehabilitation outpatient clinics
UNIVERSITY OF DENVER                                                                               Olson, Linda Environmental
                                 A study of leadership development in the Regional Institute for Health andGrace Darrin Leadership
                                 BRANCH GRADUATE SCH. OF BIOMED. SCI.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL A study of the 1993 healthcare reform in Puerto Rico               Rivero, Luis RaulRudkin, Laura L.
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT MONROE                                                                  Kothari Talwar, Smita
                                                                                                                    Rappaport, Harvey
                                 A study to examine the relationship between adult patient age and the provision of medical care services by physicia
                                                                                                    (EHR) activities
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) A systematic review of international electronic health recordsEs-Sayyed, Abdalla T.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                        Rogerson, and Smith, Susan M.
                                                                                                                    health beliefs of
                                 Absenteeism and presenteeism as related to self-reported health status William Tunstall, Jr. Tennessee safety and h
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                   Stover, Kristie G.
                                                                                                                    White, Kenneth
                                 Adoption of hospital-based palliative care programs: Market and organizational correlates R.
                                 Advocating COLLEGE                                                 New York Joan   Brown, Meredith; Weiss, Jeffrey
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK EMPIRE STATEfor the legalization of physician-assisted suicide inMcMahon,State K. Cassidy
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                   Kahnamoui, Niknaz
                                 After outsourcing: Working collaboratively to deliver patient care?
                                 All                                                               Coffman, JanetBloom, Medicaid recipients' use of inpa
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY capitated systems are not alike: Effects of organizational structure and culture onJoan R.
                                                                                                   system dynamics
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Allocating resources by modeling cardiac patient flow using a Chan, Caroline approach
                                 An economics                                                      Belcher,
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLSof quality model: Enhancing customer value in dentistryDonald C.        Trappen, William H.
INDIANA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Kruep, Eric J. based on Health Employer Data and Inf
                                 An evaluation of a financial incentive program for the payment of physiciansMac Kinnon, Joyce
                                                                                                   Hinds, Robert S.
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY An examination of transformational leadership theory in the addictions treatment field
                                   An historical review of Medicare fraud and abuse in the United States Carlos M. Ellen Hope
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                       Martinez,       Kearns,
                                   Antitrust implications for consumer prices resulting from non-profit Ronald Joseph David York)
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                                mergers
                                                                                                   Kintz, hospital Ward, (New
                                                                                                   Jennings, Martha for Frank
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Applicability of Altman's revised four variable z-score as a bankruptcy predictor E. health maintenance organization
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                           Kamal, Khalid M.Madhavan, S. Suresh
                                   Assessing the cost-effectiveness of tumor necrosis factor inhibitors and prescribing practices of rheumatologists in p
                                   Assessment                                                      Schmidt, Steven M.
                                                                                                                   Klapow, policy
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM and impact of symptoms among medicare beneficiaries: Implications for Joshuamakers, managed care o
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                              for veterans with
                                                                                                                   Chumbler, Neale
                                   Assessment of a care coordination/home telehealth program Neugaard, Britta I.heart failure R.
                                   CENTER, of residents in HEALTH
UNIV. OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, H.S. AttitudesSCH. OF PUBLICtraining about use of PDAs                               Valenta,
                                                                                                   Ciavarella, Ginevra G. Annette
                                                                                                     individuals registered
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Autonomy and AIDS: Preferred role in decision making amongUrowitz, Sara Deborah with an HIV/AIDS observational
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) alancing patient safety                                            Lam, Brian B. L.
MADONNA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Kostaroff, Anna S.
                                                                                                                   Rhoades, Kelly
                                   Barriers and enablers to earlier hospice referrals in a suburban Detroit hospital with a hospitalist program (Michigan
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                    healthcare CEOs  F.
                                   Becoming an expert strategic thinker: The learning journey of Goldman, EllenCasey, Andrea J.
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                        Wynne, Dawn D. Bernard
                                   Bridging the gap: Assessing the impact of an enrichment program designed to improve diversity in the healthcare ma
                                   B                                                               Olynyk, Marion
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) uilding resiliency to change: Recommendations on leadership, communication/engagement and supports/training f
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA                                                                  Hensel, Brian K.Wanta, Wayne
                                   Capacity-of-care and experiential attributes: A study of hospital ads using the elaboration likelihood model
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ardiac sonographer recruiting and retention                        Miller, Christine G.
MIAMI UNIVERSITY                   Case management in integrated models of care                                    Applebaum, Robert
                                                                                                   McGeehan, Susan K.
THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA                                                                 Huber, A moral assessment in S.
                                   Catholic hospital resistance to federally regulated labor organization:Scott A.Grabowski, Johnlight of occupational str
                                                                                                   Pichoir Drew, Madeleine
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) CCHSA accreditation: A catalyst for change and a building block for social capital. Case study of a health authority in
                                   C                                                               Taylor, James C.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) FHS heal thyself: An objective approach to developing strategic health services leaders for the modern milieu
                                                                                                   performance: Probst, Janice study of information asym
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Community orientation, hospital characteristics, and hospital Wang, Jong-Yi An exploratoryC.
NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY                                                                            Payne, Michael clinic Thomas
                                   Comparison of female versus male leadership characteristics in a naval healthS. Driver,
                                   C                                                               Patenaude, Sylvain
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ompetencies for strategic planning for the Canadian Forces Health Services
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Wakefield, Patricia Arkinstall
                                                                                                                   Berger, Paul D.
                                   Consumer coping in really high-risk, high-stress settings: The roles of social support and information in complex heal
BENEDICTINE UNIVERSITY                                                                             Anderson, appreciative leadership
                                   Culture change in a Fortune 500 healthcare company: The emergence ofPhilip T.   Sorensen, Peter F. Jr.
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATDesign of an ambulatory cardiac care center                                         Steinfeld,
                                                                                                   Chakraborty, Shouvik Edward; Danford, Gary S.
                                   Determinants of prescription drug use and expenditures
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                              Shah, Nilay D. Mullahy, John
                                   Determinants                                                    Adams, Karen Bentz Nancy
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE COUNTY of success factors for a quality improvement collaborative targeting patient activation
                                   Developing leadership in academic medical centers: Capabilities, competencies, and conditions for organizational su
UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS (MINNESOTA)                                                                               Stoy, Diane
                                                                                                   Lobas, Jeffrey G.
UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                    Warda, facilities: First Michael
                                   Development and validation of a safety audit for pediatric health careLynne Moffatt,steps toward making the hospit
                                   Development of a                                                Radford, Andrea D.
                                                                                                                   Ricketts, Thomas C.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL comparative performance scorecard for federally funded community health centers in North Caro
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Jessup, Cynthia R.
                                   Development of a patient classification system for primary care nurses          Kochanowski, Yvonne
                                                                                                   Shah, preventative
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Differences between primary and specialist care in the utilization ofBaiju Ramnik medications for diabetic patients in
                                   Direct-to-consumer advertising: Unethical or just good business?
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE                                                  Durdon, Kathi Rufer, Rosalyn; Andersen, David
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                         Aarons, Derrick
                                   Doctor-patient communication in government hospitals in Jamaica: Empiric and ethical dimensions of a socio-cultura
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                  Does patient severity affect variation in hospital use?                         Restuccia, Joseph D.
                                                                                                   Labonte, Alan Jean
                                   E.R. = exit                                                     Chan, Garrett K.Benner, of care
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO required. A philosophical, theoretical, and phenomenological investigationPatricia at the end-of-life in the
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                            Clark, Karen M. ormile, Loretta
                                   Early emergency department events and subsequent critical care unit outcomes for patients admitted to a critical ca
                                                                                                   Karakus, Mustafa quality
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Economics of managed behavioral health carve-outs: Treatment outcomes and Cem David   Salkever,
                                                                                                   Juzwishin, Donald William Moore
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Educating publics and policy makers: Epistemic communities and the politics of evidence-based health reform in Alb
SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          A cross-cultural study (Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom,
                                   Employee value congruence with supervisors and coworkers: Pickworth, Rachel     Glazer, Sharon
                                   E                                                               Doull, Katharine Helena
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ngaging in Human Due Diligence(TM) to facilitate organizational change
                                   E                                                               Lawson, between
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ngaging surgeons in transformational change: How can a partnership David E. surgeons and Fraser Health lead to e
                                   E                                                               Raymond, circles
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) nhancing the leadership capacity of middle managers through learning Christine
UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH (CANADA) Essays in health economics                                           Witt, Julia Catherine
THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Essays on healthcare information systems                                             Garfinkel,
                                                                                                   Thompson, Steven M. Robert
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Essays on the economics of Medicare                                             Lee, David S.
                                                                                                   Becker, David James
                                                                                                   Tomasson, Kimberley
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) Ethical consistency, the Canada Health Act and resource allocation: Arguments for a rights-based approach to decisio
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                 Ethical dilemmas encountered in rehabilitative therapy services                 S
                                                                                                   Ange, Susan M. chiffert, Judith
                                   Etude                                                           Michaud, Lynne
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA) de l'experience de la continuite des services par les personnes agees en perte d'autonomie et de leur aidant lo
                                   Everyone OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                       Bristol, Anthony David Elizabeth
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. is; should healthcare? Outsourcing: Issues in strategic planning, organizational culture, and organizational
THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO                                                                           Kleshinski,
                                   Exploration of time management strategies used by clinical physicians Olga      Dunn, Thomas G.
                                   Exploring a model                                               Helfrich, Christian David
                                                                                                                   Weiner, Bryan J.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL of innovation implementation: Cancer prevention and control trials in community clinical oncolog
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                            Kim, HyeoneuiChute, Christopher G.;
                                   Exploring data reusability: Standardized representation of domain contents and feasibility testing Speedie, Stuart R
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                              in third Donald George
                                   Factors affecting specialist group bargaining power over priceKlepser, party contracts William R.
UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN                                                                            organization atNeal, E., Jr. A.
                                                                                                                     a regional
                                   Factors that are predictors of continuance in a managed care Schumann, MalcolmJudithhealth care facility in Connec
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                         Song, David K. Pauly, Mark V.
                                Firm ownership form and quality: An examination of the impact of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 on hospitals
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX                                                                              Otto, Debra
                                Health care and quality improvement: A program evaluation case study E. O'Donnell, William
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA         Health care decisions under budget constraints in Thailand Kasemsup, Vijj Schommer, Jon C.
EMORY UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Kelleher, inquiry
                                Health care finance reform and the multiple goods of health: An ethicalFrances A.  Gunnemann, Jon P.
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE        Healthcare data analysis applying data mining techniques           Vyas, Pallavi S.Elmaghraby, Adel
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) igh-performance leadership                                         Fraser, Anne L.
                                Hospital                                                           Onieal, Marie-Eileen
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON closures in Massachusetts: A case study of the Waltham Hospital closure Frances Ellenbecker, Carol Hall
                                                                                                   governing board performance and
TOURO UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONALHospital governing boards: Study of the factors that measure McDonagh, Kathryn J. Tim Porter the relationship to o
HARVARD UNIVERSITY              Hospital quality and patient trust in care for colorectal cancerZhang, Wei Zaslavsky, Alan M.; Ayanian, John Z.
                                Human factors considerations in quality of service metrics forStrawderman, Koubek, Richard J.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Lesley
                                                                                                    healthcare delivery
                                Human resources management at Queens Health Network (New YorkPortia Keeran, Roger; Benke, Meg
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE                                                  Dewar, City)
                                                                                                   Petrucka, Pammla M.
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Impact and implications of health reform/renewal policy for rural women in Saskatchewan and Manitoba: A case stu
                                                                                                   Liu, Chen-Chung Wissow, Lawrence
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Impact of being on-call or staying-late last night on pediatric residents' interview performance and subjective well-be
                                Impact of financial incentives on physician productivity in medical groups Robinson, James C.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                 Li, Rui
VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY                                                                              Xie, Bin        Dilts, David
                                Impact of patient obtained medical information (POMI) on the physician-patient relationship
                                Implementing change in primary care practice
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA                                                                               Stuart,
                                                                                                   Nemeth, Lynne Sheri Gail W.
                                Implementing computerized physician order                          Ellis, Todd D. Wager, Karen A.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS entry in community hospitals: Vendor perspectives for success
PURDUE UNIVERSITY               Incremental cost of treating hypertension in the United StatesBalu, Sanjeev Thomas, Joseph III
                                Indigenous wholistic theory for health: Enhancing traditional-based Indigenous health services in Vancouver (British
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)                                                        Marsden, Dawn Marie
                                                                                                   Kerr, Valerie O. cCartney, Timothy
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Influence of perceived organizational support, organizational commitment, and professional commitment on turnov
                                                                                                   Christofero, Tracy M.
                                                                                                                   Zink, Steven D.
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Information privacy as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1966 (HIPAA): Awarene
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA                                                                         Oliver, Matthew N. I.
                                Information system utilization among community mental health centers               Yutrzenka, Barbara A.
ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Heary, AndrewKohun, Frederick G.
                                Inhibitors to the use of secure messaging and online consultation in healthcare     Damien
                                Initiatives to engage HEALTH PROFESSIONS                            of academic medicalJr.
                                                                                                                   Ryan, centers
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OFprivate-practice physicians in the missionAppleby, Douglas C., Michael T.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Hurley, Robert E.
                                Institutional factors affecting hospital organ donation rates Spain, Pamela Crenshaw
                                Institutional                                                       for Huabin Burkhardt, Jeffrey H.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM pressures and strategic responsiveness: The caseLuo, hospital diversification
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            King, Mark T. Friedman, Leonard H.
                                Integrated health systems and the impact on rural hospitals and communities
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA)nterdisciplinary team perceptions                                   Friesen, Kathleen Joan
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY International migration of physicians and nurses to the United States Peter Sotir     Morlock, Laura
                                NEW JERSEY - NEWARK                                                Konn, Terry-Marie Gerald on
RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF Interorganizational regulation: Theory and evidence characterizing public agency influenceJ. quality assessment. Th
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                             Marchiori, Dennis Michael
                                                                                                                   Henkin, Alan
                                Interpersonal trust in a health profession: An exploration of effects of provider characteristics, communication skills,
JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY                                                                           Anderton, Jessica Blade
                                Interprofessional collaboration: The assumptive world of health care professionals Harriet C.
ANDREWS UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Whiting, Cherie the United States
                                                                                                                   Johns, Loretta
                                Intuitive decision making and leadership style among healthcare executives inChartier
                                Investment and
UNIVERSITE DU QUEBEC A MONTREAL (CANADA) dynamic DEA: With an application to Chinese Yan, Li       hospitals
                                'It's not a job; it's a lifestyle': Experiences of organ donation coordinators Patricia A.Susan E.
ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY/NEW ENGLAND GRADUATE SCHOOL                                                     Blumenthal, Hawes,
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Horstmann, Anne M. Robert E.
                                Job satisfaction and motivation as factors in the recruitment and retention of histology employees
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE              Job satisfaction recruitment and retention of public health nurses Johnson, Tanya  Hoehne, Dorothy
                                Justifying                                                          mid-level moral principles Judith
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK bioethical case decisions: Reflective equilibrium andKader, Nancy Stowe       Lichtenberg,
                                K                                                                  Krefting, Daniel
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) nowledge seeking practices of healthcare leaders in a learning organization Victor
                                L                                                                  Farren, strategies
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eaders' sources of chronic workplace stress and suggested reductionMalcolm a changing health care environme
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                   Harrigan, Mary Louise under the
                                Leadership challenges in Canadian health care: Exploring exemplary professionalism (MaryLou) malaise of modernity
                                                                                                   Weber, Sophia Aurora D.
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Learning organization: How does the CCHSA accreditation process help health care organizations to develop their lea
                                L'influence des facteurs structurels sur le travail managerial des infirmieres-chefs: Six etudes de cas dans trois hopita
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                  Villeneuve, Francois
HARVARD UNIVERSITY              Managed care and the changing hospital industry in the 1990s                       Cutler, David M.
                                                                                                   Wu, Vivian Yaling
                                Managing                                                            Understanding  Jansen, Harris
ASSEMBLIES OF GOD THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY conflict situations at the CoxHealth Trauma Center:Cooper, Larry D.and responding to the difficult family (
                                Managing open-processional change: Implementing participatory decision-making in a non-profit healthcare facility
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER                                                                  Ford, Randal C.Deetz, Stanley A.
BROWN UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Wu, services research
                                Measurement issues in evaluating provider performance in health Ning               Mor, Vincent
EMORY UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Kim, Jong H. analysis Jerry
                                Measuring hospital performance using multi-product stochastic cost frontierThursby, in Florida hospitals
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                          spending Michael F.
                                Medicare and prescription drug coverage: Impacts on medicalFurukawa, and Danzon, Patricia M.
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                            Halpern, Rachel SarahBryan E.
                                Medicare+Choice plans' service area and product decisions: 1999--2001              Dowd,
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                        for preparing future chief executive officers
                                Mentoring by senior-level healthcare executives as a method Finley, FrancesIvanitskaya, Lana
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                          experience
                                Mode de remuneration et comportement des medecins: Une Dube, Diegonaturelle appliquee au Quebec (French text
                                                                                                   Cosby, to explore
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Modulating beyond or between evidence: Using qualitative methodsJarold L. physician prescribing decisions
                                Monitoring health by detecting drifts and outliers in patterns of anGaurav Cook,smart home
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON                                                               Jain, inhabitant in a Diane J.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) orale is everyone's responsibility                                 Joseph, Sajan
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO                                                                 Pennington, Kelley trust, and
                                 Motivational factors for mental health workers as related to intrinsic motivation,M. Mark commitment
                                                                                                  Head, Brenda transfer
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Moving evidence into practice: Enabling research utilization and knowledge J.
                                 Multi-factor menu analysis using data envelopment analysis Taylor, James Joseph Denise M.
THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI                                                                            Brown,
                                 Negotiating the limits of uncertainty and non-disclosure: Communication and culture in the management of pediatri
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                             Goodwin,
                                                                                                  Clemente Pesudo, Ignasi Marjorie Harness
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                  Wyttenbach-Lindsey, Robert
                                 Organizational and environmental factors associated with hospitalist use Hurley,Mindy Elizabeth
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                           Avery, George Kralewski, John E.
                                 Organizational and institutional determinants of quality control usage in physician's office laboratories
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Organizational commitment in a health NGO in Pakistan               Salim, Laila
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Carrino, Gerard Edmund
                                                                                                                  Glied, Sherry
                                 Ownership, community influence, and hospital behavior: An application of nonprofit theory to the study of effects o
                                 Patient-centered care, work climates, and patient safety: An exploratory studyay, Douglas R.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN                                                              Rathert, CherylM
                                  ALBANY                                                          procurement system
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATPerformance-based accountability in the United States organ Gimbel, Ronald W.      Thompson, Frank
DEPAUL UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Nelson, Zachary Charles
                                                                                                                  Cellar, Doug
                                 Personality-based selection, voluntary turnover and demographic variables: An applied study
                                 Physician patient communication and treatment decision making: 'AnalyzingAllison, Jeoran; Glandon, Gerald
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                            L.
                                                                                                  Moore, Tondra the gap' for Black and White prostate c
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                                                                         Jin, Lei
                                 Physician professionalism and the rationalization of clinical practice           Abbott, Andrew
                                                                                                   have impacted providers, children and families
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Policy by default: How changes in Ontario's home care sectorSpalding, Karen Lynn
                                                                                                  Bhatia, Vandna
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Political discourse and policy change: Health reform in Canada and Germany
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                         Montambault, Patricia
                                 Politiques gouvernementales canadiennes et prise en charge en milieu autochtone: Regards sur le processus de guer
                                 Post-traumatic                                                   Ashikyan, ZaraBloch, Ellin
ALLIANT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, LOS ANGELESstress symptoms and coping styles of Emergency Department physiciansL.
                                                                                                  Lu, Yifan       Rucker, Margaret
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Prediction of intentions to adopt biocidal textile products in health care facilities
                                 Primum non                                                       Young, CarltonKey, Susan
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM nocere: Measuring and benchmarking hospital malpractice performance S.     C.
                                                                                                  Du, Wei
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Privacy protection reference model for shared electronic health record
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Program evaluation of an outpatient seating program                Hutchinson, Bethany
                                                                                                  Russell, Ann Siobhan
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Progress towards design of a knowledge building community in health care
                                                                                                  Chappell, Heather
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Provincial structures for resource allocation decision-making in health care: A case study of four provinces in Canada
                                                                                                  Chappell, Heather
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Provincial structures for resource allocation decision-making in health care: A case study of four provinces in Canada
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                Delmont, AliciaSchiffert, Judith
                                 Quality differences between fee-for-service Medicaid and managed care             L.
                                                                                                  Rao, Krishna health services: Evidence from Uttar Prad
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Quality improvement and its effect on patient perceptions and demand forDipankar David H.
                                 Quality improvement in a small health clinic
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                      Fiali, Farimah Trappen, Bill
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY laboratory services: Is it related to personal credentials?                      Nadder,
                                                                                                  Dannessa Delost, MariaTeresa S.
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Seifert, Nancy Friedman, Leonard H.
                                 Recruiting physicians in Oregon: Recruitment theory and practical strategiesL.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                 Nocella, Inger C.
                                                                                                                  Robertson, Peter J.
                                 Recruitment of family physicians into rural California: Predictors and possibilities
                                                                                                  van self-pay patients: Analysis of the impact of a comm
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Reducing non-urgent utilization of the emergency department by Caulil, Karen        Liberman, Aaron
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                             Hackshaw, Rhonda L. and cultural
                                 Relationship of multicultural interactions to healthcare providers' cultural sensitivityCarolyn M. competence
ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY             Re-norming the Quality Healthcare Employee Inventory                             Wygonik, Edward
                                                                                                  Barsamian, Loretta Capici
                                                                                                  in health care
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) Resistance in small spaces: Citizen opposition to privatisation van Mossel, Catherine
                                                                                                  Michalski, Joseph R. Frank
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Retention in the nursing profession: A study of the effects of corporate ethical values on organizational commitment
RUSH UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Concar, Monica Suzanne
                                                                                                                  Dowling, Rebecca
                                 Self-reported knowledge level of registered dietitians in healthcare management for competencies rated important
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY specialization strategy in system affiliated hospitals Gu, Tao                   McCue, Michael J.
                                 Specialty hospitals versus general hospitals: Which presents the standard ofAndersen, David; Weiss, Jeffrey
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE                                                 Podell, Robertacare for the future?
                                 S                                                                Laing, Candace J.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) pirituality in leadership: A core element in fulfilling mission discovered through appreciative inquiry at St. Paul's Hos
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER                                                                           Wang, censored data
                                 Statistical analysis of medical cost and quality-adjusted lifetime with Hongkunhao, Hongwei
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                   Abergel, Frederic
                                 Structure par programmes et coordination des soins hospitaliers (French text)
                                                                                                   decision support design
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) The actualities of regional health board work: Implications forGreen, Carolyn Joanne
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA       The adoption and diffusion of hospital information systems McCullough, Jeffrey S.Pauly, Mark V.
REGENT UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Crawford, Douglas B. Karin
                                 The bases for executive action: A multiple case study of leadership in the highly regulated long-term health care ind
ROWAN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Levay, Zsuzsanna work within them
                                 The caring organization: How healthcare organizations care for the people thatA. Kathleen
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                           O'Connor, Mary meaning of life
                                 The Center for Nursing Leadership: A qualitative study describing the impact Sorrell, Jeanne M. changes of individua
                                 T                                                                leadership in the
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) he changing face of healthcare: Development of health care Eastman, Noni J. Fraser Health Authority (British Colum
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                                              H               Reed, Thomas R.
                                 The cost of dying on Medicare: An analysis of expenditure data ouse, DonaldSaving,Jr.
                                 The                                                              Craig, William R.
UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA) demographics and job satisfaction of physicians working in Canadian pediatric emergency departments
                                 The development, evaluation, and refinement of a model to assess the performance of a Medicaid health plan
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                             Torrens, Paul; Fielding, Jonathan
                                                                                                  Wortham, Jennifer Susan
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                                Sommers,        Newhouse,
                                 The dynamics of public and private health insurance in the United StatesBenjamin DanielJoseph P.
                                                                                                  Zelmer, Jennifer
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) The economic burden of end-stage renal disease in Canada: Present and future
                                 The effect of critical
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER access hospitals on patient outcomes Battaglia, Catherine T. John M.Westfall,
                                 The effect of HILL
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPELhealth insurance on health care utilization in Mexico                   Stearns,
                                                                                                  Gonzalez, Kristine A. Sally C.
SETON HALL UNIVERSITY                                                                             in teaching vs. Zipp,
                                                                                                                  non-teaching hospitals in New Jersey
                                 The effect of patient satisfaction on inpatient volume growth Messina, Daniel J. Genevieve
                                 The SCH. of the shift from HMO to PPO plans on the prevalence of hospital Mikhail, Osama I.
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTONeffectOF PUBLIC HEALTH                                         Zhang, Jie       bad debt in the insured population: A c
RUSH UNIVERSITY                                                                                    Dilly, Elizabeth Lafferty, Linda
                                 The effects of an employee recognition program on employee job satisfaction, and patient and nurse satisfaction wi
ST. AMBROSE UNIVERSITY                                                                             Quinlan,         Pillutla,
                                 The efficacy of health care quality initiatives in a single hospital systemThomas J., Jr. Arun
                                 The                                                               Ozturk, Ali Osman James E.
NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY experience of Turkish public hospitals in enhancing performance through new public management: The role of IS
                                 The                                                               Wranik-Lohrenz, Dominika
UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA) health care system. Black box or Bermuda Triangle. Four essays on economically desirable health care system ch
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                         Gimm, practice patterns
                                 The impact of malpractice liability claims on physician outcomes and Gilbert W.    Danzon, Patricia
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               The impact of physician factors on health care quality                             Soumerai,
                                                                                                   Choudhry, Niteesh KumarStephen B.
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                            Drenkard, Karen N.the anticipated
                                 The impact of transformational leadership characteristics of nurse managersSorrell, Jeanne M. turnover of RN staff
                                                                                                   Chen, performance in Janice C.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA The impacts of global budgeting payment scheme on inpatient care Fen Ju Probst, Taiwan
                                 The implementation of a Master of Science in Nursing/MasterMorris, Janice Health CareLoucine
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                             of Science in M.Huckabay, Administration recruitment
                                                                                                   James-Francis, Dastoor,A.
                                                                                                                     Maxine Barbara
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The key motivational factors which influence job satisfaction and job retention in a non-profit hospital in South Flori
                                                                                                   Asano, Tracey
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The physician-patient interaction and colorectal cancer screening in Ontario Kim
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) he Providence Legacy Project: The next steps (British Columbia)    Flanagan, Dominic
                                 The relationship among human resource management, organizational culture, and organizational performance
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                             Hernandez, S. Robert
                                                                                                   Platonova, Elena A.
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Gabbert, Charles Clark
                                                                                                                    Lees, Martin G. J.
                                 The relationship between chief executive transformational leadership and hospital high performance
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               The relationship between computer self-efficacy and actual usage                   Schiffert,
                                                                                                   Leonard, Kathleen M. Judith
                                 The relationship of patient satisfaction and financial performance forRichardZoller, James S. hospitals in the United S
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                                 Lewis
                                                                                                   Clarke, a sample of acute care
AZUSA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY                                                                           Kaiser, Devon study in nursing today
                                 The retention and motivation of top performers in healthcare: A qualitative A.     Erisman, Marv
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY               The use of background checks by state boards of nursing           Black, Mikal Ann Norwood, Susan
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA       The value of choice in insurance purchasing                       Szrek, Helena Pauly, Mark
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Three essays in health economics                                  Amporfu, Eugenia
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Three essays on population health and public health policy Wang, Xiaochuan (Sherry)
PRINCETON UNIVERSITY             Three essays on the economics of health and development Yin, Wesley Paxson, Christina
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                           Ramaswamy, Kumar, Anup
                                 Toward autonomic distributed data mining using intelligent Web services Padmanabhan
                                 Transaction and                                                   Roberts, Nicole Kathryn C.
                                                                                                                    Page, Ralph
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN physician leadership development at large Midwestern multispecialty clinics: A grounded theory
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               Understanding Latino health policy and barriers to care           Perez, Debra Joy Blendon, Robert J.
YALE UNIVERSITY                                                                                    Gary, Lisa Che Schlesinger, Mark J.
                                 Understanding racial health care disparities: The role of consumer empowerment, consumer expectations and negat
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 An action research study
                                 Using a formal mentoring program to develop nurse leaders: Phelps, Regina Barron, Jamie
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Taylor, Benjamin H.
                                 Utilization of midlevel providers in overcrowded emergency departments Hudak, Ronald
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                   Chukmaitov, systems, 1995--2000
                                 Variations in quality outcomes among hospitals in different types of healthAskar S. Gloria J.
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                          Levesque, Jacques-Francois
                                 Vers un cadre deliberatif pour les comites d'ethique hospitaliers: La necessite de la dimension prudentielle (French te
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                        the implications of health care restructuring for volunt
                                 Voluntarism and long-term care in the countryside: Exploring Skinner, Mark William
                                 'War on HILLS                                                      process improvement William
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZwaste': A study of the application of Six Sigma DMAICBeady, Sylvia Trappen,methodology
UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                    Fulford, Allison
                                 Wayfinding: Creating integrated strategies for an interior healthcare setting Lindsay
NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY                                                                            Snyder, Larry R. Singh, Diljit
                                 Weighted issues of importance versus curricular content between undergraduate students and practitioners of occu
                                 W                                                                 Liggett, Brenda D.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hat are the components of the Capital Equipment Management System and how can they work together to be mo
                                 W                                                                 McKay, Darcy Leigh collaboration and community?
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hat can Regina Emergency Medical Services do to create a workplace culture of Alvin
                                 W                                                                 Neale, Andrew
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hat recruitment and retention strategies does Vancouver Coastal Health need to utilize to become an employer of
                                 W                                                                 Damstrom-Albach,
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hen I'm 64: Sharing wisdom to create the future of VCMHS (British Columbia) Diana (Dammy) Lynn
                                                                                                   Walton, NancySinger, Peter A.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A case study of priority setting in cardiac surgery: Complex, contextual and dynamic   A.
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                   Maghazil, Mohammed John R.
                                 A comparative analysis of data security in computer-based and paper-based Harrald,record systems from the percep
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                 Crowther, Edward of Judith
                                 A comparison of the cost-utility of chiropractic and pharmacologic management R. chronic low back pain in adults
IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Ringgenberg, Wendy
                                                                                                                    Robinson, Daniel between students enr
                                 A comparison of the Meyers Briggs Type IndicatorRTM type characteristics and demographics C.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS                                                                          organizations: Bhagat,
                                                                                                                     A differentiation
                                 A cross-cultural investigation of temporal orientation in work Moustafa, Karen SouthRabi S. matching approach (U
UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA                                                                              Huang, Lichi Evans, Roberta D.
                                 A leader's guide to the factors influencing organizational commitment: A study of nurses in Taiwan
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) legacy of commitment: What health care leaders should know                           L.
                                                                                                   Nieforth, MaryComber, Scott
                                                                                                   Juzwishin, Kelsey Dawn
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) A longitudinal analysis of health-related quality of life in survivors of intensive careC. Moore
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                  Chaikledkaew, Johnson, Kathleen A.
                                 A methodology to identify high-risk patients with diabetes in the California Medicaid populations (Medi-Cal)
                                 A                                                                 Mendoza, Kathryn A. David W.
THE COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY paradigm shift in progress: The impact of work hour reform on the operative volume of surgical residents
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                  Ferrante, Monica Dominique Drug
                                                                                                                      of the Food and
                                 A quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the least burdensome provisionsBurke, Catherine G. Administration M
                                                                                                   Majchrowski, BarbaraAlf
                                                                                                                    Dolan, K.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A risk management approach to ensuring reliable transmissions of co-located wireless systems in the healthcare env
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                   Kenny, exposure on subsequent mental and physical h
                                 A structural equation model examining the effects of Gulf War stress Frank J.Wan, Thomas T. H.
                                 A study of rowing and steering
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER by local health agencies                                  Issel,
                                                                                                   Madamala, Kusuma Michele
                                                                                                   Culpepper, and consequences
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO A study to develop an instrument for the purpose of identifying presenceArthur L. William of bias among health ca
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                            LaVenture, Martin practices in
                                 A thematic overview and proposed model for defining, identifying and using Gatewood, Lael public health informati
                                                                                                 Chuang, You-Ta   Baum, Joel A. C.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A time to imitate, a time to explore: Roles of performance relative to aspirations and interorganizational learning pr
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS        A typology of ethics education in healthcare                                      Dean
                                                                                                 Porter, Russell Newsom, Ron W.
                                 A usability study of physicians' and nurses' interaction with PDA and laptop applicationsNestor J. an electronic patie
UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO, MAYAGUEZ (PUERTO RICO)                                                                 Rodriguez, to access
                                                                                                 Soler Mercado, Yajaira
CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF INTEGRALAbsolute beauty in the healthcare chaos                          Chess, Mary Kay  Cannon, Susan
                                 Access to care
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLSfor military members enrolled into TriCare Prime     Calise, Mary Lou Trappen, William; Watson, Earl
                                                                                                 Lofland, Jennifer headache
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Access to health care and workplace absenteeism for individuals with migraineH. Kevin D.
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            Cowper, Diane Constance
                                 Access, utilization, and provider selection patterns of United States veteransDuncan, R. Paul
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                forms of Medicare reimbursement
                                 Acute inpatient rehabilitation: A retrospective analysis of twoOehmler, Tim Edward Judith
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY           Adaptive disclosure control for healthcare microdata                             Fotouhi,
                                                                                                 Truta, Traian Marius Farshad
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX                                                                            Opher, Valerie Turner, Freda J.
                                 Addressing the nursing shortage in southwestern Pennsylvania through steward leadership: A phenomenological stu
                                 African Americans' responses to direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs Dick R.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER                                                Yang, Yi         Gourley,
                                                                                                 Chang, David C. Do we discriminate against the elder
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Age-related variations in trauma care and implications for health care systems:acKenzie, Ellen J.; Cornwell, Edward
REGENT UNIVERSITY                                                                                Shiflett, MatthewRoberts, Gary
                                 America's costly health care system: The feasibility of the Patients' Bill of RightsThomas E.
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                          Wichaikhum, Orn-Anong the
                                 An assessment of the National Health Insurance program on service utilization amongP. J. community hospitals in Th
                                 An empirical investigation of the impact of electronic commerce on supply chain Sang M.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN                                                             Kim, Sang ManLee, management: A study in the health
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA                                                                      McCraney, John William, James
                                                                                                                  Studnicki, Jr.
                                 An empirical method to determine optimum hospital/surgeon CABG volumes that minimize patient mortality/morbi
                                 An                                                              Dalby, Dawn in   Hirdes, John Manitoba
UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO (CANADA) evaluation of risk adjustment methods for home care quality indicators M.Ontario andP.
                                 An examination of HIV case management using a behavioral model for vulnerable populations
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO                                                                           Harrington, Charlene
                                                                                                 Egorin, Melanie Anne
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Delli Fraine, Jami L. Robert E.
                                 An examination of specialization and outcomes of care in children's hospitals: Are children's hospitals better qualifie
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I                                                                            Slay, Julie A. Wylie, A. Michael
                                 An examination of the accuracy of Medicaid claims data, a state management information system, and community m
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Buckley, Edward Fletcher
                                 An examination of the effects of payer mix on hospital nurse to patient ratios and hospital quality of care
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                        Sweeney          Lamb,
                                 An expanding framework for rural patients who travel for health care Fee, Sharon Gerri
                                                                                                 Liang, Yia-WunProbst, department visits
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA An exploration of race/ethnicity differences in ambulatory care sensitive emergencyJanice C.
                                                                                                 Lee, Douglas Sang Jack V.
                                                                                                                  Tu, Yun
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)An exploration of the determinants of mortality among hospitalized heart failure patients in Ontario, Canada
                                 An exploratory method of data                                   Baldwin, KarenFeetham, Suzanne
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER retrieval from the electronic medical record for the evaluation of quality in healthcar
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Wolpin, Seth E. riedman, Leonard H.
                                 An exploratory study of an Intranet dashboard in a multi-state healthcare system F
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                          McLaughlin, Mary Maureen Kirkpatrick
                                                                                                                  Feeg, Veronica
                                 An exploratory study on the barriers to pediatric palliative care programs and their relationships to funding
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                              Flaherty, Ellen Fulmer, Terry
                                 An investigation of nurse, physician and social worker disciplinary centeredness and its relationship to team skills and
                                                                                                 Foster, involvement in Patrick D.
BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITYAn investigation of stakeholder attributes, salience and the extent of RhondaPauken, decisions related to strategic ch
                                 An operational framework for paying physician specialists a risk-adjusted fixed payment and incorporating the result
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                              Troy
                                                                                                 Castro, LyndonSchweitzer, Stuart O.
DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Bennett, Sara M.
                                 Analysis of factors that influence member turnover in a health insurance plan    Kern, John C. II
                                 Analysis of the funding and provision                           Cacari Stone, Lisa
                                                                                                                  Altman, Stuart H.
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT. of health care to immigrants after welfare reform: Local consequences and var
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Antibiotic prescribing in ambulatory care in Taiwan                 Huang, Nicole Morlock, Laura
                                 Applying Altman's Z-Score Model of bankruptcy for the prediction of financial distressIbraheem
INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                               Almwajeh, Omar   Affaneh, of rural hospitals in western P
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Hsu, Chun-Hung   Romeis, of Taoyuan, Taiwan
                                 Assessing effectiveness of a disease management program for diabetes in the region James C.
                                 Assessing                                                       Ford, James abuseGustafson, David H.
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON employee attitudes towards organizational change in substance H., II treatment agencies
                                                                                                 Slutsman, JuliaKass, (HIPAA
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Assessing physicians' attitudes toward the federal Health Information Privacy RuleNancy Privacy Rule) and associat
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Eselius, consumerCleary, Paul D.
                                 Assessing the quality of behavioral health care and health plans using Laura L. reports and ratings
                                 Assessment of criteria for helicopter emergency medical services in the state of Texas
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GRADUATE SCH. OF BIOMEDICAL SCI. AT GALVESTON                                             Shaikh,
                                                                                                 Moynihan, Shannan Tufail
                                 Associations between primary care provider turnover and quality of care indicators in managed care organizations
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER                                                                     Rumsfeld, John S.
                                                                                                 Plomondon, Mary E.
                                 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnostic assessment methods used by advanced practice registered nurses
UNIVERSITY OF UTAH COLLEGE OF NURSING                                                            Vlam, Sheri
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Slota, R. G.     Brock, Anna
                                 Barriers to health care utilization among older adult Mexican Americans in Milwaukee County (Wisconsin)
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Kirkland, Carol to a mass Cynthia
                                 Bioterrorism preparedness: How are Idaho's hospitals preparing to respond Fitzgerald,casualty event?
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Phillips, Margaret J.
                                 Bioterrorism: A survey of western United States hospital response readinessRossignol, Annette M.
                                 B                                                               Smith, within Population Health and Wellness Division
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) uilding a learning organization: Identification of potential strategiesChristopher P. Kim
                                 Building                                                         health Benita Esther
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA) capacity for health promotion in Manitoba's regionalCohen, authorities John   O'Neil,
                                                                                                 Rous, Trevor Hunt, Alan J.
CARLETON UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Canadian telehealth networks and the mapping of telehealth's virtual regions: A critique of Anthony Giddens's struct
                                 Care management in complex organizations: Intraorganizational relationships and the legitimization of integrated h
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MILWAUKEE                                                                            D.
                                                                                                 Falvey, Patrick Greer, Ann Lennarson
                                                                                                 Perez, Christina Wittner, Judith
LOYOLA UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Caring for them from birth to death: The ethics, ideologies, values, and practices of Cuban medicine
                                 ALBANY                                                          Lillquist, Patricia Pendergast D.
                                                                                                                  Perloff, Janet
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATCase management services within publicly funded breast cancer screening programs: Assessing factors influencing p
VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY                                                                            Lo, Dercherng Wang, Ping
                                 Cash management by nonprofit organizations: Theory and evidence (Taiwan, China)
                                 Causes and COLLEGE                                              Mineo,
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK EMPIRE STATEsolutions to staffing shortages in the mental health field James W.      Keeran, Roger
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                                Porter, Amy Lynne Medicaid Buy-In E.
                                 Characteristics, experiences, and earnings of early enrollees in Connecticut'sDell Orto, Arthur program
BROWN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  (Italy)         Molho, Anthony
                                 Charity and property: The patrimonies of Bolognese hospitalsSneider, Matthew Thomas
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            Smith,
                                 Childhood asthma: Emergency department follow-up determinants Lynn Carole        Alexander, Rinda
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 model for J. Lorbeer, Charles
                                 Clinical laboratories: The practical application of a theoretical King, Lesliethe early detection and initial response to a
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Clinical teaching and clinical outcomes                                              R
                                                                                                   Mourad, Ophyr edelmeier, Donald
                                 C                                                                 Wooddell, Margaret David J.
                                                                                                                   Hess, J.
RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTEodes, identities and pathologies in the construction of tamoxifen as a chemoprophylactic for breast cancer risk redu
                                 C                                                                 Cassidy-Gifford, of eastern Ontario
                                                                                                                   Greer, R.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ompetency identification for leaders and managers at the Children's HospitalCathy Nancy
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY          Competition of nonprofit firms in the healthcare industry                         Spulber, Daniel
                                                                                                   Sampath Kumar, Deepasriya F.
                                 Complementary and alternative therapy use among Hispanic women during Braden, Carriebreast cancer
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT SAN ANTONIO                                                       treatment
                                                                                                   Owens, Barbara Louise for Jo
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Anderson, Daniel V.
                                                                                                                    to assess the validity and reliability of g
                                 Conflicting definitions of nursing home quality: Using employee perceptionsHudak, Ronald
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                             Stephens, Heather Laurel
                                 Consumer perspective of multicultural competence (CMPC): Development of a scale   Der-Karapetian, Aghop
                                 C                                                                 Criddle, Nadine Comber, at the
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) reating shared understanding: A vision for effective organizational communications Scott Ministry of Health Servic
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                                               Akins, Ralitsa B.
                                                                                                                   Cole, Bryan R.
                                 Critical processes and performance measures for patient safety systems in healthcare institutions: A Delphi study
                                 Critical success factors for delivering                           Chan, Pui
HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY (PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA) healthcare projects in Hong Kong Ling Chan, Albert P. C.; Scott, David
DUKE UNIVERSITY                  Demand for and regulation of cardiac services                                     Sloan,
                                                                                                   Trogdon, Justin G. Frank
                                 Determinants of quality and                                       Torres, Isabel Aday, Lu Ann
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTHadvanced cancer care in Latin America. A look at five countries: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eveloping a diabetes program in a First Nations community Stevens, Esther F.       Spronk, Barbara
                                 Developing an evaluation framework and tools with a community agency Chalmers, Karen
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                Janz, Brenda
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                                Currie, Leanne Bakken,
                                 Development and testing of an automated Fall-Injury Risk Assessment Instrument Suzanne
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                          Shaw, for the EQ-5D Stephen Joel
                                 Development of United States population-based preference weightsJames Warren health states
                                 Do pharmacies disclose prices to Medicare beneficiaries? Evidence from California's Prescription Drug Discount prog
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                              Brook, Robert
                                                                                                   Lewis, Joy Helene
                                 Do                                                                Boyer, Cindy their non-rural counterparts?
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY rural Medicare patients have different post-acute service patterns than L.Madigan, Elizabeth A.
                                                                                                   Scale (CTAS) Mary
                                                                                                                   Morrison, L. admission to hospital from
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Does the Canadian Emergency Department Triage and Acuity Spence, Julia correlate with J.
                                                                                                   Papadakis, Sophia
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Economic evaluation of cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention services
                                                                                                   Dort, Leslie Currie, Gillian
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Economic evaluation of diagnostic strategies for obstructive sleep apnea
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                               in the Jared P. ohnson, Christopher E.
                                 Effects of facility variation on the outcomes of stroke patientsDeane, Veterans Administration's (VA) healthcare syste
                                 Effects of                                                        Salvatore-Hale, the Diane
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH knowledge accuracy and confidence about organ donation facts on Dominica   Roe, willingness to donate organs
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY                                                                               achievable through Jamie B.
                                 Efficient allocation of resources in human organ markets: Is itAltinanahtar, Alper economic tools?
YALE UNIVERSITY                                                                                     research policy Aaron
                                                                                                                   Kidd, Kenneth States and Great Britain
                                 Embryos, cloning, and controversy: A comparative analysis ofWeed, Matthew in the UnitedK.
                                                                                                   Oetjen, Reid M.
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Emergency department utilization by insured users: A study of motivating factors     Liberman, Aaron
                                                                                                   Scott, Kathy A.Prewitt, Lena B.
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY Errors and failures in complex health-care systems: Individual, team, system and cultural contributors
STANFORD UNIVERSITY              Essays on patient choice                                          Su, Xuanming Zenios, Stefanos A.
INDIANA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Rice, Jennifer L
                                 Essays on physicians' incentives and behavior in managed care practices L. yon, Thomas P.
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON         Essays on Vietnamese hospital cost functions                      Chou, Ping-Hung Parks, Richard W.
                                 Establishment of a continuous professional development model for monitoring post-graduate performance of diagn
HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY (PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA)                                      White, Peter McKay, Janice C.
                                 Ethical concerns common to small community and rural mental health practices Marc
ADLER SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY                                                                            Oster,
                                                                                                   Womontree, Michele
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                                                 Wilson, Sandra
                                 Ethical decision making by senior executives in health care O'Neill, Michelle Renee Stelzer
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                          Houle, Sylvain Plante, Jacques
                                 Etude exploratoire des modes d'evaluation de l'efficience d'un programme (French text)
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                          Tetrault, Robert J.
                                                                                                                   Issalys, Pierre
                                 Evaluation medicale et securite sociale: Le cadre juridique de l'intervention des professionnels de la sante dans la mi
                                                                                                   Wu, Robert ofDetsky, Allan heart failure: A pilot stud
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Evaluation of an Internet-based communication tool for the managementClark            patients with
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                  care and George R. Kathleen H.
                                 Evaluation of the Care Advocate Program: Bridging managed Shannon, home community-based services
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                    outcome in the L. Kathleen J.
                                 Evaluation of the relationships among structure, process, andParsons, Pamelachanging nursing home environment
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                          Hatler, Carol undergoing cardiac
                                 Examination of the influences of hospital context on outcomes for patientsWhite Joyce A. catheterization proce
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                             Bateman, Robert E., II Robert P.
                                 Expert-local interaction: Using dynamic models to enable knowledge transfer to health care administrators in develo
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) xploring high-performance teams in public health                                   Smith,
                                                                                                   Crocker, Barbara J. Cheryl L.
                                 F                                                                 Windle, Christine D.
                                                                                                                     at Vancouver
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) acilitating better care for older adult patients in the emergency departmentGunning, Kim General Hospital (British
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY              Factors influencing breast cancer screening practices                             Stone, Patricia
                                                                                                   Petrolino-Roche, Sarina
                                                                                                   Saenz, CarolynDion, Paul
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Factors influencing prescribing in the pharmaceutical industry: Patient and physician intent
                                 Factors influencing                                                               Fried, Bruce J.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL the creation of contraceptive equity laws Gaydos, Laura Marti Dokson
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                             Suziedelis, AnnMagill, Gerard
                                 Favoring beneficence over autonomy in the ethical debate regarding health care decision making and minors
                                 Female                                                            Sathe, Laurie Anderson
UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS (MINNESOTA) health care professionals: Writing narratives and producing knowledge Kay     Egan,
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS                                                                          Edie-Korleski, Montserrat Jerry occupational placeme
                                                                                                                   Wircenski, initial
                                 First-term Air Force medical service corps officers: Relationship between MBTIRTM andP.
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON                                                                              Weathers, Kimberley James H.
                                                                                                                   Jones, Green
                                 Fitting an elephant through a keyhole: America's struggle with national health insurance in the twentieth century
                                 From the                                                          Hedrick, Amy Kleinpeter, Christine
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH perspective of a hospital volunteer: What is the impact of music therapy on the well-being of patients in a
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Urbanowicz, Janet A.
                                 Gender and hierarchy as factors of leadership practices and the use of email Gemmill, Gary
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Schaefer,       J.
                                 Health care out-shopping by residents in rural southwestern Montana Cyril Gorski, Mary Sue
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                               Decker, Carole Boyle, Diane
                                 Health decision aids during clinical decision making: Statistical models for predicting health status and survival
                                 Health insurance in Tanzania: Enrollment determinants in theKihombo, Aggrey R. M. Donald S.The case of Kilosa Dis
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                                      Shepard,
                                                                                                    Community Health Fund (CHF).
IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            the physical and economic well-being of individuals an
                                Health insurance patterns and transitions: Consequences for Nielsen, Robert B.   Garasky, Steven B.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 panel study Bazzoli, Gloria J.
                                Hospital finances, staffing decisions, and patient outcomes: A Zhao, Mei
AUBURN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Xue, process Boulton,
                                Hospital information systems development in Chinese hospitals: AYajiong model William R.
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Craig, Geneva
                                Hospital readmissions for congestive heart failure: The patient perspective Schumaker, C. J. Jr.
                                Hotel-style room service in                                      Sheehan-Smith, Lisa James W.
PEABODY COLLEGE FOR TEACHERS OF VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY hospitals: The new paradigm of meal delivery for achieving patient satisfaction of food s
                                H                                                                Deneka, JennieJacques, Fred
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ow can the experiences of past clients inform our practice of customer service?
                                                                                                 Rankin, Janet Mary
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) How nurses practise health care reform: An institutional ethnography             Campbell, Marie
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Greene, Danielle
                                Identifying the key to sustainability in public health collaborations            Bayer, Ronald
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Corrado, Joseph Andrew Gary
                                Ideology matters: Business preferences for national health care reform, 1990--1994
                                I                                                                Reynolds, Anne M.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA)lluminating the most effective practices of health human resources consultants    Fenwick, Tara J.
                                Implementation of an adult preventive program in hospitals within the universal health insurance system of Taiwan
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                            L
                                                                                                 Cheng, Ming-Yuuck, Jeff
                                 NURSING patient satisfaction with the discharge process
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFImproving (DELAWARE)                                               Cain, Anne M. Fischer, Dorothy K.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                           Rogers, Juliet L. antz, Paula M.
                                Increasing recruitment of women participants in medical research: The Women's Health Registry model at the Unive
                                                                                                 Bennett, KevinProbst, Jan C.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Individual hospital effects upon the measurement of racial disparities in the treatment of myocardial infarction
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Hauze, Gaylen by healthcare providers in Arizona
                                Influence of privacy regulation on the acceptance of e-business applications Morris, Johnny L.
                                 STONY BROOK                                                     Kreier, Rachel Dwyer, Debra
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATInformation and quality sorting by ability to pay in the New York market for heart surgeonsS.
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                                           Lomeli,
                                Information technology utilization in mental health services Saouli, Mohamad A. Susan
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Insurance status, race, ethnicity and access to antidepressant Elam, Linda D. Kasper, Judith
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA)ntegrating mental health services: A frontline perspective Luke, Allison Parsons, Jim
                                                                                                 Snider, health sector
                                                                                                                 Rathwell, Thomas
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Intersectoral relationships between Capital Health and the voluntary Jonathan J. in Halifax, Nova Scotia
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY         Interstate variation in health policy                            Farr, DeAnn J. Armor, David J.
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Levy, Douglas Edward
                                Investigating policies to reduce tobacco use and harm: Findings and methods      Newhouse, Joseph P.
                                Investigating social learning effects in the consumer choice ofIlfeld, Johanna Erdem, Tulin
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                               Sussman
                                                                                                  health care plan adoption
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                           Reiter, Kristin Wheeler,
                                Investment, financing, and liquidity constraints in not-for-profit hospitals Leanne John R. C.
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               do they impact  Lees, Martin
                                Investments in hospital information systems: To what extent Wood, Kathy H. the 'bottom line'?
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Chen, implications for wireless
                                                                                                                 Cimino, James
                                Knowledge discovery in clinical information system log files and the Elizabeth Shan Shan T.handheld clinical applic
DRAKE UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Janssen, Lynn
                                Leadership characteristics of hospital CEOs: Factors that influenceleadershipRomig, James
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           McPeak, Charlene K. in and
                                Leadership practices of female healthcare executives: Director, VPs and CEOs from Karen out of nursing
                                L                                                                Macadam, Deborah David
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eadership practices to recruit physicians in rural and small urban communities of British Columbia
MARYWOOD UNIVERSITY                                                                              Hasemann, Christina of Mary
                                Leadership styles of nursing home administrators: Does the style influence quality A. care?
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eading with an intelligent heart                                 Clarke, Rose Nasmyth, Guy
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) earning as a tool for service delivery: Concurrent disorders Ellis, Sheila Marie Schaeffer, Joseph
UNIVERSITY OF THE INCARNATE WORD                                                                 Trevino, key to L.
                                                                                                                 Ettling, Dorothy
                                Learning organization practices of organ procurement organizations: AMartha increasing organ donation
                                Literacy                                                         Cashen, Margaret Schaetzel
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCOand adherence to antiretroviral drug therapy in HIV-positive men and women William
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I                                                                            Waitzfelder, Beth E.
                                                                                                                 Wegner, Eldon
                                Locus of control, quality and outcomes of care among managed care patients with diabetes in Hawai'i
                                                                                                 Stacey, Clare Louise disabled
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Love's labor's learned: Experiences of home health workers caring for elderly and Carole adults
BOSTON UNIVERSITY               Managed care responses to payment incentives                     Gurol, Ipek     Ellis, Randall P.
                                Management Coordination Systems in health system networks alker, Deborah L.
THE CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY                                                                W               Maciariello, Joseph A.
UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO                                                                  Bennett-Woods, meaning of time for
                                Managers in the middle: A phenomenological journey into the experience and Debra L. Rosemary S.mid-level health c
                                                                                                 Daratha, Kenneth in type
                                                                                                                 Coyne, Joseph S.
WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Managing for improved health outcomes, reduced costs and reduced utilizationBlake 2 diabetic patients
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                          Armstrong, Rachel A.
                                                                                                                 Vail, James
                                Mandated staffing ratios: Effect on nurse work satisfaction, anticipated turnover, and nurse retention in an acute ca
VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY                                                                            McCall, Betty Lynn
                                Marginalization matters: Patients as determinants of physician compensation      Cornfield, Daniel B.
                                Measurement equivalence of the Child Behavior Checklist among White, Hispanic, andMichael
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Kang, Eunjeong  Foster, E. Black low-income families
                                Measuring results: Considerations for developing an evaluation approach forShaheen Ronald
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                              healthcare
                                                                                                 Kassim-Lakha, Andersen, philanthropy
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA         Medicaid-insured children: Use of well child care                                Henly,
                                                                                                 Hall, Carmen Gusek Susan J.; Gross, Cynthia
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Medical journals and the culture of clinical care                                  Redelmeier, Donald
                                                                                                 Stanbrook, Matthew Buchanan
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                           Woolsey, Samanthadeliberation about
                                Medicare: What do people want? Examining public knowledge, opinion, andHuefner, Robert Medicare reform
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            Sauer, Brian
                                Medication use performance indicator evaluation: A systems perspective C.Hepler, Charles Doug
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY     Modeling access control of medical information                                     W.
                                                                                                 Sorgente, TamiFernandez, Eduardo B.
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MILWAUKEE for employing part-time nurses                                           Peoples, James
                                                                                                 McGregory, Richard C., Jr.
                                                                                                 Her, Pao Ze Santos, Richard
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO New Mexico Medicaid: Children access to health care, utilization and Medicaid expenditure
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER                                                                 Almendarez, Michele R.Peter
                                Nonlinear dynamics in health care service delivery: An exploratory inquiry and simulation
                                'Not at all                                                      McGarry, Michael Gerard ethics
                                                                                                                 Prado, Carlos
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON (CANADA) at odds with mercy': Redescribing the historical emergence of codified medical G.
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Cimiotti,       Larson,
                                Nurse staffing and healthcare-associated infections in the neonatal ICUJeannie P. Elaine L.
                                                                                                 Swearingen, Sandra
                                                                                                                 Liberman, Aaron
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Nursing leadership characteristics: Effect on nursing job satisfaction and retention of Baby Boomer and Generation
                                                                                                   Besier, James change Peter
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY Organizational behavior in a complex system. A pilot study: The impact of a Louis model on health care practice im
                                   Organizational culture FORT WORTH
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT change in a Texas hospital                                       Lurie, Sue
                                                                                                   Coustasse-Hencke, Alberto
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM identity in academic health centers                        Adams, Alice M.  Shewchuk, Richard M.
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Wegner, Lori L.Schiro, James B.
                                   Organizational leaders and empowered employees: The relationship between leadership styles, perception of styles
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                           Khalifa, Yasir Chang, Shi-Kuo
                                   Organizational medical simulation system: Effects of multi-agent communications on system performance
                                                                                                   Mammano, Karyl A. Thomas
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY Outsourcing human resource or financial services in not-for-profit health and human service organizations
UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND                                                                         Mendes, Michele A.Hesook Suzie
                                   Parents' descriptions of ideal home nursing care for their technology dependent child, themselves, and their families
                                                                                                   Gallagher, care require Susan D.
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY Pastoral care ministers and social workers: Changing roles in end-of-life Colleen M. new educational experiences
                                                                                                   Dyer, Samuel the biomedical model
TOURO UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONALPatient explanatory models of illness for osteoarthritis: A comparison with Jacob     Tanasescu, Mihaela
                                   Patient satisfaction and quality customer service training manual: For associates working in a dental clinic
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                       Shah, Anuja Trappen, William
                                   Patient-centered advance care planning in open-heart surgical patients
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                              Song, Mi-Kyung   Kirchhoff, Karin T.
                                                                                                   Smith Gagen, Julie Christiana
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Patterns of care for rectal cancer patients: Quality-of-life, survival and physician's decision on choice of treatment
                                                                                                   Gill, inhibitorsRochon, Paula with
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Patterns of use and adverse events associated with cholinesteraseSudeep Singholder adultsA. dementia
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Puccinelli, Margaret communication and collaboration
                                   Perceptions of rural hospital leaders regarding factors that influence interpersonalAnn Frank
                                                                                                   Fynes, Mary Teresa
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Personal to political: The changing relationship of the OHA and the state in Ontario David
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Steed, Carolann severe/profound mental retardation:
                                   Physical therapists' attitudes toward adults with developmental disability and M.Shepard, Katherine F.
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 LaBarbera, Dawn M. Linda S.
                                   Physician assistant Holland codes as determined by the Self-Directed Search Wing, R and vocational satisfaction
                                                                                                   Patterson, Paul Daniel Janice C.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Potentially inappropriate utilization of emergency medical services (EMS) across rural and urban areas
THE WRIGHT INSTITUTE               Predicting adherence to depression treatment in an HMO setting  Bombardini, Morella E.
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT MONROE                                                                   on past costs and
                                                                                                                    Rappaport, Harvey
                                   Predicting future high-cost asthma patients (recipients) basedKhan, Shamima health care service utilization
                                   Predictors of home health MGMT.                                 Abbate, Judith Bishop, Christine
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY ANDuse in heart failure patients under a cost-based reimbursement system
UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT                                                                          Chen, Jieling Heffley,
                                   Prescription drug demand for psychotropics: The impact of out-of-pocket payment Dennis R.
                                   Prices,                                                          and resource Mullahy, John
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISONquantities, and costs: Using data on health care pricesHenk, Henry J.use to inform decisions about health car
                                                                                                   Donnelly, James G.
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Primary care practice in Ontario: An analysis of the factors that affect physician supply and activity
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE           Productivity costs and cost-effectiveness analysis              Myers, John AllenGohmann, Steve
UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO                                                                        of physician leaders in Patricia
                                   Profiles of residency program directors and their perceptions Truesdale, Derek Ivan academic emergency medicine:
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                             idiopathic Ann Garwood
                                                                                                                    Ward, Marcia M.
                                   Prospective efficiency evaluation of the bracing in adolescent Dolan, Loriscoliosis trial
                                   CENTER, SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH
UNIV. OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, H.S. Protective measures for private health information                               Mensah, Edward K.
                                                                                                   Stewart, Rachelle Smiley
                                                                                                   Olmsted, Eric Medicare beneficiaries
THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Protocols and individualized treatments: Medical practice variation among Arthur Dennis
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                             Lin, Lih-Sheue Liu Richard S.
                                   Psychometric assessment of a continuous quality improvement implementation measure in Taiwanese hospitals
                                                                                                    in vitro Seija KristiinaB. Curtis
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Public versus private financing of healthcare in the market forKromm, fertilization services in Canada: How does it af
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Quality effects of hospital mergers: Is it market power that matters? Anne Mary        Salkever, David; Harrington, Joseph
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) uality improvement: Through participation of stakeholders Gilbert, Randy Nasmyth, Guy
                                                                                                   Gorski, Mary Sue Hackbarth, Diana
LOYOLA UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Quality of care in nursing homes: The relationship between state level health care policy and selected quality measu
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                             Kao, Chia-ChanRomeis, James C.
                                   Quality of life in schizophrenic patients from day care and home care settings in Taiwan
                                                                                                   Molony, Sheila the H.O.M.E Scale
THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Quality of living in long-term care environments: A psychometric analysis of McDonald, Deborah Dillon
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA            Quality-adjusted HMO cost functions                                              Feldman, Roger; Wholey, Douglas R.
                                                                                                   Caldis, Todd George
                                   Racial and ethnic differences in the effect of health insurance Winters, KarenNick, Todd
THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER                                                                         Patrice
                                                                                                   status on health service utilization, expenditures, and f
                                   Recommended follow-up for acute pediatric conditions discharged from the Wheeler, John R. C.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                                                     emergency
                                                                                                   Gregor, Mary Anastasia department: Impact on subs
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Smith, Martha Maguire, Brent
                                   Relationship characteristics of irritable bowel syndrome and posttraumatic stress disorder
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                          Pear, Suzanne Marie
                                                                                                                    Lebowitz, Michael
                                   Relationship of perioperative hyperglycemia and major infections in cardiac surgery patients D.
                                   R                                                               Weimer,
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) esource utilization in healthcare: A case for stewardship of utilities Mitchell     Schaeffer, Joseph
THE CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY                                                                  Sevilla, Dennis Filson, Darren
                                   Resource-based relative value schedule as an instrument for price collusion in the health care industry. A collusive m
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA         Responses to mortality report cards for cardiac surgery                          Danzon, Patricia M.
                                                                                                   Epstein, Andrew J.
                                   Risk                                                            Cox, inquiry
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYinduced professional caregiver despair: A unitary appreciative Thomas Cowling, W. Richard III
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                             Slack,
                                   Risk management health care practices in NCAA athletic programs David A.Ewers, Jim
                                   Root causes and                                                 Boyadjian, Transfusion errors
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS suggested risk reduction procedures of a sentinel event:Suzy           Harris, Cheryl-Jackson
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI           Safety Culture Instrument: A psychometric evaluation                             Deets,
                                                                                                   Hamaideh, Shaher H. Carol A.
                                                                                                   Bergstresser, at the Los Angeles County Twin Towers I
                                                                                                                    Whiteley, John
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE Screening for sexually transmitted diseases in female arrestees upon intakeRebecca Leigh
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) elf-awareness: The missing link to leadership?                     Macrae, JudithComber, Scott
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA              Sex-related predictors of health care use for pain                               Riley,
                                                                                                   Papas, Rebecca K. Joseph L.; Robinson, Michael E.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES determinants of disparities in primary care access                            Pebley, Anne R.
                                                                                                   Prentice, Julia Christine
                                   Some statistical                                                Zhang, Lei       Meydrech,
THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER considerations for the use of telephone surveys in health departments Edward F.
                                   Staff development: An action research model for organization developmentKnott, Toni A. III
ALLIANT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, FRESNO                                                                             in a nonprofit
                                                                                                   Bahr, August Frederick Otto, agency
                                   Staff perceptions and attitudes toward family involvement in nursing home care
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                            Dannecker, Kerry Goodman, Catherine
                                Staffing levels                                                 Yap, Glenn resource-based view
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM and inpatient outcomes at military health care facilities: AA. Burkhardt, Jeffrey R.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                       Driesen, Kevin Sechrest, Lee
                                Statistical process control as quantitative method to monitor and improve medical quality
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) torytelling circles: Transforming leadership culture            Epp, Susan LindaMcKenzie, Catherine
                                Strategy development processes in long-term care: A multi-dimensional assessment Gerald
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                         Glandon,
                                                                                                Gunby, Norris White, Jr.
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           role of medical office
                                                                                                                Domahidy, Mary
                                Street-level implementation of Medicare policy: Exploring theCrews Holt, Sarah J. insurance staff
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYStructural equation modeling of blood bank performance                           E.
                                                                                                Carden, RobertWan, Thomas T. H.
THE CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY in neuroeconomics and healthcare economics                                    Zak,
                                                                                                Matzner, William Paul J.
                                                                                                Lin, Ding Kuei Stoskopf, Carleen H.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Study of health care quality in percutaneous translumenal coronary angioplasty practice in a hospital
                                Succession planning:                                             Veterans Health Care Administration Service Phyllis
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE Preparing for projected shortages in theIlecki, Joseph E. iblin, Mary Ellen; Herdendorf,Line (New
                                S                                                                                Marie
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) upporting new graduate nurses during transition to practice McCune, LindaGreer, R. Nancy
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                      Werner, Rachel M. Mark card
                                Testing theories of discrimination in health care: Evidence from New York's CABG reportV.
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                employee Therese Catherine
                                                                                                                Segal, Jay
                                The application of a worksite health communication model toPasqualoni,participation and selected chronic disease r
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY                                                                     Lipsman, Lisa A.Evans, Arthur
                                The bureaucratic system: A positive or negative effect on nursing home quality of care? S. Jr.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN          The cash holdings of not-for-profit hospitals                                   Smith, Dean
                                                                                                Rivenson, Howard Lewis G.
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                      O'Donnell, Donna Gentile
                                                                                                                policy, politics, and healthcare delivery
                                The closure of Philadelphia General Hospital: An historical analysis of public Buhler-Wilkerson, Karen
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                                                                       David, Guy
                                The convergence between nonprofit and for-profit hospitals in the United States Murphy, Kevin M.
                                The cost of implementing HIPAA in private physicians' offices in South Carolina
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                            Bell, Gary E. Bradford, David W.
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                               Bernet, PatrickGetzen, Thomas E.
                                The cost of one bad apple. The impact of the Allegheny Health, Education and Research Foundation bankruptcy on t
CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK     The daily rhythm of brain blood flow                                            Spielman, Arthur J.
                                                                                                Conroy, Deirdre Ann
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA          The determinants of employee voluntary turnover in nursing homes                Price, James;
                                                                                                Montague, Robert William Levey, Samuel
                                The determinants of participation in California's Medi-Cal andKincheloe, Jennifer RobinRichard
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                           Brown, E.
                                                                                                 Healthy Families Programs by eligible children
                                 NURSING (DELAWARE)
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFThe development of a job description and orientation program      Marx, Aimee J.Fischer, Dorothy K.
                                                                                                British Cynthia Louise Patricia
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) The disciplining (professional conduct) of registered nurses in Milner,Columbia from 1918 to present day: An historic
DUKE UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Brown, Medicare claims for diabetes eye care
                                The dynamics of preventive and curative medical care: Evidence fromDerek Scott Frank A.
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                        Oestreicher, Nina
                                                                                                                Veenstra, David L.; Ramsey, care
                                The economic and clinical outcomes and policy implications of gene expression profiling in breast cancerScott D.
NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY                                                                         Krause, David S.Singh, Daljit
                                The economic effectiveness of chronic disease management programs: A meta-analysis
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                         Sommers, Anna Stauber
                                                                                                                Dowd, Bryan E.
                                The effect of insurance on self-rated health: Assessing the role of selection bias
                                The                                                             Goodman, Patricia ArleneNeal
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY effect of learner autonomy in team learning within a healthcare environment    Chalofsky, Ritz
                                The                                                             Schmittdiel, Julie Ann
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY effect of primary health care orientation on chronic illness managementShortell, Stephen M.
                                                                                                model for       Bombardier, of patients with rheumato
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of primary therapist Li, Linda C.the management Claire
                                The effects                                                     Bui, Hoa T.     Jimenez,
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH of California's mental health parity law on access to psychiatric services Jillian
                                The                                                             Kaiser, Gary the healthcare industry
UNIVERSITY OF THE INCARNATE WORD effects of downsizing on employee stress and organizational loyalty inM. ttling, Dorothy
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                          Krishtal, Elena Gamst, Glenn
                                The effects of ethnicity and consumer-provider ethnic match on the quality of life among the chronically mentally ill
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Simmons, M. L. elevan, Sybil
                                The effects of managed care penetration on the salience of state medical board stakeholders
CAPITAL UNIVERSITY                                                                              Carmichael, Sharon
                                The effects of reassignment on satisfaction of patient care providers           Talabere, Laurel
                                 ALBANY                                                         Mayo, Janet L. Faerman, Sue
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATThe effects of work environment on job satisfaction in the nursing workforce
                                                                                                 and testing N.Tanzania
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The equity and cost-effectiveness of HIV voluntary counselingLucas, Clairein Sorkin, Alan
                                The extension of global fees to medical treatment: An analysis of community-acquired pneumonia
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                                                 Smith, Dean
                                                                                                Landsman, Pamela Beth G.
                                The                                                             Kelly, Christopher Michael S.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA extent and effectiveness of nursing home regulation in the 50 states          Liebig, Phoebe
ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Hollinshead, Melinda Snook
                                                                                                                Hall, care
                                The health of the medical safety net: A ten-state study on the effect of managed John Medicaid
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                         Eaton, Melody Vail, III or
                                The impact of a change in Medicare reimbursement on the effectiveness of stageJamesgreater decubitus ulcer home
                                The impact of long term care nurse empowerment and facility ownership onFisher, Mary L. to stay
INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING                                                                               L.
                                                                                                Stewart, Robertnurses' intent
                                The impact of managed care on the National Cancer Institute's community clinical oncologyJ.program
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                 Weiner,
                                                                                                Carpenter, William R. Bryan
                                The impact of race, ethnicity and income on dental utilizationMaresh, Kyeung Oak
                                The impact of regulatory stress on academic medical centers: Walker, Kenneth Michael
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT GREENSBORO                                                                  Ponder, Gerald
                                                                                                 A two-phase, mixed method study
                                The impact of revenue diversification on financial performance of safety-netHissong, Rod
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON                                                            Mancini, Mary E. hospitals
                                                                                                McCosh, Jonathan G. planning
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The impact of structured strategic, marketing and management information Austin, Daniel on the performance of
                                The impact of the Eden Alternative on quality of life of nursing home residents
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN                                                                            E.
                                                                                                Parsons, Mary Thorson, James A.
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                             Zhou, Zhu-Qin Shoven, Evidence from Medicare
                                The impacts of ownership, competition, and managed care on hospital performance:John B.; Baker, Laurence
                                The implementation of Medicare+Choice: The interaction of Congress, the ExecutiveStuart H. and the private sector
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                                   Altman, Branch,
                                                                                                Schneider, Craig D.
CAPITAL UNIVERSITY                                                                              Emrich, Lisa Jacko, cases
                                The incidence of nursing non-vigilance and diminished nursing vigilance in selected Jean investigated by the Ohio Bo
                                The                                                             Adams, Phyllis Pinzon-Perez, Helda
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO influence of W. E. Deming's management principles on absenteeism in aBarnes public health inspection projec
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                              R
                                The leadership practices of occupational therapy managers Wilson, Lesly S. eed, William
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         McCarthy, Jennifer
                                                                                                                Friedman, in an increasingly dissatisfyin
                                The light shines in the darkness: A qualitative exploration of administrator satisfaction Leonard H.
                                The meaning                                                     Racine, Louise Anderson, Joan
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)of home care and caring for aging relatives at home: The Haitian Canadian primary caregivers' perspect
                                The                                                              Atkin, Monica L.prevention within
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY occurrence of medical errors: Assessing error detection, correction, andRothwell, William acute care hospitals
HARVARD UNIVERSITY              The political economy of mental health parity                    Barry, Colleen L.Frank, Richard G.
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) The politics of a theory: Regionalized health care in Nova Scotia  Black, Martha E. Fierlbeck, Katherine
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Bransford, Cassandra Lee
                                                                                                                  Simon, Barbara
                                The practice of authority---personal, professional, and organizational---by social workers in a managed mental health
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON                                                                            St. John, Cynthia L.
                                                                                                                  academic medical center
                                The relation between leadership styles and learning environments within an Frankiewicz, Ronald
                                                                                                 Dickson, surgical cases Laura
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The relationship between hospital characteristics and the migration of Conan Quinn from an inpatient to a hospital-
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                         Moeti, Prisca Mavudzi Wesley
                                The role of faith practices and religiosity in the decision-making of inner city Rohrer, Americans to utilize available he
                                                                                                 Valentino, Caterina culture: A case study in a merged
                                                                                                                  Baker, G. Ross
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The role of middle managers in the transmission and integration of organizationalLucia
REGENT UNIVERSITY               The uninsured in today's health care system: Issues and answers                   Dyer, Bob
                                                                                                 Bruinton, Kimberly G.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE              The value of chiropractic postgraduate fellowships                                Schiffert, Judith
                                                                                                 Diakow, Peter R. P.
HARVARD UNIVERSITY              Three studies on policies to reduce Medicare drug spending Cubanski, Juliette     Frank, Richard G.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Vallone, Theresa time? Judith
                                To what extent have asthma visits to the emergency department changed overA.      Schiffert,
                                Topics in AFFAIRES (FRANCE)
INSTITUT EUROPEEN D'ADMINISTRATION DES service operations management                                              Chick,
                                                                                                 Gunes, Evrim Didem Stephen E.; Aksin, O. Zeynep
                                                                                                 Spinelli, RobertRees, Rick
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Transformational, transactional and laissez-faire leadership: An investigation J. Bass's (1985) theory in the hospital
                                Un                                                               Boire-Lavigne, Malherbe, Jean-Francois
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) modele complexe de la prise de decisions de soins en fin de vie (French text)     Anne-Marie
                                                                                                 Grant, Moira Margaret Linda
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Under the microscope: 'Race', gender, and medical laboratory science in Canada      Muzzin,
                                Using                                                            Lefebvre, MarcBoots, B.
WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) GIS and spatial statistics to explore and model demand for emergency medical services in the city of Sudbury,
UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND                                                                       Johnson, Pamela J. medications in patients with dia
                                Using pharmacy claims data to evaluate adherence and persistence with prescribedStephen
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH        Using spatial dependence to examine marketing data               Govind, Rahul Chatterjee, Rabikar; Mittal, Vikas
NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY                                                                          Torrens, pathologists in upstate New York hospitals
                                Utilization and reimbursement of telepractice among speech-languageJohn M., III Carol
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            Kruger, Barbara National Health Interview Survey on D
                                Utilization of care coordination among children with special needs in the 1994J.  Kneipp, Shawn M.
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER                                                                 Ayers, Stephanie L.
                                                                                                                  Duran-Aydintug, Candan
                                Utilization of health care: The interplay between health insurance, patient knowledge and patient satisfaction
PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY                                                                            Minnis, Brad W.  Leigh, Doug
                                Variables that contribute to the recruitment and retention strategies for Generation X nurses
                                W                                                                Dow, ProgramGunning, Kim what strategies might t
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hat knowledge transfer strategies does the Fraser Health SurgicalBill              utilize now and
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hat strategies will support leaders during rapid change?         McDowell, Avril  Force, Jim
INDIANA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Wright, real-time schedule adjustment
                                Workforce management in healthcare: Scheduling, cross-training, andPhillip Daniel Bretthauer, Kurt M.
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY          2001 Michigan hospital CQI/TQM study                                              Elling,
                                                                                                 Croxall, Colleen L. Richard C.
OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        (Oklahoma) Craig
                                21st century risk reduction methodologies for the fire service Brown, DonaldLawler, James J.
                                A SAN FRANCISCO BAY                                              Tse, Collins Berry, Benisa
ALLIANT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, baseline assessment and program evaluation of the diversity initiative services (DIS) at a healthcare organization
                                A call to COLLEGE OF HEALTH September 11,                        care leadership  Kilpatrick, Anne Osborne
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - action: The impact ofPROFESSIONS 2001 on health Mullins, Larry A.and environment of care outcome sco
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                           Martinez, Rebecca Jack
                                A camouflaged cost of the working informal caregiver: An examination of county government in Southern California
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) A care-based model of the physician-patient relationship                             Gedge,
                                                                                                 Breslin, Jonathan M. Elisabeth Boetzkes
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                           Stauder, Kurt services provided in a California target co
                                A case study examining health care reimbursement and the quality of CPSP E.       Ditty, Marilyn
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE          A case study of values assessment in hospital leadership         Conley, Teressa  Ditty, Marilyn
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                 Taylor, YvonneRicardo, nasal
                                                                                                                    care with
                                A comparison between a telemedicine and traditional management model ofLynette Izabel continuous positive air
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          Adam, Terrence Joseph Stanley M.
                                A cost analysis of home monitoring in post-lung transplantation patients          Finkelstein,
                                                                                                 in a regional context
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) A critical theory approach to the analysis of home care policy Duncan, Susan Giovannetti, P.
                                A descriptive study SAN ANTONIO                                  Hatzfeld, Jennifer Joy(Disease management, Case man
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT of the health care integrator role in the United States Air Parsons, Mickey L.; Reineck, Carol A.
                                A formal                                                         for an integrated distributed health care system
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA) specification of electronic patient record processing Sampath, Srinivasan     Ehikioya, Sylvanus
                                A framework for measuring health inequality
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                            Asada, Yukiko Kindig, David A.
                                A health-related fitness profile of socioeconomically disadvantaged African American youth aged 10--16 in south Mis
THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI                                                                            Maneval,
                                                                                                 Proctor, Larry Donnell Mark
                                                                                                 Tsuang, Ming-SionGlover,
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA A marketing process-planning model for Sinlau Christian Hospital, Tainan, Taiwan Saundra H.
                                                                                                 Wong, Alison Hoi-Ting
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) A microeconometric model of public health care utilization on Canadians' health Christopher
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI                                                                              Suthummanon, Sakesun Vincent
                                A predictive model for patient length of stay at a teaching hospital              Omachonu,
                                A                                                                Hutton, Rhonda the Susan
CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITYqualitative investigation of the lived experience of the nurse informaticist in J. decision-making processes used in
                                A resident-focussed model for performance measurement in long-term care Thomas, Paul
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                              Lamont, Lori M.
                                                                                                 Tran, Chau T. T. u, Jack V.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A retrospective, cohort study of the quality of acute myocardial infarction care in Ontario, Canada
                                A                                                                Gaspar, Authority (British Columbia)
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) review of attendance management in the Vancouver Coastal HealthJanet Catherine Joseph
MARSHALL UNIVERSITY                                                                              C
                                A rural hospital's organ donation referral pattern: A pilot study arter, Chris F.
                                A structural model of the effect of retiree health insurance onTunceli, Kaan Short, Pamela Farley
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                 early retirement
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          Vincent, impact in Michael David
                                A study of adherence to HIV antiretroviral therapies and the economicLisa Griffina managed care organization
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Vandendries, Brian
                                A study of nurses' knowledge and attitudes regarding cost of practice             Abendroth, Dale
                                A study of physicians'                                           Murillo Cartagena, ViviamNestor
                                                                                                                  Rodriguez, L.
UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO, MAYAGUEZ (PUERTO RICO) interaction with paper-based, character-based and graphical-based patient record systems
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                           Kim, Shinyoung   Kim,
                                A study of the development of welfare programs in South Korea, 1960∼2000 Jae On
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Access to antiviral medication for HIV and HCV infected drug users                    Marie
                                                                                                 Loughlin, AnitaStrathdee, Steffanie
                                 Access                                                         Lim, Yee-Wei Impact of 1115
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES to care for the indigent in Los Angeles County's public health system: Kominski, Geraldwaiver-related restruct
                                 Access to WORK AND SOCIAL RESEARCH                             Davitt, Joan Act
BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, GRAD. SCH. OF SOCIAL Medicare home health care in the wake of the Balanced Budget K. Kaye, Lenard W.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 rates           Bradford,
                                 Accounting for variation in Medicaid managed care capitationMargolis, Paula Robin Judith B.
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT MONROE                                                               May, Tamica Blakepatients with diabetes
                                 Adherence of office-based physicians to cholesterol management guidelines Rappaport, Harvey
                                 Administrative delay and secondary disability following acute Sinnott, Patricia Luce Helen Ann
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                               Halpin,
                                                                                                occupational low back injury
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                      Rochon, Sophie   Soderstrom, on
                                 Age and presence of chronic conditions, education and the health system reform: Impact Lee utilization of health car
                                 American doctors and national health care policy, 1920--1965Kiefer, Kay E. Haller, John
                                 An                                                             Salisbury, JohnMyrtle, Robert C.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA analysis of health risk selection and quality of care under Medicare fee-for-service and Medicare managed care h
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA                                                                     Dollard, Norin Duchnowski, Albert J.
                                 An analysis of mental health service and support utilization and special education placement among children identifi
AUBURN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Faulk, Debbie Roberts Thomas
                                 An analysis of state-based health policy interest groups: Organizational characteristics and strategic decision-making
                                 OF NURSING                                                      care: A home Schmitt, Madeline H.
                                                                                                                 care organization
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER SCHOOL An analysis of the processes and outcomes of coordination ofBender (MCaffrey), Nancee L. initiated case manage
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                             for breast cancer prevention
                                 An analytic approach to medical risk management: Decisions Ozanne, Elissa Howard, Ronald A.
                                                                                                Cummings, Greta Gesina Carole
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) An examination of the effects of hospital restructuring on nurses: How emotionally intelligent leadership styles mitig
                                 An exploratory                                                 Sun, and         Houser, performance
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM study of the relationship between decentralization Fanghealth systemHoward W.
                                                                                                Ramsey, Joseph Dabre John
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY An integrated, secured, open-source medical prototype for collaborative patient management on the Internet
                                 An integration of environmental product policy
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL                                                              Li, Lin          Geiser, Ken
                                                                                                Ceci, of some McIntyre, Marjorie
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) 'Analyzing and reflecting upon limits': A Foucault-influenced study Christinerecent events of concern to nursing
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE Analyzing urban-rural differences in the Medicare HMO market SuLiu,             Buchmueller, Thomas C.; Brownstone, D
                                 ANTES:                                                         Wang, information system
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS - PAN AMERICAN A Web-based acanthosis nigricans and other obesity related Chunyue hen, Zhixiang
                                 A                                                              Arunasalam, Ruthra Ganthan
                                                                                                                 workers' compensation managed care h
RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTEpplicability of the gap analysis methodology in measuring service quality in Wallace, William A.
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE                                                               Lee,
                                 Applying Bayesian network approaches to study health outcomes Sun-Mi Abbott, Patricia A.
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Chavez, services Thron, Raymond
                                 Assessing correctional health care: Correlations of quality health careR. Scott in correctional institutions
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                               Wu, Eric QiongNichol, Michael B.
                                 Assessing the cost implications of combined pharmacotherapy in the long term management of asthma: Theory and
                                 Assessing the relationship between needs and services in elderly women receiving government-subsidized home sup
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA)                                                    Duggal, Anil Murray, Michael; Parfrey, Patrick
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                         outcomes in nursing Rosalie; Kane, Robert L.
                                                                                                                 Kane, facilities
                                 Assessing the relationship between staffing levels and quality Liu, Jiexin (Jason)
                                 Assessment of nursing care quality and the judgment of the professional nurse asMary Janein nurse-determined pati
INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                               Hirt,
                                                                                                Zidek, Cynthia K. reflected Kuffner
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                          Smith, K. administration programs
                                 Assessment of student outcomes in undergraduate health information Jody Breslin, Richard
                                                                                                Deschamps, Kim Marie Montreal, 1992 to 1999 (Quebe
                                                                                                                 Frost, in
CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Associations between daily asthma hospital admissions and ambient air pollutants David
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                        ALHashem, Abdul in Kuwaiti
                                                                                                                 Watzlaf, Valerie
                                 Attitudes of nurses toward the use of computerized health information systemsMajeed general and tertiary hosp
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                             Chuang, Jen-Hsiang
                                 Automated abstraction of medical records for assessing patient outcomes Hripcsak, George
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Autonomy and health care decision making in chronic illness Carlin, Kathleen Anne Raisa
                                                                                                Chan, Ding-Cheng (Derrick) D.
                                                                                                                 Kasper, Judith
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Behavioral and psychological symptoms in community-dwelling elders with cognitive impairment: Effects on use of
                                 Bispectral analysis and                                        Burkard, Joseph F.
                                                                                                                 Thompson, Carol the
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER motor activity assessment scores in mechanically ventilated patients inL. intensive care uni
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) uilding a leadership team during organizational change                           Dickson,
                                                                                                Semeniuk, Patricia (Pat)Graham
                                 Can                                                            Miller, Diane Marie
                                                                                                                 interval James
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE we ask better questions? An examination of the respondent-generated Press, S. protocol
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY              Capacity management in stochastic service systems              Wang, Ben        Savin, Sergei V.
                                                                                                Taylor, Teresa J.Gomez, Frank
TOURO UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONALCase management in long-term care integration programs: An analysis of the case management programs in Arizon
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Damberger, Thomas A.Earl
                                 Changing workspace lighting technology related to attitude and satisfaction of hospital staff
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY                                                                     Burns, Patricia Torok, Don
                                 Chest pain monitor: A gender comparison of diagnostic treatments in the emergency department
UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ (SPAIN)                                                                     behaviour research
                                 Collapses within the hospital emergency services: A consumerRey Pino, Juan Serrano Gomez, Francisco; Hagen, Ingun
                                                                                                Jenkins, MargaretButler, (Tymchuk)
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Communicating diagnostic information via telehealth: The patient's perspective AnnLorna
                                 C                                                              Wiggins, Blaine Cruise
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ommunity health representatives: Steps towards professional standards Loewen, Vern
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                         risks for community-dwelling chronically-ill elders
                                 Community-based care management: Aligning services to theKim, Chan-Woo          Cherin, David
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Graham, Jon Evans Robert E.
                                 Comparison of smoking prevalence between the health maintenanc organization and other health insurance types
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                               Alasaq, Wael S. ack, to nursing home participants at p
                                 Comparison of the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) participantsLaurita
AZUSA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY                                                                        Wicks, Linda Scott, Sheryn T.
                                 Compassion connection: Risk management for health care professionals
                                 Compliance is POLICY AND Smoking                               Minihan, Paula developmental disabilities
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL not enough: MGMT. policies in state mental retardation andKrauss, Marty Wyngaardenagencies
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                 Cote, Andre d'un processus de soins complexe (Fren
                                 Confiance et changement: L'incidence de la confiance sur la transformation Seguin, Francine; DeMers, Christiane
                                 Conflict COLLEGE OF in the high stress environment of the operating room Louis
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA -management HEALTH PROFESSIONS                             Pinosky, Mark Kilpatrick, Anne Osborne
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                                            Slutsky, Steven
                                 Consolidations, efficiency, and quality in health care markets Chatterjee, Sourav
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                          Taylor, Erin Medicare beneficiaries and low-income pa
                                 Consumer behavior and health insurance among two populations: ElderlyFries      Chernew, Michael
                                                                                                Dobrow, Mark Goel, in the
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Context-based evidence-based decision-making: Case study of evidence utilisationVivek development of cancer scre
                                                                                                Schaber, to assist virtual companies in US drug develop
                                                                                                                 MacElveen-Hoehn, Penny
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY Contextual essay for establishing a regulatory-compliant infrastructureChristopher Joseph
                                 Continuing education needs of currently practicing nurses towardsMariamma llegrante, John of newly diagnosed ty
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TEACHERS COLLEGE                                                                             A
                                                                                                Sen, the self-care management
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                               Chang, patient Penticuff, Joy diabetes care in Hualien, T
                                 Contributions of patient characteristics and organizational factors to Shu-Chuan outcomes of H.; Gordon, Dorothy L.
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                           Lynn, David ClarkMeek, Jack 1995
                                 Correlates of health status among nations: A comparison of fourteen OECD countries inW.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Coppola, Martin Nicholas efficiency with the structur
                                                                                                                  Ozcan, Yasar
                                 Correlates of military medical treatment facility (MTF) performance: Measuring technical A.
THE CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Branin, Joan Keith, Robert A.
                                 Correlates of strategy use in medication adherence among older adults Julia
YORK UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                         Murphy, Brian K. shifting,
                                 Cost shifting in health care: A pilot study explores the relationships betweenTucker, Eric repetitive strain injury, th
NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY                                                                          Moody, initiatives healthcare organizations
                                 Creating and perpetuating patient satisfaction-focused culture changeDavid L. in Billie
ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Woods-Duvendack, Tammy
                                 Customer satisfaction: An integral component of hospital strategy                Hines, Ed
                                 Cystoscopy and the HEALTH                                       Amos, Charles Aday, with superficial urinary bladder ca
                                                                                                                  E., Jr.
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLICdevelopment of invasive bladder cancer in patients presenting Lu Ann
UNIVERSITY OF THE INCARNATE WORD                                                                 Mooney, Terri LynneKathleen
                                 Dataveillance and the medical industry: An exploratory study of South Texas Light,practices M.
                                  NURSING (DELAWARE)
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFDelaware Medical Research: An initial marketing plan                                 T.
                                                                                                 Canning, KarenSartell, Barbara
                                 Desarrollo de un prototipo de un sistema electronico de record de pacientesRodriguez, Nestor J. de servicios med
UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO, MAYAGUEZ (PUERTO RICO)                                                                  para Alberto
                                                                                                 Acuna Ardila, Carlos el departamento
UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ (SPAIN)                                                                     Benitez Rodriguez, EncarnacionInmaculada; Lopez Fern
                                                                                                                   Cadiz (Spanish
                                 Determinant factors for diagnostic delay in breast cancer at hospital areas ofFailde Martinez,text)
                                                                                                 Howell, Doris Maxineto Rhonda
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Determinants of home care utilization and place of death for cancer patientsCockerill,death
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Ma, Yanqiang Allen Thomas T. H.
                                 Determinants of hospital information system (HIS) integrity and hospital performance
                                 Deterring HEALTH                                                Shone, Laura Pollard Paula M.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLICcrowd-out in state children's health insurance programs: How would waiting periods affect children in New
                                 Developing                                                      Salvarrey, Alexandra GIS methods: A pilot study (Albe
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON (CANADA) a health-planning method using psycho-geodemographic indicators andHeatherStuart,
                                 Developing a quarantine plan PROFESSIONS                        Waters, John Bennet,David
                                                                                                                  Ward, the
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH to respond to a biological attack with smallpox: UsingJr. Delphi technique in Charlott
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Punekar, Yogesh Suresh application
                                                                                                                  scale and
                                 Development and validation of a patient medication risk reduction behavior Thomas, Joseph III in a managed care
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                           delivery Mohammed R.
                                                                                                                  Ricci, Edmund M.
                                 Development of a Saudi national policy to improve healthcareAlyemeni,through the use of the World Wide Web and
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Roth, Theresa Ann acuity levels
                                 Development of an inpatient nursing master staffing model based on patientHoch, Carolyn
                                                                                                 Pencharz, James of knee and hip
                                                                                                                  Bombardier, Claire
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Development of process-based quality indicators for non-pharmacological careNathan Onslow osteoarthritis
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                        Joish, Vijay Nagaraj
                                                                                                                  Malone, Daniel care
                                 Development of the Diabetes Resource Consumption Index and profiling quality of diabetes C. in the Veterans Hea
                                 Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs: Effects on prescribing and policy implications
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)                                                      Mintzes, Barbara Barer, Morris
                                 Does                                                            Kwon, of a drug  Adler, Paul
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA procedural fairness matter in standardization? An examinationSeok-Woo standardization process in hospitals a
UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND                                                                       Abughosh, lowering E. Paul
                                 Drug benefit plans for elderly under managed care and utilization of lipidSusan M. agents
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                  Martins, hopitaux publics et prives (French text)
                                                                                                                  Blais, Regis
                                 Duree de sejour et mortalite hospitaliere au Bresil: Comparaison entreMonica Silva
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                         Borker, Rohit Madhavan, Suresh
                                 Economics of breast cancer preventive strategies in a Medicaid program D.
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            Hu, Hsou Mei McKay, Niccie L.
                                 Effect of HMO coverage on the choice of outpatient or inpatient surgery
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY                                                                      Twiss, Elizabeth and
                                                                                                                  McCaffrey, replacement surgery patient
                                 Effect of music as a nursing intervention to reduce anxiety in coronary bypass J. valve Ruth
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI                                                                         Heaton, Pamela C. Jeff
                                 Effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis of leukotriene modifiers in patients with asthma in the Ohio Medicaid popula
                                 Effectiveness of systematic care management                     Burcham, Michael Ray Thomas F.
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Mosley, Robert A.Growick,
                                 Effects of an early return-to-work program on the costs of workers' compensation Bruce S.
                                 Effects of Medicare                                             Hodlewsky, Rita Tamara
                                                                                                                  Norton, Edward C.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL payment changes on quality of care and access to care in skilled nursing facilities
UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC                                                                        Santos, Emmylou C.
                                 Effects of patient and physician gender on the assessment of a medical complaint Roger
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX                                                                            Thauberger, Gerald Robert
                                                                                                                  Denigris, John
                                 Efficacy of familial communication and conflict resolution techniques in healthcare management settings
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                               employer-based Ann insurance
                                 Emergency department utilization patterns for a sample with Qureshi, Kristine healthKristine
                                 Essays on health care markets
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                                Benjamin
                                                                                                 Rothman, Dov Levine, David I.
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                Essays on information and health care disparities               Balsa, Ana InesMcGuire, Thomas G.
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY            Essays on the economic analysis of risk                                          Kruse, Jamie
                                                                                                 Thompson, Mark Andrew L.
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                         Christian, Leland Randall Mary
                                 Essential characteristics of accreditation site visit team members: A Delphi study
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Shulman, Shanna Rachel Mara
                                 Evaluating infant utilization and retention under Medicaid managed care Swartz, Katherine
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                         Thayer, Lee Ann  treatment of (Ginger) G.
                                 Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of St. John's wort versus fluoxetine for the Scott, Virginiamild to moderate depressi
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                         Fernandes, Ancilla W.
                                                                                                                  Madhavan, Suresh a Amonkar, Mayur
                                 Evaluating utilization of beta-blockers as secondary prevention for post myocardial infarction inS.; Medicaid populatiM
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Evaluation of the quality of home care nursing in Taiwan            Du, Min-Shih Stoskopf, Carleen H.
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                 Elinsky, Elaine Gerstein
                                                                                                                  Infeld, Donna Lind
                                 Evaluation of the structure of the CAHPS survey and its invariance across population groups defined by health status
UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ (SPAIN)                                                                     Gonzalez Novoa, Maria del(appropriateness evaluation
                                                                                                                  Lopez Saez, Carmen
                                 Evaluaton of the appropriateness for the hospital stay for DRG 209 by means of the AEP Juan-Bosco; Sande Meiyide,
                                                                                                 Thrandardottir, Erla
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Evolution of foreign aid thinking: Implications for the Icelandic Red Cross McAllister, Ian
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                         Spears, Kathleen N. Susan
                                 Examination of health education preferences of older adults with inadequate health literacy
                                                                                                 Tate, betweenTaylor, American and Caucasian female
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY Examination of learning styles to determine the specific differencesArleen Banks George
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          sociological theory
                                                                                                                  Perlstadt, Harry
                                 Examining inequities in physician workforce: An application ofFojtasek, Travis L. and insight to the problem of phys
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                          O'Donnell, Lolita Tafalla
                                                                                                                  Sorrell, Jeanne M.
                                 Experiences of nurses as they transition to hospital case management: Implications for organizational ethics
                                 Exploring pediatric patient MGMT.
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY ANDsafety                                    Woods, DonnaAltman, Stuart
UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING                                                                            Keane, Stephanie A. Michael
                                 Facilitating treatment adherence in diabetic women using a specialized addiction support group model: An explorat
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                         Aldosari, Bakheet M. B.
                                                                                                                   usage Wesley M.
                                 Factors affecting physicians' attitudes about the medical information systemRohrer,and acceptance through the man
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY associated with metabolic syndrome                                               Clement, Dolores G.
                                                                                                 Selig, Patricia Marie
                                  BUFFALO                                                        Nahigian, Eileenrewer, Carol as
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATFactors associated with the advocacy decisions of registered professional nurses employedS. staff nurses in inpatien
                                 Factors                                                            and their relationship Kathleen R.
RUSH UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF NURSING associated with the demands of adolescent parenting Terrell, Deborah Ann to the adolescent parent's adher
                                 Factors influencing CENTER                                        Sojka, large health Shu-Pi
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCESattraction and retention of registered nurses in aSandra A. care delivery system
                                 Factors that predict                                              Bell-Kotwall, Dougherty,
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL change in urinary incontinence in older rural women Lorna Marie Molly (Mickey)
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                             Metzger, Maureen Elizabeth
                                                                                                                    Alexander, Jeffrey
                                 Fair process as a moderator in outcomes-based explanations of community health partnership participation
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY            Fall risk factors in older Americans                              Cook, Chad EdwardShroyer, JoAnn
                                 Familia y cuidados de salud. Calidad de vida en cuidadores y repercusiones sociofamiliares de la dependencia (Spani
UNIVERSIDAD DE CASTILLA - LA MANCHA (SPAIN)                                                                         Reig Ferrer, Abilio;
                                                                                                   Delicado Useros, Maria Victoria Duran Hereas, Maria
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                         O'Reilly, Glendaach, Lucyna
                                 Families in today's health care system: The experience of families during paediatric admission
                                                                                                   Markle-Reid, Maureen Gina
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Frail elderly home care clients: The effects and expense of adding nursing health promotion and preventive care to p
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                   Ladenheim, Kala Evelyn Edwin
                                 Framing federalism: Constructing health policy in the 104th Congress               Kee, James
                                 From                                                              Mason, Mondi Corbett, Kitty and
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER mandate to practice: How language access policies affect Spanish-speaking patients K. the health care profe
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                         Bandrauk, Natalie
                                 Futility and the proper goals of medicine: A critical care perspective             Glannon, Walter
                                 Gambling disorders and
ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY/NEW ENGLAND GRADUATE SCHOOL psychologists' in training and practiceMello, Americo E.             Peterson, Roger L.
                                 Geographic and patient                                            Barzilai, use ofRimm, Alfred A. and skin examination
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES) variation among Medicare beneficiaries in theDavid A.               follow-up testing
                                                                                                   Pitfield, Caroline Alexandra
                                                                                                                    Flood, Colleen
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Giving patients a louder voice in the health care system? A critical evaluation of the Ontario Health Services Appeal
                                                                                                   Onabajo, Adeniyi
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) Grid federation envelope (GFE): Federating medical information systems              Jahnke, Jens
                                 H                                                                 Rees, Anneke Dickson, Graham
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ead, heart and hands: Donor values, relationships and values-based leadership strategies
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Felteau, Anne L. Urban, Wayne
                                 Health administration program outcome competencies needed to improve quality of care J.
                                 Health care access AT FORT WORTH                                  Mego, Charles Lurie, at an
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTERpatterns in relation to ethnic/racial and health insurance status Sue osteopathic hospital for 199
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Lewy, Colleen Marie Shannon
                                                                                                                    Kaufman, Keith
                                 Health care attitudes: Does the experience of being a standardized patient have an effect?
                                 Health effects of the patient-provider relationship: An interpretiveSylvia A. the livedCatherine A.of women with chro
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO                                                            Fox, study of Chesla, experience
                                 Health insurance coverage of Hispanic elders
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                            Guevara, Martha Alicia
                                                                                                   Byington, Randy Lee the implementation of strategic
EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY Healthcare strategic management: The impact of state and federal funding levels onW. Hal
UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ (SPAIN)                                                                       Soto cardiopathy (Spanish text)
                                 Health-related quality of life in patients hospitalized with ischemic Torres, Maria Chacon, Antonio; Failda Martinez
                                 Hospital diversification, multi-market contact and performance Won Sik Key, Susan Kathryn
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                            Suh,
                                 Hospital utilization among persons with a developmental disability, Ontario, Ouellette-Kuntz, Helene; Hunter, Dunca
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON (CANADA)                                                                              Stephen
                                                                                                   Balogh, Robert 1995--2001
NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY                                                                       Hlongwane, Cynthia Nonhlanhla
                                                                                                                    Gyant, LaVerne
                                 How apartheid predisposed Blacks to HIV infection and AIDS in South Africa (Immune deficiency)
                                 How CHAPEL HILL
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT do chief medical officers exercise leadership?                                  Weiner, Bryan J.
                                                                                                   Fernandez, Claudia Suzanne Plaisted
                                 How CHAPEL HILL                                                   Short, Nancy MunnRicketts, Thomas C. III
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT do current surveys describe primary care nurse practitioner practice compared to how current surveys describe
                                 How nonprofit organizations implement a global health alliance: Lucena,study Pilling Keville
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TEACHERS COLLEGE                                                               de A case LucilleFredrickson,
                                 Human                                                             Rosas, Lucia Veronica
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS - PAN AMERICAN reliability analysis in the performance of advanced cardiac life support tasks Miguel A.
                                 Identification HILL                                               Travers, Debbie  Haas, Stephanie W.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL of concepts from emergency department text using natural language processing techniques and the U
                                 I                                                                 Wootton, Katherinedialogue
                                                                                                                     and (Kate) P.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA)dentifying opportunities to encourage and support performance discussionsNasmyth, Guy between managers and e
                                 Impact of influenza                                               Lindsay, Lisa Guess, Harry A.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL circulation in the community on the risk of maternal morbidity and preterm birth
                                 Impact of managed care on hospital cost for fee-for-service patients withMichael C.stroke
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                             Ho, Vivian
                                                                                                   Matthews, ischemic
                                                                                                   Huang, profiling with asthma
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Impact of risk adjustment and statistical approach on physician groupI-Chan Wu, Albert W. care
                                                                                                   Han, WhiejongBaker, primary
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Impact of State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) on children's access toSamuel in South Carolina: A
                                 Impacts of Medicare                                               Bian, Qiqiang Dow, William
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL HMO penetration on utilization and health outcomes of stroke care H.
RUSH UNIVERSITY                                                                                    Sames, Karoline Smith services
                                                                                                                    Dowling, Rebecca
                                 Importance of selected competencies/responsibilities for hospital food and nutritionNeilsen department directors a
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                           Thibodeau, Nicole John Harry the
                                 Improving the organizational architecture of public enterprise: An investigation of the effect ofIII federal governme
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Yokota,
                                 Improving value of information analysis in health risk management Fumie Hammitt, James
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                             Iyer, Shrividya Sethuraman
                                                                                                                    Doucette, William
                                 Influences on physician recommendation for imatinib mesylate in chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia patients
                                                                                                    patient safety Choo, Chun
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Information behaviour of health care providers for improving MacIntosh-Murray, Anu M.Wei
                                 In-hospital mortality                                             Dechert, Ronald Edwin Harold A.; Wheeler, John Mich
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH differences for patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) in the state ofR.
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                           Ettaro, Lorraine Rose
                                 Injuries, health care utilization, and cost related to child maltreatment          Day, Nancy L.
                                  RESEARCH CENTER                                                  Bremer, Ronald theory
SAYBROOK GRADUATE SCHOOL ANDIntegrative medicine in hospitals: Cultural insights from disruptive technology Kenneth Lyn
                                 Interactions between practitioners and patients with chronic illnesses
RUSH UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF NURSING                                                                Kupka, Nancy JeanPerraud, Suzanne
                                 Interior                                                          Sheth, Shital N.Bridgman, Rae
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA) components of a patient-care unit: Impact on the experiences of children undergoing treatment for eating d
ARGOSY UNIVERSITY/SARASOTA                                                                          care professionals working in residential settings
                                 Job satisfaction and intent to turnover of mental health directBoone, Diane L.     Simmons, Pete
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                           Dishion, Janet Lee
                                                                                                                    Winter, Paul A.
                                 Job satisfaction of hospital-based dietitians: Effects of personal characteristics and job facets
                                 Jurisdiction and First Nations health and health care
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                                 Kaufert, J.
                                                                                                   Cook, Catherine L.
ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Cloud, Gary Lee  Cayer, N. Joseph
                                 Key patient characteristics influencing customer satisfaction in community health centers
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                           White, beyond the year
                                                                                                                    Rude-Parkins, Carolyn; McCabe, Donna
                                 Knowledge, skills, and abilities required of health care administratorsRenee Fansler 2000
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                             Cunningham, Alanna Dawn
                                 Leadership development in Catholic healthcare: A study on servant leadership       Rebore, Bill
                                                                                                    executives: AnKnight, W. Hal
EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY Leadership practices of Veterans Health Administration nurse Bieber, Virginia exploration of current practices and pro
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                                                                             Smith,           III
                                 Leadership skill development experience in the healthcare system Robert, Caldwell, Mike
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) earning to lead                                                 Redford, BryanWilliams, Tony
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) L'economique face a la sante (French text)                                       Contandriopoulos, Andre-Pierre; Rochai
                                                                                                Arweiler, Delphine
                                                                                                Ingster, Lillian May
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Long term trends in hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditionsLaVeist, Thomas
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                                                          Hartley, services, Lynne A.; Rayens, Mary Kay
                                Longitudinal analysis of access to health care, use of preventive healthLou Ann and practice of health-related behav
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                       Roy, Nathalie Forest, Pierre-Gerlier
                                L'organisation des soins de sante destines aux Autochtones du Canada: A la recherche d'un espace de partage (Frenc
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                 Trottier, Louise-Helene (French text)
                                                                                                                 les acteurs
                                L'utilisation des connaissances: Au coeur des relations de cooperation entre Champagne, Francois
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Badgett, Shannon Marie
                                Making the transition to rural nursing practice: The experiences of graduateNorwood, Susan
                                                                                                Woods, Sandra M.
UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA ANCHORAGEManagement education and training: The experiences of nurse managers Toebe, Dianne
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                             Almog, and trends in New York City acute psychiatry u
                                Managing United States mental healthcare policy: Changing patternsMichael        Sparrow, Roy
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                         Liu, Ya-Ming Ingrid Jean D.
                                Market structure and the quality of hospital outpatient departments for diabetes patients under the single-payer sys
                                                                                                Pederson, Lorraine Therese
                                                                                                                 Leonard, Kevin
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Measuring information technology cost efficiency among academic health sciences centres: A benchmarking study
BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY                                                                        Hafen, McArthur, Crane,
                                Measuring medical utilization: Establishing reliability and validity of self-reportsJr. Russell
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                        Alquraini, Habib atzlaf, Valerie
                                Measuring patients' satisfaction and its predictors in primary health care clinics and emergency rooms in Kuwait: A c
                                                                                                Lopez-De servicesJordan,
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY Medicaid managed care and children's access to and use of health care Fede, Ana Joseph
                                                                                                Amey, recipient utilization
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Medicaid managed care and family planning services: An analysis of AnnetteZabin, Laurieand choice of type of provid
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)       Medical applications of radio frequency wireless devices                         M
                                                                                                Prabhu, Krishna urthy, Ven
                                Medical malpractice and contract disclosure: A study of the effects of legal rules on behavior inO.
CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY                                                                                Marie
                                                                                                Zeiler, Kathryn Jackson, Matthew health care markets
YALE UNIVERSITY                 Mental health policy innovation in the American states                           Schlesinger, Mark
                                                                                                Dausey, David James
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                          Valadares, Kevin organizational culture towards enhan
                                                                                                                 Magill, Gerard
                                Mission, margin, and organizational ethics: The contribution of a service-basedJoseph
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY        Modeling the health care utilization of children in Medicaid Rein, David Bruce   Lewis, Gregory B.
SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE                                                                          Krzyzanowska-Gruber, Dorota
                                                                                                                 Pappas, John settings
                                Multi-institutional survey to assess the need for genetic counseling in pediatric cardiology G.
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                         in the MexicanLaPorte, Ronald E. Security
                                Needs assessment of the epidemiological information system Rico Verdin, Beatriz    Institute of Social
                                New                                                             Douglas, Anthony Pogoloff, Donald
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO marketing strategy: Influence of direct-to-consumer advertising on physician prescribing practices in Fresno an
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                             Sullivan, Patricia Garcia
                                'No pain, no gain': Improving hospital performance through reengineering Kovner, Anthony R.
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                      Maniatis, Thomas
                                Nonvalidated practices: Understanding the issues and balancing the risks Glass, Kathleen
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Carpenter, of the rural RN workforce of northern Idah
                                Nurses are lifesavers: Let's retain the ones we have. A satisfaction studyGinger C. G. R.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                Venskus,           Gilroy
                                Nursing home staffing adequacy, rehabilitation orientation and quality DianaWan, Thomas T. H.
                                OBRA87 and
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM quality in nursing homes                                Zhang, Xinzhi Burkhardt, Jeffrey H.
                                Organizational characteristics of primary care clinics associated with better diabetes outcomes
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                  Ibrahim,
                                                                                                Jackson, George Lee Michel A.
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                organization Hoehn, Lilburn
                                Organizational culture and its influence in a behavioral healthWederski, Lonnie Edwin
                                O                                                               Davis, stages of innovationC.
GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY rganizational innovation: The role of top management in different Carolyn D.     Blum, Terry implementation
                                                                                                Clarahan-Barrett, Linda Louise Rainex, Kim
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Organizational leadership for health promotion by health authorities              Plotnikoff, Ron;
                                Organizational                                                  Howard, Brett Connell, Joanie
ALLIANT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, SAN DIEGO learning capacity in the context of the SYMLOG most effective value profile
                                Organizational readiness for electronic medical                  success
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                             Fridsma, approach Raymond E.
                                Organizational simulation of medical work: An information processing Douglas Brian
                                Osteopathic physicians in primary care,
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT FORT WORTH Texas, 2003                                        Hilsenrath, Peter
                                                                                                Miller, Thaddeus L.
                                 BUFFALO                                                        Deutsch, Anne Trevisan, Maurizio
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATOutcomes and reimbursement of inpatient rehabilitation services for Medicare beneficiaries with stroke and hip frac
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                      Neisser-Frankson, Cheryl Lynn
                                                                                                                 Weaver, Terri pulmonary practices with
                                Outcomes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients cared for in physician E.
                                 BUFFALO                                                        Erickson, Steven Kyle Scott T.
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATOutpatient commitment in New York: Examining violence, compliance and demographic characteristics of the seriou
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                       Smith, Ola Marie Shields, Mike
                                Ownership structure, goals, and performance measures in CEO compensation contracts
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) aramedics in the emergency department                                            Cull, Elizabeth
                                                                                                Perchie, Glen Howard
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY         Patient rights versus managed care: A policy formulation model                   McNeely, Connie L.
                                                                                                Vlaicu, Sorina Oana
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY                                                                           Darling, usual Cannon, Sharon;
                                                                                                                 source of care
                                Pediatric nonurgent emergency department use: Insurance status andAmanda McReynolds Boswell, Carol
INDIANA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Frederickson, David G. Robert
                                Performance measurement and third-party government: A study of the implementation of the Government Perform
                                Person centered care: A model for nursing homes
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA                                                                                Rantz,
                                                                                                Flesner, Marcia Kay Marilyn
                                                                                                Lye, Taranisia Henderson, and
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Personal digital assistant technology as an effective and efficient tool for data collection E. data management of pa
                                Perspectives of hospital chief PROFESSIONS                      MacLeod, Robert John
                                                                                                                 the hospital accreditation and certificati
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTHexecutive or chief operating officers regarding White, Andrea W.
                                P                                                               Buller, Elizabeth create an
                                                                                                                 Schultz, Anne
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hysician engagement in organizational decision making: What is necessary toMcGregor inclusive administration mo
                                Physician trust, access to care, use of care, and satisfaction with care amongHardin, James M.; Shewchuk, Richard M
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                           women
                                                                                                Wiltshire, Jacqueline C.
                                Physician valuing of nurse practitioners in rural primary care Johnston, Michael Lucas Linda
CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Mulligan,
THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS                                                                       Barber, Michelle Hagaman L.
                                                                                                                 Smith, Dennie
                                Physicians' and nurses' uses and stages of concern regarding a computer-based patient record system in a rural heal
                                Policy systems and their                                        Look, Mary and managed care markets
VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE AND STATE UNIVERSITY complexity dynamics: Academic medical centers V. Kronenberg, Philip S.
                                P                                                                 emergency department
                                                                                                                 Parsons, Jim
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ossible strategies to relieve the nursing staff shortages in theStewart, Miriam Karen Maria
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                Jewell, Dianne Mick,Valle
                                                                                                                 Ruth Stephen S.
                                Practice variation in physical therapy: Development of a causal model using the disorders adhesive capsulitis of the s
                                Predicting outcome and                                            as measured M. Neuhauser, Duncan
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES) resource use of home health patientsStruk, Cynthia by the factors affecting goal attainment
                                                                                                   Busby,            Ruth
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Predicting waiting time for home care in Simcoe County (Ontario) CarolynCarter, Michael W.
LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Vang, Arnold Lee, Jerry
                                 Prediction of 1976 diabetes incidence from 1960 animal product consumption among California Seventh-Day Adven
                                 Predictive validity for neonatal readmission of Canadian guidelines for discharge at less than 48 hours of age
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                Weiss, Elise C. Mustard, Cameron
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 1 diabetes mellitus: An
                                                                                                                   Honig, Judy
                                 Predictors of recurrent ketoacidosis among children with typeSmaldone, Arlene Merneapplication of Patrick's model
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                         Vernon, John AndrewMark the
                                 Price regulation, capital market imperfections, and strategic R&D investment behavior inV. pharmaceutical industr
                                                                                                   physicians andWilson, Douglas; Farris, Karen
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Primary health care teams: The collaboration of pharmacists, Dieleman, Sherry Lorettanurses
                                                                                                   Madden, Shannon Louise
                                                                                                                     Health Douglas
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Priority setting in hospitals: An evaluation of strategic planning at UniversityMartin, NetworkK.
                                 Private hospitals' response to the growing number of uninsured patients: Aggressive strategies for acquiring public b
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                                            Petrucci,
                                                                                                   Litton, Matthew Shawn Carrie
                                                                                                   Ziegler, Stephen Joseph of
WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Prosecutors, palliative medicine, and physician-assisted death: An empirical Nice, David C. the likelihood of prosecu
BOSTON COLLEGE                   Provider networks in health care markets                                            Mary
                                                                                                   Fleming, ElaineGottschalk, Peter; McGuire, Thomas; Co
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                Provider-client interactions and health care use                                  M
                                                                                                   Lien, Hsienming cGuire, Thomas G.
                                 Public - COLLEGE OF An investigation of jurisdiction funding Honore, Peggy Jones, Walter
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINAhealth finance: HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                              A.
                                                                                                   patterns and performance capacity
                                 Putting consumers at AND health                                   McNeill, Dwight NelsonStuart H.
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICYrisk A policy evaluation and interpretation of consumer-directed health benefit
                                 Quality dimensions of hospital care and patient satisfaction Zhou, Hong Watson, E. Eugene; Trappen, William H.
                                 Racial - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                            Craig, satisfaction with end-of-life care: An explorator
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINAand socioeconomic differences in family perceived barriers toJanet B. Jones, Walter
                                 Recent trends
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA) in the nursing labour market in Canada                 Vujicic, Marko Evans, Robert
                                                                                                   Gaze, John Patrick
TOURO UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONALReception for diversity in an overseas United States Navy medical treatmentWatkins, Paul
                                 Reconstructing occupation after HIV infection: Lessons from the lived experience of women
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER                                                           Joann
                                                                                                   Opacich, Karin Swartzman, Daniel
                                                                                                   Lin, Su-Mei
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Relationship among conflict management styles, employees' job satisfaction and team effectiveness: A comparison b
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                                                             Piyabanditkul, Lukawee patients
                                 Relationship between home health service utilization and functional status of MedicareJuliann G.with heart failure
OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Steele, Mary Linda
                                                                                                                    of patients with
                                 Relationship between work environment on a special care unit to well-beingFournier, David dementia of Alzheimer
MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                       Foote, DorothyHare, Dwight
                                 Relationship of leadership styles and education levels of nursing administrators in long-term care facilities in five Sou
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                               Jamison, Marian Taunton, Roma Lee
                                 Relationships among HMO penetration, financial pressure, and academic health center hospital performance
BENEDICTINE UNIVERSITY                                                                             Attar, Bashar M.Tenkasi, Ramkrishnan V.
                                 Relative efficacy of patient satisfaction and health outcomes in three medical systems
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) esource management abilities in a healthcare setting                               Cady, Phil
                                                                                                   Wardell, Andrew (Andy) John
                                  NURSING (DELAWARE)
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFRetention of nurses                                                                  Fischer, Dorothy
                                                                                                   Ostroski, Loretta B.
                                 Return - COLLEGE employee PROFESSIONS                             Reed, Victoria Leslie David
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA on hospitalOF HEALTHeducation investment: Implications for healthcare executivesS.
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Mullins, Iris Lee
                                                                                                                   Demi, Alice S.
                                 Rural nurses' responses to providing nursing care to persons with HIV/AIDS and their family caregivers
MARYWOOD UNIVERSITY                                                                                for head Gertrude A.
                                                                                                                   Farr, Jane
                                 Second malignancies following organ preservation treatment Coleman,and neck cancers
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ervant-leadership: A paradox for providence                                        Cady, Phil
                                                                                                   Schindell, Catherine (Kit)
                                 S                                                                 Campling, Mary Barbara
                                                                                                                   Schultz, Anne
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ervice delivery models for the finance function at the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (British Columbia)
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                Service-level risk selection by Medicare HMOs                     Cao, Zhun       McGuire, Thomas G.
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               Shared decision making in the treatment of endometriosis pain                     Kuntz, Karen M.
                                                                                                   Araki, Sally Sawa
                                                                                                   Thompson, supply Lynn
                                                                                                                   Blake, John
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Simulation and evaluation of ordering policies in the Nova Scotia platelet Sandra chain MacAulay
                                 Social                                                            Derose, Kathryn Pitkin
                                                                                                                   Rice, Thomas H.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES capital: What's it good for? Exploring the relationship between community social structure and access to healt
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Nance-Sevier, Miranda
                                 Social work effectiveness as documented in obstetrical inpatient medical records Marie
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  James, Adelbert Beverly Morton
                                 Sociodemographic patterns of sexually active young females with recurrent chlamydia infections in rural and urban e
RICE UNIVERSITY                                                                                    the United States at the Gerald
                                 Solidarity, responsibility, and freedom: Health care reform in McDonald, Peter Williammillennium
                                 Spatial economics of health care: Health care plans and physicians James Edward E. III
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA                                                            Grefer,         Frech, H.
                                 Strategic analysis of the Alabama nursing home industry
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                            McGee, Gail; Hernandez, S. Robert
                                                                                                   Starkey, Martha Mariah Perryman
                                 S                                                                 Heppell, Leannechultz, times
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) trategies to decrease overcrowding in emergency departments and ambulance waitAnne in the Vancouver metrop
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI                                                                                Murray, Elizabeth Janein an acute
                                 Struggling for dignity and respect: Patients' beliefs of their rights while hospitalized Nancy S. care facility
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                         Holtman, Matthew surgery
                                                                                                                   Bosk, Charles
                                 Surgical misadventure: The production and mitigation of serious complications inCharles L.
                                 Survey on the                                                     Gray, Rita M.
ADLER SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY treatment of clinical depression in the primary care setting Stone, Mark H.
                                 Surviving the American health care system: Experiences and strategies of uninsured Helen A.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN                                                                               Moore, women
                                                                                                   Acosta, Katherine Marie
                                 Technological change and environmental health and safety in Fuller, ThomasQuinn, Margaret M.
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL                                                                  hospitals       P.
                                 Telecaring: Home                                                  Rice,
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER care nursing praxis and the discipline of nursing Robyn Annette Ruth O'Brien,
                                 Testing a SCIENCES)                                               Sousa,
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTHconceptual framework for diabetes self-care management Valmi Delfino de     Zauszniewski, Jaclene Annette
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                  Kellogg, Victoria A.
                                 Testing an innovative method to collect adverse events data: A methodological studyDonna S.
UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND                                                                         Webb, Howarlene in a nursing home
                                                                                                                   Kim, Hesook
                                 Testing of an intervention to decrease certified nursing assistant (CNA) turnover Sabrina Suzie
                                 The                                                               Hollister, James 1997 Balanced Budget Act (BBA): Imp
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Kleiser Chester A.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY analysis of consultation as a practice pattern                   Nag, Soma S. Shea, Dennis G.
FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE                                                                        Mason, Barbara L.
                                 The cultural production of successful aging and Medicare reform: A critical analysis Jeremy J.
                                                                                                                   Sharpe, Kevin
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY The current state of the patient care nurse's vocational callingKirkwood, William Elliott
                                                                                                   Mookherji, Sangeeta David
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The demand for health care among urban slum residents in Dhaka, Bangladesh            Bishai,
                                 The                                                            Baggarly, ScottMikeal, Robert of
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT MONROE Diagnosis/Treatment Technology Scale: Development and analysis in a national sample L. ambulatory patients
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Willis, Michael Brent, William
                                 The diffusion and consequences of electronic commerce in a managed care company Orlando
                                                                                                Wickremaarachi, Shamali
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The economic burden of osteoarthritis in Ontario: The patient's perspective Coyte, Peter
THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI    The effect of case management on cost containment                               Cassidy, Judith
                                                                                                Schumacher, Michael George
                                 The effect of HILL                                             Lim, Jae-YoungAkin, John
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPELdoctor's payment method on patient's medical care use: Are there incentives for a doctor's improving p
                                 The                                                            Kim, Sue Elizabeth
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY effect of income on medical care utilization for injured workers in CaliforniaCatalano, Ralph
                                 The                                                             and substanceCatalano,
                                                                                                                  abuse service utilization in Massachuse
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY effect of mental health parity on children's mental healthCiemins, Elizabeth Lynn Ralph
                                 The effect of HILL                                             Ngui, Emmanuel Mwau and without special health ca
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPELnonfinancial structural barriers on health care utilization by children withLewis H.
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                         Kaissi, Amer AnisWeckwerth, Vernon
                                 The effect of organizational culture and structure on patient safety in medical group practices E.
                                 The effectiveness                                              women with diastolic heart failure
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILLof a home-based exercise program in older Gary, Rebecca Dougherty, Molly
                                 The effectiveness                                              Beckman, Joanne Alice Edward
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILLof nursing practice patterns in acute care nursing sub-unitsHalloran,Shultz J.; Milio, Nancy
TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                      Kuntz, Audrey Helen of new
                                 The effects of a pilot support program on the transformational learning processes Carole nurses
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Okoye, Ifeakandu Nwanolue of United States short-te
                                                                                                                 Lee, efficiency
                                 The effects of internal organization structure and administrator education on theLi Way
                                 The effects REPUBLIC OF CHINA)                                 Leung, Yun Shing Wilson
                                                                                                                 Chan, Juliana in Type 2 diabetic patient
CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG (PEOPLE'Sof structured care by a pharmacist-diabetes specialist team on renal outcomesC. N.
                                                                                                Vogel, care children
                                                                                                                 Robinson, E. H.
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA The effects of treatment frequency on treatment outcome for fosterJoanne Elise (Florida) III
                                 The emergence of the hospitalist system in American medicine: An ethnography of professionalization, identity, and
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO                                                                          Becker,
                                                                                                Strelitz, Philippa Jane Gay
NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                         Cotton, HarveyNelson, Carl
                                 The evolution of a regulatory relationship: The management of the liquidation of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New
                                                                                                Daly, Tamara nonprofits in
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The grassroots ceiling: The impact of state policy change on home support J.Deber, RaisaOntario and in Waterloo Re
                                 The hospitalists' effect on patient satisfaction:              between family practice physician and hospitalist phys
                                 The impact of education on nursing attitudes                   McClelland, Kathy Louise
                                                                                                                 Snyder, David
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           of physician services for people with
                                 The impact of environmental/market structure factors on useChu, Bong-Chul illespie, Kathleen N. special health car
                                 The impact of freestanding ambulatory surgery                  Howell, health care
                                                                                                El-Jardali, organizational culture
CARLETON UNIVERSITY (CANADA) The impact of hospital rationalization and the interrelationships among Fadi Maslove, Allan and nursing care proc
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                             Greene, Jessica
                                 The impact of Medicaid managed care on physician participation in Medicaid Kay  Blustein, Jan
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Toone, Janet Oline James
                                 The impact of organizational change on midlevel healthcare managers             Beebe,
                                 The                                                            of subacute care services by nursing homes:
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY impact of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 on the supply Qaseem, Amir Weech-Maldonado, Robert A longitud
UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE                                                                          Kulesher, Robert Roy Margaret G.
                                 The influence of Medicare reimbursement policy on health care: How the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 impacted me
                                                                                                Cheu, Yan-Dih Amidon, Roger L.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA The influence of physician and hospital resources on small area variation in acute hospital utilization in the Pingtung
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Sumter, retirees Hoye, their family
                                 The influences of the military's TRICARE program on Medicare-eligibleRobert L.andRobert E. members
                                 The management of productivity in                              Campinell, Anthony Brian
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT. the operation of vocational rehabilitation programs Jon A.
                                                                                                Nemeth, Christopher Paul
                                                                                                                 Patton, Michael Quinn
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY The master schedule: How cognitive artifacts affect distributed cognition in acute care
THE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL                                                                        Hicks, Jennifer Garber, Steven
                                 The potential of claims data to support the measurement of health care quality  Lynn
                                 The                                                            Jehle, Patrick care
                                                                                                                 McCullough, James
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYquality of patient care in the treatment of dysthymia within a managedJon environment P. Jr.
                                 The quest for quality:                                         Guma, Doreen Weiss,
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE Government's excessive regulation of long-term care facilitiesJeffrey; Andersen, David
                                 The                                                            Mollo, Constance
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO reimbursement of cost in the adoption of universal leuko-reduction           Pinzon-Perez, Helda
                                 The relationship among ownership, board compensation, venture capitalists, and theW. Jack; Ginter, withinM.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                          Duncan, quest for value Peter healthca
                                                                                                Williams, David Raymond
                                                                                                Haley, Gordon Barnes, F. Barry
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The relationship between burnout and organizational commitment in academic oncologists
                                 The                                                            Marshall, Lori Carmel
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA relationship between efficacy, teamwork, effort and patient satisfactionO'Neil, Harold F. Jr.
REGENT UNIVERSITY                                                                               Sanderson, Patrick environment: An assessment of th
                                 The relationship between empowerment and turnover intentions in a structured A. Nancy
                                 The relationship                                               Carlson,
ALLIANT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, SAN DIEGO between hospital performance and CEO commitmentHelenmarie            Sorenson, Richard
                                 The SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                      Walsh, Katherine Linder,
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTONrelationship between leadership practices and a medication safety regime E. Stephen
                                 The                                                            Marsteller, Jill Anne
                                                                                                                 Shortell, Stephen M.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY relationship between non-racial diversity in team composition and performance and creativity in a chronic illnes
ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                       Schwend, KellyHines, Edward
                                 The relationship between primary care physician satisfaction and emergency department qualities
                                 T                                                              Musick, AshleyVan Buren, Janis B.
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - KINGSVILLE he relationship between the dietary supplementation of arginine and cost of care and length of stay in patients wit
                                 The relationship between utilization of outpatient prescription drugs and inpatient care by Medicare beneficiaries
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                 Yang, Zhou Norton, Edward C.
                                 The relationship of employee PROFESSIONS
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH turnover and patient loyalty Quinn, John Andrew         McIlwain, Thomas
                                 The                                                            Allison, Ok Chon medication B.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYrelationship of metabolic control to hardiness, self-efficacy, and perceivedPyon Janetadherence in adults with
                                                                                                Jallow, Mariatou Murray, Michael M. A.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The relationships among perceptions of healthcare quality culture, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment
THE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL         The rise of HMOs                                               Markovich, MartinMelnick, Glenn
                                 The role of leadership in a hospital turnaround
                                                                                                Zober, NormanWhite, Andrea W.
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                       Chisolm, Deena BrownDev of
                                 The role of perceived discrimination and perceived cultural competence in predicting useS. preventive health care s
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                        Al-Nashmi, Maha Eissa Mervat
                                 The role of vendors in health information systems implementation: Assessing the perception of healthcare executive
                                                                                                temporary shelters, with specific measurement chart
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA The study of Taiwan EMS hospitals' disaster preparedness for Teng, Ying Hocktoskopf, Carleen H.
                                                                                                Yang, Che-Ming einke, William
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The use of hospital administrative data in assessing the severity of illness of inpatients
                                 The                                                            Schiffel, Ottalee runachalam, Vairam; of healthcare
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA usefulness of assurance services related to nonfinancial performance measures in the selectionWilson, Earl R. ins
                                 The                                                               Mikhaiel, stakeholders and chief executive officers of
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO value of mergers and strategic alliances as perceived by communityMichael       Waite, Michael
                                 The Veterans Administration Hospital system in transition
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY                                                              Colon, Edgar Thorson, James
                                 This                                                              Gillespie, Susan Taylor,
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER business of breathing: Asthmatic Medicaid patients under managed care ReneeBryan C.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                                               Bernard
                                 Three essays on prescription drugs, prices and chronic illness Gibson, TeresaMcLaughlin, Catherine G.
                                 Three                                                             Gartland,
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - KANSAS CITY essays related to sub-optimal outcomes in industrial organizationMyles P.      Sturgeon, James
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) owards ethical leadership in health care                                            Schaeffer,
                                                                                                   Aikman, Pamela Annette Joseph
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Towards the automated classification of patient discharge abstracts                   Zincir-Heywood, Nur
                                                                                                   Tufts-Conrad, Dyan Julia
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                     et prix internes dans l'univers medical (French text)
                                 Transformation de la gouverne hospitaliere: DecentralisationSt-Hilaire, Carole     Sicotte, Claude; Contandriopoulos, Andr
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                    Dubois, Carl-ArdyDenis, text)
                                 Transformation des systemes de soins de sante et pratiques d'imputabilite (French Jean-Louis
                                 T                                                                 Mui, Melinda Schaeffer, Joseph
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ransformational leadership and the enhancement of employee commitment and performance at Children's and Wo
                                 Translating strategy into action: The balanced
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS scorecard                                      McIlwain, Thomas F.
                                                                                                   Goodspeed, Scott Winans
                                 Trauma centers in the Kingdom of                                  Al Anbar, Nesreen N.
                                                                                                                    Will, Jean
DREXEL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Saudi Arabia: Towards a working model for regional and state accreditation
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Sazonov-Kocevar, Vasilisa
                                                                                                                     patients Joseph III
                                 Treatment, health care utilization and health outcomes among primary care Thomas, with generalized anxiety disord
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                                            Eck, Ronald W.
                                 Trip generation characteristics of rural clinics in West Virginia Morgan, Andrew Paul
                                 Trust and
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA decision making in hospitals                                                   Ward, David M.
                                                                                                   Evans, Christopher John
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) nderstanding organizational culture through the employee experience                 Stevenson, Barry
                                                                                                   Gemmill, Heather Maryanne
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                                Ozanian, Rhonda Gillespie
                                                                                                                    Mullen, Edward J.
                                 Understanding treatment dropout in outpatient mental health services: An economic framework exploring the relati
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                                                             Velotta, nurses  Hahn, Ellen
                                 Usability of computers for medication order entry by home healthcareCatherine Lynn J.
                                                                                                   Brenckmann, Christine Susan
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Use of publicly funded physician services from 1996 to 2000 by Nova Scotians diagnosed with hepatitis C
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO                                                                         Ritch, Luana living
                                                                                                                    Eubank, William L.
                                 Use of regulatory compliance data for measuring quality of care in assistedJoan facilities (residential facilities for gr
                                                                                                    effect on problem
                                                                                                                    Mandin, Henry
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Using concept sorting to examine knowledge structure and itsMcLaughlin, Kevin solving strategy and diagnostic succ
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                             of stay of 'incompetent Leonard H.
                                 Using demographic and clinical variables to predict the lengthFicken, Carl Theodore to stand trial' patients
                                 Using direct observation in primary care research. The Hawthorne effect: Defining theElaine A.and impact of the pre
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES)                                                                   Borawski,
                                                                                                   Goodwin, Meredith Ann nature
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                  Mashburn, Jay Brown, Carolyn M.
                                 Using the theory of planned behavior to predict Texas community pharmacists' willingness to provide sterile syringe
                                 Utilization, cost, and                                            Bremer, Robert William Marshall depression
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER medication management outcomes of an integrated care intervention forR.
                                 Utilizing HILLS                                                   Liddicoat, Janice
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZroot-cause analysis in health-care organizations: A smart-tool for improving performance and reducing risk
                                 Validating the Leapfrog Group's volume-outcome recommendations in neonatal intensiveDavid
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                                Bradford,
                                                                                                   Nelson, Anne M. Prange W. care
                                                                                                   for job turnover in physical therapists
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Value congruence, organizational commitment and intention Stern, Debra Feingold
UNIVERSITY OF LETHBRIDGE (CANADA)                                                                  Reed, Alyssa Wall, Patricia
                                 Variation in waiting times from diagnosis to treatment for breast cancer patients in Alberta from 1997--2000
THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER                                                                        Rong, Nan        Mukamel,
                                 Variations in end-of-life care utilization and expenditure among Medicare beneficiaries Dana
                                                                                                   Fairbloom, Lorraine
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Walking the labyrinth: Its impact on healthcare professionals in a hospital setting   Miezitis, Solveiga
                                 OF can't be                                                       Olsan, Tobie Hittle
                                                                                                                    Dombeck, responses to Behar
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER SCHOOL 'WeNURSINGnurses anymore': Depersonalizing contexts and community health nurses'Mary-Therese market-driven
                                                                                                   Hunter, Susan Schumann
                                                                                                                    Linton, Rhoda; case study
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY What lies behind race and health? A rethinking of race and health care through a correctiveJones, Arthur
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN           Women's primary health care satisfaction: A life stage perspective                 Weisman, Carol S.
                                                                                                   Henderson, Jillian T.
                                                                                                   Vogeli, Christine S.
                                                                                                                    Forrest, Christopher
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Women's use of obstetrician/gynecologists and primary care physicians: Effects on appropriateness and utilization o
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI                                                                           Khalil, Ahmed H. Shell, Richard L.
                                 Work compatibility: An integrated diagnostic tool for evaluating human performance in emerging enterprises
GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY                                                                             Tse, Philip Chai-Ton Victor managed care (California)
                                 A case study of intergovernmental policy implementation: The local initiative in Medi-CalL.
DOWLING COLLEGE                                                                                    Sweeney, Mary Educators as perceivedDunlop, Korynn
                                 A case study of the delivery of the national Standards of Practice for Diabetes P. Rudiger, Charles; Taylor by professiona
ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY                                                                            of patient careLevine,
                                 A clinical reminder information system: Improving the quality Calabrisi, Robert R. Barbara
NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY                                                                       Carson, Elizabeth Marie
                                                                                                                    Pickle, Judy
                                 A comparison of evidence of Watson's carative factors in performance appraisals for medical surgical registered nurs
THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI                                                                      Thompson, James Blake
                                                                                                                    Smith, Mickey selection
                                 A conjoint analysis of selection criteria used in the screening phase of pharmaceutical sales C.; Kolassa, E. M.
                                 A description of the vertical integration of acute and post-acute care andDavid Scotton patients with stroke in Califor
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                               impact
                                                                                                   Zingmond, its Andersen, Ronald
                                                                                                   Grindstaff, Sharron Rutledge L.
EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY A descriptive study of the organizational attributes of exemplar Tennessee hospitalsSmith, Patricia
                                 A dynamic approach to community, dialogue and patient-focused care in a critical Murphy
UNIVERSITY OF ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE (CANADA)                                                                        Leonard, Ellen
                                                                                                   Skain, Mary Marsha care setting
                                                                                                   Catley, Christina support system integration using XML
CARLETON UNIVERSITY (CANADA) A health care framework for medical data interoperability and clinical decisionAnne    Frize, Monique
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                                Jost, John JosephWeitzman, Beth
                                 A maddening journey: Negotiating a fragmented service system and the role of readiness to change in the lives of m
                                 A                                                                 Sexton, John Bryan
                                                                                                                    Helmreich, Robert L.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN matter of life or death: Social psychological and organizational factors related to patient outcomes in the intensive
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                             Ford, to health and Jack
                                 A national Delphi study examining the feasibility of universal accessTerrell Everett medical care in the United States
CARLOS ALBIZU UNIVERSITY                                                                           McDermott, Sandra Carmen
                                                                                                                     the health care
                                 A national program for the systematic delivery of psychological services into Roca, Eleanor S.system of the country o
                                 A pharmacoeconomic assessment of the benefits and costs ofStolpman, Nancy Marie
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER                                                                       Valuck, Robert
                                                                                                    managing immunosuppression in post-liver transplant
                                 RESEARCH CENTER                                                   Owen, Todd Louis Giorgi, Amedeo
SAYBROOK GRADUATE SCHOOL ANDA phenomenological study of psychotherapists' support and non-support perceptions of the managed mental health
                                 A proposal to restructure the long-term care sector in the St. John's region of Newfoundland and Labrador
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA)                                                       Reddy, Madhuri   Parfrey, Patrick
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                         Koizumi, Naoru   Smith, Tony health systems
                                 A queueing network model with blocking: Analysis of congested patients flows in mental E.
FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE      A social history of healthcare paradigms                                           Johnson,
                                                                                                   Bullens, Denison K., Jr. Leo
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A study of health technology assessment in Canadian hospitals udar, NarissaDolan, A. M.; Woodley, B.
                                A study of the knowledge                                         Valley MedicalVande Kemp, Hendrika
                                                                                                                   Gail Patrice
FULLER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY of pain management at San Gabriel Nagel-Erickson, Center (California)
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                             outcomes in home health E.
                                A study of the relationship between resource use and patient Pace, Karen Beckman Carolagencies
PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY                                                                            Van Crombrugghe, Phyllis D.
                                                                                                                 McCall, Chet
                                A study to obtain opinions of California hospital health care executives about governmental enforcement of fraud an
                                Access to behavioral                                             Thomas, Joan Darby Greta K.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCE CENTERhealth services for children within the juvenile justice system: Enabling and barrier factors
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                           McCarthy, effects on health Jane C.; Blow, and conti
                                Accessibility barriers to care among individuals with psychoses: Distance John Fitzgerald services volumeFrederic C
                                                                                                 Loblaw, Douglas Andrew Burr
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Accuracy testing of a linked administrative database of malignant spinal cordDetsky, Allan in Ontario cancer patients
                                                                                                 Rappaport, Karen M.
                                                                                                                 Holtzman, Neil A.
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Adoption of liquid-based cervical cancer screening test and other technologies in primary care
                                                                                                 Mavidis, Anastasia Michele
CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Advocacy intentions: The relationship of service quality, satisfaction and personality with a surgical experience
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN          Agency implications of debt in not-for-profit hospitals                          Smith, Dean G.;
                                                                                                 Magnus, Stephen Alexander Wheeler, John R. C.
                                Amelioration de l'evidence et des mecanismes de pro-action et de retroaction dansAndrew; Gingras, Denis
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                Bolduc, Louis Grant, le developpement de nouvelles t
                                American federalism and contemporary health policy
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                                    Prottas, Jeffery
                                                                                                 Doonan, Michael Thomas
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                                              procedure Wayne William M.
                                An algorithm for estimating the duration of a planned surgicalLease, Markbased on a historical database
                                An analysis of outcomes for working age adults with a disability with different T. Janice managers: Evidence from
BARRY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING                                                                               Dyer,
                                                                                                 Borglund, Susan types of case
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                           Lindsey, Temetry Ann Community Health Care Clinics:
                                An analysis of the planning process in assessing managed care's impact on CaliforniaSusan
                                                                                                  customer satisfactionRonald
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY An analysis of the relationship between value congruence andRone-Adams, Shari Annin outpatient physical therapy f
                                 RESEARCH CENTER                                                 Pavka, Elizabeth Ann Bela H.
SAYBROOK GRADUATE SCHOOL ANDAn application of the social systems design process to create a model of an ideal future health system for the United
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATAn econometric analysis of veterans' health care utilization Xing, Guibo Lahiri, Kajal
                                                                                                 Milkovich, antibiotic therapy
                                                                                                                 Coyle, Peter
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)An economic evaluation of hospital-based and home-based intravenous Natalie ChristineC.for individuals with celluli
                                                                                                 Lee, Helen      Donaldson, Cam
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) An economic evaluation of recombinant human activated protein C for patients with severe sepsis in the ICU
                                                                                                 and Gwang-Soog M. Christopher
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) An empirical analysis of Canadian public health care spending Kee, health: 1975--1996
                                An                                                               Keith, Michael Lawson, Medicaid
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN evaluation of appropriate versus inappropriate antipsychotic prescribing for TexasKenneth A.long-term care resid
                                An evaluation                                                     program on medical Nancy A.
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE COUNTY of the impact of an intensive case managementHuang, Judy Yin Shih cost and service utilization for a M
                                                                                                 Granoff, Mary Rees, Richard
                                                                                                                  to adopt practice
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY An examination of factors that influence the healthcare professionals' intentJane Catherine guideline innovation
                                An                                                               Civiello, Catherine Marie Bobby
                                                                                                                 Kolb, Judith
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY examination of the content, methodology, and effectiveness of first-line manager orientation programs in nonpro
                                A                                                                Perkins, ClariceStevenson, Barry
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) n exploration of nurses' perceptions of communication within a large healthcare organization
FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE                                                                      Rieth, Theresa Lynn of authority boundary in outpatien
                                An exploration of the relationship between organizational effectiveness and Bentz, Valerie
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Adepoju, in the Adetunji Stanton
                                An exploratory study of health beliefs and practices of the Yoruba livingJoseph Philadelphia-Wilmington metropolitan
                                An exploratory study of what nurses want the public to know Johnson, Cathreen being a registered nurse
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                                          Kellog, Bonnie
                                                                                                 about nursing and Marie
                                                                                                 Yacyshyn, James R.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)An information technology justification framework for the dental industry Paradi, Joseph C.
                                A                                                                Leverett, regulation in British Columbia
                                                                                                                 Williams, Tony
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) n inquiry into the paramedic practitioners' views regarding paramedicWilliam Gordon
                                                                                                 King, Mary Louise
                                                                                                                 Cockerill, Rhonda
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Analysis of case management as a service delivery model in Ontario's home care sector
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Nelson, emergency
                                                                                                                 Norwood, Susan
                                Analysis of protocol use for patients with an extremity fracture in the Tyley Rae departmentL.
                                                                                                 Godkin, Marion Dianne
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Apprehending death: The older adult's experience of preparing an advance directive Vangie
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            of their patients
                                                                                                                 Amatea, Ellen
                                Assessing staff nurses' styles of involvement with the families Burns, Cathy Marie
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO                                                                       Sokolowski, Judith Thomas (Ted)
                                Assessing the effects of spoken versus written rules to increase on-task behavior Marie
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                              McAvay, Gail Schwartz,
                                Assessing the usefulness of the informant in identifying late life depressive disorders Sharon
                                 (CANADA)                                                        Lengyel, Christina Ola
                                                                                                                 Zello, (Saskatchewan)
THE UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWANAssessment of food service delivery to elderly residents in long term care facilities G. A.; Whiting, S. J.
                                                                                                 Xirasagar, Sudha
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Association of states' small group market reforms with uninsurance rates Samuels, Michael E.
KENT STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            Gemmel, David James Robert
                                Association of temporal variations and hospital ownership with cesarean sections Johnson,
YESHIVA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Erlbaum-Zur, Phyllis D.
                                Attitudes of long term care social workers toward physician-assisted-suicide Bendor, Susan
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                                      Bess, Fred
                                Audiology private practice: An evidence-based business plan Johnson, Christopher Stephen
BOSTON COLLEGE                                                                                   Marlow, Aimee health Jeanne
                                Balancing act: The art and business of practicing medicine in the 21st centuryElise care system
                                 ALBANY                                                          Palasani-Minassians, Henrik
                                                                                                                 Nakamura, Robert
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATCan counties become smart buyers in Medicaid behavioral managed care contracting? Policy implementation and m
                                                                                                 Yi, Jane Ji HyunWilson, Douglas
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Case management in home care: Self-managed care and direct case management from the case manager's perspect
                                Case-mix grouping for the adult trauma group: For the better, or for the worse?
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                              Murray
                                                                                                 Fish, Ian David Mustard, Cameron
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Certificate of need and its association with quality of healthcare                  Samuels, Michael E.
                                                                                                 Duffy, Katherine Hostetter
NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                  Metcalf, Ronald Carroll
                                                                                                                 Pettitt, John and
                                Certified nursing assistants in long-term care facilities: Perceptions of their initial trainingM. competency evaluatio
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                           access Lisa L. utilization
                                Changes in Medicare reimbursement policies: The impact on Dorsey,to care,Meek, Jack of services, and cost of care i
                                Chaotic patterns of restraining power: The dynamics of personal decision making in a long-term care facility
WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                              Laurence,
                                                                                                 Campbell, Sandra Loucks M.
                                                                                                 Hutton, Alice Jane
UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH (CANADA) Citizen participation in health care planning within a rural Ontario health centre Tony
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Are they effective? Brian L.
                                Claims-based retrospective drug utilization review programs: Hennessy, Sean Patrick
                                Clinical management of adults with group A-beta hemolytic streptococci-suspected pharyngitis:A. cost-effectiveness
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                          Morrisey, Michael A
                                                                                                 Rousculp, Matthew David
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ome, go, stay: Nurse retention in long-term care                                 Schultz, Anne
                                                                                                 Paxman, Erika Katherina
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                                             Real,
                                Communication and identification: Physicians and organizations Kevin             Poole, M. Scott
                                Community CENTER
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCEimpact of health philanthropy, 1995--2000              Young, Jan      Carter, Michael A.
                                 Comorbidity indicators: Validation and application
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST                                                                              Gehlbach, Stephen H.
                                                                                                 Heimisdottir, Maria
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ompetent and effective leadership across cultures                                Whittington, Dave
                                                                                                 Wright, Jacquelyn Joan
STANFORD UNIVERSITY              Competition among Medicare managed care plans                                   McClellan, Mark
                                                                                                 Brown, Jason Derrick
                                                                                                 L               Hagler, Paul
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Components of interprofessional health care team functioning utes, Lynette Sylvia Jans
                                 C                                                               Friesen, R. KyleIrani, George
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) onfidentiality and public safety: Managing information disclosure conflicts between hospitals and the police in Briti
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                           Metlen, Scott Young, Scott
                                 Consumer satisfaction as an effect of process integration when mediated byK.     employee satisfaction and effectiveness
                                                                                                 Arnold Gilbert,Coyte, Peter
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Continuity in primary care and its impact on investments in health capital: AnJulie Ellen and extension of the Gross
THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY     Contrasts in care work: Hospice care in nursing homes                           Quadagno, Jill
                                                                                                 Parham, Lori Marie
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               Corporate form of hospitals: Behavior and obligations                           Brandt, Allan; Cutler, David; Minow, Ma
                                                                                                 Horwitz, Jill Rachel
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                 of patients with acuteRonald
                                                                                                                 Hudak, myocardial
                                 Correlation of prehospital care and the hospital length of stayIaconetti, Katherine Kavasilas P. infarction
                                 Cost                                                            Agnew, Jonathan David a Medicare benefit
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY and utilization of outpatient prescription drugs among the elderly: Implications for Helen Halpin
                                 C                                                                               Doyle, Patrick
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) reating possibility: Foundation for leadership responsibility Chicoine, Victor Joseph
                                 Cultural competency and training needs among staff and administratorsJose Pinzon-Perez, Helda
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO                                                                               Antonio
                                                                                                 Gonzalez, of the Fresno County (California) Human Se
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               Customers' values on health care services                       Kim, Minah Blendon, Robert J.
                                                                                                 Howe, Dale Kennedy Robert
WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Demographic factors predictive of Medicaid enrollment in Michigan counties           Peters,
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Rollins, James Andriaapproach
                                 Determinants of hospital-based stroke complications and mortality: An ecologicalThomas T. H.
                                 Determinants                                                    Scott, Cynthia Kunkel L. Margaret
THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER of patient satisfaction with outpatient physical therapy services in the southern United States as meas
                                                                                                 Gilster, long-term care
UNION INSTITUTE AND UNIVERSITY Developing a service-oriented leadership model for administrators in Susan Diane Peter
LOYOLA UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Development of a scale to measure nursing presence                                  Holm, Karyn
                                                                                                 Kostovich, Carol Toliuszis
                                 Development POLICY AND care prospective payment model for a healthA. Joseph
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIALof a specialty MGMT.                                                 Tompkins, Christopher
                                                                                                 Castellana, maintenance organization
                                                                                                 Tregunno, Deborah JeanR.
                                                                                                                 Baker, G.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Development of an emergency department performance framework: Balancing multiple stakeholder perspectives
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                         communaute pour Pagomdzanga
                                                                                                                 Girard, Jacques E.
                                 Developpement de l'interface entre les services de sante et laNitiema, Abdoulayeune meilleure gestion des problem
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                 base sur l'autonomie Rejean; Desrosiers, Johanne; Bu
                                 Developpement d'un systeme de gestion clinico-administratif Dubuc, Nicole Hebert,fonctionnelle des personnes agee
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                      Silcox, health Neutens, James J.
                                 Differences in quality of care by insurance plan: A fee-for-service vs. Pamelamaintenance organization comparison
                                 Direct-to-consumer promotion of prescription drugs: The case of COX-2 inhibitors Shipley O.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                            Schweitzer, Stuart
                                                                                                 Teleki, Stephanie Ilona
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Bolin, insurance and hourly Farley
                                 Diseases and disability: Important factors affecting work, job-basedJane Nelson Pamelawages
THE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL                                                                         Kan, adequately adjust Dana; Melnick, Glenn; Keeler,
                                 Does the Medicare principal inpatient diagnostic cost group modelHongjun Goldman,for selection bias?
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA           Drivers of revenue in specialty outreach clinics                                Balakrishnan, Ramji
                                                                                                 Petersen, Michael James
THE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL                                                                         individuals in Daniel M. Audrey
                                 Drug and alcohol treatment services among privately insured Stein, Bradleymanaged behavioral health care
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Kymes, Steven Gillespie, Kathleen
                                 Economic evaluation of diagnostic tests: The importance of the cost of misdiagnosis, and a new role for the receive
                                  NURSING to Practice Questionnaire: A content analysis
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFEducation (DELAWARE)                                                               Fischer, Dorothy K.
                                                                                                 McMillen, Eugene Stuert
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                         Hofer, Cristina Harrison, Lee H.
                                 Effectiveness of antiretrovirals in patients who attend HIV public clinics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
                                 Effects                                                         Park, Association with commoneNOS gene polymorph
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK of exercise training on plasma nitric oxide metabolite levels:Jung-Jun Brown, Michael D.
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Jacobi, Susannah Gille
                                 Effects of psychological differentiation on success with self-management of diabetes Leah Blumberg
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS                                                                        McEwen, JanetByers, Lori A.
                                 Emergency physician communication style and career satisfaction: Is there a S.    correlation?
                                                                                                  accommodation Mary Jan
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Enabling the provision of primary care in Ontario: Availability,Wrobel, Michelle and comprehensiveness
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)       End-of-life: Insight from administrative data                   Gagnon, BrunoMayo, Nancy
THE UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWANEquity among physicians and the wish to reallocate time                            Lepnurm, R.
                                                                                                 Dobson, Roy Thomas
                                 Equity in CENTER                                                                Moritz, Patricia
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCESpotential access to pediatric home health services Petit de Mange, Elizabeth Anne
                                 Essays in the economic behavior of hospitals
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION                                  James, Paula L.White, Lawrence J.
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                                 spending (Kazakhstan)
                                 Essays on hospital quality, cost efficiency and pharmaceutical Sari, Nazmi Ellis, Randall P.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                hospitals
                                 Essays on organizational forms and performance in California Farsi, Mehdi NasserMacLeod, W. Bentley
                                                                                                 Lalla, Deepa V.Kozma, Chris M.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Estimating changes in health care costs in patients selected on extreme values: Validity issues in single group design
YORK UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                         Greer, Lee-Anne
                                 ESTs, psychologists and third-party payers: A 'micro-physics of power'          Rennie, David
                                                                                                 Volume Smith,Farris, Karen B.
                                                                                                                  Carlyn Iris
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Evaluation of drug policy changes affecting vulnerable populations: Stakeholder perceptions and drug use trends
SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Smith, colleges
                                 Evaluation of preparticipation forms for high schools and communityMatthew W. H.Wughalter, Emily
                                 E                                                               Wallington, Shirley
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) vidence-based decision-making: An integral part of the system of knowledge Estelle Barry
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                        Medicaid managed care
                                                                                                                 Cnaan, Sunder
                                 Experiences of middle-aged adults with physical disabilities in Hiranandani, VanmalaRam
CARDINAL STRITCH UNIVERSITY                                                                      Glosson, Frances Sullivan
                                 Exploring the impact of the Human Dynamics program in a healthcare organization Hipp, Kristine
                                 RESEARCH CENTER                                                   Medicine's 2001 report to
SAYBROOK GRADUATE SCHOOL ANDExploring the rural population's perceptions of the Institute ofAntoniotti, Nina Marie John Congress: Cross the Qualit
                                 Facilitating the
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA) process of becoming a public health nurse                               Merritt
                                                                                                 Carle, Brenda Louise Gray, Marilyn; MacIntosh, Judith
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                         Al-Jafar, EimanWatzlaf, Valerie
                                 Factors affecting diffusion of the electronic medical record (EMR) from a physicians' perspective: The Kuwait experie
                                 Factors                                                         Sawyer, Susan Ryan, Josephine
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST affecting the school nurse's role in effectively managing the child with asthma
                                                                                                 Chiang, Jiunn-Chiou
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Factors associated with hospital financial performance in Taiwan following implementation of national health insura
                                 Factors correlated with hospital emergency departments operating observation beds Robbert
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER                                        Aziz, Laura R. Rydmann,
                                  BUFFALO                                                          Fitting, level Jean
                                                                                                                    Phelps, LeAdelle
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATFactors correlated with length of stay for children in an intermediate Karenpsychiatric hospital
                                 Factors                                                            and Jeffrey Scott
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY influencing mammography utilization among disabledLegg,nondisabled women           Clement, Dolores G.; Fauber, Terri L.
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Q                R
                                 Factors influencing staff satisfaction in a long-term care facility uinn, Debra L. eddout, Jeffrey
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                             Ziemba, Rosemary parents
                                                                                                                    Loveland-Cherry, Carol
                                 Factors influencing the preparedness of adult daughters for taking care of elderlyAnn
                                                                                                   Soberman, Liane of hospital
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Factors that influence front-line managers' perceptions of comparative reportsRoseG. Rossperformance: Design and
                                 Factors that                                                      Merryman, MaryBeth C.
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE COUNTYinfluence the adoption of innovative state mental health reformMiller, Nancy
                                 Family empowerment                                                Huffine, Jessica London Lee Simmers
ALLIANT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, SAN FRANCISCO BAYin an integrated system of care: The Family Mosaic Project
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) inding the way: Regional health boards and the role of advocacy                     Anne
                                                                                                   Hillman, Lorna Mullett, Jennifer
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO Forcing contracts: Theory, evidence, and policy issues                                 Bohara,
                                                                                                   Moffett, Maurice Leon Alok; Krause, Kate
                                 Franchising of family planning and reproductive health services in developing countries
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                                  Potts, Malcolm
                                                                                                   Montagu, Dominic Duncan
RUSH UNIVERSITY                                                                                    Meurer, Elizabeth Ann
                                 Frequency and accuracy of body weight data in hospital admission records Skipper, Annalynn
THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY                                                                            Chan, Jane PuzhenFelbinger, Claire L.
                                 From elderly care institutions to long-term care policy: Evolution of nursing homes in the United States and China
                                 Functional status and                                               An ShuanglinRozier, R. Gary
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL health services utilization of the elderly:You,analysis of the Medicare Current Beneficiary Surve
                                 Functional status:                                                Dingmann, Colleen pain management
                                                                                                                    Vojir, Carol P.
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER Its relationship to pain and its utility as an outcome measure ofK. McEvoy
                                                                                                   Coughlan, Health Region: An empirical and
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) General medical and birthing experiences of new mothers in the Capital RoryTuokko, Holly; Bub, Daniel socio-histo
BAYLOR UNIVERSITY                                                                                                   Joyce
                                 Generation X and Baby Boomer staff nurses' job satisfaction Withers, Mary Neatherlin, Jacquelin
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                  Mathieu, Luc Buteau, Martin
                                 Gestion des connaissances cliniques: Developpement, implantation et evaluation d'un systeme d'information en soi
                                                                                                   Penney, System   Cutt, James
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) Getting clearer on the concept: Accountability in the Canadian Health Betty Christine
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                 client Elke Martina
                                 Growth and change in Ontario's home care sector: Effects on Rozsa,service delivery Judith
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                             Raffoul, John Meek,
                                 Health care cost and quality Medicare: Capitation versus fee-for-service George Jack
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Health care proxy and concordance: A five-year snapshot           Leising, JeanneSchiffert, Judith
                                 Health care restructuring in acute care settings: Implications for registered nurses' attitudes
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA)                                                                        Way, Christine
                                                                                                   Baker, Norma Gertrude Lynn
                                 Health care technology management (HCTM): An assessmentEisler, application inJoseph
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)                                                          of its George Tan, Canadian teaching hospitals
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Fischer-McKee, Mary William
                                                                                                                    Brent, Rita
                                 Health maintenance organizations (HMOs), National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) accreditation standard
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY                                                                                care for vulnerable Douglas A.
                                 Health outcome disparities associated with access to primary Laditka, James Wolf,groups: Hospitalization for ambulat
                                 Health                                                            Genung,
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON perspectives of world religions: An exploratory investigation Vanessa Marie    Gray, Jennifer
                                 Health plan characteristics as predictors of screening mammography
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                 Tye, Sherilyn Rundall, Thomas G.
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Analysis BinaOspina, management reform in the Min
                                 Health sector reform and the civil service system in Mauritius:Valaydon,of barriers to Sonia
                                                                                                    for utilization of curative and
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Health-seeking behavior in Nagorno Karabagh: Determinants Dorian, Alina HadjianRobert preventive government c
                                 Home health care: Linking process to outcomes
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                                               Wells,
                                                                                                   Krause, Carolyn Ruth Thelma
                                                                                                    in professional and non-professional organizations: A
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)How chief executive officers influence organizational learningGleue, Katrina Leithwood, Ken
                                 How CHAPEL HILL                                                     immunization behavior
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT HMO market activity and disease mortality affect elderlyLi, Ying-Chun Norton, Edward C.
                                 How nurse executives acquire and use ethics knowledge in management decision-making
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TEACHERS COLLEGE                                                                                Smith, McClung
                                                                                                   Fonville, Ann Garland Franceska Blake
                                 How                                                               Mihara, Thomas in a medical
                                                                                                                    Darr, Kurt
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY patient and staff satisfaction changes during a large-scale transformation George J. teaching facility: A socio
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                           Luedtke-Hoffmann, Kathleen Ann
                                                                                                                    Schafer, D. Sue
                                 Identification of essential managerial work activities and competencies of physical therapist managers employed in h
                                 Identifying                                                       Humphrys, Mitchell
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH early enrollment barriers to hospice care before a late terminal stage D.   McCracken, Linda; Koob, Jeff
BELLARMINE UNIVERSITY            Identifying nursing practice problems through nursing staff survey                 Cronin, Sherill N.
                                                                                                   Neuner, Mary Kathleen
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                           Tietze, Mari Frances
                                                                                                                    Krepper, administrators and practitione
                                 Impact of managed care on health care delivery practices as perceived by health care Rebecca
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                                Petrini, Joann R.Blustein, Jan
                                 Impact of regional factors on mortality among very low birthweight infants in the United States
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE of technology advances on cost effectiveness of drugsThomas, Simu Kurian C. DanielMullins,
                                 Improving systems of AND MGMT.                                    Garcia-Caban, Iris Ana
                                                                                                                    Capitman, competence in Massachuset
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICYcare for racial and ethnic minority populations: Exploring culturalJohn A.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTINIncentives in product design                                      Ecer, Sencer McAfee, R. Preston
                                 Increasing competence assessment in nursing: Facilitating a portfolio approach
ST. FRANCIS XAVIER UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                               Lee
                                                                                                   Sherban, CindyEnglish, Leona
                                                                                                   Nunez, Marco Antonio Vicente
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Inequalities in the utilization of health services in Chile? Analysis of the effects of individual income and health insur
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                   world: A development and application of a Hindu Key
                                 Infertility and assisted reproductive technology in a pluralisticBhattacharyya,May, William; Chapple, Christopher ethic
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                   Burke, Darrell Edward
                                                                                                                    Wan, Thomas T. H.
                                 Information technology strategy-environmental fit and hospital financial performance
RICE UNIVERSITY                                                                                    Dorsett, Jeremy Robert H. Tristram Jr.
                                 Informed consent to rationing decisions by managed care organizations              Engelhardt,
BELLARMINE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Serdenis, Marsha LynnSherill
                                 Integrating cultural and diversity competencies into a hospital-based orientation program through a self-learning mo
                                 Interorganizational relationships in healthcare: A comparative case study Aldredge, James E.
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO                                                                Swan, Barbara Jean
FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE                                                                        Harris, Tamira Marjon
                                                                                                                    Stevens-Long, Judith
                                 Interviews with CEOs in health care: The relationship between supportive/nonsupportive culture and effective/ineff
                                 ISO 9000:2000                                                     Van
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS in the clinical laboratory implementation planning Maanen, Darlene Ann Watson, Eugene
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Jarrell, Kimberly A.
                                                                                                                    Tucker, structure and process conflict
                                 Job-related diversity and service team outcomes: New insights into the roles of taskFrances Gaither
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                        Russell, Barbara Joan Glenn C.
                                 John Dewey's concept of the good: A macro- and meso-application to the United States health system
FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE      Joy at work: As experienced, as expressed                         Manion, Jo       Seashore, Charles
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Justifying the refusal of breast cancer therapy                                      Gibson, Nancy
                                                                                                   Keenan, Louanne Patricia
                                                                                                 and innovationSrinivasan,
THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Knowledge entrepreneurship: Linking organizational learningMcDonald, Robert EdwardNarasimhan
                                 La                                                             Contandriopoulos, Damien
                                                                                                               Denis, du systeme de sante (French and
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) mise en oeuvre de la participation publique dans le processus de regionalisation Jean-Louis; Langley, Ann
                                 La                                                             Pomey, Marie-Pascale Annie
                                                                                                               Contandriopoulos, Andre-Pierre; Bertran
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) preparation a l'accreditation: Un outil de changement organisationnel? (French text)
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                               Lafontaine, Jean-Frederic
                                                                                                               Guay, Helene
                                 La recherche medicale chez les personnes en situation d'urgence: Vers une desindividualisation du droit a l'autonom
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS Large-scale database modeling: Developing XML schema                           Tagva, Kazem
                                                                                                Maslesa, Zumreta
                                                                                                Yang, Ying     Taghva,
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS Large-scale database modeling: Discovering attributes, entities, and relationships Kazem
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS Large-scale database modeling: Extended ER diagrams and UML TongFeng,          Taghva, Kazem
                                  (CANADA)                                                      Blais, Marco Lapierre,
ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE, MONTREALLe decoupage territorial pour les services de soins de sante a domicile (French text) Sophie
                                 Le                                                             de Souza, Luis Eugenio Portela Fernandes
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) role des connaissances scientifiques dans la gestion de la sante (French text) Dussault, Gilles
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              McKey, Colleen Ann Olga
                                 Leadership practices, organizational commitment, and conditions of work effectiveness of chief nursing officers in O
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Nonnweiler, Joy M. Carolyn C.
                                 Leadership qualities in administrators of group medical practices             Hoch,
REGENT UNIVERSITY                                                                               Smith, StephenWinston, Bruce
                                 Leadership style preferences of Haitian physicians and American physicians with experience providing medical care i
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                               Signer, health Riley, Patricia
                                 Leading change initiatives: Communication and bounded agency in aJordanacare organization
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)        Les representations du pouvoir medical au Quebec (French text)                Hudon,
                                                                                                Fourot, Aude-Claire Raymond
                                 L                                                              as they ready themselves for
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) istening and learning: Exploring patients' information needs Mahoney, Ellen McAreeFred hospitalization
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                              Walsh Koricke,Miranda, Elizabeth
                                                                                                                Maureen T.
                                 Litigation and public health policy: The tobacco settlement funds in Erie County (New York)
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                               Gonzalez, Adela N.
                                 Local health departments as perceived by community stakeholders (Texas) Thron, Raymond
ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY         Location choices of physician assistants: A predictive model Singh, Ajay KumarSchneller, Eugene S.
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                       of life care: Ann
                                                                                                               Tomlinson, Tom
                                 Making room for spirituality in ethical decision-making in end Rashid, RuthWide reflective equilibrium in practice
SEATTLE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Brown, Mark Gregory
                                 Male leaders respond to the experience of changing leadership expectationsGardiner, John Jacob
                                 Managed care and the incomes of psychiatrists
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                             Keeler, Theodore
                                                                                                Schwalm, Douglas David
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-CLEAR LAKE Managed care Medicaid in Texas: Was it on target?                             Love, Dianne B.;
                                                                                                Dunglinson, Teng-Man Pauline Durand, Roger
                                 Managed care's                                                 Elder,
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE COUNTY impact on minority physicians and their patients Keith Tracy          Miller, Nancy
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                               Stewart-James, Joy of workers'
                                 Managed occupational health vs. traditional care: A cost and satisfaction analysis Ellen Mary compensation in health
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                        Ali, Ashraf Ahmed
                                                                                                               Morris, G. Stephen
                                 Management of the first episode of acute low back pain: A comparison between two treatment protocols
                                 Managerial perceptions of local collaboration: The Ontario Healthy Babies/HealthyLeslie
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA)                                                                    Marguerite
                                                                                                Dunlop, Judith Bella, Children example
                                 Market characteristics and hospital organizational factors that affect hospitalJane
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                  nursing Helen
                                                                                                Broome, SarahTauchen, quality
                                                                                                Derman, YaronCarter,
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Mathematical models for predicting hospital bed availability for the followingDaniel Michael W.
                                 Matters of life and death: Rationalizing medical decision-making in a managed care nation Star, Susan Leigh
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO                                                                            Epstein, Steven;
                                                                                                Jennings, Elizabeth Marie
                                 Measurement of and factors relating to variation in cataract surgery waiting Roos, Noralou P.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                             times in Manitoba
                                                                                                De Coster, Carolyn Aimee
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                          Meurer, Steven Joseph Michael A.
                                 Measuring continuous quality improvement implementation in hospitals          Counte,
                                 Measuring the cost-effectiveness of                            Constantine, stenting Donald
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT. a new technology: The case of carotidRoberta Theresa S.
                                 NEW JERSEY - NEW BRUNSWICK                                      developmental disabilities living in community versus
RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF Medical conditions and health care utilization of persons withApgar, Dawn Hall Camasso, Michael
                                 Mejoramiento RICO)                                             Duran Pena, Betty Arlene Omell
                                                                                                               Pagan Pares,
UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO, MAYAGUEZ (PUERTOdel proceso de una linea de ensamblaje manual en una industria farmaceutica usando simulacion anim
THE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL                                                                        Beddingfield, Frederickof screening
                                                                                                               Keeler, Coston,
                                 Melanoma: A decision analysis to estimate the effectiveness and cost-effectivenessEmmett III and an analysis of t
                                                                                                Chiou, Jeng-Yuan
                                                                                                               Amidon, Roger L.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Met and unmet need for substance abuse treatment among American adults with a self-reported dual diagnosis of s
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Cain, Monica Jensen, Gail A.
                                 Michigan Medicaid managed care: An evaluation of the Physician Sponsor Plan
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                               Morehouse, Anne Shepard expectations in human serv
                                                                                                               Kram, Kathy
                                 Missed connections: Individual and organization-level responses to managing conflicting E.
                                 Models of HEALTH                                                in Ohio's mental
                                                                                                               Weissert, William
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC bureaucratic behavior: Sustaining family caregivingFisher, Amber L. retardation and developmental disab
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                          Said, Qayyim at the organizational
                                 Monitoring the unobservable: The regulation of quality of physician services Waitzman, Norman J.and market levels
                                 Multiple approaches for improving childhood                    Liu, Hanlin    Avery, Nelson A.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GRADUATE SCH. OF BIOMEDICAL SCI. AT GALVESTON immunization among Galveston County indigent population (Texas)
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER                                                                Roh, Chul-YoungMoon, M. case
                                 Neighbored but not wanted: Why do rural patients bypass rural hospitals? A ColoradoJae study
                                  ALBANY                                                        Silsbee, DonnaKingma, the Health
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATNew York State Hospital readiness to implement certain patient privacy provisions ofBruce R. Insurance Portabilit
                                  ALBANY                                                        Triolo Della Porta, a multi-agency state initiative to fac
                                                                                                               Radin, Beryl
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATNew York State's Coordinated Children's Service Initiative (CCSI): A case study ofCarmela
                                 Nonprofit hospital board involvement in the                    Andersen, Steve on hospital J.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS strategic decision process: EffectsRichardJones, Walter financial performance
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN           Nurse staffing and adverse patient outcomes                                   K
                                                                                                Cho, Sung-Hyunetefian, Shake
                                 Nurse staffing,                                                Khumyu, AreerutBooth, Rachel Z.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM nurses' job satisfaction, and patient satisfaction with nursing care in public hospitals in Thailand
                                 Nurses' experiences of empowerment and autonomy following hospital restructuring Scott
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN                                                                     Johnson,
                                                                                                McDonald, Judith Ann
                                 Nurses' perceptions                                            Chubbs, Dawn Olive
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA) of the impact of health care reforms, psychological contract violation, restructuring and general
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Nursing aides' perceptions of co-worker support                                 Neufeld,
                                                                                                Rich, Mariann Naden Anne
                                 Organizational                                                 Roberts, Velma California hospitals: 1984--1999
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM change and organizational mortality: An empirical analysis ofMcGee, Gail
                                 O                                                              Louie,         Baillie,
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) rganizational change involving the collaboration of all stakeholdersRita Roberta Lynne
                                  NURSING (DELAWARE)
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFOrganizational changes: Effects on case and utilization management               Gallagher, Ann
                                                                                                Evans-Mitchell, StephanieTish; Sartell, Barbara
                                 Organizational                                                 Cegarra on optician services (Spanish
                                                                                                               Rodrigo Moya,
UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA DE CARTAGENA (SPAIN)learning as a tool to evaluate and manage value addedNavarro, Juan Gabriel Beatriz text)
                                 O                                                              Hamilton, Roberta
                                                                                                               Buckingham, Stephanie
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) rganizational practices that support nursing values, promote learning and leadership
                                                                                                  Desormeaux, Lorraine V.
                                                                                                                   West, Russell
EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY Organizational structural and cultural variables as predictors of quality in federally approved nursing homes
SEATTLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                                 Gardiner, John Jacob
                                 Organizational trust: The influence of contextual variables Korthuis-Smith, Wendy A.
                                 Outcomes and cost effectiveness of treating type 2 diabetes with a nurse case manager following treatment algorith
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                                         S
                                                                                                  Fanning, Etta L. elwyn, Beatrice J.
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                                                            Talbert, Steven Russell
                                 Outcomes of traumatic brain injured patients in a rural trauma system: Contributions of mode of transport and time
                                 Pain experiences                                                 Wiggins, Shirley A. Bartruff
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTERof children and their families at home following short-stay surgery Nancy
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA            Parental predictors of immunization compliance                                      Steven
                                                                                                  Bundt, ThomasDuncan, R. Paul
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                                                            Chunuan, Sopen Kunsrikoaw Hall, Lynne A.
                                                                                                                   Lee, Gwendolen;
                                 Patient satisfaction with health care services received during intrapartum in one regional hospital in the southern pa
                                                                                                  Dunbar, Sandra Barker
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Perceived work motivation factors among allied health managers and subordinates Beth  Rivers,
THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO                                                                          Ditmyer, type Price, James H.
                                                                                                                    2 diabetes
                                 Perceptions of pediatricians regarding the treatment and prevention ofMarcia Mastraccimellitus in children and adol
                                 Performance management: The use of a blueprint to enhanceLayman, planning and implementation of a mental heal
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                                       Watson,
                                                                                                   project Kenneth Alan E.
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Performance of health centers in networks                           Ortiz, Judith Fottler, Myron D.
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                                Mayer, Georgianna Gail J.
                                                                                                                   Ray, Sue
                                 Personal characteristics and access barriers associated with lack of primary care in patients seeking care in the emer
                                                                                                  Gibson, Jennifer Lynn realities
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Philosophical approaches to health care priority setting: Moral obligations, practicalPeter A.; Cunningham, Frank
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                                                                                          Levitt,
                                 Physician quality and patient outcomes: Does skill matter? Rosenberg, Rena J. Steven
                                 Physician                                                        Melichar, Lori Anne
                                                                                                                   Hellerstein, Judith
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK responses to financial incentives: An analysis of how capitation affects time spent with patient
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAMperceptions of medical errors                              Menachemi, Nir   Schewchuk, Richard M.
UNIVERSITY OF NEW ORLEANS                                                                         Neu, Denese methods John K.
                                 Planning for health care: A New Orleans, Louisiana case of spatial data and Maureen to increase accessibility and acc
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                               Bottrell, Melissa making
                                                                                                                   Smith, Dennis
                                 Practicing policy ethics: The influence of ethical orientation on policy decision Marie by state nursing home survey
                                 Preferred HEALTH                                                 Currier,
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLICprovider organizations: Cost, use, and the process of care Constance Ann   Smith, Dean
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                         Delate, Thomas oons,
                                 Prevalence of and factors associated with herbal remedy use in the United States Stephen Joel
                                 Privatization                                                     study of generalRosenberg, Mark W.
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON (CANADA) of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services: ADall, Kristin Anne practioner attitudes in southeastern O
                                 Psychiatric                                                      Linebaugh, Kelly Bartlett
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH nurses' views on architecture and design of institutional settings White, Barbara
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE      Psychometric determination of job stress in health occupations                    L.
                                                                                                  Gilbert, Daniel Brewer, Ernest W.
                                 Psychosocial care in pediatric oncology: The perceptions of health care providers in the United States, United Kingdo
MASSACHUSETTS SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY                                                                    Mervyn, Frances V.
                                                                                                  Priorelli, Alessandra
                                 Public                                                           Madere, Carol Wiggins, Gene
THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPIrelations as practiced by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals: Public information model or relat
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                          Volz, Conrad Daniel, Jr.
                                                                                                                    Implications for the
                                 Qualitative analysis and case studies of public health privatization contracts: Ricci, Edmund M. achievement of pub
                                 Quality assurance                                                Dierkes, Darlene M.
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS in the operating room: Developing a total quality programWatson, Eugene
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                                                                         Healy, Deborah
                                 Quality competition and mergers: Evidence from the Medicare HMO market A. Steve   Levitt,
                                                                                                  LaCoe, Christopher large quarternary health care facilit
                                                                                                                    in a L.
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Quality disconfirmation as a predictor of satisfaction of patient care servicesBalloun, Joseph
                                 Quality leadership and the emerging workforce
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                      Kerr, Marilyn Jo Watson, Eugene
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                 Fickel, Jacqueline Jean
                                 Quality of care assessment: State Medicaid administrators' use of quality informationDavid C.
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                  Moore, Lori Horak, Bernard
                                 Quality performance measures for fire department-based EMS systems Lynn
UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND                                                                        Achanta,         Rhodes, C. T.
                                 Rational approaches to the regulation of nonprescription medicines Anand Shashidhar
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                  Erckenbrack, Dawn Barnhart B.
                                                                                                                   Jackson, Gregg
                                 Recent graduates' perceptions of critical management competencies for healthcare administrators
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                         Lavoie-Tremblay, (repist)
                                                                                                                   Viens, Chantal; Bourbonnais, Renee
                                 Recherche evaluative et participative d'intervention en sante mentale au travailMelanie (French text)
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY               Recruiting men in nursing: Insights for the profession                            R.
                                                                                                  Rochelle, Rory Norwood, Susan
                                                                                                  Brown, Karen Chapman,
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Recruiting nurses into rural positions: A test of three persuasion techniquesJeanette Derek
                                                                                                  Batsuren, Eenjin McAllister, R. Ian
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Reforming emergency health delivery in Mongolia: A proposal with lessons from Nova Scotia
                                 Regional variation in                                            Litaker, David Glenn
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES) health system resources and access to health care in Ohio        Neuhauser, Duncan
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                 services: A Brian Seichi case
                                 Regionalization of fire protection and emergency medical aid Nakamura, comparativeRoss study analysis of econom
THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI                                                                     Reisetter, Brian CharlesE. Mick
                                 Relationship between psychosocial physician characteristics and physician price awareness
                                 Response of mammography facilities to consumer demands Wagner, Jennifer R.
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                                       Watson, Eugene
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Responsiveness of generic health status measures in stroke Pickard, Alan Simon      Johnson, Jeffrey A.
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Figlock, effectiveness Robert
                                 Review and evaluation of a theoretical model of organizational safetyRobertKilmer, applied to naval aviation
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Byrd, Alton Brent
                                 Schizophrenia: Effectiveness of case management for improving quality of life     Gerstein, Martin
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                             screening criteria, socioecological factors, and cost-eff
                                 Screening for Chlamydia trachomatis in Michigan: The role ofThomas, Peter James, Sherman A.; Rochford, Rosemary
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER                                                                  Werner, JamesCorbett, Kitty center patients
                                 Slipping into the void: The specialty access gap for medically uninsured community health K.
BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY                                                                          Leash,
                                 Sociological issues in advance directives and end-of-life medical careR. Moroni   Johnson, Barry L.
                                 Specialist self-referral insurance policies and access to physicians with HIV clinical expertise: Impact on patient healt
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                              Andersen, Ronald M.
                                                                                                  Heslin, Kevin Charles
RUSH UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Johnson,
                                 Spouse caregiver transitions associated with nursing home placement Lola Mae      Farran, Carol J.
                                 Staff nurse perceptions                                          Maceri,          Carter,
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER of the essential skills of an effective manager Samuel Louis Michael A.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Staff nurses' perceptions of peer review                                          Ihlenfeld, Janet
                                                                                                  Cunningham, Denise Andrea T.
                                 Strategic alliance value
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                            Powers,
                                                                                                  Jones, Rachel Collins Thomas L.
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                    psychiatrists: An M. Alain
                                 Strategies of collaboration between general practitioners andLucena, Ricardo J.exploratory research project in Mont
                                 Study                                                            Liu, Hongjie Detels, syndromic approach for manag
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES of STD patients' healthcare-seeking behavior and the cost-effectiveness of theRoger
BAYLOR UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Stephens, Dwight Andrew
                                                                                                                  Moore, Kris
                                Systematic bi-strata cluster sampling applied to preventive health care utilization rates K.
                                Telehealth consumer-provider interaction: A chronic disease intervention in Harmon, E. Glynn
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                                 an underserved population
                                                                                                  Nauert, Richard Fritz
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Gregg, JenniferWhitten, Pamela
                                Telehospice: Changing health care policy to enhance social support for caregivers in rural areas
                                NEW JERSEY NEW BRUNSWICK
RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF Telemedicine-as viable health delivery                                             Kathleen
                                                                                                  Sponholz, JaneGreenberg, Michael R.
THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON         Testing the market failure status of graduate medical education   Boex, James R.Leahy, Peter
                                Testing the relationship between measures of patient satisfaction and hospital accreditation ratings
SETON HALL UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES                                                    Engel,
                                                                                                  Heuer, Albert John Jonathan
                                                                                                   Canadian and Australian nurse
                                                                                                                  Shaffir, William
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) The administrative ethos in nursing: A study of the careers ofMoorhouse, Christopher Philip administrators
STANFORD UNIVERSITY             The adoption and cost impact of hospital information systems      Borzekowski, RonWolak, Frank A.
                                The association between medical insurance coverage, in-hospital case fatality rate,Antonio
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT FORT WORTH                                     Boppana, Dinesh Rene, and length of hospital stay follow
                                The                                                               Harrison, hospital acquisition
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYassociation of organizational performance and market factors with Jeffrey Paul Michael J.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The care of hospital patients on weekends                                           Redelmeier, Donald
                                                                                                  Bell, Charles Michael
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                Rizzo, Denise M.Schiffert, Judith H.
                                The career paths of female executives and administrators in health service organizations
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                           enhanced clinical information
                                The clinical document architecture: XML semantic markup forSmith, Catherine Arnott Ellen retrieval
                                                                                                  Gamble, Brenda Jean A. Paul
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The commercialization of hospital-based medical laboratory services: A comparative study in Ontario documenting
                                T                                                                 Preston, Terrie Lee
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) he complexities of taskforce team process in a health care environment Fenwick, Tara
                                The                                                               Sullivan, Patrick William
                                                                                                                  Nichol, Michael B.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA construct validity of the Health Utilities Index in patients with chronic respiratory disease in a managed care pop
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) The contextual approach in health research: Two empirical studies Anita Birch, S.
                                                                                                  Couch Nall, Penelope
                                                                                                                  Rees, Richard
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The correlation between value congruence and patient service quality in hospital settings
                                                                                                  Soroka, Steven Demetri
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) The cost of maintenance haemodialysis: Implications for dialysis planning Jacobs, P.
                                The determinants of patient satisfaction with medical care among depressed primaryRoshan
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                             Bastani, care patients
                                                                                                  Swanson, Karen Ann
                                                                                                  Young, Wendy I.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The development, implementation and evaluation of a disease managementCoyte, Peter C. program for post-myocardial infarction
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                            Reardon, Timothy George
                                The economic and technical context of telemedicine: An expanded analytic frameworkRashid
ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Johnson, Triciautilization constraints
                                The economics of information in the health care market: Managed care and Johnson, William G.
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                                elderly         Cutler,
                                The economics of long-term care decision-making among the Auerbach, David IsraelDavid
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY economics of prescription drug advertising                                     Hermalin,
                                                                                                  Wosinska, Marta Ewa Benjamin E.
                                The                                                               Marshall, caseIbrahim, Ibrahim screening in the milita
                                                                                                                    of breast
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY effect of access on the utilization of preventive health services: TheKimberley Allyncancer Awad
                                The effect of direct contracting on the attitude                  Vroom, James Randall
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                                           Kane,
                                The effect of formal home care services on caregiver burden Weiner, Andrea LynnRosalie A.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                             rehabilitation Fries, Brant E.; resident discharge
                                The effect of government payment methods on nursing homeWodchis, Walter Patrick and Hirth, Richard A. outco
                                The                                                               Guwani, JamesWeech-Maldonado, Robert
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY effect of insurance type on racial disparities in access to hyperactive retroviral therapy (HAART)
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY          The effect of managed care on physicians' earnings                                Goodman,
                                                                                                  Wiechowski, Linda Susan Allen C.
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                          Pape, Theresa Marie K. Lynn
                                The effect of nurses' use of a focused protocol to decrease distractions during medication administration
                                                                                                  Mayer, Roger William William
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The effect of perceived interdependence, shared values, and performance, on relationship quality
                                The effect of HILL                                                 of dental services and Michel A.; Rozier, R. Gary
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPELpublicly financed insurance programs on the useHughes, Tegwyn Lee dental health outcomes of youn
                                The effect of HILL                                                Chumney, Elinor Cecile Gray
                                                                                                                  Biddle, Andrea
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPELvarious costing approaches on the resulting cost-effectiveness ratios and the policy significance of thes
                                The                                                               Lee, Keon-Hyung Melnick, Glenn A.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA effects of case mix, hospital competition, and managed care penetration on hospital costs and revenues
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                          Sharp, Tabitha MacLean, Vicky M.
                                The effects of demographic characteristics and insurance arrangement on the utilization of hospital emergency room
                                The effects of inflation, utilization, prescription size, and product mix on prescriptionDavid expenditure changes in a h
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                                              Surachat
                                                                                                  Ngorsuraches, Kreling, drug H.
FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE                                                                        and clinician involvement with
                                The effects of outpatient client reimbursement circumstancesMunroe, BryanHansen, Nancy E.managed care on clinic
UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN                                                                            performance of system Sanja
                                The effects of physician-hospital organization on the financial Silkoff, RichardGrubacic, hospitals: An empirical investi
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                           of institutionalWynn
                                The efficacy of utilizing two public-use datasets for predictorsBorders, Kevin Huber, Ruth
                                The                                                                               Duhl, Leonard
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY emergence of online patient-provider communications Athanasoulis, Marcos Athanasios
GRADUATE THEOLOGICAL UNION The ethical implications of the use of power by hospital ethicsStarr, Joann Mendiola, Michael
                                The impact                                                        care environment: Member understanding and plausib
DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING of case management on the elderly in a managed Anderson, Donna Lee Gladys L.Husted,
                                The impact of health                                              Morgan, Natalie Daisy Grace
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA) care reforms on community health nurses' attitudes Way, Christine
                                The impact                                                        Keller, SuzannaHunter, Duncan; Shortt, Sam
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON (CANADA) of hospital restructuring on the use of home care services, Kingston, 1996--2000 (Ontario)
THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER                                                                       Kruzikas, Denise
                                The impact of managed care upon women and newborns enrolled in MedicaidTeresa JackZwanziger,
                                The                                                                home resident outcomes
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY impact of nurse aide empowerment strategies on nursingBarry, Theresa Brannon, S. Diane
                                                                                                  Chien, Tein-Cheng
                                                                                                                  Samuels, Michael insurance
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA The impact of public policy on Taiwan's health care system after implementing national healthE.
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The impact of report cards on consumer health plan choice Zema, Carla L. Frick, Kevin
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Gerding, AbigailSalsberry,
                                The impact of the Interim Payment System on Ohio home healthcare agenciesAndridgePamela J.
                                The impact of POLICY AND MGMT.                                    Brown, Jeffrey Wallack, Stanley
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL the introduction of clozapine on the utilization of health care services for schizophrenic medicaid enro
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                        Ketcham, groups*Danzon, Patricia M.
                                The implications of managed care and selective contracting for medical Jonathan David
                                The influence of job and                                          of public health nurses in rural British Columbia
UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA) community satisfaction on retention Henderson Betkus, Mary MarthaMacLeod,
                                The                                                               Ramirez, Theresa risk population
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY integration of prevention services into primary care practice for a MedicareMarie Helen Halpin
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                            Popham, Susan Lynn Geoffrey in
                                 The intersections of medicine and business: Case studies of contradictions and negotiations A. medical-business writ
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                              context Stephen Jon Douglas R.
                                 The mediating effect of morbidity on price and benefits in theGriffiths, of consumer health insurance choice
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Rose, Michelle Ann
                                                                                                                     Paradigms for
                                 The organization and performance of STD programs in high morbidity areas: Goes, James change
                                 The organizational                                                 Gurule, David care
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH determinants of HMO participation in Medicaid managedMcLaughlin, Catherine
                                 The performance of nursing homes related to likelihood of pressure ulcers inHyde, John C.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER                                                                          low-risk
                                                                                                    McKay, Marcella Long residents
                                                                                                    managers and Gardiner, Gareth large pediatric academ
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The prevalence of mentoring relationships among healthcare Mack, Lawrence L.           professionals in a
                                 The relationship between clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction in homeCapitman, John A.
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                                        health
                                                                                                    Keepnews, David M. care
                                                                                                    Balan, Dan-Alexandru
                                                                                                                    Alexander, Donald
WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY The relationship between insurance type and health care costs, use and choice of outpatient provider
MARSHALL UNIVERSITY                                                                                   and staff nurse job
                                 The relationship between leadership styles of nurse managersRamey, Jan Warner satisfaction in hospital settings
                                                                                                    Sudibyo, Yvonne healthcare
                                                                                                                    Nicholson, Alice
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The relationship of business process capabilities and internal service quality to Augustine service quality, patient sat
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                         Isley, Larry Lee, Jr.
                                                                                                                    Pursley, Robert
                                 The relationship of market conditions, management practices, and medical staff attributes to operating profit of sma
                                 The relationships                                                  Oster, Cynthia Blegen, the acute
                                                                                                                    Ann of Mary
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTERbetween emergency department staffing and clinical outcomesHennenfent myocardial infarction
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                          Pizzini, Wilhelmina Joan studies
                                 The role of management control systems in health care organizations: ThreeIttner, Christopher
                                 The role                                                           Connell, JudithSchweitzer, Stuart
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES of universities and market factors in the location of biotechnology industrial clusters O.
COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Horton, Jamie RonneeLee
                                 The status of training: Training agency service patterns compared to those of managed behavioral health care organ
                                 The                                                                Galloway, Suzanne Community
WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) struggle for community-based health care: A case study of the Rainbow Walsh-Bowers, R. Health Centre (Ontar
                                 The Veterans POLICY AND MGMT.                                      Macdonald, James B. James Jr.
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIALAdministration safety net: A profile of the Veterans Health Administration the reformed Vetera
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Threat, oppression, and control: The lived experience                                 Keddy, Barbara
                                                                                                    Smith, Patsy Lynn
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTINThree essays on hospital competition                                               Wilson,
                                                                                                    Harrison, Teresa DawnPaul W.; Sibley, David S.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) oward a healthier organization                                                      Hamilton,
                                                                                                    Lindstrom, Jane Mary Marilyn
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                   Staal, Donna Jean
                                                                                                                    Clayton, Ross
                                 Toward a theory of networks and network effectiveness: An analytical framework for the study of multilevel networ
                                 TRICARE                                                            Lobner, Timothy Lee David A.
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON Senior Pharmacy Program: Investigating the choice of prescription drug coverage among Medicare-eligible
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE           Two rationing dimensions in Medicare managed care plans Fernandez, Antoinette M.   Mandell, Stuart
                                 Understanding the characteristics of an effective                  Schramko, Thomas Donald Dial, Jay; dyadic perspect
                                                                                                                    Singh, Jagdip;
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, WEATHERHEAD SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT physician-hospital contractual arrangement from aAram, John
THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER                                                                         Hart, Kevin D.
                                 Understanding variations in medical malpractice rates within New York StateMukamel, Dana
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                                   B
                                 USAID projects in the former Soviet Union: Policy case studies ayerl, Elizabeth    Johnson, Vivian R.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Use and utility of EKGs in primary care                                            Notaro,
                                                                                                    Gorski-Suhr, Cheri A. James
                                 U                                                                  Fenwick, Shauna Hamilton, Marilyn
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) sing appreciative inquiry to identify leadership best practices in an acute care hospital
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                              Fiszman, Marcelo Peter J.
                                 Using medical language processing to support continuous quality improvement in radiology
                                 Using the Baldrige
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL criteria for improving performance in public health                 Fried,
                                                                                                    Kelly, Diane Leslie Bruce J.
                                                                                                    Fisher, Michael of practice management information sy
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Using the technology acceptance model to measure pediatrician acceptanceRivers, Elizabeth A.
EMORY UNIVERSITY                                                                                     to monitor process and W. Dana
                                 Validity and reliability of routinely collected quality indicators Luthi, Jean-Christophe outcome of care in Swiss acad
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Valuing patient and caregiver time: A comparison of methods                           Coyte, Peter C.
                                                                                                    Tranmer, Jennifer Erin
CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK      Variation in quality and risk: Effects on evaluation and budgeting                 Grossman, Michael
                                                                                                    Bridges, John Francis Patrick
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) hat do staff need from a leader to feel motivated and recognized                    Erlendson,
                                                                                                    Ballance, Patricia Lynne Rick
THE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL                                                                            Munoz, Jorge Alberto health
                                 What is the quality of care in a developing country? Measuring physician practice and Charlesoutcomes
BOSTON COLLEGE                                                                                      Hanrahan, services? A descriptive study using 1999 M
                                                                                                                    Roy, Callista
                                 What mental health services do older adults use and who provides theseNancy Prudence
                                                                                                    Medlock,        Einsiedel,
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) What's the verdict? Evaluating a citizens' jury on xenotransplantation Jennifer Elaine Edna
                                 Who                                                                Todd, Stacey LeeGrant, Karen
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)pays for privatization? An analysis of out-of-pocket health care spending in Canada, 1969--1996
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE         Wireless medical charts system                                                     Kumar,
                                                                                                    Wurth, Matthew KevinAnup
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Sadovich, Juliana excitement
                                 Work excitement in nursing: An examination of the relationship between workM. Pamelaand burnout
                                 Work experience rated most important by home health care agencies for RNMikan, Kathleen J.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                              hiring
                                                                                                    Watlington, Linda W.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                          acute care facility
                                                                                                                    Bogue, E.
                                 A case study of the performance improvement program at anJenkins, Patricia Cagley Grady
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Jones, Lester E. och, Carolyn
                                 A case study on how family physician practices in the northern Virginia area are preparing to implement HIPAA's sec
                                 A case - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                             Toomey, Richard Ward,
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINAstudy on the financial impact of the acquisition of a competing hospital Kirk David M.
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Lees, Martin George J. W. D. Jr.
                                 A comparative analysis of the survivor's syndrome responses of administrators, managers, nurses, and emergency ph
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                            Westerfield, Shana Ryan
                                 A comparison between enhanced and traditional case management aftercare follow-up for substance dependence a
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                                              Maas, Meridean
                                 A cost-effectiveness simulation of a fall prevention program Tarquinio, Gregg Thomas
                                 (CANADA)                                                             implementation manual for
MOUNT SAINT VINCENT UNIVERSITY A critical assessment of the development process for a HACCPCorbett, LesleyMann, Linda a healthcare foodservice
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                              Adu, analysis: Bricker, Dennis L.; Gruca, Thomas S. in
                                 A data envelopment analysis-based framework for strategic group Lily Manubea       Empirical investigation in the hospital
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                               of pneumonia Haug,
                                 A decision support system for the diagnosis and managementAronsky, Dominik Peter J. patients
                                 A descriptive case analysis of PROFESSIONS                         Johnson, retiree population T.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTHhypertension and affiliated therapies in a BruceRyan, Michael(ages 40-85) at Camp Lejeu
OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                                                                             Andrucci-Armstrong, Gay Lynne
                                                                                                                    Stepanovich, home
                                 A longitudinal study examining the stability of occupational stressors identified by nursingPaul administrators
                                                                                                    the provinces Croteau, Anne-Marie
CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (CANADA) A model for telemedicine adoption: A survey of physicians in Vieru, Dragos of Quebec and Nova Scotia
                                 A multi-dimensional outcome study of chronic back pain, long-term characterization Joshua; Doleys, Daniel
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                             Lynn
                                                                                                    Brown, Jessica Klapow, of three treatments: Intratheca
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                           Byous, RosslynBeaumaster, Suzanne
                                A policy analysis case study of how access to health care has influenced legislation that impacts physician assistant p
                                A SCH. OF BIOMEDICAL SCI. AT GALVESTON                           Schmid, ForceJernigan, the indigent patient medica
                                                                                                                   to improve
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GRADUATE recommendation to the Galveston County Indigent Health Care TaskJosef Francis, III Clarence
UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA           A rural perspective on modern bioethics                          Cook, Ann FreemanLockridge, Kenneth A.
CLARKSON COLLEGE                                                                                 Castagno, improvement Mae;
                                                                                                                  Timmons, methodology David
                                A study of nurses' perception of communication related to performanceMary Ellen Iagulli Lawton, in the acute-car
                                A study of quality management in county behavioral health organizations:Stanley J.Jeremy F.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Plant,
                                                                                                 Mrozowski, The influence of organizational characteri
OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                                                                          Chargois, Cynthia Andrea
                                                                                                                  Nichols, Brenda
                                A study of the factors that impact female military beneficiaries obtaining preventive health services
CLARK ATLANTA UNIVERSITY                                                                         Nearon, Darrell behavioral
                                                                                                                  Ajo, Amos Jr.
                                A study of the relationship between health care access and access barriers to Maxwell, care for African Ame
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Minnis, William Cary Ik-Whan
                                A study of the relationship between measures of perceived organizational effectiveness and actual financial perform
                                A study                                                          Cronin-Forsyth, Denise Lyn
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA) on the supervision needs of multi-disciplinary teams in outpatient mental health programs in northwestern O
HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY                                                                                individual's right-to-die
                                A survey of physicians' and psychologists' attitudes toward anMiller, Alyson Rebecca Liora Pedhazur
                                A system to CENTER                                                County healthcare network
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCEevaluate provider performance within the Shelby Speros, Carolyn Ijams Cynthia
                                Accountability in health care in Canada: An analysis of its meaning and the development of a conceptual framework
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                               O'Neil, John Donald
                                                                                                 Johnson, Charlotte Ruth Gillings
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES directives and resource use in nursing homes               Dobalian, Aram   Andersen, Ronald M.
                                Advance directives: Assessing the effectiveness of hospital educationEileen Bowden M.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Cullen,          Nicholson,
                                                                                                  making          Gluck,
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO Advance medical directives and surrogate healthcare decisionEldridge, Jennifer Jo John P.
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          DeVries, Andrea Ruth John A.; Kralewski,
                                Affecting physician prescribing behavior: Factors influencing the success of a pharmacy intervention John E.
CORNELL UNIVERSITY                                                                               Boser, Susan through Medicaid
                                An action research approach to reforming rural health and human services R. reene, Jennifer managed care: Implica
                                                                                                 Shukla, Pratibha
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO An analysis of policy communication and negotiations between India and the World Bank: A case study of health po
                                An                                                               prescription drug utilization by Texas
                                                                                                                   Kristin McKeithan
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN analysis of the effect of managed care implementation on Richards, Erika Shepherd, Marvin D. Medicaid clients
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Mas Canal, Nuria
                                An analysis of the United States health care system in the managed care era Cutler, David M.; Hoxby, Caroline M.
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                         Wedderburn, Evans, G.
                                An arena simulation model for evaluating delay in a Panamanian hospital Humberto W.
                                An assessment of operating performance in contract-managed hospitalsAhmed traditionally managed hospitals: A c
LANCASTER UNIVERSITY (UNITED KINGDOM)                                                                             Worthington,
                                                                                                 Al-Shaikh, versus Hassan David
PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY                                                                            Foulk, C. Edward, Jr. Chester
                                An assessment of Southern California healthcare CEOs' attitudes towards physician-assisted suicide (PAS)
                                An econometric model for patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia Daniel
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE                                                                                 Mullins,
                                                                                                 Merchant, Sanjay Vijay C.
                                An economic analysis of the allocation of                        Daniel, Janet B. oore, of Health
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                                                                           Chalifoux, Zona Louise Elizabeth
                                An effectiveness analysis of the comparative impact of home-based versus clinic-based supervision in rural elders ex
                                An empirical investigation of the effect of winning state quality awards on the performance of hospitals/healthcare s
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                              McIlwain, Thomas
                                                                                                 Ugwueke, Michael Onyemachi F.
                                An evaluation of muscle biopsies in a                            Saad,            D
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT FORT WORTH managed care organization Jill Moore imitrijevich, Don
                                An                                                               Omar, Mohamed hyperlipidemic patients to preferred
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN evaluation of the clinical and economic outcomes associated with switching AslamWilson, James P.
OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                                                                          Rutledge, Carolyn Morcom
                                                                                                                  Plichta, Stacey
                                An examinaton of the enhanced primary care model for the organization of team care in managing type 2 diabetes m
FORDHAM UNIVERSITY                                                                               Allen, Priscilla Ombudsman Program: What are the co
                                An exploration of complaints forwarded to the Connecticut Long Term Care Dawn Marjorie
SPALDING UNIVERSITY                                                                              Dreyer, Scott Alan Thomas G.
                                An exploration of the individual traits, attributes and organizational variables of turnover in a community mental hea
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Ritter-Teitel, Joanne Margaret D.
                                An exploratory study of a predictive model for nursing-sensitive patient outcomes derived from patient care unit stru
                                                                                                 Shiver, Janet Lynn
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO An exploratory study of the professional development needs of orthodontists          Preskill, Hallie
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Parkman, Anna W. Caralyn
                                An investigation of Bass' model of transformational and transactional leadership theory in respiratory care (Bernard
WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Analysis of optimal non-linear health insurance schedule             Chen, GongweiRosenman, Robert E.
                                                                                                 DeLuca, Roberta and Hermann's (1982) brain dominan
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Antecedents and outcomes of Bass' (1985) transformational leadership theory Forrest  Preziosi, Robert
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Vembakkam, region DEA
                                                                                                                  Kwon, Ik-Whan
                                Application of the stochastic frontier regression estimates to the assurance Sampath C. model: A case in a Catholic h
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                         Mayberry, Austin Charles
                                Architecture and design of Internet-based medical management informationRagade, Rammohan
                                                                                                 Perzow, Jennifer Ann
CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (CANADA) 'As they trickle in, they trickle out': Recruiting physicians in rural Ontario Reimer, Bill
UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND                                                                       Allard, Gregory Andrew
                                Assessing depression treatment and outcomes using insurance claims data Redding, Colleen; Willoughby, Alan
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Assessing mental health outcomes across payer type                  Eaddy, Michael T.Schulz, Richard
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                                 An analysis ofScott from D.
                                Assessing patient-reported quality in medical group practices:Solomon, Loel Cleary, Paulthe National Field Test of the
THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                     Spooner, Donna Linkovich
                                                                                                                  Grizzle, Gloria
                                Assessing the effectiveness of state policy regimes on health-care costs, access, and efficiency
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Reed, Donald Edward
                                                                                                                  Schneider, two-stage
                                Assessing the impact of a Medicaid managed care program on health care utilization: AHoward C. hurdle regression
                                                                                                 Lake, Timothy Kirsopp Jonathan
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Assessments of health plan performance by recent Medicare HMO enrollees: The role of primary care physician choi
                                Asymmetric information, agency problems, and advertising: Empirical essays on the Joseph
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                            Iizuka, ToshiakiHotz, V. prescription drug market
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                            Los Angeles County
                                                                                                                  Johnson, Ellsworth
                                Attitudes toward persons with mental retardation: A study of Bowie, Kim Colemangroup home administrators (Califo
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY     Audiology and Hearing Aid Center: A business plan                Wicker, Sharon   Nerbonne, Michael
OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                                                                          Waibel, Ruth A. age and under
                                Barrier to utilization of primary healthcare resources in children two years ofHouseman, Clare
                                Barriers to healthcare access: A study of Galveston County (Texas)
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GRADUATE SCH. OF BIOMEDICAL SCI. AT GALVESTON                                             Shaikh, Tufail
                                                                                                 Alailima-Utu Hall, Sarah Teuila
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                 Sung, Minje Soyer, Refik
                                Bayesian analyses of Markov chains: Applications to longitudinal data from psychiatric treatment programs
OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Sorocco, Kristen Hilliard
                                                                                                                  Page, Melanie
                                Becoming a health active older adult: The effects of a workshop for Japanese-American older adults
                                Beneficiary use of quality reports for Medicare plans
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Dee
                                                                                                 Uhrig, Jennifer Short, Pamela Farley
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS            Benefit as an outcome measure for pediatric hearing aid fittings                   Denise Renee
                                                                                                 Miller-Hansen,Widen, Judith E.
                                   B                                                                Adamack, Monica Claire
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) reaking down the silos towards an integrated patient information system Hamilton, Doug
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Mahon, Pamela Young Christine Tassone
                                   Bridging the gap in patient satisfaction: Congruency of patient-nurse expectation and perception
                                   Building a conceptual model                                      Fagen, Michaelcase study
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER for sustaining prevention programs: A multiple Peacock, Nadine
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                  Burden of illness due to back pain                                                Thomas, Joseph III
                                                                                                    Mychaskiw, Marko Andrew
                                                                                                    McCrea-Logie, Cameron, California,
                                                                                                                     Jennifer E.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Calling the shots: The influence of organized medicine on policymaking in Ontario and David R. 1969--2000
                                   Care                                                             Partida, Yolanda
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA management for the uninsured: A force field analysis of the business caseJ.        Clayton, Ross
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                   Wallick, systems
                                   CEOs' perceptions of trainer roles in selected multihospital health careWilliam G.Rothwell, William J.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                  Evans Cuellar, Alison Paul
                                   Changing markets and hospitals: Managed care and strategic alliances with physicians J.
                                                                                                    Hounshell, Gail Wiley
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Characteristics of a comprehensive delivery system: A case study of Mentor Medway, Frederic J.
                                   Choice and use                                                   Ahmed, program: A pilot study
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN of services under an employer-provided dental benefitArif Hazelkorn, Herbert M.
                                   C                                                                 Creating Margaret Jocelyne
                                                                                                                     Parsons, Jim
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) linical chiefs and division heads in the Capital Health Region:Gauthier, a leadership competency framework (British
                                   Clinical integration, presence PROFESSIONS                       McGowan, James Edwardof perceptions of executive a
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTHof service centers and financial performance: Evaluation Thomas
                                   CENTER, SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                    Miserendino, Carole Sharon
UNIV. OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, H.S. Collective bargaining membership of Illinois hospital-employed registered nurses Anne
                                   Comparative study CENTER                                         Parish, Susan Lynn
                                                                                                                     Braddock, David
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCESof the development of MR/DD services in two Midwestern states: 1970--1990 (Illinois, Michigan
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Deskin, regard Hoye, Robert E.
                                                                                                                       Clair, Sr.
                                   Comparison of hospital CEOs and quality management directors with Williamto quality initiatives
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                            Lee, Todd Allen  HFA) and fluticasone propionate (Floven
                                   Comparison of the cost-effectiveness of triamcinolone acetonide (Azmacort Sullivan, Sean D.
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY               Compensation inequality                                          Chung, Wan Kyo   Welch, Finis
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA  Competent persons, identity, and mortal decisions                                 Bondeson, William B.
                                                                                                    McWilliams, Cynthia Marie
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                          Laroche, Vincent Macdonald, Roderick A.
                                   Complementarite de l'action charitable et etatique: L'exemple des fondations hospitalieres (French text)
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Completeness of case ascertainment in the Alberta Cancer Registry    Liu, Chun-Fu Soskolne, Colin L.
                                                                                                    Hendrickson, David B. Marlyn
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Computer-aided performance analysis using product-form queueing networks to model steady-state behavior: An ex
                                                                                                    Taylor, Laurel Kim
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Contemporary physician practice patterns: Insights from institutional theoryHinings, C. R. (Bob)
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                              Lears, the endMagill, Gerard
                                                                                                                      of life
                                   Contributions of a feminist theological ethics of friendship to care atLouise O'Connor
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                   Shi, Jinhai      McCombs, Jeffrey
                                   Controlling for biases from measurement errors in health outcomes research: A structural equation modeling approa
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Cost and reimbursement of severe sepsis in the Medicare population Liesl Marie Richard  Schulz,
                                   CENTER, SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                    Campbell, Jennifer Blakely
                                                                                                                     Mensah, Edward K.
UNIV. OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, H.S. Cost-effectiveness of extending mammography screening guidelines to African-American women 35 years of age
                                                                                                    Nordmann, Alain Joel Allan
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Cost-effectiveness of routine echocardiography in hypertensive patients starting antihypertensive drug therapy
                                   C                                                                Ehmann, Caroline Margaret Region (British Columbia)
                                                                                                                     Capital Health
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) reating a supportive practice community for occupational therapists in the Hamilton, Doug
                                   C                                                                Rice, relationships between physicians and administrat
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) reating harmony in health care: A leadership strategy to improve Jennifer Dickson, Graham
THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA (CANADA)  Critical mass: Health care reform and 'the Wellness Model' O'Fee, Kevin Robert H. Leeson,
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                                      Catherine
                                   Cross-cultural comparison of medical ethical decision making Pisarek, ShirleyO'Reilly, Charles
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                            Shiu-Thornton,Harrell, Stevan
                                   Culturally competent perinatal health care for Chinese and Mien refugees: Ethnographic narratives from Seattle's In
NEW SCHOOL UNIVERSITY                                                                               McNees, competence in primary health care
                                   Culture, communication and health care: The development of cultural MollyRapp, RaynaA.
                                   Decentralization and                                             transfer of health
                                                                                                                     Huber, education
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL citizen participation in urban Chile: The Kubal, Mary Rose and Evelyne administration to loca
THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON                                                                             Wingard, Evelynn Arlene
                                                                                                                     Grant, Nancy K.
                                   Defining and structuring the problems of student health care services at Ohio public universities
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                   Benson, Keith James
                                                                                                                     Weech-Meldonado, Robert
                                   Defining value in a community health partnership: Results from a qualitative/quantitative inquiry
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI                                                                            Wishnick, mental health
                                                                                                                     Steffen, John
                                   Demographic and psychosocial correlates of entry into the public sectorHillary Marlenesystem
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON                                                                               Stoebner-May, Diane Gail
                                   Depression and health care utilization following long-term spinal cord injury Armsworth, Mary
                                   Determinants of family physicians' provision of screening mammography information to low-income, female African
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK                                                                Pine, Pamela JoanFeldman, Robert H.
                                   Determinants of family planning availability misperceptions: Perceived versus objective availability of reversible con
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                      Veney,
                                                                                                    Fowler, Christina Ines James E.
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            Alao, Mary analysis
                                                                                                                     Farnham, Paul G.
                                   Determinants of hospital provision of uncompensated care: An empiricalOlufemi of Georgia hospitals
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                         Stoots, James Michael
                                   Determination of demographic and motivational characteristics of Red CrossKirk, Robert and the development of sug
FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE                                                                         Katzenstein, James
                                                                                                                     McWhinney, Will
                                   Developing an innovative international consulting model within a private health care system in Tanzania
UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS                                                                              Donham, Shae Guyton, Rick G.
                                   Development, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive multi-level patient education/counseling program
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON                                                                  Fritz, CharlotteCaro, Francis G.
                                   Diffusion of low-tech equipment as a component of case managers' role              K.
                                                                                                    Corabian, Paulaacobs, Philip
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Direct costs of health care for diabetes with complications: Saskatchewan, 1991       J
BROWN UNIVERSITY                   Disadvantage and the allocation of health-care resources         Stone, John Root Brock, Dan W.
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                                    in heart failure patients
                                   Diuretic compliance, quality of life, and health care utilizationChui, Michelle Murray, Michael M.; Mason, Holly L.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER                                                                         Sorbero, Melony to leave their
                                                                                                                     Zwanziger, S.
                                   Do capitated primary care physicians 'encourage' their high utilization patients ElizabethJack practice?
                                   Does                                                             Huang, Zhihuan Jennifer G.; Simmens, Samuel
                                                                                                                     Joseph, Jill
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY small-area income inequality influence the hospital utilization of children? A disease-specific analysis ofJ.New Y
                                   Dually SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                                    Dirk
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR eligible veterans. Hip fractures: Care and outcomes Blom, Jacobus Tompkins, Christopher
                                                                                                    Maetzel, Andreas
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Economic evaluation of leflunomide in patients with rheumatoid arthritis Bombardier, Claire C.
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                            Gao, Xin         Madhavan, Suresh
                                   Economic evaluation of three preventive drug therapies for osteoporotic fractures among women at different risk le
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                            Hogan, Linda A collection development approach to t
                                   Effect of metasite selection on the quality of World Wide Web information: Detlefsen, Ellen
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Ingham,          Hoch, Carolyn
                                   Effective organizational or group relationships of health care providersRaymond Virgil
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Effectiveness in the delivery of services to a Medicaid population                     G.
                                                                                                   Hughes, RondaStarfield, Barbara
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Stutts, Amy Lynne
                                 Effectiveness of a neonatal nurse practitioner managed transitional care unitBauer, Carol
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                             Saleh, Shadi substance abuse treatment
                                 Effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and cost savings of case management in Samir James; Vaughn, Thomas
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                  Shi, Lizheng by depressed patients
                                 Effects of a formulary expansion of the use of SSRIs and health care services McCombs, Jeffery S. in the California M
                                 Effects                                                           Metzger, Jane on length of
WIDENER UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSINGof an all registered nurse model compared with a patient care model Leddy, Susan stay, patient satisfaction, a
                                 Effects of capitated reimbursement on community health centers John Joseph
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                 Troidl,         Shortell, Stephen M.
                                 Effects of medicaid                                                Tennessee Kaluzny,
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL managed care on public health practice inHatcher, Michael Trent Arnold D.
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                              Hauge, Janice Alane
                                 Effects of the 1997 Balanced Budget Act on Medicare managed care providers        Sappington, David E. M.
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I                                                                              Lekprichakul, Thamana
                                                                                                                   Russo, Gerard G.
                                 Efficiency measurement of 89 public provincial hospitals in Thailand: Parametric and non-parametric estimation met
                                 eHealth COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                             Jones, Frederic to communicate
                                                                                                                    Gordon, Jr.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - consumerism: An exploratory study of the impact people who wish Ward, David M. with their physician via
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                             Lefton, Cindy A.
                                 Emergency department referrals: Factors influencing physician referral decisions  Kramer, Thomas J.
FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE      Emotion and emotional intelligence in nursing leadership                          Curtis
                                                                                                   Molter, Nancy Nelson, Annabelle
                                 Emotional determinants in health care executive management styles
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                               Moss, Mae TaylorWhite, Andrea W.
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Dodson, to hospice
                                                                                                                   Ortiz-Cruz, Evelyn
                                 End-of-life caregiving: Anticipatory grief, stress, and physician referral Elizabeth D.
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                End-of-life treatment preferences and family impact on outcome                    Condran, Gretchen
                                                                                                   Crawford, Wendy Y.
                                 Environmental noise in the pediatric intensive care unit
UNIVERSITY OF UTAH COLLEGE OF NURSING                                                                              Richardson, Stephanie J.
                                                                                                   Zuehlsdorff, Trina R.
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               Essays on consolidation and technology diffusion in medical care                  Cutler, David
                                                                                                   Huckman, Robert Steven M.
STANFORD UNIVERSITY              Essays on organizational forms in the health care industry                        McClellan,
                                                                                                   Madison, Kristin Marie Mark
                                 Estimating risk factors for delays in childhood immunization using the National Health Interview Survey
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                                                    Lantz, Paula
                                                                                                   Dombkowski, Kevin John M.
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY           Estimating the influence of HMO/PPO market penetration on Wu, Wei                 Jensen, Gail
                                                                                                   infant health outcomes in the United States: A longitu
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                                Minogiannis, history Lawrence
                                 European integration and health policy: The artful dance of economics andPanagiotis S.
                                 Evaluating the impact of vertical integration on health systemMurdock, Sandra Dismer
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                          peformance Mikhail, Osama
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                             Davila, in Iowa: Physician characteristics and patient v
                                 Evaluating treatment variation for early stage breast cancer patients Jessica Ann Chrischilles, Elizabeth A.
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Boye, Mark Ernest
                                                                                                                   Pathak, Dev S.
                                 Evaluation of diagnostic testing for allergic rhinitis in a managed care population: A propensity score application
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                  States with regard
                                                                                                                   Kavanaugh, Frank
                                 Evaluation of the status of health care insurance in the UnitedRose, Johnathan to the viability of a constitutional a
                                                                                                   Howard, Eben based study
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Evidence of hospital shopping by perpetrators of child abuse in a population Stoskoph, Carleen
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                             Chu, Price and Mueller's turnover model
                                 Examining organizational citizenship behavior among nurses using Cheng-I Vaughn, Thomas; Price, James
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                              Faris, an elderly population and
                                 Explicit definitions to identify preventable drug-related morbidity inRichard Joseph Charles D. their use as an indicat
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) xploring opportunities for collaboration                                           Stevenson, Barry
                                                                                                   Nabata, Lynn Sachiko
                                 Exploring the POLICY AND MGMT.                                    Aupont, Onesky allahan, James J. Jr.
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIALrelative importance of practice characteristics on adoption of a quality improvement program in prima
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Onuorah, Emeka the southeastern United States
                                                                                                                   Hudak, Ron
                                 Factors affecting turnover of registered nurses at a public health care system inGeorge P.
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                                Wang, Yun-Tung Ada C.
                                 Factors associated with health-related quality of life indicators among community-dwelling frail elders: A revised he
                                  BUFFALO                                                          Lerner, E. Brooke
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATFactors influencing mortality in a trauma center: Is total prehospital time important? Richard
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                           Zhao, use trayBednar, and disposable tray cards
                                 Factors influencing trayline accuracy at long-term care facilities thatCecilia Jun menus Carolyn
                                 Factors predicting
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTHhospital readmission of normal newborns Kelly, Mary Lantz, Paula M.
                                                                                                   Dunal, Lynda setting
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Factors related to occupational therapy workload in a geriatric chronic careSusan    Colantonio, Angela
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                                health care agent's perspective
                                 Factors that influence the ability to fulfill patient wishes: The Robbins, Melissa Ann Anthony R.
                                 Factors COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                              an alternative medicine program
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA -which are critical to the successful implementation of Schmidt, Terry Jones, R. Martin at a hospital: Two ca
THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA       Fairness in American politics and culture                                         Maletz, Donald J.
                                                                                                   Herbel, Jerry Edward, Jr.
                                                                                                   McCament-Mann, Leslie Anne
                                                                                                                   Kabat, Hugh doctor ordered
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO Family practitioners' perceptions of clinical practice guidelines: Not necessarily what the F.; Borrego, Matthew E.
                                                                                                   Marisetti, Anuradha Rao Evaluation Survey
                                                                                                                    the Family
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Family satisfaction with long-term care facilities: Psychometric properties ofMurray, Michael
                                                                                                    healthcare Androwich, Ida M.
LOYOLA UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Feature selection methods for intelligent systems classifiers inCullen, Phyllis Palka
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                  Pate, Christopher L. Dennis
                                 Federal sector unionization and rated performance of civil service health care workers
                                                                                                   Clarke, Ontario
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Fee-setting: A study of decision-making by the medical profession in Joe Thomas Roy  Deber, Raisa
                                                                                                   Kushner, Kaysi Harrison, Margaret J.
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Finding a balance: Employed mothers' personal and family health decision making     Eastlick
UNIVERSITY OF UTAH COLLEGE OF NURSINGFor Duty program evaluation                                   Bigelow, Sharon M.;Sadler, Katherine A.
DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY              Focusing on caregiving and long-term care issues                  Murock, Barbara Schneirov, Matthew
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX                                                                              Pack, Jeanette DeNigris, John
                                 Followership styles: Collaborative leadership among professional nurses           D.
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) From down here: Architecture's role in a paediatric medical setting Jason James     Dearstyne-Fowlow, Loraine
FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE                                                                        Agger-Gupta, Niels
                                                                                                                   Farrell, services
                                 From 'making do' to established service, the development of health care interpreterMarie in Canada and the Unit
                                                                                                   Sullivan, Erin Marie Anne
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Gender differences in course of antidepressant therapy, use of health services, and medical costs among patients rec
                                 Gender equity and                                                 Ewig, Peru
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL neoliberal social policy: Health sector reform in ChristinaHuber, Evelyne
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                            Bartels, DianneDoherty, William J.
                                 Genetics in health care: Ethical challenges in interactions of family systems and health systems
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                  Tataw, David Besong
                                                                                                                    Los Angeles:
                                 Health care finance reform and market failure at King/Drew Medical Center,Hahn, Harlan An analysis of pediatric soc
                                  BUFFALO                                                          of health-care Brady, James
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATHealth-care and distributive justice: A jurisprudential account Worthington, Roger Paul
                                Healthcare delivery by hospitals in a rural area: Workforce deployment as anticipatedDonald D.
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO                                                                              Pogoloff, by chief executive officers of h
                                                                                                Dahlke, Janet Marie
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                corporate health care
                                Heart transplant's uneasy alliance: Medicine, technology andZink, Sheldon Goode, Judith
                                H                                                                                Alfred, Taiaiake
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) onouring our heart's call: Giving rise to our voice (Ontario) Lafontaine, Angela Margaret
BENEDICTINE UNIVERSITY                                                                          examination ofLudema, James D.
                                Hopeful corporate citizenship: A quantitative and qualitative White-Zappa, Betty relationship between organizationa
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY             Hospital conversions: Have they been done at fair-market value?                   Martin
                                                                                                Purtell, Robert Finkler, Steven
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Hospital readmissions in patients with congestive heart failure                     Armenian, Haroutune K.
                                                                                                Babayan, Zaruhi V.
                                 ALBANY                                                          State Medicaid  Sattinger,
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATHospital responses to prospective payment system: New YorkHwang, Woopill ProgramMichael
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                              Swiechowski, the expectations of potential employers
                                How well do the ADA knowledge skills and food service competencies meetEric Adam Weiss, Edward H.
                                Identification of curricular and educational needs for primary Rhodes, Teresa Ann Reitsma T.the clinical application o
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                             Ryan, Michael
                                                                                                care physicians in dealing with
                                                                                                Adegbembo, Albert forL. Aged (Ontario)
                                                                                                                 Leake, J. the
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Impact of dental insurance on oral health status of older adults in Durham HomesOluwayanmife
                                Impact of political pressure on pharmacy cognitive services-related regulations
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER                                               Kutikova, LucieReed, Pamala J.
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                 Eggli, Yves
                                Impacts d'un systeme d'information dirigeant: Une etude de cas (French text)     Tilquin, Charles
                                                                                                Quan, Kien Huecenter emergency
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Implementation of an injury surveillance system at a local community healthFrancescutti, Louis room
                                Implications of acute                                           Davis,
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA) care restructuring for managerial personnel Judith Andretta         Way, Christine
                                Importation of prescription drugs: A policy analysis
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                             Jones, Walter
                                                                                                Wennar, Elizabeth Ann
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS                                                                       Hodge, Victoriapackage
                                Improving appointment keeping at an eye care clinic using a revised process Hyten, Cloyd
HARVARD UNIVERSITY              Improving comparisons in health services research                                McNeil, Barbara; Normand, Sharon-Lise
                                                                                                Bronskill, Susan Elisabeth
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                       Medicare informationChris;
                                Improving Medicare beneficiary recall and comprehension of Carmichael, Timothy Roy Glisky, Elizabeth L.
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS            Improving nursing home communication                                             Kemper, Susan
                                                                                                Williams, Kristine Nordlie
                                Improving the
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLSspiritual needs of patients                         Braham, Joan
                                In search of a comprehensive health policy metaphor
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GRADUATE SCH. OF BIOMEDICAL SCI. AT GALVESTON                                            Winslade,
                                                                                                Homan, Richard Warren William J.
                                                                                                Turnbull, Lori Beth Jennifer
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) In stable condition? Canadian federalism and the health care crisis                Smith,
                                                                                                  healthcare organization
LOYOLA UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Individual reactions to a large-scale organizational change in aHansen, Michele JoAnn Emil J.
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY       Infertility as a disability: Ethical reflection                                  Andre, Judith
                                                                                                Randall-Hlubek, Deborah A.
                                Investigating                                                   Iyer, Rajesh King, Maryon F.
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY AT CARBONDALEthe antecedents of pre-operative expectations and their relation to post-operative satisfaction in electi
                                                                                                Forster, Alan Wells,
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Is there an association between hospital occupancy and quality of care? John George
                                It rarely occurs: MECHANICAL COLLEGE                             in a lack of informed
                                                                                                                 Bornstein, Brian H.
LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY AND AGRICULTURAL &Mock juror reactions to a physician's defenseZickafoose, Douglas J. consent case
                                Job consequences of trustworthy employees: A social network analysis C. Robinson, Sandra; Bemmels, Brian
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)                                                     Lau, Dora
ANDREWS UNIVERSITY                                                                              Vyhmeister, Walter Roy Frederick A. Jr.
                                Job satisfaction among psychologists in a managed-care environment               Kosinski,
PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY                                                                            conditions of Stimac, Michele
                                Job satisfaction of inpatient nurses in a county hospital under Hall, R. Faye controversy
UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA ANCHORAGEJob satisfaction: Nurses' perceptions of a clinical ladder                         Pflaum, Jacqueline
                                                                                                Hansen, Deborah Wengert
                                 (CANADA)                                                       Buzon a l'aide de la recherche
                                                                                                                 Lapierre, Sophie
ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE, MONTREALLa confection de horaires de travail des medecins d'urgence resolue Cantera, Ivo Erasmo avec tabous (French text
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                       Vaillancourt, le Quebec et les
                                Le traitement des cancereux quebecois: Une comparaison des couts entre Hugues GeraldEtats-Unis (French text)
                                Leadership in an intense situation
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK                                                            Yun, Seokhwa Faraj, Samer; Sims, Henry P. Jr.
FORDHAM UNIVERSITY                                                                              Espineda, Cesar Gabad Gerald M.
                                Leading patients: Emerging paradigms of pastoral leadership in multi-faith health care facilities
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                       Levesque, l'utilisation des ressources, la satisfaction d
                                Les effets des modes de remuneration des professionnels de la sante surChantal   Lamarche, Paul A.
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA and death issues: A practical approach to moral theory Price, Mark Lee         Kultgen, John
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                       Rivard, la qualification du travail infirmier (French text
                                L'impact de la restructuration des soins de sante sur l'organisation et Linda Lapointe, Paul-Andre
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                         Finch, Nancy Cary,
                                Linking research to health policy: Experiences of nurses in policy positions Judson Ann H.
CLEMSON UNIVERSITY                                                                              Lewis, Cindy implications
                                Lipid treatment assessment in women: Primary care practice and curricula Lynn Clint for South Carolina obstetricia
                                L                                                               Robertson, Ruth A.
                                                                                                                 Jacques, Fred
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) iving with a diagnosis of cancer in Canada's Western Arctic (Northwest Territories, Nunavut)
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                      Thompson, barriers
                                Long-term care patients in acute care hospitals: Examining the discharge Margit Sydney
                                 NURSING (DELAWARE)                                             Burgess, JeanetteFisher, Dorothy
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFMaking my own place: Establishing a nurse-managed outpatient wound center Rossman K.
BELLARMINE UNIVERSITY           Management style and staff nurse satisfaction                   Dolan, Lisa Ann  Cronin, Sherill
                                Managing costs at any expense: Public mental health care forBankhead, Teiahsha and funding arrangements change
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                               Snowden, Lonnie
                                                                                                 children as policies Chalon
                                Managing identities in managed care: Top-management-team responses to Pratt, Michael G.
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN                                                                       organizational complexity and change
                                                                                                Foreman, Peter Ogden
                                Measurement of immunization coverage levels among young Devier, Janice R.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                  Veney, James E.
                                                                                                children for assessment and assurance of health objec
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY                                                                      of benchmarking paramedic response times
                                Measuring performance in the public sector: An examination Moeller, BruceNyhan, Ronald; Clare, Donald
                                                                                                and policy analysis
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Measuring the burden of injuries in Pakistan: Epidemiological Ghaffar, AbdulReinke, William
                                Medical HILLS                                                                    Watson,
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZerrors in health care: One approach to the problem Pelech, Deborah Ann Eugene
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY                                                                             Kurtz, Kathleen Susan Robert
                                Medical ethics decision-making in three hospitals: A look at dilemmas, decision-makers, and the practice of clinical e
                                                                                                 of breast cancer activism
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Medical mavens: Gender, science, and the consensus politics Myhre, Jennifer ReidCarole
THE FIELDING INSTITUTE                                                                          Hutto, NanetteMink,to physician satisfaction
                                Medical practice mergers: An initial exploration into the factors contributing Pera Barbara
THE UNION INSTITUTE             Medical response model to biological warfare incidents          Zamani, KavehHoang, Charlie
                                                                                                Secker, Barbara Lynn William
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Medico-legal jurisdiction over human decision-making: A philosophical constructionist analysis of mental competen
                                                                                                  Epps, for Canada's Colleen
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Merchants in the temple? The implications of the GATS and NAFTATracey Dene health care system
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) idwifery integration into hospital services                                       Perry, Beth
                                                                                                  Blake, Jacqueline Diana
                                 Millennium leadership: A perspective on needed skills and knowledge from Rudy Andrea W. and employer exec
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                              White,
                                                                                                  Radi, Dorinda hospital health plan,
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                              Bott, Marjorie Taunton, Roma Lee
                                 Model specification for case manager decision-making for long-term care placement of the frail elderly
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE                                                                 Huang, Xing-Yue Mullins, C. Effect
                                 Modeling costs and opportunistic infections for Maryland Medicaid HIV/AIDS patients: Daniel of patient non-adhere
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST critically ill patients with data envelopment analysisNathanson, Brian Harris Giglio, Richard J.
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                             Wang, Feng Segal, preference for new chemical enti
                                 Modeling probabilistic inference making: An approach to understanding providers' Richard
                                 Moral compromise in professional nursing practice within theJenner, Cathleen Anne Barbara care system: Storie
WIDENER UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING                                                                              Patterson,
                                                                                                   context of a market driven health
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                                                            Prasad, Rashmi rimes, Andrew J.
                                 Narrative structure and changing governance: An historical case study of the transitional post-acute care industry
                                 N                                                                management team the Northern Interior Health Reg
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) egotiating the rapids of change: The culture of the regional Fraser, Ruby AlvertaofPatrick
                                 Newborn postpartum length of stay, hospital charges, and hospital readmission: The effect of early discharge laws
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                   Liu, Zhimei     Dow, William H.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                  Kirkman, Cecelia Irene services
                                 Non-clinical factors influencing utilization of child and adolescent residential Hurley, Robert E.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                 Mertel, Paul Taft, Jr.
                                                                                                                   organizational adaptive strategy
                                 Non-economic hospital-community linkages and their influence on choice ofBentley, J. Marvin
                                                                                                  Schlaht, Laura Heather Joseph A.
UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH (CANADA) Non-profit and for-profit agencies in a managed competition environment: Are they competing on a level playing fie
GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY Nurse managers' responses to chemically impaired nurses Moon, Dorothy Taylor        Scott, Linda
                                 N                                                                Warner, Ivory Jean Claudette
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) urses' perceptions of workplace conflict: Implications for retention and recruitment
                                 Nursing home quality                                             Kumar,
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL of care: OBRA 1987, competition and demand Virender               Norton, Edward C.
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY          Nursing workload measurement for urban hospitals in China Liu, Huaping Alemi, Farrokn
                                                                                                  Al-Jawini, Fozia Mohammad
                                                                                                                  Samuels, Michael E.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Obstetric interventions and perinatal mortality in Saudi Arabia: A quantitative analysis of regional rates and trends
                                 Obstetrical care under capitation
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                                                   Chernew, Michael E.; Liang, Jersey
                                                                                                  Gabard, Carlotta A.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Opinions of consumers on the hospital admission process          Clark, Gael W. Lightner, Ardyce
UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO (CANADA)  Organizational mentoring: What about protege needs?                              Rowe, Patricia
                                                                                                  Knackstedt, Janine Elke Ursula
                                 Outcomes of HILL                                                 Cranor, Carole Christensen, diabetes
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPELcommunity pharmacy-based pharmaceutical care services for patients with Dale B.
                                 RESEARCH CENTER                                                  Robinson, Robert Porter Thomas losses, three choices
                                                                                                                   triple option: Four
SAYBROOK GRADUATE SCHOOL ANDOutpatient psychotherapy plan design, managed care, and a point of serviceGreening, (Skip)
                                                                                                  Scott, Catherinepractice
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Partnership theory for Canadian health systems: An analysis of research andThurston, W. E.
                                 Patient perception of nursing                                    Chang, Chyi-Kong Karen
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER care quality in the hospital setting: Instrument Chen, Shu-Pi
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY        Patient satisfaction in a changing HMO environment               Tong, Vivian Gelmon, Sherril
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Patient satisfaction in Alberta: An empirical analysis                             Northcott, Herb
                                                                                                  Franklin, Jonathon Shaughn Patrick
YESHIVA UNIVERSITY               Patient satisfaction with management of chronic pain                             Melamed, Barbara
                                                                                                  Fraidin, Lisa Kim
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                            Lu, elders
                                 Perceived health status and services use in United States ChineseDer-Fa          Maas, Meridean
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                 Seligman, Larryease of use, and attitude: A Reuben R.
                                 Perceived value impact as an antecedent of perceived usefulness, perceived Jarvenpaa, Sirkka; McDaniel, perspective
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                  elderly Tripthi Vasant
                                                                                                                  Nichol, Michael
                                 Physician adherence to national hypertension guidelines in anKamath,Medicaid population B.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                Tarrant-Dikens, RosalindArdyce
                                 Physician perceptions of goal accomplishment of primary care reform              Lightner,
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) lanning for the future in home care nursing                                        Marie
                                                                                                  Harker, JeanneBuckingham, Stephanie
                                 Planning healthcare for SCI. AT GALVESTON
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GRADUATE SCH. OF BIOMEDICAL the medically uninsured                                       Jennings,
                                                                                                  Woodson, Justin Trevor Richard
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE                                                                                 Soeken,
                                 Practitioners' perceptions on ethical aspects of managed careUlrich, Connie Marie Karen
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Predicting home care expenditures in Ontario                                        Loyte,
                                                                                                  Hall, Ruth Elizabeth Peter
                                                                                                  Tuli, of proposal review scores
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Predicting performance of PVO child survival projects on the basis Karunesh Sorkin, Alan
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE                                                                 Greene, Amanda Lynn
                                 Predictors of breast cancer screening in women with chronic conditions           Johantgen, Meg
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Epps, Cynthia Douglas
                                                                                                                  Kee, Carolyn C.
                                 Predictors of length of stay, discharge disposition, and hospital charges in elders following hip and knee arthroplasty
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                 payment systems: An applied
                                 Prescription drug profiles as health risk adjusters in capitated Ray, Saurabh Hsiao, Cheng econometric analysis
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                            or convert to for-profit: The federal and state regulato
                                 Preserving the public interest when nonprofit hospitals mergeLynch, Judith M.    Hansen, Susan B.
                                                                                                  Gary, Tiffany L.Brancati, Frederick L.; Crum, Rosa M.
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Primary health care for urban African Americans with type 2 diabetes mellitus: Current practices and behavioral inte
                                                                                                  Mitton, marginalDonaldson,
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Priority setting in regional health authorities: Program budgeting andCraig Roy analysis Cameron
                                                                                                  McIlroy, Elaine Christina
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Privacy, confidentiality and genetic databases: A modified rights approach Dickens, Bernard
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Program evaluation: Why we don't do it                                              MacNeill,
                                                                                                  Boudreau, Debra Ann Mark
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Harrell, David E.
                                                                                                                  Hoye, Robert
                                 Providers' perspective regarding quality of health care delivery to patients insured by managed care organizations
DARTMOUTH COLLEGE                                                                                  care reform in communities
                                 Providing evidence and measurement tools to support health Bazos, DorothyFisher, Elliott S.
                                                                                                  Gordon, Michael reflection
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Provision of ViagraRTM by third-party insurers. A study of priority setting asSinger, Peterof distributive justice
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI                                                                               Jenkins, Elizabeth Armistead M.; Morgan, Robert
                                                                                                                  McCabe, Philip
                                 Psychosocial predictors of outpatient utilization in kidney transplant recipients and wait-listed dialysis patients O.
                                 Public managed care models and cost containment: The caseSheu, Mei-ling Hu, Teh-wei
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                 of Medi-Cal
                                                                                                  Quantz, Darryl Community Health Council (Alberta)
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Public participation in health policy: A case study of the Region 4 Aboriginal Thurston, Wilfreda E.
                                 Quality                                                          Brown, Arleen Brook, Robert H.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES of care for Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes mellitus in fee-for-service and managed care
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY                                                                   Silverman, Eden Joy
                                                                                                                   patients with AIDS
                                 Quality of life and depression: Attitudes toward physician-assisted suicide inOverholser, James
                                 Redefining hospital                                              Finocchio, Leonard James
                                                                                                                  Hirth, Richard
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH uncompensated care in California: The changing landscape from 1994--1998
                                 Redesign                                                           Xia, Jie        Hunter, Harold
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH of complaint processing procedures in Kaiser Permanente Tri-Central Service Area R.
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY        Regression models for analysis of medical costs                                    Gardiner, Joseph C.
                                                                                                    Polverejan, Elena
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                             Hayashi, competitive model J.; Gowrisankaran, Gau
                                 Regulation and the provision of care in nursing homes: Estimation of aFumiko       Holmes, Thomas
                                 Regulation of health                                               Warcup, profession in British
                                                                                                                    McLeod, Martha
UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)professions: The regulation of the physiotherapy Margaret Kathleen Columbia and the change
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                            Zubenko, Wendy Nuss Glenn M.
                                 Relationship of institutional characteristics to comprehensiveness of studentNelson, centers among colleges and univ
                                 Relationships among patient acuity, service intensity weight, and nursing Irene CollinsElaine L.selected non-Medicare
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TEACHERS COLLEGE                                                                                Rigolosi,
                                                                                                    McEachen, intensity weight for
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                            Spiegel, Kathryn Suzanne
                                 Reliability and validity testing of an acuity tool for use in the long-term acute care hospital setting
                                 R                                                                  MacRae, Beverly Ann
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) etention of nurses in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (Alberta)              Hamilton, Douglas
                                 Role of organizational culture PROFESSIONS                         Pursley, NancyGraber, David R.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH in merging hospital clinical and non-clinical departments  Patrick
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER                                                                    Reissman, Stephan GaryRichard
                                 Routing: An alternative to the delivery of traditional 'lights and sirens' emergency medical services
                                 'Running to stand still':                                          Schellenberg, Carolyn Scotland. Relationships betwee
UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA) Nurses' roles with children and families in the community inMay    MacLeod, Martha
BROWN UNIVERSITY                                                                                    Shah, Ann Corinn
                                 Rural hospital and nursing home linkages: The role of structural homophily Fennell, Mary
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                Selection and treatment effects in managed care                                    McGuire, Thomas
                                                                                                    Gomes, Carla Salsa
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                             Schultz, Jennifer Sue
                                 Selection of health care provider systems in a direct contracting model            Feldman, Roger D.
UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS                                                                               prostheses forYoung,
                                                                                                                     prostheses survival and patient satisfac
                                 Seven year single surgery team comparison of selected penileBrinkman, Mary Jo Michael
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                          Hirschman, Karen on women B.
                                 Sick role theory and breast cancer: An exploration of the impact of the sick roleBeth Peterwith breast cancer
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY organ transplantation and people with HIV                                        Penhoet, Edward E.
                                                                                                    Braff, Jeffrey Philip
                                 Specialty-related treatment differences among Medicare beneficiariesContessa
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                             Weaver, Michael
                                                                                                    Fincher, with unstable angina
THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Stochastic modeling of long-term care insurance                                       Vinsonhaler,
                                                                                                    Rasoanaivo, Guy Rolland Charles
GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Sadik, Muhammad Community
                                 Strategic leadership for non-profit organizations, a case study: The San FranciscoNur Larry Clinic Consortium (SFC
                                 S                                                                                  Parsons, Jim
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) treet supervision in the British Columbia ambulance service Manuel, Richard (Rick) Alexander
                                                                                                    Shaikh, Irshad Ali
                                                                                                                    Tayback, A case study of national healt
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Strengths and limitations of population-based health surveys in developing countries: Matthew
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                                  McAlearney, JohnNewhouse, Joseph P.
                                 Stretching the safety net: Child participation in public insurance and the state of community health centers
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) upervisory and leadership roles of EMS unit chiefs                                  Williams, A. T. (Tony)
                                                                                                    Miller, Allan James
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) Taxonomy for guidelines of healthcare                               Gandhi, Sulma Moehr, Jochen R.
                                 Testing the feasibility of Friedson's professionalization model:Morssink, of dieteticsBerenddomain of nutrition (Elliot
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER                                                           Mensah, the
                                                                                                     The case Christiaan in Ed
                                 The adoption HILL                                                  Anderson, Wayne L. Edward C.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL and effects of state Medicaid home care Medicare maximization programs   Norton,
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Limeberry, Gregory Lee
                                                                                                                    Hoch, quality
                                 The clinical effects of a modified continuous quality-improvement program on the Carolynof care in a not-for-profit l
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) he continuum of care: What does it look like?                                        Dawn
                                                                                                    Sieker, BeverlyCull, Elizabeth
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                              Paterson, CraigDuBois, assisted
                                 The contribution of natural law theory to moral and legal debate concerning suicide,James M.suicide, and voluntary
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                            Hashem,         Chi,
                                 The cost of expertise: Specialization as one source of diagnostic errors Ahmad Michelene T. H.
                                 The culture of health care: Orientation for Japanese immigrants in the greater Los AngelesJoseph
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON                                                                              Nevadomsky, area (California)
                                                                                                    Takamatsu, Hisako
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                                                                              Hershberger, Ann Katherine Graber
                                                                                                                    Glick, Doris
                                 The delicate dance: A case study of relationships between Nicaraguan health nongovernment organizations, commu
                                 The demand for a Medicare prescription drug benefit: Exploring consumer preferences in a hypothetical managed c
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                                               Mott,
                                                                                                    Cline, Richard Ryan David A.
                                  (CANADA)                                                          Torgerson, regionalization in Saskatchewan
                                                                                                                    Dickinson, H.
THE UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWANThe democratization of public institutions: The case study of health care Renee Chontelle D.
BENEDICTINE UNIVERSITY           The dynamics of interorganization collaboration                                    Sorensen, Peter
                                                                                                    Thongkhong-Park, Phavinee
                                 The                                                                Raut, management asthma
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE economic impact of DUR interventions on the pharmacological Monika KumarofBruce C. in children
                                 The                                                                 HIV/AIDS patients' therapeutic drug regimen adherenc
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - SAINT LOUIS effect of a Technology-Linking Care (TLC) intervention on Musser, DonnaHardin, Sally
BELLARMINE UNIVERSITY                                                                                the understanding Sherill Nones
                                 The effect of a total quality management resource manual onBarbour, B. Michaeland perceived effectiveness of team
                                 The effect of capitated risk sharing payment method on primary care physicians' clinical decision-making
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                               Shen, Joannie Andersen, Ronald
                                 The effect of                                                      LaFrance, Kevin G.
                                                                                                                    Hernandez, S. Robert
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM managed-care penetration and patient-specific factors on satisfaction in the Department of Defense ac
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Shen, Yu-Chu hospitals
                                 The effect of market reforms and ownership choice on the quality of care in Cutler, David
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY                                                                                of college women
                                 The effect of multiple roles on the health promotion activitiesWillis, Jennifer Cannon, Sharon B.
                                 NEW JERSEY occupational                                             organizationalGriffith, Hurdis M.
RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF The effect of - NEWARK image on the relationship betweenJasovsky, Deborah Anne behavior, job satisfaction, a
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                             Nayebaziz, HamidLitman, Theodor medical groups: A stra
                                 The effect of revenues from health maintenance organizations on the structural attributes of J.
                                 The effectiveness of healthcare cost-containment strategies: Li,contingency Yuen, Peter; Thompson, David
HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY (PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA)                                                       Keung
                                                                                                    A Terence Siu approach
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                                Valdovinos, Maria Gabriela with developmental disa
                                                                                                                    Warren, Steve
                                 The effects of a computerized monitoring system of psychotropic medication use by peopleF.; Schroeder, Stephen R.
                                 The                                                                Lee, outcomes
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYeffects of clinical integration on hospital efficiency and patientKwangsooWan, Thomas T. H.
BENEDICTINE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Livingston, Jean centers' performance
                                 The effects of differentiation and integration on measures of academic healthead, Thomas C.
MADONNA UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Douglas, Linda Rhoades, K.
                                 The effects of hospice occupational stress on children in the professionals' home  Marie
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                              Al-Mailam, Faten Fahad
                                                                                                                    Park, Keeok
                                 The effects of leadership on hospital performance in public and private hospitals in Kuwait
REGENT UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Dyer, Robert Bostain, Dyanne
                                 The effects of managed care on professional physical therapist education M.
                                 T                                                                  Barclay, April Scotch,
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAShe effects of managed care on the utilization of mental health services Michelle Richard K.
INDIANA UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Ghose, Sushmita Shoma
                                                                                                                    McFall, Richard
                                 The effects of post-stroke depression on inpatient and outpatient medical utilization: A retrospective database study
WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY The effects of reengineering on hospital performance indicators                         Cowden,
                                                                                                    Albery, Linda Rutgers David
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Pletcher, longitudinal Norman
                                The employee-patient-profit chain in a traditional for-profit hospital: A Robert Gary case study
                                                                                                 nurse managers working in
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The experience of managing from the perspective of first-line Hollett, Jane Elizabeth Gail program management
                                The                                                              Warren, Mark Emery Sherman
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO feasibility of incorporating the OSHA proposed ergonomics standard relating to the reduction of musculoskeleta
                                The                                                              Livadiotakis, senior clients: A
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) impact of continuing care reforms to home support service on former Georgia Gloriaregional assessment (Bri
                                The impact of                                                    Spang, Heather Radach Richard J.
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN hospital consolidation: An examination of consolidating hospitals and their rivals
SPALDING UNIVERSITY                                                                              Newman, Karen Profitt
                                The impact of leadership style and empowerment on nursing organizational Shaughnessy, Mary Angela
BOSTON UNIVERSITY               The impact of managed care on the hospital industry                              McGuire,
                                                                                                 Bernard, Didem Minbay Thomas G.
                                The impact of provincial government funding arrangements on community-based nonprofit organizations providing
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                              Evenson, DanielaHudson, Pete
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Nogle, Sally Eaves
                                                                                                                 Dummer, Gail
                                The importance and measurability of selected NATA educational competencies as perceived by certified athletic trai
                                                                                                 Juday, TimothyWu, Albert
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The importance of injection frequency, HIV infection, and Medicaid managedReynolds    care in explaining the longitudinal med
                                T                                                                Bressler, Sandra department at the
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) he important components of a matrix management structure for the therapyIrene Douglas Children's and Wo
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY                                                                            Swick, Sandra Suepractice at a rural academic Patricia S.
                                The influence of a changing health care environment on the role of faculty inLogan, Suzanne; Yoder-Wise, health cen
FORDHAM UNIVERSITY                                                                               death Hayley Burton, Leslie
                                The influence of cognitive impairment on desire for hastened Pessin,among terminally ill AIDS patients
                                The influence of gender on a staff nurse's perception of nurseSecord, Michele M.
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY                                                             manager styleSantavenere, Olive
                                The                                                               of the long Lynn Mary Etta
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE influence of nursing home characteristics on the accuracyJoslin, Susanterm care minimum data set
                                                                                                 Hubbard, in Weiss, setting
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The job adjustment experience of survivors of downsizing: A case studyKayaFrancesJoel
                                T                                                                Scobie, Jacqueline Mae
                                                                                                                 Haslin, Velma
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) he learning organization: Breathing life into the Northern Interior Health Region (British Columbia)
                                The maladaptive effects of job transition on the quality of life Gilbert, James Pascal,Philip A. Hospital Pensacola (Flor
NEW ORLEANS BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY                                                                         Coyle, Jr.
                                                                                                  of military personnel at Naval
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Kalist, David Ernest
                                The market for nurses: Earnings, supply of new entrants, and AIDS (Immune Spurr, Stephen J.
THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA (CANADA) nature and impact of emergency medical services work Carrington, Jody L. C.    Stark,
                                T                                                                  Kootenay Region
                                                                                                                 McKenzie, James R.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) he nature of interpersonal and informal conflicts in the WestRolleman, Robert of the British Columbia Nurses' Unio
                                 NURSING (DELAWARE)
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFThe nursing shortage: A focus on staff retention                                   Sartell, Barbara
                                                                                                 Dorofee, Patricia Whaley
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                       Boxenbaum, Eva  Brotman, with
                                The partnership metaphor in Quebec health care policy: The decision-making process Shari cognitively impaired elde
THE UNION INSTITUTE                                                                              Kirk, Angela Maureen Edward
                                The perceptions and experiences of HIV positive individuals concerning the obstacles to their medical care
VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY                                                                                            Zaner, Richard
                                The phenomenology of integrity: An essay in clinical ethics Dudzinski, Denise Marie
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I                                                                            Shon, James Thomas
                                                                                                                 Neubauer, Deane
                                The politics of community-based partnerships in the development of alternative elder-wellness networks and service
                                The power                                                         transformations and mind-body healing experiences b
                                                                                                                 Clements, Jennifer
INSTITUTE OF TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY of the drum: A multi-cultural journey into spiritual Lounsberry, Joyce Beverly
                                The relationship among governmental                              quality of care,Roussel, Linda quality of life in nursing f
LOUISIANA STATE UNIV. HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER SCHOOL OF NURSING regulations, perceived Broussard, Paula Cassidy    and perceived
                                The relationship between financial indicators and the deployment ofDouglasHouser, Howard W.; McGee, Gail W.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                           L.
                                                                                                 Smith, telemedicine
                                The relationship between medication refills                      Schlaefer, Edward Verner
                                                                                                                 Jenkins, Carolyn M.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONSand health system encounters for Medicaid clients with diabetes mellitu
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                                                                           Ridge, Richard Merwin,
                                The relationship between patient satisfaction with nursing care and nurse staffing Elizabeth I.
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Erb, Joann Marie volunteers
                                                                                                                 Legos, Patricia
                                The relationship between perceived self-efficacy and retention of new hospice Kelly
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY                                                                            Howle, Donna Yvonne
                                The relationship between the work effectiveness of staff nurses and their perception of their nurse managers' empo
                                The relationship of emotional PROFESSIONS                        Rau, William Arthur R. Martin
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH intelligence test scores to job performance evaluation scores in the management grou
                                The relationship of healthcare managers' spirituality to their self-perceived effective leadership practices
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                             Kilpatrick, Anne Osborne
                                                                                                 Strack, James Gary
                                The relationship of knowledge, skill and confidence in hospital social work practice
ADELPHI UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK                                                                        Viswanathan, Narayan
                                                                                                 Chernack, Peter Ian
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY             The reported experience of a hospice interdisciplinary team Musumeci, James S.   O'Connor, Bridget
                                The role                                                          health care Wolfe, Barbara L.
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON of access barriers and health conditions in evaluatingKuo, Sylvia use disparities by insurance status
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                                                           Tucker, Thomas Comstock
                                                                                                                 Gallagher, Eugene B.
                                The role of age and gender in determining access to chemotherapy for patients with stage III colorectal cancer
                                 BUFFALO                                                         Kedron, Mary Ann Carlos Roberto
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATThe role of the primary care physician in the quality of life of adolescent asthmatics
YORK UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                         Sutton, WendyGilmour, Joan M.
                                The Social Union Framework Agreement: Medicare in the (re)balance?
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Tweneboah, Richard Kwabena Amo
                                                                                                                 Hoye, Robert
                                The socioeconomic impact of managed health care on Ghanaian private health care providers and their low income
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Snyder, Susan Rose William S.
                                The United States physician services market: Price competition, bargaining power, and the effects of physician-man
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Calhoun, Ramona
                                The use of computer information technology in the practices of physicians Ahmad, Aqueil
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                       Azoulay, Arik Platt, Robert; Eisenberg, the United Sta
                                The use of the transition cost accounting system to compare costs of treatment between Canada andMark J.
UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO                                                                          Kim, the Kim Alliance Scale
                                Therapeutic alliance: Development, evaluation, and application ofSon Chae Georges, Jane M.
                                Therapeutic assessment with the Rorschach from a cognitive behavioral perspective
WIDENER UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE FOR GRADUATE CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY                                                   Brabender, Virginia
                                                                                                 Yoder, Stephanie E.
                                 RESEARCH CENTER
SAYBROOK GRADUATE SCHOOL ANDThyroid patients' use of the Internet: A description and analysis    Gerardi, Lisa H.Webel, Charles
                                                                                                 Nycz, Shelley Joyce
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Time-sensitive architecture: South Calgary Diagnostic and Treatment CentreBoutin, Marc
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ransforming the training paradigm in healthcare brick by brick                   Doyle, Patrick
                                                                                                 Reid, Marina Elizabeth
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA     Trust and managed mental health care                             Chen, Huey Jen  Evans, Mary E.
                                 NEW JERSEY - NEW BRUNSWICK
RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF Trust in primary care physicians: Does managed care matter?McAlpine, Donna       Mechanic, David
                                Unangan perspective, AND MGMT.                                   Santos, Palmira Chilingerian, Jon
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY licensed or unlicensed providers in remote, rural villages before and after realization of the Ind
                                                                                                 Swandollar Eger, Mary Elizabeth
                                                                                                                 Swerdlow, the contemporary medical o
LAMAR UNIVERSITY - BEAUMONT Under the knife: An analysis of information technology and the prognosis for success inRobert A.
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Spicer, Jerry William evaluation
                                Understanding patient-centered care: The importance of consumer satisfaction in Carolyn research and program
                                U                                                                Garrett, board table Nancy
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) nruly conversations with a health council: Giving voice a place at theStephen     Greer,
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Gerard, Roger A. Steeves, Analyzing
                                Validating an approach for assessing effectiveness of mutual problem-solving efforts:William physician and mana
                                                                                                 Robinson, Joanne Hembree
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS Variables that affect the amount of the consent that clinical research subjects readMargaret
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Variation in institutional pharmaceutical formularies                              Jacobs,
                                                                                                 Gebran, Joseph James Philip
                                VHA facility integration: Changes in operational effectivenessVriesman, Leahquality, 1993--1997
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                               Jeanne
                                                                                                  and perceivedAndersen, Ronald
                                V                                                                Adashynski, Beth
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) irtual teaming in British Columbia's North West Health Authorities                Walker, Roger
                                Wellness program influence on health risk factors and medical costs among Seventh-day Adventist workers
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                            Rose
                                                                                                 James, BarbaraBrown, Kathleen C.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                           Byrd, Daniel T.Mitchell, Will; Mizruchi,
                                When peers become teachers: The impact of inter-firm relationships on learning and performance Mark S.
                                                                                                 Swisher, Stephen Lowell
UNITED THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Your faith has made you whole: The correlation between faith and wellness Roberson, J. T. Jr.; Wilkes, Lawrence
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Williams, Annette C. Sharon
                                A baseline study of person-environment fit in two models of care in institutionalized elderly with Alzheimer's type de
WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                            applications Greenberg,
                                A Box-Cox random coefficients model: Bayesian analysis and Hollenbeak, Christopher S.Edward
                                A case
INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING study of a hospital merger: Process and outcomes            Ehrlich, Sonna Pesut, Daniel J.
                                A comparative                                                    Ford, Eric William
                                                                                                                  Duncan, W. Jack; Ginter, Peter
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM study of state health agency configurations and the communication patterns of their leadersM.
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Poindexter, James to primary
                                A comparative study of the correlation between health care changes and access Thomas health services in Pittsbu
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS                                                                        Reiss, Rhona Gorsky
                                                                                                                  Newsom, Ronald W.
                                A comparison of leadership styles of occupational therapy education program directors and clinic administrators
                                                                                                 Ralls, Elaine Elizabeth Frank
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY A comparison of sales professionals in their perceptions of the use of social power bases by their supervisors
                                                                                                 Wills, patients with managed care
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY A comparison of utilization and health outcomes of incident dialysisStacey Anderson, Gerard versus fee-for-servi
                                A BEACH                                                          Zhao, Ying
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG complete electronic commerce model for making appointments with doctors online: The Web site
THE WRIGHT INSTITUTE                                                                             McNaul, Nancy A.
                                A consumer satisfaction outcome evaluation of a day and residential treatment program serving severely emotional
UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA                                                                            Waller, Raymond Jefferson
                                                                                                                  DeWeaver, Kevin
                                A correlational study of the impact of discrimination on disposition during hospital emergency services contacts
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) A family member's experience of cadaveric organ donation Kindleman, Brenda Lynette Allen, Marion
                                A                                                                Bucher, Elizabeth Karen assistance
                                                                                                                  Harris, Morag B. Colvin
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - COMMERCE logistic regression analysis of predictor variables to successful outcome in employeeWagner
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                                             Chun, Sung-Hwan Sonny
                                                                                                                  Saving, Thomas R.
                                A market basket-based outpatient medical care service price index with private insurance claims data
THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO                                                                         Slatick, Emil Paul
                                                                                                                  Elliott, Robert
                                A method for the assessment of treatment effectiveness and client satisfaction in the mental health service arena
UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO A model for evaluating the context of nursing care delivery Houser, Janet Lynn    Cooney, John
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                       Gonzalez Echeverri, German
                                                                                                                  Battista, Renaldo N.
                                A model for improving emergency services of Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paul, Medellin-Colombia
                                                                                                 Kinder, Karen S. Anderson, Gerard F.
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY A model of physician behavior, payment method, and practice setting: An analysis of physicians in the former East G
                                A model of the relationships between health status and satisfaction with care delivery outcomes and health care nee
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE                                                                                 Waltz, Carolyn; Johantgen, Meg
                                                                                                 Parker, Ruth Rominger
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            Nicholson, Lawrence A. Asoo; Erenguc, S. Selcuk
                                A multiechelon inventory approach for a distribution system in the health care industry
                                A new paradigm to evaluate quality-adjusted life years (QALY)Sengupta, Nishandatabase: Transforming health status
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                 from secondary
                                A                                                                Faria, Mary Frances Veloz
                                                                                                                  Moore, William
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN non-traditional way to manage change: Collapsing hierarchy temporarily to allow for collective knowledge work
                                                                                                 Kelly, Donna Leanne
                                                                                                                   in a First Anita
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) A phenomenological study of the lived experience of culturally sensitive careMolzahn, Nation community
                                A                                                                Gubbels, Serina Mary Patrick
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) prescription for wellness: Exploring the opportunity for client-centred health care delivery
                                A production function framework for the examination of a home health careForeman, Stephen E.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  telemedicine technology
                                                                                                 Palmer, Liisa Alexandra
                                A randomized trial of computer-based instruction for physicians Douglas Scott Robert H.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                            Bell,            Brook,
                                A retrospective AT SAN ANTONIO                                   Borgfeld, JoyceGraveley, Elaine
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTERstudy comparing the costs and outcomes of three alternatives for monitoring patients who come to
                                A AT CHAPEL obtaining inferences about projected completors in longitudinal studies with nonignorable dropout (M
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA strategy for HILL                                                                Sen, Pranab
                                                                                                 Bowman, Fredrick DuBois K.; Stewart, Paul W.
THE FIELDING INSTITUTE                                                                           Tyler-Evans, Marcia E. Marie
                                A study of a dissident subculture in an acute care hospital setting               Farrell,
                                A study of a quality improvement team: Admitting patients from theFelicia Margaret Gene to inpatient units
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                                      Watson,
                                                                                                 Green, Emergency Department
                                A study of employee health plan choice and medical cost: Panel data probit Vuong, Quang H.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                Ahn, Jeonghoon   regression and sample selection model
BELLARMINE COLLEGE                                                                               Wood, Sandra Miller, Maggie
                                A study of nursing attitudes towards computers in two small rural community hospitals
                                A study of substance abuse treatment for                         Lussier, Eileen Fasoli
                                                                                                                  O'Connor, Marianne; Blum, Stephen
CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY - BERKELEY/ALAMEDA an insured population: Consideration of gender, substance of choice and d
                                A study of surgical waiting lists and waiting times for selected Sanmartin, Claudia Columbia
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)                                                                       Sheps,
                                                                                                 procedures in British Sam
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                         Moahi, Kgomotso Hildegard
                                                                                                                  Rasmussen, Edie M.
                                A study of the information behavior of health care planners, managers and administrators in Botswana and implicati
                                                                                                 Webb, Gertrude Ilsevolunteering behavior in a hospice
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY A study of the relationships between organizational and motivational factorsSnow, William
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Hatch, Stanley Isaacson,
                                A study of values influencing leadership in the sale of Saint Louis University Hospital Nancy
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Savage, Ronny Fiedler, Roger
                                A survey of occupational therapists' views on managed care and patient careL. physical disability environments
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE              A validity study comparing the MDS-PAC and FIM(TM) instrument                      Michelle Lynn
                                                                                                 Mioduszewski,Fiedler, Roger
                                                                                                                  Starfield, Barbara
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Ability to obtain health care: Does family coverage matter? Giovannini, Terence Anthony
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       health insurance coverage V.
                                                                                                                  Pauly, Mark
                                Access to free care for the uninsured and its effect on private Herring, Bradley James
                                                                                                 Torres, the right to Rebecca
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Access to treatment as a human right: A discussion of the aspects of Mary Ann health under national and internati
CARLOS ALBIZU UNIVERSITY                                                                         Kravetz, Brian Eli
                                                                                                                  Sydnor, Denise Newman
                                Accreditation standards for mental healthcare professionals in the treatment of HIV-positive women with children:
                                Acute care length of stay and post-acute discharge destination following hip Speechley, Mark Valley District Health C
THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO (CANADA)                                                                        fracture, Thames
                                                                                                 Chesworth, Herbert Mackenzie
                                                                                                 Tabbiner, Philip Stewart
                                                                                                                  Plank, Richard
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Adaptive behavior and sales performance: An international study in healthcare sales (United States, United Kingdom
NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH                                                                   Harris, health care Rayna
                                Adjusting expectations: Chiropractic, pain, and an evolving AmericanFrancesRapp,system
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Rivers State, Nigeria Robert
                                 Administrative management problems in selected hospitals inOrdu, Prince Augustine Amaechi
                                 Administrators' knowledge and attitudes regarding sexuality among Elaine Karen
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                          Salon, the elderly living in residential care facilities
                                 Air Force family nurse practitioner and Air Force family physician perception of A. family nurse practitioner role in m
UNIFORMED SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF THE HEALTH SCIENCES                                             Houlihan, Sandra the
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Carey, Shannon Magenis
                                                                                                                 Guthrie, Gerald D.
                                 Alternative and allopathic medicine: What influences patients' choice of health care practitioner?
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS An analysis of medical futility dilemmas                                         Walton,
                                                                                                 Powell, Eloise Angela Craig
                                  OF NURSING                                                     Eichenberger, Marianne L.
                                                                                                                 Chiverton, Patricia
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER SCHOOL An analysis of turnover costs/retention measures for nursing assistants in Maryland nursing homes
                                                                                                 Liberopoulos, Maura Helene
                                                                                                                 Remington, David O.; Ryan, G. Jeremiah
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY An assessment of employee wellness preferences and a development of a comprehensive wellness program, and pla
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                           Sedatole, Karen Louise Shannon W.
                                 An empirical analysis of quality measures and quality performance drivers: Evidence from a laser eye surgery firm
                                 An                                                              Dodd, Sarah-Jane hospital setting
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA empirical study of the role of social workers in ethical decision making in Jansson, Bruce S.
                                                                                                 Lopatka, Harold George
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) An evaluation of a community pharmacy reimbursement model for cognitive services John
                                 An                                                              Zahner, Susan Schauffler, Helen Halpin
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY evaluation of a policy mandating memoranda of understanding between Joanne managed care plans and local
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           centered care approach to ambulatory Oregon Health
                                 An evaluation of community pharmacists applying the patientCrowder, TerryChi, Chunhuei
                                 A                                                               Payne, ER workload coding encounters
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) n evaluation of the influence of decision making on the reliability ofKelle Jean Samier, Eugenie
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Dupclay, Leon,Murawski, Matthew M.
                                 An evaluation of the relationships between health-related quality of life, disease severity, healthcare utilization, and
                                                                                                 Borkowski, Nancy M.William of
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY An examination of physicians' participation and levels of acceptance in the implementationR. clinical practice guidel
                                                                                                 Duggan,         MacDonald,
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) An examination of the information resources preferred by physicians Lawrence Joseph Bertrum
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                                                                           Fuller, DouglasScherer, William T.
                                 An exploration of population classification for managed healthcare within a state-based modeling framework
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                          living Connie Schultz,community
                                                                                                                 a rural Phyllis R.
                                 An exploration of women's experience of growing older whileBellin, alone inLouise Crawford
                                                                                                 Kim, Yang performance Carleen H.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA An impact of integrated delivery system on hospital financial and qualityKyun       Stoskopf, under managed care
                                 An implementation                                               Agyepong, Irene Akua James
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL model for a district management system to achieve continuous quality improvement in malaria c
UNIVERSITY OF SARASOTA                                                                           Saunders, Wallace Sanford
                                                                                                                 in healthcare
                                 An international cross-cultural study of the role of chief information officers Pesakovic, Gordana; Bernard, Prosper
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                           Anderson, CarlBadger, Kent
                                 An investigation of leadership as a factor in quality improvement implementation in United States hospitals
                                 An investigation of patient outcomes related to interdisciplinary discharge planning collaboration
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                                            Littlefield, Vivian M.
                                                                                                 Corser, William David
                                 Analysis of                                                     Turner, Shelly Earls
                                                                                                                 Dowell, viability
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA IN HUNTSVILLE operational decision making by nurse executives in hospital settings: TheMarsha of the Turner decision-
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Analysis of systems: The Jumla community health program Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Richard
                                 Analysis                                                        Tela, Stephen Barnoon,
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST of the impact of TRICARE on ambulatory health services utilization Douglas Shlomo
                                 Analysis                                                        Sapp, Cary C. Hunter, Harold
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACHof the Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California customer satisfaction survey
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                  Michaud, Cecile elchat, Diane; Bouchard, Louise
                                 Apprentissages de parents et d'infirmieres lors de l'application du PRIFAM Programme precoce d'interventions famil
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY         Approaches to creating anonymous patient database               Shen, Shijun Jagannathan, V.
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Davis,            C.
                                 Assessing cultural diversity: A case study on attitudes in health care DeborahVaughan, Peter B.
                                 Assessing HEALTH                                                Joshi, Maulik Sharad
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIChospital quality of care: Is there a link between accreditation and mortality?Michael
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          Radcliff, adherence for Roger D.
                                 Assessing the relationship between hospital competition and guidelineTiffany Anne acute myocardial infarction
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                Parker, Is there a role for outpatient
                                 Assessment of prognostic comorbidity in hospital outcomes research:Joseph Graddy, Elizabeth A. pharmacy data?
                                 Attributing inpatient HEALTH                                    McCandless, in R.
                                                                                                                 Warner, David
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC care to diabetes: The case of Medicare for the elderlyRoyTexas, 1995 C.
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY              Automated classification of medical text reports                                Hripcsak,
                                                                                                 Wilcox, Adam Benjamin George
                                 Barriers COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                          Rucker, Susan G.Ryan, Michael T.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - to collaboration for community health development in Charlotte, North Carolina with a focus on children ag
DUKE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Lourdes de Leon, Viridiana Alicia
                                                                                                                  in finance
                                 Bayesian modeling and analysis of multivariate time series, with applicationsWest, Mikeand health policy
                                 Being                                                           DiMola, Mary Harvey, Jerry B.
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY fired: Presentation of the self in re-employed healthcare executives Ann
                                 B                                                               Purdom, Judith of care clients J.
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ridging the gap: Identified community-based care options for alternate levelEileen Kathrynand the impact on the h
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                           Watson, delivery systems:
                                 California health maintenance organizations and integrated healthcareJamesDitty, MarilynThe relationship between i
                                  BUFFALO                                                                        E.
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATCandidates for outpatient blood and marrow transplantation Hahn, Theresa Cummings, K. Michael
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Draheim, syndrome Anthony
                                 Cardiovascular disease risk in adults with mental retardation and Down Christopher Charles
                                 C                                                               Smith, Vivian Lynne
                                                                                                                 Chappell, Neena
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) aregiver perception of need and barriers towards establishing a more effective regional respite care program (Britis
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                Banks, Janet Avant, Kay
                                 Carrying the load: Nursing care experiences in a public hospital system McKibbin
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                             Gaskamp, Carol DianeCarol E.
                                 Changes in family economic resources and quality of life in long-term home parenteral nutrition care
                                 Changes                                                         Mendenhall, John Howard, Jr.
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON in treatment decision making styles of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients David H.
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Neely, Keith William Sherri
                                 Characteristics of CareOregon members who use the emergency department for medically unnecessary conditions
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Romeu, Rita Marie
                                                                                                                 Boruch, Robert
                                 Charity care in New Jersey hospitals: Health policy issues in the development of a proposed method for allocating su
THE UNION INSTITUTE                                                                              Trehearne, Barbara Ellis Susan
                                 Chief nurse executive role and purpose: Perceptions of senior leaders and nurse managers
                                                                                                 Volante, KarenBozeman, William responsibilities, char
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Clinical nutrition managers' perceptions of nutrition teams in acute care institutions: Roles andC.
CLARKSON COLLEGE                                                                                 Naumes, Susan G.
                                 Codes: Recall of internal hospital emergency procedure activation systems Timmons, Mae E.
MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                     Wilson, Thomas Graves William Martin
                                 Community attitudes, operational indicators, and hospital administration: Examining the determinants surrounding
                                 Community constituencies' perceptions of local health department functional performance and willingness as collab
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                  Halverson, Paul K.
                                                                                                 Steffen, David Pierce
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Percy, Allison Marie Mark V.
                                 Community rating and regulatory reform in health insurance markets              Pauly,
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Comparative analysis of state capitation rate setting methodsHsieh, Ginny Anderson, Gerard F.
                                Comparing community adjustment and program costs of consumers of contrasting mental health housing programs
THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA                                                                              Noble, John
                                                                                               Morrissette, David Joseph
                                Comparison of case management combined with psychotherapy and psychotherapy alone in treatment of children a
FULLER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY                                                               Tan,
                                                                                               Fish, Debra Mae Siang-Yang
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                       Smith, Tina ReneaBednar, Carolyn
                                Comparison of employee education levels and accuracy of menu data input for automated diet office programs at ho
                                Comparisons of clinical preventive services utilization among elderly, middle-aged and young adults in five Texas site
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                              Guo, Jong-Long   Gottlieb, Nell H.; Holahan, Carole K.
PACIFIC LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY                                                                                     Keith
                                Competencies of the superior operating room nurse managerKondrat, Brian Schultz, Carolyn W.
                                Competition and voluntary disclosure of quality information: Jin, Zhe and empirical evidence from HMO markets
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                           Theory          Hotz, V. Joseph
                                C                                                              Warrington, Grant Stephen
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) onflict management in health care: Designing systems or developing ADR programs?Lang, Michael
THE UNION INSTITUTE                                                                            Murdock, JoanSurkin, Marvin
                                Confronting death: The perceptions and experiences of African-American and white head and neck cancer patients a
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                        disks           Shirley Louise
                                Continuity of care for migrant farmworkers utilizing computerBayham-Hicks,Effken, Judith A.
                                Continuity HEALTH
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC of care: A reconceptualization based on agency theory                  Wyszewianski, Leon
                                                                                               Donaldson, Molla Sloane
                                Coordination and productivity of Department of Veterans Affairs psychiatricL.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                              units providing
                                                                                               Zazzali, James Bloom, Joan R. psychosocial rehabilitati
                                Cost                                                           Feeney, Elaine Soeken, Karen L.
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE and utilization of health services for substance dependent women before and after the initiation of substance d
                                                                                               Kelley, EdwardBaker, Timothy
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Cost, quality and quality assurance in developing country health systems: The measurement and improvement of ch
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                       Heard, borderlineLinehan, Marsha M.
                                Cost-effectiveness of dialectical behavior therapy in the treatment ofHeidi Lynn personality disorder
                                                                                               McClendon, Estee Milton
                                                                                                                Beverly, Urias; Poindexter, patients with
UNITED THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Cross Roads: A faith-based support group to supplement medical treatments for pain management for Gale
                                Customer service OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGEin an intensive care unit                                         West, Valerie
                                                                                               Richins, Suzanne Moss
                                D                                                              Lee, I-Nong Embrechts, Mark J.; Peters,
RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE ata mining techniques applied to medical information: Multiple solutions to support decision making Lois S.
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATData quality in the healthcare industry                                          Holstein, William K.
                                                                                               Gendron, Michael Stephen
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                             Belkin, committee
                                Death before dying: Mind, body, ethics and the Harvard brain death Gary Stuart  Brandt, Allan
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                      Sherman, Julia Koithan, Mary
                                                                                                                Van Wagenen
                                Deciding to use energy healing modalities: An exploratory study about motivational factors
                                Decision                                                       Croteau, Winnifred Debbra
                                                                                                                Keely, Beth R.
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACHfactors that influence the Medicare enrollee choice between fee-for-service and managed health care in a r
                                                                                               Pariyo, GeorgeMarrow, Richard
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Decision making for allocation of public resources in decentralized district health systems in Uganda
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) efining the program on a transitional care unit                                 Dickson, Graham
                                                                                               Dobbyn, Beverly Victoria-Anne
                                Demand for health insurance and demand for health care in rural Zihua
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                             Lin, China       Hu, Teh-wei
                                 BUFFALO                                                       Marks, Sheila Favro
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATDeterminants of functional outcome in older adults recovering from hip arthroplasty Brenda P.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                               Draper, Debra Anne Robert E.
                                Determinants of health maintenance organization entry into Medicaid managed care: A resource dependence persp
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                             Drozd, EdwardCutler, David M.
                                Determining hospital objectives: An application to teaching hospitals            Michael
BELLARMINE COLLEGE              Developing a new century of nurse leaders                                       Davis, Susan
                                                                                               Meredith, Darla Lambdin J.
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Developing ANN approaches to estimate neonatal ICU outcomes Yanling Frize, Monique
SPALDING UNIVERSITY                                                                            Sanford, Waltercollaboration in a
                                Development and field-test of an evaluation model for assessing interagencyAponte, Catherine child sexual abuse pr
                                                                                               Snyder, David Scott Richard D.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Differences in perceived importance of project management behaviors in healthcare between chief executive officer
                                Differences in the cost of care delivered by credentialed and non-credentialedFurman support dietitians
RUSH UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF NURSING                                                                             Skipper, Annalynn
                                                                                               Simmons, Janet nutrition
                                                                                               Shemanchuk, Carol Aileen
                                                                                                                Laing, Lory
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Dimensions of quality in well child clinic services: A comparison of community health nurses' and mothers' perceptio
                                 BINGHAMTON                                                    Turcotte, Leo Robert
                                                                                                                Palachek, medical
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATDoes health insurance matter? An analysis of how the type of health insurance affectsSolomon procedure use during
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                     Teng, Josephine
                                Early supported discharge for stroke patients: A cost effectiveness analysis Mayo, Nancy
                                Effect of health as SAN DIEGO                                  Rogosin, Jennifer D.
                                                                                                                Sorenson, claims
CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY -measured by health risk appraisal-derived health indices on medical Richard C.
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                      Kay, Anita Marie Sharon M.; Pope, proficiency
                                Effects of language interpretation services on medical visit patterns of patients with limited EnglishClyde R.
                                Effects of managed care on the duration of outpatient mentalCohen, EdwardSnowden, Lonnie R.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                               health episodes for young children
                                Electronic information intermediation and knowledge-intensive work processes: An exploratory study inArunclinical
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY AT CARBONDALE                                                                      Jayaprakash
                                                                                               Ambrose, Paul Ramaprasad, Arkalgud; Rai, the
THE UNION INSTITUTE             Elements: An integrative vision of health and wellness                          Heermann, Barry
                                                                                               Freiman, Arnold Bruce
                                Emergence and multiplication of a new organizational form: A study Dulce PuglieseJanice PPOs in the United States,
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                               Beyer, de Godoy
                                                                                               Bueno, of the population of M.
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                     Bundorf, Mary Kate
                                Employee demand for health insurance and employer health benefit choicesPauly, Mark V.
                                E                                                              Rowan,            Edward
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) mployee satisfaction and retention at Vigil Health Management Inc. JeffreyNixon, Gerry
                                Empowerment, job satisfaction, and                              of nurses ElvaRocchiccioli, Judith
                                                                                                                 Faye Fryar
LOUISIANA STATE UNIV. HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER SCHOOL OF NURSING professional governance Anderson,in hospitals with and without shared governa
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                                           Harris, materialsShepley, Maradelle
                                Environmental quality and healing environments: A study of flooringDebra D. in a healthcare telemetry unit
UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE                                                                         Chiha, Yvana registered nurses in the 1990s. Determin
                                                                                                                Link, Charles R.
                                Essays in labor and health economics: Factors affecting the labor supply ofAntoun
                                 NURSING (DELAWARE)
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFEstablishing an orientation program                              Steward, Nancy Ann
                                Estimating selected disease                                    Kilian, Dennis Barrett
UNIFORMED SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF THE HEALTH SCIENCES and non-battle injury Echelon I and Echelon II outpatient visits of United States soldiers a
                                Estimating the demand for preventive health services controlling for endogenous public sector resource allocations (
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                 Akin, John
                                                                                               Hutchinson, Paul Laurence
OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY       Eustress at work: Accentuating the positive                                     L.
                                                                                               Simmons, Bret Nelson, Debra L.
HARVARD UNIVERSITY              Evaluating preferences for health risks                                         Graham,
                                                                                               Corso, Phaedra Shaffer John D.
                                                                                                the quality of Anderson, Gerard
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Evaluating the effectiveness of user fee increase in improving Maeda, Akiko care: Government primary health care s
                                Evaluating the performance of intensive care units using the mortality Jokin Pekow, Penelope S.
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST                                                            De Irala, probability model: The problem of adjusting f
                                E                                                              Stickney, Douglas Gordon
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) valuation criteria for the development of residential care facilities in BritishStevenson, Barry
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                Lachaine, JeanLaurier, Claudine; Contandriopoulos, An
                                Evaluation economique des antiemetiques utilises pour le controle des vomissements induits par chimiotherapie et e
THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY                                                                          Kissel, Audrey Van Voolen T.
                                                                                                                  Yates, and
                                 Evaluation of a social support program for children with chronic medical conditionsBriantheir mothers: A cost-effect
                                 Evaluation of breast cancer early detection program participants: Follow-up Krenz, Vickie
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO                                                              Batts, Felicia A.process, utilization rates, barriers to acc
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Kim, Hyunsun Sunny
                                                                                                                  Moeschburger, Melvin
                                 Evaluation of the distributions of cost-effectiveness ratios and comparison of methods to constructing confidence in
                                                                                                 Zetzl, Susan Elizabeth Earle W.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Evaluation of the monthly prescription limit policy in the South Carolina Medicaid Program
                                 Examination                                                     Echols-Hurst, Jennie
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM of a structural model of empowerment and patient satisfactionPemberton, Judy
                                                                                                 Ohrenberger, and information technology resource all
                                                                                                                  Landry, Richard
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Examining the relationship between strategic information systems planning Timothy Jeffrey P.
OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                                                                          Zimbro, Kathie health care in an
                                                                                                                   Marie Sawyer
                                 Explanatory power of the behavior model of utilization for pediatric asthma Nichols, Brenda urban managed care se
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) acing the future---together                                                       Doyle,
                                                                                                 MacKinnon, Wendy Patrick
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                        Laperriere, Louise
                                                                                                                  Limayem, Moez
                                 Facteurs determinants de l'intention des citoyens quebecois d'utiliser une carte sante a microprocesseur (French tex
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                          Blackman, Lisa R.
                                 Factors affecting drop-out and length of treatment in binge eating disorder Fitzgibbon, Marian L.
                                                                                                 Shiroishi, Yukihiro
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Factors affecting household health care costs: Operational research in Nepal
ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Gustafson, Nancy K.
                                 Factors affecting the perceived usefulness of a disease management computer system
                                 Factors associated                                              Germano, utilization for women of New Mexico
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL with adequate and inadequate levels of prenatal careElaine        Veney, James E.
OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                                                                          Kronenburg, Maria Acedo Clare
                                 Factors associated with asthma readmissions in children's hospitals              Houseman,
                                 Factors associated with degree of adoption by hospitals in theSpies, Martha Ann Enzenauerfor Health Care Policy and
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - SAINT LOUIS                                                                               of the Agency
                                                                                                  central states McSweeney, Mary Ellen
                                 Factors                                                         Xu, health
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY associated with hospital arrangements in providing homeYihua services Robert     Hurley,
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Factors influencing patient care-seeking behaviour in primary Mathews, Maria        Barnsley, Jan
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT MONROE                                                                Tan, Jun         Mikeal, care services
                                 Factors influencing the severity case mix index in the provision of ambulatory healthRobert L.
CLEMSON UNIVERSITY                                                                               Andrews, KaterinaBradford, analysis
                                 Factors that affect the demand for medical care services: A micro-macro econometric Garnett L.
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Petrarca, John Brent, William
                                 Financial impact and the effects of capitation on physician income in health maintenance organizations
DARTMOUTH COLLEGE                Forming, operating, and improving micro-systems of health care                   Batalden, Paul B.
                                                                                                 Mohr, Julie Johnson
                                 F                                                               Komori, Judith Nixon, Gerry
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ramework to manage the release of information at the Children's and Women's Health Centre of British Columbia
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                Gustafson, Roger Gunnar the E.
                                                                                                                  County to
                                 Gambling with public health: How government officials brought Los Angeles Miller, Donald brink of disaster (Californ
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                  Cazale, Linda Denis, Jean-Louis; Langley, Ann
                                 Gestion financiere et pratiques strategiques au sein d'hopitaux publics (French text)
OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Auger Maw, Jenifer Maureen R.
                                                                                                                  Venable, William
                                 Governance practices of regional hospitals in an integrated healthcare delivery system
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                         Wickham, Cheryl Elin
                                                                                                                  Madden, Evidence
                                 Government pharmaceutical subsidy policy and the demand for health care in Russia: Carolyn A.from the Russia Lon
                                 Grounded theory approach to the discovery of nurse executive competenciesBarrett Barbara
LOUISIANA STATE UNIV. HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER SCHOOL OF NURSING                                   Bishop, SandraDonlon,
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ealing spirit: Embracing chaos, creating meaning                                  Pascal,
                                                                                                 Doersam, Laurel Ann Charles
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                                                A.
                                 Health benefits managers' measures of success (Insurance) Epstein, CammKovner, Anthony R.
                                                                                                 Redden, Candace Johnson
                                                                                                                  Fierlbeck, Katherine
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Health care entitlement and citizenship development: Re-evaluating the social rights thesis
                                 Health care reform in British Columbia: Dynamics without change?
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)                                                                        Reginald
                                                                                                 Davidson, AlanBarer, Morris
                                                                                                 Arrieta, An empirical
                                                                                                                  Buchmueller, Thomas C.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE Health insurance, socioeconomic status, and government regulation: Geralyn E. analysis
                                 Health policy HILL                                              and local level Veney,
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL grants: Lessons in capacity building at the state Davis, Denise Andrea James E.
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Silberman, policy actors
                                 Health professions regulation and public policy: State medical boards as Susan Lynn Carol S.
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                              DeLuca, Marilyn Ann Victor G.
                                 Health reform in public systems: Recent reforms in the United Kingdom's National Health Service and the United Sta
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Stechschulte, Paula Marie
                                                                                                                  Sutton, Susan
                                 Healthcare quality: A comparison of condition-specific and quality of life outcomes for women undergoing surgical i
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            Jacobs,          R.
                                 Health-related quality of life in adolescents with diabetes mellitus Jenifer Johnson, Suzanne Bennett
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Dosh, Steven Allan Michael R.
                                 Heeding the plea of the muffled cry (predicting the demand for neonatal intensive care beds in the city of Detroit) (M
                                 Hospital organization
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES) and continuous quality improvement Caron, Aleece Neuhauser, Duncan
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          Olson, DouglasKane,A multi-level structural equation mode
                                 How do leadership practices influence nursing facility employee satisfaction? Mark Robert; Potthoff, Sandra
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I                                                                             An analysis of Hawaii's Medical
                                 How effective are the laws of medical malpractice in Hawaii? Sakaguchi, AnnNeubauer, DeaneClaims Conciliation Pan
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                                organizationalHockin, in an Arizona healthcare sector
                                 How the midlife transition influenced the professional lives ofRoggenbuck, Ann M. Robert
                                                                                                 Kasey, Robert Eugene Alfred A.
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Human resource management control theory: Testing the use of input control in the emergency medical services ca
YORK UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                         Paric,
                                 Identification and estimation of latent multivariate duration modelsGordanaRilstone, Paul
                                                                                                 Lin, Herng-Ching Amidon, analysis
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Identifying difficulties in implementing a case payment reimbursement in Taiwan: AnRoger L. of factorial dimension
                                                                                                 Sargent, Leisa Evans, Martin G.; Gunz, Hugh
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Identity: Its maintenance during downward organisational role transitions Deborah
EMORY UNIVERSITY                                                                                 C                Inhorn, Marcia
                                 Ideology and biomedicine in the Palestinian West Bank (Israel) ousins, Andrew Leonard
                                 Immunization practices in physicians' offices on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA)                                                     O'Keefe, Catherine Marie
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON                                                                            Ladd, Krista Weisheit
                                 Impact of managed care on mental health practitioners: A survey of Houston area counselors (Texas)
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON                                                                            Nail, Andrea Nicole
                                 Impact of managed care on mental health practitioners: A survey of Houston area counselors (Texas)
                                 Impact                                                          Arora, Neeraj Krishnakumar
                                                                                                                  Gustafson, David H.
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON of physician behaviors on patient outcomes: An evaluation of the patient's perceptions
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          Limwattananon, SuponRonald S.
                                 Impact of state restrictions in drug benefit management policies on Medicaid drug expenditures
THE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL         Incentives in a specialty care carve-out                        Inkelas, Moira Escarce, Jose
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Graboyes, Robert Francis
                                                                                                                  Glied, low-benefit
                                 Indemnities versus deductibles in health insurance: Relative efficiency in deterringSherry A. M. medical treatments
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Sims, Gail Lucindia Howell
                                                                                                                  Crocker, Olga
                                 Individuals who dream: Solutions for management (a phenomenological study of dream incubation)
                                Informal care HILL
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL and elderly health care use                                           Norton, Harold
                                                                                                Van Houtven, CourtneyEdward C.
                                Information needs across health care settings: The pursuit of Turpin, PatriciaGrobe,care J.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                                 Marie Gray
                                                                                                 continuity of patient Susan
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                          Herting,         Badger,
                                Innovation within the hospital: Organizational-climate determinants Stephen R. Kent Hamilton
                                                                                                Beattie, Catherine Marie
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Institutional commitment for cancer pain management by hospice nurses Stoskopf, Carleen H.
UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND                                                                      Griffin, MarthaFortin, Jacqueline
                                Insured women's access to infertility care: A comparative survey study            Ellen
                                Integrated medical office system
UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO, MAYAGUEZ (PUERTO RICO)                                                                Monroy, Hector
                                                                                                Acosta-Vega, Linda Maritza
                                Interdisciplinary health care teams in ambulatory care: An organizational structural adaptation to environmental ch
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO                                                                          Froelicher, Lenore
                                                                                                Anderson Rothman, ArlyssErika S.
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                Morey, Jennifer Security R.
                                                                                                                 Wright, John
                                Interest group access to the White House bill formulation process: The HealthLangan Act of 1993
                                                                                                Macdonald, Melanie Faith
                                                                                                                 Linkage between
COLORADO TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Interorganizational relationships in not-for-profit health and social services: Burroughs, Mark perceived uncertaintie
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                Roggenkamp, Susan Roice D.
                                                                                                                 Luke, Diane
                                Inter-organizational relationships of medical groups: Influence of market and organizational factors
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                              Jones Paul, Linda
                                Interorganizational trust within two sites of a newly merged health care systemA.Schiffert, Judith
                                Inter-regional comparisons in the pattern of use and needs for institutional care
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA)                                                                     Barrett,
                                                                                                Stuckless, Susan NicoleBrendan
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                         Karmaliani, Rozina Sherali Sandra; Block, Derryl
                                Inter-sectoral collaborative dynamics and their effects on systems change: A case study on healthy families initiative
                                Investigating                                                    referrals in theStone,
                                                                                                                  treatment of
ADLER SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY the disposition of employee assistance program Minster, Doreen Ann Mark members and dependents
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY               Investigation of a measure of hospital reputation                                Aaronson, William
                                                                                                Merrill, Sonya Butler
                                 (CANADA)                                                         pour Pascal Jaumard, Brigitte
ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE, MONTREALIRIS: Amelioration d'une methode de generation de colonnesLabit, la confection d'horaires d'infirmieres (French tex
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                              Ramirez, Jeffery professional nurses
                                                                                                                 Ray, Gail
                                Job satisfaction: A study comparing critical care and telemetry/advanced careLouie J.
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                         les nouvelles infirmieres
                                                                                                                 Viens, Chantal; Bourbonnais, Renee
                                La modernisation du programme d'integration au travail pourLavoie Tremblay, Melaniedu CHUQ (French text, Quebe
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                      Morin, Sophie Jutras, Daniel
                                La place des droits du patient a l'interieur de la conception actuelle de l'obligation de renseigner en matiere medical
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                 Poudrier, Luce Strobel, longitudinale (French text)
                                L'acceptation d'un systeme d'appreciation du rendement organisationnel: Une etudeMichael
                                Le                                                               de decision (French
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) role des etudes pharmacoeconomiques dans les processus Rousseau, Louise text)    Contandriopoulos, Andre-Pierre
                                L                                                               Sopow, Eli Lawrence
                                                                                                                 Stevenson, Barry
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) eadership at the edge of chaos: Physicians, anxiety, and a complex adaptive health care system
                                Legal                                                             Canada and Japan
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA) control of medical practice: A comparative perspective,Aman, TetsuyaIrvine, John
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                                                                       Williamson, Mildred Freda HIV policy making
                                                                                                                 Lawlor, for
                                Life transformations of African-American HIV positive women: Possible implicationsEdward F.
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                       Chayer, l'autonomie du personnel infirmier (French te
                                L'impact de la restructuration des soins de sante sur la qualification etMalie Lapointe, Paul-Andre
                                L                                                                 a conflict management Martha
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) isten, acknowledge, evaluate: Lessons learned in developingHarkness, Marilyn Gale model for implementing Regio
                                Local                                                            of hospital system
                                                                                                                 Rossiter, Louis F.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY markets, strategy and patient revenue: An examinationYang, Szu-Sheng clusters using a resource dependen
TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY       Locus of control and the business of health care managementJemi-Alade, Tunji, Jr.Jefferson, Joseph L.
                                                                                                Baranek, Patricia M. on the
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Long-term care reform in Ontario: The influence of ideas, institutions and interests Raisa public/private mix
                                                                                                Cloutier Fisher,Joseph, Alun case study approach
                                                                                                                  Denise Suzanne
UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH (CANADA) Long-term care restructuring in rural Ontario: Retrieving community narratives through aE.
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                       Giard, Lise       liberte Edith
                                L'utilisation de l'information genetique a des fins medicales face au droit a laDeleury,de la vie privee en droit quebeco
                                                                                                Safranyik, GinaMoehr,Michelle
                                                                                                                  Diane Jochen
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) Macro-allocation of health care resources: A computer simulation comparing a utilitarian and a deontological appro
                                'Making sense                                                   Reimer Kirkham, Sheryl Marie
                                                                                                                 in health care provision
THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA) of difference': The social organization of intergroup relations Anderson, Joan
                                                                                                Poole, 1990s Howell
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Managed care contracting among U.S. family planning centers in theVirginia Weisman, Carol S.
UNIVERSITY OF DENVER                                                                            Daniel, PamelaKitchener, Karen S.
                                Managed mental health care and confidentiality: A comparison of consumer Ann clinician expectations
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                Chapman, Thomas William Sharon J.
                                Management learning experiences of an elite occupational group: Health care CEOs Confessore,
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                Chapman, Thomas W.
                                Management learning experiences of an elite occupational group: Health care CEOs Confessore, Sharon J.
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                             Fratello, Claire Amenta, Edwin
                                Market regulation and government provision: Social welfare policy and health care reform at the state level, 1985--
                                                                                                Lee, or infrequent Paul
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Market segmentation: A tool to identify and convert the one-timeJohn Michael donor into a more steady supply of
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                              McCartan, Daniel descriptive/exploratory study
                                                                                                                  A Patrick
                                Measurement of the quality of life perceptions of in-home hospice patients: Cookfair, Joan M.
                                                                                                Doble, Susan Elizabeth Miriam
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Measuring competence in the performance of activities of daily living: The forgotten half of Alzheimer's disease
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                             care services Lien, Donald
                                Measuring efficiency in hospital mergers and access to health Su, Jiwei
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                              Jennings, Barbara Elizabeth
                                Measuring nurses' satisfaction with the quality of nursing worklife              Schiffert, Judith
HARVARD UNIVERSITY              Measuring productivity in the treatment of mental illness       Busch, Susan H.  Frank, Richard
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Bulycheva, Maria Jensen, Gail A.
                                Medical malpractice: The role of physicians' reputation and liability insurance Alexandrovna
                                Medical students seeking dual degrees: Bridging the gap between managersChilingerian, Jon
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                                     and clinicians
                                                                                                Sherrill, Windsor Westbrook (Physician executives)
                                                                                                Pranger, RhetoricBadgley, Robin
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Mental health consumer involvement in service level decision-making: Bertina and reality
HARVARD UNIVERSITY              Methods for modeling and valuing life expectancy gains          Morris, Jill MaryGraham, John D.
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          in a managed Reimer
                                Model predicting somatization status of high-utilizing patientsArmatti, Staceycare system
                                Moral hazard and adverse selection in the economics of health care: Three essays
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                               Koc, Cagatay Dusansky, Richard; Stinchcombe, Maxw
UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO Moral leadership of nurse executives                                              Jean
                                                                                                White, BarbaraBarnett, Bruce G.; Caffarella, Rosemary
                                Mortality burden of disease and injury: Concepts, methods, and applications Javier Ira B.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                              Aragon, TomasTager,
                                Negotiating antibiotic treatment in pediatric care: The communication of preferencesJohn
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                            Heritage, in physician-parent interactio
                                                                                                Stivers, Tanya Jean
                                                                                                Furth, Susan renal disease
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Nonclinical factors affecting treatment choices for children with end-stage L.Brancati, Fred
                                Nurse                                                           Leach, Linda Searle Robert C.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA executive leadership and the relationship to organizational commitment among nurses
                                 Nurse                                                           Perkel, Linda K. aRochelle, Diane
BARRY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING executives' perceptions of their personal and organizational value congruence and leadership behaviors: Tran
                                 Nursing home length                                             type on risk Alton
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH of stay: The influence of organizational Maloy, Noraof Liang, Jersey
STANFORD UNIVERSITY              Operational and incentive issues in health care delivery systems                Zenios, Stefanos A.
                                                                                                 Fuloria, Prashant Chandra
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITYOptimal nursing home staffing                                                   Foreman,
                                                                                                 Hendrix, Thomas JeromeStephen E.
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Organizational capacity for community development: Key elements                   Wilson,
                                                                                                 GermAnn, Kathryn AnnDoug
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Horst, MichaelRothwell, William J.
                                 Organizational expertise research methodology for investigation of customerAllen performance and competencie
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Goodloe, Lauren Roberts
                                                                                                                 Mark, Barbara A.
                                 Organizational restructuring in health care: Impact on structure, process and outcomes in university teaching hospit
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                Stewart, SusanCrimmins, Eileen
                                 Out-of-pocket health expenditures by older adults in relation to age, race, and insurance
                                                                                                 Stevens, Christopher John Robert
WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Ownership and inframarginal rents: The role and effect of input-supplier ownership on the efficiency of health main
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                           Parkerton, Patricia H.
                                 Part-time practice and physician performance: Continuity in primary care Smith, Dean G.
                                 P                                                               LaFrance, Cathy Suzanne
                                                                                                                 Krogh, Kari
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) assion, professionalism and politics: Leadership development for the Canadian Association of Independent Living C
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                         Jones, Mildred Hoffman, Leslie
                                 Patient outcomes, caregiver experience, and resource utilization after early discharge following minimally invasive su
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Prosser, Lisa Alison
                                                                                                                 multiple sclerosis
                                 Patient preferences and economic considerations in treatment decisions for Weinstein, Milton C.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Patient satisfaction of HMO members in the primary care setting                 Schiffert, Judith
                                                                                                 Mercurio, David A.
                                 Patient satisfaction: An analysis of the effects of perceived waiting-time on the evaluation of outpatient health care
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                          S
                                                                                                 Zabada, Charleswan, John E.
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Otani, KoichiroKurz, Richard S.
                                 Patient satisfaction: Noncompensatory and nonlinear relationships between reactions to health care attributes and
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          Demiris, Georgios
                                 Patients' perceptions and interactions in a home care based telemedicine projectSpeedie, Stuart M.
                                 Patterns CENTER                                                 Solheim, and refugee Martha
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCESof work-centered relationship between an NGO, its field staff,KarenStoner, staff: A descriptive case study
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Conser, Ellen Paige
                                 Pediatric mental illness: Corporatized medicine, and vulnerable populations
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Rovito, harm M. Schiffert,
                                 Perceptions and needs of a special population: Minority women and Helen reduction Judith H.
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Tieaskie, Linda Jane
                                                                                                                  in managed care environments
                                 Perceptions of autonomy and career satisfactions of primary care physiciansBeebe, James
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Perceptions of existing work environments                                       Ihlenfeld, Janet
                                                                                                 Ordowich, Patricia
                                 P                                                               Moss, Lesley Jean
                                                                                                                 Greer, Nancy
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) erceptions of meeting effectiveness in the Capital Health Region (British Columbia)
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                influence community health Schiffert, Judith
                                 Perceptions of professional nursing autonomy and capacity toPikula, Shirley A.  Hageman, Paul;
                                 Perceptions of violence in the emergency department
INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                               Hanrahan,
                                                                                                 Embar-Seddon, Ayn Rand Kathleen J.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIAPerformance management in health care in Iceland                                 Anna Lilja
                                                                                                 Gunnarsdottir,Tranquada, Robert
                                                                                                 Wilks, health G.
OUR LADY OF THE LAKE UNIVERSITY Perspectives of human resource managers on managed care mental Edwardcoverage: Where does marital therapy f
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Slawta, Jennifer Nicole
                                 Physical activity and coronary heart disease risk in women with multiple sclerosis Anthony R.
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                         Mulero          Walker, Ann
                                 Physical therapy in Puerto Rico: The issue of professional autonomy Portela, Ana Leticia L.
                                 Physician SCIENCES CENTER
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH collective bargaining in public hospitals                              Baum, Bernard H.
                                                                                                 Thompson, Stephen L.
                                                                                                 Park, Jae-Sung Stoskopf, Carleen H.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Physician's acceptance of information technology (IT) across IT innovation diffusion status
MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY                                                                             Beckman, Heidi T.
                                                                                                                 Lueger, Robert J.
                                 Physiological, psychological, and interpersonal predictors of the utilization of university student health services
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER                                                                Behan, national health insurance in the United States,
                                 Political institutions and the democratic class struggle: The politics ofPamelaPampel, Fred C.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MAINE                                                                          Blum, James Michael Robert
                                 Practical database approaches to improving healthcare performance               Strong,
CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK                                                                      Peake, Ken
                                 Practice-based research and the development of a reflective organizationDavid   Epstein, Irwin
                                                                                                 Huang, Chiu-ChinAmidon, Medicaid
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Prediction of immediate and delayed nursing home entry in community applicants to Roger L. long-term care in Sou
                                                                                                 Watson, DianeBarnsley,
                                                                                                                   based practices
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Predictive accuracy of capitation rate adjusters: Primary care and enrollmentElizabethJan
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON            Predictors of rapid psychiatric readmission                                     McPherson, Robert H.
                                                                                                 Hillman, Stephany Lee
THE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL                                                                          Lessons Robert Julian
                                                                                                                 the Republic of P.
                                 Privatization of health care provision in a transition economy:Nordyke, from Williams, AlbertMacedonia
                                                                                                 Clovis, oral cancer Dale H.
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Professionalism in dental hygiene: An investigation of knowledge of Joanne B. and public policy
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                           Orr, Implications for
                                                                                                                 Delworth, Ursula
                                 Psychologist perceptions of managed mental health care practice: Timothy James burnout M.
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY                                                                      Wright, Carol Ann Marilyn A.
                                 Public health nurse managers' perception of Total Quality Management initiativesRay,
                                                                                                 Crelinsten, Linda
CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Public participation in health care decision-making: The Canadian experience       Salee, Daniel
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Mayhan, Yvette continuing competency perceptions a
                                                                                                                 Dwyer, Charles
                                 Public policy and professional practice: The relationship of state regulation toDenise
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGOQuality measures in orthodontic practices                                       Begole, Ellen A.
                                                                                                 Frazier, James G.
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY          Quality outcomes of nursing tele-visits                                         Johnson-Brown, Hazel
                                                                                                 Johnstone, Helen M.
                                 Quality                                                         Dechairo, Ann Elizabeth Ann
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES patient outcomes through nursing case management in acute care hospitals   Lewis, Mary
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI                                                                         Wong, Peter Kim-Hung
                                                                                                                 Jang, Raymond
                                 Quantifying the perceived value of pharmacy services as measured by the contingent valuation method: Focus on co
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                           Malat, JenniferCarr, Deborah; Williams, David R.
                                                                                                                   three explanations
                                 Racial differences in satisfaction with health care providers: An evaluation ofRebecca
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Frederick, Scottsetting among L.
                                 Rate of ambulatory follow-up after discharge from a mental health inpatientCaldwell, Karen Missouri Medicaid mana
                                                                                                 Nanchoff-Glatt, Michele C.
                                                                                                                 Handy, Lee
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Referral practices between Canadian family physicians and mental health practitionersMari
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Christenson, Vicki Shann
                                 Registered nurses' beliefs and perceptions regarding opioid analgesic decision-making for hospitalized children in pa
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Myer-Mohr, Laura Ann
                                                                                                                  collaboratively T.
                                 Relationship components needed for marriage and family therapists to workCarolan, Marshawith health care profess
                                 Relationships between nurses' job satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and patient adherence to M. provider recomm
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                                            Littlefield, Vivian care
                                                                                                 Vahey, Doris Claire
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Aud, Myra AnnEdel, Margie K.
                                 Residents with dementia in assisted living facilities and the need for discharge to skilled nursing facilities
STANFORD UNIVERSITY              Resource allocation for epidemic control                                         Brandeau, Margaret L.
                                                                                                 Zaric, Gregory Stevan
SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE                                                                           Frye-Penfold, Cynthia Vickie; Vockley, counseling
                                 Responses from genetic counselors about the potential of insurance discrimination in cancer geneticCate Walsh
                                                                                                 Curry, Leslie AnnWisensale, Steven
THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Responsibilities for financing nursing home care: Individual motivations for material wealth transfer
                                                                                                  rural South Carolina
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Retention characteristics of female primary care physicians inAdams, Graham Lee      Samuels, Michael E.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Perez, Karen Elena Edward
                                 Retention rates and barriers to service at western New York WIC sites            Weiss,
                                 Risk perceptions and Y2K readiness
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                          Dickerson, Andra Louise
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               Risk selection in the Medicare program                                           Newhouse, Jean
                                                                                                 Beeuwkes Buntin, MelindaJoseph P.
                                 Samuel Zwemer: A model of Muslim contextualization
MID-AMERICA BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY                                                                          Floyd,
                                                                                                 Cloer, Clayton ParnellJohn D.
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY         Secure telemedicine system for home health care                                  Jagannathan, V.
                                                                                                 Vasudevan, Sridhar
                                 Selection by health                                             Trujillo, Antonio J.
                                                                                                                  Stearns, Sally
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL status and medical care use in a social health insurance with an equalization fund: The Colombia
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Dobbs, Rebecca Anne Aqueil
                                 Self-assessment of hospital ethics committees in New Mexico: A study in process improvement
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                          Cariello, Francesca Paula
                                 Service quality assessment of computerized telephone nurse triage systems Dear, Margaret R.
                                                                                                 Tanguay, KimberlyBarakett,
CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Sharing clinical wisdom: Orienting new nurses to a tertiary care hospital center Ellen Joyce
                                                                                                 Atkin, Karen Susan
                                                                                                                  Cockerill, practitioners
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)She works hard for the money: Differences in the income of male and female general Rhonda
THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA (CANADA)SHIN: A case study into privacy and technology (Saskatchewan)                     Kathleen
                                                                                                 Malcolm, EdithStahl, B.
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Lu, Chunling system with fundamental tax reform
                                 Simulation analysis on distributional effects of reforming Medicare financingHoltz-Eakin, Douglas
                                 Simulations of
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN merger-induced price changes in hospital markets                       Capps, Cory
                                                                                                 Kautter, John Michael, Jr. S.
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                         Mutsuddi, Monoreet
                                 Smart Card-enabled security services to support secure telemedicine applications Jagannathan, V.
                                 Sorcerer's apprentice: Creating the electronic health record, re-inventing medical Philip E.;and patient care
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO                                                              Gregory, Judith  Agre, records Engestrom, Yrjo
                                 Staff attitudes toward use of language interpretation services Lew,health care setting
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                           in a Kimberly April
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Parris, Urica Ihlenfeld, Janet T.
                                 Staff nurses' attitudes toward cost effectiveness on the delivery of care Eleene
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Swain, Jillene M.Hewner, Sharon J.
                                 Staff's attitudes about resident sexuality and providing care for a homosexual resident in a long-term care facility
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Grasso, Michael  McCue, Michael J.
                                 Standardization of physician resource utilization in an integrated environmentAnthony
UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ (SPAIN)                                                                     Romero Lopez-Alberca, Carulla, Luis
                                                                                                                  Salvador Cristina
                                 Standardized description and classification of mental health services in Spain: The European Service Mapping Sched
THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                     Trogen, Natalia  Klay, multihospital
                                 Strategic alliances in health care: How to enhance the effectiveness of non-profit William Earle organizations
UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO                                                                              Morgan, Barbara Ann Michael
                                 Supervisor's management style and employee performance appraisal satisfaction in a public health agency
                                                                                                 Gurley, practicesWilliams,
EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY Supervisory feedback in speech-language pathology: Preferences andJanet Michelle A. Lynn
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE Switching costs, price sensitivity and health plan choice                        Buchmueller, Thomas C.
                                                                                                 Strombom, Bruce Alan
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 roles of market structure and
                                 Technical efficiency in producing renal dialysis: What are the Ozgen, Hacer Ozcan, Yasar A.facility conduct?
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)       Telehealth and citizen involvement                                               Szanto, George
                                                                                                 Gideon, Valerie L.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Franczyk, Annemarie Judith
                                 The availability of health insurance for employees of small business in western New York
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                The chiropractor as entrepreneur: Models for success                             Black,
                                                                                                 Murray, Jean Wilson Vicky
DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY              The consumer's perspective of quality health care                                Zoucha, Richard
                                                                                                 DePalma, Judith A.
                                 The current practices in injury prevention and safety helmet use in an Barbara Ann
UNIFORMED SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF THE HEALTH SCIENCES                                             Tuitele, Air Force medical center
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                         Foley, Angela Marie
                                 The decline in rural hospitals: The effect of investor-owned hospitals           Mencken, F. Carson
UNIVERSITY OF SARASOTA           The demand for outcomes: The OQ-45.2 at BHS (Maryland) Shea, Michael Paul Carl S.Davis,
                                 The                                                             outcomes for veterans with posttraumatic stress disord
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYdeterminants of postdischarge healthcare utilization and Luu, Shyuemeng           Wan, Thomas T. H.
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA diffusion of hospice care in Missouri                                           Hobbs,
                                                                                                 Parker-Oliver, Debra Daryl
                                 The discourse of advance care planning: End-of-life decision-making inTheresa SueAnne J.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO                                                                           Davis,
                                                                                                 Drought, a multicultural population of cancer and AIDS
                                 The                                                             Schneider, John Ernest James C.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY economics and institutions of regulation and reform in the United States hospital industry, 1980-1996
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               The economics of organ allocation                                                 Hill
                                                                                                 Howard, DavidNewhouse, Joseph
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Shakour, Sana Khoury
                                                                                                                  Rip, Michael R.
                                 The effect of an incentive/disincentive worksite health promotion program on the workforce
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                           Biel, Melissa relations
                                                                                                                  Beaumaster, Suzanne
                                 The effect of environmental uncertainty on the level of interorganizationalHitchens among California non-profit hos
                                 The effect of leadership behaviors on employee commitment,Bonar, Robertand strength of culture
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                              Kilpatrick,
                                                                                                   satisfaction, Isaac, Jr. Anne O.
                                 The effect of managed care on medical care utilization
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                             Currie,
                                                                                                 Fahr, John Pearson Janet
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Johnson, Lawrence Martin development, behaviors, a
                                                                                                                  Kurz, Richard
                                 The effect of military experience on civilian and military healthcare facility CEO leadership S.
                                                                                                 new nursing graduates
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA The effect of organizational climate on the job satisfaction of Graham, Patricia Brown Lala Carr
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                         Wiechman, Shelley Ann
                                 The effect of substance abuse on pain management for traumatic patients Smith, Ronald E.
THE FIELDING INSTITUTE                                                                            responsibility, Seashore, Charles
                                                                                                                  autonomy, Hall
                                 The effect of the clinical staff assignment model on perceivedSchoener, Bradley Charles team membership, role rela
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Ketsche, Patricia Gregory
                                                                                                                  Custer, William S.
                                 The effect of the tax subsidy on risk pooling in the employment-based health insurance market
                                 The effect                                                      Catalano-Angus, Mary L.William F.
UNIVERSITY OF THE SCIENCES IN PHILADELPHIAof treatment on health care utilization patterns in depression: AnMcGhan,of third-generation antidepress
                                 The effectiveness                                               Mancini, Dominic Joseph
                                                                                                                  Stewart, John F.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILLand cost of health delivery systems in Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, and Tanzania: Private versus public al
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Smith,
                                 The effectiveness of a worksite-sponsored physical activity initiative Shannon K.Schiffert, Judith
                                 The effects of health                                           Atherton, Martin Joseph
                                                                                                                  Smith, Dean
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH plan model on access to prenatal care and birth outcomes: Medicaid managed care and Medic
                                 The                                                             Snail, performance
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY effects of hospital contracting for physician services on hospitalTimothy Robinson, James C.
                                 The                                                               Baxter, Iris Ann Myrtle, Robert
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA effects of Medi-Cal managed care on access to mammography screening for women residing in Los Angeles Cou
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                             Nahra, Tammie AnnWheeler, John of organizational behavio
                                 The effects of ownership in outpatient substance abuse treatment: A comparative analysis R. C.; Hirth, Richard A.
                                 The COUNTY                                                        Tommasello, Anthony case of
                                                                                                                    Johnson, Arthur
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE effects of state policies on addiction intervention in the health professions: TheCharles pharmacy
TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Ogbonna-McGruder, Harry
                                                                                                                     in Tennessee
                                 The effects of TennCare reimbursement on disproportionate share hospitals Fuchs, Chinyere Chigozie
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) The ethics and politics of health-care resource allocation                           Griener, Glenn
                                                                                                   Ho, Anita Tsz-Shan
                                 The                                                                 An interpretive Marie Patricia Gonce
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE experience of new nurses beginning critical care practice:Davenport, Joan phenomenologic study
THE FIELDING INSTITUTE           The experience of participation in a hospital (Australia)                          Mink,
                                                                                                   Faris, Mike James Barbara
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                             O'Brien, Daniel L.
                                 The hermeneutical significance of metaphor in Catholic health care ethics Magill, Gerard
THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON                                                                            Milo, Lori A. Perosa,
                                 The impact of abuse history on functional outcomes in individuals with chronic pain Sandra
                                 The impact of closing Cabrini                                     its physicians in its
                                                                                                                    Forman, Phillip
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER Hospital on practice patterns of Greenspan, Benn service area (Illinois)
                                  BUFFALO                                                          Jones, Janice Melanie Sylakowski
                                                                                                                    Conway, James
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATThe impact of hospital mergers on organizational culture, organizational commitment, professional commitment, jo
UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME                                                                            care
                                 The impact of hospital nurse staffing on the quality of patient Unruh, Lynn Y.Craypo, Charles
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                             utilization in aNyman, John A.
                                 The impact of infant feeding method on health care costs andRiedel, Aylin Altan     Medicaid population
THE UNION INSTITUTE              The impact of managed care in the United States                                    Lohr, Cherie
                                                                                                   Durant, Michael Scott
                                 The impact of                                                     Hoover, Kim and nurse staffing on hospital patient out
THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER managed care penetration, hospital organizational variablesWelch John C.
THE WRIGHT INSTITUTE                                                                                and utilization of
                                 The impact of managed care upon access, level of functioningFeren, Laura Lynn community mental health outpatien
                                 The impact of market                                              Neuwald, Sharon Frances
                                                                                                                    Banaszak-Holl, Jane
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH characteristics on Medicare expenditures for skilled nursing facility post-acute episodes of care
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                            Artz, Margaret Hadsall, expenditure and service use of
                                 The impact of outpatient prescription drug coverage on total and specific health careRonald S.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                        Naidoo, Umagasen Chinnasamy
                                 The impact of physician profiling in modifying physician utilization practice patterns Robert
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                           Parnell, physical therapists in long-term care settings
                                 The impact of Prospective Payment System on job satisfaction amongRebecca A.
                                 The                                                                 carve-out Patricia Katherine
                                                                                                                    Trinkoff, Alison
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE impact of the state of Maryland's Medicaid mental healthCorey-Lisle,on access-to-care for patients in a suburban
                                 The impact                                                        Potrepka, Debra Annjob satisfaction
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY of the use of unlicensed assistive personnel on registered nurses'Madara, Bernadette
                                                                                                    allocating health care resources: The round hole and
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The implications of Canadian law for economic approaches toZlotnik Shaul, Randi Lymm  Dickens, Bernard
TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Grubbs, Sabrina Jo Pamela
                                 The influence of managed care policy on clinical decisions of mental health clinicians
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                         Flach, Stephen Dale
                                 The influence of market forces on how doctors treat urinary tract infections Pauly, Mark V.
UNIVERSITY OF SARASOTA                                                                             Hartman, Melissa Gaye Lakshmi
                                                                                                                    stress and
                                 The influence of practice organization form and payment sources on the job Narayanan,satisfaction of dentists
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                           Goodman, in infectionWilliam B. instrument processi
                                 The Internet as a source of information for Latin American professionals Terri     Cissell, control and
                                 The latent structure                                              Aragon, Stephen J. Lloyd
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT GREENSBORO of emergency room satisfaction: A structural equation modeling investigation
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY                                                                        Quinn, Colleen Marie
                                 The lived experience of caring and the nurse executive: A phenomenologicalRay, Marilyn A.
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Munshower, human transplant organs
                                 The minimization of lost income in procurement and allocation markets forEric JosephJohn
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                          Tossell, Renee Rhoades, Gary
                                 The multiskilled health practitioner: Educational preparedness and effects of technology on organizational work pra
                                 The people know                                                   Bent, Katherine
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER what they want: Sustainable, ecological, community health N.          Moritz, Patricia
                                                                                                   Griffin, on the planning, financing
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The potential impact of population-based funding in regional models PatriciaCockerill, Rhonda and delivery of speci
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY              The potential to privately pay for long-term care services                         Himes, Christine L.
                                                                                                   Dougherty, Deborah D.
THE FIELDING INSTITUTE                                                                             Carlon, Sheila Anne
                                                                                                                    Agger-Gupta, Dorothy
                                 The realm of the Red Queen: Through the looking glass into the curious world of middle managers in the post-merg
UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ (SPAIN)                                                                       Garcia Gutierrez, Juan Carlos
                                                                                                                      in Spain Infante, text)
                                 The relation between cost and results of the heed to schizophrenics patientsGonzalez(Spanish Jose Manuel; Salvador
UNIVERSITY OF SARASOTA                                                                             Tjiong, Linda A. immons, Pete
                                 The relationship between emotional intelligence, hardiness and job stress among registered nurses
                                                                                                   Gee, Jessie      Huizenga, Wayne
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment as perceived by healthcare professionals i
                                                                                                   Terry, Tamara Speight
                                                                                                                    Weinstein, Art
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The relationship between market orientation and financial performance in hospitals in Florida and Texas
                                                                                                   Shoemaker, Dawn Renee
GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY The relationship between organizational climate in the hospital and RN satisfactionLinda
UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO                                                                         utilization among patients with chronic conditions
                                 The relationship between social support and medical services Sarasohn, Dayle W.    Zlutnick, Steven
                                 The                                                               Waycaster, Curtis in the Louisiana
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT MONROE relationship between specialist physician utilization and the cost-of-asthma Ray Joseph B. Medicaid program
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                         Whelan, Ellen-Marie
                                 The relationship between state regulations and nurse practitioner practice Aiken, Linda H.
                                                                                                   Lawrence, Eleanor Tolbert
                                                                                                                    Rees, Richard
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The relationship between, transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership styles of the senior executives
                                  NURSING (DELAWARE)                                                and salaries inCaffo,
WILMINGTON COLLEGE DIVISION OFThe relationship of certification to job satisfaction, autonomy Hirsch, Kathleen J. Betty nurses: A replication
                                 T                                                                 Fonseca, Mary Simons, Sandra
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - KINGSVILLE he relationships between medical nutrition therapy indicators and cost of care and length of stay of cancer patients
                                                                                                   Reay, Patricia Allison C. R.
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) The reorganization of health care in Alberta: Change in an organizational field      Hinings,
                                 The                                                               professionals Bowman, Marilyn
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) role of identification in stress and well-being in burn care McLaughlin, Catherine Ann
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                             Shugarman, Fries, Brant E.
                                 The role of informal and formal care in community-based long-term care Lisa Robin
HAMLINE UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Walkington, Thomas a Kent between an academic h
                                                                                                                    Eklund, merger
                                 The role of organizational values in the pre-combination decision-making phase of Alan
BELLARMINE COLLEGE                                                                                 Kessinger, JaneCronin,
                                 The role of staffing ratios in patient assaults at an inpatient psychiatric facilityAnne Sherill
                                                                                                   PausJenssen, Anne Marie S.
                                                                                                                      Quality and
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The role of the economic analysis in the decision making process at the DrugDetsky, AllanTherapeutics Committee of
                                 The role                                                          Donkin, health-care settings
ST. FRANCIS XAVIER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) of the health educator in facilitating process improvement in Rosemary SecordEnglish, Leona
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                            Ballou, Jeffrey Pollard
                                                                                                                    Weisbrod, Burton A.
                                 The role of the not-for-profit firm in the mixed industry: Three empirical analyses of the long-term care and hospital
                                 The self in managed mental healthcare:
CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY - BERKELEY/ALAMEDA A hermeneutic inquiry              Gilford, Peter Cushmen, Philip
                                                                                                     McPherson, well-child William A.
                                                                                                                      Reinke, care
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The use of clinical practice guidelines to improve provider performance of Robert Andrew in Armenia
THE FIELDING INSTITUTE                                                                               from the customer'sLeonard
                                                                                                                      Baca, perspective as a result of creative
                                   The use of creative problem solving leads to better outcomes Johnson, Marylynn Jarrard
INDIANA UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Cumberlander,Thompson, Chalmer E.
                                                                                                                       Natalie Denise
                                   Therapeutic care delivery in institutional settings serving depressed older adults: What type, by whom, how long, an
                                                                                                      waiting lists for medical care.
                                                                                                                      Feeney, D.
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Three essays in health economics: 1. An equilibrium model ofFarnworth, Michael George 2. An evaluation of alte
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                 Three essays on decision-making in the medical care industry Altman, DanielFeldstein, Martin S.
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                           Nelson, Elizabeth AnnLinda H.
                                   Through the patient's eyes: Factors associated with patient satisfaction in the office setting
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA                                                                          Roscoe, Lori A.Cohen, Donna
                                   Toward an understanding of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia: A dissertation in six studies
                                   Transformative learning and commitment among healthcare workersJane Anne Philip
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TEACHERS COLLEGE                                                                                  Fey,
                                                                                                     Taylor, implementing continual improvement
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                                     Ruth
                                   Trending of Resource Utilization Groups II in long-term care Sas, JacquelineHewner, Sharon
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                    DeRosa-Melnick, Marie Elaine
                                                                                                                      Robertson, Elton
                                   Trends and perceptions of health care professionals on the use and effectiveness of computer-based training
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                            St-Pierre, l'action
                                                                                                                      Begin, acteurs collectifs (French text)
                                   Un projet d'integration des activites mere-enfant, sa mise en oeuvre et Micheledes Clermont
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA              Understanding customer expectations of community pharmacy services                 Lipowski, Earlene
                                                                                                     Brice, Barbara Flynn
                                   Understanding successful communication about end-of-life care: OncologistsRebecca Steven P. metastatic breast can
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                                   and women with
                                                                                                     Levin, Jennifer Wallace,
                                   Une                                                               Savoie, Michelle LeLorier,
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) etude de propension a payer pour la prevention du cancer du sein (French text) Jacques; Ouellette, Pierre
UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME                                                                             Wall, Barbra MannHamlin, Christopher
                                   Unlikely entrepreneurs: Nuns, nursing, and hospital development in the West and Midwest, 1865--1915
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) nravelling the 'giant hairball' (MacKenzie, 1996)                    Byrnes, Linda FayMacIver, Sandy
                                                                                                     Potvin, Kenneth A.
                                                                                                                      Spasoff, Robert; Nair, Rama; Neutel, I.
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Use of an administrative database to develop and test a model to predict the allocation of clinical pharmacy human
                                   Use                                                               Kulsomboon, Vithaya
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE of pharmacoeconomic data for formulary decision making in teaching hospitals Francis B.
                                   Using                                                             Yip, Judy Yun elder care systems
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA network perspective to examine the organization of community-basedWilber, Kathleen H. across four commun
                                                                                                     Jayson, Cameron of care
                                                                                                                      Edwards, Barbara
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Using the Kolb Learning Style Inventory as a predictor of dental patients' choiceJoseph, Jr.
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                              Khatri, Anil     Rine, David
                                   Validation of patient headache care education systems developed from a software reuse reference model
                                   Value conflicts and moral residue in the quest
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GRADUATE SCH. OF BIOMEDICAL SCI. AT GALVESTON for transplantable organs                       Winslade, William J.
                                                                                                     Hinkley, Charles Clinton, II
                                   Variables                                                         counseling Taly Hanah
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON affecting intake attendance at an urban community Rochverger,center Marilyn    David,
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                    Yu Chang, Health Insurance of
                                   Variations in physician practice patterns for eye care under the NationalJoanna Chih I Glenn Taiwan (China, Taiwan)
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                                              Reddy, Ramana
                                   Web-based workflow in secure collaborative telemedicine Bharadwaj, Vijayanand Ranganath
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Weinberg, Dana hospital (Massachusetts)
                                   Why are the nurses crying? Restructuring, power, and control in an American BethMary-Jo DelVecchio
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                     Reum, Josef John O'Sullivan
                                   Women's ways of leading: A transformational approach to state leadership Southby, Richard F.
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                             Boutain, Doris Allen, African
                                   Worry, stress and family: Critical signifiers of high blood pressure by rural dwellingDavid G.Americans
                                   A AT CHAPEL HILL
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA brief nursing workload scale: Development and evaluation Layman, Eve Lynn Mary R.    Lynn,
                                   A case - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                            Jones, StephenJohnson, James A. of South Carolina's
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINAstudy of one academic health center's response to managed care: TheLane             Medical University
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                             out-of-hospital primary cardiac arrest in King County, W
                                   A case-crossover study of particulate matter air pollution and Levy, Drew Griffin  Checkoway, Harvey
                                   A BEACH
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG change in patient satisfaction in the endoscopy laboratory Stover, Deanna C.
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                     Regenstein, cerebral palsy
                                                                                                                      Cordes, Joseph J.
                                   A comparative analysis of models of health care delivery for children with Marsha Joan
                                   A comparative                                                     McCormick, Diane Allison Eugene
                                                                                                                      Watson, E.
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS determination of the optimal quality system for the blood banking industry
OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            Casby, Lola Regina
                                                                                                                      McClure, H. leadership styles
                                   A comparison of Air Force nurse managers' leadership styles and civilian nurse managers'C.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                   Myers, Kimberly R.
                                                                                                                      Schiffert, Judith
                                   A comparison of job satisfaction and productivity in telecommuting and in-office medical language specialists
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                              Friedman, Bruce
                                   A comparison of Medicare service utilization in a social HMO and a TEFRA risk HMO  Kane, Robert L.
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI                                                                                  Orujev, residential day-treatment program for
                                   A comparison of the efficacy of an inpatient treatment program and aElena Hayes, Adele M.; Burda, Philip C. severe
                                   A comparison of - BERKELEY/ALAMEDA                                Helge, Trudy D. ori, Christopher
CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGYthree audio guided-imagery tapes on the self-efficacy of cancer chemotherapy patients
                                   A crisis                                                          Murphy, Elizabeth to management
UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS (MINNESOTA) of professional identity: Transition of the physician from clinical practiceAnne Tullio
                                                                                                     Yerabandi, Sanjeeva Reddy
                                                                                                                       of infectious
UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR (CANADA)A criterion function approach to the evaluation of alternatives for treatmentBiswas, N. hospital waste
WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY A critical analysis of health and healthcare in San Rafael, Ecuador Louis Constant John H.Bodley,
THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Anderson, Clyde Wayne
                                                                                                                      Rollin, Stephen A.
                                   A descriptive study of family physician attitudes and experiences and their collaboration with psychologists
PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Morley, multi-hospital health maintenance organizatio
                                   A descriptive study of organization culture on patient satisfaction in a Ann Therese Kay
                                   ALBANY                                                            Tsui, Dennis HIV/AIDS in New
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATA five-year trend analysis of hospital inpatient utilization for children with S. Tsui, Dennis S. York State from 1992 thr
                                   A knowledge-based approach to the design and automated generation of clinical trial management systems
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA                                                                                  Zhang,
                                                                                                     Shaban, Sami Fuad Zhen
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                               Meyer, Jay utilization Thomas N.
                                   A longitudinal analysis of the HMO enrollment impact on pharmaceuticalWirth        Taylor, and expenditures: A comparison
                                   A PSYCHOLOGY - computer-automated methodology for evaluating mentalFolen, Raymond A.programs
AMERICAN SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONALlongitudinal andHAWAII CAMPUS                                                            Scott
                                                                                                     Verschell, Markhealth treatment
                                   CENTER, SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                     Peters, Karen Elaine
                                                                                                                      Albrecht, care: A
UNIV. OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, H.S. A national study of the effects of providers and users on length of stay in home healthGary L. multilevel approach
                                   RESEARCH CENTER                                                    managed care Giorgi,
SAYBROOK GRADUATE SCHOOL ANDA phenomenological study of providing psychotherapy within Phipps, Peter Alan Amedeo
                                   A pilot                                                           Jabusch, Kimberly Mary Erna
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA) study of the implementation of a multidisciplinary approach to the episodic health care management of adult
UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH (CANADA) A process for the design of outdoor health care environmentsBurcher, Lise Marie         Perkins, Nathan
                                   A                                                                 Wallace, in California's Richard M.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEYproduction function approach to mental health service coordination Neal Tousch publicly financed mental health
HOLY NAMES COLLEGE                                                                                   Lang, Karen Clairehospitals
                                   A profile of current practice in the intake and utilization of Junior VolunteersWebster, William G.
                                                                                                     Reid, Doreen AnneMcIntosh, Gordon
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) A prospective policy analysis of the elimination of the exclusive scope of practice from the Nursing Profession Act (A
                                 A                                                                Cavenaghi, Suzana Marta
                                                                                                                   Potter, Joseph
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN spatial-temporal analysis of fertility transition and health care delivery system in Brazil E.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                Hamilton, Sheila G.
                                                                                                                   Schiffert, Judith
                                 A study of occupational therapy/physical therapy assistants' time with congestive heart failure patients
                                 A study of perioperative team members' role and educationalPistone, Mark AndrewNancy
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT SAN ANTONIO                                                       Girard,
                                                                                                   preparation on cost-containment attitudes
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                 between certified nursing
                                                                                                                   Caley, Linda
                                 A study to determine if there is a difference in job satisfactionWalker, Marc Jonathon assistants in a nonprofit and
                                                                                                  Elliott, David Carleton Murray
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) A technique to measure proxy waiting times for procedures: Methodology, assessment of validity and initial applica
KENT STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                             Danvers, KreagBarniv, of
                                 A theoretical and empirical investigation of the bond rating revision event: The caseRanthe hospital industry
                                                                                                  Foster, Charles Myles
LAMAR UNIVERSITY - BEAUMONT A triangulated case study of gainsharing and patient satisfaction in a community hospital
                                 Access                                                           King, Juliet
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISONto health care for American Indians and Alaska Natives: A comparative approachSnipp, C. Matthew
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                            Williams, Laura Lynn
                                 Access to primary health care for the uninsured adult of Los Angeles County Garubo, Ray
                                 Achieving potential in hospital mergers
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, WEATHERHEAD SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT                                                  Singh,
                                                                                                  Linenkugel, Nancy Jagdip
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                          Stonestreet, Jana S.
                                 Acute care case management in the United States.: A survey of structure, process, and outcomes
                                 Ad-hoc recovery in
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA)workflow systems: Formal model and a prototype system Xing, Xuemin Tang, Jian
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY              Administering the Dixon Decree from 1975 to 1997                                  Birkhead,
                                                                                                  Carroll, Sara Fitzgerald Guthrie
                                 Administering the trim line: Restructuring in three Ontario hospital settings Rosenberg, Mark
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON (CANADA)                                                           Hanlon, Neil Thomas
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Isgrigg, Jo to the use of Oregon's
                                 American Indian elderly and long-term care: Interorganizational barriersLynnKuiza, Elizabeth home and communit
                                 An analysis of patients' expectations and perceptions of orthodontic dental service quality
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                                Lavelle,
                                                                                                  Suzuki, Jonathan Paul C.
                                                                                                  Lockhart, Region, James
                                                                                                                   Jacobs, Philip
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) An analysis of salary versus fee-for-service general practitioners, Inuvik Andrew Northwest Territories
                                 An                                                                                 John Clarke
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY analysis of the angioplasty volume-outcome relationship Hollingsworth, Bloom, Joan R.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY analysis of the factors affecting the care of elderly diabetics                  Short,
                                                                                                  Dirani, Riad George Pamela
                                                                                                  Murray, Mary Gregory Coffin
                                                                                                                   Littman, Marlyn
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY An analysis of the implementation of a workflow system for health information managementKemper
                                 An electronic medical                                            Baez Choza, Maria
UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO, MAYAGUEZ (PUERTO RICO) management system to automate medical office practices Luisa     Aponte Huertas, Maria A.
                                 An evaluation of an interdisciplinary                            Johs, Jennifer Lynn Jerry
UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT FORT WORTHhouse calls program for the frail homebound elderly   McGill,
                                 An evaluation of changes to the referral base of one orthodontic specialist over a 24-year period
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                               Trohatos, Emily  Lavelle, Chris
                                 An evaluation of the HEALTH                                      Chanpong, Harris County, Texas
                                                                                                                     Meredith Fraser
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC personal response system program for the elderly inGailAday, Lu Ann
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                       McKay, decision-making, and their relationships to pat
                                 An examination of case management nurses' role strain, participative Thomas A. Joan Uhl
                                                                                                  McGillis Hall, Linda
                                                                                                                   O'Brien-Pallas, Linda
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)An examination of differences among staff mix alternatives and work designs and selected nursing, quality, and syste
                                 An                                                               quality, charity Lynnprofitability in U.S.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY examination of the impact of ownership type on quantity, Kerney, DonnaForeman, Stephen E. hospitals
                                 An examination of the influence of person, disease, and provider factors on the outcomes of hospital AIDS care in an
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO                                                           Forsey, Lynn M.  Harrington, Charlene
                                                                                                  Laughon, Deborah of manager communication and sta
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY An examination of the relationship between staff perception of the effectivenessBrunerRees, Richard
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                           Abo-Znadh, Sabah quality
                                 An exploration of selected staff and job characteristics, and their relationship to H. Rita of work life, among staff nur
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                               Burton, Friend Mishne, Judith
                                 An exploratory analysis of psychoanalytically oriented social workers treating children and adolescents: Their counte
                                 An exploratory study                                             Riddell, Martha Cornwell
                                                                                                                   Zelman, William
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL of factors influencing physician participation in integrated delivery systems
                                                                                                   analysis of antimicrobial H.
                                                                                                                   Shear, Neil
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)An interactive decision analytic tool for the cost-effectivenessWong, Angelina Hoi-Yan agents for hospital-acquired p
                                 An object-oriented inferencing database architecture for the computerized patient Jr. Lynn L.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON                                                                                 John, record
                                                                                                  Doller, HerbertPeterson,
                                 An oral history of                                               Rubotzky, Alicebelle Maxson C.
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER nursing participation in the healthcare reform efforts of 1993-1994  Smith, Marlaine
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                   Reinharz, Daniel Contandriopoulos, Andre-Pierre; Lesage
                                 Analyse organisationnelle et evaluation de la desinstitutionnalisation dans un hopital psychiatrique (French text)
                                                                                                  Gordon, tertiary countyGareth hospital in South Flor
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Analysis of perceived values congruence of critical care nurses within aJean Nancy    Gardner, regional
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI                                                                          Lee, cross-cultural Harold
                                 Antecedents and consequences of organizational commitment: A Chay Hoon study between Singapore and the U
                                  OF NURSING                                                      Fineout-Overholt, L. Ellen
                                                                                                                   Schultz, Alison
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER SCHOOL Application of R. M. Kanter's structural theory of organizational behavior to retention of professional nurses in hospi
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                            Ma, Tso-Chiang   Rohrer, James E.
                                 Assessing readmission rate of alcoholism treatment: Developing patient-treatment matching by using Chi-square au
                                 Assessing the perceptions of users of computerized hospital informationJohn Campbell study of three hospitals
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                               Austin, case
                                                                                                  Hodnette, systems: ACharles J.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                          stochastic modelDraugalis, JoLaine R.; Cox, Emily R.
                                 Assessing the predictive ability of a deterministic model and aKrueger, Kem Patrick
                                                                                                  Shea, Beverley Julia
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Assessing the quality of reporting in meta-analyses of randomized controlledTugwell, Peter
THE UNION INSTITUTE                                                                               Oestreicher, Edward Peter
                                 Assessment of a quality management initiative in a health and fitness organization George
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                          Momani, Aiman Ab Madhavan, Suresh
                                 Assessment of the impact of the West Virginia Medicaid's prior authorization policy for NSAIDs on chronic patients:
                                 Assessment of the                                                Dalton, payments Kilpatrick, Kerry E.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL influence of Medicare graduate medical education Kathleen on hospital sponsorship of residency
                                 Attendance patterns in
ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY/NEW ENGLAND GRADUATE SCHOOL therapy across five decades                                          W.
                                                                                                  Kinsey, Robert Pekarik, Gene
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) Authority, futility, and clinical treatment: The challenge to authority Timothy      Aronovitch, H.; Carpentier, R.
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                          Voss, (Calvin McGee, Celeste
                                 Autonomy and authority: Ideographs in the end-of-life care debate Deborah Krips, Henry Condit, Robert Bellah, Tim
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                 Pfaff, Lillian Jean
                                                                                                                   Kirlin, John J.
                                 Balancing community benefit and economic survival in nonprofit hospitals: A comparative perspective on charitabilit
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY         Benchmarking in health care foodservice operations                                Bednar,
                                                                                                  Reagan, Joanna Jean Carolyn
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                               of the SandraWilson, George S.
                                 Biocompatibility studies on a glucose biosensor: InvestigationBarnes,in vivo sensitivity loss phenomenon
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)       Breaking cultural barriers to health care: The voice of the deaf Parise, Nicole Pepler, Carolyn; Corin, Ellen
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) uilding a foundation for a new documentation system                                Samier, Eugenie
                                                                                                  Edwards, Carole Andrea
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Burnout in clinical laboratory workers                           Molfese, Paul M. Hewner, Sharon
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS Business practice knowledge of advanced practice nurses in Nevada                  Witt, Rosemary
                                                                                                  Wheaton, Sandra Jean
NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE                                                                           fee-for-service patients
                                 CABG outcomes in a CTICU: Comparison of managed care andGross, Robert Mitchel
                                 Capacity, costs, and control: Health care policy in Manitoba from 1948 to Leslie Clifford
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                               Carrothers, 1988 Horne, John
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                           Hokkanen, Barbara Louise half-height steps for elde
                                                                                                                   Burton, Allen
                                 Cardiac exertion, range of motion, pain, difficulty, and preference of stair-climbing full andW.
                                 Care CHAPEL HILL                                                 Smith, Pamela Sandelowski, Margarete
                                                                                                                   A. is care
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT management and health care delivery system integration: To what extentPalmer management used as an integ
                                 Cesarean SCIENCES)                                               Koroukian, source Alfred A.
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTHsections in Ohio: Trends by indications, outcome, and paymentSiran Melkon   Rimm,
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                         Ouellet, Renee-AnneJean-Pierre
                                 Changement organisationnel et sante mentale au travail: Analyse des strategies spontanees deployees par les emplo
                                 Changes in a managed behavioral health care carve-out and the impact on substanceConstance M.
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                                      Horgan, abuse
                                                                                                  Brisson, Anne Elizabeth Spink services
IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                             Kwon, JuneheeGilmore, Shirley A.; Oakland, Mary Jane
                                 Changes in clinical dietetics: Impact of cost reduction in healthcare systems
                                                                                                  Dobbins, Maureen J.
                                                                                                                   Cockerill, Rhonda
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Characteristics of the innovation, organization, environment and individual that facilitate the utilization of five system
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                            Debold, Vicky Pebsworth
                                 Choice of telemedicine and nurse practitioner in rural areas: The role of health status Rashid L.; Redman, Richard W
OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                                                                           Donehoo, JodyNichols, Brenda S.
                                 Classification of participants into two health resource utilization groups by the Health Enrollment Assessment Review
                                 Clinician                                                        experienced clients
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST perspectives on psychodynamic psychotherapy with McKenna, Patricia A. David M. Todd,
                                 Communities of interest: Making metropolitan hospital markets in Toronto and Milwaukee, 1969-1994
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MILWAUKEE                                                                            Greer,
                                                                                                  Plano, John Anthony Ann Lennarson
THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                      Goodpasture, Icerman,
                                 Comparative analysis of community benefit provided by Florida hospitals James E. Rhoda C.
                                 Comparative analysis of two healthcare organizations in post-Soviet Lithuania and Ukraine: Implications for continuo
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TEACHERS COLLEGE                                                                               Steiner-Khamsi, Gita
                                                                                                  Cholewka, Patricia Anne
                                 Comparative HILL                                                  hospital services among
                                                                                                                   Veney, James E.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPELuse of Veteran Affairs and Medicare-reimbursedO'Donnell, John Charles older veterans and nonvetera
                                 Comparison of SCIENCES                                           Killpack, John R.
UNIFORMED SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF THE HEALTH the direct costs, length of recovery and incidence of post-operative anti-emetic use with propofol or
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                          Holmberg, Susan Lee W. States
                                 Confronting value strain: Press coverage of health care reform in Sweden and the UnitedLance
                                 Connecticut HUSKY B health insurance program: Policy analysis of potential barriers Peggy
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY                                                             Thompson, IrisGallup, to recruitment and enrollment
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Consensus guidelines on analgesia and sedation in dying ICU patients                 Singer, Peter
                                                                                                  Hawryluck, Laura Andrea
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Cushing Sepucha, KarenJohn P.
                                                                                                                   Weyant, Rose
                                 Consultation recording methods to facilitate collaborative decision-making in breast cancer
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                          Odom-Wesley,Hildreth, J.
                                                                                                                    Barbara Gladys
                                 Consumer informatics: Development of a model for documenting and maintaining family medical records
DUKE UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Pollard, user populations W. Ed
                                 Content and application of the computerized Problem List in differentDaniel Hammond, in family medicine
                                 Continuous quality improvement: A model for a service organization Alias Bin
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS                                                      Jalaludin,
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON         Contract choice and physician productivity                       Liang, Su-Ying Leffler, Keith B.
                                                                                                  Belville-Robertson, Terri Lynne
                                                                                                                   Spates, C. Richard
WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Coping strategy and social support differences among COPD patients: Effects on psychological well being, functional
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY        Cost-benefit analysis of physician assistants                                     Gelmon, Sherril
                                                                                                  Hooker, Roderick Stanton
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                   Kennedy, in the Ann
                                                                                                                   Contandriopoulos, Andre-Pierre
                                 Cost-efficacy vs. cost-effectiveness: The case of inhaled corticosteroidsWendytreatment of asthma
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Costing study of liver transplantation in adults                                     Krahn,
                                                                                                  Taylor, Mark Clifford Murray
                                 Coverage                                                         Littell, AmandaStohler, William
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY and availability of health promotion services: Connecticut's HMOs and indemnity managed care organizati
CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK                                                                        of researchers/administrators,
                                 Critical ingredients of intensive case management: JudgmentsSchaedle, Richard W. Irwin program managers and
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATDeath made good: An ethnography of a hospice                                        McElroy, Ann
                                                                                                  Stanton, Elizabeth Patricia
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY                                                                               Stock, Barbara Anne
                                 Deciding not to treat handicapped infants: When is life not worth living? Gorovitz, Samuel
                                 Decision support systems in the Intensive Care Unit: Nurses' and physicians' experiences
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MILWAUKEE                                                                             Lynn
                                                                                                  Karfonta, TerryClinton, Jacque F.
THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Judicial and legislative innovation in the American sta
                                 Decisions to adopt and reinvent refusal-of-treatment policies:Smith, John Donald Henry R.
                                 De-romanticizing care: A critique of care ethics
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                                              Card,
                                                                                                  Pooler, Ann Marie Claudia
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         O'Malia, Linda Lockwood, Robert
                                 Descriptive anchor development for the Multnomah Community Ability Scale          Joan
                                 Design and implementation of                                     Stowers, system Lee
                                                                                                                   Chan, Wenyaw
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH a multicriteria medical decision support Dorothyfor diagnosis and treatment
                                 Designing an HILL                                                Upshaw, Vaughn Carolina
                                                                                                                   Fried, Bruce
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPELevaluation for a public health authority in Cabarrus county, North Mamlin J.
                                                                                                  Kacena, Katherine and
                                                                                                                   Quinn, Thomas immunodeficiency virus
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Detection of infectious disease in resource poor settings: Chlamydia, gonorrhea,Amy humanC.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                  Lin, Yen-Ju (Blossom)
                                                                                                                   Wan, Thomas contingency-strategic ma
                                 Determinants of integrated health networks' performance: Organizational analysis from a T. H.
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                            Akinci, Fevzi Campbell, Claudia R.
                                 Determinants of technical efficiency in federally funded community health centers (CHCs)
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM of the evacuation of health care facilities                                Fottler, Myron D.; Shewchuk, Richard
                                                                                                  McGlown, Kathlyn Joanne
                                 Developing a performance scorecard for public health programs and F. A. Fielding, Jonathan E. services in Los Ange
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                             Hagigi, services: Children's medical
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                          Sanders, James Newton,
                                 Development and evaluation of patient care team work schedules using simulation III
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-CLEAR LAKE                                                                  Balke, Janet Bruder, Paul
                                 Development of a cross-disciplinary healthcare case management model Marie Ahart
                                                                                                  Blake, Billie Etoila
                                                                                                                   Howard, Providence Hospital (Alabama
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Development of a plan to measure return on investment for educational programs at Linda
                                 Development of a                                                 Stogis, Sheryl Lynn the effectiveness of the organ pr
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTHStandard Donor Ratio (SDR): A tool for evaluating and improvingRichard
                                                                                                  Handley, Kathleen E. Anne; Steinwachs, Don
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Differences in health-related quality of life in a cohort of HIV-seropositive men with managed care versus fee-for-ser
                                 Diffusion                                                        Abouzelof, Rouett Harden
UNIVERSITY OF UTAH COLLEGE OF NURSING of innovations: Describing the perceptions of the stages in the innovation-decision process for handwashin
                                                                                                  Atkins, Chloe G.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Divergence and domination: A feminist critique of power in medical relations K.      Carens, Joseph
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)        Dossier medical electronique sur Internet (French text)          Kone, Massitan   Gamache, Andre
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-CLEAR LAKE                                                                  Weinberg, Arlene E. Dianne B.
                                 Driving operational change in the medical office: An internal process             Love,
                                                                                                  Kolstad, Paul Randall
                                                                                                                   Burnham, Gilbert
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Drug prescription patterns and costs: Potential impact of the integrated management of childhood illness approach
                                 Early kangaroo care                                              on temperature, weight, Gene Cranston
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES)for 34--36 week preterm infants: Effects Chwo, Miao-JuAnderson, behavior, and acuity
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA       Economic analysis in randomized clinical trials                  Glick, Henry A.Pauly, Mark
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               Economic analysis of Medicare HMOs                                                Sophia
                                                                                                  Batata, Amber Newhouse, Joseph
                                 Economic evaluation of HIV pharmacotherapy at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center Daniel C.
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER                                                                      Malone,
                                                                                                  McCollum, Marianne
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON         Economics of antibiotic resistance                                                Ramanan
                                                                                                  Laxminarayan, Brown, Gardner M.
YALE UNIVERSITY                                                                                   Eck, Sharon Annette Donna
                                 Effect of a change in nursing skill mix on patient and organizational outcomes in one teaching hospital
                                                                                                  care organizationNicholas, Jr.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Effect of a three-tiered prescription copayment in a managed Yates, William Lingle, Earle W.
CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                 audiology services
                                 Effect of managed care on primary care physician referrals to White, Rose Marie
                                                                                                  Nagpal, SeemaKephart, George
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Effect of the omeprazole benefit guidelines: Evaluation of health policy
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER                                                                  Del Castillo, mainstream mental
                                 Effective management strategies when incorporating curanderismo into aRamon R. Michael health system
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY                                                                             a medical indigent population
                                 Effectiveness of a diabetes disease management program for Howell, Timothy Wayne Nancy
AUBURN UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Laster-Bradley,Berger, Bruce
                                                                                                                     Nina patients'
                                 Effects of varying the message, source and timing of the verbal offer to counsel onMichelleA.acceptance of the offer
                                 E                                                                process using a traditional change management mode
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) mergency nurses leading change implementing a new triage Jones, Norma Jean R. NancyGreer,
                                                                                                  Martin, Anna Charlene Barbara
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Empowerment and health behavior in a community-based hypertension control program in West Baltimore
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               Essays on consolidation in medical care                                           Cutler,
                                                                                                  Barro, Jason Russell David
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                           Martinson, Melissa Schultheis
                                                                                                                   Nyman, John of
                                 Estimating confidence intervals for cost-effectiveness ratios by bootstrapping coefficients A. linear models
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA                                                                 Mason, information Borgstede
                                                                                                                   Dyrenfurth, Michael J.
                                 Ethics, privacy, and confidentiality issues related to the application of Barbara Ann technology in health care
                                 NEW JERSEY - NEW BRUNSWICK                                       Llanes, Marlen and Nicaragua
RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF Evaluating decentralization: Similar designs and divergent outcomes in Chile Markusen, Ann
                                 Evaluating improvements in care management, outcomes monitoring, and outcomes management at a state psychia
CHICAGO SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY                                                         Maslar, Michael
                                                                                                    four levels of evaluation (Donald L. Kirkpatrick)
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO Evaluation of continuing medical education using Kirkpatrick'sTidler, Karen Louise Frank R.
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                 Hill, Dianne Rodgers Martha
                                 Evaluation of formal, employer-sponsored training in the United States healthcare industry N.
                                                                                                  Lawson,          Kephart,
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Evaluation of nonresponse bias in the Nova Scotia Health Survey 1995 Beverley Janet George
                                                                                                  Davies, labourHodnett, Ellen
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Evaluation of two strategies for the transfer of research results aboutBarbarasupport and electronic fetal monitoring
UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA ANCHORAGEExercise adherence: A qualitative study of physically active women Christine Cunningham
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Vogt, William B.
                                 Existence and welfare implications of strategic behavior in technology adoption   Bresnahan, Timothy
                                 Exits,                                                           Perreira, KristaGertler, on
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY recidivism, and caseload growth: The effect of private health insuranceMarlyn Paul the demand for Medicaid
                                 Experiences of nurse executives facing
LOUISIANA STATE UNIV. HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER SCHOOL OF NURSING transitions in hospitalsDomingue, Naydja Mary       Donlon, Barbara
                                                                                                  McMullen, Judith Irene E. M.
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) Exploration of the experience of nurse managers in incidents of abuse and neglect in institutional settings
PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY                                                                             Aduddell, Kathie Fitchett
                                                                                                                   Davis, Kay
                                 Exploring best practices for student health services in California community colleges
                                                                                                  Maxwell, Stephanie L. Gerard
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Exploring provider supply, practice volume, and practice site in an analysis of cataract management
FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY                                                                  Weinsier, Stephanie Thatcher
                                                                                                                   to telemetry and
                                 Factors affecting emergency department length of stay of patients admitted Blais, Kathleen critical care units
UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND                                                                        Hikmet, Neset Ebrahimpour, Maling
                                 Factors affecting the intent to use information technology in health care organizations: A comparative study
                                 Factors associated with completion of advance directives
UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY                                                                             Kantor,
                                                                                                  Bourdages, Joline Ann John
                                                                                                  Hurtado, HMOs: Florida's Healthy Kids Program
                                                                                                                   Weiner, Jonathan
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Factors associated with primary care quality for low-income children inMargarita Patricia
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                            Crisp,
                                 Factors influencing physician retention in the United States Navy Earl Wayne      Badger, Kent H.
                                                                                                  Astle, Fredrick Gordon, Andrew
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Factors influencing the attitudes of health care workers toward the institutionalized elderly
OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                                                                           Lin, Chouh-Jiaun   among Gail
                                 Factors which affect post-hospital resource use and patient health outcomesGrisetti, Taiwanese older adults
                                                                                                  Layton, ChristineLawrence,
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Fetal and infant mortality review (FIMR) as a tool for health policy formulation Mattis Robert S.
                                                                                                  Lehmiller, Nancy Elizabeth W.
LAMAR UNIVERSITY - BEAUMONT Financial incentives and physician practice management: Do capitation contracts affect patient care patterns?
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                             in an era of expanding Charles J.
                                                                                                                   Parrish, group
                                 Financial problems confronting United States medical schoolsMcMurray, Charles Hughes care
THE FIELDING INSTITUTE                                                                            Wallis, Nancy from the
                                                                                                                   Baca, Leonard
                                 Follow the leader: Understanding the initiation of individualized leadership Charlotte perspectives of followers and le
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Forecasting the nursing workforce: A study in supply and demand                       Herman,
                                                                                                  Dumpe, Michelle Lynn JoAnne
                                                                                                  Turner, Joel (The Tania
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Formalizing 'traditional' healing: Experience and practice on Samar Island DylanPhilippines)
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ront-line leadership in emergency medical services                                 Kennedy, Nelson
                                                                                                  Rapanos, Stephen E.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE Gaining customer compliance in services                                           Gilly, Joy
                                                                                                  Dellande, Stephanie Mary C.
                                                                                                  Kanji, Nishma Hawker, Gillian;
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Gender differences in health care utilization by the elderly with musculoskeletal disorders Coyte, Peter
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                            Whitehouse, Sandra L. Ralph
                                 Healing gardens and coping with stress at a children's hospital: A multimethod evaluation E.
                                 Health                                                           G                 George Robert
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISONand safety programs: Evaluation of Wisconsin hospitals ruetzmacher,Smith, Michael J.
                                                                                                  Grott, Catherine Jane Nicholas P.
WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Health care reform at the state level: The dynamics of achieving service integration at the local health department l
THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA (CANADA)                                                                 Kouri, Denise Madeleine
                                 Health care regionalization in Saskatchewan: An exercise in democracy             Conway, John; Gingrich, Paul
                                                                                                  Jodoin, Delaine Denise Herbert 1990s
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Health care restructuring and consumer preferences for end-of-life health care in Alberta in the C.
                                                                                                  West, psychopharmacologic
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Health plan characteristics and conformance with practice guidelineJoyce Carol Philip J. treatment recommendat
                                 Health - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                            in health plans Latimer
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA plan quality: Factors influencing hospital participation Barber, RobertJones, Walter J.
PRESCOTT COLLEGE                                                                                  Gardner,         Kerghron,
                                 Healthcare case management services: One solution for calming chaos Katherine B. Kevin J.
THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA                                                                        Ledlow, GeraldO'Hair,
                                                                                                                     care provider,
                                 Healthcare demand management system communication among the primaryRonaldH. Dan the beneficiary, and the
                                 Healthcare fraud OF abuse: PROFESSIONS                          Hornberger, Keith DavidJames A.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGEand HEALTHThe conundrum of voluntary disclosure and self-reporting  Johnson,
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            Pugh, African-American and C.
                                 Hearing loss, hearing handicap, and functional health status among Kenneth Crandell, Carl Caucasian-American elder
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Home Care Client Classification and resource use (Alberta) Greenhill, SallyHinings, Bob
UNIVERSITY OF SARASOTA                                                                           Fauser, Michael C.
                                 Hospice patient perspectives regarding the implementation of advanced directives Reynolds, James
                                 Hospital                                                        Tisnado, Diana 1995-1997
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES AIDS volume and outcomes among patients with AIDS in California, Andersen, Ronald
DUKE UNIVERSITY                  Hospital choice and hospital competition                        Liang, Lan       Sloan, Frank A.
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY                                                                      Ferrando, Mary Beth Donald A.
                                 Hospital closures in Florida between 1965 and 1995: A population ecology approachClare,
                                 Hospital district viability and
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTHMedicaid/market changes                                 Begley,
                                                                                                 Masotti, Paul Joseph Charles E.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITYHospital districts: Governments or governance?                  Will, Nicki Lyn Cigler, Beverly A.
                                                                                                 Pei, Likun       Legge, policy Stanton, Pauline
LA TROBE UNIVERSITY (AUSTRALIA) Hospital management in a time of change: The need for management training (and David; reform) in three teaching h
                                                                                                 Wedum, Eric G. alkever,
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Hospital provision of uncompensated care under a minimum charity care constraint David S.
STANFORD UNIVERSITY              Hospital quality and competition                                                 Bresnahan, Timothy F.
                                                                                                 Tay, Tsai Lyn Abigail
                                                                                                 Lange, Jean Carol White E. Carol
THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT Hospitalized patients' ability to identify licensed nurse versus unlicensed assistive personnel and prediction of patien
UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI                                                                         Bragg, Elizabeth Jane of early
                                 How do issues get on the agenda of state legislatures? Ohio and Kentucky's Tuchfarber, Alfredpostpartum discharge
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                 experiencing Kahn, David L.
                                                                                                                  Kay Gardner
                                 How persons 85 years and older, living in congregate housing,Beltz, Suzannemanaging their health: Preservation of s
                                                                                                 Meadows, Laurie Anne
                                                                                                                   in the health
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) How primary care physicians in Calgary perceive the management of changeRowney, Julie care system (Alberta)
MADONNA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Chambers, Gail Marie
                                 Identification of factors that hinder hospice nurses documentation of spiritual care
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                          White, Jacqueline B. Bozanich
                                                                                                                  Vail, James
                                 Identification of quality management activities and their associated costs and effectiveness in acute care hospitals
                                 I                                                               human needs theory
CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT UNIVERSITYdentifying family satisfaction in long-term care using nursing Hardy, Linda A.Broscious, Sharon K.
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                        Semegan, Barthelemy
                                                                                                                  Lamarche, Paul A.
                                 Impact des facteurs organisationnels sur la couverture sanitaire des populations et sur la viabilite financiere des com
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                                             Fournier, Marie-AndreeMardelle M.
                                 Impact of a family-centered-care approach on the design of neonatal intensive-care units
                                 Impact of a VA educational intervention on primary care processes and outcomes
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                   Kilpatrick,
                                                                                                 Walke, Thomas Anthony Kerry E.
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Plake, Kimberly Sue Holly L.
                                 Impact of an interdisciplinary health care team on elderly patients' health-related quality of life, patient satisfaction,
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                      Allen,
                                 Impact of capitation on clinical judgment in suicide risk assessment Adair Wahler, Robert G.
                                 Impact                                                          Dhanani, Nasreen  diagnostic related
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES of physician characteristics and specialization on resource use withinKominski, Gerald F.groups
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                      learning perspective
                                 Implementation of the marketing concept: An organizational Graves, John Robert   Woodruff, Robert B.
                                 Implementing a pharmaceutical care program in community pharmacies: Effects of organizational characteristics on
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                                             Mount, Jeanine K.
                                                                                                 Johansen, Inger Bjorg Thiedemann
UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE                                                                                          Noraine Fox
                                 Implementing outcomes research in a surgical subspecialty Barnett, Susan Barber, Gerald
                                 Implementing the                                                Kihm, Kristine Elizabeth
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NURSING AHCPR Smoking Cessation Guideline in a lung cancer surgery clinic Mary Ellen
                                 Implications of gender and racial matching of patients and providers upon utilization Monserrate services
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON                                                                                Caro, Francis G.
                                                                                                 Labault-Cabeza, Nirzka of health care
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN           Improving the performance of pharmacy and therapeutic committees                 Ascione,
                                                                                                 Nair, Kavita Venugopal Frank J.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                Michael, Lucy Quality
                                 Imputation methods for missing items in the Vitality scale of the MOS SF-36 Wesley of Life (QOL) Questionnaire
HARVARD UNIVERSITY               Incentives in health care payment systems                                        Newhouse, J. P.
                                                                                                 Eggleston, Karen Nisa
                                 Incident                                                        Dudek-Ratushnuk, Christine
                                                                                                                  Killion, Susan
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITYreporting attitudes and behaviors of public health and community health nurses
                                 Increasing the performance of Egyptian public general hospitals: Towards equityTeh-wei
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                                  Jeanne
                                                                                                 Dratler, SandraHu, and efficiency through incentives
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          Thompson, Jeffery Allen Andrew H.
                                 Individual transitions toward dual commitment during organizational change       Van de Ven,
                                 Information culture and management discipline: Their impact on the effective use of decision support systems as ev
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                              Austin, Charles J.
                                                                                                 Turnbull, William James
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY                                                                  Wickramasinghe, Nilmini Sunethra
                                                                                                                  Ginzberg, context of
                                 Information systems/information technology as a tool to achieve goal alignment in theMichael J. the knowledge wo
                                  STONY BROOK                                                    Thomas, Emily Schwartz,
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATInstitutional continuity and change: The effects of market forces on American hospitalsMichael
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                 perceptions
                                 Integrated delivery system characteristics: An analysis of staffGlickman, Leslie Brass
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                              Huang,
                                 Intelligent alarms: Allocating attention among concurrent processes Cecil Shachter, Ross D.
                                 NEW JERSEY - NEW BRUNSWICK                                      Gaboda, Dorothy C.
                                                                                                                  Camasso, Michael
RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF Intensity of case management and outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities J.
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                             Wagaman, Joel system
                                                                                                                  Baer, Donald
                                 Investigation of the use and usefulness of an automated prescription renewalRichard
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Riddick, Lillian Davis
                                                                                                                  Whittemore, Abel
                                 Issues in compliance, a dilemma for African-Americans: A comparative analysis of the health belief of the consumer
YORK UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                         services research as social practice (Ontario)
                                 Knowing health care/governing health care: Exploring health Mykhalovskiy, Armstrong, Pat
UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA                                                                            Garfield, Monica Jeanne Trumble
                                                                                                                  Watson, Richard
                                 Knowledge creation using telecommunications as a tool: A study of state telemedicine policy T.
                                 Leaders COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                           of reengineering initiatives
                                                                                                                  Johnson, James
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - as coaches: Their influence on the sustained success Whitlock, James Douglas
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Leadership competencies of the nurse manager                                       M.
                                                                                                 Cook, KimberlySchiffert, Judith
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                       Muirhead, Paul Canada
                                                                                                                  Glenn, H.
                                 Legal and ethical considerations of alternative health care delivery systems inWilliam Patrick
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                        Marcil, travail (French text)
                                 Les consequences professionnelles et personnelles de la precarite du ManonRousseau, Robert; Dompierre, Johanne
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                        Dussault, Patrick  lobbying populaire
                                 Les manifestations aux hopitaux Christ-Roi et Chauveau comme pratiques deHudon, Raymond dans le cadre de la r
                                 Les                                                             Dessureault, Danny
                                                                                                                  Ohayon, Maurice modelisation de
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA) sujets atteints de troubles mentaux graves en milieu hospitalier ou carceral: Explication etM.; Cote, Gilles la pr
YORK UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                         Daley, Andrea Ellen Patricia
                                 Lesbian health and the assumption of heterosexuality: An organizational perspective
INDIANA UNIVERSITY                                                                               cholesterol-lowering Deborah A.
                                 Life expectancy changes and the cost-effectiveness of dietary Long, Kirsten Jeanne intervention in the prevention of
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                Cabanac, Julien Paul Guy
                                 L'influence concurrente de la science et la technique en droit de la sante (French text)
                                 Local public health                                             Haley, Donald Robertimmunization delivery process, m
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL department childhood immunization programs: An inquiry into Bruce J.
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY         Longitudinal quality of life in liver transplant recipients                      McGadney, Joanette Pete
                                                                                                 Chappell, Susan Marie
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                             Ciyiltepe, Muzeyyen Floyd; Tyler, Janet
                                 Long-term outcome of students with traumatic brain injury: The efficacy of outcome predictors for long-term succes
                                                                                                 Lavery, James VincentPeter A.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Losing yourself to AIDS: The meaning of euthanasia and assisted suicide             Singer,
                                 Malignant hyperthermia                                          Williams,
UNIFORMED SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF THE HEALTH SCIENCESpreparedness in the United States Air Force Kenneth Alan
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGOManaged care and non-physician providers in rural areas         Chung, KyusukWinkle, Curtis
                                 Managed care contracting and community health center performance Phillip
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                  Mays, Glen Norton, Edward C.
FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY                                                                 Guo, Kristina Lu Bergwall, David
                                 Managerial work roles of health care executives in the changing environment of academic medical centers
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                Whitis, tertiary care academic
                                 Managing change, market and value: Reengineering cardiac care in aSarah Elizabeth Ross medical center
                                 Market penetration,                                             Mello, Michelle Marie Sally C.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL biased selection, and utilization in Medicare HMOs                Stearns,
THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO                                                                         Wilson, Marcella for managed behavioral health and p
                                 Measuring attitudes toward managed care in behavioral health: An instrument MarieFox, Christine
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                               Richardson, Elizabeth David M.
                                 Measuring health and assessing the impact of health system change                Cutler, Anne
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                                                                        Fedson, the technological imperative
                                 Mechanical reproduction: Neonatal intensive care, medical ethics andAnjali Karen Comaroff, Jean
                                                                                                 Buist, Alison Rosemary Latto
                                                                                                                  Starfield, Barbara
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Medicaid managed care and the Oregon Health Plan: Can shifting source of care affect participation in WIC during pr
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                                                                        G                Meltzer, David O.
                                 Medicaid reimbursement and the quality of nursing home care rabowski, David Charles
BROWN UNIVERSITY                                                                                                  Lumsdaine,
                                 Medicaid, financial transfers, and expectations of the elderly Bassett, William Francis, IIIRobin
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                           Roberts, Jeffrey Scott Christopher
                                 Medical decision making in individuals at risk for Alzheimer's disease: The case of predictive testing
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                         Holden, Marian C. Susan
                                 Medical students' and nursing students' attitudes toward patients with mental illness
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                          Scherer, Michael R. John S.
                                 Mental health and medical service utilization among employees of a large regional corporation: An examination of m
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Middle manager perceptions of their competence                  Reger, Laurie AnnSchiffert, Judith
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO Moral development and disputing process: Is there a relationship?                    Taylor, Charles O.
                                                                                                 Lemons-Umber, Wanda Lorene
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE               Motivation and job satisfaction among nursing assistants                         J.
                                                                                                 Fadeley, Peter Lightner, Ardyce
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Smart, June Gwendoline
                                                                                                                  Baba, a community-of-practice in a hea
                                 Multivocalic cross-border innovation of continuous quality improvement develops Marietta L.
NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY     Nurse-physician collaboration                                   Powell, Leslie M.
DUKE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  C
                                 Nursing home ownership, quality of care and consumer choice hou, Shin-Yi Sloan, Frank A.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Kennedy, Timothy M. Linda
                                 Occupational therapy students' perspectives on their future within the environment of managed care
ACADIA UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                       Adams, TraceySacouman, J.
                                 Old strategies, new game: The changing health care system and its impact on care givers in long-term care facilities i
                                                                                                 Stinson, Patricia Jane
                                                                                                                  Armstrong, Pat
CARLETON UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Ontario pay equity results for CUPE service workers in Ontario hospitals: A study of uneven benefits
                                 Opening                                                         Liu, Xiaofeng Schweitzer, Stuart
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES up the 'blackbox' of managed care: How do particular strategies affect utilization and costs under mental h
                                 Optometry's expanding scope of practice: Legislation, interprofessional relations, and risk
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                                                   Smith, Dean
                                                                                                 Hoppe, Elizabeth Susan
                                 Organizational change schemas: An empirical investigation of Diplock, Peter C. managersD. Anthony of organization
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST                                                               how health care Butterfield, make sense
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI                                                                               organizations Marion John
                                 Organizational democracy: A quality mandate for health careKieval, Yvonne Murphy,Hall W.
EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                      Groom,           Charles,
                                 Overcoming physician resistance to change in information processing Marian Louise Michael
RICE UNIVERSITY                  Owning organs: Theory, bioethics, and public policy                              Engelhardt, H. Tristram Jr.
                                                                                                 Cherry, Mark Joseph
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                         Rubin, Deborahchildren
                                 Parental satisfaction with mental health case management services for their Newhill, Christina
                                 Participation and empowerment: Factors related to positive outcomes in a health intervention with older people wi
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO                                                              Groessl, Erik J. Cronan, Terry A.
NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                  Bastin, Herman Lee
                                                                                                                  Halloran, Edward J.; Haynie, W. J. III
                                 Patient dependency outcomes: Differences in nursing care associated with baccalaureate and associate degree educ
UNIVERSITY OF DENVER             Patient participation on health care teams                                       Ann
                                                                                                 Cotton, Evelyn Larson, Carl
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                community health of western
                                 Perceptions of community benefit among stakeholders in the Koch, Tracy E. Schiffert, Judith New York
                                                                                                 Lee-Sing, Alexander Curtis
                                                                                                                  Violato, Claudio
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Performance standard determination in the health professions: A comparison of judgmental-based methods and clu
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                                Walsh, Dale ofSpaniol, LeRoy
                                                                                                                   providers and
                                 Perspectives on needs and satisfaction with mental health services: Views Marie Anastasi consumers
                                 Pharmacoeconomic influence on the rate of adoption of ethical pharmaceuticals
UNIVERSITY OF THE SCIENCES IN PHILADELPHIA                                                                        McGhan,
                                                                                                 Poli, Laurence George William F.
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY              Physiatrists' perceptions of insurance case managers                             Mowry,
                                                                                                 Garlock, Thomas M. Randolph L.
                                 Physicians' perceptions about standards of care for diabetes and barriers to their implementation
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TEACHERS COLLEGE                                                                              Humphrey
                                                                                                 Paul, Elizabeth Basch, Charles E.
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY      Physicians' perceptions of managed care                                          Thai, Khi
                                                                                                 Angeletti, Michelle A. V.
                                 Pilot                                                           Martinez, BeatrizCoffin, Douglas
FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY study: Intranet communication among chronically ill hospitalized pediatric individuals A.
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO        Pluralism and care: A practical conversation                                     Browning, Don S.
                                                                                                 Lindner, Jeffrey Scott
QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY                                                                            Khosravipour, Shapour
                                 Point of care versus central lab testing: A comparison of turn around time and expense
                                                                                                 Herel, Katuska Beazley, of a proposed school-based
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Potential contribution of youth-serving professionals to the organization andMana Richard
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                        Vallieres, SylvieBeauchamp, Michel
                                 Pratiques et approches des communications dans le reseau de la sante et des services sociaux du Quebec: Le cas de
UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA                                                                            Jones, for persons with Kevin L.
                                 Predictive factors affecting health care access and service utilization Gwyn Cannon disabilities
                                                                                                 Woods, Kathleen Kaa
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Predictive modeling and assessment of targeting methods in an asthma population W. Michael
                                 Predictors of long-term stay in nursing homes
INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING                                                                              Martin,
                                                                                                 Kelley, Larry Stephen Joanne B.
                                 Predictors of quality of care in California nursing homes
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                             Wuerker,
                                                                                                 Dellefield, Mary Ellen Anne K.
                                 Preference for consumer directed personal assistance services: Pennsylvania's attendant care program
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT.                                                     Kurtz, Norman R.
                                                                                                 Glazier, Raymond Earl
                                  Preschooler immunizations: Factors that motivate parent compliance Cindy Wrinn
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON                                                               Baltrun,        Courtney, Reni
                                  Prescription drug utilization: Moral hazard, adverse selection, and the role of consumer medical care preferences (C
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                                              Kreling,
                                                                                                   Ganther, Julie Marie David H.
                                                                                                   Augustine, Katherine Inge for women
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Preservative managing while spiralling downward: The experiences of nurses who careJacqueline in labour and del
DUKE UNIVERSITY                                                                                    Rankin,         Sloan,
                                  Pricing and product differentiation in the managed Medicare market Peter James Frank A.
THE UNION INSTITUTE                                                                                                Arditti, Rita
                                  Prostate cancer patients: A descriptive study of quality of life Winter, Judith A.
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER                                                                   Stacey, Rulon James, Franklin
                                  Public policy reforms of Colorado's workers' compensation system: A studyF. privatization, increased competition a
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                  length of stay Fiedler, Roger
                                  Raw scores versus Rasch analysis of the FIM(TM) in predictingBement, Julie A. patients with burn injury
                                  R                                                                MacLeod, Hugh   Best, Allan
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) ecruiting and retaining doctors in remote and rural British Columbia: Sticking together band-aids or creating a syste
BELLARMINE COLLEGE                                                                                                 Davis,
                                  Redesign of a case management program in a rural hospital Morrissette, Judith H.Sue; Miller, Maggie
                                  Relational nursing
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER leadership: A philosophical inquiry                                  Gadow,
                                                                                                   Bryant, Rebecca Lynne Sally
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                 Lopes, Caroline Marie Ronald
                                  Relationship between number of physical therapy visits and neurological signs in people with low back pain
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS                                                                               Hornberger, Cynthia Annfailure
                                  Relationship between readmission and access to care among Kansas elders with heartBarbara; Taunton, RomaLee
                                  Relationships among physician attitudes, encounter behaviors, and patient outcomesFrancois
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                              Wu, Shin-Yi Sainfort,
                                  Requirements analysis                                            Dunphy, Gerard Michael Cecilia
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA) of a multimedia patient information system in telemedicine applications
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Resident abuse within the culture of long-term institutions Hirst, Sandra P. ergun, V.
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                            Enestvedt, living in anFrank C.
                                  Resistance and control in health care among low-income elderly women Ruth CeceliaMiller, inner city
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                              MacKinnon, Hepler,
                                  Risk assessment of preventable drug-related morbidity in older persons Neil John Charles D.
                                  Risk, outcomes, and HEALTH                                       patients
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC cost of emergency center visits in cancer Kurtin, Danna Slater, Carl
                                  Role negotiation and role development of support personnel in occupationalBoyce, William delivery
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON (CANADA)                                                                              Ann
                                                                                                   Young, Heather therapy service
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                             Phaladze, Nthabiseng Abeline
                                  Role of nursing in health care policy and resource allocation for HIV/AIDS in BotswanaRichard
UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I             Scrutinizing policy talk: The health care debate                                 Neubauer,
                                                                                                   Barner, Brent Brenneman Deane
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                 Selection and its impact in health payment systems               Shen, Yujing McGuire, Thomas G.
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                                            Kane, Rosalie A.
                                  Seniors at risk: Biopsychosocial factors and hospital utilizationWhitebird, Robin Ruth
                                  Severity of illness                                              Doig, Gordon Stuart
                                                                                                                   regression J. M. D.
THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO (CANADA) scoring in the intensive care unit: A comparison of logistic Robertson, and artificial neural network
MCMASTER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) Social capital and regional health governance in Saskatchewan, Canada Gerry David     Matthews, R.
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH            Sociological perspectives: An analysis of hospital costs in UtahZheng, Jie       Kuo, Wen H.
                                  Source of health insurance and                                   Fulda, Robert Smith, David
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH immunization rates: Findings from the 1996 Texas immunization survey
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                             Wells, Rebeccaidentity perspective
                                  Staff member integration within interdisciplinary treatment teams: A social Alexander, Jeffrey A.
                                  Staff perceptions of the work environment in a hospital-based home health department before and after the implem
LOUISIANA STATE UNIV. HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER SCHOOL OF NURSING                                                     Mercante
                                                                                                   Danna, Denise Beare, Patricia
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                  Luo, Roger D. Hay, study
                                  Statistical analysis of health care expenditure and health status in the well-elderlyJoel W.
MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                       Churchman, Richard Lynn
                                                                                                                   Spencer, Barbara view, and cognitive pe
                                  Strategic group change and mobility barriers from the industrial organization, resource-based A.
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                            in the Nicole L.Shortell, Stephen M.
                                  Strategic linkage consistency and organizational performance Dubbs,health care industry
FORDHAM UNIVERSITY                Strategic response to service system integration                                 Chernesky, Roslyn
                                                                                                   Dougherty, Stephen J.
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA                                                                             Gilmartin, Mattia Jean
                                  Strategy and organizational effectiveness: A case study of health care service change Richard H.
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                             Welker,         L.
                                  Structural responses to capitation by primary care medical practices Janice Kramer, Thomas
                                                                                                   Chen, with ICU quality in Taiwan
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Study of the association of selected ICU and hospital characteristics Yu Chih Admidon, Roger L.
                                  Successful collaboration between hospitals and physicians Curtis, Robert Stephen James A.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS                                               Johnson,
                                  Symptom-specific utilization of general medical services by HIV patients:Amy Maclay Ronald M.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                              Andersen,
                                                                                                   Kilbourne, Sociodemographic and mental health facto
                                  Targeting cost containment efforts
BRANDEIS U., THE F. HELLER GRAD. SCH. FOR ADV. STUD. IN SOC. WEL. in Massachusetts nursing homes                   Chilingerian, Jon
                                                                                                   Kay, Corinne Michele
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY               Tax policy and employer-provided health insurance                                Glied, Sherry
                                                                                                   Stabile, Mark Bernard
                                  Team                                                             Johnson, David Richard
INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSINGbuilding through action reseach and genograms: The case of a nursing care delivery work team
                                   BUFFALO                                                         Lenegan, Elizabeth Ann
                                                                                                                   Frantz, orders
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK ATTeaming for death with dignity: Implementation of policies and procedures for DNR Thomason pediatric units as repo
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                                Guarino, Cassandra Marie
                                  Technology, skill, and wage inequality in the California hospital industry: 1983--1994 Myra
OHIO UNIVERSITY                                                                                    Klossner, David as compared
                                  The academic preparation provided by athletic training curriculum programsMiller, Richardto state licensure requirem
                                                                                                   Pronovost, Peter John
                                                                                                                   abdominal aortic
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The association between ICU organizational characteristics and outcomes in Flexner, Charles surgery patients and o
                                  The association between mortality and types of hospitals: Results ofZhong Rimm, Alfred A. beneficiaries
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES)                                                  Yuan, a study using Medicare
                                  The 'band-aid'                                                   Harnish, it off White, Hospital restructuring in Ontario
THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO (CANADA) solution to health care reform and the reality of pulling Julie quickly: Jerry
                                  The changing face of Manitoba Health: A needs assessment Rauscher, Robert AlexanderDeo
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                                Poonwassie,
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY changing structure of United States labor markets                               Akerlof,
                                                                                                   Ash, Michael Anthony George
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                           Kelly, James Korr,
                                  The charitable behavior of hospitals in the changing health care system MichaelWynne S.
                                  The                                                              McInnes, Marno Len Aidan
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) contracting out decision: Evidence from the British Columbia health sector        Vining,
MCGILL UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                          resident KaberiMenzies, Dick
                                  The cost effectiveness of tuberculosis screening of permanentDasgupta,applicants in the province of Quebec
                                                                                                   Hollander, Marcus Juhani
                                                                                                                   Prince, Michael J.
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) The cost-effectiveness of community based long-term care services for the elderly compared to residential care: A B
                                                                                                   Dube, Jeanne Catherine cirrhosis
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) The cost-effectiveness of screening for hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitisLaupacis, Andreas
                                  The decision-making process: Ethical theory and organ transplantation
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                            Laney, Cammie Masaye
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                                                         Maloy, importance of cost as an
                                The demand for breast cancer screening services: An inquiry into the FrancesUrban, Nicole D. impediment to use
                                The determinants
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILLof bypassing obstetrical services                                   Jean
                                                                                                 Morgan, TanyaSavitz, Lucy Ann
YALE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Nicholas, William Charles
                                                                                                                 Horwitz, Sarah; Schlesinger, Mark
                                The determinants of clinical practice guideline implementation: A study of the implementation of U.S. Public Health
                                The determinants of exercise behavior: An application of the theoriesPamela Spencer
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM                                                                          Bowers, Michael R.
                                                                                                 Autrey, of planned behavior and the Five-Factor Mode
                                                                                                 care cost and Paul Richard M.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA The differential effects of age and compliance on total health Burch, Steven rehospitalization rates
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The difficulties of implementing electronic medical records in Lin, Peter Chin-HsingSteinwachs, Donald
                                                                                                  therapy specialization D.
                                                                                                                 Peck, John
GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY The direct and indirect patient benefits of orthopedic physicalDipman, Amy Lynne;Kirkland, Lynda Teresa
                                                                                                 Massey, professions to Janet
                                                                                                                 Mosher, regulate
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The doctor's dilemma: The capacity of Ontario's self-governing healthElizabeth Moira Evelyn conflict of interest. A
                                The                                                              Wagner, Todd Hu, the use
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY economics of consumer health information: A microeconometric analysis ofTeh-wei and effects of providing self
                                                                                                  cost Jeffrey for freestanding dialysis facilities
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The economics of quality in kidney dialysis: A quality-adjustedHoch,functionS. rick, Kevin
PURDUE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Posthuma,       Dworkin, James B.
                                The effect of context on the multiple dimensions of procedural justice Richard Arthur
WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                            Walker, physical therapy organizations
                                The effect of direct access legislation on the strategic management of Lisa Odierna Michael J.
                                The                                                              Rodriguez Le Sage, Margie
                                                                                                                 Farkas, Kathleen J.
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY effect of family solidarity on Hispanic mother-daughter dyad concordance regarding mothers' life-sustaining trea
                                The effect of implementation of self-directed work teams on home health nurseElizabeth
THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO (CANADA)                                                                       Laschinger, Heather
                                                                                                 Walker, Catherine perceptions of job-related empowe
                                                                                                 Turkel, Stephanie Kay Ledbetter
LAMAR UNIVERSITY - BEAUMONT The effect of minimal nutrition on length of stay in hospitalized patients
                                The effects of a participatory training intervention on direct care staff's self-esteem and locus of control at a state re
THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI                                                                            Edward
                                                                                                 Kinnan, JosephRachal, John R.
                                The effects of a televised menu model on efficiency and effectiveness of Amy Lynn on selected patient units at Rus
RUSH UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF NURSING                                                                              Lafferty,
                                                                                                 Lundquist, foodservice Linda J.
                                The                                                              Scott, MichelleSnowden, Lonnie
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY effects of Medicaid mental health capitation on youth involvement in the juvenile justice system in the state of C
                                T                                                                Brown, Jacqueline Sue Sandra
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - KINGSVILLE he effects of medical nutrition therapy intervention and nutrition risk on hospital cost and length of stay for patient
                                The effects of medical professional liability on physician prices and services S.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                  Kmetik, Karen Stearns, Sally C.
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                                                           Udie, the Medicare HMO market on stage of breast ca
                                The effects of Medicare penetration into HMOs and competition in MatthiasJennings, Edward T. Jr.
                                                                                                 Schat, Aaron ChristopherKevin
UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH (CANADA) The effects of perceived control on the outcomes of workplace aggression and violenceHenry
CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK                                                                      Gooding, AnneSmith, Michael
                                The effects of social work intervention on Quality Assurance and quality improvement of housestaff medical docume
DEPAUL UNIVERSITY                                                                                Kitzman, Brian Halpert, Jane A.
                                The effects of the type of service interaction on the relationship between employee and customer attitudes
                                The effects that medical malpractice concerns                    Switzer, psychiatry in South J.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY estimation of nursing home cost function                       Chen, Li-Wu Shea, Dennis G.
                                                                                                 Mundy, John Richards Craig
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS The failure of altruism: Alternatives to improve the donor rate in organ transplantation
                                                                                                 Dunham, Laura Jean
                                                                                                                 Ray, Donald I.
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) The global trend of health care restructuring: The cases of Alberta, Canada and Ghana, West Africa
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Gilstrap, RogerIsaacson, Nancy
                                The health of mental health organizations and their employees: A phenomenological study
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO hospitalist concept in the pediatric setting                                 Pogoloff, Donald
                                                                                                 Ebdon, Kimberly M.
                                The SCIENCES CENTER                                              Garis, Robert Irving
                                                                                                                 Farmer, Kevin C.
THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA HEALTHimpact of concurrent chronic illness on healthcare cost structure in a Medicaid population: A study of economic
                                The impact of differences in market structure on community-wide MedicareChernew, Michael; Griffith, John R.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                                                   expenditures
                                                                                                 Welton, William E.
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       care
                                The impact of health insurance type on the use of preventive Wang, Yize          Pauly, Mark V.
                                The                                                               nurses         Rundall,
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY impact of hospital restructuring on the work of registeredNorrish, Barbara Reese Thomas G.
                                                                                                 Wollenzien, Jon William, Jr. T.
                                                                                                                 Rees, funded
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY The impact of leadership practices on the organizational performance of federally Richard community health centers
DREXEL UNIVERSITY                                                                                Stein, Lisa Merryl
                                                                                                                  health professionals with managed care
                                The impact of locus of control on the perceptions and interactions of mentalBarakat, Lamia
                                The impact
PACIFIC GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY of managed care on the practicing psychologist Roseborough, Rhonda Kay     Bongar, Bruce
BOSTON COLLEGE                  The impact of managed care on treatment process integrity Bell, Peggy J. Sparks, Elizabeth
                                                                                                 Hernandez, Richard
                                                                                                                 Samuels, delivery system
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA The impact of multiskilled allied health practitioners on the South Carolina health careMichael E.
                                The impact of                                                    Chiu, Kuanpin Philip
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE COUNTY patient and hospital characteristics on the quality of maternity care    Goldfarb, Marsha G.
                                                                                                 Waters, Hugh RichardRebeca; Mosley, Henry
                                                                                                                 Wong, Dudley
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The impact of publicly-financed health insurance on the use of health services and on equity: A case study of Ecuado
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Sibley, Robert Edward, Wesley J.
                                The impact of relationship quality on profitability: A health care services perspective Jr.
CLEVELAND STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                       Petrochuk, Michael Aaron relationships among patie
                                                                                                                  Exploring the
                                The impact of service employee work satisfaction on customer satisfaction: Joseph, W. Benoy
                                The impact of small-group health insurance reform
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK                                                                             Evans, William N.
                                                                                                 Simon, Kosali Ilayperuma
                                The impact                                                       Woodard, M. ElizabethMyron D.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAMof strategic orientation and goal achievement on consolidation of medical group practices
                                The impact of TennCare on inpatient utilization                  Shmerling, James Edward
                                The impact                                                       Smith, Scott Douglas
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAMof TennCare on patterns of hospital utilization: An environmental jolt Myron D.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS                                                                                        Taylor,
                                The impact of trust on leader-member exchange relationshipsMartin, David Frank Robert R.
                                                                                                  using clinical Spartz, James L.
WILMINGTON COLLEGE (DELAWARE)The impact on length of stay and charge per hospitalization ofZorn, Sandra pathways in the treatment of patients re
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY            The implementation of dual diagnosis treatment policy in Texas                   Hill, Kim
                                                                                                 Carmichael, Dorothy Jo Q.
                                The                                                              Scott, David as perceived by Missouri hospital nursing
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA importance of multiskilled training and workplace basic competenciesMichael Bob R.
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                          Guo, Min Amy Dranove, David
                                The incentives and effects of hospital mergers under managed care: Theory and evidence
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI                                                                              Cardelle, Alberto JoseWilliam C.
                                                                                                                 Smith, Frick
                                The influence of democratization and reforms in the health and economic sectors on NGO-state relations
                                The influence of managed care on certified nurse midwives: An evaluation of healthPamela change
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - MADISON                                                                            Oliver,
                                                                                                 Hartley, Heather Lynnesystem
BOSTON COLLEGE                                                                                    characteristicsDuffy, Mary E.
                                The influence of selected societal, institutional, and individualSpross, Judith Ann nurses' and physicians' pain manage
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY institutional economics of employer self-funded HMO plans                     Scheffler, Richard M.
                                                                                                 Hillman, John Miller
                                  The lived                                                       as described by professional nurses
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY experience of restructuring in the healthcare systemMcDonnell, Kathryn M.  Beatty, Ellen R.
DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Knestrick, Joyce Marth
                                  The lived experience of women enrolled in a Medicaid managed care systemMilstead, Jeri A.
                                                                                                 Chakraborty, Sarbani
                                                                                                                 Burnham, Gilbert
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The magnitude and determinants of technical quality of care for acute respiratory infections (ARI) among private hea
                                  The meaning of trust within the context of the nurse-nurse manager relationshipBrown
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            Farmer, Bonnie Cashin
                                                                                                 Reynolds, Barbara
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Kangas, nurses' Hageman
                                                                                                                   job satisfaction
                                  The new health care environment: A research synthesis of impact on SandraKee, Carolyn C.
                                  The oldest-old survivors of the Aging in Manitoba Longitudinal Study: Patterns and predictors of formal long-term ca
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                              Havens, Ptosnick
                                                                                                 Finlayson, Marcia Lynn Betty
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Zastempowski,Schiffert, M.
                                  The Patient Self-Determination Act: Are patients' wishes honored?               Roberta Judith
                                                                                                 Truong, Nhan ThiReinke, William
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The perception of quality among users of commune health centers and users of private providers in northern Viet Na
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Horvath-Shriner, Amy Katherine
                                                                                                                 Firestone, Ira
                                  The place of interpersonal orientation as compared with cognitive ability measures in the prediction of job performa
                                  NEW JERSEY, G.S.A.P.P.                                         Haessig, A case study Charles A.
RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF The process of implementing program evaluation at a medical facility: Beth Leuchten
                                  The quest for sustainable leadership: The importance of connecting leadership principles to conceptsRonald E.
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, WEATHERHEAD SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT                                                Boyatzis, Richard E.; Fry, of organizatio
                                                                                                 Harter, Eric Stephen
                                                                                                 Anguish, Penny Marie Michael
                                                                                                                 Prince, Irene
UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA (CANADA) The real business of health care reform: Community participation or local 'production'?
                                  The                                                            Crigler, Lee C. Munjas,
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYrealities of supervising recovering chemically dependent nurses during reentry Barbara A.
                                  The                                                            Garland, OliviaDavis, King E.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITYrelationship between case rate reimbursement and provider practice in behavioral healthcare organizations
                                                                                                  job stress and job satisfaction
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)The relationship between leadership style and coping style onGellis, Zvi Dan Lightman, Ernie among social workers in
                                  The FOR ADV. STUD. IN SOC. WEL.                                Steenrod, Shelley A.
                                                                                                                 McCarty, Dennis
BRANDEIS U., THE F. HELLER GRAD. SCH. relationship between managed care and standardized clinical practices in outpatient substance abuse treatment
                                                                                                 Latimer, Margot Alison
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) The relationship between nurses' work environment and quality of care              Arklie, Margaret; Knox, Janet
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                         Yellen, Elaine Anita surgical
                                  The relationship between patient satisfaction and selected variables in ambulatory Gail C. patients
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Lopopolo, Rosalie Bennetta
                                                                                                                 Aaronson, William E.
                                  The relationship between practitioner role change and outcomes in the restructured hospital environment
                                  The relationship between the quality of care of hemodialysis patients and organizational characteristics of dialysis fa
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                  Norwood, G. Joseph
                                                                                                 Kim, Hye-Young Kang
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          Rich, Deborah Ellen
                                                                                                                 Hummel, Thomas
                                  The relationship between type and timing of post pregnancy loss services and grief outcome J.
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                          Kennedy, Terris EllenMargaret
                                  The relationship of nurse manager's organizational commitment and nurse administrator's caring and leadership beh
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                      Mefford, Testing a theory of health
                                  The relationship of nursing care to health outcomes of preterm infants:LindaAlligood, Martha R. promotion for pre
                                  The                                                            Davis, payer mixBrannon,
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY relationship of nursing home strategy and structure to MedicaidJullet Annmarie S. Diane
ADELPHI UNIVERSITY                                                                               Goetze, Carolynn and leader-member exchange, self-e
                                                                                                                 Malloy, Gail
                                  The relationships among inner and outer circle membership in nurse managers Marie
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                               Gothard, Lori M.Schiffert, Judith
                                  The relationships between pertinent demographics on work-related disability duration
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                              Ruef, Martin Scott, W. Richard
                                  The rise of managed health care: An inquiry into the evolution of discourse, ideology, and power
                                  The role SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY                            Perry,
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO AND of diagnostic spectrum bias in cost-effectiveness analysis Sharon Ganiats, Theodore G.
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                          Williams, Stanley Eugene
                                                                                                                 Litman, Theodor J.
                                  The role of executive physicians in managed care settings: A study of their attitudes toward physician agency
                                  The role of psychology PSYCHOLOGY                              Director, Pannill TaylorKathryn
WIDENER UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE FOR GRADUATE CLINICAL in the treatment and management of HIV disease among injecting drug users
                                                                                                 Ward, Marcia Stein, Catherine H.
BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITYThe role of race, diagnosis, and chronicity in describing community tenure and length of psychiatric inpatient stay ov
                                                                                                 Campbell, Laurie Gwen
                                                                                                                 Elliott, David
CARLETON UNIVERSITY (CANADA) The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Confidentiality of Health Records in Ontario and access to government info
                                  The scarcity of African Americans in                            An analysis of Schulz, James
BRANDEIS UNIV., THE HELLER SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL POLICY AND MGMT. allied health professions: Reid, M. La Verne factors
                                  The utility of                                                 Oetjen, Dawn MichelleMyron
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM information in health plan selection: A study of federal employees       Fottler,
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                       Moskowitz, Gary Todd
                                                                                                                 Singh, Harbir
                                  Three essays on the agency problem: CEO compensation, director pay, and proxy disclosure choices
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                               Scheffler,
                                  Three essays on the labor market for nonphysician clinicians Brown, Timothy Tyler Richard M.
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Keller, Teresa Lynn
                                  Toward a theory of bedside bureaucracy: Physicians as street-level bureaucrats Gilsinan, James F.
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                Balotsky, Edward Robert A Jr.
                                                                                                                 Hall, Charles
                                  Toward an understanding of hospital structural changes in a managed care environment: P. neo-institutional perspec
                                  T                                                              Scott, Raymond Social Eugenie
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) oward self-empowered community teams within Inuvik Regional Health and John Services Board (Northwest Terri
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                                the frontier setting
                                  Transitions: The nurse practitioner as primary care provider inLythgoe, Anna Ray, Gail J.
TUFTS UNIVERSITY                  True compassion: Hospice or Hemlock?                                           Solomon, Howard M.
                                                                                                 Putnam, Constance Elizabeth
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA                                                                        Davis, Mardell Miller, Michael T.
                                  Turnover and competency of a selected group of newly graduated registered nurses: Implications for nurse educato
THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO                                                                         Daniels, Mark C Mihura, Joni L.
                                  Type 2 diabetes mellitus among Lakota/Dakota: Associated mental health factors and treatment implications
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                Unhealed wounds: Medical malpractice in the twentieth century  Hogan, Neal C.Brandt, Allan
YALE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Juszczak, LindaGrey, Margaret
                                  Use of health and mental health services by adolescents across multiple delivery sites
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Shortridge, Rebecca Toppe
                                                                                                                 Petroni, Kathy
                                  Using non-financials as measures of intangible assets: A study of R&D successes in the pharmaceutical industry
                                  CENTER                                                         Helseth, Lynn DeYoung practices: A qualitative comp
UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA MEDICAL Using the complexity model to enhance diabetes management in three family medicineDaniel; Crabtree, Benjamin F
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                           Abston, Karen Crowleyacute
                                  Using the electronic medical record to predict the pharmacological management ofT. Allanmyocardial infarction
CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY                                                                      Balling, LaurenEnglish, Kristina M.
                                  Using volunteers for universal infant hearing screening: A survey               Ruth
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA            Utilization of clinical prevention services in Iowa                            Rohrer, James E.; Ward, Marcia M.
                                                                                                 Culica, Dan Vasile
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                        Morin, JacquesDurand, Pierre J.; Tourigny, Andre
                                  Validation de l'echelle 'Appropriateness Evaluation Protocol (AEP)' en geriatrie et dans les disciplines medicales (Fren
MEDICAL COLLEGE OF OHIO AT TOLEDO                                                                Armola, Rochelle RaeRobert
                                  Variables that discriminate length of stay and readmission within 30 days among heart failure patients
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA           Vertical integration of rural health care delivery systems                     Stinson,
                                                                                                 Stensland, Jeffrey ToddThomas
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON                                                               Salmons, Terri Gail and levels
                                  Wandering, getting lost, and Alzheimer's disease: Influences on precautions Caro, Francis G. of supervision provided
                                Web-based                                                         Liu,
DALTECH - DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY (CANADA) access to a data warehouse of administrative data Xiaodong Shepherd, Michael
                                                                                                  Johnston, Corrine Wendy
                                                                                                                   care reform
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Whither the community in community health centres? The limits of primaryBadgley, Robin
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                                            Rohrer,
                                Why rural medical care users migrate for physician services Borders, Tyrone Finley James E.
HARVARD UNIVERSITY                                                                                                Pharr,
                                Why the weak can win: Healthcare politics in postwar Japan Talcott, Paul David Susan J.
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                           Barndt-Maglio,Dear, Margaret
                                Women consumers' selection of health insurance plans with health promotion programsBonnie L.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                                 L.
                                Work excitement and locus of control in rural hospital nurses Williams, MarySchiffert, Judith
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                                                              Muehsam, in the Pierce
                                                                                                                  Shearon, Winston and
                                A case study of a cost-conscious perspective of health care professionals Valeriehospital settingT. Jr. the perceived im
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                            Everett, patient population
                                A collaborative case management model in an end stage renal diseaseLinda Quinn Katherine R.
UNIVERSITY OF SARASOTA                                                                            Dotter, Jane A.Jackson, J. Maxwell
                                A comparison of mandated training requirements and perceived training needs for personal care home administrato
                                                                                                   generation Carl G.
UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA (CANADA) A comparison of two methods of medical discharge summary van Walraven, Laupacis, Andreas; Wells, George
                                                                                                  Perkins, Linda Kathleen
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) A comparison of two models of health care services for women with breast disorders Holley, Heather
                                A correlational study in managed                                  Kingston, Marylin E. Carolyn B.
CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY - LOS ANGELES behavioral healthcare: Assessing the relationship between provider satisfaction an
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN          A cost analysis of two academic-based nursing centers                             Oakley,
                                                                                                  Vincent, Deborah Ann Deborah
                                                                                                  Mitton, Craig Roy
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) A cost-utility analysis of pacemakers for the treatment of neurally mediated Rose, M. Sarah
                                A SCH. OF BIOMEDICAL the practice of bioethics consultation
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GRADUATE critical examination ofSCI. AT GALVESTON                                         Winslade, William J.
                                                                                                  Cummins, Deborah Salvail
                                A THE HEALTH anesthesia                                           Joswick, Jessetta Kay
UNIFORMED SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF description ofSCIENCES personnel characteristics in United States Army medical treatment facilities
                                A THE HEALTH the management characteristics of anesthesia care delivery in small, medium, large, teaching and no
UNIFORMED SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF description ofSCIENCES                                           Wiggins, Alton Rance
BELLARMINE COLLEGE                                                                                Colvin, Spring Andrea Sherill
                                A descriptive study of ethical dilemmas encountered in nursing administration and resources used for ethical decisio
GONZAGA UNIVERSITY                                                                                Abbera, Habtamua Melaku
                                A descriptive study of the elderly's perception of long-term care facilities
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Zakrajsek, Debra Act
                                A descriptive study of the practices surrounding the Patient Self DeterminationAnn in nursing homes (cardiopulmona
                                                                                                  workforce supply and requirements
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A determination of Ontario's future ophthalmology physician Persaud, Drepaul David Rhonda
                                                                                                  Puiras, Tuija children: Ken
LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY (CANADA) A family-centred case management approach in long-term health care for Kaarina Parents' perceptions of care
                                A GRADUATE CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY                                    Hyman, Elaine M.
WIDENER UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE FOR guide for the perplexed: The therapist-patient relationship in short-term therapy under managed care
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Tsikoane,
                                A history of public health policy in Lesotho, Southern Africa, 1900-1980Tumelo    McCann, James C.
ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Preisler, Dennis as a Medicaid alternative, 1981 to 198
                                A history of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System policy: AHCCCSGeorge Stowe, Noel
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA                                                                       Washington, Michael Leonard L.
                                                                                                                  different Anita
                                A logistic analysis of prenatal factors and pregnancy health outcomes under Callahan, insurance systems and Medica
                                A methodology to assess patient satisfaction in ambulatory medical care SLackland, Daniel T.
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA                                                              Zoller, James
DEPAUL UNIVERSITY               A model linking employee perceptions and customer service behavior                Halpert, Jane
                                                                                                  DeGrendel, Donna J. DeGrange
                                A multi-hospital examination of the relationship between hospital nursing resources and hospital quality outcomes
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES)                                                 Patterson, Cheryl Ann
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                             Spates, Bernadette Sebesta
                                A multi-site study of outcomes of a radical prostatectomy critical pathway Knox, Sally
                                A population-based approach to monitoring inpatient utilization and determining the influence of sociodemographic
UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                       Deshazo, William Floyd, IV
                                A preliminary investigation of uncertainty in illness, coping, and social support ClaireElizabeth Acquired Immune Def
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TEACHERS COLLEGE                                                                              Tucker,
                                                                                                  Wagner, Loretta in women with
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                           Goodwin, Renee serious
                                                                                                                  Lyons, John
                                A process evaluation of utilization and outcomes for treatment of persons withDanielle and persistent mental illness
                                A                                                                 Taylor,
NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY process to implement health care reform in public mental health NathanDrewes, Don  Haller
                                A quantitative analysis of wound characteristics as early predictors of healing in pressure soresL.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                             Vredevoe, Donna
                                                                                                  Bates-Jensen, Barbara Mae
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN          A real options model for the evaluation of telemedicine                           Smith, Dean
                                                                                                  Cameron, Andrew Elliot G.
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                            States
                                A simulation model of the system of health care in the UnitedLogan, Mary Odum     Kaseman, Dianne F.
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON                                                                             Smith,          M
                                A statistical model for hospital professional liability claim frequency Staci Ann cWhorter, Archer
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)A strategic information system for hospital management                               Benjamin
                                                                                                  Gordon, DanielCarter, Michael; Kunov, Hans; Dolan, Alf
                                A                                                                 Allgood-Scott, Jill Renee
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIAstudy of health care utilization among chronically ill rural older adults        Rantz, Marilyn
GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY                                                                           Hudock, suggested Edgar
                                A study of hospital information systems implementation problems andSteven A. solutions
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                          Joseph, Jerry aBirnberg, Jacob
                                A study of hospitals' changes in length of stay and number of discharges as Allan of changes in financial incentives
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY                                                                          Davis, Elaine A.Andes, John
                                A study of leadership and management learning needs perceptions of Charleston Area Medical Center staff physician
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                 LaFollette, Cheryl Diane
                                                                                                                  Stein, David
                                A study of outcome differences between Medicare and managed care patients admitted to a long-term care subacut
                                A                                                                 Dinbali, Susan Rosoff,
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-CLEAR LAKEstudy of racial and cultural biases among associates at an urban hospital Jane Stephen M.
AUBURN UNIVERSITY                                                                                  reducing totalBarker, Kenneth intravenous medicatio
                                                                                                                   cycle time
                                A study of the effect of a time-based management process onHarris, Joseph Alexander in theN.
                                A survey                                                          health status and motivators
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY of influenza immunization recipients regarding their Snow, Cynthia Gallup, Peggy for vaccination in an occu
BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY                                                                          Taylor, Nicolas Burlingame, Gary M.
                                A survey of mental health care provider and managed care organization attitudes toward, familiarity with, and use o
BOSTON COLLEGE                                                                                    Goldstein, determined Ronald
                                                                                                                  Nuttall, by
                                A survey of the perceptions of quality in human service organizations as Robert Henry the Malcolm Baldrige Nation
EMORY UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Potter, Sharyn Becker, Edmund R.
                                A tale of two hospital types: A longitudinal analysis of the declining distinction between for-profit and not-for-profit
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY A trauma resource allocation model for ambulances and hospitals Charles Christos
                                A                                                                  specialty: Support for temperance ideology
                                                                                                                  Anton Richard Franz
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY (CANADA) typology of psychologists with a substance abuse treatmentSchweighofer, Alexander, B. K.
INDIANA UNIVERSITY                                                                                Dobrez, Deborah Garlow States
                                                                                                                  the United
                                Access to care and optimal treatment choices for mental health disorders in Kniesner, Thomas
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                Krigstin, Barbara Ellen
                                Access to health care and the elders of one rural southern Ontario Canadian Hewner, Sharon J.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                            Ortega, in Delaware: An epidemiological study of the m
                                Access to pediatric primary care and utilization of preventive services Alexander Neil Arnold S.
TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY            Acculturation in a voluntary public health organization          Eixmann, Yvonne Dooley, Larry M.
UNIVERSITY OF SARASOTA                                                                           Lee, for ambulatory care at the
                                Adoption of electronic medical records as a technology innovationFrances Wickham Frank Medical University of S
KENT STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            Le, care To Hirschman, Richard
                                Adults with severe mental disability: A community mental health Trinheffectiveness study
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH directives policies in nursing homes                                      A.
                                                                                                 Hartzog, SarahLopez, Rebecca A.
                                After                                                            Bleich, MichaelRogers, George E.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN the unexpected departure of a chief nursing officer: How nurses experienced leadership transition in an acute c
                                Alternate models of women's health care policy in the United Anderson, Suzanne Jane
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                                                                 States         Komieneicki, Sheldon
THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH                                                                           Factors Troy Richard
                                                                                                                 Pate, Larry E.
                                An analysis of mentoring in an integrated health care system: Nielson,of participation and productivity
                                An                                                               Angelelli, Joseph James
                                                                                                                 Wilbur, Kathleen
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA analysis of postacute treatment and outcome differences between Medicare fee-for-service and managed care
                                An analysis of & MECHANICAL COLLEGE                              Pracht, Etiennein Medicaid inpatient hospital
LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY AND AGRICULTURALreimbursement methodologies and cost containment policies Moore, William J.; Rice, Randyand pharm
                                An analysis                                                      among Jessie Lee, Department
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAMof the factors associated with patient satisfaction Tucker, active duty III Myron D.of Defense service mem
                                An analysis of the relationship among patient profile variablesLee, Ting-Ting home care resource utilization and outco
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE                                                                 in predicting Mills, Mary Etta
                                An                                                                drugs and related Thomas
                                                                                                                 Lawson, Kenneth A.; Shepherd, Marvin
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN analysis of the utilization of and payments for prescriptionJohnsrud, Michael health care services for Medicaid cli
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                Adams, organizations:
                                An assessment of communication management in international relief Barbara Jean Causes and existence of commu
                                                                                                 Fassbender, Konrad Philip
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) An economic evaluation of home care as an alternative to institutionalization     Jacobs,
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Meyer, the Malcolm David A.
                                An empirical investigation of the causal linkages in the pilot criteria ofSusan Marie Baldrige National Quality Award
                                An evaluation of ambulance service performance using a Geographic JeremySharpe, B.
WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                              Peters, Information System
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Bradley, Barbara W.
                                An evaluation of an infection control program for vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE)Mary Ann
YALE UNIVERSITY                                                                                   behavioral Madhukar
                                                                                                                 Schlesinger, Mark
                                An evaluation of the Connecticut general assistance managedThakur, Neilhealth care pilot program
                                An examination of costs and outcomes following three methods of post-hospital discharge follow-up
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES)                                                                Brooten,
                                                                                                 Whitman, Gayle Ruth Dorothy
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                                                           Wynn, stretch-based relaxation training with James A.
                                An examination of physiological and emotional factors influenced by KennenCarlson, Charles R.; McCubbin, a Black-A
                                                                                                 Hoffman, Sharon employees of a major regional healt
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY An examination of the intent to adopt a computer-based training innovation byMarie
THE SAINT PAUL SEMINARY                                                                          Marucci, Louis Klimoski, Victor; Wojda, Paul
                                                                                                                   and the
                                An examination of the Roman Catholic response to physician-assisted suicideAnthony moral obligation of caring for p
                                                                                                 Mackel, John Vincent Martin
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) An experiment in demand management: Reduction in resource use using a patient-based behavior modification prog
UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND                                                                       Esposito,        Beth
                                An exploration of the nature of nursing practice in patient-focused careMaryKim, Hesook Suzie
NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY                                                                     McChesney, as compared
                                An exploratory study of group health costs of Illinois public school districtsCharles Lutherto employee group health p
                                A                                                                process for the Dickson, Graham
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY (CANADA) n initial reflection to develop a maintenance of competence Bone, Eric Allen British Columbia Ambulance Service
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN          Analysis of right censored cost data                             Chen, Yin-Miao  Wolfe, Robert A.
                                                                                                 Leggat, SandraLeatt, Peggy
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Analysis of the impact of the alternate funding plan at the Hospital for Sick Children Department of Paediatrics
                                Analysis of urinary incontinence as a factor in nursing home admission
THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER                                                                Jacobs,
                                                                                                 Li, Josephine Ming WaiElgene W.
NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                      Leisen, Birgit
                                Antecedents to trust in professional services: The case of medical services Hyman, Michael R.
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON        Antitrust issues in hospital markets                                             Madden,
                                                                                                 Finkelstein, Eric Andrew Carolyn
NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE                                                                         Konschak, Michael Reinhold
                                                                                                                 Fink, therapy
                                Appropriate oxygen administration and cost savings through the use of an oxygenRaymondprotocol in a community h
                                 PARK                                                            Howard nurses' journeys through
                                                                                                                 Hultgren, Francine
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND COLLEGEArchetypal emanations: A phenomenological inquiry into experienced Kilchenstein, Cynthia Lee hospital re-structurin
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                         Bertranou, essays on
                                                                                                                 Mesa-Lago, Carmelo
                                Argentina's health care sector and the demand for health services: ThreeFabio M. health economics
                                Assessing client satisfaction                                    Crane, a managedCanfield, Merle
CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY - FRESNO with mental health services provided by Heidi Rae care company
                                Assessing hospital quality: An outcome study of patients withWang, myocardial infarction in Massachusetts hospital
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON                                                                acute Mei Gong Upshur, Carole
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                              care physician Kovner, Anthony R.
                                                                                                                 in a managed care
                                Assessing the critical behavioral competencies of the primary Frommer-Duberman, Tracy-Lynn environment
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                              Vergun, Pamelaquality of medical
                                Assessing the effects of medical organization and provider characteristics onScott, W. Richard care
                                Assessment of first-line SSRI therapy for major depressive disorder and outcomes in a mental health managed care o
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                                Rascati,
                                                                                                 Conner, Therese Marie Karen Lewis
                                Assessment of                                                     and its relationship to
                                                                                                                 Eaton, William E.
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY AT CARBONDALE graduate health care administration educationManning, Michael Alancontemporary need in the healt
                                Assessment of the effectiveness of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) algorithm in D. integrated healthc
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN                                                                                Shepherd,
                                                                                                 Sasane, Rahul Madhukar Marvin an
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Yancey, Valerie Jean
                                Attending the dying: William James, a resource for medical ethics at end-of-life Belden
PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY                                                                            An evaluation Asamen, Joy
                                Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and medical settings: Riggs, Lisa Lin study
                                Attitudes of directors of training in the San                     toward the doctor of psychology Patrick
OHIO UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Ryan, Norma careModen, Gary
                                Attitudes of executive directors of area agencies on aging toward managed Jean referrals O.
                                Attributes associated with success as perceived by managers in three levels of multi-departmentJ.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Alan
                                                                                                 Williams, John DeMicco, Frederick management in acu
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                                              Sanders, Gillian Denise Douglas K.
                                Automated creation of clinical-practice guidelines from decision models          Owens,
WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY Barriers to nutrition care for nursing home residents                                Shultz,
                                                                                                 Crogan, Neva Lynne Jill A.
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY         Benchmarking in foodservice operations                                           Chambers,
                                                                                                 Johnson, Bonnie Claudice M. Jean
                                Biocultural assessment of health strategies among the Caddo Mires, Annsouthwestern Oklahoma
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST                                                                              Thomas, R.
                                                                                                 Indians of Marie Wagner Brooke
                                Can computers facilitate communication between patients and providers: A Neuhauser, Duncan telephone screen
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES)                                                                  Anne
                                                                                                 Llorens, Shirleystudy of computerized
                                Can                                                              Jones, Pamela Jean Robert services?
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER decision-trees and economic incentives help reduce utilization and cost of health careW.
NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE                                                                         Gibbs, Belvie P.
                                Can interventions by clinical pharmacists result in improvements of pharmaceutical care? (Pepcid)
                                                                                                 Forbes, Dorothy Anne Anne
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Canadian community-dwelling young-old and old-old: Psychosocial determinants of health status and satisfaction wi
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY     Caring behaviors of perioperative nurses                                         Locsin, Rozzano
                                                                                                 Coogan, Russell S.
UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO                                                                              Lagerstrom, Dessa L. Cleve
                                 Certified nursing assistant voluntary turnover in the state of Idaho            Taylor,
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Tucker, Holly Lynn
                                                                                                                  consumer health care spending uncerta
                                 Changes in employment in health care and service occupations as a result ofPassmore, David L.
CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK                                                                      Yeaple, William Norval
                                                                                                                 Hart, Roger
                                 Children's thoughts and feelings regarding their treatment environment: Stresspoints and coping in a pediatric hema
                                 CLIA inspection:
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS Process and guidelines                              Liu, Fang-yu (Jane)
                                 Clinical and cost outcomes of acyclovir prophylaxis for herpesItzler, Robbin Frances Kit N. A triangulation of treatm
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                  Simpson,
                                                                                                  simplex in leukemia patients:
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           program Kathleen Rice
                                                                                                                 Flick, enrolled
                                 Clinical and financial outcomes of a preterm birth prevention Simpson, for womenLouise H. in a commercial insuranc
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Carkhuff, Marjorie Hughes M.
                                                                                                                 Schied, Fred
                                 'Collaborating in public with the opposition': A study of the complex meaning of learning in a cross-boundary work g
                                                                                                 Poldre, Peeter Geis, George
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Collaboration in health care: Medical students' perceptions, observations and suggestions
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                         mental settings
                                 Community-focused care: Scarcity of occupational therapy in Batts, Sherry Yon   Davison, Harriett A.
                                                                                                 Flood, Colleen Trebilcock, Michael
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Comparing models of health care reform: Internal markets and managed competition (United Kingdom, New Zealan
UNIVERSITY OF SARASOTA                                                                           Yohn, DeborahDavis, Carl
                                 Comparison of outpatient cases requiring inpatient care by fee-for-service and case rate
GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                         Camann, MaryDemi, Alice S.
                                 Comparison of the effects of three mental health treatment programs on caregivers' experience of burden, benefit,
                                 Comparison of the three enteral product distribution systemsAssell, Charity Catherine
RUSH UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF NURSING                                                                              Skipper, Annalynn
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI                                                                              Lindeblad, acute care physical therapy departments
                                                                                                                 Croghan, John H.
                                 Comparison of two clinical education models on the functioning of threeSusan Kenville
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Competency and the provider-patient contract                                      Griener, Glenn
                                                                                                 McLaughlin, Duncan Jeffrey
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                            Sharma, Rajiv Sappington, David E. M.
                                 Competition, market structure, and incentives in the health care industry Lochan
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Barsukiewicz, Camille KatherineH.
                                 Computerized medical records: Physician response to new technology              Dansky, Kathryn
                                                                                                  A description of the health
                                                                                                                 Singer, Peter
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Conflict over treatment withdrawal in the intensive care unit: Workman, Stephen Ross care providers' experience
                                 Consumer choice and switching between managed care plansShore, Karen Kay
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY                                                                               Robinson, James C.
CORNELL UNIVERSITY               Consumer decision-making in health care markets                 DeLia, Derek Michael
                                                                                                 Harrison, Alexandra Marta
UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA) Consumers' views of coordination, their transition experiences, and health system performance
YESHIVA UNIVERSITY                                                                               Bowling, Jane A.
                                 Continuity of care for the seriously and persistently mentally ill
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        Nichols,
                                 Continuous detection and treatment of depression in a large HMO Gregory Alan
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                work injury management and prevention
                                 Controlling back injuries requiring workers' compensation via Fitzery, Susan E. Schiffert, Judith
                                 Controlling                                                     Mac Neill, Karon M.
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH physician stress: Moderating effect of perceived job control on relationship between job stressors and jo
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA                                                                      Hausman, Angela Vavithes R.
                                                                                                                 Stock, James
                                 Cooperative adoption of technological innovation in the context of long-term relationships: A channel perspective
                                 Correlates of sentinel events                                   Wright, Margaret Catherine
                                                                                                                 Salmon, J. Warren;
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER in children with asthma in the Medicaid population in Cook CountyLambert, Bruce
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY                                                                  Emlet, age make a difference? J.
                                 Correlates of service utilization among persons with HIV/AIDS: Does Charles Farkas, Kathleen(Immune deficiency)
                                                                                                 Soucat, Agnes experience between
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Cost effective primary health care that is sustainable: The Benin and Guinea Laure-Bernaolette effectiveness, effic
DREXEL UNIVERSITY                                                                                Chiang, Bih-Horng
                                                                                                                 Curatola, Anthony P.; Mackie, James J.
                                 Cost management in health care industry: An empirical investigation of the effect of utilization management program
SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY                                                                           Smith, Monica Mary
                                 Cost, quality and access as related to the delivery of chiropractic health care Gillespie, Kathleen
                                 Costs,                                                          Reed, Shelby Ogilvie C. Daniel
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, BALTIMORE outcomes and estimation of the cost-effectiveness of abciximab in the prevention of ischemic events over six
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                        Barbeau, Martin
                                 Cout des effets indesirables des medicaments antihypertenseurs (French text)    Gregoire, Jean-Pierre
THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                 Motta, CamilleNagy, Thomas J.
                                 Creating and testing a theoretical framework for evaluating telemedicine technology acceptance in a clinical trial inv
THE UNION INSTITUTE                                                                              Bottomley, and theirBenjamin R. H.
                                                                                                                 Davis, effects upon participant function
                                 Creation of video-guided exercise programs for frail nursing home elderlyJennifer Mary
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Simmons, Sandra Faye
                                                                                                                 Zarit, Steven H.
                                 Criteria to identify nursing home residents capable of accurate self-report: Implications for the measurement and im
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY Cultural diversity and work group outcomes                      Solanky, Asha H.Mark, Barbara A.
TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY                                                                            Cooley, preventive Robert; orientation
                                 Cumulative trauma disorders among new employees before and afterSylvia Jean focused Valadez, Ana
RUSH UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF NURSING and future practices in hospital foodservice                                 Gregoire,
                                                                                                 Radnor, Melanie Beth Mary
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA       Demand for and provision of HMO quality information                             Pauly,
                                                                                                 Kim, Myoung Shin Mark V.
                                                                                                 Collins, James WilliamGordon S.; Baker, Susan P.
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Descriptive analysis of forklift fatalities and powered industrial vehicle injuries and a case-control study of the charac
                                                                                                 Strome, TrevorFrancescutti, Louis Hugo
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Design and development of a computerized emergency medical services-based injury surveillance system
                                 Determinants and modifiers of net physician revenue in managed care reimbursement systems: Implications for risk
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                            Torrens,
                                                                                                 Post, Edward Patrick Paul R.
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                Zacker, Christopher
                                 Determinants of antihypertensive drug therapy among the Medicare elderly Stuart, Bruce C.
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA                                                                           Westermann, JorgRohrer, James E.
                                 Determinants of medical visits in a rural manufacturing-dependent county: Extension of the behavioral model
                                 Determinants                                                    McCleary, Karl Hernandez, S.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM of work group effectiveness: An empirical examination of health care teams Robert
UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA                                                                            Burgess, Somalimedications
                                 Development and evaluation of a pharmacy care pathway: Over the counterPerri, Matthew
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                 Bokelman, organizations
                                                                                                                 Wergin, Jon
                                 Development of a profile to assess organizational learning in health care Elizabeth Ann F.
                                 Development of a quality management information system for healthcare organizations
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN                                                             Shan, RonghuaLee, Sang M.
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                        care organizations in Ohio
                                                                                                                 Lanese, Richard R.
                                 Diabetes self-management (DSM) education within managed So'Brien vanPutten, Juliette Monique
                                 Diagnostic manipulation: A necessary                            Jacobson, Stephen J. Amiram
WIDENER UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE FOR GRADUATE CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY evil for mental health practitioners, or Elwork,fraud? An examination of law, pa
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                                         Silverman,
                                 Differences and similarities between older blacks and whites Jennings, Andrea Renee Myrna
                                 Dimensions                                                      F                Ngetiko
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO of quality of care: African-Americans' perspectives ongwa, MarieHenry, Suzanne Bakken
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA        Discharge planning in Alabama hospitals                                         Teare,
                                                                                                 Holliman, Diane CarolRobert J.
                                 Dispute resolution in hospital collective bargaining: The Ontario and QuebecAdell, Bernard
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON (CANADA)                                                                          approaches
                                                                                                 Archibald, Thomas Lloyd (nurses, unions)
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                          Hsieh, Sheau-Ling
                                                                                                                   Martinez, Ralph
                                  Distributed multimedia collaborative system framework for tele-healthcare remote consultation systems
                                  Distribution of SCIENCES                                         Durden, Philip B.
UNIFORMED SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF THE HEALTH United States military certified registered nurse anesthetists in medical treatment facilities
                                  Do FOR ADV. STUD. IN SOC. WEL.
BRANDEIS U., THE F. HELLER GRAD. SCH.rural Medicare patients use rural providers for primary care?                 Chilingerian, Jon
                                                                                                   Dunlap, Philip Glenn
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                                Saunders, Cynthia Marie
                                  Does health delivery system affect quality of health care? A meta-analysis Messeri, Peter A.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                                  Louise
                                  Downsizing and the effect on workers' compensation claims Kreutz, Kristen Caley, Linda M.
                                                                                                   Jones, Jennifer Hall
UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA ANCHORAGEDownsizing at API: Effects on admissions and discharge processes (Alaska, psychiatric hospitals)
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                 Economic evaluation of health care treatment effectiveness Lu, Mingshan McGuire, Thomas G.
                                  Effect                                                           Henneman, Elizabeth Ann
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES of a collaborative weaning plan on patient outcome in the critical careDracup, Kathleen
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                                                                              Handberg-Thurmond, Kathleen A.
                                                                                                                   Smyth, Eileen M.
                                  Effect of home exercise intervention on functional capacity and quality of life in decompensated heart failure
                                  Effectiveness HILL
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL and economic impact on screening for colorectal cancer  Helm, James F.Sandler, Robert S.; Simpson, Kit N.
CORNELL UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Burchfield, David Calvin Alan
                                  Effects of the presence and growth of managed care on inpatient resource consumption and hospital lengths of stay
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                                 Hewner, Sharon J.
                                  Effects of the survey process on staff delivery of quality care Bronstein, James Robert
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH                                                                           Patchner, Lisa Schleich
                                                                                                                   Jaros, Kenneth J.
                                  Efficacy of a social case management model with high-risk populations within a Medicaid managed care system
UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE                                                                             Cooper, John David Marilyn
                                  Efficacy of asthma self-management programs: Outcomes with utilization and effects for health care policy
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                             clinical information systems
                                  Embedded tools for user guided evolutionary development ofWerth, Gerald Connelly, Donald P.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                 Keyes, Suzanne M.
                                                                                                                   Anderson, Patricia A.
                                  Emergency department violence: A study to determine nurses' knowledge and perceptions
                                                                                                   Purushothaman, Mohankumar
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Empirical studies of price and cost behavior in the Indian pharmaceutical industry    Salkever, David
                                                                                                   managers in Severson Donna L.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Enhancing the public health skills on HIV prevention program Prince, Mary community-based organizations: Results o
                                                                                                   Mallette, medical L. O'Brien
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Environmental factors that influence variability in nursing workload in aClaire M. setting
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Willis, Carla Y. and empirical assessment
                                  Equity under health care cost recovery in developing countries: A theoreticalMcGuire, Thomas G.
                                  Essays in
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARAindustrial organization                                                     Frech,
                                                                                                   Danger, Kenneth Lee H. E. III
                                   PARK                                                            Chia, Yi-Feng Evans, William
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND COLLEGEEssays on the economics of preventive services: A study of women's mammography use N.
                                  Estimates of PUBLIC and physician costs of epilepsy in the United States for Begley, Charles E. provider-based sur
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF hospital HEALTH                                       Lang, John       1995 comparing the
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER                                                                  Sharma, VijayaMorey, Edward Nepal
                                  Estimating malaria patients' household compensating variations for health care proposals in R.
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                          Diambomba, Mireille Guy
                                  Estimation de l'inefficience dans les centres hospitaliers de soins generaux et specialises par un modele de frontiere
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Carides,        Iglewicz,
                                  Estimation of mean treatment cost in the presence of right-censoring George WarrenBoris
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA           Ethical issues for nurses in performance of utilization review Bell, Sue Ellen Crisham, Patricia
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO                                                                         Love,
                                  Ethics committees: Characteristics and decision-making processes Mary Brewer     D'Andrea, Livia
CAPELLA UNIVERSITY                Ethics consultation: The process, the outcome                    Daly, Gail Ann Crocker, Olga
THE UNION INSTITUTE                                                                                Donovan, Mary
                                  Ethics in the context of managed mental health care: Dialogues among therapists
THE RAND GRADUATE SCHOOL                                                                           Hernandez, John guidelines
                                                                                                                   Kanduse, David radiographic contrast a
                                  Evaluating a multi-hospital quality improvement strategy to implement clinical Benjamin forE.
                                  Evaluation                                                        hospital inpatients
QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT KINGSTON (CANADA) of a care map for community-acquired pneumoniaMorreale, Mark Joseph Don; Mackenzie, Tom
THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Law, Influence of patients' reference points and dispo
                                                                                                                   Pathak, Dev
                                  Evaluation of change in health status of chronic headache patients:Anandi Vaidyanathan S.
                                  Evaluation research in the workplace within an action research framework (Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitob
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                                Harvey,
                                                                                                   Brown, Deboran Anne Dexter
                                                                                                   Bradley, Dora Ann
                                                                                                                   Young, Sue W.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Examination of linkages among inputs, core care processes, and supportive care processes of a nursing care system
                                  Examining diffusion                                              Hatzell, Theresaaluzny, Arnold D.
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL of breast cancer clinical practice guidelines to community-based cancer care in rural North Carol
                                                                                                   DenBroeder-van Beveren, Alberta Jantina
                                                                                                                   Badgley, Robin F.
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Examining regional hospital governance: Exploring board structure and roles and their relationship to the communit
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Wasson, at the Jane
                                  Examining the effects of incentive-based health benefits: A closer look Deidreeffects of perceived control and fairnes
MEDICAL COLLEGE OF GEORGIA                                                                         Talley, of power, participation in
                                  Excellence and success in small rural hospitals: The interrelationshipsBrenda Woodring, Barbara decision-making and
                                  Exit/voice: The prediction of intent to stay for licensed practical nurses in long-term care settings
INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING                                                               Jamerson, Peggy Maxine
                                                                                                   Huang, Chung-Chien radiology
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Expanding the role of managerial accounting for health services: The case of Steinwach, Don
                                                                                                    traumatic Elizabeth
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Experiences of caregivers in arranging services for survivors ofSmith, Janebrain injury J.
THE FIELDING INSTITUTE                                                                             Gill, Sandra LeeSilverman, Robert
                                  Exploration of physician roles and related competencies across health care market stages
THE UNIVERSITY OF TULSA                                                                            Ward, developmental Robert O.
                                  Exploring the role of empathy in parent-provider relationships in theKathleen Anne disabilities service delivery syste
                                  Extending the                                                    Hutton, James Swan, John E.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM prototypicality paradigm: Alternate physical environment's influences on patient evaluations of care a
NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE          Factor analysis of Tuberculosis Survey                           Howard, Alice M.Cleary, Sean
THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER                                                                        Palmiter, HMOs  Mukamel, Dana
                                  Factors associated with HEDIS scores for selected preventive services inSharon Kay
                                  Factors contributing                                             Chance, program: Kamali on employee job satisfactio
                                                                                                                   Green, Claudia
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT GREENSBORO to program participation rates in the Virginia WICKanwaljot A focusGill G.
                                  Factors contributing to the hospital readmission of elderly patients with congestive heart failure
SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                              Crutchlow, Eileen
                                                                                                   Buckingham, Laura Ann Galvin
                                  Factors                                                          Hijjazi, Kamal Porell,
UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON contributing to variations in Medicare Home Health Agency servicesHamed Frank    utilization among aged Medicare benefi
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                 Williams, Stacey Ann Ardyce S.
                                  Factors influencing job satisfaction and motivation: A comparative study of male and female health care managers
                                  Factors influencing                                               response trial Barrett, Elizabeth
MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA)the outcome of community care in a quickBarrowman, Gwynedd Brendan      in St. John's, Newfoundland
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Factors related to time lost from work due to occupational injuries                     L.
                                                                                                   Benjamin, KatyCurbow, Barbara
                                                                                                   Copplestone, Christina Susanna
                                                                                                                   Irvine, Diane
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Factors that influence variability in nursing workload in a post-anaesthetic care setting
                                                                                                   DuVal,           Robert
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Faith, death and suffering: Ethics and the law of suicide intervention GordonDickens, Bernard
NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH                                                                     Lewellen, Denver Curtis
                                                                                                                    Rapp, Rayna
                                  Familiarizing the ethnographic archive: Anthropologists, culture, and AIDS (Immune deficiency)
GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY                                                                              Bishop, Laura Jane
                                                                                                                    Walters, LeRoy
                                  Family matters: The role of the family in medical decision-making with competent patients B.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                           resource dependence, culture,
                                  Family medicine in the academic medical enterprise: Issues ofTomasa, LynneSlaughter, Sheila and professionalization
                                  Female genital mutilation/female circumcision: Obstetrical nursing supervisor's knowledge and exposure
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH                                                            Robison, Leslie Michele
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                    intent to leave primary
                                  Financial and nonfinancial incentives as factors on employees'Fabrizio, Nick Anthony care medical group practices i
                                  First Nations people with disabilities: An analysis of service delivery in Manitoba
THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA (CANADA)                                                                                 Wendy
                                                                                                   Fricke, MonikaKaufert, Joseph
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                            Johnson, nursing information system
                                  Fitting computers with people and their work: A longitudinal study of a Brenda Gayle Peter C.
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA           Flexible spending accounts and health insurance decision-making                   Feldman, Roger D.
                                                                                                   Maciejewski, Matthew Leonard
                                                                                                   Klein, Carin Joyce
                                                                                                                    Dastoor, Barbara R.
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY French and Raven's bases of social power in a not-for-profit health care facility: Perceptions and satisfaction (John R
                                  Friendly fire: CLINICAL relationship of                          Reynolds,
WIDENER UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE FOR GRADUATEThe social PSYCHOLOGY psychologists with managed careWilliam Alexander    Swift, Marshall
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON and support for health care reform                                             Almore, Mary
                                                                                                   Rohleder, Michele BologneseG.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                 Love,            Franz
                                  Gender bias and compensation among long-term care executives Suzanne Hewner, Sharon J.
                                                                                                   Hill, William Raymond Carleen
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Gender equity among HIV-positive Blacks and Hispanics seeking health care and support services: Are women disenf
                                                                                                   Flanagan, Tanya Marie
                                                                                                                    Leach, Belinda
UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH (CANADA) Gender, rurality and economic change: The gendered nature of rural hospital restructuring in south eastern Ontario
NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE                                                                           Hoffmann-Moy, application at Danbury Hospital (Conn
                                  Genetic prenatal screening and midtrimester amniocentesis: Its utilization andMartina
                                  Geographic variations in hospital utilization for low back problems in Jerry Dale
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL                                                                     Hertz-Picciotto, Irva
                                                                                                   Joines, North Carolina
NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE                                                                           Newell, Cynthia Margaret
                                  Health care and managed care for the chronically ill and disabled: An assessment
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                  panic disorder
                                  Health care costs of patients before and after the diagnosis ofLoke, Janos Caley, Linda M.
                                  Health                                                           transforming the practice
                                                                                                                    Wilms, Wellford W.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES care in turbulent times: One organization's attempt at Marinelli-Casey, Patricia J. of psychiatry
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE       Health care reform in the Baltic states                          Smith, Zigrida L.Wallace, Bill C.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN            Health plan report cards and managed care enrollment                              McLaughlin, Catherine; Chernew, Micha
                                                                                                   Scanlon, Dennis Patrick
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                                                                Lee, Ji Seon in different
                                  Health service use among elderly Medicare beneficiaries: Does membership Mui, Ada health plan types and functi
NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE          Healthcare changes and the professional registered nurse         Barrans, Carolyn Mae
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                 Sobon, Robert Hewner, Sharon
                                  History of incarceration and administrators' willingness to admit individuals to a skilled nursing facility
                                  HMO                                                              Shen, Jie        Wan, Thomas T. T.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY growth and health care outcome of acute myocardial infarction: An organization effectiveness perspective
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                              care            Chelst,
                                  Holistic, ecological, and systemic measures of patient-focusedHeaphy, Maureen S. Kenneth R.
                                  Home care service utilization                                    Broemeling, Anne-Marie
                                                                                                                    to acute care?
THE UNIV. OF TEXAS H.S.C. AT HOUSTON SCH. OF PUBLIC HEALTH in British Columbia: Substitute or complement Swint, J. Michael
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY               Hospital contracting: Decision-making                                             Kovner,
                                                                                                   Byrne, Georgina Maria Anthony R.
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                                                                          Hagen, Stuart Alfred Edward F.
                                  Hospital response to Medicare reimbursement incentives: Hospital-based skilled nursing facilities and their impact o
BOSTON UNIVERSITY                                                                                   and selection Ellis, under refined prospective payme
                                  Hospital response to reimbursement incentives: Moral hazardGilman, Boyd H. Randall P.
                                                                                                   Reid, health careWahlstrom,
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (CANADA)Hospital restructuring and process redesign: Are we improving our Lois Marion systems? M.
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY           Hospitals, quality, and managed care                                              M.
                                                                                                   Stein, Rebecca Dranove, David
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                                                            Allen, services,Ammentorp, education, corrections, and
                                  Human service theory and action: An applied model for community Jeffrey Scot       health care, William M.
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                          Munch, Shari L. patient-physician relationship
                                  Hyperemesis gravidarum and patient satisfaction: Patient's perceptions of thearold, Rena
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                  Dubois, Marie France Gina
                                  Identification des facteurs associes a la qualite des soins et developpement d'un outil de reperage des ressources d'h
                                                                                                   Lee, William setting
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO Identifying and explaining alternative medicine use in a professional urbanHyunsuk
UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL (CANADA)                                                                    Fleury, Marie-Josee Jean-Louis
                                  Impact de la planification regionale et des programmes regionaux d'organisation de services (PROS) sur la structurat
                                  Impact of a behavioral SOC. carve-out on treatment of major depression McGuire, Thomas G.
BRANDEIS U., THE F. HELLER GRAD. SCH. FOR ADV. STUD. INhealthWEL.                                  Merrick, Elizabeth Levy
                                  Impact                                                            a mental health service Clayton
THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN of an automated information management system on Robison, Chris Rivers, P. delivery system
                                                                                                   Campbell,        Hibberd,
UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA) Impact of health care restructuring on the role of the nurse manager Kimberly AnnJudith
TEMPLE UNIVERSITY                 Impact of HMO mergers and acquisitions on financial performance                   Zinn, Robert
                                                                                                   Weech-Maldonado, Jacqueline S.
                                  Impact of public-sector SOC. WEL.                                Wieman, Dow Callahan, James
BRANDEIS U., THE F. HELLER GRAD. SCH. FOR ADV. STUD. IN managed behavioral health care on persons with severe and persistent mental illness
                                                                                                   Burton, Lloyd Roland
                                                                                                                    Burroughs, Mark
COLORADO TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Implementing medical call centers for demand management in healthcare organizations: A model for internal install
                                  Improving the satisfaction and meeting the information needs of families of Schultz, Ronald
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, FRESNO                                                                                 critically
                                                                                                   Chapman, Tamara Ann ill patients: An evaluation of tw
                                  In search                                                        Balik, M. Barbara
UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS (MINNESOTA) of the new millennium: A case analysis of integration in health careLaMagdeleine, Donald R.
                                  In the proliferative learning                                    Kuner, Susan Nadler,
PEABODY COLLEGE FOR TEACHERS OF VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY zone: A storied approach to health care reformKrohn Neal M.
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                            Mayer, Susan
                                  Inclusion and reform: The contemporary history of a state mental hospital Lewis, Dan A.
                                  Indicators of cancer care access: The relationship of cancer stage atJulena Marie healthcare provider supply in Califo
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                               Lewis,
                                                                                                   Lind, diagnosis to Charles
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                 Garvey, AllisonSchiffert,
                                  Influence of work environment on accidents or incidents among nursing assistants Judith
                                  Integral healthcare: Integration and evaluation of treatment modalities
INSTITUTE OF TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY                                                              Paulson, Daryl Scott
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY                                                                                Briller, Sara Oliver
                                  Integrated health organization: HealthPartners of Southern Arizona. A case study Anthony R.
                                  Integrating patient preferences for self-care capability in nursing care:Corneliaon nurses' care priorities and patient o
CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY (HEALTH SCIENCES)                                                                   Moore,
                                                                                                   Ruland, Effects MariaShirley M.
                                  Interests in evidence:                                           McQueen, Margaret Lynn
THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL Politicians' involvement in developing evidence-based Kaluzny, Arnold
                                                                                                   Lang, surgery
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY International comparison of patients' willingness to pay for cataractHui-Chu Steinwachs, Donald M.
                                  Interorganizational relations and organizational structural characteristics of complexity, formalization, and centraliza
THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON                                                                                 Ann
                                                                                                   Geist, MarjorieHissong, Rodney V.
                                                                                                  Kwait, Jennafer Lynne
                                                                                                                  Celentano, David D.; Steinwachs, Donald
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Interorganizational relationships among HIV/AIDS service organizations in Baltimore: A network analysis (Immune de
                                  Into the 21st CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY
WIDENER UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE FOR GRADUATEcentury: Creating a place for clinical psychology Sortino, Mary L.      Swift, Marshall
THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE                                                                       Peacock,        Orme, John G.
                                  Is there a relationship between child sexual abuse and chronic pain? Patricia Lynn
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA           Issue complexity in academic health centers                                     Weckwerth,
                                                                                                  Johnson, Christopher Elliot Vernon E.
BAYLOR UNIVERSITY                 Job satisfaction among perioperative nurses                                      Diane
                                                                                                  Brown, ConnieMcEwen, Melanie
                                  Job satisfaction of contract occupational therapy professionals oberts, Julie Ann
RUSH UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF NURSING                                                               R               Silerzio, Paula
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO                                                                        Moreno, Susan Elizabeth
                                  Job satisfaction of nurse practitioners in the National Health Service Corps LaSala, Kathleen
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                Job satisfaction of the nursing staff development educator Genzel, Mary C.      Gutt, Carole
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                Job-related stress among physicians                                             Hewner, Sharon
                                                                                                  Friedman, Cheryl A.
                                  Journeying                                                       of partners in Hutton, Catherine)
                                                                                                                  (Marita Michael
INSTITUTE OF TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY home as partners: Successful long-term marriagesSmith, Maggie alcoholism recovery
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                         Houston, Andrea Lynn
                                                                                                                  Chen, Hsinchun
                                  Knowledge integration for medical informatics: An experiment on a cancer information system
TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY                                                                          Elahi, Firouzeh Forouhar
                                  Knowledge of fats and oils and fat content of foods for hospital foodservice managers from United States metropolit
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                 Clark, NathalieKouri, Robert P.
                                  La relation de confiance entre le medecin et son patient en droit civil quebecois: Impact de la reforme des services d
UNIVERSITE DE SHERBROOKE (CANADA)                                                                 Ramsay, Jacques Toth, Francois
                                  La responsabilite medicale au Quebec: Un constat et une analyse des avenues de reforme (French text)
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                         Carriere, Monique Clermont
                                  La structuration locale du champ des troubles mentaux dans le contexte de la reorganisation des services de sante (F
                                  Language barriers to IN SOC. WEL.                               Nazneen, Khaleda Ken
BRANDEIS U., THE F. HELLER GRAD. SCH. FOR ADV. STUD. health care: Cost-benefit analysis of providing interpreter services at healthcare settings
THE UNION INSTITUTE                                                                               O'Donnell, Karen Lynn
                                  Leadership and organizational redesign in healthcare organizations              Davis, Benjamin
SEATTLE UNIVERSITY                Leadership profiles of senior nurse executives                                  Hutton,
                                                                                                  Hemman, Eileen Ann Van
WALDEN UNIVERSITY                                                                                 Cohen,
                                  Leadership styles of hospital-based certified chief nurse executives Joy Alice Ruth
UNIVERSITE LAVAL (CANADA)                                                                         Grenier, DanielMontreuil, Sylvie
                                  Les strategies adoptees par le personnel soignant pour reduire la charge transportee lors d'activites de transfert (Fre
THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                 Walton, Eric Wynstin James of
                                  Linking strategy, diversity, and competitive advantage in managerial processes: PerspectivesB. health care system e
CLARK UNIVERSITY                                                                                  Bokhour, Barbara Goldberger
                                  Locating patients in the discourse of health care teams: Where is Mr. Weinberg? James P.
UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO                                                                           Bond, A. ElaineClark, Mary Jo
                                  Major trauma outcomes: At what cost? And for whom? A cost-effectiveness analysis
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN                                                                            Lemak, organizational response A.
                                  Managed care and outpatient substance abuse treatment: A study of Christy Alexander, Jeffreyto external environme
NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE                                                                          Hannan, Barbara Elizabeth
                                                                                                                  future implications
                                  Managed care and the acute care institution: A discussion of the impact and Saccardi, Thomas (insurance)
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY                                                                  Wang, Bing-Long BillThomas T. H.
                                  Managed care penetration, hospital vertical integration strategies, and hospitals' performance: A contingency-based
THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA            Managed care strategies and the performance of rural hospitals  Knott, Astrid Vaughn, Thomas E.
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY         Managed care: Views, practices, and burnout of psychologistsThompson, Tracy LynnSmith, Gloria
FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY                                                                       Feldheim, study
                                  Managed competition in Florida health care system: An implementationMary AnnKhi Thai,
THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                                                                         Hu, Paul Jen-HwaSheng, Olivia R. Liu
                                  Management of telemedicine technology in healthcare organizations: Technology acceptance, adoption, evaluation,
BELLARMINE COLLEGE                                                                                Cline, Joy
                                  Management of the change process: A program for nurse executives F.
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                Winston, Devon L.
                                                                                                                  Lightner, approach
                                  Management perception of the benefits of rehabilitative versus punitive/indifference Ardyce to alcoholism in the
D'YOUVILLE COLLEGE                                                                                health Daniel Schiffert, Judith
                                  Managers' perceived needs during organizational change in a Brown,service organization
                                  Market                                                          Bramble, James D. Roice D.
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY and organizational factors associated with teaching hospital participation in strategic hospital alliances
UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH          Market restructuring and pricing in the hospital industry                       Evans, John H. III; Nagarajan, Nandu
                                                                                                  Krishnan, Ranjani
UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                        Volpp, Kevin Gerhard Ming
                                                                                                                  the quality impacts of the transition from
                                  Market-based reforms and the impact on quality of care: An examination of Pauly, Mark V.
YORK UNIVERSITY (CANADA)                                                                          Jankey, Sharon Gaye
                                  Meaning as a factor in the quality of life of long-term care hospital residents Lay, Clarry
                                                                                                  Kuo, Nai-Wen Anderson, Gerard
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Measurement of hospital performance: A longitudinal study of California hospitals
OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY                                                                           Anderson, Debra Kay Dierksmeier
                                                                                                                  Houseman, Clare
                                  Measurement of hospital performance: Environmental and organizational factors associated with cost
                                  Measuring performance outcomes in patients with low back pain Louise J.
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER                                         White,          Rydman, Robert
THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI                                                                     Suk, Yeung Ki Dula, Jose H.
                                  Measuring the impact of Total Quality Management (TQM) on efficiency using data envelopment analysis (DEA) in th
THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA        Medicaid and the politics of state health care reform                           Shad Brent
                                                                                                  Satterthwaite, Ray, David
                                  Medicaid managed care and WEL.                                  Shields, Alexandra
BRANDEIS U., THE F. HELLER GRAD. SCH. FOR ADV. STUD. IN SOC. plan performance: The case of pediatric asthma Elizabeth
NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE                                                                          Chiarieri, happened in between
                                  Medical savings accounts: From Congress to consumer. A study of whatCarolyn J. Raymond
THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO                                                                         F               Eugene
                                  Meds, money and manners: An ethnography of case managersloersch, Jerry Marsh, Jeanne
INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                                                                Rhinehart, general hospital settings
                                                                                                                  Robertson, Donald U.
                                  Meeting the psychological needs of patients: Assessment of need in ruralLeslie Lynn
NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY                                                                           Christopher, in a J. John S.
                                  Modeling level and duration of care decisions for acute psychiatric servicesNina managed care environment
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                            Aranha, of Noel care decision-making
                                  Modeling self-determination among the elderly: A psychometric studyAnilhealthFrederick Shlomo S.
                                                                                                  Aviles, Luis A. Johnson, Jeffrey
THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Modernized injustice: The reform and modernization of the Salvadoran health care system V.
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