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					Location:           London Borough of Greenwich
1. Geography
An Olympic Host Borough, and part of the Thames Gateway, Greenwich Borough covers three main town centres; Greenwich,
Woolwich, & Eltham. The population is 226,100, with working age pop at 152,600 (67.5% of pop). The Borough has a 13km
frontage to the river Thames and is the 12th largest Borough in London. Greenwich town centre itself is a considered a
significant centre in the Borough given its historical, educational and tourism importance. The Borough has been the scene of
ongoing development and regeneration, primarily in the north, with a significant house building programme and development in
Woolwich Arsenal, Thamesmead and other areas. The regeneration has been accompanied by improved transport links within
the Borough, with the addition of a third DLR station in Woolwich Arsenal, opening up access to the north of the river and
employment opportunities linked to 2012. This supports the 3 main railway lines through the Borough to the centre of London
and Kent together with over 40 bus routes, Woolwich Free Ferry and major road links- A102 access to Blackwall Tunnel,
A206,A205,A207 &A2.
2. Employment, earnings, and working age benefit statistics.
Latest figures show 66.5% of the pop are in employment. 114,300 people are described as economically active within the
Borough, which equates to 74.4%. Weekly gross pay (workplace-based) is £532.8. in the Borough, and full time hourly pay is
£14.26. The Borough is faced with persistent worklessness which predates the recession. In February 2010, 24,860 (16.3%) of
Greenwich Borough residents were claiming key out of work benefits: JSA =7,230 (4.7%) IS LP = 5,250 (3.4%) ESA/IB =
11,300, (7.4%) and 'Others on income related benefits' = 1,080 (0.7%). The proportion of residents on Incapacity Benefits is well
above the London average and this figure has been fairly static in recent times.
3. Customer profile.
There is a rich mix of ethnicity & culture within the Borough with over 100 languages spoken. The largest ethnic group is White,
followed by Black African 7.1%, Indian 4.4%, Other White 4.3%, Black Caribbean, Irish 1.6%.Other significant ethnic groups
Pakistan, Bangladeshi, Chinese & Other Asian, incl. Vietnamese. There are significant areas of deprivation within the Borough
with high levels of unemployment in Woolwich Riverside, Woolwich Common, Glyndon & Thamesmead Moorings. Household
Mix- 53.6% family households, 36.6% have only 1 person & 9.8% are "other" households. 49% of residents own their own home.
Greenwich is a borough of contrasts a major tourist destination with pockets of extreme deprivation.10 out of the 17 wards in the
borough show as the 10% most deprived in England. Greenwich is the 41st most deprived borough in England & Wales. Three
of the deprived wards have a high % of Black African population, including Thamesmead Mooring at 16.2%. Greenwich families
earn on average £26,000 per household (2002 figs). This places Greenwich among the 10 boroughs in London with the lowest
average incomes, however as stated there are strong disparities in income across the
Borough. The number of residents with no qualifications is above the London average at 14.3%.
4. Principal Industries/ key employers.
The top three employment sectors in the Borough are Public Administration, including education and health, Distribution, hotels
and restaurants and Banking, finance and Insurance. The public sector accounts for almost 40% of employment within the
Borough and the large high street retail outlets are in place across the Borough and remain a steady source of employment
opportunities, with a substantial supermarket complex due for completion in Woolwich Town Centre within the next 2 years. The
local economy was a growing economy prior to the recession, with employment helped by substantial regeneration and
development in the north of the Borough. As a 5 Host Borough Greenwich has the potential to benefit from any boost to
employment in the run up to 2012. As mentioned elsewhere Greenwich is currently undergoing an extensive regeneration
process, with Greenwich Peninsula and numerous other areas are under development. This process could create new jobs in
leisure, tourism, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, construction and IT over the next five years.
5. Key Partnerships.
The key Partnerships within the Borough of Greenwich are structured within The Greenwich Partnership, which is the Local
Strategic Partnership for the Borough. However, Greenwich is a member of the 5 Host Borough City Strategy Partnership and a
Borough within the Thames Gateway. As you would expect in a Borough with widespread deprivation, the Local Authority at
Executive and Leader level is a key player in addressing worklessness. They are keen to engage with Work Programme
Providers within their Borough. Direct employment support is delivered through Greenwich Local Labour and Business Services
(GLLaB) and there are strong operational links in place, including co-location of GLLaB and Jobcentre staff in the Work and
Learn centre by the O2 Arena and Woolwich Jobcentre. Within the Greenwich Partnership, several thematic groups, including
the Childrens Trust Board and the Employment and Skills Group impact directly on the worklessness agenda. Other boards
operate covering key issues such as Mental Health, (IAPT) Care and substance mis-use. Jobcentre Plus is also currently
delivering DWP funded Community based outreach in Glyndon and Woolwich Common
Wards in partnership with the Local Authority and the Next Step service addressing worklessness issues including ESOL.
Jobcentre plus is working closely with the LA on the Scholl Gates Project and also works closely with NOMS and Next Step
within Belmarsh Prison.
6. Local developments and initiatives.
There is extensive Support currently delivered through Greenwich Local Labour and Business Services (GLLaB) and the
programme offer covers employment support, Job search, unpaid work experience, training, with the target Group Greenwich
residents, economically inactive(12 months plus) including non-claimants. GLLaB currently offer extensive outreach service on
premises and via a bus which travels throughout the borough. The following local initiatives supporting customers whom
Jobcentre plus engage with currently are - Reach CRI, Linx, GAS (Drug & Alcohol Treatment services, Greenwich Carers
Centre, Time To Talk (IAPT therapy services for mental health suffers), First Step Trust & Oxleas, Job Clubs within Belmarsh
Prison and ISIS youth offenders prison, London Borough of Greenwich Children Centres & Family Information Service, The Point
(young people 16-19), StreetVibes (NEETS wanting to develop in music & media) , Greenwich Volunteer Centre, ELBA (East
London Business Alliance), and the Greenwich BME Forum.
7. Voluntary sector provision.
GAVS-Greenwich Action Voluntary Service is the main Voluntary Sector umbrella group and is a member of the Greenwich
Partnership. Other key groups are Greenwich Mencap and the Greenwich Carers Centre.
8. List the ESF Co-financing Organisations (not the suppliers) within the district.
Skills Funding Agency, London Councils, LDA, NOMS
9. Other issues which may impact on the successful delivery of new programmes.
Due to further developments in the local area, construction is on the up with further developments on the Greenwich Peninsula,
the new Tesco, which is reported to be the largest in Europe and the building of 10,000 new homes over the next ten years.
There is an anticipated increase in retail opportunities through developments such as Westfield, and hospitality, tourism with
Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2012. The Public sector employs 30% of residents and persistent worklessness, typically on
benefits for 5 years plus will present a significant challenge with the biggest group on benefits are Incapacity Benefit/ ESA
10. Jobcentre Plus offices
Town              Address                                                                                     Postcode
Woolwich          Nelson House, 50 Wellington Street, London.                                                 SE18 6PY
Eltham            1 Passey Place, High Street, Eltham.London                                                  SE9 5DA
11. List all data sources used when completing this document.
Source (Office for National Statistics) (Office for National Statistics)

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