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									                               Environmental Protection Agency                                                                  § 62.9140

                                           Subpart LL—Oklahoma                              SULFURIC ACID MIST FROM EXISTING
                                                                                                 SULFURIC ACID PLANTS
                               PLAN FOR THE CONTROL OF DESIGNATED
                                POLLUTANTS FROM EXISTING FACILI-                          § 62.9110    Identification of sources.
                                TIES (SECTION 111(d) PLAN)                                  (a) Identification of sources. The plan
                                                                                          includes the following sulfuric acid
                               § 62.9100      Identification of plan.                     production plants.
                                 (a) Identification of plan. Oklahoma                       (1) National Zinc Co. in Bartlesville,
                               Plan for Control of Designated Pollut-                     Oklahoma.
                               ants from Existing Facilities (Section                       (2) Tulsa Chemical Co. in Tulsa,
                               111(d) Plan).                                              Oklahoma.
                                 (b) The plan was officially submitted
                                                                                          [52 FR 3230, Feb. 3, 1987]
                               as follows:
                                 (1) Control of sulfuric acid mist from                    FLUORIDE EMISSIONS FROM PHOSPHATE
                               existing sulfuric acid production plants                            FERTILIZER PLANTS
                               submitted on December 5, 1985, with
                               the corresponding regulation sub-                          § 62.9120 Identification of plan—nega-
                               mitted by the Governor of Oklahoma                              tive declaration.
                               on March 31, 1986.                                           The State Department of Health sub-
                                 (2) Control of total reduced sulfur                      mitted on October 25, 1977, a letter cer-
                               from existing kraft pulp mills was sub-                    tifying that there are no existing phos-
                               mitted on November 17, 1987, and sup-                      phate fertilizer plants in the State sub-
                               plemented on June 1, 1988.                                 ject to part 60, subpart B of this chap-
                                 (3) Oklahoma State Plan for Existing                     ter.
                               Large Municipal Waste Combustors,
                               submitted on July 10, 1998, by the Okla-                   [43 FR 51393, Nov. 3, 1978. Redesignated at 52
                                                                                          FR 3229, Feb. 3, 1987]
                               homa Department of Environmental
                               Quality.                                                     FLUORIDE EMISSIONS FROM PRIMARY
                                 (4) Control of landfill gas emissions                             ALUMINUM PLANTS
                               from existing municipal solid waste
                               landfills, submitted by the Oklahoma                       § 62.9130 Identification of plan—nega-
                               Department of Environmental Quality                             tive declaration.
                               on December 18, 1998.                                        The Oklahoma State Department of
                                 (5) Control of air emissions from des-                   Health submitted a letter on March 3,
                               ignated     hazardous/medical/infectious                   1983, certifying that there are no exist-
                               waste incinerators, submitted by the                       ing    primary    aluminum     reduction
                               Oklahoma Department of Environ-                            plants in the State of Oklahoma sub-
                               mental Quality on November 17, 1999                        ject to 40 CFR part 60, subpart B, of
                               (OAC 252:100–17, Part 7).                                  this chapter.
                                 (c) Designated facilities. The plan ap-
                               plies to existing facilities in the fol-                   [48 FR 29854, June 29, 1983. Redesignated at 52
                               lowing categories of sources.                              FR 3229, Feb. 3, 1987]
                                 (1) Sulfuric acid production plants.                     TOTAL REDUCED SULFUR FROM EXISTING
                                 (2) Kraft pulp mills.                                             KRAFT PULP MILLS
                                 (3) Existing municipal waste combus-
                               tors.                                                      § 62.9140    Identification of source.
                                 (4) Municipal solid waste landfills.                       The plan includes the following kraft
                                 (5)       Hazardous/medical/infectious                   pulp mill:
                               waste incinerators.                                          (a) Weyerhaeuser Paper Company in
                               [52 FR 3229, Feb. 3, 1987, as amended at 54 FR             Valliant, Oklahoma.
                               24905, June 12, 1989; 63 FR 59890, Nov. 6, 1998;
                                                                                          [54 FR 24905, June 12, 1989]
                               64 FR 13519, Mar. 19, 1999; 65 FR 25449, May 2,


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                               § 62.9150                                                                40 CFR Ch. I (7–1–04 Edition)

                               METALS, ACID GASES, ORGANIC COM-                             EMISSIONS FROM EXISTING SMALL
                                POUNDS AND NITROGEN OXIDE EMIS-                            MUNICIPAL WASTE COMBUSTION UNITS
                                SIONS  FROM EXISTING MUNICIPAL
                                WASTE COMBUSTORS WITH THE CAPAC-                          § 62.9180 Identification of sources—
                                                                                               negative declaration.
                                ITY TO COMBUST GREATER THAN 250
                                TONS PER DAY OF MUNICIPAL SOLID                              Letter from the Oklahoma Depart-
                                WASTE                                                     ment of Environmental Quality dated
                                                                                          October 2, 2001, certifying that there
                               § 62.9150      Identification of sources.                  are no existing small municipal waste
                                                                                          combustion units subject to 40 CFR
                                 The plan applies to existing facilities                  part 60, subpart BBBB, under its juris-
                               with a municipal waste combustor                           diction in the State of Oklahoma.
                               (MWC) unit capacity greater than 250
                               tons per day of municipal solid waste                      [68 FR 35303, June 13, 2003]
                               (MSW) at the following MWC site:
                               Ogden-Martin Systems of Tulsa, Incor-                                  Subpart MM—Oregon
                               porated, 2122 South Yukon Avenue,
                                                                                          PLAN FOR THE CONTROL OF DESIGNATED
                               Tulsa, OK 74107.
                                                                                           POLLUTANTS FROM EXISTING FACILI-
                               [63 FR 59890, Nov. 6, 1998]                                 TIES (SECTION 111(d) PLAN)

                               LANDFILL GAS EMISSIONS FROM EXIST-                         § 62.9350 Identification of plan.
                                ING MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE LAND-                              (a) Identification of plan. Oregon Des-
                                  FILLS                                                   ignated Facility Plan (Section 111(d)
                               § 62.9160      Identification of sources.                     (b) The plan was officially submitted
                                 The plan applies to existing munic-                      as follows:
                               ipal solid waste landfills for which con-                     (1) Control of fluoride emissions from
                               struction, reconstruction, or modifica-                    phosphate fertilizer plants, submitted
                               tion was commenced before May 30,                          by the Oregon State Department of En-
                                                                                          vironmental Quality on June 1, 1977.
                               1991, that accepted waste at any time
                                                                                             (2) Control of sulfuric acid mist emis-
                               since November 8, 1987, or that have ad-
                                                                                          sions from sulfuric acid production
                               ditional capacity available for future                     units, submitted by the Oregon State
                               waste deposition, as described in 40                       Department of Environmental Quality
                               CFR part 60, subpart Cc.                                   on January 27, 1978.
                               [64 FR 13519, Mar. 19, 1999]                                  (3) Control of fluoride emissions from
                                                                                          primary aluminum reduction plants,
                               AIR EMISSIONS FROM HAZARDOUS/MED-                          submitted by the Oregon State Depart-
                                ICAL/INFECTIOUS WASTE INCINERATORS                        ment of Environmental Quality on
                                                                                          January 13, 1981 and August 9, 1982.
                               § 62.9170      Identification of sources.                     (4) Control of metals, acid gases, or-
                                                                                          ganic compounds and nitrogen oxide
                                 The plan applies to existing haz-
                                                                                          emissions from existing municipal
                               ardous/medical/infectious waste incin-
                                                                                          waste combustors was submitted by
                               erators for which construction, recon-
                                                                                          Oregon Department of Environmental
                               struction, or modification was com-                        Quality on December 31, 1996.
                               menced before June 20, 1996, as de-                           (5) Control of landfill gas emission
                               scribed in 40 CFR part 60, subpart Ce.                     from existing Municipal Solid Waste
                               [65 FR 25449, May 2, 2000]                                 Landfill plan was submitted by Oregon
                                                                                          Department of Environmental Quality
                                               EFFECTIVE DATE.                            on May 14, 1997.
                                                                                             (6) Control of metals, acid gases, or-
                               § 62.9171      Effective date.                             ganic compounds, particulates and ni-
                                 The effective date for the portion of                    trogen oxide emissions from existing
                               the plan applicable to existing haz-                       Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste In-
                               ardous/medical/infectious waste incin-                     cinerators was submitted by the Or-
                                                                                          egon Department of Environmental
                               erators is July 3, 2000.
                                                                                          Quality on October 20, 1998, and No-
                               [65 FR 25449, May 2, 2000]                                 vember 6, 1998.


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