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GEVF Annual Report 6.15


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									GE Volunteers Foundation
2005 Annual Report

Good people doing great things
connect strengthen respond
Dear GE Friends,
What’s in a name? It’s a question important enough for poets to ponder.
We’d say a name — a good name — is an extremely valuable commodity. That’s why so much care and consideration
has gone into changing our name from Elfun Community Foundation to the GE Volunteers Foundation. As such, we will
continue to function as a non-profit public charity supporting the work of GE volunteers and helping GE people impacted
by natural disasters.
As a natural evolution of the rich heritage that had its roots in the 1928 establishment of the Elfun Society, our new
name reflects our commitment to bringing our family of members closer together, aligning it more closely in name
as well as nature, to the good work performed by the great people of GE.
The GE Volunteers Foundation is built on the proud tradition of the Elfuns. Both share one common factor: the
good people who lend their time, talent and treasure to support our efforts to meet local community needs.
In this report, you’ll read more about the initiatives GE volunteers are involved in — how one GE volunteer aiding survivors
needed to be rescued herself, how the everyday use of our volunteer credit card can buy a multitude of supplies for
unfunded volunteer projects, and how GE volunteers come together as “One GE – One Community” to make a difference.
These are just some of the thousands of examples of how your donations are helping our communities one project
at a time. Volunteer efforts range from the humble to the heroic. All are important. All add strength to the fabric of the
GE Volunteers Foundation and have enabled us to enjoy another record-breaking year in 2005.
What’s in a name? An enduring tradition of connecting GE people to the needs of the communities in which we live
and work, strengthening GE’s commitment to volunteer efforts around the globe, and responding whenever and
wherever we find a need.
Thank you for your continued investment in the hopes and futures of your communities, GE family members,
and yourselves.

                                                                        Cris Harter                    Denise Cullinan
                                                                        President of the Board         President of the Board
                                                                        Elfun Community Foundation     GE Volunteers Foundation
                                                                        2004–2006                      2006–2008
The GE Volunteers Foundation: A proud past. A bright future.
Connect. Strengthen. Respond.

Active words. Active people.                              That commitment is repeated over and over again in                By donating to the GE Volunteers Foundation, your
                                                          our grants, in our projects and in our funding streams.           commitment to doing great things comes with the
Good people doing great things.
                                                                                                                            satisfaction that your donations go directly to the
                                                          Throughout the world, GE volunteers — made up of
Born of the inventiveness and imagination of our                                                                            causes that mean the most to you. Foundation
                                                          GE employees and retirees — are improving the
founders over a century ago. And bringing it all                                                                            donations are dispersed in the form of grants to
                                                          communities in which they live and work by donating
together in the 21st century.                                                                                               recipients sponsored by GE volunteers. These areas
                                                          their time and money in community-based projects.
                                                                                                                            include education and community building.
The GE family of volunteers has a long history of
                                                          In 2005, GE volunteers completed more than 1,000
getting actively involved in all aspects of their com-                                                                      Since 2001, the GE Volunteers Foundation has provided
                                                          service projects and contributed more than one million
munities. They invest their time, their talent, their                                                                       over $750,000 in support of nearly 100 service projects.
                                                          hours of their time — making a truly positive impres-
knowledge and their money — but most of all their                                                                           In the following pages, you will read about some of our
                                                          sion on the lives of tens of thousands of people.
hearts. And when they see those who are discouraged                                                                         most recent accomplishments.
or in need, they work to strengthen their spirits so      The GE Volunteers Foundation helps support these
they can strengthen our society one community at          dedicated people who serve as mentors, tutors,
a time. They don’t wait for someone else to fix it.       helpers, builders and friends.
They respond — to the request, the crisis, the need.

                               GE Volunteers is an integral part of what makes GE a "good company."
                               Together we share a tradition of integrity and public service.

                               From the contributions of Thomas Edison            1928                                   1930’s – 1940’s                     1950’s – 1970’s
                               to Charles Steinmetz to Gerald Phillippe,          The Elfun Society is founded by        The Elfun Society uses forum        Elfun membership increases
                               volunteer activities have been a vital part        then-GE president Gerald Swope         meetings, debates and sugges-       twenty-fold. Elfun of the Year
                                                                                  as a leadership society. The Society   tion activities to look inward at   and Swope awards are estab-
                               of GE’s culture. Community involvement,            adopts the name "Elfun" — a con-       the GE organization. The Elfun      lished to honor individuals for
                               compassion and continual support remain            traction of the words "Electrical      Medical Expense Insurance Plan      long and meritorious service.
                                                                                  Funds." Its main purpose is to         is established, becoming an
                               an enduring force in GE to this day.               encourage free and open discus-        industry standard which other
                                                                                  sion outside the environs of GE.       corporations emulate.
1980’s                                  1990’s                                2001 – 2002                         2005                                          2006
CEO Jack Welch challenges Elfun         Globalization and growth lead to      The Elfun Community Foundation      The GE Volunteers organization is created     The Elfun Community Foundation
to change from its traditional social   increased diversity in membership,    is launched to provide a tax-       to encompass the breadth of volunteer         becomes the GE Volunteers Foundation
and fraternal role and adopt a          and the Elfun Society expands         deductible vehicle for Elfuns to    activities, align resources and make          to align the organization more closely
commitment to volunteerism and          outside North America. Royalties      support thousands of volunteer      greater impact in GE communities around       in name and nature to the people of GE.
community. Elfun responds by            from affinity credit cards are used   efforts around the world. In 2002   the world. The organization includes all      The Elfun Society continues to serve its
adding volunteerism to its charter.     to sponsor local programs and         the Elfun Community Foundation      volunteer activities previously organized     members as a fraternal organization.
                                        projects through Elfun chapters.      awards its first grants.            by Elfun, GE businesses, affinity networks,
                                                                                                                  and other employee organizations.
Michael Steinfeld, Development Officer, was delighted when he
learned that the Bell Gardens Library, part of the County of Los
Angeles Public Library system, was to be the recipient of a $10,000
GE Volunteers Foundation grant. But what he did not expect
were the additional benefits that would come about as a result.

“Our original intent was to refurbish the satellite library, which
serves nine schools in an underprivileged part of the city, but
 thanks to the local interest generated by the grant, the project
    has grown into a major refurbishment of the Bell Gardens
    Library,” says Michael. Dozens of other community organi-
                            zations have signed on to be a part
                               of this exciting project.
                                                                                    GE Volunteers Foundation —
                              “If it wasn’t for the GE grant, none
                              of this would have been possible,”                    Making the connection
                                         Michael adds. “The
                                                GE Volunteers
                                                  Foundation has      Donations are the primary revenue stream of the GE Volunteers Foundation.
                                                truly helped us to    Your donation connects the many ways the GE Volunteer Foundation supports
                                              realize our dreams.”    our communities. This is our charitable organization, overseen by our people,
                                                                      funding our grants, with projects sponsored and completed by our volunteers
                                          Along with a $5,000         in our communities — where we live, where we work, and where we play.
                                        Sharing the Gold grant,
                                                                      The GE Volunteers Foundation solicits donations from our GE family to fund
                                    GE Volunteers Foundation’s
                                                                      our endowment, invest in our communities and connect with our people.
                                    total contribution of $15,000
                                     resulted in $415,000             Grants range from $5,000 to $25,000, and are awarded once a year based on
                                     match from the County            well-defined criteria such as GE volunteer participation, project definition, and
                                      of Los Angeles.                 evidence of support from the benefiting organization and local GE management.
                                                                      Donors are encouraged to work closely with GE volunteers in their local com-
                                                                      munity to ensure that quality grants are identified and submitted.

                                                                      Donations are tax-deductible and are matched dollar-for-dollar by GE’s philan-
                                                                      thropic organization (the GE Foundation), leveraged by GE volunteer manpower,
                                                                      and directed by GE people. Your generous donation to the GE Volunteers
                                                                      Foundation will increase the pool of available funds and expand the impact of
                                                                      these dedicated GE volunteers.
                                                                 Tears of joy flowed freely in Bedminster, Bristol, UK on June 17th, mark-
                                                                 ing this year’s Global Community Day. Over 50 GE volunteers from GE
                                                                 Capital Solutions, Equipment Financing, UK, arrived at Windmill Hill City
                                                                 Farm, a facility providing educational and recreational opportunities for
                                                                 the local community in a deprived area in the heart of Bristol. Joining
                                                                 other GE volunteers around the globe for “One GE – One Community”
                                                                 projects, these volunteers had some hard work ahead.

                                                                 After investing nearly 400 man-hours, the volunteers cleared run-down
                                                                 areas, repaired broken fences and play equipment, built new storage
                                                                 areas, erected new fencing, and repainted several areas, to name just
                                                                 some of the activities completed. The impact was immediate.

                                                                 Local delight was expressed best by a child visiting the farm that
                                                                 afternoon. She said to one of the volunteers in wonder, "Wow, that's

Strengthen.                                                      amazing! Did you guys do that?" Farm Director Briget Primarolo
                                                                 summed up her staff’s feelings at the end of the day, saying, "What
                                                                 you've achieved in just one day is amazing. One of our team was on
                                                                 the verge of tears when she saw what an incredible transformation
              Sharing the Gold —                                                           you have made. Thank you!"

              Adding muscle to our volunteers                                                Windmill Hill City Farm is set on two
                                                                                              hectares, and its activities benefit over
                                                                                                200,000 local visitors each year.
As volunteering expanded globally, and the number and size
of worthwhile projects kept growing, more and more requests
for funding poured in. To meet this increased need, GE created
Sharing the Gold to provide another source of funds to sup-
port the global activities of GE volunteers.

Money generated from credit card royalties is available as
working capital for GE volunteer projects, and goes direct-
ly to GE communities in support of these projects. The
GE Volunteers Foundation now manages the Sharing
the Gold program as part of its mission to support
our volunteers.
One of GE’s dedicated volunteers
saw her role reversed last summer
when Hurricane Katrina roared
through the U.S. Gulf Coast. Kay
Erwin, a GE Plastics employee and
active GE volunteer working on
community service projects, had
never done any disaster relief work.
But last August, all that changed.

Visiting her mother in the hospital
when the storm hit, Kay and her
family could not be moved. When
the older woman was evacuated,
Kay pinned a note to her chest with
                                                                                The GE Volunteers Foundation established the Disaster Relief Fund
the phone numbers of relatives and GE co-workers. Kay and her sister
                                                                                to enable GE people to assist their colleagues who are affected by
stayed behind at the devastated hospital, assisting with communications,
food preparation and water distribution.                                        natural disasters.

“We spent three days looking out at the city, at the failed levees and the      Last summer, when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated areas of
oil refineries on fire,” she recalls. The hospital’s emergency resources were   the Gulf Coast, the GE Volunteers Foundation provided $464,000 in
exhausted. After six long days, Kay and her sister were evacuated. Logging      61 relief grants to affected GE employees. All donations are used to
on to the Internet to register her mother as a missing person, Kay was          provide direct relief such as housing and essentials.
shocked to find over 300 emails from GE people around the world!                In addition, the GE Volunteers Foundation contributed $25,000 towards
Eventually, she located her mother at a temporary ER at Louisiana State
                                                                                rebuilding efforts in the tsunami-ravaged province of Phang Nga. The
University, and joined her shortly thereafter.
                                                                                grant equipped GE volunteers with the construction materials neces-
Meanwhile, GE employees had already been mobilizing. The GE Volunteers          sary to build homes for the people of the Ban Thung Wa Village.
Foundation gave grants to Kay and other GE survivors for their recovery
efforts. And worldwide, GE plants pitched in, sending food, clothing and
home essentials. “People we never met helped us,” says Kay.

Kay’s home was destroyed, as were those of her mother and sister, but they
plan on rebuilding. Despite her losses, Kay has not forgotten her roots as a
volunteer. “The GE family has invested large amounts of time and money to
help,” she explains. “Their generosity has allowed us to to get back on our                  Disaster Relief – people helping people
feet sooner and begin helping other people.”
“A good company leads by example, not words.”
                        Citizenship: A Letter from Jeff Immelt
Our Grants
                          Helping our communities one project at a time

Our grant recipients are as varied as our GE volunteers.      for each child and associating reading with positive role        McLean County Community Compact
They cover the globe — from Bristol, Connecticut to           models. GE currently works with Books in Homes in 12             Bloomington, Illinois — $5,300
                                                              New Zealand schools nationwide.                                  The Sixth Grade Business/Education Partnership introduces
Bristol, UK. They assist people in crisis, improve parks
                                                              Children’s Home Society of New Jersey                            students to the working world by coordinating the adop-
and open spaces, and refurbish libraries and schools.
                                                                                                                               tion of every sixth grade class in the county. Over 2,400
                                                              Trenton, New Jersey — $10,000
In 2005, the GE Volunteers Foundation received more                                                                            students in 82 classrooms will participate, with GE volun-
                                                              Fun with Books and Music improves infants’ and toddlers’
                                                                                                                               teers emphasizing hands-on activities and offering advice
than 65 high-quality applications for funding from            early literacy skills and educational foundations, strengthens
                                                                                                                               on business success.
nonprofit organizations working with GE volunteers.           parent-child attachment, and empowers parents to aid in
We awarded nearly $255,000 in grants to 30 deserving          their children’s cognitive development.                          Operation Blessing China
                                                                                                                               Beijing, China — $9,700
organizations. We proudly announce the 2005                   Divine Light Trust for the Blind (DLTB)
                                                                                                                               Operation Blessing works to improve access to basic
grant recipients.                                             Bangalore, India — $10,000
                                                                                                                               education in rural China. Through the Adopt-a-Student
                                                              DLTB supports children ages 4–15 whose parents have
                                                                                                                               program, they provide scholarships for tuition, textbooks
                                                              abandoned them due to poverty or inability to care for
EDUCATION                                                                                                                      and related school costs.
                                                              their special needs. The organization adopts these children,
Apple Ridge Farm, Inc.                                        cares for them, and helps them enter mainstream schools.         Pengcheng Special Education
Roanoke, Virginia — $10,000                                   GE volunteers will support existing teaching activities.         China — $4,000
A new educational partnership between Apple Ridge Farms       Greater Philadelphia Cares                                       This grant will upgrade school facilities, improving the
and the Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society works with                                                                         lives of severely mentally challenged children excluded
                                                              Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — $10,000
at-risk inner-city students. GE volunteers will build Apple                                                                    from enrollment in special-needs public schools, and
                                                              The GE Scholars Program will support 10–15 high school stu-
Ridge Observatory and expand the Science Explorations                                                                          helping them with physical education.
                                                              dents who will work with GE volunteers to plan the annual
segment of the summer camp program.                           Philadelphia Cares Day on October 21, 2006. GE affinity          Pittsfield Public Schools
Auberle Development                                           groups will mentor students, improving their leadership          Pittsfield, Massachusetts — $7, 100
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — $5,000                             and project management skills as part of a planning team.        Together, the school district and GE volunteers will develop
Auberle Development cares for and heals abused, neglected     Jacksonville School for Children with Autism, Inc.               a literacy-training program. The initial launch will focus on
and troubled children throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.                                                                    literacy intervention in grades K-5.
                                                              Jacksonville, Florida — $10,000
Their Tutoring Program will match 30 young people with        This grant will fund development of a room designed to           Project 511
GE volunteers for necessary academic assistance.              address students’ sensory needs and will support special         Hyderabad, India — $6,400
Books in Homes                                                school projects. Projects include a sensory summer camp          This grant funds a development program to improve
New Zealand — $10,000                                         for special needs children and educational workshops for         the academic performance of underprivileged children.
This project encourages reading and promotes literacy         community parents and professionals. GE volunteers will          GE volunteers will tutor students in English language skills
in lower-income communities by providing five free books      build the room and provide ongoing support to caregivers.        and computer literacy.
Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs of Louisville                 Cincinnati Parks Foundation
Louisville, Kentucky — $10,000                                    Cincinnati, Ohio — $10,000
The Whole Child Project supports over 150 youths attending        The Washington Park Green-Up project helps strengthen
the site daily. GE volunteers tutor and support club members      and increase the safety of the largest green space in
in computer labs.                                                 Cincinnati to benefit all city residents. This is part of GE
                                                                  volunteers’ sustained efforts throughout the year.
Youth Outreach Services, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois — $10,000                                       Dom Dziecka Children’s Shelter
The Latino Arts Integration Youth Initiative will target 125      Poland — $7,000
youths to improve academic performance, cultivate creative        This grant will fund the renovation of a shelter that serves
talents, and assist the school district with student retention.   abused children. In addition, GE volunteers will build and
                                                                  stock a library, and serve as tutors in personal finance.
COMMUNITY BUILDING/SENIORS                                        Evansville ARC, Inc.
                                                                  Evansville, Indiana — $10,000
Ardoch Youth Foundation
Victoria, Australia — $10,000                                     Serving over 1,000 families, the Evansville ARC greenhouse
                                                                  construction project provides disabled individuals with edu-
The Breakfast Club Reconstruction Project provides healthy
                                                                  cational opportunities in a unique learning environment.
meals to over 250 low-income and homeless youth. GE vol-
                                                                  GE volunteers will plan and build the greenhouse and
unteers will help rebuild new kitchen facilities and continue
                                                                  provide tutoring services.
to serve as positive role models.
                                                                  Hope Haven Area Development Center Corporation
Associação de Solidariedade Social ASSOMADA
                                                                  Burlington, Iowa — $9,800
Portugal — $10,000
                                                                  This grant supports the Lake Trail Development project,
Community Empowerment of the Barronhos Ward teaches
                                                                  providing access for 350 disabled children and adults.
over 100 poor children how to use computers, obtain healthy
                                                                  GE volunteers serve on Hope Haven’s board, leading this
meals, and channel their behavior positively through athlet-
                                                                  project to complete lake trails and develop environmental
ics. GE volunteers will tutor children and help construct a
                                                                  awareness programs for area youth.
new program space.
                                                                  New York Restoration Project (NYRP)
Brightwood Ranch
                                                                  New York, New York — $10,000
Edmonton, Canada — $6,800
                                                                  NYRP revitalizes neglected parks and open spaces in dis-
This grant will be used to build the Ropes Course Challenge,
                                                                  advantaged neighborhoods in New York City. This project
used by over 500 children in summer camp and incorporat-
                                                                  will reforest a park in Washington Heights, with over 60
ed into the curriculum of inner-city schools to help children
                                                                  GE volunteers joining community-based organizations to
build confidence and self esteem. Brightwood, a division
                                                                  complete the work.
of Hope Mission, has worked with GE volunteers for over
four years.                                                       Niles Home for Children
                                                                  Kansas City, Missouri — $10,000
Casa Taiguara
São Paulo, Brazil — $6,000                                        The Living History Project matches Niles Home members
                                                                  with senior citizens from a local home to develop a perma-
This grant will refurbish and build capacity at the home,
                                                                  nent archive of information. The Niles Home for Children,
which cares for homeless children who must learn to
                                                                  a residential therapeutic treatment facility, focuses on
integrate into mainstream society. For three years,
                                                                  neglected, abused or abandoned children ages 6–17.
GE volunteers have provided labor and mentoring.
Northwest Parent & Child Society, Inc.
Schenectady, New York — $5,000
                                                                   Financial summary
Operation Kids and Baseball benefits the Children’s Home, a
residential facility working with troubled youth aged 11–17.                                                         2005                              2004
Recreation on the softball field provides a venue to teach life-   REVENUES
long social and personal skills, and build healthy relationships
between staff, GE volunteers and the children.                     Contributions (1)                             $858,698                         $ 616,186
                                                                   Investment Return                               92,918                           173,813
Oficina de Jesus
Petropolis, Brazil — $9,500                                        Total Revenues                                  951,616                           789,999
This organization supports people in drug and alcohol recov-       EXPENSES
ery programs. The grant provides funding to improve facilities
and increase living space for the residents. GE volunteers will    Grants (2)                                      225,900                           144,000
plan and lead the project.                                         Development                                      83,306                            54,005
                                                                   Management & General                             34,887                            52,380
Rebuilding Together Worcester (RTW)                                Pledge Writeoffs                                 20,347                            17,121
Worcester, Massachusetts — $7,500
RTW partners with corporations, individuals, and non-profits       Total Expenses                                  364,440                           267,506
in Worcester to rehabilitate low-income homes, community
centers and shelters serving the elderly, disabled and families    Increase in Net Assets (3)                      587,176                           522,493
with children. GE volunteers have worked with RTW for
two years.
                                                                   NET ASSETS AT DECEMBER 31
South Brevard Women’s Center
Melbourne, Florida — $5,800                                        Endowment:
The center helps abused women and children in crisis.                  Board Designated                          1,600,000                         1,400,000
GE volunteers will work at eight undisclosed housing
locations, providing computers and tutoring to help the                Donor Restricted                            310,385                           310,385
women start new independent lives.                                 Total Endowment                               1,910,385                         1,710,385
The Women’s Center                                                 Unrestricted – Undesignated                   1,063,740                         1,181,235
Waukesha, Wisconsin — $10,000                                      Temporarily Restricted                          564,943                             60,272
Community Building through the Seasons enables GE
                                                                   Total Net Assets                            $3,539,068                        $2,951,892
volunteers to create a more efficient food pantry system
and assist the center with facility upgrades and help
program participants.
Yayasan Semai Jiwa Amini                                           (1) In addition to individual gifts, includes GE Foundation match.
Jakarta, Indonesia — $10,000                                       (2) Thirty grants were awarded in 2005 and twenty-three in 2004.
The Teacher Empowerment Program helps professional                 (3) The excess of revenues over expenses is consistent with the GE Volunteers Foundation’s
teachers create a positive learning environment for their              goal to build its endowment to a point where it can provide investment income in line
students. In its second year of funding, GE volunteers                 with grants.
engage in all aspects of the program.
                                                                   The GE Volunteers Foundation’s financial statements were audited by KPMG, LLP. Audited
                                                                   Financial Statements and IRS Form 990 are available at www.gevolunteersfoundation.org,
                                                                   or by contacting the GE Volunteers Foundation, 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06828.
Our Board
                        Leading by example

Our board members are not just figureheads — they         OFFICERS
are actual GE Volunteers, providing support and aid       Cris Harter President and Director, Managing Director, GE Commercial Finance • John Betchkal Vice President
to the recipients of our funding. The GE Volunteers       and Director, GE Retiree • Gayle Herndon Secretary and Director, Tax Counsel – Tax Policy and Planning,
Foundation Board of Directors is made up of current       GE Corporate Tax Counsel • Tony Yocco Treasurer and Director, Program Leader, GE Transportation
and former officers of GE Elfun, retired GE officers,
and philanthropy experts. In addition, the Foundation’s
                                                          Jack Batty GE Retiree • Linda Boff GE Corporate, Organizational Communications • Lynn Bring-Smith Program
Advisory Council of current and former GE officers
                                                          Manager, GE Energy • Robert Clark GE Retiree • Larry Cook Program Leader, GE Corporate Human Relations •
provides counsel to the Board on program develop-
                                                          Mike Cosgrove Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, GE Asset Management • Denise Cullinan
ment and Foundation strategy.
                                                          Vice President, Marketing, GE Consumer Finance • Dom Darkangelo GE Retiree • Deborah Elam Chief Diversity
The mission of the GE Volunteers Foundation is to         Officer, GE Corporate • Joe Gould Project Manager, GE Transportation • Saul Milles, M.D. Retired GE Medical
provide uncompromised programming and financial           Director • Tracie Winbigler Executive Vice President and CFO, TV Stations Division, NBC Universal
support to the organizations we fund. As such, our
                                                          ADVISORY COUNCIL
board members are not financially compensated for
                                                          Bill Cary Vice President, Investor Communications • Beth Comstock President, NBC Universal Digital
their work, but gain a wealth of personal fulfillment
                                                          Media • Bob Corcoran Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and Chief Learning Officer • Stu Dean President,
knowing they are involved in doing great things.
                                                          GE Southeast Asia • Frank Doyle Retired GE Senior Vice President • Dale Frey Retired GE Vice President and
                                                            Treasurer, Retired President, GE Investment Corporation • John Myers Chairman and President, GE Asset
                                                               Management • Susan Peters Vice President, GE Executive Development • Deb Reif President and Chief
                                                                Executive Officer, GE Equipment Services • John Rice Vice Chairman, GE Industrial
                                                                       Jean Collier Executive Director, GE Volunteers Foundation, Manager, GE Volunteers • Jill Lazzaro
                                                                         Heinrich Program Manager, GE Volunteers • Mary Ellen Hogan Administrator, GE Volunteers
                                                                          Foundation, GE Volunteers
Our Donors
    The heart of the Foundation

    Our donors add life to our volunteers’ great work. From recent college
    graduates to GE retirees, these generous contributors give what they
    can to augment the efforts of GE Volunteers in the field. We gratefully
    acknowledge the generosity of the following donors.

                                                           “Size with no heart will turn away the best people …
                                                            We have used our size to be a good citizen.”

                                                                                           Jeff Immelt
                                                                                           President and CEO
                                                                                           Letter to the Stakeholders 2005
January 1, 2005 — December 31, 2005

PLATINUM                 Steven Enke                  Wendy Pate                  Colleen Benn                Bridget Farley         Raymond S. Joseph      Matthew Norris             Dorothy Thompson
                         George B. Farnsworth         Robert L. Patterson         Stefano Bertamini           Kenneth F. Farmer      Gary Juedes            Ronald O'Keefe             Kathey Tinges
$25,000 or more          Melisa Ferry                 Vincent W. Patton           Granville Betton            Marilyn Feaster        Gregory Juedes         Nicola Osborn              Bela Tisoczki
Carlisle Burns           Peter Flinch                 Jacqui M. Peace             Robert E. Birr              Enzo J. Fedeli         Joan S. Kadlec         Edwin Oswalt               Ray Toomey
Dennis D. Dammerman      Ivan K. Fong                 Jack O. Peiffer             John W. Bittig              David Ferguson         Bradley R. Karas       George Palko               Albert C. Tsang
Jeffrey Immelt           Catherine M. Forth           Happy Perkins               Donald Blais                Shane Fitzsimmons      Joseph Keene           Paul Paris                 United Way of
Denis & Britta Nayden    Dale F. Frey                 Frank E. Pickering          James J. Bolger             MichaelFoley           Marvin F. Keeney Jr.   Daniel Peters                Central Virginia
Michael A. Neal          Jeff R. Garwood              Gary Reiner                 K. George Bournazian        Langdon T. Frey III    John G. Kehl           Del Peterson               Jon Van Pelt
John F. Welch            Barry Glickman               Marla Ricketts              John Boyce                  Nancy Frey             Jennifer Kelsey        Robert J. Pettigrew        Wayne E. Van Pelt
                         Marla Gomez                  John Rittenhouse            James Brafford              Wayne R. Fritz         Ralph D. Ketchum       Wieland Pflug              Anthony Vance
                         Grain Valley Manufacturing   Walter L. Robb              Robert W. Breiling          Howard L. Fuller       William B. Killough    Elaine Phillips            Dennis VanLeeuwen
GOLD                     Paul Greco                   Domenique Rocco             Alfred Briganti             M. Lawrence Fuller     John Kinnaman          Thomas Phillips            Laurette E. VanVoorhis
$10,000 – $24,999        Stephen P. Hacala            Dennis W. Rocheleau         Mary Buffington             Margaret Fuller        Richard T. Kinne       Nancy Pitts                Juswald Vedovi
William J. Conaty        Christine Haen               Doby Rose                   Joseph Burt                 W. Richard Fulljames   Michael Kohlmann       David Pratt                Charles T. Vincent
John G. Rice             Colleen Harkness             Serge Rosine                James R. Burton             Mark Funasaki          Virginia Kohlmann      Brett Prince               Robert E. Vollinger
Bob Wright               Cristina M. Harter           Brian H. Rowe               Marie Bush                  Marianne Gambelli      Robert Koken           Alberto Profumo            Gentry Wade
                         William L. Hassell           John H. Ryskamp             Thomas Cairns               Pat Garifalos          Dale Korneke           Mark Ramige                Patricia C. Walker
                         Gregory Haywood              Arthur W. Schnacke          Stephen V. Capone           Robert Gayda           Ken Korzuw             Herbert G. Rammrath        Rob Wallace
SILVER                   Gayle W. Herndon             Robert Schuetter            Charles L. Chadwell         Paul Gessinger         Edward R. Koscher      Jim L. Rash                David B. Warren
                         Robert A. Hess               Susan M. Schumacher         William Chapman             Paul Giacobbe          James L. Kotas         John Reed                  Robin (Lynne) Webb
$1,000 – $9,999          Michael J. Holmes            Michael Schwantes           Arthur I. Christensen       Regina Gibbons         Holly Krest            Thomas Regan               Rick Weber
Amita Agarwal            Brian Hope                   Susan A. Sequin             Linda Christopher           Mary E. Giffels        John C. Kroon          David Reigel               Sheila Welsh
Donald R. Albright       John B. Hunter               Charles V. Sheehan          John C. Clark               John B. Giles          LewisKruger            Welcome M. Retz            Stuart Wessler
Jeffrey Anderson         John L. Ingersoll            Keith S. Sherin             Georges Clinton             Jennifer Glueck        Thomas Lake            Janet Reuther              Roberta White
Eugene F. Apple          James W. Ireland             Ricardo B. Silva            Jerome T. Coe               Stanley Gorski         John B. Lavelle        Rodney B. Rice             Troy White
Pramod Athalye           Catherine Jacob              David Slump                 Robert P. Colin             Patrick J. Goss        Bruce Lees             Primitivo Robles           Marian Whitman
Cathy Autry              Christopher Jacobs           Gerald T. Smiley            Jean T. Collier             George C. Gould III    Judy Lieber            Annie Rochelle             Robert G. Widen
Arthur S. Bahr           Chris Jimenez                Anthony Somma               Brian Connolly              George J. Grabot       John Lillibridge       Thomas A. Rogers           Kenneth Williams
Gregory T. Barmore       Robert Johnson               Russell F. Sparks           Marinella A. Constantino-   Sam Graham             Shane Lindsay          Kyle Roozen                Sidney I. Woodcock
Peter A. Barnes          Shiro Kimura                 James Storey                  Hellanell                 Paul Griffiths         Su-Wen Liu             Frank Sacco                George B. Woods
Roy H. Beaton            Burton Kloster Jr.           George Tappert              Thomas Conway Jr.           Claudine Guegan        George Lollis          Ronald Salvador            Tony A. Yocco
Donald C. Berkey         Bond Koga                    Steven Thorne               Robert C. Coon              Anuj Gupta             Eric Luftig            Lynn L. Saylor             William C. Young
John J. Betchkal         Richard Lambarth             Lawrence J. Toole           Rob Cornell                 Lindsay Hacker         Andrew Luka            Colleen Schaper            Marie-Louise Zelmat
Donald D. Bock           Jeanett Lashoff              Thomas W. Tucker            Michael Cors                Joel Hackney           David Luster           John Schumacher
Nicholas Boraski         Albert C. Lee                Jill Wannemacher            Denise P. Cullinan          Louis S. Hales         David J. Lynch         John M. Sedlak
Arlene Borkowski         George Lewis                 William Wheatley            Robert Daly                 Wayne R. Hamilton      Andrew Mack            Claire Seem                CONTRIBUTOR
Douglas Bradford Davis   Mark M. Little               Delbert L. Williamson       Robert C. Davidge           Chris Hancock          Peter A. Malherbe      Deirdre Segerson
Stephen B. Bransfield    Norman Liu                   Fred Wohlfahrt              Kelley Davis                Edward J. Hardy        Joseph Mancuso         Kenneth Seitzer
                                                                                                                                                                                       Up to $249
Susan L. Brate           Joseph V. Loiacono           Edward Woll                 Timothy Davis               Carl Harris            Aaron Mason            Suzanne Serbia             Norma A
Audrey Burton            Lillien Long                 Anonymous                   Dean DeBroux                Robert Hatch           Robert Mason           Service Center GE Tucson   Paul C. Abbinante
Stephen Capus            Daniel Lovinger                                          Patrick M. Decambra         Matin Hatfield         Edmund Mazur           Bob Seymour                Warren R. Abell
Gerrie Carr              Tim Mansfield                                            Andreas Demel               William JG Hawes       Robert Mccallum        E. Joseph Sharkey Jr.      Patricia Abshier
Alberto F. Cerruti       David J. Marquardt           BRONZE                      Rich DeVeau                 Thomas Hayden          Franklyn J. McCarthy   William Sharkey            Frank Accarrino
Wen Chang                Stephen Miller               $250 – $999                 John Z. Devine              H. Michael Hayes       MaryKay McCoy          Scott Sherin               Mark Adamiak
Charissa Chu             William S. Miller                                        Sherry Dick                 Michael Hein           Pryor McGinnis         Dan Shields                Robert J. Adams
Larry G. Cook            James D. Mitchell            Floyd Adams                 Herbert T. Dike             Jerry B. Helwig        Tammy McGivern         Ford C. Slater             Adekunle Adeleye
George B. Coover         Robert M. Moliter            Robbie Alves                Daniel Divis                Christopher Hetzer     Evelyn McGuire         Richard Smith              Theodore C. Aepli
Robert Corcoran          Ralph F. Mommaerts           James J. Alvino             Mark J. Dodds               Edward Hindley         Ray McHugh             Diana Snider               K. E. Agan
Michael Cosgrove         David E. Momot               Roy E. Anderson             William J. Dorworth         Erwin Hogeweg          Robert McKinley        James W. Stauffer          Rajiv Agarwal
James J. Costello        Victoria L. Moran            Eugene S. Andrews           Sam B. Dunham               Thomas Holder          Kenneth McRay          William Steimel            Jennifer Agnes
Charles Crabtree         Timothy Morse                Melinda Armenti             Oscar L. Dunn               Phillip Holloway       Michael Merritt        Emily Stenta               Caroline Ahlswede
Hershner Cross           Mark Morton                  Joel Barber                 Janice M. Dyer              Robert J. Horn         Tim Midgette           Harry Steven               John J. Airhart
John L. M. Crouse        Robert Muir                  Donald J. Barcik            Louis O. Eber Jr.           James Horowitz         Ann Miller             Joe Stitt Jr.              Earl W. Albin
Stanley Davies           David Nelson                 Blaine A. Barron            Cathryn Eldridge            Lynde Howard           Richard B. Miller      Howard A. Storms           Michael Aleckson
Brackett B. Denniston    Kathleen Nelson              John T. Batty               Deborah Ellis               Thomas Hoyt            Edward W. Morris       Henry Stueber              James Alexander
Sam Dolfi                  Foundation                 Frederick J. Baule          Martha Elzen                J. Michael Hughes      Gary Nelson            Sharon Talbot              Morah Alexander
Deborah Dougherty        Heidi Newman                 Walter J. Bayer             Ellen Emch                  Kevin Hyde             Jacqueline Nelson      Scott Telesz               Mary Alford
Stephen Downey           George R. Oliver             Fred Bazzini                George A. Englesson         Frank C. Infanger      Shari Nelson           Connie Testo-Blakelock     Lori Allaire
Frank P. Doyle           Robert C Page                Edward Bednarik             Bradley Erbes               Tina Jackson           John R. Newell         Herbert L. Thal Jr.        Carolyn Allen
Robert Duffy             Joe Parsons                  Richard C. Benkendorf III   Nancy Farina                William G. Johnston    Paul Niederer          Joanne Thomas              Leslie E. Allen
Elizabeth Allison    Victoriano Batista    Robert J. Breckenridge   Myron Carter              Richard J. Condon       Tom DeLong               Roy L. Evers          Kiran Garimella
Michael Almquist     John A. Baumgartner   Doug Breithaupt          Robert A. Carter          Edward W. Conners Jr.   Nancy DelOrfano          Daniel C. Ewing       John Garrity
Ralph A. Alpher      John Beachler         Frank E. Brewster        Steve Carter              Thomas A. Connolly      Stephen Deloye           Vincent Falco         Yvonne G. Garza
Terry Alreno         Lois Beaven           Marcia Brigandi          Barbara Caruso            Brian Connor            Thomas Demmons           Wei Fan               Jose Gascue
Louis Alteri         Eser Becer            Bridgette Brinkmann      Richard Casey             Michele Consiglio-Dow   Steven Demoret           Ning Fang             Ronald Gatten
Patricia Ambrose     Chris Becher          Teri Briskey             James Cashetta            Douglas Contofalsky     Diane Denenberg          Michael Farmer        Mingzhou Ge
Douglas Amsler       Donald A. Becker      Eileen Bristol           Jim Cassells              Glen E. Cook            Mike Derry               Roy Farmer            Joseph Gebhardt
Ashok Anand          Donald F. Behringer   Louis W. Brons           Derek Castillo            William Cooper          Edward Desaulniers       William Farmer        Philip A. Gehman
Donald L. Andersen   Richard S. Beitler    Emily Brooks             Manuel Castillo           Ronald Coppola          Pasquale D'Esposito      Jo Farnham            John Geier
Leonard Anderson     David Belicove        Andrew Brown             Francisco Castro          Matthew Corbo           John DeWald              Robert B. Farnon      Doris B. Gerard
Tonia Anderson       Travis Benanti        Augustus Brown           Rita H. Cavalcanto        Richard H. Cornell      Peter Diamond            Dan B. Farrar         Glenn H. Gerber
Julie Angello        John Benda            Grady Brown              Giulio Cefaloni           Robert V. Corning       Kenneth M. Dickson        Frank K. Faulkner    George E. Gerecke
Deb Aplin            John D. Bender        Jennifer Brown           Mark Cerrezin             Stanley Corwin          John F. Diederich        Robert W. Feero       Warren R. Germer
Mark Applen          Robert V. Benedict    Lewis Brown              W. E. Chamberlin          Rosemary Cosgrove       Theresa Diehl            Darell Feldmiller     Paul Giambarberee
Mark Arbitrio        Carol Benic           Rick Brown               Kathleen Chambers         BethAnn Costa           Paul DiMascio            Frederick P. Felini   Henry H. Gibson
Steven J. Arket      Joan E. Bentley       Timothy Brown            Edgar F. Chandler         Vicki Cottrell          Kara DiNardo             Kathy Fenton          Charlotte Gilbert
Krista Armer         David Benton          Joseph D. Browne         Cindy Chang               Donald Cousins          Kelley Dinkel            John Fenuccio         Gerald Y. Gilbert
Curt Arulf           Dean Bergquist        James Brownell           Shaorong Chang            Felix F. Cowey Jr.      Peter Dipietro           Robert T. Fenwick     Robert J. Gildea Jr.
Ronna Ashbrook       Walter J. Berkey      James Brownlee           Susan Chang               Chad Cox                Wilbur Dixon             Alisa Ferris          Clay Ginn
David Atzenweiler    Ronald K. Berry       Byron Brumit             Carol Charles             Emmett Cox              Gregory Dobbert          George E. Fertal      Kris T. Ginthwain
Shirley Au           Donald L. Betters     Abby Brummett            Kevin Chase               Karen Coye              Jim Dokken               Roger Feuerstein      Fiona Ginty
Richard Augi         Hans G. Beutler       Annette Bruno            Roger Chen                Alex Crawford           Richard Donaldson        Jeannette Fiala       Paul S. Gionfriddo
Daniel Ault          Perin M. Bhagalia     Robert H. Bryant         Xiang Chen                Gary Croce              George L. Donges         William B. Fieseler   Vincent Giordano
Mark Aungst          Jatinder Bhasin       Sara Bubp                Chandrasekhar Cherukuri   Andrea Croslyn          Gerald Donnelly          Brad Findlay          Martha G. Gipe
Joyce Austin         Burton M. Bickford    Leonard Buchan           Patrick Chervenak         Joseph Cuccia           Jeff Donohoe             John A. Findlay       Fernand Girard
Joseph Avanzato      Harrison Bicknell     Rick Buckley             Joe Chilton               Joe Cummins             Gilbert Donovan          Janet Findley         Norman C. Gittinger
Ancel L. Axsom       Wm J. Bierenkoven     Talia Bumb               Albert Christensen        Vicki Cunningham        Francis V. Donovan Jr.   Richard Finn          Claudine Gizenski
Joel Bachelier       JE Bigelow            Pamela Bunge             Timothy Christy           Barbara Curtis          Gary Dooley              Scott Finn            John W. Gledhill Jr.
Gary Bagdasarian     Karen Bitler          Dino M. Burelli          James Chuang              James Custodio          Laura Dornbusch          Henry E. Fischer      Mark Glevicky
Brandon Bagley       Douglas Blake         Donald R. Burgener       Walter Ciaschini          Susan Cyboski           John W. Dougherty        Herbert Fishman       Thomas W. Godbey
Howard J. Baier      Paul Blanchette       Brenda Burger            Richard Ciccarelli        Irene Czelusniak        Enver Douglass           Roger Fitz            Hugh Goff
Betty Lou Bailey     Steven Blank          Robert Burian            Leo S. Cimino             Brian Czopek            David W. Downey          James Fitzsimmons     Jason Goldberg
Jeffrey Bailot       John D. Bliedorn      Alan Burke               Beverly Clark             Anne Dagenbach          Gerald J. Drumm          David G. Flagg        Morton W. Goldman
Dale Baird           Johnny Blizzard       Donald M. Burke          Brian Clark               Michael Dagostino       Christopher Duboc        Gerald K. Flakas      Karen Goldstein
Robert C. Baker      Cyril S. Boardman     John Burnette            Dan Clark                 Jonathan Dahlstrom      Linda Duff               Donald E. Fleming     Thomas S. Golembeski
Kevin Bakka          Darrin Bock           Stephen Burnham          Paul Clark                Patricia H. Dalton      Edward J. Dugan          John M. Fogarty       Jon Golembiewski
Dan K. Baldwin       Mary Bodar            Jom Bush                 Robert John Clark         Richelle D'Ambrosio     Catherine Dulka          Fred Foggia           Robert Golias
Mary Jo Balog        A. Richard Boerner    Donald R. Bussick        Linda Clay                Allen Danis             Timothy Dummer           Randy Foster          Lisa Gonzales
Carole Bamrick       Linda Boettcher       Stephanie Butera         Harold Clayton            John J. Darcy           Shelley Duncan           Joel Fouquart         John Goodman
Piyush Banafar       David Bogdan          Edmund Butler            Kellie Coates             Jerry Davenport         Patrick R. Dunne         Robert Fox            Richard J. Goodman
Janice Banta         Laura Bojanowski      Timothy Butler           Quinn Coats               Robert Davenport        Edward M. Duran          Stefan Fox            John C. Goossens
Lauren Bantit        Kathryn Bokowy        Osman Buyukisik          G. Herbert Coddington     Frank Davis             Anthony Durchholz        Tracey Fox            Donna Gorsh
Richard Banys        Rebecca Bolton        Robert E. Buzinski       William N. Coffey         Gregory Davis           James Durkin             Louis Franciose       Richard J. Gorzegno
Yvonne Baracka       Lori Borelli          Trygve Byholt            David Cohen               Jodi Davis              Donald J. Dusa           Scott Francis         Jody Goudy
Reed Barbar          Willem F. Borman      Tom Byrne                Felice Cohen              Dean Davison            Lauren Eagle             Stephanie Franco      Donna Granger
Charlotte Barber     Maria E. Borrell      James C                  James Cokonis             Richard Dawson          Carlos Earl              Lewis M. Fredericks   Matthew Grant
Victoria R. Barber   David Boulanger       Mary R. Cahalan          Edward F. Colbert         Chinamma Day            Todd Earley              Larry A. Freedman     Carmella V. Grasso
Joseph Barbera       Charles Bouley        Ginger Cahoon            Marie Cole                Robert B. Day           Marilyn Ebert            Marc Friedmann        Sarah S. Gray
Nael Barghouti       Marjorie Boutilier    Joseph Calinski          Thomas C. Cole            Jennifer J. Deal        Irene Eddy               Robin Frueholz        Herschel A. Green
Jeff Barkley         James Bowen           Ray L. Call              David Coleman             Donald Dean             Cynthia Edwards          Linda Fruscione       Sherilyn Green
James A. Barlow      Frank W. Bowers       Christine Callahan       Rod Coleman               Roy A. DeBolt           Rebecca Ehler            Kris Fujihara         Thomas F. Green
David Barnes         Sandra Bowman         Christy Campbell         Mark Colliflower          Sherlito Deduro         Betsy A. Ehret           Norman F. Furtado     Henry D. Gregory III
Christian Barnette   David Bowser          Martin G. Canfield Jr.   Robert S. Collingwood     Salvatore Defranco      Charlotte Ellinger       Ronald R. Gabriel     James F. Gregory
Andrew Barron        Harold K. Boyce       Darlene Cannon           Bob Collins               Francois Defromont      Robert E. Ellis          Larry Gaetano         Marcel J. Grenier
Robert W. Barry      James Boyd            Albert Cao               Lyle J. Collins           Thomas DeGrave          Linda Emaelaf            Michael Gagnon        Richard Gress
Eugene L. Bartels    Michael Boyd          Jack Capel               Anthony J. Colombetti     Fredrick Del            John Emerson             Julie Galkin          Darren Griffith
Cat Bartik-Sweeney   John F. Bracken Jr.   Christopher Capozzi      Ramon Colon               Burton B. Delack        Mark Emery               Frank Galle           John W. Grigsby
Kim Bartlett         John B. Bradbury      Clyde Carman Jr.         Ronald Colpoys            Donna Delaguardia       Roxana Estevez           Robert Gamble         Marshall M. Gritton
Donna Barton         Millicent Brant       Dennis L. Carson         Jocqueline Combs          Robert Della Valle      William Evans            Scott Gardner         Geza Gruenwald
William J. Barton    Stephen Brassard      Danny Carter             Michel Compagnon          Robert Delmerico        Deborah Everett          Thomas E. Gardner     Daniel Gruneisen
Virginia Guarino          Albert Hewetson           Otto W. Jankus          Kevin King               Howard Laramy         Glenda Luna             John McElligott          Erin Moser
Richard J. Gucciardi      Kimberly Higby            Michael Jeffrey         Robert J. King           Nicholas Larsen       William Lundell         Kathleen McElwee         Paul W. Mossey
Mark Guglielmi            Donald R. Higgs           Julius Jermanok         Stephanie King           Carol Larson          Krishan Luthra          Gerald H. McGinley       Matthew Motgomery
Lynne Gullo               Robert L. Hill            Everett Jesse           John Kingha              Richard E. Lasher     Lien Ly-Guerrero        Debra McGinty            Yiwen Mou
Steven L. Gummersall      Warren O. Hilton          Hideo Jimbo             Karl Kirchner            Richard Latour        Margaret Lynch          Xiu hua McGovern         Zaher M. Moussa
Norman G. Gundersen       Dennis Himrod             Chris Johnson           Neal F. Kirk             Pui Lau               Michael MacConnie       Harriett McInnis         Charles K. Mowers
Bhupesh Gupta             Clyde Hobbs               Edward R. Johnson       Bowden Kirkpatrick       Hugo Lauroesch        James B. MacKnight      W. McLean                Janice Mowery
Carlos Gutierrez          Gregory Hoffman           J. Arthur Johnson       Gretchen Kiser           Sigmund Lawrence      Martha Maddox           Deborah McLennan         Derek Mrozik
Penny Gwynne              Robert T. Hofmann         James Johnson           James B. Kittelson       Thomas Lawrence       John Maeder             Alphonse McMahon         Michael Mulray
VWilliam A. Haase         Richard C. Hohenrath      Jim Johnson             Christopher Klapper      Donald W. Lawrenson   Robert Maffeo           Paul McManus             Cecelia Mundt
Charles W. Haering, Jr.   Donald Hokanson           Lamar Johnson           Joseph Klett             Harry R. Lawton       Christian Maier         William McMurray         Barbara Mundy
Kenneth G. Hafner         Mary Hoke                 Marilyn Johnson         Jose Kling               David B. Leavitt      Mike Malloy             Maulik Mehta             John F. Munson
Gerald S. Hall            Carl Holdren              Robert V. Johnson       Debra Klug               Patricia Lecouras     Brian Malone            Denise Meidenbauer       Lynn Murphy
Richard Hall              Kenneth Hollen            Thomas O. Johnson       Dwight H. Knapp          Anna Lee              Anthony M. Mankus       Robin Menikoff           Sigrid H. Naar
Howard Hallett            Hollie Hollesen           Marygene Johnston       Gerald Knapp             Benton Lee            Tim March               George R. Menkart        Daniel Nakano
E. Howard Halpin          George F. Holloway        Sue Johnston            Pat Knapp                Shawn Lee             Robert Marchese         Heather Menshouse        Vishwanath Narendra
Jeffrey Halstead          Ragnvald Holm             Dan Jones               Sarah Knife              Matthew D. Leet       William Marcial         George Mercer            Gena Nason
Lisa Hamilton             Willard G. Holt           Judith M. Jones         Robert Knightly          Paul R. Leffler       Stephen Marcum          William P. Mertens       Richard Nason
Robert B. Hamilton        Clark R. Honig            Kirk Jones              Clifford J. Knox         Jennifer Leigland     Nataliya Margolin       Mikhail Meskin           Rebecca Nauta
Thom Hamilton             Kathleen Hook             Mary L. Jones           Richard G. Koch          Daniel G. Leisk       Alisa Margolis          Richard Meyer            Verkia Ndzegha
Dana Hammer               Bjorn Horaberg            Vanessa Jones           Robert E. Koch           Gordon A. Leiter      Joseph Margotta         Thomas J. Meyer          Tyler Neelis
Theresa Handerhan         Eileen Howe               Glenn & Judith Joppa    Alex Koehler             Ronald Leitschuh      Horace P. Marion        Albert Michaelis         Kirk Nelson
James Hanely              Chris Hoyt                Marc Joslow             Robert F. Koenig         Louie Lekus           George W. Markham       Clarissa Michael-Lamar   Laurel Nelson
Lynne Hansen              John G. Hoyt              August F. Jost          Donald E. Kohler         Don Lemly             Donald Marshall         Jenette Michelle         Valerie Nelson
John R. Hanson            Joyce Huber               Lance Jost              Geraldine J. Kolacke     Douglas Lemmo         Raymond Marshall        Robert Milani            Pamela Nevins
Thomas Hanson             James Hudock              Mary L. Joyce           Eric H. Koopmann         William Lester        Carlos Martin           Joseph Miller            Joyce E. Newhams
Stephanie Hardman         Walter C. Huening, Jr.    James Jurka             George Koppert           John T. Lettiere      Jeffrey Martin          Joyce Miller             Bernard Newton
Robert J. Harkness        Skip Hull                 Barbara Kaiser          Howard K. Kornahrens     Kathy Leverett        Oscar J. Martin         Katherine Miller         Lina Nguyen
Judith Harless            Leonard Humphrey          Judy Kaiser             Kathy Kosnoff            Burton Levering       Richard Martin          Linda Miller             E. Earl Nichols
Regina Harm               Geoff Hunt                Suresh P. Kamat         Leo G. Kotschenreuther   Diane Levesave        Shawn Martin            Lyman Miller             Kimberly Nichols
John F. Harnish           Gerald Hunt               Deepak M. Kamath        Mary Lou Kovac           David Lewis           Doralie Martinez        Marlene Miller           Frank J. Nicoletti
Wayne Harrer              Richard L. Hunt           Jan Kaminsky            Ronald A. Kowalewsk      Diane Lewis           David Maryles           Megan Miller             Robert A. Nicoll
Richard Hartshorne        Bruce Hunter              Mayuko Kamizuru-        William C. Kracht        Howard E. Lewis       John Maryo              Robert C. Miller         Alexander Noble
Edward C. Hartung         Matthew Hunter               Bowman               John D. Kral             Alexander Libers      Harvey W. Mason         Tonya Miller             Thomas Nogueira
William Hass              Dengwei Huo               Leonardo Kammer         Larry Kramer             Paul Liebau           John S. Mason           Robert H. Mills          Kathryn Nold
Neil R. Hattes            Mayme Hurley              Jennifer Karppinen      Richard E. Kramer        Alan Lighthown        Joseph M. Massello      Michael Minnerly         Peter Norman
Melanie Hauff             Brenda Hurst              Anthony J. Kasak        Marjorie H. Krape        Evelyn L. Lilly       Brian Masterson         Eric R. Mino             Michael Norris
Karen Haughton            C. Thomas Hutchins, Jr.   David Katz              Celeste Kreul            Marie Limousin        Brent Mathew            Richard T. Miskinis      William A. Northrop
Jodi Hawkins              Tom Hutton                Dan Kavanagh            Dennis Kroner            Todd Lindahl          Jeanne Mathews          Clint Mitchell           Harvey Norwick
Kim Haworth               Charles Hyde, Jr.         Robert B. Kear          Keith Krout              Morten Lindstad       Lisa Matinez            Donald M. Mitchell       Edward Nossen
Daniel E. Hayes           Pat Iadarola              Les Kebler              Donald G. Krueger        Pui Ling              Ramond K. Matta         Donald T. Mitchell       Michael Novello
Joseph J. Hearne          F. Icatar                 Donald F. Keck          Emil Kuelz               Timothy Link          Reid Matthews           Kathryn Mitchell         Ramesh Nuggihalli
Cheryl Heath              Gerald W. Iler            George W. Keller, III   David Kuenzi             Clovis E. Linkous     Ken Matz                Max Mittendorff          David Nutt
Beth Heckel               Thomas Ingram             Marcia C. Kelley        Karen Kuhla              J. Gary Linzel        John W. Mays            Richard H. Moe           James Obenchain
Wayne Heebsh              R. Ingrid                 Constance Kelly         Barbara Q. Kuhn          David L. Lippitt      James McAndrew          Richard Molenhouse       Thomas O'Brien
William Heerlein          Sandra Irwin-Stoll        James Kelly             Satoko Kurita            Brian Lisek           Margarita McAtee        Donald F. Molino         William O'Connor
Heinrich Hegetschweiler   James Isaacs              Mary L. Kendall         Arthur C. Kurtz          Karen Littlefield     Arthur W. McCain        John Molsberry           Richard O'Donnell
Scott Heltsley            Gordon Isison             Karla Kennedy           Alfred Kurz              Charles Litty         James R. McCall         Debora Monshizadegan     Robert D. Ogburn
Kristian Hendricks        Nathan Isom               Keith Kennedy           Donald Kusak             Linda Loehrer         Roger J. McCandless     John Moody               Cathy Oh
Judie Henninger           Anthony Ives              David Kent              Kim LaBarge              Benton Logterman      James T. McCarthy       James Moore              Yuji Okano
Cyrus Henry               Patricia J.               Donald R. Kester        Anthony S. Laboa         Diana Loken           Edgar J. McCarty        LeAndrew Moore           Peter Olive
George Henry              C. Jacob                  Amy Ketcham             Tammy LaBrie             David Lombardo        Theodore M. McClellan   Jose Morales             Joseph R. Olsheski
Jennifer Henzel           Robert Jacobs             David Kezatz            Theodore Lagergren       Tracy Long            Robert McCone           Robert J. Moran          Jacquelyn O'Neill
Gerald G. Hepburn         Timothy Jacobs            Abdul Khwaja            Constantine Lallas       William Looney        Gary E. McCoy           Stuart G. Morehouse      Charles Ontiveros
Edward E. Hergott         Mary S. Jaffe             Maurice Kilavuka        Anthony Lanchak          Robert Loose          Jane McCroskey          Karen Morgan             Matthew Ordway
Lou Hernandez             Charles Jahren            Gary Kilinski           Dennis Landini           Carol L. Lord         Martha McDermott        Leonard A. Morgan        Robert Orenstein
Eugene Hersh              Meenoo Jain               Edward P. Kilroy        Donald Landry            Debora Lounsberry     William McDonald        Carroll E. Morris        Rito Ortiz
Donald G. Herzog          Joshua Jamison            Kristi Kim              Michael Lane             Becky Lovejoy         Teddy Mcdowell          Lincoln W. Morrison      Raymond Ostolski
William Heskett           Judy A. Jande             Frank Kimmerle          Andrew Langston          Hua Lu                Dorthy McElfresh        Andrew Morton            John C. Ott
Kim Hessler               Peter Jandrisevits        John King               Leland Lantz             Helen Luedke          Matthew McElhinny       Christine Moscone        Richard L. Overholtzer
Robert W. Overholtzer     Mary L. Price          Ray H. Rogers          Julia Scott             Wayne Specht             Eric Szeto                Jan VanEkeren          Alfred J.Williams
Frank Oxen                Debra Prinkkel         Christine Rohan        Robert Scott            Leon H. Sperow           Robert Tait, III          Vanessa VanLoan        Robert Williams
William Oxley             Kenneth Pritchett      Sheila Romana          Rocco Scullary          L. M. Sponar             William M. Taliaferro     T F. Vannatta, Jr.     Charles & Paula
Richard J. Pacitti        George W. Probert      Richard Rondano        Connie Seifert          Charles Sproles          Hoshiro W. Tamai          Richard Varalla          Williamsen
Daniel Pagano             Phillip Przywara       Lewis H. Roosa         Jennifer Sekella        Felix Stacconi           Jean Tate                 Melanie Varin          Thomas H. Williamson
Ansell W. Palmer          Rachelle Pytlik        William H. Root, Jr.   Christina Selby         John F. Stack            William D. Tatum          Deborah Vavra          Daniel Wilmot
Myrna G Paluba            Thomas Quick           Daniel Rossman         Ioana Sell              David T. Stafford        Paul E. Tausche           George E. Veen         Liuedean Wilson
Michael Panagopoulos      C. Bernard Quinn       Donna Rothert          Fayne G. Seney          Clayton Stahl            Mary Taylor               Robert Veizer          Ruby Wilson
Thomas Panetta            Paola Quiroz           Kathy Rowe             Monica Sethi            Jeffrey Stahl            Ronald S. Taylor          David A. Vermilyea     Robert L. Winchester
Theodore C. Parady        Roger Radloff          Trevor C. Rowland      Salvatore Settineri     Timothy Stallman         Terry Teach               Joseph L. Verneuil     Eldon Winder
Misty Parker              Ramamoorthy Ramasamy   Fred M. Royce          Lisa Seward             Thomas J. Stango         Dan Teeters               Chester Victor         Wayne Winget
Patricia Parker           Hubert S. Ramsey       Alexander Roytman      Peggy Sewell            Ellis Starks             Steven Teitelbaum         Richard Vilece         Angelina Wlater
Jeannine Parkes           James A. Ramsey        Richard L. Roza        Costas Sfikas           Scott Starr              Abraham Tesfay            Betsey Villarreal      Kathy Woirol
Patricia Parrott          Simone Ranaraja        Robert J. Roznik       Richard L. Shaeffer     Oliver H. Steenrod       Lynn Thomann              Cheri Vincent          Jan Wojciechowski
Frank L. Paseka           Herbert H. Randall     Ramon H. Rubins        John Shagoury           John E. Stein            John Thomas               Ray Vines              Ann C. Wojcik,
David Pastre              Ronald Randall         Nada Ruddock           David Shaker            John E. Stephens         Anne Thompson             William D. Vinson      Vincent K. Wong
Pinkesh Patel             Tom Rasmussen          Paula Russell          Harold I. Shakeshaft    David F. Stephenson      Donna Thompson            Jay Virgil             Alwyn Wood
Camille Patneaude         George J. Rayl         Victor Russo           Lakshman Shanmugam      John T. Sterling         Douglas Thompson          Nikita Visnevski       Dennis F. Wood, Jr.
Charles Patterson         Brian Raymond          Paul Ryan              Robert W. Shape, Jr.    Hansjoerg Stern          Terry Thompson            Karl E. Vogt           Mark Wood
Alan E. Paul              Diana Redfield         Sean Ryan              William Shape           Linda Stern              James Thomson             Lori A. Volzer         D. Keith Woodard
Edward L. Pauling         Thomas Reed            Wayne Sabins           Ricki Shapiro           James G. Stevens         Raymond Thorn             Eric Vorndran          Scott Woodger
Edward Pavlo              J. Samuel Reeve        Isam K. Sabri          Amy Sharp               Karen Stevens            Michael Thornburgh        Martin J. Vreeland     Lee Worden
Julie L. Pawlak           Stacey Regan           William Sacco          Richard B. Sharpe       Charles Stewart          James Thorndike           Kathleen Vuto          Judy Wright
Patti Payne               John J. Renaud         Judie Sadtler          John Sheffler           David Stewart            Susan Thorton             Naitik Vyas            Michelle Wright
Patrica Pearman           Donald Rennels         Ronald Sail            Daniel Shelley          Michael Stewart          Ramesh Thuravil           John Waldron           Richard Wright
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GE Volunteers Foundation
3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06828
T 1-203-373-3200

                            The GE Volunteers Foundation – Connecting our neighbors, our communities, our world.
                                             Thank you for contributing to the
Throughout the world, GE volunteers are
                                             GE Volunteers Foundation.
committed to improving the places where
they live or work by actively volunteering
                                             People in need the world over will be
in a wide variety of community-based
projects. The GE Volunteers Foundation
                                             helped by your generous gift.
supports GE volunteers principally in the    Please make your tax-deductible donation payable
areas of education and community building.   to the GE Volunteers Foundation. Enclose this card
If you would like to make a donation to      and your check in the self-addressed, stamped
                                             envelope or mail to the GE Volunteers Foundation,
the GE Volunteers Foundation, please send
                                             3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06828.
your check to:
                                             To make a donation by credit card, log on to
GE Volunteers Foundation
3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06828
or visit www.gevolunteersfoundation.org      How to match your contribution
                                             Eligible GE employees and retirees may have their
To make a donation by credit card, log on
                                             gifts matched by the GE Foundation on the Web at
to www.gevolunteersfoundation.org            www.gefoundation.com/matching gifts or by calling
For more information on the GE Volunteers    1-800-305-8669.
log on to the GE Volunteers Portal at:              Enclosed is my check for $ _____________________
www.gevolunteers.com                                I would like to donate a gift of stock or mutual funds
                                                    with the approximate current value of
                                                    $ ___________________________________________
                                                    (Information on how to transfer this gift will be sent to you.)

                                                    Check here if you prefer to have your gift made



                                             City                                                             State                  Zip



                                             The GE Volunteers Foundation (formerly the Elfun Community Foundation) has been designated
                                             as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, making it eligible to receive
                                             tax-deductible donations.

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