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The Shocking Truth


INTRODUCTION---------------------------------------------------------2 LEARNING THE SHOCKING TRUTH-------------------------------------3 EFFECTS OF THE SHOCKING TRUTH-----------------------------------6 BODY’S POLLUTION SOLUTIONS---------------------------------------11 DETOXIFICATION-----------------------------------------------13 HEALTH, WEALTH AND WISDOM------------------------------------20 LEGAL NOTICES AND DISCLAIMER-----------------------------------22


Hi Everyone, My name is Roxanne Robinson and I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read my first EBook. I wrote this E-Book to help everyone in our industry of Health Care to have a tool, which they can use to inform people of the problems with toxins, heavy metals and chemicals in our environment and hence in our bodies. Please use this E-Book to inform everyone of the Threat that faces us on a daily basis and how each of us can conquer it. I have been in Network Marketing for a few years now, but the present problem with Toxic Overload has me very concerned. I want to let everyone know that we do not have to be sick all the time. We do not have to continue allowing our children to be subjected to the kind of illness, disease and mental disorders they are plagued with. We have ways to fight early aging and the diseases that are a result of this aging. We have the tools to fight back; we just need to know about them and how to use them. Please feel free to distribute this E-Book to anyone you please. All I ask is that you not change any of the links. If you are a Independent Distributor of the Liquid Zeolite, you can contact me and I will let you know how to include a link to your site or email address for your customers. Thank You, Roxanne Robinson Body Pollution Solution


“4 billion Pounds of industrial chemicals are released into our environment every year. 72 Million Pounds of those chemicals are known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents.)” as stated by Environmental Defense Group (EDG). Where do you think all those chemicals go when they are released into our environment? The Shocking Truth is that all the toxins, heavy metals and chemicals released into the Environment, eventually enter your system. These nasty elements contaminate your air, your food, and your water. A Scientific Study showed “the Average American has approximately 90 different industrial chemicals in their body at any given time.” A fast-paced lifestyle has increased the development of poisons, chemicals, heavy metals and toxins, all in the name of Progress. Man’s push to be and have the best in every aspect of life; may also be the cause of his destruction in the end. The Human ‘Race’ by nature is always in a hurry, always pushing to get it done quicker, better and for the least amount of money. Unfortunately, this attitude has resulted in a very dirty planet; where no living thing is safe from the toxic fallout bombarding our planet. The Shocking Truth is that approximately 70,000 man-made chemicals are in use commercially in the United States everyday. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “65,000 of these chemicals are labeled “Hazardous to Your Health.” One problem resulting from this total disregard for the environment; every living thing on this planet is in danger of toxic overload. Are you wondering, how this toxic fallout could possibly have gotten out of control? Rest assured this did not happen overnight, this condition is a result of years of releasing toxins, chemicals and heavy metals into our atmosphere.


Here are a few of the ways these elements enter our atmosphere:     Smoke released while manufacturing various products. When producing energy to light up our world. Exhaust produced from different modes of travel. Pesticides and herbicides used both commercially and residentially.  Using chemicals to clean our water. By knowing how these nasty elements enter our atmosphere; you will find it easier to understand how they get into your body. Every breath you take probably contains some kind of toxin; everything you eat contains some toxins and every glass of water you drink has chemicals in it. To make matters even worse, you might unknowingly be adding more toxins, chemicals and poisons to your system. Almost everything you use on a daily basis may contain some kind of chemical additive. Everyday items like; toothpaste, deodorants, hair products, household cleaners, perfumes and colognes, some hand creams, diet products, sugar substitutes and many more; have been linked to hazardous chemicals and toxins. Many man-made pharmaceuticals also contain hazardous elements, albeit in small quantities, nonetheless they are there. Knowing that your body is just a dumping ground for the chemicals and toxins, you wonder is there anything that can be done to fix this? Never fear there is a solution to your body’s pollution, which is easy and effective in the removal of these toxins, which I will show you later in this report. The contamination of our planet is not just one Country’s fault; every country in the World has contributed to this pollution. Every culture carries some responsibility for the state of our environment and needs to take action in the clean up our Dirty World. The Human Race did not know that they were creating a sleeping giant in their quest for a better life and richer lifestyle. Always looking for ways to make life easier, more efficient and more

productive; mankind neglected to consider the long-term effects of their progress and what it would cost the Human Race. Here are some Shocking Truths:     Toxins, heavy metals and chemicals bombard you daily. No place on this planet is immune from this threat. You will deal with this problem for the rest of your life. Toxic overload affects every living thing.


Now you know what The Shocking Truth, let me tell you how toxic overload can affect your system. Let me start by telling you that the toxic elements in your system have been building for most of your life, if not all of it. You have been exposed to these nasty elements in more ways then you could ever imagine. Baby Boomer’s (born between 1946 to 1964) may be luckier then generations X and Y, because the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s were not so focused on technology. So the exposure was not as extreme as it now. The world was still young and the production of man-made chemicals was not as high as it is now. In 1989, the United States produced its Millionth Man-Made Chemical. Scientists have produced these chemicals with the hope of making life easier for the average American. Instead, they have put everything and everyone in the World at risk. The ways that toxins, heavy metals and chemicals are introduced into your system are going to shock you, anger you and hopefully open your eyes and cause you to change the way you see things. These next few paragraphs are dedicated to one-way toxins enter our body and the devastation they can cause for our children. These excerpts are from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Website; To show you some of the contradictions you have been told he gives this reference. “Contradictions regarding the claim that measles is a “killer” disease:  A child under the age of five has a 0.01 percent chance of contacting measles.  That same child has a 0.3 percent chance of dying from the disease and a 0.2 percent chance of being autistic as a result of vaccine damage.” “Widespread diseases today such as autism, asthma and allergies were considered rarities 30 years ago. The drug companies and the

government agencies have lied to you; they want you to believe that their pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, are essential to your existence and your children's. These drug manufacturers and their government agencies, don't want you to believe that the foods you consume and the habits you adopt are the primary solution to establishing immunity to diseases and living longer.” The public discovered that Mercury was used in many of the vaccines given to our children, so companies were forced to find alternatives and what they found; Aluminum Hydroxide and Formaldehyde are almost as bad if not worse. These deadly toxins have been linked to Parkinson’s, ALS and Alzheimer’s Disease. Some of the fillers vaccines could contain:  Aluminum Hydroxide  Animal Tissues: Pig Blood, Horse Blood, Rabbit Brains, Dog Kidney, Monkey Kidney, Chick Embryo, Human Diploid Cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue  Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)  Sorbitol  Sucrose The most shocking fact deals with the vaccination of babies 2 to 6 months old; most SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) victims can be linked to the vaccines given to 2-month old, 4-month old and 6-month old babies. Most vaccine-induced deaths are listed as SIDS, not as vaccine related deaths as discovered by Dr. Mercola. No toxicology testing is performed on any vaccines. Pediatricians never file adverse vaccine reaction reports with health authorities. Statistics like these are NOT included in “vaccine adverse reaction data;” even if a child dies a few hours after receiving an inoculation. This false data is then presented to physicians and the public reassuring them that vaccines are safe. “How could pharmaceutical companies not tell anyone about this? Simple. Their wealth relies on your dependency, and so they will do everything to crush the notion that vaccines contain deadly chemicals. These companies will spend three billion dollars this year

alone in advertisements for their pharmaceuticals, preying on unsuspecting consumers' hopes and fears with carefully crafted campaigns. Apparently, they will not even stop at killing your children to feed their greed.” The CDC increased the required vaccinations 20 years ago, tests done on our children showed that the accumulated amount of Mercury was 180 times higher then the lethal dose. What else are these toxins, heavy metals and chemicals doing to you? How is your health? Do you suffer from chronic illnesses, allergies or any major diseases? The truth is that 95% of all illnesses, diseases and mental disorders are caused by toxic overload in your system. From 1950 to 1991 there has been a 90% increase in breast cancer due to the elevated exposure to these toxic elements. Toxicity is believed to be the major cause of all age related illnesses. Toxins cause damage to the immune system, so the body is unable to heal itself. You are more susceptible to colds, flu, allergies, cancer, neurological problems, reproduction problems and metabolism failure, due to this toxicity. These Toxic elements are polluting our air, our water, our food and our environment. You breathe, drink, eat and absorb these elements daily. The results of this toxic overload can be seen in the rise of premature births and deaths. You hear about it everyday with the rise in cancer cases in your own town. No one is immune to the results of these deadly toxins. The umbilical cord of newborn babies was tested and discovered to contain 287 different toxins. Toxins have been linked to cancer, neurological disorders and birth defects. Other toxins like fluoride found in fluorinated drinking water has been linked to the slowing of the thyroid gland and bone cancer. Toxins can harm many aspects of the human system. Other then the toxins found in the umbilical cord, the Scientists found plastic, bleach, wood preservatives, pesticides, dioxide and herbicides; all this in the cord that gives our children life.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?  Frequent fatigue  Low energy  Recurring headaches  Chronic constipation  Irritable bowel syndrome  Food allergies  Excess weight  Mood swings & Irritability  Bad Breath  Gas & Bloating  Distended belly  Impaired digestion  Frequent colds  Skin problems  Powerful food cravings  Metallic taste in mouth If you do, this can be a sign of Toxic Overload. This is the reason toxins can do so much damage to your system: “Toxins, heavy metals like (mercury, cadmium, lead and thallium), poison the glucose metabolizing catalysts, reducing the flow of energy throughout the body.”

When our systems energy (blood) flow is reduced, the body becomes more susceptible to diseases and chronic illnesses such as:        Aging ADD, ADHD Allergies ALS Alzheimer’s Anxiety Disorders Arthritis

   

Arrhythmia Asthma Autism Bipolar affective disorder (Manic depression)  Cancer  Cardiovascular disease

 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  Dementia  Depression  Diabetes  Eczema  Fatigue  Fibromyalgia  Insomnia  Infections (i.e.: Lyme disease, Hepatitis C, HIV)  Liver Dysfunction  Macular degeneration  Mood Disorders

 Multiple Chemical Sensitivity  Multiple Sclerosis  Neuropathy, Neuritis  Obesity  Osteoporosis  Parkinson’s Disease  Renal (Kidney) Disease  Reproductive Disorders  Stroke  Systemic Lupus Erthematosis (SLE)  Tinnitus

All these health conditions can be linked back to toxins, chemicals and heavy metals. Scientific data now shows recurring exposure to toxins, even is small doses, damages the immune system, and increases cardiovascular disease and cancer risks. Toxins can interfere with the essential enzyme activity in the body, affecting hormone balance and cell growth, and inhibiting brain function. Ultimately, what researchers have discovered by reducing your exposure to these pesky toxic elements you: reduce the risk of developing many health conditions; have more energy; improve your overall health; increase longevity and have a greater sense of well being. Avoiding exposure to toxins in our environment is not a viable solution to Detoxification. What can you do to give your system a fighting chance to heal and eliminate this toxic overload? You cannot be expected to live in a bubble! Do you have to completely change your lifestyle? Do you spend hundreds of dollars buying natural deodorant, hair products, skin care items and many other daily used items including toothpaste? No!


The Good News - There are Solutions to this toxic pollution. Some solutions can be very invasive and ineffective for the long haul. Some involve altering your lifestyle. There are hundreds of thousands of methods, recipes, products and programs, that claim to eliminate the toxins from your body. With all that information, I would have to make this small report into a complete 500-page manuscript. What I am going to do instead is to show some of the most popular methods and products used and let you decide for yourself which one best fits your needs. Relating this information, I will try not to show any bias for any one product, method or recipe. I will, however, include only natural items. I do not trust in pharmaceuticals and cannot endorse something I do not believe in. I also will tell you my product of choice and method, that being said; let us continue to the solutions. The following steps are the standard recommendations by most health care officials:  First - Avoid as many chemicals as possible. Start with little steps: buy environmentally safe window cleaner; try using organic hair products; look for environmentally safe or natural pesticides and herbicides. These items may be a few dollars more then the other products, but how much would you pay for great health.  Next Drink Pure Filtered Water - Stay away from your faucet water for you and your animals. (Our pets are closer to the ground and are in more danger then you.) For about $30, you can purchase a filter that fits on your faucet. (Making it easy to fill up your glass and the pet’s water dish.) You may find yourself drinking more water, because of the convenience. You may prefer to purchase the pitchers with self-contained filters, what ever is easier for you. Small steps like this will allow you to reach your goal.

 Stop Smoking - Like you haven’t heard this before. I don’t smoke, but I know those who do, are not going to change because of this report. I suggestion an alternative, smoke natural tobacco. I believe that we are only human and not perfect. Being 100% is pretty hard to achieve, but 80/20, even 70/30 is achievable. Try to cut back, change your brand and maybe later you will be ready to completely quit. Every little bit helps.  Eat Natural and Organic foods, Eliminate Fried Foods and Trans-Fats. Eat Small Fish no more then 3 times a week, they contain less Mercury – Changing your diet is really hard, because change is not in our comfort zone. To change your lifestyle is not easy, but small steps will be beneficial. Buy organic if available and prices are doable. You could even grow your own. Right? Eat what makes you happy, remembering the 80/20 Lifestyle and it will get easier to pick foods that are good for you and taste good. Have fun with this involve your family in making food choices; then it will become a lifestyle goal, instead of a chore.  Avoid Alcohol - I have the hardest time with this little rule. (I love my beer, not in extreme amounts, but on a hot day, after work, ice cold.) The general consensus is that 9 standard drinks a week can raise your cancer risk. Red wine, on the other hand, is good for your heart in moderation of course. Take small steps, do not drink that cocktail everyday, try every other day. Any little change you can do, to refrain from your normal consumption will help.  Exercise - Bet you didn’t expect to hear this, right? Ha! Exercise is, of course, a very important part to better health. When your intake of positive elements increases, they need to activate them through out your system and exercise does that for you. Walk the dog; jog with your kids; join a gym; form a group of like individuals to exercise with; swim; play tennis, baseball, football; or

any other physical workout. It doesn’t matter, if it is only 10 minutes a day or an hour at the gym just get off your butt and move.  Last But Not Least Detoxify - Of all the steps above this is the most important. There is no way to get around this step if you truly want to change your Toxic Overload. You need to Detoxify your system regularly. Why? You are subject to toxins, heavy metals and chemicals every day (no stopping them). Accept this fact, in order for you to be as healthy as you can be; you must Detoxify. The Method is not as important, as just doing it. No matter which of the suggested eliminators you use, the one thing that cannot be dismissed is – Detoxification.

In order to reduce or eliminate the elements clogging your system, you have to take the toxins, heavy metals and chemicals out. Detoxification, usually associated with alcoholics and chemical additions, is not just for these purposes. The body has to be cleansed of the elements that are hurting the normal functions of your system. Detoxification is the one true way to do this. Below you will find some of the methods, products and services I have found commonly used by consumers like yourself. 1. Juice Fasts – Fasts have been used for centuries to clean the body of unwanted elements. When using a Juice Fast Method, you are to drink only fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and pure filtered water. Juice fasts can take any where from a few days to three weeks, during which time you are not allowed to have any solid foods. Who should not use this type of Detoxification Method? “People with diabetes, low blood sugar, eating disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, malnutrition, addictions, underweight, anemia, impaired immune function, infection,

nutritional deficiency, low blood pressure, ulcerative colitis, cancer, terminal illness, epilepsy, or other chronic conditions shouldn't try a juice fast or should do so only under strict medical supervision.”* Common side effects when using the Juice Fast Method: “Headaches, tiredness, hypoglycemia, constipation, acne, increased body odor and bad breath.”* “Other side effects of a juice fast can include fainting, dizziness, low blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, weight loss, hunger, vomiting, diarrhea, and kidney problems. Another possible side effect is diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and electrolyte loss.”*
* Wong

From what I understand this method works, but isn’t right for everyone. You should always check with your physician, before starting any detoxification. As I have said before there are many ways to Detoxify, some will be easier then others. 2. Colonic Cleansing and Enemas – These two methods are similar, but with one main difference. One you will need a trained hydro- therapist and professional equipment. “Colonics cleanse the entire length of the colon. The Colonics involve multiple infusions of water into the colon. With Colonics, fecal matter leaves the body via a tube. The client does not see or smell the fecal matter during session. At the end of the session, the client usually sits on a toilet, and usually passes any residual water and stools”* I talked to a friend, who has had this done and he said it was pretty intense. “Enemas cleanse the lower part of the colon only. Enemas involve a single infusion of water into the colon. An Enema involves the one-time infusion of water. It sits in the lower part of the colon for a period of time, and then the person sits on the toilet. An Enema does not need to be done by a

professional and does not require any special equipment.”* You can purchase an Enema Kit at any drug store. However, you will not have the luxury of not seeing or smelling the discarded material, as in the Colonic Method. These methods can be very effective, but usually must be repeated every few months depending on your personal toxicity. Personally, I think I would find something less evasive. Cathy Wong

3. Other Methods - Ionic Foot Baths and Detox Pads, which draw the toxins out through the skin. With the Ionic Foot Bath the toxins are released through the bottom of your feet. With the pads it just depends where you place them on your body. So if you have specific areas of your body that hurt, you can place the pad on your back and the bottom of your feet. I have used the Detox Pads and to tell you the truth I was amazed at what was on the pad after wearing them overnight. It was pretty ugly. I have not tried the Ionic Foot Baths, but saw the results in a photograph in our local paper. The Foot Baths cost between $35-$40 and should be done every other week. The Detox Pads cost between $30-$50, usually have 5 applications per box and can be done as often as you want. 4. Another method I have found is simply drinking Detox and Cleansing Tea. Teas use natural ingredients to induce the detoxification. The Tea works but does not clean the system as efficiently as some of the other method. I use this method in combination with my method of choice. 5. Chelation Therapy – This Detoxification Method seems to be the most intense of them all. In this method a “preparations of enzymes” are injected into the bloodstream, where they bind with toxins and remove them.


* Medicine states: “Chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun) is the use of a chemical substance to bind molecules, such as metals or minerals, and hold them tightly so they can be removed from the body. Chelation has been scientifically proven to remove excess or toxic metals before they can cause damage to the body. It was first used in the 1940's by the Navy to treat lead poisoning. The most common form of chelation therapy uses a manmade amino acid called EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid). EDTA removes heavy metals and minerals from the blood, such as lead, iron, copper, and calcium, and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating lead poisoning and poisoning from other heavy metals. Although it is not approved by the FDA to treat arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), EDTA chelation is used by some physicians and alternative medicine practitioners to improve circulation and treat this disorder by removing calcium deposits and plaques from the arteries. Before beginning treatment, tests are conducted on blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney function, and circulation to ensure safety. During the chelation treatment, a needle is inserted into the patient's vein, which is connected to an intravenous (IV) drip containing EDTA. A typical session is about 3 hours long, and they are scheduled 1 to 3 times a week. Twenty to 30 sessions are usually necessary.”* I was unable to find out the cost of these treatments, but I am pretty sure they are not cheap. This method should be used in an emergency situation, it very evasive and sounds really uncomfortable. Remember these statements are my opinion only, unless noted within the text.

6. Liquid Zeolite – Natural Cellular Defense – My method of choice is this little white bottle. Liquid Zeolite is a negatively charged element, so it attracts and traps all positively charged elements. (The charge on Mercury is a +5; lead is a +4 and so on.) When the Liquid Zeolite comes in contact with these elements, it surrounds the metals, toxins or chemicals and flushes them out of your system. Liquid Zeolite does not stay in your system any longer then 6 hours and usually is gone within 3 to 4 hours. The advantage of Liquid Zeolite is that it does not disturb any of the necessary elements in your system. This is because these elements do not carry the heavy positive charge, like heavy metals. Liquid Zeolite will eliminate the rubbish from your system, giving your body the chance to heal itself. It makes sense to use a product that will keep your system clean, without the lifestyle changes needed with some of the other methods. The only possible side effect when using this product is dehydration, caused by not drinking enough water to replace what the Zeolite is using to rid your system of the rubbish. The one requirement while taking Liquid Zeolite is drink plenty of water, at least 6 to 8 glasses a day. The best results are achieved when you drink a 8 oz glass of water, then take the Liquid Zeolite drops under your tongue. This allows the Zeolite to enter your blood system and attack the worse element first. With consistent use the Zeolite can eliminate all the rubbish systematically, “worst first.” Here are 14 key reasons why Liquid Zeolite is such a unique and extraordinary food supplement:       Extremely safe and non-toxic Removes heavy metals Removes pesticides, herbicides and dioxins Reduces viral load Reduces absorption of nitrosamines (nitrates) Helps buffer body pH to a healthy alkalinity

       

Helps to buffer blood sugar Helps reduce cancer risk Improves nutrient absorption Acts as a powerful antioxidant Reduces symptoms of allergies Increases immune system functions Helps prevent premature ageing Extremely easy and pleasant to take. *

* The FDA has found Liquid Zeolite to be G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized As Safe). Liquid Zeolite - Natural Cellular Defense - the perfect Cleansing and Detoxification for the Body: Zeolite is a crystal formed when Lava meets fresh or salt water. Found in the earth in its natural state, Zeolite Crystal “cages” fill up with toxins, heavy metals and chemicals from the air, the ground and contact with water. The patented formula used in making our Liquid Zeolite then removes these elements, leaving the “cages” clean to fill with the “toxic burden” it finds in your body.

Zeolite Honeycombed or “cage like” molecular structures negatively-charged holes or gaps hold toxins until the Zeolite is eliminated from your system.

This patented method makes Our Liquid Zeolite unique and more effective then other forms. Zeolite has been used for 800 years in many traditional medicines. Zeolite has been used in water filters, air puffers, animal feed and fertilizer

for years here in the West. The Zeolite used in these applications is usually a fine powder. This powder cannot dissolve in water, Zeolite Crystals do not lose their form, so your body cannot absorb the powder. The new-patented formula for Liquid Zeolite has made this amazing ion very user friendly. It is very easy to take this product daily to meet your detoxification needs; without fasting or any of the other procedures recommended. Please check out this informative video, make sure you have about 40 minutes to watch it. You now know some of the ways you can Detoxify your body. You are free to choose any of these methods or check out some different ones, but try to find one that best suits your lifestyle. With the information given you in this report, you should be able to make an informed decision on a method for your Detoxification. It really doesn’t matter how you choose to detoxify your body, as long as you just do it. The most important thing to learn from this report; Detoxification is a must. How often do you take a shower or a bath, when you feel dirty? When was the last time you cleansed your internal system? Like almost every human being on this planet, your internal system is overloaded with toxins, chemicals and heavy metals; these elements are clogging your immune system. In order for the body to heal itself this rubbish needs to be removed, so clean it up.


This statement is the corner stone of our company, and our Liquid Zeolite – Natural Cellular Defense can change the lives of millions of people all over the world. Our company has been around for years and is very stable. They are bringing hope into the lives of many individuals, by helping remove the chemicals and toxins that are clogging up your system. Removal! Restore! Replenish! They use only natural-based products.  If you could help improve the lives of millions of people, would you like to find out more?  If you could help these people to also help millions, while making a better life for everyone would you like to find out more? I hope I have opened your eyes to the necessity of Detoxification for every Human Being on our planet. There is only one answer to our Body’s Pollution, and that is Detoxification. It is time for you to take control of your health. Take the first step to a new you.


Liquid Zeolite – Natural Cellular Defense will help you to rediscover your youth, while eliminating toxins, heavy metals and chemicals from your system; leaving the necessary nutrients you need. We call this our little white bottle of Hope. I call it my Body’s Pollution Solution; it cleans my system of all the pollution. It is too bad; we can’t fix the environment as easily. Act now and start your climb to better health, mental wellness, and restoration of your youth. The next time you take a shower, remember to cleanse the insides as well. You will reap the rewards of a healthy body inside and out.


The information contained is this publication is not intended to replace the attention or the advice of qualified health care professionals. All attempts have been made to report all the information as understood by the author. Any material taken directly from written articles has been referenced. The author assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions or contradictory interpretation of the subject matter herein. This publication is not intended to take the place of a physician or other health care individuals prescriptions or treatments. The information in this publication is not to be used as a medical treatment for any disease or condition. This publication is intended to educate the reader of the effects of pollution in our environment and in our body. The reader of this publication assumes responsibility for the use of the information and material. Adherence to all the applicable laws and regulations, both country, state, and local governing professional licensing, business practices, advertising and any other aspects of doing business in any jurisdiction is the sole responsibility of the reader. The Author assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever on behalf of any purchaser or reader of this material. Any perceived slights of specific people or organizations are unintentional.
**The FDA has not evaluated the statements made in this report. If you are unwell or taking medication, we recommend you seek the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner before starting a Zeolite program or any other detoxification method. Liquid Zeolite is not a medicine and is not intended for the treatment and/or prevention of disease.


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