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Psychic Readings: An Encapsulated Version                                        3

The Complex Logic Behind Psychic Readings                                        4

Acquiring the Art of Psychic Readings                                            5

A Few Tips To Help Succeed In The Domain Of Psychic Readings                     6

The Other Side to Psychic Readings                                               8

The Blood Nexus In Psychic Readings                                              9

Psychic Readings: From An Art To A Money-Mending Mill                            10

Phone Reading: The Latest Specie Of Psychic Readings                             11

Psychic Readings: Do We Really Require Them?                                     12

Appendix A

Tarot Card Psychic Readings: Unleash The Card Magic To Explore 14
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         Psychic Readings – An Encapsulated Version

Psychic readings is certainly not a new term. Let that be the hoardings
on the streets or the astrology section of the newspapers or the online
advertisements, psychic readings are a term common to every medium.
Quite popular as a gossip topic, psychic readings have in one way or the
other captivated a large section of the society. But have you ever
wondered or tried to analyze, what psychic readings actually mean or
entail. The term is much deeper than the regular chitchat subjects and
could affect the normal functioning in a very large way.

The Definition

Psychic readings are derived from the Greek word ‘psy,’ which means
mind. Therefore, picking up the literal meaning of the term, psychic
readings mean “reading the mind.” The concept basically entails reading
a person’s mind by hearing and sensing, to look into the various
situations that could affect. These readings are then collaborated,
followed by precise interpretation, to yield an unbiased opinion about the
situation, which then helps solve the mysteries of past, present and

The Perceptions

Many believe that psychic readings are a supernatural capability to read
others and thus find out the solutions to the unanswered. They are gifted
to selected human kind. On the other hand, another batch is of the
opinion that psychic readings are an acquired art, which based upon
hard-core practice and dedication can be deployed for the benefit of all
human kind. The common idea however, between the various schools of
thoughts is the outcome of psychic readings.

The Impact

Many readers go a step further in the domain of psychic readings and
claim that their observations and the solutions suggested thereof can
help change situations for the better. However, this could be the biggest
bluff of the industry propagated to make easy money. The essence of
psychic readings is to look deeper, and thus impart an intuitive look to
analyze situations. The aim is to inculcate better understanding.

The Forms

Psychic readings are facilitated in various forms. From tarot cards to
reading fine lines, various mediums are being used to analyze situations.

The Present Situation

In the present scenario, psychic readings too have organized to become a
full-fledged profession. There are various learning schools opened all
across to acquire the skill of psychic readings. It is more of a
contemporary business form wherein the organizers and readers make
good money. An average reader usually charges about $50 – $100 per
reading. To acquire first hand experience of psychic readings, various
psychic readers can be directly contacted. The contact details are
available all across the directories, in the newspapers, over the Internet
and on the street hoardings.

         The Complex Logic Behind Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are a complex phenomenon and there really is no
practical evidence to prove the authenticity of the concept. However,
understanding the logic behind psychic readings and assimilating the
concept in greater details might answer few vital questions.

Psychic readings are a process to seek answers to the unsolved mysteries
of all times. By understanding a person, the psychic reader aims at
resolving the various issues that are of importance.

The Approach

Psychic readings work on the logic of creating a bridge between two
entirely different individuals. A mind-to-mind and spirit-to-spirit
connection is facilitated. The reader, by making the mentioned bridge
with the person who is being analyzed, tries to see beyond the normal
vision. There are energies being emitted by all into higher vibration
levels; only the few practiced psychic readers can venture into these
higher levels and can connect with the thus emitted energies. This
connection leads to the eventual outcome of psychic readings. It is
believed to be a mystical zone and entering into this magical world
entails possession of some supernatural powers.

The Powers Can Be Acquired

Psychic readings no longer are concentrated to a few selected individuals
who posses these powers by birth or owe them to some other natural
incident. Unlike the earlier perceptions, psychic readings are a skill that
can be acquired over time, though the process might entail a number of
years. The exercise begins by setting a focused mindset. Being a psychic
reader might imply loads of practice and patience and yet no guarantees
of success.

The No Accuracy Cycle

The biggest truth behind psychic readings is the lack of appropriate
means to test the accuracy of readings. Psychic readings are a field that
does not entail definite answers for all. There are many ifs and buts with
the situations. Lack of controlled settings to test the authenticity of a
reader further imparts a chance to the various amateurs practicing in
the field of psychic readings to fool many.

The accuracy of the findings of psychic readings further depends not only
on the reader but also the person who is being analyzed. This person is
the source of information and every minutest detail as provided by the
source, could be extremely crucial for the exercise of psychic readings.
Here it is important to mention, that the unbiased approach of the
psychic reader marks the successful completion.

Psychic readings are an intriguing process that entail a vision to the
higher energy levels. The chances of accuracy in analyses are therefore,
directly proportional to the skill and experience of the reader.

             Acquiring the Art of Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are a term to describe the abilities to tune into higher
energies and deploy the acquired extraordinary powers to see beyond the
normal vision. Psychic readings impart an objective view by which an
unbiased observer is able to connect mind and spirit to notice the
irregular. By psychic readings, a connection is established that helps
solve the mysteries of past, present and future. It is believed that every
individual can be a psychic reader. It is just a matter of patience and the
dedicated effort towards this end. Sounds impossible, does it? If yes,
then read on, because psychic reading is an interesting idea and you
never know, you might just posses the right skill set to master it.

A Line of Caution

The right beginning to master the talent of psychic readings is marked by
setting the right mindset towards the endeavor. A dedicated approach
can help achieve any task and this, that is the focused move, is quite
vital in case of psychic readings. Before setting on the path of exploring
the secrets of psychic readings, be prepared to put in tremendous effort
and loads of patience. It is not a skill that will come easily. Loads of
practice is certain to accompany the task of psychic readings and still
there are no certainties towards success.

How to Proceed?

Meditation is the next vital step of psychic readings. Concentration is
crucial for precise analysis, as required in the art of psychic readings,
and this comes easily by way of practiced meditation. The whole idea is
to shift focus from inner self to the other person’s mind and thoughts.
Once the right information has been gathered by feeling, hearing and
knowing the person to be interpreted; the reader moves on to the next
part of psychic readings i.e. interpretation. Every action, explanation or
the information provided by the source proves out to be vital in this
regard and even slightest parts should not be ignored.

Psychic readings are an interesting concept and have received their due
share of attention in the past. There are various people who have
mastered the art of psychic readings in one variant or another i.e. from
reading the lines to tarot card interpretations. As mentioned earlier,
anyone based on hard-core dedication and learning can enter into the
dynamic zone of psychic readings. To facilitate this objective and further
help with a specific approach, there are various seminars and learning
centers opened across the planet. If you too are interested, just hop in
because there always is a vacancy in this field.

                       Uncover Your Psychic Skills

  A Few Tips To Help Succeed In The Domain Of Psychic

Psychic readings are an interesting option, and can be pursued as both a
profession and a hobby. The concept is quite captivating and can attract
the right audience, irrespective of the time or location. If the aim however
is to make some good money, expertise as a psychic reader, in the long
run is a must. There is no way to check the accuracy and therefore, there

are minimal chances that the readings would fire back on the reader. Yet
in order to be true to the profession, the psychic reader must try and be
closest possible to the realm of psychic readings.

A Help Guide

To help you with the endeavors of succeeding in the field of psychic
readings, here is a short guide.

1. Be clear on the motive – To excel in the field of psychic readings, it is
   imperative to have a straight thinking process. And this begins by
   being clear about why would you want to be a psychic reader in the
   first place. Seeking answer to this question helps through the tough
   phases of the psychic reading journey that waits ahead.

2. Nothing exceptional about it – The next crucial suggestion is to
   develop a mindset that does not consider success as something
   exceptional and therefore impossible. We all have the powers within
   us to be a member of the psychic readings world. It is just the
   identification and streamlining of the same, which matters.

3. Meditation magic – To achieve in the field of psychic reading, pay due
   attention towards meditation. Psychic readings demand a lot of
   concentration and practice. Meditating can help fulfill these
   requirements. It helps connect the consciousness mind with the
   divine. The positive energy flow as mandated by psychic readings, is
   facilitated by regular meditation.

4. Write down your experiences – There are various events and stages,
   one is bound to encounter during the psychic readings. There will be
   emissions of all sorts of positive and negative energies, a flow of
   intuitions and gut feelings. Writing down all these experiences can
   help better analysis.

5. Be true to your own self – As a psychic reader you might not like to
   present the true picture to the audience. However, the process of
   psychic readings demands complete loyalty towards the inner
   conscious. Accept your triumph and failure with due integrity. Lying
   could create blocks that might be difficult to deal with at a latter

There is no winning mantra in the domain of psychic readings, however,
continual effort and following the mentioned tips can certainly help.

                        Uncover Your Psychic Skills

               The Other Side to Psychic Readings

Psychic readings, the concept at first instance always directs attention
towards the psychic reader. It is the psychic reader who is under
scrutiny and it is him/her who is solely believed responsible for the
findings. The mystical journey through the extraordinary psychic
readings as perceived, generally depends just upon the driver of the
journey i.e. the psychic reader. However, who is completely ignored in the
exercise, yet is strategically important, is the navigator of the journey i.e.
the person who is being read. It could be you or anyone among us, who
is giving the crucial information to a psychic reader as necessitated by
the process of psychic reading.

The Importance Of A Source

To understand how vital is the source of information i.e., the person who
is being read (from here on referred to as ‘source’) in the process of
psychic reading it is first important to assimilate what are psychic
readings? Psychic readings are a process by which the psychic reader
reads the source and based upon the readings interprets, to yield
important information about past, present and future. The psychic
readings, as mentioned, begin from studying the source by hearing him,
feeling and sensing him and analyzing him/her.

Even the slightest information provided by the source decides the
success rate of psychic readings. A trust factor is essential. Both the
parties involved i.e. the reader and the source must be in complete
consonance and understanding to give way to effective psychic readings.
The source must be clear about what he expects from the exercise. A few
sources could be tough to handle and here it is a test of the psychic
reader’s expertise.

Few Tips To Be A Good Source And Thus Help Successful Completion Of
The Psychic Reading Process

As mentioned, psychic reading entails major contributions from the
source. And considering that the source is investing in the information to
be achieved from psychic readings, it makes sense to be cooperative. To
begin with, make an effort to stay relaxed. Do not take the psychic
readings process as a complex schedule and just stay calm for the
exercise. It will certainly turn out to be an informative and occupying
session. Also do not attempt to be perfect, and just act naturally. Give all
information irrespective of its relative importance to you. What you might

think as unnecessary could come out to be vital for the reader. Psychic
readings cannot guarantee definite results, but it can certainly help the
source explore the inner self. So keep all reservations aside and get your
answers by psychic readings.

             The Blood Nexus In Psychic Readings

Psychic readings have swiftly moved on, from being a mystical art, to
being a complete business. Resultantly, the rules of a typical business
have to a large extent started extending their impact on psychic readings
as well. Among the various influences, a trend is towards making psychic
reading a family profession. Remember those old days when a banker’s
children aimed to be a banker and a businessman’s sibling moved on to
the footsteps of the father to establish and nurture the business. On
similar grounds, various so-called professional psychic readers have
started claiming psychic readings as their family acquired art and
therefore, the obvious expertise.

The Skill’s Dependency on Blood

Psychic readings are an art that help a deeper look into situations
followed by collaboration of various energies to seek the mysteries
entailed in it. It is believed that the supernatural powers required for
such psychic readings are embedded deep inside all individuals. All that
is required is a dedicated approach to nurture them to the desired levels.
In such circumstances, is it possible that somebody with a family
background in psychic readings could claim to be an expert in the field?

The Industry Speaks

To seek the answer to this question i.e. the blood nexus in psychic
readings, try consulting the psychic readers. Invariably if the reader
belongs to a family wherein either of his/her grand parents or parents
have been psychic readers, he/she would claim better powers. While the
other group i.e. the self-made psychic readers would negate any such
influences into action. The answers are completely situational and
opportunistic. The promotional packages too, mold the heredity links in
psychic readings as per the reader’s convenience.

The Outcome

This outcome in connection to psychic readings proves yet another point
very closely linked to psychic readings. There is literally no concrete way
to check the authenticity of psychic readings and the reader’s claims.
Psychic readings are an art and a concept beyond empirical evidences.
Those who are being read and therefore analyzed by psychic readings are
the only judges to the situation and their comments too vary drastically.
The opinions are subjective and based upon how the claimants view the
entire situation.

Based upon the above mentioned it can be asserted that the psychic
readings, if are considered to be an acquired skill, based upon hard-core
patience and determination, the ancestral background is irrelevant.
However, if there are some supernatural powers that come into action
during readings and are naturally gifted, then may be belonging to a
family of readers could matter. The decision again however, remains a
matter of sheer speculation and coincidence.

Psychic Readings – From An Art To A Money-Mending Mill

Psychic readings have never failed to fascinate. Let that be the roadside
palm reader or a professional fortune-teller who buys airtime to attract
audience, all get their share of attention. Psychic reading is an ancient
notion and even the masters of the field do not have precise information
as to where and when this idea originated and developed. Like all other
concepts, the only fixed aspect of psychic readings is the inherent
change. The mode of reading has changed and so has the attitude
towards the art. Scientific developments, the related idea of associating
logic with all such findings and the growth of an educated society; all
together work towards a new approach to physic readings.

The Transition

Physic readings revolve around supernatural powers. The extraordinary
powers are deployed to undertake various bizarre tasks, much beyond
normal human capacities. An art, psychic readings initially were believed
to occur naturally to few selected souls, who then used the blessed
powers for the benefit of all human kind. The next stage witnessed these
gurus transferring their abilities to their heirs, who thereafter, became
the new masters to the world of supernatural. Other modes of acquiring
such extraordinary powers included difficult and practiced meditations

or a strange incident or an accident that changed life. The latest version
however, includes the most sophisticated of courses, seminars and
certification modules to help learn and acquire the powers of psychic

The new face of the art that entails acquiring knowledge in this aspect
via various seminars and gurus, in its most implicit forms, brings along
loads of money. Psychic readings are now an organized business, which
works like all other corporate settings towards making profit. Psychic
readings have always been popular and the psychic reading business is
growing at a phenomenal pace. The organizers are the ones who make
most of out of it. Other partners to the profit include the psychic readers,
authors and the consultants.

Why Is Psychic Reading Business Such A Big Hit?

The answer to this question is quite simple. There are enough customers
to the product, all are curious to know what lies ahead. The overheads
are minimal and there are ten thousand reasons to defend in case of an
inaccurate prediction. With nobody to question back, psychic reading
business is mending awful amounts.

Well, whatever be the components to the equation of the contemporary
psychic readings, there must be some concrete grounds to a concept as
old as psychic readings. And this belief itself has made psychic readings
an interesting piece of research, for scholars and psychiatrists.

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  Phone Reading – The Latest Specie Of Psychic Readings

We have all read various advertisements of psychic readings flashing
across different communication channels. From newspapers to the
Internet, each medium has a patent psychic reading expert to boast
about. If you too read the daily horoscope before leaving for work each
day, then this art has definite powers to influence you. The accurate
information could help change life for the better, is the general
perception associated with such readings. The obvious fascination
therefore, always prompted to at least go through such commercials, if
not right away contact the mentioned psychic reading guru.

The Telephonic Version of Psychic Readings

Among the various psychic readings forms available, a latest entrant is
the telephonic version, more popularly known as phone readings. This
form of psychic readings is supposedly more convenient for the customer
as it does not entail physical interaction of any sorts. Psychic readings
over the phone simply work on the logic of obtaining the required specific
information over the phone and giving all answers based upon the same.

The readers of telephonic psychic readings are quite assured of their
skills and guarantee clear and accurate readings. The propagated idea to
justify the authenticity of telephonic psychic readings is that psychic
readings are enabled by working out a connection between the reader’s
minds and spirits. This bridge between two different minds and spirits
can be made over the phone as well and doesn’t really call for physical

To further support the logic, experts of phone psychic readings present
an illustration of the connection between the living souls and the minds
and spirits of the close dead ones. They thereby assert that to really feel
and understand the crucial information about life, physical interaction
as perceived, is not mandatory. Only the trust factor between the two
concerned individuals can help dig out all-important information. The
readers further promise not to get into the sensitive personal details.

The Accuracy Test

How true are the claims of those practicing phone psychic readings, is
yet to be ascertained. Psychic readings anyway entail a large gray area
with nobody coming up with precise confirmations of the readings. The
readers tend to secure their path by attaching many ifs and buts to their
revelations. The belief also varies from individual to individual. With no
empirical evidence to solidify the ground of authenticity, phone psychic
readings too can easily generate their share of followers. As per the
professionals, except the one you question, all others are fake and posses
no definite skills required.

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      Psychic Readings – Do We Really Require Them?

Psychic readings have numerous shortcomings. They instill superstition,
are led by a group of phonies and are far from perfect. Despite such
failures, do we still require them? Considering the kind of money psychic

reading businesses make, it can be stated that we require them. After all,
if it had not been for the confidence in such services, why would anybody
pay such huge amounts in seeking advice from the psychic readers?
However, the next time when you are tempted by a psychic reader’s
commercial or the paid television shows, do consider the below-
mentioned facts of the psychic readings business.

The Limitations Of Psychic Readings

The psychic readings, an art or a science, whatever they may be referred
to as, have various shortcomings. To begin with, because there are no
evidences to prove the authenticity of the findings, there are various
phonies operating in the field. The aim is to earn money by showing
gloomy or vivid pictures, which are in no proximity to the reality. The
amateurs go a step further and claim to provide the solutions to the
various problems, that they are sure wait ahead in the future. The
solutions obviously imply more money. And, not to mention, the unseen
problems that never existed, tend to resolve overtime, all thanks to the
expensive psychic readings.

Psychic readings instill superstition and de-moralize. Knowing things, or
as they say unleashing the mysteries of past, present and future by
psychic readings, cannot really help change things. Whatever is bound to
happen stands true, irrespective of the fact that you are aware or
unaware of it. Knowing the negative possibilities however, further
discourages the right effort in any direction, thus keeping away from the
desired success.

The so-called real concept, psychic readings, does not have even one
single mode of proving the authenticity. The self-proclaimed psychics are
not willing to make even one single specific statement, based upon their
hard-core experience and the acquired skill. All the findings are
circumstantial and lack the required component of certainty. There is
nobody coming up in the field to give a test in controlled settings.

The loyalists to the concept of psychic readings would however, find an
argument to negate the above mentioned. To them not being able to
prove does not means the end of the story. Their world begins beyond
logic and scientific facts. However, the mentioned and many more
clarifications, not catered to by the psychic readings gurus, certainly are
an indicator of the inherent fakeness of the concept.

Appendix A

Tarot Card Psychic Readings - Unleash The Card Magic To
              Explore Beyond Boundaries

Psychic readings in their basket of surprises, embrace a very popular tool
of readings, known as tarot card readings. Tarot cards are a fascinating
pack of cards, which are believed to posses the powers required to reveal
the hidden secrets of life. Colorful and vibrant as they look, tarot cards
present an interesting concept and can certainly bind all in their magic.
Tarot cards are perceived to have some cosmic powers, wherein the
numbers and the pictures, as on the cards, together explain a number of
aspects of life.

The Tarot Pack Design

To understand how the psychic readings work through tarot cards, it is
important to be clear about the pack composition. The earliest variant of
tarot cards is believed to originate somewhere in northern Italy, around
the fifteenth century, though there is no valid proof to establish this. This
so called original version of tarot cards was deployed to play games like
the regular cards but was slightly different in composition. Unlike the
regular card packs, the tarot cards are comprised of an extra 22 cards
known as Major Arcana. These extra cards did not belonged to any
special suit and had on them symbolic pieces of artwork, which are
extremely crucial for the art of psychic readings.

The deck in addition to the mentioned 22 cards included, the regular
cards numbered from 1 to 10 and the four suits. Another difference from
the regular card pack was that the tarot cards had an additional queen,
which was added to each of the four courts. The game most famously
associated with tarot cards then was Game of Triumphs. The game was
enjoyed by all and was exceptionally popular among the richer sections
of the society.

The Present Version of Tarot Powers

The tarot card game moved from Italy to various parts of the world and it
was in Europe that art disciples found few mystical powers in the artistic
card pack. From then on, tarot cards created a wave and many worked to
explore the secrets that lay hidden in the tarot cards to create the
present psychic readings tool known as tarot card readings. The most
popular game therefore, now presented by tarot cards is psychic
readings. Much beyond a game of psychic readings through the cards, it

promises to help an encounter with what is expected from life. Believing
or not believing in the powers of tarot cards in the domain of psychic
readings is completely a personal issue, yet the experience is certainly
worth a try.

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