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					Black eye: up early, found around the eyes dull, black eyes? Be careful!
This may be too much waste deposited in the blood's sake. Than in other
parts of the lower eyelid skin is thin, most likely reflecting the color
of blood. Recently there was pressure to think too much or fatigue?
Control urinary and reproductive organs of renal dysfunction, but also
make eye becomes muddy. Australian medical experts say, less late at
night, eat more whole grains is the best way to eliminate dark circles!

Eyelid edema: not even drink much water before going to bed, the morning
is still badly swollen eyelids? You may humoral imbalance it! Water
metabolism disorders caused by many reasons, if in addition to eyelid
edema, lower body still feels weak, thirsty, your kidneys may be in the
"mischief." Healthy kidney can successfully discharge excess water body,
water is low, it will slow down the metabolic rate, the moisture
accumulation in the body, resulting in mild swelling. Do not worry, drink
several glasses of water quickly, and soon will be able to recover one
pair of electric eyes!

Fat particles: beauticians often recommended to use a non-oily cream
points, to deal with the eyes of the fat particles. But medical experts
believe that fat particles are a warning sign of high cholesterol.
Deleted from the recipe fried foods and animal offal, eat more fresh
fruits and vegetables, small particles quickly but not annoying!

Red blood: clear eyes, congestion, poor blood circulation may result. Do
not trouble yourself eye drops, activity head, neck, shoulders, and clear
the upper limb blood flow, then a good sleep, get enough rest to the
eyes, neck and shoulders can be painted in some vitamin C lotion, vitamin
C to help ease the blood circulation, reduce redness quickly.

Eye of a needle: Do long needle for granted! Japanese medical experts
found that long needle that your immune system is on the decline, the
bacteria easily enter the eyes from lash roots, causing inflammation. If
repeated long needle, the best to go to hospital for a comprehensive
health examination. Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang drunk, to improve their immunity,
and the eye of a needle can be completely "break."

Yellow whites of the eyes: the color is not clear if the whites of the
eyes may be the liver, gall bladder out of the question. Bile is a
yellow-green liquid, it is secreted from liver cells after storage in the
gallbladder when the gallbladder or liver disorders, the bile will flow
to the blood, so that whites yellowed. Fortunately, the bile to break
down excess body fat, with full of bile in the short term no longer need
to worry about weight!

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