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New York NY Spirit Of The Times 1900 Grayscale - 0047


									    138                                                           Ighe spirit of the jinxes,                                                                          August 25,
                      Mr. John Daly.                              stakes, carrying 110 pounds, winning In a gallop by three           companion shows that he probably had quite "something
                                                                                                                                      up uls sleeve." and that the race must not bo reckoueu
  When reviewing the turf c a r w r of John Daly, he of the       lengths from Phllomena, by Hlmyar—Last Ban, and Hand-               against him. His next start was In The Flatbush, where he
while, blut- braces and cap of to-day. memory skips a few         maid, by Fellowcraft—Radda, In 1.03%. Following this vic-           beat by a length St. Florlan, Bashford, Curt Guun. Huron,
years ami drops astern to the time of Gideon & Daly, when         tory at the succeeding spring meeting at Morris Park, But-          Charade. Mars and others. Five days later. In the Pros-
                                                                                                                                      pect Stakes at Gravesend. he ran unnlaced to Yorkvllle
the dark blue Jacket and cup was found In the van of Im-          tertlles won another five-furlong sweepstakes, beating such         Belle, and that closed his two-year-old career of eight
portant event*, carried by Ills Highness. The Buttertlles,        sterling animals as Ridicule and Applause, the winner,              thrilling wins In fourteen starts.
Merry Monarch and others. The meteoric two-year-old               carrying 113 pounds, and covering the straight course In              As a three-year-old Merry Monarch was tiot a star per-
                                                                                                                                      former, starting In ten races, unplaced In nine, and winning
career of Ills Highness con never be forgotten. This hand-        .r>!P/,. winning by two lengths. Her next start was In The          a free handicap sweepstakes. $1,000 added, from Potomac,
some colt, by Imp. lil-Vscd. out of Imp. Princess, was first      Futurity, where Buttertlles carried 112 pounds, and was             Klldeer. Leonawell, Sir Catesby. llapenny, Speculation and
started In the Bedford Stakes at the spring meeting of the        made favorite at " to 4 on. She won by a neck, having
                                                                                      .>                                              others, over a tulle and a sixteenth in 1.-18. That waB
                                                                                                                                      Merry Monarch's last appearance during the season. As a
Brooklyn Jockey Club la 1891, and he was beaten by St.            led all the way. In 1.11, this being one and one-fifth second       four-year-old he regained, or rather consistently developed,
Florlan and Nomad. His next start was In the Groat                less than the previous record time for the course, estab-           his two-year-old form and promise, starting In nine events,
American, and again he was beaten by St. Florlan and Vic-         lished by Morello In 1S92. In that race Butterflies beat Agi-       winning four atid placed in four others. He opened the
                                                                                                                                      season at Monmouth Park, running second to Sir Matthew,
tory. From then to the end of the season he ran In tea            tator, Connoisseur, Waltzer, Manchester, Counter Tenor and          and a few days later, In a sweepstakes at live furlongs beat
important events, and was only once beaten In the second          the speedy two-year-olds of the year, and as a two-year-old         Lustre, Fairy, Anna B.. Promenade and Miss Kitty by a
 half of the Double Event, by William Lakeland's Yletory,         she was never beaten. In 1895 she opened her season In              length and a half. In the Midsummer Handicap he ran un-
                                                                                                                                      placed to Slelpner, and later he won by a length, beating
 which passed him just at the stand, to win by a length.          a sweepstakes at the Brooklyn Jockey Club Spring Meeting,           Sir Matthew. Wall Jim and others at six furlongs in 1.12.
After his defeat In the Great American he won a Sweep-             where, at even weights, she was beaten by Owlet. In the            His next race was the Heavy Handicap Steeplechase, in
stakes, beating the Gebhard beauty Canvass, Adelbert mid           Gazelle Stakes at that meeting she won In 1.09%, beating           which he won from Service. Lustre, Jullen, Tormentor, So-
                                                                                                                                      nora. Topgallant and Jack Lovell. In the Rahway Handi-
others. He won another sweepstakes, beating Mars and               California, Roundelay aud Second Attempt. In a sweep*              cap, giving away weight, he was third to Aloha, the three



 Othrnar. In the first half of the Double Event he defeated       stakes at the spring meeting of the Coney Island Jockey              finishing heads apart. In a five-furlong sweepstakes a t .
 Victory and Nomad. In another sweepstakes he bent the            Club the handsome Sir Dixon filly won, beating Rey del.              Sheepshead, he was third to Santa Anna and Tom Harding.
                                                                                                                                       In a Brooklyn Jockey Club sweepstakes he won by a head
 speedy Lester, Recess and others. Meeting a good and             Carreres, Ridicule, Gotham and others, and in The Fall               from Lustre, Highland, Ambulance and Armltage, and two
 eminently representative field in the Great Trla.l Stakes this   Handicap, carrying 109 pounds, Butterflies won in 1.09 4-5,          days later closed his season with a second to Strathmeath,
 sterling colt spread-eagled them, and won from Dagonet,          beating Domino, Rey del Carreres, Bellicoso, Rubicon, Eg-            a t a mile and a sixteenth, losing by a short head t eight
                                                                  bart, Harrington and Ed Kearney, conceding weight to all             lengths in front of Terrifler. In 1894, a five-year-old, he
 Victory, that great horse Tammany and others. He won                                                                                  was still campaigning, and In fourteen starts he had three
 the Seabright Stakes handily, defeating such horses as           but the place horses and Rubicon, a four-year-old. Then              wins, beating Clifford and Prig at Saratoga, and a few days
 Spendthrift, Shellbark and others, and In the Ambpy Handi-       the mare appeared to train off, running fourth to Henry              later winning from Rey el Santa Anita, Banquet, Hurllng-
                                                                  Young (who only scored five wins in twenty-two races that            ham and Lonsdale at a mile, his third win oeing also a t
 cap he turned the tables on his earlier conqueror, St. Flor-                                                                          the Spa, a mile and a sixteenth, beating Gloaming, Liselg,
                                                                  year) in the Ocean Handicap, and later running fourth to             Yo Tamblen and Ingomar. r He figured In the money In six
 lan. and behind him came the fleet Leonawell and t h a t         Paladin in a sweepstakes at t h e autumn meeting of the
 sterling horse Lamplighter. The Select Stakes was won by                                                                              of t h e remalniug nine races of the year. He then passed
                                                                  Coney Island Jockey Club. She was then hopelessly broken             into the hands of J. E. Kittson.
 His Highness in impressive style, defeating St. Florlan          down, and never started again.                                          These are three remarkable horses to have represented
 again, with Tammany third, and he closed his two-year-old          Another prominent and exceedingly popular horse belong-            one stable almost a t the same time. The extensive and im-
 career by winning the Futurity from Yorkvllle Belle, one         ing to this stable was Merry Monarch, by Hindoo—Bram-                portant breeding farm and establishment at Holmdel, # .
 of the fastest fillies of her day, and Dagonet. Thus His         baletta^ named after the then popular play of Francis Wil-           J., is too well known to need any description here, and
                                                                  son. His first start was in a sweepstake, $1,000 added, a t           while the stable h a s several horses i In training, none of
 Highness started twelve times, losing the first two and win-     the Brooklyn Jockey Club Spring Meeting of 1891, and                 them as yet especially prominent except Glennellle, the pos-
 ning the succeeding nine out of ten races. A marvelous           guided by Marty Bergen (before this good boy became a                sibilities for the future are limitless. As to this fleet daugh-
 record of the days when backing the dark blue to win             hopeless crank) he won In a canter by three lengths from             ter of His Highness—Neglen, she is living up to her high
                                                                  Air Plant, King Mac, Blitzen and others. In the Great                breeding, and evidently strongly favors her sire. In her
 seemed like finding money. As a three-year-old. he ran five      American he was unplaced to St. Florlan, and In The                  nine races to August 7, 1900, as a two-year-old she has only
 races, and won three. In a slx-furlong race he beat Osrlc,       Juvenile he was unplaced to Osrlc. Then he appeared to                been unplaced once, and has won six. H e r first appear-
 Peruvian and the erratic but fleet "Wall Jim. He was un-         settle into his true form. At Morris Park Spring Meeting              ance was a t the Brooklyn Spring Meeting, when she fin-
 placed In Montana's Suburban: he was first in a mile race        he won a slx-furlong sweepstakes, $1,000 added, beating               ished third to Quiz I I . and Beau Gallant, getting off very
                                                                  Arnica, Lester, Charade, Hyacinth and others. A few                   badly. A few days later she beat Janice, Lady Georglna,
 at the Coney Island Jockey Club, and earlier In the season,       days later, with a five-pound penalty, he met. the same              The Jade, Bramble Bush and Matanzas, following this by

  carrying 108 pounds, he beat the then famous Russell, the         horses, and defeated them in a common cantor. In the An-            winning from Tower of Candles, Janice. Mary McCoy,
  Fpee-Iy Addic colt getting third money. In 1S0.'5 he was ex-      ticipation Stakes he finished third to Nomad and St. Flor-          Screech, About, Audacious and others, allowing the placed
  ceedingly unfortunate. Giving Charade 171,A pounds In the         lan. He won the Foam Stakes, beating Air Plant, Actor,              horses ten pounds each. Her third consecutive victorv was
                                                                    Fremont. Recess and others in a canter. Following this he           in The Rosebud Stake, beating Ashes. Hollow Wood and
   Metropolitan Handicap, lie could only finish second. Later       won the Surf Stakes, beating Air Plant, Splnalorig, Osric           Sporting Duchess. She then ran her only poor race In The
  he second to Chesapeake fit six furlongs, second to          and others. At Monmouth he won the Hopeful Stakes, rac-             June Stake. Carrying 110 pounds, five and a half furlongs,
  .7nlie:i at six furlongs and second to La Tosca at six fur-       ing with Fremont, Anna B. and Dncas, neck and neck all              she jumped off in the lead, maintained it for over two fur-
                                                                    the way, winning by a scant head. Merry Monarch was                 longs, and then shut up like a knife and finished last b u t
  longs. He later ran second to Raccland in the Hudson              conceding the placed horses seven nnd nine pounds each.             one. As to the cause, opinions vary between overweight
  River Handicap, and with these five races closed bis season        His next, race was the Atlantic Stakes, and by a length            and being jostled approaching the turn. The fillv redeemed
  for the year.                                                      and a half he beat "Victory, Uncas, Candelabra and Alcade,         herself in her next race, handily beating Malstor, Demurrer,
                                                                     ihis being six wins In seven consecutive races.      In the         Baron Pepper, Bellurlo aud Screech in the order named.
    It is not often vouchsafed to an owner to have two really        Junior Champion Stakes he ran unplaced to Sir Matthew,             At their next mooting Benu Gallant and Tower of Candles
  phenomenal horses In succession, yet this was the good             and in The luiturity he was off In front, but finished fifth       beat her by heads, owing to a poor start. This was proved
                                                                     to Ills Highness (his stable companion), Huron, Yorkvllle          two days later, when Glennellle beat Beau Gallant, by two
  fortune of this stable. No sooner was Ills Highness retired        Belle and Dagonet.      Huron, not being recognized as n           lengths. In her next race, August ('», carrying 112 pounds,
  than Buttertlles became the standard bearer of the dark            starter by the officials, he was placed out or the record          she beat G. W. W. 102, and Alcn, 00. by two lengths!
  blue jacket and cap. This handsome filly was of superla-           as disqualified, and Merry Monarch ranked fourth.        As         Thus, although figuring In no great stake events, she has
                                                                     the Monarch's mission was clearly to make the running,              done good work. She Is eligible In Coney Island Jockey
  tive stock, being by Sir Dixon, ont of Mercedes, and as a          nnd as he conceded weight to every horse In the race but            Club fall stakes, appearing In The Dash, The Partridge
  two-year-old her career a t the spring meeting of the Brook-       the winner and Tammany (he carried 122 pounds), his finish-         The Belles, The Golden Rod and The Great Eastern Handi-
  lyn Jockey Club, ISO J, by winning a flve-fnrlong sweep-           ing two and three-quarter lengths behind Ills winning stable        cap, nnd will probably give a good account of herself.

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