Enjoy the most beautiful beach in Vietnam - Nha trang

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					Enjoy the most beautiful beach in Vietnam - Nha trang

“Nha Trang is Vietnam's beach resort town, a wonderful beach town, is famous for its interesting
outdoor amusements: hot water springs, colorful fish and coral reefs. If you like typical beach
resort towns, then Nha Trang is for you.”

Nha Trang is on the central coast, about 450 km north of Saigon and 1,200 km south of Hanoi.
The main strip in Nha Trang is Tran Phu Street. One takes the form of a smaller Danang – a
bustling Viet-namese city humming with commerce but blessed with access to a prettiness beach.
Today, In addition to sun bathing, popular attractions include the boat trip to the nearby islands
and trips of Nha Trang's memorable places. Tran Phu Street is a wide street, bisected by a grassy
median with street lamps. Numerous restaurants and bars line the beach side of Tran Phu. The
other is a Western resort town encompassing several blocks of hotels, tourist shops, bars and
international restaurants. North of town, across the Nha Trang River, lies the Po Nagar Cham
site. The ancient Cham towers sit high atop a hill; the views overlooking the river and town are

Not surprisingly, life in Nha Trang centers on the beach. In the early mornings and late
afternoons, especially on weekends, you'll find the beach packed with locals. Entering this
sheltered enclave you could be anywhere in the world, if it weren’t for the constant hassling from
“xe om” drivers, many of whom seem to moonlight as pimps and dealers.

The city is indisputably beautiful, bordered by mountains, with the beach tracing an impressive
long swoop along a bay dotted with islands. When you tire of the beach, visit the nearby islands.
Day trips are offered by just about every hotel and cafe. Topiary and modern carving dot the
perfectly manicured foreshore. The only blight on the horizon is the Hollywood-style sign for the
Vinpearl complex – an ugly scar dominating nearby Hon Tre Island.

Nha Trang offers plenty to keep tourists occupied – from island-hopping boat trips and scuba
diving, to mud baths and historic sites. During the heat of the day, the locals surrender, the beach
to mostly foreign sun-worshippers. In the evenings, the beach is all but deserted. However, the
main attraction for most visitors is lounging around on deck chairs at a beachfront bar and
drinking cocktails in comfort. Every road leads to Nha Trang; well, actually there's only one
road, National Highway 1, but you can also fly or take the train from just about anywhere in

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