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					                     (EDL 700) Educational Leadership & Change
        Common Course Assessment: School District Problem-Based Project

(EDL 700) Educational Leadership & Change
Common Course Assessment: Final Project

Common Course Standards:
 Develop a Vision (ELCC Standard 1.1)
 Articulate the Vision (ELCC Standard 1.2)
 Implement a Vision (ELCC Standard 1.3)
 Steward a Vision (ELCC Standard 1.4)
 Promote Community Involvement in the Vision (ELCC Standard 1.5)
 Providing an Effective Instructional Program (ELCC Standards 2.2 a & b)
 Apply Best Practices to Student Learning (ELCC Standard 2.3 b)
 Designing Comprehensive Professional Growth Plans (ELCC Standard 2.4 b & C)
 Manage Organization (ELCC Standard 3.1)
 Manage Operation (ELCC Standard 3.2)
 Manage Resources (ELCC Standard 3.3)
 Collaboration with Families and Other Community Members (ELCC 4.1 c, e, & f)
 Acts with Integrity (ELCC Standard 5.1)
 Acts Fairly (ELCC Standard 5.2)
 Acts Ethically (ELCC Standard 5.3)
 Understands the Larger Context (ELCC Standard 6.1 e)
 Influence the Larger Context (ELCC Standard 6.3)

Directions to the Student: Students will participate in a team problem solving research
project related to systemic change within a school system. Class members will chose a topic
related to a change that needs to be addressed in a school district. Students are expected to
work in small group Learning Communities by contributing, sharing, writing, researching,
and giving feedback during each stage of developing the data for the project. The group will
identify the issue or problem to be changed in a school district and use it as the basis for
their presentation to the class. The Learning Community is expected to:

(1) determine the issue or problem that needs to be addressed and changed;
(2) develop a recommendation to address/solve the problem using research, data,
    and theoretical rationale that is consistent with the district’s mission;
(3) ensure that communication is taking place (internal and external as well as
the stakeholders); and
(4) present recommendations for change to the class.

Rubric for School District Problem-Based Project

Elements             Distinguished         Proficient       Progressing     Unsatisfactory
                           (3)                (2)               (1)              (0)
Definition of the    Issue is clearly     Issue is            The issue is      The issue is not
Issue/Problem        defined.             somewhat            not clear         provided.
 What is the        Students go          clearly defined.    and/or
  issue/problem?     beyond detailed      Students            appropriate for
 Is it thoroughly   rationale and        provide a           the global
  described?         specifics. Global    rationale and       issues at hand.
 How does it        issues are           specifics for the
  impact a           analyzed with        recommend-
  district?          details provided.    dation. Global
 Does it address                         issues are
  current and                             discussed.
  future global
Changes to Be        The                  The                 The               The
Made                 recommendation       recommendatio       recommendati      recommendatio
 Is the             s made are           ns made are         ons made are      n does not
    problem/issue    clearly defined      somewhat            not well          match the issue.
    clearly          for                  defined for         defined for
    identified?      implementation       implementation      implementatio
 Does the           across all levels    across all levels   n across all
    recommendati     of the district.     of the district.    levels of the
    on have a        Students go          Students            district.
    strong           beyond detailed      provide a           Students
    rationale        rationale with       detailed            provide a
    based on         specifics. Data is   rationale with      information
    research and     current and          specifics. Data     with limited
    theory?          reputable.           is somewhat         details and
 Is there                                current and         some specifics.
    quality data                          reputable.          Some of the
    supporting the                                            data is current
    recommendati                                              and reputable.
 Are the
 Is the
    on radical
    enough to
    respond to the
    change before
Review of            Issue is clearly     The                 The link          There is no link
Solution             defined.             recommendatio       between the       between the
 Does the           Students go          n includes a        recommendati      recommendatio
    recommendati     beyond detailed      somewhat clear      on and the        n and the
    on include       rationale and        understanding       stakeholders is   stakeholders.
    input from       specifics. Global    and focus on        not clear. The
    stakeholders     issues are           the stake-          recommendati
    as well as       analyzed with        holders. The        on addresses
    group?           details provided.    recommendatio       the problem to
 Will the                                n addresses the     a degree.
    recommendati                          problem.
    on solve the

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