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					WELCOME                                        TREATMENTS
We invite you to discover the sheer            INCLUDE:
pleasure of surrendering to the
pampering experience that is the 'Skin         •   Laser Lipo
Medi Spa'. It is not just our activities and   •   Botox
treatments that make Skin Medi Spa so          •   Dermal Fillers
refreshing - nor is it simply the delightful   •   Cold Link Gel Peel
ambience and decor. What our                   •   Redvein Treatment
members relish is the chance to leave          •   Teeth Whitening
everyday roles and responsibilities at the     •   Semi-permanent Make-up
door.                                          •   Specialist Waxing
                                               •   Specialist Massage
Skin Medi Spa is an oasis of luxury and        •   MD Formulation Facials
tranquillity where self indulgence is the      •   Body Treatments
only rule.                                     •   Laser Hair Removal
                                               •   Colonic Hydrotherapy
With more Treatments than any other
cosmetic laser clinic, we can offer you                “Various other treatments
the perfect antidote to the stress of                     are also available”.
modern day living.

In a fast pace and demanding world,
Skin Medi Spa gives men and women
something back, but because every
person is different it is entirely up to you
how to spend your time here.
LASER TREATMENTS                                                    TEETH WHITENING
                                                                    Combination treatment of laser
Permanent hair removal using IPL                                    and home whitening from                                       £99
Permanent hair removal for the face and body. This is the most      Veneers ask for more information
advanced system which uses a pulsed light technology to remove

                                                                    REJUVENATION TREATMENTS
unwanted hair for both men and women. Prices available at initial

                                                                    Microdermabrasion the ‘celebrities’ choice!
Eye Brows                                                           This unique Diamond Head system does not use aluminium oxide
£39 per treatment                                                   crystals so that you can work close to the eyes boosting collagen
course of 6 @ £29 each                                    £174      production, plumping up the skin to minimise fine lines wrinkles and
                                                                    open pores.

Nose | Earlobes | Fingers                                           Hands                           £39     Feet                            £79
Nipples | Navel pubis line                                          Course of 6                    £174     Course of 6                    £390
£55 per treatment                                                   Face                            £59     Stretchmarks (abdm)
Course of 6 @ £45 each                                    £270      Course of 6                    £294     1 area                         £109
                                                                    Face and neck                   £69     Course of 6                    £534
                                                                    Course of 6                    £354     Back (for acne etc)            £109
Upper lip | Chin                                                    Face, neck and chest            £79     Course of 6                    £534
Cheek bones | Hands                                                 Course of 6                    £390
£59 per treatment
Course of 6 @ £49 each                                    £294      Skin peels                              from £180
                                                                    All carried out by a cosmetic doctor or nurse.
Jaw line | Feet & toes
Sideburns                                                           MEDICAL PROCEDURES
£79 per treatment                                                   SemiPermanant Make-Up | Eyebrow Tattooing
Course of 6 @ £69 each                                    £414      Lip-Liner | Eyeliner | Beauty Spot | Scar
                                                                    Camoflague | Cleft Palate Reconstruction
Bikini line | Underarms | Neck                                      Areola Restoration | Burns
Upper lip & chin | Jawline & chin                                   Price available at initial consultation
Hands & fingers | Shoulder blades
per treatment                                             £110      Colonic Hydrotherapy from                                 £69.95

Back | Chest from                                         £250      SKIN REJUVENATION USING IPL
Consultation FREE | Test patch                             £25      Is excellent for ageing skin, sun damaged skin and
                                                                    pigmentation. Prices available at initial consultation
Laser Lipo - Liposuction without the surgery
Treatment Areas: - Stomach | Face | Hips                            Thread vein treatment using IPL
Thighs | Back Fat | Moobs | Double Wings                            For those unwanted thread and spider veins on face and
Baby Bulge | Cellulite                                              body. Prices available at initial consultation
per treatment                                £150
Course of 8                                  £950                   Acne treatment using IPL
                                                                    This treatment works on acne and scar tissue to even out
What to expect: - Immediate results | Fantastic
                                                                    the skin complexion.       Prices available at initial
Inch loss | Tightened Skin | Reduced Cellulite                      consultation
Safe, Non-invasive | No Down-Time | No Pain
No Starvation Diets                                                 Laser tattoo removal from                                     £35
DOCTOR TREATMENTS                                          MATERNITY SPA
Smoothing lines and folds with natural products            TREATMENTS
without resorting to surgery
                                                           Lighten yourself
Anti-wrinkle injections                                    A warm foot soak to energise, reduce swelling and
1 area                                            £200     stimulate circulation. Includes a gentle hand, leg and foot
2 areas                                            £310    massage.
3 areas                                           £340                                                30 mins £27
4th area                                       £50 extra
                                                           Free your mind
Lip Enhancement                                            A treatment designed to ease you of the stresses
Restylane 0.5ml                                   £295     associated with pregnancy. A cooling eye treatment with
                                                           a gentle face and head massage will release cranial and
Teosyal kiss 1ml                                  £360
                                                           jaw tension followed by a deep neck and shoulder
Restylane 1.0ml                                   £360     massage.
                                                                                                      45 mins £35
Filling lines and folds
Restylane 0.5ml                                   £295     Free the load
Restylane 1.0ml                                   £330     Back and upper body massage specially designed to
Perlane 1ml                                       £360     release tensions and muscle fatigue. This treatment
Teosyal 1ml                                       £330     focuses on the specific muscles that are responsible for
                                                           supporting the pregnant tummy.
Cheek augmentation                                                                                    45 mins £35
Nose reshaping
Jaw definition                                             Yummy Tummy
Eye brow lifting                                           This treatment gently exfoliates the abdomen to improve
All prices available at initial consultation               the tonicity of the skin. A nourishing mask is applied to
                                                           sooth and moisturise the abdomen. Enjoy a relaxing lower
                                                           and leg foot massage as the intensive Tummy mask takes
Hyperhidrosis                                              effect.
for under arm sweating from                       £650                                                45 mins £38

Hair loss Treatments available
ask for details

Cheek implants
Nose rhinoplasty
Breast augmentation
All procedures carried out by local accredited
consultant surgeons.
Md Formulation Skin Care for both Men and                     Anti-oxidant hydrating facial           60 mins £37.50
Women. Please allow an extra 10 minutes for a                 course of 6                                      £210
consultation with all facial treatments.                      This First Aid treatment for dehydrated skins is especially
                                                              effective after a flying holiday! An enriched moisture mask
                                                              deeply hydrates skin tissue by 700% in 15 minutes! The
Speedy facial                       30 mins £25               skin is left feeling comfortable, supple and replenished.
Facial cleanse, exfoliation, steam,                           Ideal for those thirsty parched skins!
mask and scalp massage. This treatment
achieves maximum results for people on the go.
                                                              Illuminating facial to treat uneven skin tone
Treatment facials for specific skin conditions for            and pigmentation                       60 mins £46
both Men and Women as follows:                                course of 6                                   £255
                                                              Calms and brightens all skin types. Especially effective for
Acne management facial                  60 mins £37.50        the treatment of pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
course of 6                                      £210         Gentle extracts of mulberry and Vitamin C rebalance the
Clears and clarifies skin impurities to leave the skin        skin tone whilst a unique blend of anti-oxidents helps
feeling clean and refreshed. A unique anti-bacterial action   combat the signs of ageing and imperfections.
helps diminish breakouts and imperfections.
                                                              Anti ageing facial
Extreme care for sensitive skin            60 mins £46        with microdermabrasion                     115 mins £85
course of 6                                       £255        This ultimate ‘Anti-Ageing’ facial utilises high potency
This TLC treatment is designed to take heat out of            Vitamin A to repair and renew damaged skin. By working
stressed and sensitive skin. Ten Photo-antioxidants fight     beneath the skins surface this powerful mask dimishes
to restore calmness to the skin, soothe inflammation and      the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven
redness.                                                      pigmentation. The skin glows with vitality and youth.

Rosacea management facial                  60 mins £26
course of 6                                       £255
Gentle yet effective products help to soothe and calm
irritated skins. The powerful combination of camomile and
liquorice restores skin security and calmness.
I.D. Bare Essentials Make-up so pure you can            SMS pedicure 60 mins                                £25
sleep in it! This unique make-up is 100% minerals       File and cuticle tidy, removal of hard and calloused skin
and recommended by dermatologists.                      followed by a deep, relaxing foot and leg massage and
                                                        polish of yours choice to finish.
Carried out by experienced Make-Up Artist
                                                        Scalp massage during nail treatments
Day or Night make-up 30 mins                      £25   15mins                                              £15
Bridal make-up 30 mins                            £30
(home call outs on the day can be arranged)
Bridal mak-up & trail 60 mins                     £45
Make-up lesson 60 mins                            £35   BODY
                                                        Indian head massage 50mins                          £30
                                                        Unwind as your head, neck and shoulders are massaged
                                                        using ancient Indian techniques to stimulate scalp, blood
HANDS                                                   flow and lymphatic circulation. It can relieve headaches
                                                        migraines and eye strain.
Polish change 15 mins                             £10
French extra                                       £2
                                                        Hopi Ear candle Treatment 40mins                    £35
Speedy manicure 30 mins                           £17   This treatment can help sinus problems, migraines as well
File, tidy and polish                                   as drawing wax from the ear and relaxation benefits
                                                        through pressure point massage.
SMS manicure 45 mins                              £24
File and cuticle tidy with a relaxing hand              Back massage 30mins                                 £26
and arm massage and polish of your choice to follow.    Designed for the problem areas of the back.

NAIL BAR                                                Foot and leg massage 20mins                         £15
Speak to one of our experienced Nail Technicians
who will recommend the best option for you.             Full body massage 60mins                            £35
Bio sculpture Gel Nails
Gel toes, Nail Art available                            SMS full body massage including the face
                                                        115mins                                             £40
Gel nails - Full Set 90mins                       £40
Gel nails - white tips 120mins                    £45   SMS full body scrub and massage
Infills 60mins                                    £26   90mins                                              £49
Overlays - inc. mini manicure 60mins              £35
or 3 sets of overlays                             £90   SMS anti-cellulite treatment
Occasional nails 45 mins                          £20   90mins                                              £52
Soak of with SMS manicure 60 mins                 £25   Course of 6                                        £270

Polish change 15 mins                             £10
French extra                                       £2
Speedy pedicure 30 mins                           £19
File, tidy and polish
TAN                                                WAX
Please note that before spray tanning you must:    SMS only use the finest wax; strip wax is used for
                                                   the legs and arms, while hot wax is used for all the
•         Exfoliate skin                           other delicate areas of the Face and Body. The hot
•         No moisturiser or deodorant              wax contains soothing, calming ingredients and is
•         Wear loose dark clothing                 perfect for people with sensitive skin.
          & open toe sandals
                                                   Brow tweeze/wax                                 £7
Spray Tan with Organic Products                    Lip                                             £6
Full body 20 mins                            £22   Chin                                            £6
Book course of 5 get one free               £110   Lip & chin                                     £10
Half Body 15 mins                            £17   Face (sides)                                    £6
Top up within 3 days                         £15   Underarm                                       £10
                                                   Back                                           £15
                                                   Chest                                          £15
                                                   Arms                                           £14
EYES                                               Forearms
Please note that a patch test is required 24hrs    Bikini std.                                    £10
prior to Eye Lash tinting.                         Brazilian                                      £20
                                                   Hollywood                                      £30
Lash Tint 20mins                             £11   1/2 leg                                        £15
Brow Tint 10 mins                             £7   3/4 leg                                        £19
Lash & Brow Tint 30 mins                     £16   Full leg                                       £25
Lash Extensions 20 mins                      £15
3D Lash Extensions 120 mins                  £80

Lash Perm 60mins                             £27
Lash Perm & Tint 115 mins                    £35
Cancellation Policy                 Gift Vouchers                        Your Health

Guests who wish to change or        Our team will be pleased to assist   We operate a non-smoking policy
cancel an appointment are kindly    you with any treatment package       and would please ask that guests
requested to provide a minimum      selection or gift vouchers. Credit   respect this.
of 24 hours notice.                 card orders can be taken by
                                    reception and we will be happy to    All   major     credit   cards   are
Opening Hours                       send these gift vouchers directly    accepted.
MON - FRI - 10am - 9pm              to the recipient on your behalf.
SAT - 9.30am - 4.30pm

                  SKIN MEDI-SPA | 1 Surrey Street | Lisburn Road | Belfast | BT9 7FR
         | | Tel: 028 9068 1066

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