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									PALM BEACH COUNTY LIBRARY ADULT LITERACY PROJECT                                                   FALL /WINTER 2004
               Hard Work – Not Magic                                       Lite racy’s He lping Hands
                By Barbara Liberman                                           By Kathleen Murphy

                When a student makes that big decision,       Things are changing in Literacy with the addition of a
               “I‟m going to learn to read” or “I want to     new Literacy Specialist, Susan Mosely. The pace at the
               read better”, the attitude is that by some     Adult Literacy Project (ALP) is always hectic and varied
               magic it will happen and SOON they will be     as we try to meet the needs of approximately five
            reading. Half of that is true. Yes, they will     hundred students and volunteers. Susan‟s focus will be
learn to read, but not by magic. It is hard work,             to work with the Learner Leader Club whose members
dedication and never won quickly. It will take several        are our literacy students who meet for support and
years. After all, those adults who did learn to read in the   enrichment activities. Although she will be interviewing
first grade were just beginning their reading journey and     both students and volunteers, assessing the educational
it took many years of successful schooling before             needs of new students, and providing support to current
achieving all the skills to make an intelligent reader. If    tutors, as we all do, her primary area will be student
one has never read before and starts in the basic             enrichment. Susan will plan and present a series of
materials, they are not going to read the newspaper at        workshops designed for our student base. Also, she will
that point.                                                   join Carol Weyhe as advisor to our Learner Leader
                                                              Committee. This active group of students stands out for
So let‟s meet a student and his tutor who demonstrate         their “give-back” attitude of helping and motivating
that only with hard work will success come. Patrick           other students.
Connors, a man of many skills and talents, husband and
father of three mostly grown children, grew up in             Our new AmeriCorps* member, Jennifer (Jen) Carson,
Brooklyn and Richmond Hills in the Metropolitan New York      arrived in September. She is actively recruiting students
City area. School was never easy for Patrick. At age 16       to work on the Learning 100 computer program. Jen
he left school, got a job at the A & P, and helped his        teaches basic computer skills necessary to use this
father around the house. At age 18, he qualified for a        software and offers individualized instruction as well.
union card and never had trouble finding work with the        Any student, who is able to come to the Annex during
Schaeffer Brewing Co. or day work making deliveries.          the day, is encouraged to contact her and learn more
Later at Brooklyn Automotive he learned transmission          about the program.
and auto body repair. During the Viet Nam years he
served in Thailand working automotive and ammunition          I hope that you enjoyed Norma Hendrickson‟s Tools of
duty. In 1969 he was discharged from the Service.             the Trade workshop. It was informative and fun. Wait
During the next several years Patrick worked, married,        and see what she has in store for you next year!
began raising a family, and even lived in Texas for four
years, where he received his high school diploma. Then        Did you know that our Glades Literacy Specialist, Dawn
in 1980 the Connors moved to Hicksville, Long Island          Al-Buhaisi, received a scholarship?
where two events helped shape his life. The first was
that in his work for a home improvement company, he           I had the opportunity to “hit the road” promoting the
was sent to a business which made appara tus for              Adult Literacy Project in the community and in various
magicians which gave Patrick an inside understanding of       branches. The Jupiter Branch Library staff gave me a
how tricks were performed. The closer he worked with          warm welcome and offered suggestions on how we could
magicians the more he learned and soon, the magicians         reach prospective students in their community. Jupiter
were teaching him. Thanks to that experience, Patrick is      neighborhoods are already peppered with ALP fliers and
now a professional magician.                                  bookmarks. ALP will become even more visible as we
                                                              get out into community during the upcoming year.
Although Patrick had received his diploma, he still
couldn‟t read well. Then, at Hofstra University in Long       I have also had the opportunity to join Hayden
island, he underwent a series of tests that showed that       Crutchfield, Eleanor Greenberg, Yves Joseph, and Rose
his lack                                                      Wolf of Library Literacy Friends in accepting Wal-Mart

See Patrick page 2                                            See Literacy page 2
Patrick con’t. from page 1                                          Literacy con’t. from page 1

of reading ability had nothing to do with his intelligence,         grants. By the way, quite a few of our tutors wear many
which tested above average. He was diagnosed with                   hats and promote the program in various ways. These
dyslexia. Patrick worked with a disabilities specialist and         hard-working volunteers often staff booths, make phone
made steady progress.                                               calls, write for the newsletters, and host Tutor Teas.
                                                                    Other volunteers are ProLiteracy Tutor Trainers. If you
How did the Florida move come about? His wife chose to              are interested in lending a helping hand, please call the
move here, as her company was coming to Florida. It                 office. Norma is eager to talk to you about becoming a
also gave them a chance to see his daughter who had                 tutor trainer!
moved to Hollywood. In November of 2002, Patrick
joined the Library‟s Adult Literacy Project and was                 Behind the scenes making us look more professional is
matched with Lynn Joseph.                                           Cindy McIntosh. She works wonders enhancing all sorts
                                                                    of materials with our logo and graphics. Cindy is
What about Lynn? What drew this Brooklyn native to jo in            responsible for the layout of this newsletter and our
literacy? Lynn and her husband moved to Boca Raton                  student newsletter, Between Us. Just ask her; there
after retirement. Although Lynn supports charities and              seems to be no end to newsletters, handouts, thank you
groups such as Aids, Cancer and Parkinson‟s societies,              cards, and all sorts of mailings that keeps us in touch
she doesn‟t care for organizational work, so the idea of            with you.
becoming a Literacy tutor appeale d to her. For several
years she tutored in Boca where she worked with three               My greatest thanks go to you…
students. None lasted very long as the students dropped
out for a variety of reasons. Then her tutoring days were
over as she spent time with her ailing husband. After his
death, Lynn moved to Boynton Beach and began                                        Calendar of Events
volunteering at Bethesda Hospital‟s Gift Shop because
she didn‟t want to work with patients. In 2002 she                          ProLiteracy Tutor Training Workshop
retook a tutor course to refresh herself and was on her                             January 11, 12, & 13, 2005
way. Lynn deserves credit for wanting to try again, which                           Okeechobee Boulevard Library
shows she believes in the program because it is so                                  9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
worthwhile and fulfilling, especially when the students
apply themselves. And of course, that is what is                            Learner Leader Program
happening with Patrick.                                                            January 11, 2005
                                                                                   Everyday Math
When they began, Patrick started halfway through Skill                             Belle Glade Library
Book 2 and in less than two years is now halfway through                           6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Skill Book 4, which he finds extremely difficult. One of
his problems is hearing and reproducing correct sounds in                   Learner Leader Program
common words. One of his successes is that he finally                              January 19, 2005
can pronounce the word „three‟, not „tree ‟. That‟s a huge                         Spell for Success
step for him.                                                                      Library Annex
                                                                                   6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Both of them have nothing but praise for the program.
Patrick is impressed with the professionalism and variety                   Unlocking Your Student’s History:
of books. He knows he‟s making progress, both during                         Writing With and For your Student?
his lessons and how it applies to his daily life. That                              January 20, 2005
includes writing checks and reading directions that come                            Library Annex
with items that need to be put together. One of his                                 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
problems is fatigue during lessons, so Patrick psychs
himself up to maintain his concentration. Lynn admires                               January 26, 2005
his perseverance, positive attitude, and his devotion to                             1:00 – 3:30 p.m.
his family and how he has overcome so many of life‟s
obstacles. Patrick is grateful for Lynn‟s patience.                         Ins and Outs of Teaching Phonics
                                                                                    February 23, 2005
They meet twice a week and Patrick comes to the Annex                               Library Annex
for work on computer lessons, which help to reinforce the                           6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
regular lessons.
                                                                                     March 2, 2005
Both have advice for others in the program. Patrick:                                 1:00 – 3:30 p.m.
“It‟s the same as everything else in your life, like fishing,
practice, practice, practice. Stay with it.” Lynn: “Be
patient, stick with it.” She thinks it‟s a wonderful

                   Norma’s Corner                                                    Lite racy* AmeriCorps
                By Norma He ndric kson
                                                                      Hello! My name is Jennifer Carson, and I
                                                                      am the full time Literacy*AmeriCorps
                      When you signed on to be a tutor in             member here at the Adult Literacy
                      the Library‟s Adult Literacy Project,           Project. I came down to Florida from my
                      many of you expressed a desire to               home state of Massachusetts at the
                      make a difference in someone‟s life.            beginning of September, only to be greeted by
                      A large majority of the students tell           Hurricane Frances, followed shortly after by Hurricane
                      us that you are doing just that when            Jeanne. So much for fun in the sun! I volunteered with
                      you meet week after week with your              FEMA for a week at the Annex, as well as the rest of
                      students and slowly but surely                  Florida, got back on their feet.
                      improve their reading skills.
                                                                      I began working here at the Adult Literacy Project in
The tutoring process should be fun and rewarding for you              mid-September and have loved it since. My duties vary,
as you work through the lessons and the drills. To really             but mainly I assist students in the computer lab as they
motivate the learner, getting out of the book and using               work on the Learning 100 program. This program is a
games and activities that you have created will make the              wonderful supplement to the students‟ weekly sessions
lessons more personal. With this in mind, I will be                   with their tutors. The program has a strong emphasis in
presenting a series of workshops for tutors to help YOU               vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension,
stay motivated and to give you ideas that you can use                 reading fluency, and study skills. I also recruit and
with your student. Our first workshop had tutors making               assess new students for the computer, monitor student
teaching aids in class and leaving with ideas and supplies            progress, and develop supplemental lesson plans to
for use at a later time.                                              meet individualized needs. Another duty that I am
                                                                      excited about, is the new “Let‟s Read” program. In
Future workshops are designed to help you meet your                   Thursday mornings students are encouraged to come
student‟s needs in areas like accessing the health care               and receive extra homework help, improve their skills,
system. We will have a speaker and mate rials that ca                 or play games as they meet other students. I will also
n be used in lessons. Find out what the experts tell us               be helping out in many of the workshops the Adult
about the different ways students learn and how to break              Literacy Project puts on during the year.
through to the person who has difficulty learning.
                                                                      My AmeriCorps experience has been amazing thus far. I
Consider attending the workshop on techniques for                     graduated from Saint Anselm College (Manchester, NH)
teaching your student to w rite stories and journals. Many            in 2004 with a BA in Psychology. I was not quite sure
of our students have very interesting histories. What a               exactly what career avenue I wanted to head down, so I
great way to get to know your student and capture his or              set out to determine what options lay before me. I
her interest. They will certainly want to keep coming                 stumbled across the AmeriCorps web site and before I
back to lessons if they are reading and writing about their           knew it I was accepted into Literacy* AmeriCorps of
own life stories.                                                     West Palm Beach! I told my friends and family of my
                                                                      new plans, and the most popular response was, “That‟s
Make your lessons relevant. Teach your student useful                 great! What exactly is AmeriCorps?” After many
life skills like filling out forms such as job applications and       struggled attempts, I came up with the very simple
medical forms. Show them how to read the fine print and               answer of “It‟s the domestic Peace Corps.”
useful information on bills.
                                                                      While members are serving our 1700 hours, we are
Have you forgotten how you learned to read? Are you                   given a living stipend for housing, a health insurance
having trouble teaching spelling and phonics lessons even             plan, and childcare if needed. After completion of the
with the Laubach Way to Reading instructions? Consider                1700 hours (10-12 months) in your area, AmeriCorps
attending the workshop on this topic.                                 alumni receive an education award of $4,725 to be used
                                                                      at institutions of higher education, or to repay student
We encourage you to bring your successful techniques                  loans.
and contribute to the group. A part of each workshop is
social. Get to know your fellow tutors and give yourself a            I received a week of diverse training to prepare for my
chance to renew your skills and make new friends. Look                year of tutoring with the Literacy Coa lition, along with a
for the colorful fliers and call to sign up.                          workshop given by the Adult Literacy Project in the
                                                                      Laubach series. I will continue to attend workshops
If you haven‟t seen a topic mentioned that you would like             throughout the year to further my skills. Fourteen other
to cover, please give me a call. I would love to see some             Literacy*AmeriCorps members are scattered throughout
of you again and to meet others for the first time.                   different Literacy sites in the county by the Palm Beach
                                                                      County Literacy Coalition. We work Monday through
                                                                      Thursday assisting students, then on Fridays we come

                                                                      See Am eriCorps page 4

                  Honey on the Page                                             Welcome Ne w Tutors!
                 By Barbara Liberman
                                                                  Stephen Adams                Kathy Lawson
Your Adult Literacy Project has                                   Maureen Barber               Marilyn Lefkowitz
recently become better. Why you                                   Brian Berke                  Judith Logsdon
ask? Because there has been an                                    Paul Bodet                   Charlot Luinetti
addition to the staff. Now                                        Phita Bodet                  Susan McNeill
Kathleen and Norma have some                                      Mary Brandt                  Deborah Miller
relief as they welcome Susan Mosely to the                        Allison Brown                Raymond Morse
Annex.                                                            Jennifer Carson              Susan Mosely
Let‟s meet her. She is a very bright, friendly,                   Brian Claycomb               Ellen Moses
enthusiastic and determined New York (Westchester                 James Clifton                Harvey Nadel
County) native and graduate of the University of Buffalo          Betsy Conerly                Jennifer Nelson
with a Theater degree. Upon graduation she moved to               Antonella D‟Eramo            Carol Peckerman
California seeking a Master‟s Degree in Theater.                  Kay Daddazio                 Nancy Rabain
However, instead of gaining a degree, she gained a                Trisha Dewey                 Akasia Ramlagan
husband, who has remained her life‟s partner for 27               Cheryl Disalvo               Gary Robinson
years. Eventually an opportunity came to buy a tennis             Eric Dworkin                 Ruth Roher
club. And for several years Susan ran the club while her          Polly Ebbs                   Al Salant
husband kept his day job, until he retired and joined             Allison Goldson              Elaine Salant
Susan in running the club full-time.                              Dorothy Gordon               Shirley Saporito
                                                                  Jennifer Grandolph           Charles Searle
She was also involved with a semi-professional dance              Sam Guagliardo               Dorothy Searle
group “Ivory” which had an African theme . This active,           Michael Halpern              Linda Sevran-Berke
enjoyable life was ended with the decision to move to             Bonnie Hammond               Veera Sidhwa
Palm Beach County to be close to Susan‟s elderly parents .        Gaston Hannah                Jeanne Stanfield
                                                                  Ellen Heckler                Leona Stephenson
So in the Fall of 1986 the Moselys became residents of            Martha Hein                  William Stevenson
Palm Beach County. Susan also held both part-time and             Evelyn Horowitz              Shirley Tainsky
volunteer jobs with a variety of organizations, such as:          William Horowitz             Margaret Thomas
office manager at Gymboree; writing curriculum for tutors         Jethro Hurt, III             Tobie Tishman
at the Cariadad Center; and mentoring volunteers at the           Sally Isham                  Mary Webster
Roosevelt After School Program.                                   Marilyn Jaffey               Marilyn Weng
                                                                  Kathleen Kearney             Richard Wengler
People closest to her noted her obvious enthusiasm when           Marcia Kelly                 Charlotte Winters
sharing her educational experiences with them, and they
realized that Susan had a talent for teaching. It didn‟t
take much convincing then to go to FAU for a degree in
elementary education, and after that, teaching at Kirklane
Elementary where she worked with childre n at the lowest
reading level encouraging them with her mother‟s early
advice to “make the learning sweet, like it‟s honey on the

After seeing a video made by some of our New Learners
who told how reading has changed their lives, she was
brought to tears. Another gratifying experience for her is
when she makes a successful match between a student
and tutor.                                                       Am eriCorps con‟t. from page 3

Her advice to tutors? “Anything that‟s worthwhile takes          together as a group to share our experiences, re ceive
time and hard work, and is the „honey on the page.‟” You         training, and plan for our twice a month Saturday
know there will be helpful, creative solutions to your           service projects.
problems. For students she says, “Learning to read is
learning a code, and once learned, you can do anything.”         As my service year continues, I know I have made the
Mighty profound advice.                                          right choice to take a year and volunteer. My students
                                                                 are truly an inspiration. They work so very hard for a
                                                                 skill that I cannot even remember learning. Their
                                                                 stories of survival in a literate society continue to amaze
                                                                 me each and every day with each word they read, I
                                                                 become more and more proud of their accomplishments.
                                                                 I am not sure exactly where my future will lie when my
                                                                 service year ends in August, but for right now, I feel
                                                                 right at home.

                 Focus on the Glades                                              Stude nt Expressions
                  By Dawn Al-Buhaisi                              9 th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival
                                                                                     By Judy Camejo
It has been my observation                                                       Glades Literacy Program
that literacy students strive
to “give back” to the
community once they have
experienced some degree of
accomplishment in the
program. I would like to                                                           I heard on TV about a great festival. I
share the story of one Glades                                     wondered what festival they were talking about and they
learner who has provided her artistic services on several         said, “It‟s a film festival.” My eyes opened big! I said to
                                                                  myself, “I have to go there, but how?” My tutor said, “I
occasions for the children of the Glades.
                                                                  will go with you,‟ and so we went.
Judy Camejo has been a participant in the Library‟s Adult
Literacy Project for over a year. She has progressed              I am so glad that I got the opportunity. The film festival
through Laubach Way to Reading Skill Book 3 and is                had many activities and we picked “Voice of Local Film,”
                                                                  a special one-night event spotlighting Palm Beach
currently studying in Skill Book 4 with her tutor Barbara.
Her career is to someday work in film, whether from a             filmmakers. As I sat in the theater, I said to myself, “I
                                                                  want my film here too.” Filming and acting in my movie
technical standpoint or as a scriptwriter.
                                                                  or directing other movies is what I like. That is my
In July, the Belle Glade Branch of the Palm Beach County          passion. At the festival, I heard that there were classes
Library System had a health fair for the families living in       starting soon at Palm Beach Film School. I hope to get
the Glades. Several local organizations participate d in          the opportunity to go there. I went with my tutor to
                                                                  their Open House and I learned a little about the
the event including: Palm Beach County Health
Department, Lake Okeechobee Rural Health Network,                 classes. We will learn to write, shoot, direct, and edit
Supervisor of Elections, Life Source Services, Glades             our own films!
Medical Assistance Program, Family Empowerment, Sickle
Cell Association of Palm Beach County, Belle Glade Police         I want to learn to do what I love for a career. I am
                                                                  good at that. I know I am. I just have to have lots of
Department, and the Solid Waste Authority. Judy
volunteered to provide face painting for the children. She        courage. I just have to find a director to trust in me like
                                                                  the story I read about Jamie Escalente, math teacher.
was such a hit with the children that even after the event
was over, the children kept coming. Other providers at            He trusts in his students.
the fair took notice of her ability and asked her to paint
faces for the “National Night Out Against Crime” in               I know I can be what I want to be if I work hard at it.
August. Judy accepted and she painted faces for the               I‟ll be where I want to be. I received a letter accepting
                                                                  me to Palm Beach Film School.
library‟s booth.

Since starting the program Judy has consistently offered
to help whenever asked. She has bee n a literacy
advocate who speaks to new tutors interested in the
library‟s literacy program, as well as offering advice and
assistance to new students entering the program. She
has even written several articles for the literacy
publications in addition to her regular studies. Judy‟s
story is proof, that although the library‟s approach to
tutoring begins with one-on-one interaction, the benefit          The Learner Leaders and Library Literacy Friends sadly
for families and communities is limitless .                       say goodbye to a true friend of adult literacy. Peggy
                                                                  McIntyre is returning to her hometown of Romulus,
                                                                  Michigan. She has served on the Friends board for nine
                                                                  years and was chairman of the Communications
                                                                  Committee and later worked with the New Learners.
                                                                  Her real-life job as a trainer at Goodwill tied in well with
                                                                  her work on outreach as well as with the New Learners.
                                                                  And who could forget her dynamic role as Mistress of
                                                                  Ceremonies for the Annual Recognition Meeting.

                                                                  Peggy, you‟ll be sorely missed and please stay warm up
                                                                  there in the cold north.

                        Looking For a Student?                                     Susan’s Notebook
                                                                                   By Susa n Mosely
                  We have 14 students waiting for tutors.
                  If you haven‟t heard from us in a while,        It is wonderful to meet so many
                  it‟s because your preference in libraries       people who love to read and
                  and/or hours does not coincide with our         want to share this ability, as
                  students‟ schedules. Please take a              much as I do. I think of the
moment and scan the location list below. Perhaps your             letters and words as the keys
availability or choice of library location has changed. In        that unlock the treasure and
any case, we would love to hear from you.                         that treasure is the comprehension of the
                                                                  mystery that unfolds on the page. Reading was always
      Libraries                   Students                        my favorite subject, as a student and at every grade
                                                                  level I taught.
 Belle Glade
 Greenacres                           7                           I find it refreshing to learn the various motivations of
 Main                                 3                           adult learners. They understand how valuable reading
 Okeechobee                           3                           can be in their lives. One learner now uses a dictionary
 Royal Palm Beach                     1                           all the time because she wants to break the non-reading
                                                                  cycle for her kids. “I wouldn‟t trade my tutor for
If you have a friend or relative who may be interested in         nothing.” I‟m thrilled when a tutor tells me this
volunteering, please encourage the individual to give us a        experience is “very rewarding for me.” Or “I really have
call.                                                             so much satisfaction!”

                                                                  They say, “You can‟t teach an old dog new tricks.”
            649-5500 West Palm Beach                              Fortunately, we are not dogs. As human beings we can
                                                                  be a life-long learners. That keeps it interesting and
                   996-3453 Glades                                exciting. Happily I hold this philosophy because there
                                                                  has been a lot for me to learn and there‟s more to come.
             1-888-780-5151 Toll Free                             Kathleen, Norma, and Cindy have been wonderful and I
                                                                  am quite proud to be a part of the Library‟s Adult
                                                                  Literacy Project.

                                                                  Each of us learns differently therefore I will be glad to
                                                                  discuss the different paths to tailor instruction for your
                                                                  student. There are wonderful resources available at the
                                                                  Library Annex and all are at your disposal. Contact
                                                                  Norma or Susan at 649-5500 and we will send materials
                                                                  to the library of your choice.

We are very grateful for their generous donations to                           Merriam- Webster Online
Library Literacy Friends, Inc.:

       Helene Augenblick
       Marcia Baptiste
       Celso Jimenez
       Barbara Segan                                             There is a wonderful tool available at the touch of a
       Seymour Goldstein                                         button (on the computer).
                                                                  You or your student can now look up the definition and
                                                                  pronunciation of any word. All you need to do is go to
                                                          This will take you to the Merriam-
                                                                  Webster website. Follow these simple steps and have
                                                                  the pronunciation, spelling, and definition etc. of the
                                                                       Type any word in the online dictionary box
                                                                       Click on the Go button.
                                                                       This will take you to another page that will have
                                                                          the definition and pronunciation of the word.
                                                                       Click the speaker symbol you will hear the
                                                                          correct pronunciation.

                                                                  The next time you or your student are in the library give
                                                                  it a try.

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