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Proper Nouns and Proper Adjectives - PowerPoint - PowerPoint


									Proper Nouns and Proper

        Pgs. 224-227
Proper Nouns: People and
   Proper nouns name specific people,
    places, or things.
   Capitalize the first word of a proper
    noun and each additional important
Proper Nouns
Names, initials                           Dinah L. Williams.
Titles, abbreviations                     Mr. Lodmel
Capitalize titles before names, but not   Mayor Lodmel
when they are used alone.
                                          The mayor
Always capitalize the title President     President Lincoln
when referring to the President of the
United States.                            The President

Terms for relatives                       Uncle Sonny
Capitalize words showing family           Did Mother call?
relationships only when they are used
before a name or when they take the       My uncle
place of a name.
  Proper Nouns
Cities, counties, states                    Los Angeles
                                            South Dakota
Countries, continents, regions of the       Costa Rica, South Africa
United States                               The South, the Midwest
Capitalize regions of the country but not   We drove south.
Planets                                     Mercury, Jupiter

Bodies of water                             Nile River, Pacific Ocean

Geographic features                         Gobi Desert, Rocky Mountains

Streets, highways                           Park Avenue
                                            Connecticut Turnpike
Buildings, bridges, monuments               Museum of Modern Art
                                            Brooklyn Bridge
                                            Washington Monument
           Proper Nouns name other things
           besides people and places.
Days, Months                                Monday, June
Do not capitalize the names of the          spring, winter
Organizations, institutions                 Peace Corps
Capitalize the word school, college, or     Dakota State University
university only if it is part of a proper   the college in South Dakota
Languages, people                           Greek, Asian

Events, Periods                             French Revolution
                                            Stone Age
Documents                                   Mayflower Compact
Proper Adjectives are adjectives
formed from proper nouns and must
also be capitalized.
Proper Nouns   Proper Adjective
Asia           Asian countries
France         French fries
Olympus        Olympic games
Iron Age       Iron Age tools
April          April showers
Answer 1-15
1.   Uncle Albert; Southwest
2.   Sahara
3.   Tower of London; Thames River
4.   Mars; Mount Palomar Observatory
5.   Captain Jason Clark; Gulf of Mexico
   6. Declaration of Independence; July
   7. United Nations; English; French;
    Spanish; Russian; Chinese; Arabic
   8. Ice Age
   9. August; Indian
   10. War; British
   11. Detroit; General Hull; Detroit River;
   12.   New Orleans
   13.   French
   14.   British, French, United States
   15.   American; Frenchtown; Raisin River

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