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					  Albuquerque Sister Cities Foundation
                                                                            Winter 2007

                                                                                    6th Century BC - area of
                  Ashgabat Turkmenistan                                             what is now Turkmenistan
                                                                                    forms part of the Persian
                  Committee Celebrates                                              Empire of Cyrus the Great.
                                                                                    4th Century BC - Alexander
                On October                                            melon);       the Great conquers Central
                28, 2006 the                                          and     for   Asia, including Turk-
                ASCF Ashga-                                           dessert       menistan.
                bat,     Turk-                                        hvorost       7th Century AD - Arabs
                menistan                                              ( fr ie d     conquer Central Asia, in-
                committee                                             dough)        cluding Turkmenistan and
                celebrated                                            and hot       introduce Islam.
                T u r k -                                             green tea.    10th - 13th Centuries - No-
                menistan’s 15                                         D o o r       madic Otghuz Seljuk tribes
                years of inde-                                        prizes        (ancestors of present-day
                pendence                                              were tra-     Turkmen) and Mongols im-
                from the So-                                          ditional      migrate from the northeast.
                viet Union.                                           T u r kmen    Genghis Khan conquers the
                Oguljan Hal-                                          handi-        region, including Turk-
                liyeva and her                                        crafts.       menistan.
                h u s b a n d                                         Some of       15th-17th Centuries - south-
                Nathan Young                                          the guests    ern part of Turkmenistan
                hosted a fes-                                         who had       comes under Persian rule,
                                           Richard Buckler,                         while the northern part is
                tive     gathering,       Nathan Young and         vi sit e d
                which      featured                                T u r k -        dominated by Uzbek-ruled
                                          Ogulijan Halliyeva                        states of Khiva and
                Turkmen cuisine                                    menistan be-
                and door prizes. The party         fore talked about the hospi-     Bukhara.
                was planned in detail and it       tality of the Turkmen peo-       1881 - area of present-day
                was easy for guests to             ple and how they felt the        Turkmenistan incorporated
                imagine what it would be           same hospitality in Oguljan      into Russian Turkestan after
                like to be in someone’s            and Nathan’s house.              the Battle of Gok Tepe.
                house in Turkmenistan.             Elle Tesche presented each       1921 - Turkmenistan forms
                There were several pictures        attendee with an original        part of the Turkestan Au-
                on     the    walls     from       handmade bookmark of             tonomous Soviet Socialist
                “Tolkuchka”, the largest           dried flowers. Conversa-         Republic.
WE DO NOT RE-                                                                       1991 - Turkmenistan de-
MEMBER DAYS,    bazaar in Central Asia. The        tion flowed easily at the
                guests were “seated” in tra-       gathering and naturally it       clares independence just be-
BUT MOMENTS.                                                                        fore the collapse of the
LIFE MOVES      ditional Turkmen style -           turned      to     Ashgabat.
                colorful cushions on the           Richard Buckler, Commit-         USSR.
TOO FAST, SO                                                                         Ashgabat was largely de-
ENJOY YOUR      floor. The menu included a         tee Chair, said the group is
                salad of cucumbers, toma-          planning a visit to Ashgabat     stroyed by an earthquake in
PRECIOUS MO-                                                                        1948. Over 100,000 people
MENTS.          toes, green onion and pars-        in October 2007. He also
                ley; palov (rice and carrots)      gave each a copy of a            were killed. Today show-
                with both beef and chicken;        chronology of key events in      piece buildings dominate
                fresh fruits (persimmon,           Turkmenistan, which was          the skyline and the popula-
                pear, pomegranate, apple,          put together by Nathan. A        tion numbers 605,000.
                canteloupe and water-              few of the events are:

                                                                                                   ALBUQUERQUE SISTER CITIES

                                                                                             hosted the second Fiesta del Glo-
                 From the President’s Desk                                                   bos (Festival of Hot Air Balloons).
                                                                                             This balloon rally has become an
                                                                                             important part of the partnership
Our plan to develop school-to-school re-         studies project on our sister cities.
                                                                                             between our two cities, and it’s a
lationships and provide Youth Cultural           They’ve also asked for pen pals
                                                                                             wonderful way to blend our similar
Exchanges with our sister cities is pro-         (or e-pals) in several of our sister
                                                                                             cultures. Our balloon crew had a
gressing. Albuquerque Academy plans              cities. We’re trying to arrange
                                                                                             great time at this rally and we’ll
to send a group of students to Colegio           that now.
                                                                                             sign up for next year’s event.
Guadalajara in March. The Academy                Carol Dawley organized a won-
                                                                                             Sidney Yen (Hualien Committee
hosted students from Guadalajara in Oc-          derful African Fashion Show for
                                                                                             Chair) visited with Mayor Tsai in
tober 2006 and described the visit as            January. Her presentation gave
                                                                                             January. Read the article about his
great fun and very educational. This is          us not only a look at traditional
                                                                                             two-day trip to Hualien.
their students’ first visit to Guadalajara       and casual clothing worn by peo-
and it will provide a wonderful opportu-                                                     Bob Montoya is the new chair for
                                                 ple of Ghana, formerly called the
nity to actually attend classes there for                                                    Guadalajara. Bob brings with him
                                                 Gold Coast, but also a back-
two weeks. Also, our Sasebo committee                                                        a unique background and will be
                                                 ground of this western African
is now selecting the students who will                                                       working with the city to expand our
                                                 country. This unique event was
travel to Sasebo in May-June to stay with                                                    cultural ties with Guadalajara.
                                                 so much fun that I predict we’ll
families there and learn about the                                                           Welcome Bob!
                                                 have several more, with fashion
Japanese culture. In 2003 Albuquerque                                                        Want more copies of this newslet-
                                                 presentations from other coun-
students visited Sasebo, and in 2005                                                         ter? You’ll find them on our web-
Sasebo sent students here for an ex-                                                         site - http://www.albuquerque-
                                                 Albuquerque Sister Cities pro-
change visit. I’ve asked both groups of                                            
                                                 vides at least four cultural events
students to give us a presentation about         per year for its members to enjoy.
their experiences at our annual meeting          Watch your mailbox or the calen-
in June. In addition, a 9th grade class at       dar on our web site for upcoming
the Albuquerque Institute for Mathemat-          events.
ics and Science at UNM is doing a social         This past November, Chihuahua

   Meet Your Board: Wolfram Krank, Sidney Yen and Yu-Lin Shen
The Chair of the Helmstedt, Germany          city. There is touring of the sur-
committee is Wolfram Krank. Born in          rounding areas. A trip to Germany
Salzburg, Austria, he immigrated to          is being planned for the last two
the USA in 1965. He first went to San        weeks in October. Those inter-
Diego for 6 months and then headed           ested should contact Wolfram for
east. He got as far as Albuquerque and       more details. The Helmstedt com-
has resided here ever since. Wolfram         mittee welcomes new members
married here in the USA and his              and is also seeking a Co-Chair.
daughter is now over 2 years old. She
is learning to speak in three languages
and is able to count to ten in German,
Japanese and English.
In 1973 Ruth Hashimoto convinced
Wolfram to join Albuquerque Sister
Cities. The Helmstedt, Germany affil-
iation became official in May 1983
and Wolfram has been the chair ever
since. Every other year he leads a                                                           Yu-Lin Shen & Sidney Yen
delegation to Helmstedt, with the Ger-
mans coming here in the “other” years.                                                   Story continues on page 3.
A main feature of this association is
the home hospitality being offered on
both sides of the Atlantic. While the
                                                                                          Wolfram Krank
usual visit is about 2 weeks in length,
not all that time is spent in the host
                                                                                            ALBUQUERQUE SISTER CITIES

  Chairs         Report of My Trip to Hualien by Sidney Yen
                 I traveled to Taiwan January 9     by the television reporter. We       turning to City Hall mid-afternoon
                 to January 27, 2007. While in      all went to the Marshal Hotel        we took more photos with the
                 Taiwan I spent two days visit-     for lunch; after which, the three    Mayor’s staff and members of the
                 ing our sister city, Hualien. I    city officials accompanied me        Hualien delegation. Back to the
                 flew from Taipei to Hualien        on some sightseeing. We went         airport and Taipei. It was truly a
                 and was greeted at the airport     to the beach and to Taroko           wonderful and unforgetable trip.
                 by three city officials - Mr.      National Park. That evening
                 Tank Tan, Mr. David Chiang,        we dined at a well known
                 and Mr. William Hsieh. All         restaurant. After dinner we vis-
                 three were members of the          ited many small shops full of
                 Hualien delegation to Albu-        stone and jade art objects. I
                 querque for the tricentennial      spent the night at a hotel the
                 celebration in July 2006. We       city of Hualien had reserved for
                 drove to City Hall to meet with    me.
                 Mayor Tsai. Upon entering          The next morning the three city
                 City Hall, I was welcomed by       officials accompanied me to
                 the mayor, all the employees       visit more tourist attractions in-
                 and the local media. I was         cluding Farglory Hotel, Far-
                 really overwhelmed by their        glory Ocean Park, Dreamland
                 warm friendly reception.      I    recreational village, sea shell
                 presented Mayor Chavez’s per-                                           Sidney Yen presents Mayor Tsai
                                                    and fish farms and Amis abo-         with a personal letter from
                 sonal letter to Mayor Tsai.        riginal villages. For the first
                 Mayor Tsai spoke to the media                                           Mayor Chavez.
                                                    time I tasted the food prepared
                 about the sister city relation-    by the Amis aboriginals. Re-
                 ship and I was also interviewed

                                                                                           Research Society, the Minerals,
                             Meet Your Board Cont.                                         Metals and Materials Society;
                                                                                           and Sigma Xi - the Scientific
CAR FACTS        Sidney Yen is the Chair of the     related article.) This trip was        Research Society. He lives a
                 Hualien Committee. Born in         Sidney’s first trip back to Tai-       busy life engaging in teaching,
Pound for        Taiyun, China (located in          wan since he left 34 years ago.        research and various kinds of
pound, a         north central China), he moved                                            professional and community
hamburger        to Taiwan in 1949. In 1963 he      Yu-Lin Shen, PhD. is the Co-           service activities. He likes to
costs more       came to the USA and settled in     Chair for the Hualien Commit-          spend his spare time with his
than a new       Albuquerque in 1966. He was        tee. Born in Taiwan, he came           family and studying histories
car.             a librarian at the University of   to the USA in 1990. In 1996            about 20th century military war-
                 New Mexico for thirty years        he moved to Albuquerque to             fare.
Next time        before retiring in 1996.           join the faculty of the Univer-
you fill your    In 1988 he was President of the    sity of New Mexico. Currently
                                                                                         You Know When You Are Get-
gas tank, con-   New Mexico Chinese Associa-        he is a Professor and the Direc-
                                                                                         ting Older When:
sider this:      tion. As was then the custom,      tor of Graduate Programs in
                                                                                         You get winded playing check-
The Model T      the year after the presidency,     the Department of Mechanical
                                                                                         ers - You order Geritol on the
Ford got 25      the person became Chair of the     Engineering. For the past 10
                                                                                         rocks - You look forward to a
mpg, which is    Hualien Committee of the Al-       years he has been a member of
                                                                                         dull evening - You pray for a
better           buquerque Sister Cities. He        the New Mexico Chinese As-
                                                                                         good prune harvest - A fortune
mileage than     did just that. Since 1989 there    sociation and is currently on its
                                                                                         teller wants to read your face -
today’s aver-    have been other chairs of this     board. In addition to Albu-
                                                                                         Your knees buckle, but your belt
age new car      committee. The custom has          querque Sister Cities and New
                                                                                         won’t - You stop to think and
gets.            changed and Sidney is back as      Mexico Chinese Association,
                                                                                         forget to start again - Your pace-
                 Chair. January 9 - 27, 2007        he is a member of several pro-
                                                                                         maker opens the garage door
                 Sidney traveled to Taiwan to       fessional societies including
                                                                                         whenever a cute gal goes by -
                 visit with his mother. While       the American Society of Me-
                                                                                         You need your glasses to find
                 there he visited Haulien. (See     chanical Engineers; Materials
                                                                                         your glasses.

                                                                                       ALBUQUERQUE SISTER CITIES

 African Fashion Show

The first general meting of the year for Albu-
querque Sister Cities Foundation members was
held Sunday, January 28, 2007. It featured an
African fashion show with styles from Ghana.
Male, female and children outfits were worn.
Some Ghanian folk arts and photos were on
display. Guests were treated to refreshments of
hot beverages and delicious cake.
Speical thank you to Andra McClung for moder-
ating and to the models: Judith Kaiper, Marcia
Koschmann, Heather Tanner, Dave Bagley, Kim
Buckler, Koren Stewart, Beth Shroff, Robbie
Dawley, Pamela & Ryan Suazo, Kate & Anna               Nana Ekua I, Queen Mother of Kwaprow, Ghana seated
Suazo, Carol Von Soosten.                              with the fashion show models.

   Dave Bagley               Marcia Koschmann
                                                            Judith Kaiper          Heather Tanner & Robbie Dawley
 Kim Buckler              Koren Stewart           Beth Shroff      Andra McClung & Sean Dawley     Pam & Ryan

                                                                                                ALBUQUERQUE SISTER CITIES

 EVENTS              Sister Cities International Horse Race                                      Is Your Passport
MARCH                Lordsburg in Hildalgo County,       horse race. Because the horses          Current???
17 - 31              New Mexico is sister cities with    from Mexico cannot enter the
Youth Cultural       Janos, Chihuahua, Mexico.           USA and visa versa, the race is         Upcoming ASCF Trips
Exchange             Their fourth Annual Sister          held on the border. The Mexi-
(Albuquerque         Cities celebration was held Oc-     can horses race on their side of        October 2007 - last 2
Academy ) to         tober 21, 2006 at the interna-      the border and the USA horses           weeks - Helmstedt, Ger-
Guadalajara,         tional border of El Berrendo and    on the New Mexican side of the          many - contact Wolfram
Mexico - con-        Antelope Wells. The purpose         border. Lordsburg first forged a        Krank for more info.
tact Dave            was to exhibit each other’s cul-    sister city relationshp with
Bagley for           ture, exchange goods and im-        Janos, Mexico in 2002. Since            October 2007 - Ashga-
more info            prove the relationship between      then a good relationshp has             bat, Turkmenistan -
                     the two countries. Large crowds     grown between the two cities.           contact Richard Buckler
MARCH 21             of people from both the USA         The long-term goal is to promote        for more info.
ASCF Board           and Mexico came to the reunion      the Hildago County port of entry
Meeting - 5:15       to enjoy the music and dancing,     which will, in the long run, boost
pm -Compass          sample a wide variety of items      travel, tourism and economic de-
Bank- 505            from the food and craft booths      velopment in the area on both
Marquette NW         and to watch the international      sides of the border.
- 14th floor - all
welcome                                                 Bridge. Ms. Naomi Takeguchi,
                     Sasebo, Japan Visit                the Sasebo Sister City official       Bring on the Youth!
MAY 16                                                  who accompanied last year’s
ASCF Board                                              youth to NM, graciously hosted
                     In October 2006, two members                                             The benfits on having youth mem-
Meeting                                                 Michael and Jeremie and ar-
                     of the ASCF , Michael and                                                bers in an organization are many.
                                                        ranged most of their itinerary.       They attract younger volunteers.
MAY 25 -             Jeremie Sare, volunteers on
                                                        Their schedule included an af-        They bring fresh ideas and wel-
JUNE 3               the Sasebo committee, had the                                            come new activities. It provides
                                                        ternoon tea with several of the
Youth Cultural       opportunity to visit Sasebo.                                             for an intergenerational setting.
                                                        exchange students. One of the
Exchange             Their visit was received with                                            They help build community in-
                                                        trip highlights was the opportu-
(APS) to             extraordinary hospitality and                                            volvement and awareness and
                                                        nity to pay a courtesy call on
Sasebo, Japan -      goodwill by city officials and                                           expand the support for your activ-
                                                        Sasebo’s Mayor Mitsutake and          ity. And they help to build a
contact Kazumi       citizens alike. Building on
                                                        his helpful staff. Even though        foundation for future volunteers.
Kawakubo for         friendships established during
                                                        the Sares were not traveling in       The youth also receive benefits -
more info            2005 Sasebo youth visit to NM
                                                        an official capacity, the mayor       they get credit for volunteering;
                     and the recent Albuquerque
                                                        was kind enough to receive            develop connection with other
JUNE 24              Tricentennial      celebration,                                          students; are elgible for scholar-
                                                        them. The Sares returned to the
Annual ASCF          Michael and Jeremie were de-                                             ships; and get an opportunity to
                                                        USA with great memories, hun-
Membership           lighted to have the opportunity                                          view potential career paths.
                                                        drds of photos and the hope of
Meeting - 12-        to reunite with several Sasebo
                                                        returning to fabulous Sasebo. It
4pm - food,          folk and to visit a variety of
                                                        is a unique city of beautiful
entertainment,       famous sights - the famous 99
                                                        scenery, interesting sights and
elections            islands; the Dutch village of
                                                        history, delicious food, and most      “Look at a day when you are
                     Huis Ten Bosch (which houses
                                                        notably, warm, cordial people          supremely satisfied at the
JULY 18              an extraordinary teddy bear
                                                        who share the spirit of friendship     end. It’s not a day when you
ASCF Board           museum and beautiful gar-
                                                        promoted by the Sister City part-      lounge around doing noth-
Meeting              dens); a firehouse and the
                                                        nership.                               ing; it’s when you’ve had
                     central 119 Emergency Re-
                     sponse Center (We dial 911, in                                            everything to do and you’ve
SEPTEMBER                                                                                      done it.” - Margaret
                     Sasebo, they dial 119); Sasebo      “A diplomat is a man who
19                                                                                             Thatcher
                     Naval Base; a Japanese naval        always remembers a woman’s
ASCF Board
                     history     museum.       They      birthday but never remembers
                     trasversed and photographed         her age.” - Robert Frost
                     the “famous” Albuquerque

Ballooning in Chihuahua, Fiesta del Globos 2006
                           by Dave Bagley

The second annual Fiesta del Globos         or balloons thrilled the crowd for
(Festival of Hot Air Balloons) was held     about 90 minutes.
in Chihuahua, Mexico November 10-           Saturday morning we headed back
12, 2006, with 31 US and 3 Mexican          to the launch field for another mass
balloons. It was organized by volun-        ascension. Kris suggested that I pi-
teers from the Albuquerque Aerostat         lot the balloon today. What an op-
Ascension Association. This year, I         portunity! We loaded the two local
was able to go as second pilot for          passengers in and were off for a de-
“Athena,” owned by Kris Econopouly          lightful 30 minute flight, landing in
of Rio Rancho. Our regular                  a large field. We put our two uni-        “Athena” flying in Chihuahua.
crewmembers, Lori, Rich and Richard         versity students in for a ride, and 45
came with us; and Alan and Christina        minutes later came in for a nice
volunteered from the University in Chi-     landing next to the Coca Cola plant.
huahua to help us navigate the traffic      After the flight, we returned to the
and translate for us. Our convoy of         launch field and distributed the re-
nine balloon trucks arrived November        maining 3,000 posters to the crowd
9 after an uneventful trip of 11 hours      of kids. We were on our own for the
from Rio Rancho, and were greeted by        evening, enjoying a delicious dinner
Mayor Juan Blanco at a reception that       at a local seafood restaurant.
evening, with lots of good food and         Sunday morning we found the
drink and a live band.                      launch field very windy, and Scott
Early Friday morning we drove to the        cancelled the final mass ascension.
launch field, about 5 miles from our        This was unfortunate as more spec-
comfortable Holiday Inn Express. The        tators were on the filed that day than
field was well prepared, with our           the previous two. But it was an is-
launch squares marked and plenty of         sue of safety and everyone under-
tents for vendors. After a pilot briefing   stood when we told them demasiado
from balloonmeister Scott Appleman,         viento (too much wind). Later that
the crews got busy setting up their bal-    evening we ventured downtown for
loons for launch. The weather was           dinner and had a wonderful meal at
good, and all 34 balloons were soon up      the Cafe Calicanto. Monday we
in the air, and were able to “box” over     headed home, easily re-entering the      Kris and Dave dancing to the music
the field to the delight of the crowd of    USA at Santa Teresa.                     on the field.
about 3,000. There were lots of young       The cities of Albuquerque and Chi-
students from local schools present,        huahua worked together for a year to
and soon after the balloons launched an     put this event on for the people of
hour-long show kept the children enter-     Chihuahua, and hopefully will do so
tained while we drifted away. When          for years to come. We flew our bal-
the balloon trucks returned to the field,   loons in the casual culture of Chi-
we had prepared a treat for the kids -      huahua and we had as much fun as
handing out posters, calendars, candy       the people of Mexico who watched
and give-aways for about an hour.           us. Just before we left, I asked Alan
Our crew gave out about 2,000 posters       if he would like to be in our Balloon
to the endless stream of youngsters.        Fiesta. Oh, the look I got! “Could
During the mid-day break, we headed         I?” he asked. We expect to see him
downtown on a tour, compliments of          here in Albuquerque in October.
the city; returning to the field for the
evening balloon glow. I was dubious
that it would be held as the ground                                         Balloon glow with “Athena” from Rio Rancho
wind kept increasing. However, just                                         and Albuquerque Tricentennial balloon.
after sunset, it calmed down and 15 or

                                        More Photos!!!!

        Lori handing out some 5,000 posters                        Crowd on launch field (it’s early morning).
        to kids on the launch field.

                                          Guests enjoying the Turkmenistan repast.

   Ogulijan pours tea for Kim Buckler                                                    Ellie Tesche and her bookmarks
   and Sally-Alice Thompson.

Anna and
Kate Suazo                                                                           Carol

                                                Nana Ekua I, Queen Mother of
                                                Kwaprow aka Carol Dawley



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